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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 17, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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they said there was a baby in the car. i jumped up on top of the car. breaking news, a toddler rescued from a awful crash. now at 11:00. what a witness saw before the
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car plowed into a taco bell. with covid-19 cases rising, what top doctors say you should consider before you travel. i feel very, i little bit nervous about traveling right now with my kids unvaccinated. >> they drill a hole in the middle of the night, you know, and everybody is sleeping. wait until you see what thieves are targeting in one bay area neighborhood and how far they will go. does it get any better than this? enjoy the dry weather while it lasts, when rain returns to our forecast. good evening. breaking news. a small child rescued. the taco bell is on main street. a 30-year-old woman was behind
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the wheel with a 3-year-old in the car with her. >> accelerating, no brakes, we heard her, i think she went up on the curb. she hit the carts and then we heard the crash over here. >> i just took off running. and i got here. once they said there was a baby in the car i just jumped up on top of the car and the officer gave me the okay i pulled the baby out and handed him over to her. >> reporter: the cause of the crash still under investigation. both the driver and that child were taken to the hospital by helicopter. no word yet on their conditions. new at 11:00. the lines at airports are already looking different than they did last year. so, what should you consider before traveling for the holidays? kpix5kenny choi is there with what travel experts and doctors are saying, kenny? >> reporter: liz travel experts say expect long lines, similar to precovid-19 levels.
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there is an overwhelming sense it is safe to travel. but there are things to consider before you book the flight. >> if you hear someone coughing everyone is nervous, looking, trying to get away. >> that is not stopping the traveler who's say nurse and knows exactly what covid-19 can do. >> i am vaccinated. i feel comfortable. i think i am 50/50 on it. >> reporter: triple-a forecasts that air travel will be up 80% compared to last year. >> domestic travel is operating at effective precovid-19 levels. >> before traveling for the holidays, recommending a few things including vaccination status of attendees and level of community transmission. >> numbers are increasing again in the u.s. and exploding over in europe with 50% of the world's cases. >> the scary part of traveling is going to an area where it is not taken as seriously as it is here. >> reporter: medical risk of the household and setting of
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a gathering should be considered. for parents with unvaccinated children, travel becomes a little tricky. >> i feel nervous about traveling. right now with my kids unvaccinated. but, i think as a vaccinated person i would feel a little more confident particularly as a boosted vaccinated person. >> kenny, what else can travelers expect as we get closer to thanksgiving? >> reporter: so, the lines will be long because of the uptick in demand as well as a shortage in tsa workers at the airport. travel experts say if you want to avoid the long lines or cut down the time that you wait in those long lines make sure to have that tsa precheck. it will save you a lot of time at the airports during the holiday season. liz? >> it is a great tip. make the appointment to get the precheck done. all right, kenny, thank you. >> new vote night, first in oaand,
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bringing a major development to the home of the a's. tonight, the city council voted to begin negotiations with the african- american sports and entertainment group. it wants to build a new complex at the coliseum site that would include housing, retail, facilities that could attract pro sports franchises. they will have one year to reach a deal to buy or lease the city's share of the site because the city owns one half of the a's. in san jose, a short time ago they voted to protect coyote valley from industrial development. landowners wanted to sell it to developers in hopes of commercial expansion but the council voted against that. it is preserved for recreation, agriculture, and tourism. tonight, nearby businesses and their employees tell kpix5 that they
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are on edge. andrea? >> reporter: sun valley mall is just down the road from here. the employees i talked with tonight say nothing of that magnitude has happened here in downtown pleasant hill. the incident put them on high alert. >> reporter: concord police say nine men storm inside to iceberg diamonds in the sun valley mall, armed with hammers. shop ares thought they heard gunshots. it was a robber shattering the display cases and running off with every piece of jewelry in sight. in downtown pleasant hill. employees we talked with tonight say it is common for people to come in and grab items off of the shelfs and walk away. >> i am not supposed to be stopping poem from mashing windows or stealing things, you know, i am not getting paid for that. not getting paid for risking my life for that kind of thing. >> reporter: employees here have been told to call security or police when thefts occur. a customer that just moved to
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the area from texas can not believe more is not done to stop the crooks. >> it is astonishing, a strange concept. >> reporter: businesses are trying to take steps to protect themselves and employees, most have cameras and a system to limit the cash left in registers. employees are worried robbers are more brazen. >> a little overwhelming for safety reasons, if people are stealing things it can be concerning. >> reporter: concord police is investigating that case over in sun valley. all nine men you saw in the surveillance video are still on the loose. liz? >> it is amazing they just were able to walk in and do that. just crazy how brazen these thieves are getting, all right, andrea, thank you. happening tomorrow, more than 6500uc lecturers plan to go on strike. that could leave thousands of students with no classes to, tend. it will impact all 10 caes,
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at issue, wages, paid family leave and instruction, they engaged with an open mind to lecture on matters. a wave of garage break in attempts. tonight, residents say would be thieves are getting creative. >> sometimes i heard it in the middle of the night. you hear it. >> three years after the deadliest fire in california history. survivors in the town of paradise face a new hardship tonight. and california is failing to meet its water conservation goals, now, the county is providing a new incentive to convince residents to cutback
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tonight, residents in an exclusive neighborhood in san francisco tell us they are targeted by would-be thieves almost every night. wait until you see the lengths they are going to. betty yu has the story for us. >> reporter: these are some of the examples of the makeshift tools burglars are using, hoping to pull the emergency release cords to get inside their garages. >> they drill a hole. in the middle of the night, you know, when everybody is sleeping and the street is quiet they
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come with a big drill. sometimes i heard it. you hear it. >> reporter: paul says would be burglars hit his garage eight times, twice in the last three weeks. most recently someone tried to break in by prying open this vent. >> you can see the hooks. it is just crazy. >> reporter: he extended his alarm system to the detached garage. he has lived in this home for more than a decade. >> we did not used to use our alarm ever. we have a gate on our, on the front of the house so we did not even lock that. >> reporter: he added the metal spikes to the top of the gate. >> like a lot of residents we are worried about what happens next. we think that the crime is kind of gone from the tourists who were in town a lot of smash and grabs and tourists disappeared they had to turn somewhere else. >> reporter: this garage hit over the weekend. >> twice they drilled holes trying to pull the safety latch and pull the
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garage door up. we have laches inside. they are unable to do that. my wife's pediatric doctor bag was stolen because they came through the side door. it is brazen. they had to hop walls. >> reporter: he said overall he feels safe in pacific heights where he has lived for 30 years. >> i mean that is the price of paying living in the city. >> reporter: other residents shared video of people appearing to case their property. this one happened in the middle of the night. >> it is unsettling to come out in the morning, or, you know, come out any morning, really, that is what it turned into. come out every morning and the first thing i do is look at the garage. did they hit us again? >> in pacific heights, kpix5. not sure where this originated. may have been close. oh, no. no, no, slammed in the back. >> new video showing a violent end to a police class in southern california tonight. a driver and a pick up truck slammed right into the back of that tractor
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trailer in downtown l.a. at 95 miles per hour. it all started when the woman behind the wheel failed to pull over for the police. she was rushed to the hospital. no word on her condition. new at 11:00. disturbing case that is adding insult to injury. survivors of the camp fire that destroyed the town of paradise are scammed by unlicensed contractors as they try to rebuild. an attorney working with the survivor says they have been conned out of millions. filed complaints with the licensing board and the da's office but nothing has been done. paradise owner says she is devastated yet again. >> i am still living in the trailer and all i have is the frame of the house. and they don't return phone calls, they have taken $200,000. they were not licensed. they talk the talk but they could not walk the walk. >> the attorney has offered to recrew other survivor's building contracts for free to make
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sure, they, too, are not preyed upon by unlicensed contractors. tonight, the santa clara water district is paying people to tear up their lawns to paying homeowners up to $3,000 to replace their lawns and sprinklers with drought resisting landscaping and drip systems t is estimated every square foot of lawn that is removed saves about thrive gallons of water a year. >> the folks here are also going to be a catalyst to those that are thinking about maybe doing something to their landscape perhaps water bill is starting to increase to the point they are saying wow, it is getting out of hand. >> requires maintenance and water and does nothing for you. >> drought conditions this summer prompted the governors who voluntarily cut usage by 50% but data released show most are not doing that. californians reduced water by 3.9% in
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september. down from 5.1% in august. well, considering what you got on the map we better keep saving and saving and saving and saving. >> every drop. >> no rain. the rain that is coming on friday it is really light. that is the last of it. first, the fog. the fog is building back in tonight. i want you to see why it is not going to be as bad as it has been for the last four days. we should not have widespread dense fog advisories tomorrow. you can see why, looking at the satellite. there is the patch of the fog in the central valley. watch the two hour time lapse of the fog getting eroded away. do you see it? disappearing, pushed down from the north to the south. a good sign. for the last four days did not do it at all. filled the valley, stayed there. today, dry northerly winds breaking it down a bit. not as much of it. however, there are still some. if you look at the visibility map, santa
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rosa, you are making your own fog. your visibility is going down a mile. that tells you that you can still see a mile down the road you are okay. as soon as the numbers dip below. there are issues, the numbers, better than they have been for the last three nights at this time. starting out better, probably have patching fog tomorrow morning, it will not be the sea of dense fog of the last four days. look at oakland reporting fog out at the airport. that is the local stuff made here. okay, morning lows, going down to the middle 40s. day time highs, looking ahead at the forecast for light rain heading our way. that shows up by the time we get into friday morning, right here. see the light showers working their way across the bay area, going through friday morning, really between sunrise and sunset. it will not be much. only talking about a couple/100th of an inch of rain. as you look at the seven-day forecast, you see the showers there on friday, the morning, clear out, done by the time we go
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through the weekend. same story for the microclimates, clears out, it is done by the time we get into the weekend and go through the rest of the week after that. much calmer scenario by the time we get there. the thing about the forecast now is, looking passed the sprinkles on friday. but the long range forecast from there taking us through thanksgiving, into early december, nothing. no rain at this point. it looks like things will quiet down for a bit. we have done well for this part of the rainy season. now, we at least get to make our plans. we can use it. all right, guys, back to you. >> all right. we will crank it up in december. >> finger's crossed. this holiday season pay area food banks are struggling to keep up. >> more people are in need of help due to the pandemic. at the same time the pandemic is making every aspect of the operations more difficult. second harvest foodion un
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from supply anchfewer volunteers. they need donations and volunteers now more than ever. >> we are seeing right now a softness in donations. if you gave last year, trust me, we need your support this year. most of our clients they lost hours, then they went through their savings. so, we will see a long time for them to recover. >> for more on how you can help our food for bay area families drive, check out our website, straight ahead in sports, a guy -- a giant honor for the giant's manager. we wanted to see it. steph curry in new york. not manhattan, brooklyn tonight
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hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. nba up top and the warriors. did you hear what shaquille o'neal said? that was a beat down. he was not wrong in this battle
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of the league's two top scorers, let's take you to brooklyn. former warrior, durant, lay in wait. 30 points in the game. steph curry, debehind him. look how the floor -- behind him. look how the floor opened up for him. durant on the other hand, 19 and follow the bouncing ball. you don't see that every day. first time all season durant did not score at least 20. just before half, this is how the night went. green. right before the half. the warriors up 5. they ran away. curry again. warriors outscore brooklyn in that by 17. and curry, with 37. and won the game. 117-99 and the league's best record at 12-2. >> you know, when you are
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winning and you get the display and skill from the staff, people are going to watch. so, it is fun to be back in the spotlight again. our team really is enjoying being back here. >> baseball, giants skipper in a landslide vote. won the ml manager of the year today. like passing the torch. the predecessor made the announcement on live tv. >> this man, he led the team to the franchise record. 107 wins, the winner is capler. >> an award that bruce bochy never won as a giant's skipper. he was surprised when he heard that familiar voice call his name. >> i did not know he would be presenting the award. he just sort of appeared on my screen. [ laughter ] i was like, oh, there is boch. that is probably a good sign.
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ice time, oh, a rough game. minnesota nick folino blows with the sharks. 1st period, sharks on attack. getting the first goal since the covid-19 absence. later, eric carlson put everything behind that one. the sharks snapped a 2-game losing streak. he won the game in the twin cities, 4-1. and this was great to see tonight. 4 more in the san jose sports hall of fame. the olympic goal champion, sanders. the packer receiver, james jones winning 5 super bowls with the 49ers, too, as head coach. >> is it tough to detach from being a coach? >> it has been a while. so i had lot time to detach. i enjoy watching the coach, you know, work with his dad when i was
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coaching with the 49ers and to see how well he has done with his career. it is special. one years young. an honor. congratulating all four of them. if you are lucky you can catch all of those interviews on cbsnh bay area. pac-12 women, the cal woman are 3-0. a thanksgiving favorite is getting new editions. the new floats making their bay back to you. in the macy's day parade
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one thanksgiving pastime be sides eating is watching the parade. >> this year, six new floats. >> got a look at what some of them look like. including a giant gator with a huge chomping mouth. another with giant elephants and other animals. >> what parade would be without mickey? he will be on a disney cruise line float. you can watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade right here on cbs. i thought they were going to say santa claus. that is also the staple. >> what is that peacock doing there. i like that one. we will be right back
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streaming tomorrow, california's attorney general announcing legal defense against the ban on for profit private prisons. we will carry it for you tomorrow. you can find it on the kpix app. oh my goodness. >> she is calm. unwelcomed customer paid a visit to a 7/11 store near lake tahoe.
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take a look at the video that has gone viral. a large bear opens the front door with his paw and walks on in. wanted a slurpy. she tried to make loud noise but the bear seemed focus on getting to the ice cream freezer. >> the ice cream. >> yes. absolutely. animal control was called but the bear actually left before they arrived. he got his scoop and that was it. >> he was stocking the moose tracks ice cream. >> they should be hibernating soon. trying to pack on the pounds. >> thanks for watching, have a good night. see you tomorrow - hi everyone and welcome to the legal help center. today we have legal professionals standing by to answer your questions and give you a free consultation. so if you've been injured in an accident that was not your fault and you don't have an attorney,


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