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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 16, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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concern, and a very isolated event. >> he's not ready yet, but he did get vaccinated today. >> reporter: that had heard at the mixup at sutters weekend pediatric clinic, but it did not deter him at all from bringing his kids to the county clinic today point >> it didn't stop me. i would rather have them be safe then in a crossfire with something and they weren't vaccinated point >> the vaccine comes with a powder. then you put normal saline into dilute it, and it can sit for 10 weeks in the fridge. it looks like they deluded it with two little saline, so then they gave twice the dose to a couple of children. >> reporter: it was a mixing error at sutter. the result was a stronger dose, but not even a full adult dose. in fact, it was probably about what pfizer initially planned to give children point >> the pfizer vaccine was already studying 20 micrograms at one point for this age group. it's a really safe dose .30
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micrograms is the adult dose, but they settled on 10. i am sure there is no harm to the children, but it is a reminder for us in healthcare to be careful. >> reporter: health officials want parents to understand mistake was an isolated incident, and not a problem with the vaccine itself. >> not at all. the vaccine to really safe. this dose is probably just fine. pfizer could've gone with this dose for kids. don't worry that this is a widespread problem. it's not. >> bottom line, it looks like the mistakes that happened one time at this one place. not a great look for sutter health. what are they saying about the mixup? >> reporter: they didn't say too much other than it was an isolated incident with the 14 children. they released a statement, and it reads in part , we can show you, it reads in part, the safety of our patients is our top priority, and we immediately reviewed our processes to make sure it doesn't happen again. guess you heard dr. gandhi say,
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it's not so much a process thing, but maybe user error, i guess, would maybe be the best description, a mixing mistake with the wrong amount of saline, is what it came down to. >> it looks like it was confirmed by a few people that there is no harm no foul, a mixup, but the kids are safe point >> reporter: the worst thing that could come with it would be perhaps more severe side effects, greater soreness in the arm, a more severe headache. >> thank you. alameda county health officials everything new vaccine numbers .80 6.8% of the population is fully vaccinated there. there also highlighting the minority groups fully covered, which include 75% of hispanic or latino residents, 60% of african-american residents. pfizer is asking u.s. regulators to authorize its antiviral covid-19 pill. it is designed to treat unvaccinated people with covid- 19. the drugmaker says the pill reduces hospitalizations and deaths by 89%.
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the company submitted an emergency use request to the fda. it also reached a deal to allow generic versions of the pill for use in 95 countries. the other big story, longtime area congresswoman jackie speier announcing today that she won't run for reelection point we have reports this evening from washington and her district. let's start with max darrow, and a look at speier's legacy, and a brush with death. >> reporter: speier tells me it wasn't a decision she has made overnight. she's been contemplating it for the past 4 years or so . she says it is time to pass the torch to the next generation of leaders. after 39 years of public service, u.s. representative and prominent democrat jackie speier says it is time to move on. >> i will not seek reelection to congress in 2022. >> reporter: her announcement comes 43 years to the week that nearly ended her life, but
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truly kicked off her political career. >> a remote compound in guyana. >> reporter: in 1978, speier was shot five times as serving as an aide to congressman leo ryan during the jonestown violence in guyana. >> i was lying on an airstrip with five bullets in my body. i vowed that if i survived, i would never take another day for granted, and that i would dedicate my life to public service. >> reporter: that she did. she first served on the san mateo county board of supervisors, then in the california state assembly, the state senate, and in 2008, the u.s. house of representatives, 1st for district 12, and most recently, district 14. >> it has been a thrill and great privilege. >> reporter: donna crane is an adjunct professor in the political science department at san jose state university. >> her departure means the passing of a baton, generational change. causes, er: she's been a big ma including women's rights, breast cancer survivors,
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addressing gun violence, and addressing sexual violence in the military to name a few. she would like to see copperheads of reform around sexual assault in the military, and provide better services for military families point >> service members have families, their families are serving as well, and i hope that will become a mantra in the future. >> reporter: said she first took office, the political landscape has changed a lot. she was in the gallery of the house during the january 6 insurrection. in her announcement, she urges people -- >> to protect our precious democracy. it is fragile, and vulnerable. >> reporter: hindsight is 2020, so when congresswoman jackie speier do it all over again? >> without a doubt. >> after being a supervisor, state politics, congress, it's hard to imagine she won't be in politics, but is that what she is saying, she is done with politics for good? >> reporter: in her video that she released today, she didn't explicitly say she is leaving politics for good, simply that
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she is not running for reelection and congress in 2022. we will dive into that when we see you at 6:00. >> her family would like to see a lot more of her. thanks. let's go live now to reporter natalie brand and washington. jackie speier isn't the only high-profile democrat leaving congress . >> reporter: that's right. in fact, speier is the 14th house democrat to indicate they will not seek reelection next year in 2022 point we know historically the party that wins the white house loses congressional seats in the following midterms. democrats know it is going to be an extremely challenging year. that said, congresswoman speier's district is a reliably safe democratic district, and that is not expected to change despite redistricting. this could perhaps signal that speier knows or thinks it is time to leave washington, d.c..
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she indicated it is time to come home, and some analysts are saying that perhaps there is an awareness among members who are retiring that it is not ideal to be in the minority party if, in fact, the house flips in 2022, but, as for the race living forward in her district, it is going to be highly competitive, because when an open seat presents itself like this, there are going to be a lot of young up and coming politicians who are now buying for that coveted seat. >> talk about the polling that supports what you are talking about. things are looking tougher democrats in 2022? >> reporter: in the virginia gubernatorial race not too long ago has put democrats on edge. remember that a republican governor won that race, and
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washington post abc news polling of registered voters found that if elections were held today, the gop advantage would be 51-41. this comes as president biden's approval rating has also dropped to 41%, according to that poll. both sides gearing up for a fight, especially in the tough battleground districts that we cover, and of course battleground states. >> thank you so much. now to wisconsin, where jurors in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial are deliberating his fate . the 18-year-old discharge in the shooting deaths of two men, and wounding a third during a violent
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protest in kenosha last year. this morning, jurors asked the judge for extra copies of the 36 page jury instructions. in closing arguments yesterday, the prosecutor argued that rittenhouse provoked the fatal shootings by pointing his ar- 15 style rifle right at them. detratto the crowd that he isn't a threat to kill again, and it turns out he does. >> prosecutors say the crowd believed he was an active shooter, but the defense disagrees point >> my client didn't shoot at anyone until he was chased and cornered. >> i didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself point >> 500 wisconsin national guard members are on standby for potential unrest after the verdict is read. still ahead on kpix 5 , and streaming on cbsn bay area , a bay area woman accused of starting a destructive wildfire in northern california. the new twist in that case. trapped in a pile of mud. the rescue mission to save people that may have been swept away by landslides point it happens night after night, criminals targeting an east bay parking garage,
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leaving residents set up. >> within a month, my car has been broken into three times. absolute nightmare. >>4th day in a row, our inland valleys today woke up to a dense fog advisory. it may not have to be that way again tomorrow. i will show i saw you toss the kites on high... improved vision coverage. so you can focus on every little detail. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022. call today or ask your agent about scan health plan. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ call today or ask your agent ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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a nice looking sunset. a new delay in the case of a palo alto woman accused of starting the devastating fawn fire in northern california. a shasta county judge declared 30-year-old alexandra souverneva mentally unfit for trial . they also put her case on an indefinite hold until she can be evaluated for possible placement in a mental hospital.
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souverneva has pled not guilty to felony arson point before the fire started near reading in september, a quarry worker spotted souverneva nearby. authorities later arrested her after fighting a lighter and carbon dioxide cartridges in her fanny pack. flames burned for more than 1 weeks, turned more than 8500 acres, destroying hundred 85 structures. 3 people were injured. in san francisco, a touch of irony as a fire engine catches fire while on the freeway. this happened on southbound interstate 280, just past cesar chavez. the fire department says mechanics were driving a truck when the engine compartment caught fire and. no one was injured. san jose city leaders are debating the future of coyote valley .1 plan calls for development, but others want to preserve the land for open space. some of the ideas for commercial use would be building a large warehouse. a number of different tech companies have had an eye on coyote valley over the years. the open space authority general manager says preserving the area would be beneficial for the public and wildlife. we
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a video in this evening. the mudslide causing severe damage and it is columbia. the southwestern portion virtually cut off from the rest of the province. some areas are experiencing extreme flooding from torrential rain. recovery efforts began, with growing concern that several people may have been swept away by at least one of the mudslide's. an electrical fire at a santa rosa pet hospital overnight left behind six figures and damages. no animals were in the building at the time according to fire officials. the fire was reported just after 1:00 a.m. at lakeside pet hospital on montgomery drive. santa rosa fire officials were able to control the blaze in about 15 minutes. investigators determined the fire was electrical in nature. time for our weather. darren peck is with us tonight. a slight chance of rain during the week? friday morning, but it's
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only that much. it could come -- >> i will take three. >> a couple hundredths of an inch at best. that is what we were talking about. the roads might be a little slick. we have to talk about fog before we get to that. the tri-valley this morning was inundated, another dense fog advisory this morning, here and for most of the inland valleys. it was that way around concord and santa rosa. now there is no fog looking over 580. let me show you a very positive sign for my tomorrow morning was probably going to be the first one of the last four we don't have to deal with that again. if you look at northern california from space, you can see that sick bank of fog in the central valley. you can see the high clouds moving really fast. that white blanket is the fog. watch the northern boundary of it. that is 2 hours this afternoon. can you see what is happening? it is getting eroded away, finally. they just developed,
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sat in the valley all day, and never changed, but today it is going away. that is because there is a weak cold front ringing in slightly drier air. not to say we won't still develop patchy areas of isolated fog of our own. we are good at doing that, but we aren't going to be importing the central valley's thick blanket of fog tomorrow morning, and that has been the real issue. big improvement. pretty view looking out over the shoulder of the golden gate bridge. daytime highs managed to climb up to the low to mid 60s. take note of all those numbers. it's not going to change. the temperatures might go down a little, especially in we get the light rain on friday, but the temperatures don't go through any big swings. we will see daytime highs tomorrow come right back, pretty much to the numbers we were just looking at. if we wanted to spotlight that small chance of rain for friday, we did have to look at ady sethe developing system. it doesn't look like
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much. futurecast sees the rain, takes most of it to the north point we get the tail end of it as it falls apart. there is the second half of thursday, dust clouds. midnight going into friday, some showers start to come into the north bay. then you can see light rain, predawn hours of friday. by the time we have gotten to 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning, most of it is winding down, but still a chance for a light shower through the friday morning commute. we will certainly make sure to spotlight it and give you all of the updated information on it for friday morning, but it's very little rain. it shows up on the 7 day forecast, first half of the day friday, light rain. beyond that, just a few clouds, mid 60s for daytime highs going into the weekend, and early next week. it is the same story, the north bay valleys, that rain will be the more likely it impressive for you guys. you might see some by thursday night, and you will probably get some of the bigger totals
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out of it, and then it is a level playing field after that. nobody is getting rain after friday. partly cloudy and mid 60s. back over to you. bay area food banks are under pressure. how the supply-chain crisis is impacting charities that feed thousands of people per day, and how you can help. plus -- i'm in oakland where car break-ins and one garage are becoming an almost nightly occurrence. residents are fed up with it, and we will hear from them coming up. streaming this evening on cbsn bay area, we talk with a tech expert about facial recognition technology, and how to protect your privacy . you can find us on,
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the pandemic combined with the global supply chain problems putting the squeeze in bay area charities. that includes a second harvest, one of the nation's largest food banks. we are live at a food distribution event in east san jose with more on that, kiet do . w.h.i.p. we are that here at our lady of refuge in east san jose. this is our social safety net in action. 840 families driving up tonight, opening up their trunks, and getting a weekly food box from second harvest dropped inside. demand is at an historic high. 80% above pre-pandemic levels, and as if dealing with covid wasn't bad enough, now there are supply-chain problems and inflation. second harvest operates at a scale you have to see to believe
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, distributing 12 million pounds of food per month, enough to feed nearly half 1 million people. when food costs went up 10% in one month, like they did in october, it hurts. >> we see costs like cardboard and shipping go sky high. >> reporter: the shipping and feel, the cardboard, the fuel, the demand, it's all going up. the only thing not keeping pace, donations. >> we have a bit of softness and donations. i'm not too concerned, because we are heading into the holiday season. we see a lot of activity, and will keep you posted. if you gave last year but we need your support this year. most of our clients lost hours, and then they went through their savings. we are going to see a long time for them to recover. >> reporter: moving millions of pounds of food takes volunteers, and second harvest has seen a drop off and that to. for st. francis high school social justice class, it's a real world life lesson in empathy. >> i do have a lot portunies. imt for me to of . understandeir point
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>> it is easy to read about work that people are doing, but you gain a new appreciation for edwin to actually do it. >> i'm calling from second harvest in silicon valley -- are back >> reporter: not to long ago she was on the other end of that call point >> i was waiting for my unemployment to come in. i found myself at a food, and having two kids that were hungry. i called the food bank, and that is where it all changed. i find it very rewarding to be able to talk to mothers over the phone who are struggling, and to definitely know how they are feeling. >> reporter: to come full circle like this, what is the universe trying to tell you? >> that i am on the right path. >> reporter: so, second harvest is now seeing unprecedented demand, it is at their highest fundraising goal ever this year of $81 million.
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they need your time and money. you can give it /give. live in east san jose, kiet do , kpix 5 . >> we appreciate it. rising gas prices are causing some families to rethink their holiday travel plans ahead of things giving next week. california set a new record with prices at nearly $4.70 per gallon. drivers in every state pay more at the pump, with the current national average at more than $3.41. the issue is getting attention on capitol hill point >> the biggest swing in prices is simply that demand came back quicker than production, so that has driven up the price substantially herricks >> short of figuring out and planning much further in advance what i can do it work and travel and vacancy is definitely difficult. >> people can also expect to pay more to stay warm this winter. comes with natural gas could see costs rising about 30% peer comes heated with electricity are only expected to pay 6%
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more this year. still ahead, a ration car break-ins, the nightmare for residents and one east bay neighborhood. earning money by saving water. the county offering to help any parent will tell you the second you have a kid,
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ing thbay area water district who will pay you to rip up your own lawn. the new plan to save water in the south bay. the new controversial plan to house the homeless. the look at the first of its kind proposal in one california city. the security guard goes home, and thieves walk right in. dozens of oakland residents frustrated over what is happening at their parking garage. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. i'm allen martin. people living in a luxury apartment building in jack london square say the parking situation has become a nightmare. the garage they are assigned to has been plagued by break-ins, and residents say they fear for their safety. john ramos has that story. >> reporter: residents of channel has pay more than $3000 per month for their apartments for that they expect a little security, not just for themselves, but for their cars as well.
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the huge complex that jack london square has 400 units, but only 80 parking spaces in its underground garage, so residents pay $150 per month for a space in the garage across the railroad tracks, owned by the same company. that there is a problem with that. >> within a month, my car has been broken into three times. three broken windows and listen 4 weeks. >> reporter: in one night alone, there were 14 reported break-ins, and fed up residents say windows are being smashed on almost a nightly basis. it has gotten so bad that page gets up at 6:00 a.m. every day to check if she should go to school, or call her insurance company. >> it's a bit of russian roulette if whether or not in the morning i wake up my car will still be intact, and i do worry about potentially catching these vandals in the act. or magid has been happening for months, and drivers have learned not to leave anything inside, but windows are being broken anyway. some residents leave them rolled down to prevent the damage, but there has been
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damage to the psyche as well. >> i feelreal olatwas it ruined like, why does this have to happen to anybody, not just me? >> reporter: the garage also serves amtrak customers, so it is open to the public with no locks on gates or elevators, and residents say the police won't even come when something is reported point >> i don't blame them for that, because of the understaffing and budget constraints come up but i do think it does give a carte blanche to any criminals that want to break into cars. >> reporter: with the amount they are being charged, the residents say cim group should be providing 24 hour security. the company told them extra security was being added, but no one has seen it yet. meanwhile, one driver is just leaving his window broken , with a letter on the dashboard, saying he fears for more than just his car.


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