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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 16, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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to the heavily traveled monument boulevard. cruiser on the scene. they have been on the scene. drivers are being told to avoid that area. chopper 5 is on the way right now, a few minutes out. we will bring it all the pictures as soon as we get them. a brazen smash and grab caught on camera inside of an east bay shopping mall let's get right to kpix 5's andria borba live in concord this evening . >> reporter: well, it is the kind of surveillance video that makes you stop and say i'm away this is real, or staged? the video you are about to see is very real, and there are still nine men on the run tonight after cleaning out a jewelry store. it looks like a scene straight out of the movie. nine men in hoodies stormed iceberg diamonds in the sun valley mall in concord, attacking the jewelry cases with hammers. it happened around 7:30 last
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night. >> there in the corridor behind red robin point >> reporter: this is surveillance video from inside of iceberg. the sound of the glass smashing inside of the mall were so loud that people thought they were gunshots, and it was over as soon as the cases were cleaned out. >> they ran back out where they entered. >> reporter: with the suspects running off before police officers could arrive. >> they all appear to be 18 or 20 years old, seen running towards sears, and then towards be a. >> reporter: all day long, the gates have been down at iceberg, with employees sweeping up this shattered glass. sequoia has worked at the mall and said he never witnessed anything like this point >> i hope the shopkeepers have insurance. >> reporter: now concord pd have not made any arrests yet in the case. nine people were involved, and what it looks like, cleaning out the jewelry store case, we haven't heard from the store at this point, and concord police say because it's an ongoing investigation, they aren't ready to talk. in concord tonight, andria
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borba, kpix 5. to the coronavirus now, and a vaccine mixup in the east bay. more than a dozen children have been given the wrong dose, the wrong strength. wilson walker is live in antioch to tell us what happened. >> reporter: it was 14 children. now, there are no health or safety concerns for those children. it's just a mixup of the amount of dose they were given. >> the vaccine comes with a powder. then you put normal saline into dilute it, and then it can sit for 10 weeks in the fridge. it looks like they deluded it with two little saline, so then they gave twice the dose to a couple of children.
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>> reporter: it was a mixing error at a sutter pediatric clinic over the weekend. the result, a stronger than intended dose, but not quite a full adult dose. >> the pfizer vaccine was already studying 20 micrograms at one point for this age group. it really is a very safe dose. 30 micrograms is the adult dose, but they settled on 10. there is no harm for the children, but it is a reminder for us in healthcare to be careful point >> he's not ready yet. but he did get vaccinated today. >> reporter: said he heard about the mixup, but it didn't stop him from visiting the county clinic with his children today. >> it didn't stop me at all. i would rather have them be safe then caught in the crossfire with something and unvaccinated point >> reporter: health officials want parents to understand that this mistake was an isolated incident, and not a problem with the vaccine itself point >> not at all. the vaccines are really safe. this dose is just fine. pfizer could've gone with this dose for kids, so don't worry, it is not a widespread problem. >> reporter: now sutter, they
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didn't really talk much about this today, but did release a statement. they said the health and safety of their patients is their top concern. they are looking into how this mixup occurred. as you heard, it was a mixup and how much saline went into one of those batches of vaccine, but you know, the effort to, you know, get people vaccinated underway, they want people to know it was an isolated incident, and not an issue of safety concern. they want more people to show up at the clinics. i was hanging at the county clinic today. it was pretty quiet, and they are starting to see a lot more folks getting vaccinated on school campuses, starting to take up maybe the bulk of the childhood vaccination efforts. that is it from antioch. wilson walker, kpix 5. when it comes to booster shots, governor newsom stressed the importance of getting one . >> we want to keep people safely and schools point we do want to close schools down. we want to keep businesses open. we want the economy to fully recover and thrive. the closest and fastest way of doing that and ending this
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pandemic is getting vaccinated. on the peninsula, a covid outbreak has been reported on the stanford campus. according to the stanford daily, at least six cases have come from the same row house. the paper says it has caused several groups to cancel or postpone offense. the school says those who have tested positive have been isolated, and those who were in contact with a positive case have been quarantined. san jose police have made an arrest in an attempted murder. they arrested three gang members. police say one of the suspects punched the victim in the face, and another suspect shot the victim in the back. another investor came forward saying he was duped by elizabeth holmes and that thereabouts fraud trial point >> reporter: the stories of some of these big investors are starting to follow a familiar pattern point guess they had their suspicions about theranos and elizabeth holmes, yet they
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still invested their money. were they motivated by a fear of missing out? brian grossman is a manager for the investment firm pfm health scientists. he testified that he met elizabeth holmes and sonny balwani in 2013 about investing in theranos. he testified that holmes did most of the talking, and that she told him that theranos devices were being used by the department of defense and battlefield situations and medevac units, and that several big pharmaceutical firms are using the devices and patient trials. other witnesses have testified that both statements are false point >> this witness had decades of being a biotech analyst, and even he got duped by the claims
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that elizabeth holmes and sonny balwani made, on two occasions. >> reporter: he testified that as part of his due diligence, he went to the palo alto walgreens, which was one of the first to to use theranos devices to do blood tests for customers. he said he did not get a fingerstick blood draw, but rather a venous puncture like any other lab would do. he said sonny balwani later told him it was because he had an unusual test done that theranos wasn't doing it. despite that, he invested $96 million in theranos. >> fear of missing out on the next apple the next tesla, and they bought into the dream, the vision, and the product that elizabeth holmes was selling. >> reporter: the former prosecutor and legal analyst says that grossman's testimony did help the prosecution establish that elizabeth holmes and sonny balwani were deceptive as a team, which goes to the charges of fraud and conspiracy. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. back to our breaking news story, chopper 5 is now over that commercial structure fire happening in concord right now. this is at detroit avenue and walters way. we are told it is an auto repair shop that caught fire. their reporting that there is still smoke, but they managed to knock down flames.
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still ahead, what happens to congresswoman jackie speier's seat in washington now that she's not running for reelection? has san mateo county is using cold hard cash to try to get guns off the street. your weekend tahoe plans may have to be put on hold. by two ski resorts are pushing back the reopening dates point in the forecast, after this fourth morning in a row today with a dense fog advisory for the inland valleys again, tomorrow's going to be better. i will explain why that is, and then talk about a small chance of
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that was a time-lapse, if you were wondering. a longtime bay area congresswoman jackie speier says it is time to step away from her job in the house of representatives. next arrow is live in san mateo with more on her decision to not run for reelection, and what could be next for the congresswoman. >> reporter: congresswoman speier has a little more than a year left in office, but after nearly 40 years as an elected official, she says it is time to pass the torch point >> i'm announcing that i won't be a candidate for reelection to congress in 2022.
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>> reporter: bay area congresswoman jackie speier has spent nearly 4 decades as an elected official. they commit democrat who currently represents california's district working in congress first got into politics after she was shot five times during the jonestown violence in guyana. >> that day changed my life. i vowed that if i survived, i would never take another date for granted, and that i would dedicate my life to public service. >> reporter: she takes pride in the work she's done, especially surrounding reproductive rights and sexual violence in the military, and on college campuses. she has held the district 14 seat since 2013, but says it is time to move on. >> i'm passing the torch to a new generation of leaders that i am confident will hold us in good stead. >> bay area congressional seats are a real prize point
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>> reporter: the former washington bureau chief for the chronicle. >> it would not surprise me if there aren't ambitious politicians in san francisco who want to move down to that little piece of san francisco that this district includes simply so they can run for the seat. >> reporter: donna crane is an adjunct professor in the political science department at san jose state university. >> the benches deep point >> it is time for me to come home, to be more than a weekend wife, mother, and friend. >> reporter: in the announcement, she said nothing about stepping away from politics for good. it may not be the last we see of jackie speier. >> maybe there are local gigs that would be , you know, that would scratch her itch to be of service, but not require that kind of weekly commute across the country. >> reporter: speier got her first start in politics here in san mateo county, when she was elected to the board of county supervisors in 1980. of in san mateo, max darrow, kpix 5. san mateo county wants to pay cash to get more guns off of the street. the county plans to hold at least five gun buyback events between now and 2023.
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they will be held at the san mateo sheriff's office. people will be able to drop off guns, no questions asked. $100 is being offered for handguns, shotguns, and rifles. $200 is being offered for assault rifles. the first event is being held saturday, december 11 point take a live look at oakland, wanting a new rental subsidy pilot program that will give financial assistance to 200 families at risk of losing their homes. those in the program will receive a subsidy that will cover the gap to bring down their print burden to less than 50% of their monthly income. >> we believe in an expensive housing market like the baby bay area, this is the type of intervention that can rapidly stabilize families, keep them from losing their housing, and allow them to build their income to a moment of self- sufficiency. >> the 200 households participating will receive an average of $726 per month for 18 months.
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a very lucky puppy is back with its owner this evening after falling off a cliff at moss beese, just north of half moon bay. they were able to rappel down the cliff and carry the 9-month- old border collie backup. the dog was not injured. taking you to the sierra now where two ski resorts are pushing back their opening dates. heavenly and north star, they will not open this friday as planned. posts on their social media accounts say warmer temperatures are forcing the delays. they will have an update on the season next week. we are hoping that even though we are only going to get a little bit of rain, it might help a little bit? >> it might help a little bit, but then longer-range beyond that, it looks like all of northern california goes back to sunny and warm for a while, into thanksgiving and maybe beyond. fog has been the main issue
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over the last few mornings. we had another dense fog advisory again today for all of the inlet and east bay valleys. good news for tomorrow. it is likely not going to be that bad. we probably won't have a dense fog advisory. if we look at the current visibility readings, they are all 10 miles, 10.0, tell you that is how many miles you can see down the road. the last four nights, we had already seen these numbers going downhill. and the fog, that has been responsible for this, that forms out in the central valley and squeezes through the delta, the opposite of what we can get in the summer, that is what we have been having, that is melting off fast in the central valley tonight. a good sign for tomorrow morning. you still might have patchy fog, but not the widespread issue we've been dealing with. current temperatures, mid to upper 50s. we go back down to the mid to upper 40s for morning lows. we will develop our own fog without pulling it in from the central valley. the daytime highs tomorrow,
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with a few high clouds, will come right back up to where they were today, mid 60s. that covers wednesday. let's look ahead to thursday night and friday, because that is the next chance of rain. easy the leading edge of the clouds, but if you go out for a slightly wider look, that system that you can see develop, futurecast sees it and puts the rain on it, most of that goes to the north. the southern edge goes right through the bay area late thursday night and into friday. if we come in for a closer look at that, we haven't gotten any rain at that point. it is cloudy. the showers get here once we get into friday, technically, midnight friday, and this will be light rain for the friday morning commute. we will play that from midnight, all the way into right now looking at 9:30 in the morning on friday. it is not a big rainmaker, but enough rain.
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we might get a few hundredths of an inch of rain at of this. this is the best take away on how significant or insignificant the friday morning rain is going to be. when you see it in the 7 day forecast, friday has rain on it . it is done by early afternoon at the latest. the second half of the day, you don't get rained on. that's it. beyond that, there's not much reason to believe we will be talking about more opportunities for rain here the longer range forecasts going into early december, more than anything else, says sunny and warm, at least warmer than average peer created good in october, and now things will quiet down for a few weeks. back over to you. >> thank you. "cbs evening news" is coming up. here is norah o'donnell with the preview. we have an interesting
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broadcast tonight for you. after continues at 6:00, the gift of music, that's right, a country stars remarkable act of kindness after deadly floods destroyed their homes. that in more news as that "cbs evening news" is just minutes away point straightahead in sports, let me set the stage for you . s.a.p. center , where only the privileged get ensh
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it started in 1995, and since then, including tonight, 118 have been enshrined to the san jose sports hall of fame. we are at s.a.p. center , where tonight, in just four more members, summer sanders, george seaford, james jones, mark purdy, headliners. seaford won five super bowls with the 49ers, two as head coach. now 81 years old, he has a lot to sum up. when he takes the stage tonight.
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>> reporter: when you get an honor like this, does your career, does everything quickly flash before you? >> it does, because you have to make a little talk. obviously you have to have something to talk about, so you don't want to bore the audience too much by going back to junior high school, but maybe you can start with high school, then college, and go from there. >> reporter: is it tough to detach from being a coach? >> it's been a while. i've had a lot of time to detach. i enjoy the game, and i enjoy watching the coach kyle shanahan. i worked with his dad, and then to see how well he has done with his career, it special. >> reporter: you know, kyle shanahan was a ballboy, running around the practice field point >> i vaguely remember, but i do remember, absolutely. >> reporter: elijah mitchell underwent surgery today for a broken finger. the six round pick a 27 carries last night. is most this season. kyle shanahan is hopeful that mitchell can play sunday in jacksonville. meantime, samuel ran through
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the rams defense all night. he kept attacking them after the game, in fact. he posted on instagram, who is that? a jab at la's aaron donald, who last week said he wasn't familiar with the 49ers receiver. this is pretty cool in baseball. bruce bucci had the honor of announcing the 2021 national league manager of the year, and given a live tv event, had to stall a little bit before the announcement was made. >> well, i am still waiting for the news here, i'm sorry. i'm not going to be that guy that announces the wrong guy, i'm sorry. i'm not going to go out on a limb. >> you go right ahead, bruce. >> the winner is gabe kapler. >> reporter: no surprise after winning 107 games.
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kapler received 28 of 30 first- place votes. he's the first giants skipper to win the award since dusty baker. christian polis second team usa and jamaica for a world cup qualifier, 11th minute, timothy we'll split the two defenders and gave the u.s. an early lead, but they finish in a 1-1 thai. usa leads the group by just 1 point, with six matches left. is going to be quite a group going into san jose hall of fame tonight, a special moment for 4 special people. back to you in studio. >> special to be in that room this evening point >> love seeing george seaford again. great stuff. up next, how you can help make sure everyone in the bay area has a happy holiday season.
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and streaming this evening on cbsn bay area, we talk with a tech expert about facial recognition technology , and how to protect your privacy. you can find us on, or
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thanksgiving a little more than a week away point some bay area food banks are calling on the public to help make sure everyone gets a hot meal. the global supply chain is putting a strain on second harvest, a group that typically moves 12 million pounds of food per month for food insecure families. this year, organizers said they need organizations donations and volunteers more than ever point >> we will work hard to make sure that anyone who needs a healthy meal can get one. that is our mission. we are committed to that. if we find ourselves coming up short in donations, we will come back to the community. >> and the community will respond. for more on how to help our food for bay area families drives, you can check out our website, /give. there are many ways to give. money, actual food, you name it point >> especially this holiday season.
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thank you for watching at 6:00. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. you can find it on the kpix 5 news app, and the "cbs evening news" is coming up next. we will pay be back here with the kp 5 ca sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, covid cases on the rise in nearly half of america. the concern ahead of the holidays and a busy travel season. the pre-thanksgiving surge with an increase of new infections in 23 states, just as we've learned the f.d.a. is prepared to authorize the pfizer booster shot for all adults in just days. plus, the major news about a new covid pill that could allow americans to treat themselves at home. awaiting a verdict-- kenosha, wisconsin on edge, and what we're learning about the unusual way a jury was picked in the kyle rittenhouse trial. china's military build-up. our exclusive interview with the nation's second highest ranking military officer. why he says the chinese could catch the u.s. by surprise and


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