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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 15, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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eastbound traffic not doing much better. drivers being urged to take the dunbarton bridge as an alternative. new numbers show how parents have rushed to get their children vaccinated. >> a very strong start in the two weeks since the vaccines were authorized for children as young as five. >> how health officials are trying to keep up that momentum. >> reporter: they have a pretty could set-up here. when the vaccine first was offer tornado these kids, there was very eager rush of parents to get the shot to their kids. that was about 12 days guy. since then, covid cases have steadily been on the rise here in the south bay, and so now the rush is on to get as many kids vaccinated as possible before the holidays. santa clara county's waitest weapon against covid to make shots fun? >> do you like it? >> uh-huh. >> so the jungle theme continues out here. >> reporter: valley medical
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center raise add quarter million dollars in private donations and hired a professional designer and events team. the goal is to make it positive ask distracting. five-year-old ollie just got her shot. >> at least she's not crying. >> reporter: why a jungle theme? >> we wanted that distraction when they came in, so they didn't see the buckets or the needles. they just saw the distraction. >> i think we have done pretty well. 20% in two weeks. >> reporter: santa clara county cases have been trending up ward since halloween. but compared to halloween last year, which skyrocketed well into thanksgiving and christmas. >> we're watching it very closely. our cases were going down at the end of that dell surge in september, but now they have flattened and just slightly going up. so we want people to be vaccinated. >> i think we're at an odd place where we may be seeing a version of our future.
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>> reporter: dr. robert walker said with so many people unvaccinated? >> more people are going to get vaccinated and die than should be, but think we have to sort of accept reality, that we're probably not going to get that much better than we are now. >> reporter: in order to ease the mask mandate, santa clara must hit for guidelines that include being the yellow tier for three weeks. is it time to rethink or ease those guidelines? >> no, we're still look at those guidelines, especially moving into a winter season, when we are starting to see potential lay slight increasing, so now is not the time to let down our guard whatsoever. let's get through the holidays and see how we do in the next couple of months. >> reporter: so when the shots were first announced for these kids, it was a hard to get an appointment, but look at this. this is for tomorrow and the rest of the week. there are plenty of appointments here available. so if you want one for your kid, go get it. hundreds rallied at the
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state capital building today. many with their children in tow. parents, students, and teachers armed with protest signs protesting the upcoming vaccine mandate for students. and california has hit amazon with a $500,000 over the way they tell their workers about covid-19 outbreaks. they must now tell their employees about new covid-19 cases within 24 hours. >> amazon's practices led to workers not knowing if they had been potentially exposed to two, 20, or even 200 cases of covid-19. this left many workers understandably terrified. >> we reached out to amazon for a response, but are waiting to hear back. san francisco city leaders honoring the unsung heros of the pandemic. mayor london breed paid tribute to those who gave out thousands of vaccines in the hardest hit
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areas. >> they took care of people in lake view and the fillmore addition. they represented the entire geographic area of san francisco in places that are typically neglected. >> new at 6:00, the passage of a historic infrastructure bill means billions in transit and energy funding are set to funnel into california. but what impacts could we see here at home? we sent kpix 5's andria borba to find out. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, bay area stands to see a very hefty chunk of transit money coming. we're talking about things like replaces b.a.r.t. tracks, getting more of those b.a.r.t. fleet of the future cars, but also updating water systems, broadband, and more electric vehicle charging stations. the bay area could see up to $3.6 billion in transit funding from the $1.2 trillion
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infrastructure bill signed into law today by president joe biden. >> we've never seen this much money invested into transit systems. >> reporter: at the top of the wish list for b.a.r.t., a new communications system for trains. >> new communication based train control system, and everything it will take to run trains closer together, that's such a meaningful upgrade for our riders to neat we're running trains even closer together so that there isn't as much of a wait. >> reporter: that would increase traffic in the area, equaling thousands of riders are getting to destinations faster. >> it would make it so that trains are less crowded, which basically affects morale, so when people get off the train, thaw are not angry because they were squished in the train all the way. >> reporter: mayor sam election was in washington d.c. for the bill signing and said
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the they have big plans in san jose like kitting caltrain electrified by 2024ed, and morgue electric vehicle charge stations. and the biggest plan, moving beyond a single b.a.r.t. station in san jose. >> i'm most excited about getting transit built, and projects like b.a.r.t. to downtown. you know, we've gotten the first station opened in san jose. we have to get flee maintaining four opened, and that means getting a shove until the ground in 2022, but we have lot of other important projects whether it's broadband or water, drinking water in particular >> so andria, is there one big pot of money for cities and agencies to apply for? . >> reporter: no, elizabeth, this money is broken up into smaller pots. there's a special disabled section of this infrastructure bill, for example, and that means things like the elevator systems here at b.a.r.t. which are over 50 years old and
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tend to break down a lot. they will be updated to make sure that disablelinged riders have an easier time in some out of stations. >> all right, andria, thank you. california gas prices have soared to record highs. according to triple a, the average price of a regular gallon of gas soared to $4.68. this was the second record- breaking day in a row, because sunday's gas prices broke the previous state report of $4.67 set in october of 2012. here in the bay area of san francisco, just broke its own record, with a gallon of regular gas averaging $4.86. analysts warn expect the pain at the pump to last at least until the end of the year. that's when prices could start going down. a mother and daughter are recovering this evening after being shot inside an oakland home. it's the latest wave of violence in that city. >> juliette goodrich live with the how community leaders are
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mobilizing, juliette? >> reporter: that's right, allen, they're looking for solutions because they say it has reached another level that no one wants to see. a mother and daughter shot in their own home, and a two-year- old, just shy of his second birthday, killed on the freeway on a family road trip. pastors in this area they say want something done now. police say bullets started flying through a front home window around 10:20 last night. a 40-year-old mother and her 11- year-old daughter were struck. shotspotter indicates more than 20 shots fired. police telling us no suspects and no motive yet. >> want to show our passion and our voice and our concern about these shootings, this violence that's happening, has got to stop now. >> reporter: this is one of the late it's shooting necessary oakland. >> when babies start getting killed, it's time to hit the streets if my book, and so that's what we're planning on
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tomorrow and everyone is invited. amen? >> and i hear the rapid gunfire, the difference between the pop pop and the sound. >> reporter: roy lives just a few blocks away been >> i said, oh, boy, that's closer than i would like. >> reporter: he has lived in the neighborhood for 22 years. the people living inside the home asked that we not show their address. one woman inside telling us she is afraid for her life. the mother and daughter who were shot are still at the hospital. pastor alexander said the violence needs to stop. she planning to do something about it. >> we need solutions to the problem, solutions, and how we can network to address some of the issues. >> reporter: so what are some of the solutions? well, pastor alexander tells me tomorrow he'll be joined by other community leaders at 14th and broadway street at noon to have a peace rally. he hopes that will start
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getting the ball rolling to get this violence ended here. in oakland, juliette goodrich kpix 5. up next, why testimony from a theranos investor who lost it all could be a smoking gun for the defense. plus how an ambitious plan to expand a major reservoir could help water districts across the bay area. and we hear from the oakland man who created a dance spreading across the nation. how he hopes the impacts will come back to his hometown. plenty of clouds over the bay area today. haze on the horizon. no moisture out of those clouds over
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sparks flew at the elizabeth holmes theranos fraud trial today. a legal analyst told kpix 5 a combative coca-cola of a texas investor may have scored points for the defense. investor alan eisenman passeds to sell his shares of theranos for more than $30 million. instead, he invested even more money and lost it all. in 2018, he wrote an e-mail tune fbi investigator telling the agent, quote, you know i am on your team and will do all i can to help your case. eisenman denied that she biased, but a legal analyst said the e-mail hurts his credibility. >> well, this is the smoking gun for the defense, that they have a witness who outright admits that he'll basic delay whatever he can to help the
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prosecution. yes, it very much impeaches his credibility. >> eisenman took handwritten notes during conversations he had with elizabeth holmes. those notes have been subpoenaed and lawyers are looking at them for any inconsistencies in his testimony. new at 6:00, the $1billion project to boost water storage in the east contra costa county is gain something steam. the mercury news reporting the district closer to breaking ground on plans to expand the reservoir near brentwood. the report says that the plan is to raise the reservoir's dam by 56 feet, raising capacity by 72%. that would make it the second tallest dam in the bay area behind the warm springs dam on lake sonoma. that's not all. the report says part of the funding would come lol watestricts, allowing them to have access 20 the reservoir as well. >> take a look at this time- lapse. up until the sunset, some of
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the fog burned off little bit, but it's still looming over the city. let's bring in chief meteorologist paul heggen. a chance of rain later this week? >> we do, but something very small. we're in for calm weather the next couple of days. a weak front is passing through the area right now that is only producing some showers. high pressure takes control. warmer weather the next couple of days. as we wind the clock forward, the next storm system has a better chance of sending a few showers, the southern end of the system, through the bay area by thursday night. a few hundredths of an inch of rainfall, but we'll take what we can get. the haze is still out there
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right now. the fog shouldn't be quite as widespread, quite as persistent tomorrow, because the clouds further up in the atmosphere will help avoid the development of those clouds at ground level. i think all of it will be gone by the time we head to about 11:00 and noon, and temperatures will start to warm up a little bit more. we'll start off in the low-to- mid 50s. upper 40s for the north bay valleys where the skies clear out a little faster. you are likely start off with locally dense fog in noah valleys. looks like a good day for daunte to go out for a walk in antioch. temperatures up to around 70 degrees there. not a lot of variation to our temperatures across the entire bay area. mid-to-upper 60s to around 70 degrees for he's, everywhere, except right along the coast, where it will be low 60s. more of a drop in temperatures by thursday and friday as that next storm system moves in.
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i think we stay dry during the day on thursday, before the showers arrive thursday night, and stick around to the first half of the day on friday, and then we drive dry out for a pleasant weekend. temperatures warming up to a couple of degrees above average on sunday. just that one rain chance in the extended forecast thursday night into early friday morning. new at 6:00, an oakland man who created a unique dance move years ago has seen it used in one viral video after the other. its trending everywhere, twitter, tiktok. he told shawn chitnis he hopes that all of the attention could help improve the reputation of his 0 only town. >> reporter: sierra joined the trend of doing the smi. it was seen more than 2 million times antic took, a dance started in oakland more than 10 years ago. >> it's a movement that creating nothing but happiness, literally. it's a party starter. >> reporter: and david has helped to start a party for a
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coupf years now with the dance, from local schools to concerts toardists like soulja boy. >> i'm happy we have the platform to make the chance the go virus. >> reporter: helping to celebrate the city he represents. >> it's amazing. it blows my mind. >> reporter: his dance teammates can believe the impact it's having outside of oakland. >> i see everyone in new york doing it, miami, texas, atlanta. it's like a really huge impact. >> showcases the key ateddivety here and helping take on the challenges their community faces daily. >> dance has really saved my life from the streets oakland. >> reporter: davis is the first to share how it helped him stay out of trouble. >> this building gave kids something to do. >> reporter: youth uprising here in east oakland hopes that more young people in the community will follow these example, looking to the arts to
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find a positive outlet that can ultimately become a career path. >> you come here with an idea, and we help you bring it to fruition. >> reporter: davis spent time at this youth studio to focus on a career of dance. >> a boy from oakland california created it in his bedroom, you know what i'm saying? and has the whole world doing it. >> power of dance. >> uh-huh. cbs evening news is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. >> hi allen and liz. good to see you you. could this be the most expensive thanksgiving cigarette well, we went to a turkey farm. that's right, to find out why rising prices could end up on your dinner table. gobble gobble. the cbs evening news just minutes away. straight ahead in sports, a check in from inside levi's stadium, where
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all right. welcome to the press room inside levi's stadium, where after the game, kyle shanahan and members of the team will address us members of the media on what happened tonight. we're fast approaching halftime, and the 49ers up 14 points on the mighty l.a.
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rams, moving pictures coming up on the late show. now, before the game, we ran into alex smith. now, alex smith getting all touched up for his pre-game appearance on espn. the former 49er, who we spoke to earlier, is settling into retirement after 16 years in the nfl. what do you miss most about not being with the guys? >> i mean certainly not getting hit. i can tell you that. [ laughter ] no, but obviously the relationships, the bond that you get, traveling together, eating together, all of the moments in between in the locker room. obviously those are all special and cherished them when i was in them, but i'm enjoying being a dad and a husband and trying to figure out what comes up next. >> come on 11, one more go around! >> no, i'm good, thanks. [ laughter ] >> stephen curry was named the conference player of the week for the second time this
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season. the w vice-president the best record in the nba. and guess who was the eastern conference player of the week? kevin durant. the nets host the warriors tomorrow night. it will be k.d.'s third game against his old team, but first with games in attendance. >> tuesday is the first time we see k.d. in a norm setting. i'm looking forward to seeing my brother. >> a regular season game. we obviously want to go out there and win it in front of our home crowd, but we're not going to put too much pressure on ourselves and call this a finals. we're not even looking at it like that. >> sharks general manager doug wilson was inducted into hockey's hall of fame earlier tonight in toronto. well deserved for the seven- time all-star who played over 1,000 games and spent his final two seasons with san jose. >> cam newton signed with carolina on thursday. he had two touchdowns in 7s
6:25 pm
snaps yesterday. the panthers blue out the cardinals, and newton let everyone know he is back and ready to be the starter moving forward. >> well, i'll put it like this, this time last week i was eating a bowl of cereal. my dog, he know of me, he don't really know me know me yet. it's going to take a couple of more cigars. a couple of more dinners. you know what i'm saying? i paid last night. next one is going to be on him. >> i love to see what he's wearing every time he's on tv. it's perfect. [ laughter ] >> he's back. >> absolutely. absolutely. hey, it's been a wild week 10 of the nfl, and we are seeing it tonight in levi's stadium. i can't wait to see the outcome at the end of this game. >> it's going to be a good one no matter what. all right, vern, thanks. up next, the unusual world record that was just smashed near northern california. and coming up tonight on
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kpix 5, senator robert kennedy's convicted kill mare soon be released on parole, but there is a continuing dispute swirling around sirhan sirhan. >> the second gunman is the one who killed robert kennedy. not sir hawn. >> it was sirhan all by himself. >> we discovered there was more to the story. >> why some don't consider the case closed.
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well, we've all heard of some really weird world records, but what about the longest line of socks? >> it's actually a record, and it was broken in the central valley this weekend. hundreds gathered in fresno to smash the guinness world record for the longest sock line. the city in australia actually held that record, but fresno determined to beat it. >> armed with 80,000 socks, they belt a line that was over seven miles long! and they broke it in record time. in the end, it was for a good cause. those socks will be donated to unhoused people. >> those are just the socks i lost in the dry drier.
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[ laughter ] >> yeah, seven miles of sox. unbelievable. the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> we're back at 7:00. have a good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, one of donald trump's closest advisors surrenders to the f.b.i. the legal drama here in washington, as the current president signs into law a sweeping infrastructure bill. a defiant steve bannon facing jail time and hundreds of thousands in dollars and fines says he won't back down. >> this is going to be the misdemeanor from hell. >> o'donnell: fireworks in the courtroom, the closing arguments in the kyle rittenhouse case as the prosecutor holds the 18- year-old's ar-15 up in court. the historic infrastructure bill becomes law. president biden signs the largest investment in america's roads and bridges in decades.


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