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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 16, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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a smash and grab with hammers. >> breaking news. bay area diamond store wiped out. what we just learned from the police.
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when the restaurant supplier does have the chicken it goes fast. >> the crisis is hitting monday night football. from nacho cheese to chicken. how vendors are battling the fight off of the field. a dry start to the week. our weather is about to take a turn. >> a thin layer of fog spreading across the bay. i will have a look at how it impacts the morning commute in the forecast. kids and long covid-19. how likely are they to get it? what a new study reveals. russia sets off a scramble in space. how everything from credit card transactions to the navigation on your phone could potentially be threatened by acts like this. >> what is stopping this country or another country from going further and hitting a satellite, gps satellite. >> reporter: good evening i'm alan mart an. >> -- alan martin. the police surrounded the sun valley mall after nine guys in masks,
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armed with hammers, robbed iceberg diamonds. they smashed every display case and emptied the place out. this is new video just into the news room. within the past hour or so it happened at 7:00 tonight. the police got calls about a shooting but that was apparently just the sound of the glass breaking. right now the suspects are still on the loose. our morning team will have all of the very latest on the investigation tomorrow starting at 4:30. our other top story, the supply chain crisis hits monday night football. the 49ers put on a show for the fans tonight, vendors at levi stadium faced problems keeping up with demand. >> live team coverage. first, we have a closer look at the stadium supply issues, maria? >> reporter: well, tonight's 9ers wins say big deal but there is also something going on off of the field that football fans may have no idea about. >> reporter: tonight's
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niner's victory against the rams sent a wave of cheers throughout levi stadium. but football fans may not know that many vendors this season are hoping for a hail mary when it comes to feeding them and getting merchandise in their hands. >> there are supply issues. >> reporter: a global supply explain issue building since the start of the pandemic is to blame. goods are stuck on giant containerships waiting for space to unload at california ports. demand has also been extremely high for food as more people stayed home and cooked for the last two years. vincent daily says even getting their hands on something as basic as cups was a challenge. >> was your wife able to find another vendor easily? >> she was able to do it but she had to research it. >> when the restaurant supplier has chick 10 goes fast and the next shipment does not come for two or three days and our business, half of my menu is chicken. >> reporter: for pam, who
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runs hula truck, chicken is more difficult to find food is more expensive in general. >> for example, prepandemic a case of 25 pound case of tomatoes was maybe around $12. right now it is sitting closer to $40. >> yeah. >> for tomatoes. >> how do you make money with prices going up like that? >> we raised our prices. >> reporter: it is a battle off of the field business owners hope they can win. >> we are going to get through it. i am hopeful. >> $40 for tomatoes? unbelievable. you also mentioned the global supply issue impacting merchandise vendors at the stadium as well? >> reporter: yes. a worker here at levi stadium says they are getting merchandise and shopping bags a lot slower and that the souvenir towels that fans were supposed to get the last game did not make it in time. so, it sounds like everybody here is impacted. >> yes. so frustrating. >> everyone thinks food is already expensive at the stadium. thank you. our team coverage continues
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now. vern, long last, niner faithful had something to cheer about at home tonight. >> you bettcha. the 49ers have not won a game here at levi since october 18th of last year. guess who that opponent was? the rams. so, in the spirit of what goes around comes around it all came full circle tonight. kyle shanahan's team came in running a four game win streak against l.a. and they got on the board first thanks to an 18 play drive capped off with a touchdown pass. but the defensive issues they had last week, gone tonight. tyler, bobbled the catch. jimmy pick today off and took it to the house. two interceptions by ward. the 49ers, the under dog 49ers beat the rams, 31-10. improving their record 4-5 for the season. before i send it back i will
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channel the great john madden who said winning is the best deodorant. it smells pretty good right here on the concourse level of levi stadium. >> the smell of sweet success. >> [ laughter ] >> all right, let's take a live look from oakland where a big decision could come tomorrow on the future of the coliseum complex. two groups are vying for the chance to redevelop the 100 acre site. tomorrow, the oakland city council could decide to enter exclusive negotiations with one of the groups. the winner would have up to 18 months to reach a deal to buy the city's half of the site and the a's own the other half. the team would likely be involved in any future development. stay tuned we will stay on top of it for you. still fog hanging around the earlr, the fog rolls on
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through. >> paul haggan lets us know if the haze will be hanging around. >> i don't know if it will be a factor. some trapped in the lower levels of the atmosphere. the clouds over head, that means the inland fog will not be as thick or should not be by tomorrow morning, it will be some of it out there. reduced visibility for the morning commute. i don't think we will see the soup conditions. the fogging that is out there should dissipate more quickly than it has in the past few days. unobstructive view tomorrow morning. turning to the fog to the next rain chance that is later this week. we will see scattered showers thursday night and into the first half on friday. we will tell you how much to expect out of that coming up in a few minutes. on the covid-19 front, is the initial rush to vaccinate younger kids starting to slow as parents take a wait and see approach? kpix5 reporter has more on that and the results of an eye-opening new
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study about kids and long covid-19. >> reporter: tonight, a long line outside of the store when the vaccine first opened here at the elementary school. more appointments will be coming available as the supply increases. >> you guys all good? >> reporter: this is one of five pediatric vaccine clinics during a seven-day span. >> our family has gotten our vaccine. we believe in it. we are just hoping that this will stop us from having to wear masks and get us over this pandemic. >> reporter: sonoma county has 73% of the population, 5 and older fully vaccinated. a new report, a third of parents are waiting for real world data before vaccinating their kids. after this week, roughly 900,000 children are expected to be vaccinated nationwide. >> there are row bust safety monitoring system on robust safety
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monitoring systems monitoring this on a daily basis. >> reporter: they feel it will be essential to have as many kids vaccinated to slow down a winter surge. a new case study looked at covid-19 and the impacts on children. if found 1 in 7 kids suffer from longhaul covid with at least one symptom lasting longer than 120 days. >> it is recognize inside adults but we are recognizing it in children now. it can happen even after asymptomatic infection and it is hard to predict who will develop it. still ahead tonight, high drama in outer space. why a near disaster involving a russian missile launch could indicate a much larger threat. russia is dangerous and irresponsible behavior jeopardizes the long- terms of our outer space. >> the south bay will get a huge chunk of
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taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. tonight, a russian missile blowing up one of its own satellites getting reaction from the u.s. >> it created debris field in space that is danger in many ways. we spoke to a space expert on
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why this test is disruptive. >> it can endanger the lives of astronauts but a bigger threat. experts we spoke to say our satellite symptoms including gps could be threatened like acts like this. >> you think of just a bullets, just bullets, shrapnel, faster than bullet that can pierce through all sorts of electrics. >> reporter: astronauts aboard the international space station received a wake up call no one expected. >> we were recently informed of a satellite break up. >> reporter: russia's anti-satelite missile test generated debris. >> we watched closely the kinds of capabilities that russia seems to want. >> reporter: the u.s. economy can not operate without its gps technology. 31 satellites that makes the use of phones, credit card transactions and turn by turn navigation in cars possible. >> it is a fantastic system.
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it has a big bull's-eye on it. >> reporter: a system without a back up yet. the cofounder of space systems that is developing the next generation of gps systems to be used for intelligent transportation. >> i think gps is not in any immediate danger because these satellites are farther from earth. >> reporter: the current debris field may not threaten it now but if the advancement of anti-satelite technology that can be catastrophe. >> what is stopping this country or another country from going further and hitting a satellite, gps satellite and meeting earth's orbit. >> is the test by the russians unprecedented? >> it is rare that something like this happens, it has been done before. the last time something similar happened was back in 2007 when china launched an antimissile to a satellite and that also created a large debris field like this one that the
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russians created. >> pretty dangerous. >> yeah. >> scary. >> yes. >> possibly the gps in the upper levels. >> okay. >> wow. >> all right, thank you. >> thanks. nasa released a statement saying all nations have a responsibility to prevent the purposeful creation of space debris from asats and to foster a safe sustainable space environment. get ready for the largest infusion of cash into bay area transit ever. now that the president has signed his trillion dollar infrastructure bill into law. on top of the list for b.a.r.t, new system that would increase the number of trains in the transbay two from 24-30 per hour. >> it would make it so trains were less crowded which basically effects moral. people get off of the train they are not angry because they were squished up like this on the train all of the way. >> san jose player was present
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for the bill signing, he says there are big plans among the south bay transit agencies. the mayor says cal train hopes to go electric by 2024. another big project is to expand b.a.r.t to more than one station in san jose. it is getting a lot more expensive to hit the road as you probably have noticed. california gas prices have sored to record highs. here is a look at what we are paying here in the bay area $4.78 in san jose on average. $4.86 in san francisco and $4.78 in oakland. experts say one of the reason for the surge in gas prices is demand is really high. the supply still has not caught up since oil production dropped during the pandemic. bad weather also played a role. >> the major rainstorms that came in through northern california a couple weeks ago did a number on the refineries up there. we had some maintenance issues on the refineries here in southern california in the last week or two. >> bay area drivers are not happy with the rising prices as we found out
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this evening. >> gas prices are pretty expensive right now. everyone has to bear down and pay it unfortunately. not everyone has a super fuel efficient vehicle. if you are only getting 20, 25 aveling 60 plus miles that is tough. rain not going to be a problem effecting refineries in the future, paul? >> no, no rain in the forecast. not the heavy amounts we had last month and earlier this month. what we do have is a weak cold front that is slipping do you the bay area. producing more cloud cover over head. those clouds just not substantial. not squeezing the atmosphere enough to get a spaing sprinkle. the front is hoping to budge the area of high pressure over our heads for the last several days and move it off to the southeast. this is the lid on the atmosphere trapping the fog and some of the pollution that we have been dealing with, decreasing our air quality over the last few days. it should improve. there will be fog out there.
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by early tomorrow morning, future cast shows that. the try valley through the delta and in the north bay valleys as well. it will dissipate quickly. should be gone by 10:00, 11:00. mix of clouds and sunshine. throughout the day on wednesday. nothing out of those clouds, we have a rain chance, just a little farther down the line. heading through the day on thursday, thickening clouds over head. still dry. the next rainmaker is approaching the coast. it will not be a substantial system. it will get us about a 50/50 chance of measurable rain. the best chances will be around the bay and north of the golden gate. numbers by future cast here. one version of one forecast model. they do agree it will be a meager rainmaker. a couple hundredths inch of rain. a lot of spots, receiving nothing measurable. a trace, thursday night into the first half of the day on friday. looking outside right now. still mostly cloudy skies over head. not as much fog in the
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distance. the temperatures dropped down in the lower to middle 50s. not dropping too much farther for the raft of the night. lower 50s for most spots. skies clear out faster in the north bay. the temperatures will drop into the upper 40s by tuesday morning, high temperatures will respond to that addition al sunshine. fog dissipating quickly. up a couple degrees, let's zoom in for a coastal look. middle 60s. down around the south end of the bay. upper 60s, close to 70 degrees in the santa clara valley, just short of 70 in san jose. upper 60s to around 74. the warmest spots getting just above. upper 60s for oakland and the east bay. the temperatures in the north bay also in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees, a couple warmer spots farther to the north. cooler spots, middle 60s. similar temperatures on wednesday. really, not much change from
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tuesday to wednesday for the day time highs, then, cooler with the additional cloud cover on thursday. we stay dry during the day onan thursday night and th for the weekend. the last one for the weekend looks nice. above average temperatures with plenty of sunshine in store. vern? straight ahead from levi stadium. a last look tonight about how the 49ers controlled the rams. i got a question for you, are
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all right, back at levi stadium. let's face it. the 49ers were all but written off after that lousy performance at arizona. but a get right game is just what the doctor ordered. wrote a prescription for a 5th straight win against l.a. let's roll it up here. von miller on the left.
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beckham jr on the right making debut, turned out to be no match. touchdown on an 18 play drive. the second touchdown in two weeks for kittle. 9ers defense, forced mistakes, take a look at there one. a bobble, ricochet, it is a touchdown, wow, ward has a couple picks in that game. 9ers ran the ball 44 times. samuel to the corner. just kicked back and watch this show. 21-7. they were given ramsey and the rams this. before the half, rams had, oh, okay, fake field goal. epic fail on 4th down. dj jones made that huge stop. and then this happened. a 40 yard pass and run after catch for samuel on 4th down. targeted 5 timecatches. d the
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looked good on him. 15 of 19 182-o tohdown performance for jimmy g. they beat the rams for the 5th straight time, 31-10 for the whole nation to see. first win at home in over a year. >> just going into this year it was frustrating. especially, you know, the crowds we have had, the way the fans have been, they were awesome today, just like they were awesome last week. i am glad we gave them something to be proud of today. >> a lot of talk last week about finding your identity. did that look like your identity? what did it feel like to get back to that? >> it felt similar to the super bowl year. >> yes, felt like our backs were against the wall, i would be lying if it wasn't. this game on has to be personal. we have to bring a little extra every game, every sunday, that the
2:03 am
only way to be successful. >> if we can build on it and take it up another level. i think we will be the plays ha your playmakers we will have a slot against anybody. >> now, before the game, alex smith got all touched up for his pregame show appearance with espn. he spent eight of his 16 seasons in san francisco and said he has no regrets about walking away. >> i mean certainly not getting hit, i tell you that. no it is that, it is the downtime, the relationships, the bond you get. cherished it when i was in them. i am enjoying where i am at enjoying being a left side and dad. >> come on number 11. >> no, i am good. thanks. >> they just bullied the rams up and down the field for the better part
2:04 am
of the night. back to you in studio. >> looking great. first asian at american muppet
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the first asian american
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muppet will join sesame street. >> she is korean american. >> she will make her debut on see us coming together. it airs thanksgiving day and will celebrate the diversity of the asian and pacific islanders communities. >> there are so many people, different types of people and monsters here. it feels like no matter who you are or where you come from you belong. >> monsters there? on sesame street? [ laughter ] >> we will be back for a look at what is happening tomorrow
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streaming tomorrow, oakland city leaders are announcing a rental assistance pilot. we will stream it live for you. you can find cbsnbay area on or on the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news app. download it for free on your favorite streaming platforms. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> looks like it will be a good one. the news continues streaming on cbsnbay area. have a good night. see you tomorrow - [male narrator] the following program is sponsored by mercy ships. five billion people lack access to safe surgery. it's a staggering number that's almost hard to believe. and yet every day children, teens, and adults


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