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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 15, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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>> > onkpix5 and restaming on cb sn bay area, a bidag y on cal pitohill as president bide gnsis his $1 trillion frinastructure ibillnto law. good afternoon. am andmaa arstrantino. >> i am len kiese. anne vemakoc isat e thlive ne wses dk reto bak down the lastn othe bill and what it means foe r thbaary ea. it isexpected to t geth esprident's signe aturany minute now. le t'gos live to inwashgt, ondc whe people are assembling for bithe g bill siingng ceremony. loinokg at the outside of th itwhe house thisis a major legislivate win d anstates d an cities wbeill lining up to try to get their shar e,all in dc today for the big billsigning. ifthe udincles billions for
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physical infrasturructe like ama'erics adros, brgeids, blic transit. odit merzenis and expand branoadbd frinastructure. anheotr big ecpie ofe th legislative ag, endanelyar $2 iltrlionpe sndinang pl, still beg inhamm eredout amt ongs democrats in congress. whe house advirsse are seinitg as a toolto help r loweinfln.atio >> it makes these stinvemes nt while alactuly offsetting by increa singtas xeon corporationdns a alwethy dividuals. >> massive tax and spending billch whi will harm american fa miesli. pe wopleilpal y higher pr. ices there are going to beig hher ta xes. of course we are gog into see in crseea in the debt. >>as for the bill he is sig,gnin bay area leaders are hong some money will go to lphe with the electrical gr, id electrehic vic leinfrastructure d revamping rail rdyas which so imen japan town hope will
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cut down onnoise from iounn pacific. thpre esident pickored fmer mayor ofw neoranles mitc ndlarieu to be inch ars leof coornaditing where and how th nemoy is enspt. we will see a t loof l loca politicians g vyinfor their piece of the pie. weil wl keep our eye on it as th gisoes forward. >> thank you. this ju stin, rmfoer umtrp adviser steve bannon has been lereased from cuy.stod he surrendered tofel dera authorities this moinrng. it comes after a feradel angrd juryic indted him on two count of ntcoem ptofgr cones s. he didt nocolymp with a subpoena from e thcommittee in veigstating january capito suinrrection. if convicted he faces up to one year in jail for each of the two counts against him. a deatmocricse nator of rmveont yssa he will not seek reelection. th81e -year-old is onofe the longest serving ermembs of the senate. heas h ldhe the seat r foeit gh tes. eaiethr is year he idpresed over the sendco impeachment trial of then presenidt nadold
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trump. >>cl> osing arguments underway in the trl iaof kyle n rise hous e inwionscsin. ishe the 18-year-whold o killed twome n and wounded a third enin kos haduring otprests last year against a poce shooting. berefo oscling meargunts startee d thjudge dismissed t counsiwhx ich states rientthouse was under 18 with a ngdaerous weap wonhich is a rittenhouse cefas several other chges inudcling inntteional mihocidewh ich iecarrs mandatory life term but his atrntoeys y sahe acted in lfse fedense. e onof the most dramatic montmes came last week when ttrienhouse himself described what he says hneapped. t>>here wereeo pple right the [ crying ]. >> atwh was going on in your mi as you saw m?hi >> edscar, overwhelmed, ightened. i di'tdn want to see my s on liket. tha 1>>8 jurors have enbe hearing
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the case. to12day llwi be randomly sect edto try and reach a verd ict. a ermoth and ugdaht erwere h ot in oaankld la stnight adding to the city's latest ring of tishoong s. >> stjuinan drews joins us. he s habeen lktaing toa city leader about imcre and what sh ou blde nedo. what s wasai d,justin >>rtrepoer: i had a very ndcaid conversa wtionith a cociunlmember laurayen tlowhr o tell s me hehas a daughter arndth e same age as one of the victims lain st nit'ghs shoo. ting >> to have a thmoernd a her 11 arye-o dldaughr teshot it is preposroteus. >> reporter: e thcolmunciemr be lauren taylorst ill reeling after a call about this scene on sterling ivdre in oakland, video inshowg what's left of a ndow after a asblt of buetlls went thrghou the home. shotpo stter indicated more than 20 shots. a 40-ye-oarld mheotr an11d - year-o dldaughr tesh. ot >> i think about my o wn daerught, i12ndoo rsold. >> rertpoer: investigators tell
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us when ofcefirs arrived around 10:3ey0 th found the mother and daht er withgun shot wodsun, the angunm, gone. >> we have to really stp ep u and treat this crisis with the urgency it sederv esand that meweans 've got to focus on ineangsi the effectesivens of evention, outer derrceen, and reour spseon. >> rertpoer: this, justone of e late ssthootings ppcaing another ristng of violceen on st res etof kloaan d. >> puttillng a resis dentin fear. >> rteeporr: a man and woman were otsh saturday near 89th avueen. both areexpe ctedto be okay. stla week opchper 5 over this ensce aof shngooti where a man was otsh near x fothear teen trcean in broad daylight. th erare e reports this was a rolling gun balett and the man was caught in cross fi. re this violenasce h detectives dittgiing and city adleers log okinfosor lutions. wh at n cabe some ha rd soluti ons? >> number one, we veha to look at our stinveigioatns and case osclure rate. we have to increase that. i am calling for us to at a
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minimum do ubleth atquickly. ep>> rorr:te thatot mher and da ugerht were shrued to the ho spalit listed in lestab condition right meanwhile,te dectesiv are asngor f your help if you aknownyinthg or saw ytanhing st night to contt acoakld an poceli immediately. justin andrews, kpix5. >> tha ynkou. a petaluma juni orhigh school has extra officers llowing a polessib mbbo threat. sc ho oolfficials got a tip that a bomb rethat wapls anned r fo thriis fdanoy vember 19. instveigators say e theris no evidenitce is edcrible. theysay the threat was dema using an anons ymouapp desi gned to rtrepo yibullng, satyfe issuanes, d scmionduct. amazon s wahit with a $5 0000,0 fine over the way yeouab ouretbaks. cathe lirnfoia attorneyne geral spoke a short time ago roacss from maan azon facility in san francisco.
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he said up to noazw amon has nobet en following a law meant tote proct essential workers during thean pdemic. >> am ancinounng that the california department of justice cusered a first of s iti ndti spulated dgjument re quinirg amazon to end hal rmfu lar acprtices that eaconcled covid-19 case nuermbs fr omits workers. thudis jgmt enalso qureires amazon to pderovi key inrmfoation on plworkace protections in line thwi lifornia's right to know law. >>nt baa says amazon will keta spif sicteps including tellinrkg woerexs act number of neviw cod cases in one day, notifyincag lol healthnc ageies of new s casein 48 hours, itsubmti ngto monitoring by toatrney generaofl's fi. ce this agemreent ilstl needs court approval. we have reached to amazon for a response. police in oakland and san francisco expected to use new grants received to install dui
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chk ecpotsin and pas trold an more. it g'seared to douetring erdangoudrs iving. oaand pd got 50000,0 from licafornia fiofce for blpuic satyfe and san francisco re ceediv 175,000. ant programs n ruthh roug september next year. carnlifoia s haokbren the gaavagere for a cosend y.da it's 4at.68 a gallon. in san sejo it is 4.79 in san anfrcio sc4.87 d anin oakland 78. me are callg inon pridesent debin tota keacti onby using stteragic petrm oleurervsee. chuck schumer said doing this is t heonly way to offer immediate efreli. the presidisent considerin isth but did not indicate if d when a decision cod ulbe congmi. in the mean timebaary ea drivers are paying some of the ghhiest prices in the naonti. >> it is inexpensive, obprably ooas gd as cost co'sespric if not with in a5, 10 cents ngrae.
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>> all the prices are different at every atstion. tisomemes aryou e okloing at 4. or4.. 71 you meco here and ifyou y pa cash it's 4.15 or if you e usa ca rdit's 4.21. >>to helpyou find the cheastpe gas we have a link to s buddy on kpix. .com erkais ntpas ac ross california can brtheae a sigh of rel ief. the healthcare idprover reached ntteative agreemtoent d avoia arphmacist's strt ike includes wa geincreases ea chyear d anno duct ionsto mifaly medil ca d dental cogevera. this is after erkais st rucka deal withan alliance ofunions presenting erworks. a site just got a kid friendly make over. joycelyn morisan livem fro the fair ndgrous. what can parents expect if they bring their littlees on? >> repor ater: lot of corslo, a loof n,gree the expo hall gjustot a juleng make . over
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takea look, we've got a go ria llhere and of secour kids can get toysafter they get eithr vaccine. ifhe t we go to my left u yosee a lot oflocors, a lot of this is really l al ineffort to help dski feel mo remfcoorbltae enwh they get their we know somes timethey n cacome in and feel nervs ouwhen gettg intheir shots. this can help to stdiract themesselv borefe d anafter they get eithr vaccine and hollpefuy soal leta tell their frieabnds outht eir exenperice. experts are encourg aginparents to getds ki vaccinated ciespeal lyas we approach the ho liysda. takeli it st. en >> it opens up their world to remo activities with friends and familiespe escilyal dungri is holiday ftimeor the next moh d ana half when people will be coming theogetr d an gaerthing and travg.elin it makes it fesar for all of us. >> reporter: 5 to 11ea-yr-olds artte geinpfg izer vaccine. its o twe thosthree ekwes
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apart. fo r maximum precottion, it takes e threwes ekafthter e se dcondos e. thinkibong autho lidays and christmas, this is the we fekor kitods get vaccinated in orr de to ha vethe maximum protection o r richstmas. appointments can be made at make sure u yoare selecting the fair grounds. vacce inmandinate effect in berkeley. ci wtyorkers must havetheir shots or th eycan lose their . jobs it applies to city interns and luntrsee. onlyxc eeptis onare dimecal reonass anlid regis oubelis ef and exemptions d hato be reesd telast month. e thwebsite says at least 80% of city workers are vaccinated. we are tangki a quick break t when we come back, ofalficis are working to ads drescoesngtion at e th na'stion ptsor. detaonils new irrequemtsen thatk kicin today. >>it will take time to clear e backlog. how that can impacth tec
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presents ourn yo wish list. it was a foggy start and we are lookg inat clouds streg amin in this afooternn. cool d anbelow average daytime high temperas.ture i will take you
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we lce omback. a live look at wall str eet,dow is down about 30 poin. ts
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new fines toar cle the sh ipngpi ntcoainer clog i utsohern califo. rnia nearly 90 were at e thpos rtof los angeles d anlo ngbeach thwi about $85 biiolln worth of goods insittg idle. the tariff will charge companies 00$1 per container th at asitsrod unlo ngerthan ni nedays. >> $100 a y dat bugrows in $100 inemtsen. >> wvee ha todo everhiytng we can to send mea sse agthat the rt of los anges lewill t nobe us ed as a storage fatycili. >> shippcoing mpieans may realadbey getting the mee.ssag port of long acbeh yssa it's se ena 3% 3% drop sense the tariwaff s announa ced few weeko.s ag some of e thhottest s gift will be harder to findto t pu der the . tree>> cod vichalesleng d anobglal chip saghorte are to e.blam deo mega nscooles and ape pl inrt sho supply with many
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experiencingip shme ntdelays anthe essuises d coulcontinue thug20h 22. itim's te r foa check ofthe atweher with malery e. it doesnlo't ok like e thfog is going away. >> > awere ilstl okloing ate th gr saykies. a ve lo okthwi lesas rcfoe towemer cara and you see fog and also osthe clouds loo king at sutro tower. we are in the 50s and 60s at lyouruntichme noouon hr, 56 concord, oakland 58, 57 liverminore dntowown n sa franci sco,santa rosa 54. chkiecng vibisility, lookin g at a mile and a half in fairelfid aland so santsaa ro, three lemis for downwnto san francisco. u yocesar view, tracking low prreessu system brgiinng rain inhe cipafic rtnohwest and th aeyre dngeali thwi powerful storms and difloong across pa sick northwestr , fous more clouds and olcoer temperatu res. 62 in san francio,sc 64
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oaankld, uerpp 60s in san francisco, mid 60s in concord and the napa vy.alle hour by hour onfutucarest you see the ouclds restaming in th roh ugthe rest ofur o day. aswe lookto the end ofour wo rkweek that's our xtne chantoce e sewet weheatr with ata weher system brgiinng re tu ornf showers as you oklo late thuy rsdainto fdariy. i am not peexctg ina lot bythe end of the work week, maybe just a few hurenddths of a chin. sevey n-dafocarest san ancio,sc oakndla, sajon se, li ttlebit sunsnehi estuday and eswednday and e therwe go with retu ornf inra late thuraysd into ayfrid. inland east y,ba north bay, cot,it ltle bit suhinsne tudaany d wednesday and rain is returning back in th refocast by e thend of our rkwo wendek a right now lookg inat palyrt sunny skies as we lo ok to the weekend for saturday and ndsuay. really winatchg r ounext anchce of rain coming our y war fothe
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end of r ouwork we. ek bao ck tyou. >>ha tnk you much > >>what's more magical th an an evening wi thadele? e thultimate sure pristhe sierng helped pullf. of we ask a l locadoctor if isnow the timeto get your covid teboosr. that's at1:10. fi usat kpix .comorhe t kpix app.
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tonight on kp5 ixsenator bert kennedy's cotenvicd killer may soon be reedleas on parole erthe is continuing dispute swngirli aunrod rhsian sirhan. >>he t second gunman is the one who killed rtrobe kennedy, t no sirhan. i>>t was sirhan by silamir self w>>hat happeneds wawe discov teredhe rewas lyreal more to e thstory. >>at 7:00, k rfcoventrorsany d why so met don'cons iderthe case closed. > pop star adele performed for a global audience during hecor ncert specia l oncbs la st night. s>>he decid deto share the
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e stagwith twryo ve lucky fans. >> oh my d!go oh my god! >>l wilyou marry me? >> in real life? >> in real life. >> yeah >> yes. >> she soundso ssad. so exciting. the music in e thbackougrnd, adele helped inqutin proptoose his girliefrnd of seven aryes anred he iswhat the couple had toay s. >> it ltfe like this opporty unitwas from d gofor sure. it wasde ma for . us once it cameac rossmy bltae and i saw it, i ewkn if i bmsuit to this 'rtheye going to pick us. i n't know, we have so much to offer and i am justhappy th at eryvething ntwe the way it did. >> she's still crying. >> k thangoodssne she said yes. >>better bepphay. >> r forea l. check out the spl eciastreaming
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ponaramount plus. ngcomi u p,one more look at thwee ather with marylee. forgetpu mpn kior ape pl pies. ree'ess has an over the
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we arjue st a w feurhos
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from the49ers taking on e th rams at levi stad ium. at 3:00 vern glenn joins us live as ninelors ok r fothe first n wiat home in over a year. >>les t'get a la stecchk of weather withy. mar it's g gointo be a co olon thwi osthe ouclds. dofon't rg yetour jacket yoif u are headin g tothe ga meand of course cheering on our 49ers. live lo okat san frano,cisc you e sethe gr ayskies. uryo 24 hour teermpature change minany calotionoos, cler arcompedto yesteratday this time. u can see clouds streinamg in for the rest of toy.da e as wlook to tomorrow and dnesday san anfrcisco oaklan d ansan jose, a li ttlebit more sunshine. there we go with rain picking ba ck up, rain anchces tela thur sdayin toidfray. in land eastbay, rtnoh bay, co tast,here we go with temperaturooes cli ngthrough thwo rkweek and again shower chanceurs thsd ayinto frid. ay >> thksan. move erov pecan pie, a ne ssdeert wants a place atyour bl e. reese'les reasg inthe largest peutan butter cup ever in the
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fo ofa fuizll sed thanksgi vingpie. >>ine inch peanut buertt and chocolate ssdeert weighs 3.4 dspoun. that is nearly 77 00locaries. >> oh my g osh. >> reese's yssa it is a lid mite time holidafey ofr and only 3,000 we remade. i checked, they're sold out. >> of co ursethey are. >> theyare gone byba gone. >> i wanted to order one. >> it looked so odgo. >> yanou c veha just a ivsler. >> that's it for the news
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♪♪♪ >>tey:ff okay, keep osme pted asooasn you know. ts.hank so our shit pmenth'sat been circling thebo harr, fit'sinlyal making its way heto t pt.or >> thomands: a wvee' got ef tfyo the rescue. s>>teffy: oh, i't don kwno t abouth. ati may have to go down t aherendte ser the ship myself. >>ho tmas: well, nhaow tt atth's halendd, why don't g youo d,an ...surprise hyourusndba. t m hiout of that lylone me baly himself. ♪♪♪ fn:in did things baend dly twn eeyou and my b firthatr?he because it s yeemsouon d't lialke tki angbout him. sheila: yeaelh, wl,he tre's really nino pot. finn: look,ho i sul'tdn even beit sting here rinoght w. sifteffy realizhaed tt wai s--


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