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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 15, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. shots fired in oakland. a mother and daughter both hit while inside their home. the investigation underway right now. amazon on the hunt for
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hundreds of thousands of dollars. how the state says the company puts its workers in covid danger. 49ers, rams, at levi stadium on monday night. do i have to stay more. >> monday night football. good afternoon. i'm kenny choi. a recent uptick in crime and where we go from here. >> i had a conversation with council member loren taylor who has a daughter around the same age as one of the victims in last nights shooting. >> to have a mother and her 11- year-old daughter shot is preposterous. >> reporter: council member loren taylor still reeling about a phone call on sterling drive in oakland last night. audio shows what is left of the window after a blast of bullets went to the home. shots spotter indicated more
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than 20 shots. a 40-year-old mother and her 11- year-old daughter shocked. >> i think about my own daughter, 12 years all. investigators say when officers arrived they found the mother and daughter with gunshot wounds. the gunmen, gone. >> we have to really step up and treat this crisis with the urgency it deserves and that means we've got to focus on increasing the effectiveness of prevention and deterrence as well as our response. >> reporter: this just one of the latest shootings capping another string of violence on the streets of oakland. >> putting our residents in fear. >> reporter: a man and woman were shot near 89th avenue saturday. both victims are expected to be as a. last week, chopper 5 over this scene of a shooting where a woman was shot near the fox theatre entrance in broad daylight. there are reports this was a rolling gun battle and the woman was caught in the crossfire. this violence has detectives digging and city leaders looking for solutions.
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what can be some hard solutions? mike number one we have to look at our investigations and case closure rate. we have to increase that. i am calling for us to, at a minimum, double that. quickly. >> reporter: that mother and daughter were rushed to the hospital and listed in stable condition. meanwhile detectives at oakland pd are asking for your help. if you know or saw anything contact them immediately. justin andrews, kpix 5. new video out of san jose right now, a food truck on its side at el camino, partially crushed underneath it. this was afternoon at north first and shortcut. it was unclear what caused the crash. we are looking to get more information about any injuries. the state of california is taking aim at amazon. the attorney general announced a $500,000 fine over the way the tech company notifies employees about covid outbreaks. >> reporter: amazons practices
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led to workers not knowing if they had been potentially exposed to two, 20 or even 200 cases of covid-19. this left many workers understandably terrified and powerless to make informed decisions to protect themselves and to protect their loved ones. >> reporter: attorney general, rob bonta says amazon will take specific steps including telling workers the exact number of new covid cases within one day. notifying local health agencies of new cases with the 48 hours and submitted to monitoring by his office. this agreement still needs court approval. in the meantime we are waiting for a response from amazon. we brought you the attorney general's announcement live on cbsn bay area. you can stay up-to-date 24/7, streaming on kpix .com or on the kpix five news app. covid cases in california are starting to climb once again after falling in's late summer.
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kpix five morning anchor, len kiese spoke with the state secretary about the trend. >> reporter: how do you think the winter search will get and how do you think we are preparing. >> hard to say how bad it will get. but i can tell you that we have tools to make sure it doesn't get that bad. things like making sure we get as many california's vaccinated , taking commonsense measures as we gather for the holidays. remember, unlike halloween which is about kids and their parents and guardians getting together, thanksgiving is a lot of multi generational gatherings, grandparents coming with grandchildren and everyone in between and it is a terrific time but it creates a real risk for transmission so we are certainly asking people to be prepared and ink thoughtfully about how they are going together over the thanksgiving break and for thanksgiving
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specifically. through some commonsense measures, we think we can keep transition transmission lower. the fairgrounds vaccination site just got a kid friendly makeover. kpix 5's jocelyn moran shows us what parents can expect for those getting their little ones the covid shot. >> this vaccination site just got a makeover. take a look here. we know that kids can fill a little nervous before they get their vaccine so this is an effort to make them feel more comfortable. we have animals like this guerrilla. the guerrilla is wearing a mask and a lot of colors right here. a lot of green. this is all in an effort to distract them as they are geoss experts locally. they are hoping markets will get vaccinated and are encouraging parents to get kids vaccinated especially as we approach the holidays. >> it opens up their world to
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more activities with their friends and their families especially during this holiday time for the next month and a half when people will be coming together and gathering and traveling. it makes it safer for all of us. >> reporter: as a reminder, 511- year-old are getting two doses three weeks apart and then it takes two weeks to get the maximum protection so thinking about the holidays, dismiss, this week is the week for kids to get vaccinated so that have the maximum protection. an update for kaiser patients across north california, a tentative agreement was reached to avoid a pharmacists strike. the deal includes wage increases each where year and no reductions to medical and dental coverage. separately over the weekend, kaiser struck a deal with an alliance oworkcoupleof hours th 49ers take the field at levi stadium against the rams. san francisco is hoping for their first home win in over a year. kpix 5's vern glenn is live at levi >> reporter: kenny, crazy nfl
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week and we have favorite teams getting shot down, part of the intrigue on this one. the niners could shock the world at the expense of the mighty l.a. rams that come in here having lost four straight to san francisco. if you take a look at the history and what a story line to get it done, on monday night football. i ran into a guy that knows a thing or two about monday night football. in fact, we caught him getting makeup being applied. that is alex smith, the florida 49er quarterback, part of the monday night football crew working the game who comes in to get flashbacks of where the old scarlet and gold and he and i got together. we talked about the struggles of the 49ers as you see the graphic. they haven't had a win at this stadium since october 2020 and i asked him, if you were a team captain yelling at the team in the tunnel before they run out on that field, what would you
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tell them? >> i think we all love to believe there are magic words and speeches that people can get that will give a difference but that is not the case at this level. it comes down to making plays and preparation. the details of doing your job as a team and it is a big game tonight. i'm excited to be here. it's been a long time since i've been in this stadium. i'm looking forward to it. i spent a lot of years here wearing these colors and trying to enjoy it but obviously, i'm such a big nine her fan and hope they can get it going. they have been close at times. we need a spark and we will see if they can get it tonight. >> reporter: what do you miss most about that being with the guys? >> certainly not getting hit. i will tell you that. that is obviously the downtime with the relationships, the bond that you get, traveling together, eating together, all the moments in between in the locker room are all special. i cherished them when i was in it and i am enjoying being a dad and husband and trying to figure out what is next.
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>> one more go around. come on! >> i'm good, thanks. >> thanks so much. >> it was fun joking a little bit with alex smith coming in here and he will have a promising career with a mic in his hand working the monday night football game tonight. moving pictures coming obviously on the late-night show. we will bring it to you later but for now we will check the traffic with gianna franco. >> if you are headed down to levi niners as they take on the rams, you are going to want to give yourself extra time. kickoff is at 5:10 in the heart of drive time. you will have all of that traffic for folks heading down to the game plus the regular commuter traffic as well. gates open at 1:45. if you are tailgating. kicked off at 5:10 and expect delays on third 237, 101, 180 and all the areas around levi stadium. you can always use public transit. getting to leave as is easy,
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vta take the great america station exit and you can also connect at milpitas, berryessa, and caltrain you can transfer to vta and capital corridor has options for 49ers faithful heading to the game. ahead and go niners! still ahead at kpix 5 and streaming on cbs n bay area, president biden signed the infrastructure bill into law where california plans to get out of it. highlights from adele's big come back performance and a big surprise for a couple of fans. we started off with dense fog around the bay area. along the coast and in the inland valleys as well. one of five dissipated a lot of cloud cover still an
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breaking news from where six teenagers have been injured in a shooting. this happened near a high school in aurora. victims are said to be 14 to 17 years old. police are searching for the gunmen right now. in wisconsin, closing arguments underway in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the 18-year-old testified it was in self-defense when he fatally shot two people and wounded a third during protests last year in kenosha. prosecutors argued he provoked the situation when he pointed his gun at an unarmed man. rittenhouse could serve life in
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prison if convicted of the most serious charge. wisconsin's governor has activated national guard troops to respond to any protest of the verdict. one a former president trump's most trusted advisers faced a judge today on contempt of congress charges related to the january 6th capitol attack. fedel auits th morning. o unts desiti and provide a documents to the house select committee investigating the attack. >> i want you to stay focused. signal that noise. this is all noise that -- the committee believes ben played a key role in had specific knowledge of january 6th events. they expect the charges to serve as a warning to other trump aides. nearly 2 dozen trump officials have been subpoenaed. a look at the white house
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where president biden is celebrating a big win. he just signed the bipartisan infrastructure bill this afternoon for $1.2 trillion in funds to repair the nation's aging airports, roadways and public transit. it also invests in clean drinking water and expanded broadband access. what is in it for california? more than $80 million over the next five years to help negate wildfires, $30 million for safeguards against cyber attacks, or the $9 billion to improve public transportation, $25 billion to fund road projects and $3.5 million to improve the quality of taking water. the national highway traffic safety administration is putting tesla's autopilot feature under the microscope after an accident involving the
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model y a week ago. a tesla went into the wrong lane in full self driving mode and according to the report the driver tried to take back control but the car took over. let's check the stocks right now on this monday. the dow is down about 13 points, the nasdaq falling 7 and the smp is flat today. fans are still buzzing about it today. adele blew away audiences in last nights concert special on cbs and paramount plus. highlights and one huge surprise. a welcome back performance to call epic. six years since her last album, adele took to a stage nearly as iconic as she is. the griffith observatory in los angeles, belting out the hits. she also sang new music from her latest album, 30. in a sit down interview with oprah, the singer talked about where she drew inspiration and well as her divorce. >> even though you are not happy, you do it for the kids. finding your own happiness so they really know who you are but i'm still not fully over it
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, over me choosing to dismantle my child's life for my own. it makes me very uncomfortable. >> reporter: the 33-year-old spoke about her weight loss journey. >> i am body positive. >> reporter: the london born star opened up about repairing her relationship with her father before his death. >> you never played any of my music. i forced him to listen and we both cried. >> reporter: the concert special included this marriage proposal. was clearly an unforgettable night for those two fans and millions around the world. laura podesta, cbs news. it turns out that that groom to be entered an online contest for the onstage proposal last night. what he did not know was with adele until later, the couple talked about the experience in an interview on cbs mornings. >> i found out about adele, it being adele a couple of days before it happened.
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and i did not know who was going to be there in the audience. so when i was out there as we were rocking toward the front, i was trying not to look into the audience and make any eye contact because i was so nervous. >> reporter: melissa mccarthy, kerry washington and i'm like this is a dream. >> i'm pretty sure we are all best friends now. hopefully they are coming to the wedding. >> what a night and for the few new friends, quinton bronson and ashley man had been dating seven years when he popped the question in front of cameras and the star-studded audience. the best part was they did not have to pay for a photographer or videographer. it captured the moment. >> was alreadai >> thank god she said yes. >> that would've been embarrassing. >> i'm sure they had a pretty good idea she would say yes. weather-wise it has been okay. the start to the work weekwith a lot of fog this morning that has dissipated. still clouds overhead and an
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area of week high pleasure high pressure trying to press down on us. it is so weak it is not able to squeeze out any moisture. the next has a chance to squeeze out showers over the bay area. the first half of friday and thursday night. this will be a weak system was trace amounts for san jose and one a few hundredths of an inch elsewhere. the clouds will dissipate early tomorrow. not as much fog. not as dentist to start the day. what is out there will dissipate quickly. we will see clouds and shunting sunshine tuesday. wednesday the clouds will not l but then the clouds are going to thicken thursday. this forecast model runs out of data at 10:00 a.m. thursday so i have to stop there but you can see the next system bringing a chance of showers closer to us as we head into thursday afternoon with the best chance thursday night.
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upper 50s and low 60s now. look for filtered sunshine. temperatures dropping tonight to the low to mid 50s. we clear out in the north bay valleys closer down to the upper 40s. high temperatures tomorrow reaching at least a couple of degrees above average in most locations. not going to be overly warm but pleasant tuesday afternoon. low 60s along the coast with mid to upper 60s along the peninsula and the south end of the bay just short of 70 degrees for san jose and the rest of the santa clara valley. mid to upper 60s to around 60 degrees 70 degrees. upper 60s for oakland and the east bay. temperatures reaching to around 70 before you get to lakeport and clear lake in the mid 60s. heading out this evening, likely ready to head out the door. temperatures in the low 60s i kick off. cloud cover and hayes on the horizon but the weather looks cooperative. hopefully the niners will favor everybody with a win. temperatures will drop is the next system moves in.
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s chance of showers thursday night into friday and then we dry out and warm up a little bit. as we head through saturday and sunday, temperatures not far above average but it looks like a nice weekend for the last weekend before thanksgiving. coming up at 7:00, senator robert kennedy's convicted killer may soon be released on parole. there is a continuing dispute swirling around sirhan sirhan. >> a second gunman is the one who killed robert kennedy. not sirhan. >> what happened was we discovered there was really more to the story. >> reporter: tonight at 7:00, the rfk controversy and why some don't consider the case close. coming up at 3:00, passengers ask for it. what united airlines is bringing back on board some of its flights. streaming this afternoon on cbm bay area, we asked a local doctor if now is the time to get the covid booster shot.
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that is at 4:10. you can find us on or on the
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consumer news. united airlines passengers will soon have more drink options on board. the carrier is expending in- flight beverage services to include hard liquor on select
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flights. the company says it made the decision following customer feedback. santa claus is coming back to malls this year. more shopping centers and department stores are bringing back in store personal appearances from chris pringle. macy's is bringing back the big guy in san francisco, chicago and new york city. also keeping each city's protocol for masking and social distancing. still ahead, a first on sesame street. the new neighbor coming to the popular kids show. i'm norah o'donnell at a turkey farm in
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coming up at 5:00, preserve it as open space or build a big warehouse there. look at the future of coyote valley in the south bay. finally at 3:00, a new face coming to sesame street. the long-running kid show adding its first asian-american muppet. a 7-year-old g young is korean american who loves skateboarding and rocking out on her electric guitar and loves cooking with her grandma. >> i'm excited to share -- and all sorts of stuff. >> she will be formerly formally introduced in a special episode called "see us coming together." >> i love korean food. korean barbecue is a weakness.
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i'm ready for dinner right now at 3:30. >> exactly, rice and a little bit of -- sounds good. >> bring it on. that's it for captioning sponsored by cbs 'donnell: tonight, one of adviss surrenders to the f.b.i. the legal drama here in washington, as the current president signs into law a sweeping infrastructure bill. a defiant steve bannon facing jail time and hundreds of thousands in dollars and fines says he won't back down. >> this is going to be the misdemeanor from hell. >> o'donnell: fireworks in the courtroom, the closing arguments in the kyle rittenhouse case as the prosecutor holds the 18-year-old's air 15 up in court. the historic infrastructure bill becomes law. president biden signs the largest investment in america's roads and bridges in decades. breaking news, sixteen


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