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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  November 15, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. welcome. it is 6:00 am. on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, grab that wallet before you jump in your car. california gas prices hit a record high. what you can expect to pay. deadline day to get your vaccine in one alameda city. we are live with who the mandate applies to. an agreement just reached. why some patients won't have to worry about getting their prescriptions this morning. a bear comfortable perched 85 feet above a bay area city. good morng.en ese. o me.
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i am amanda starrantino. a foggy start to kick off a brand new week. we will look at traffic and weather. it is really foggy. it is. i am watching fog roll in across the bay area. get ready for dense fog in spots this morning if you are about to hit the roadways. please be safe. we have an advisory for sacramento, san joaquin valleys, areas highlighted in gray under the advisory until 11:00 with visibility down to a quarter mile or less. a quarter mile in fairfield, half mile in santa rosa. livermore you are down to two miles for tri valley. check out that fog rolling in with our sales force tower camera looking east. upper 40s to low to mid 50s, it's a chilly start. through the afternoon, walking you through our day in san francisco with foggy conditions, mostly cloudy skies in afternoon, low 60s in san francisco. east bay shoreline, oakland, good morning after a foggy
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start, mostly cloudy in the mid 60s. below average daytime highs and in the south bay, mostly cloudy skies with upper 60s. we'll talk about the seven-day forecast coming up. it is backed up at the bay bridge as we start our day. >> around 6:00, we started seeing this back up at the toll plaza. if you are taking the ride out of the maze into san francisco you will have a slow ride at least from about the 880 over pass as you head into the city. we are tracking brake lights across upper deck into san francisco. slow conditions there and also there is a fog advisory in effect for carquinez bridge, mary talking about the dense fog around parts of the bay. that will affect your drive on 80 and we are tracking slow speeds in that area. a heads up out of vallejo as you head towards crockett, there will be some foggy spots. it is busy for the ride for super commuters into altamont pass, 51 minutes 205 to 680.
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looking live from santa clara, head up drivers, average gas price in california continues to soar. new price per gallon is 4.68. this is a new record high for the state. joycelyn moran will have more on where we are seeing cheaper prices coming up in our next half hour. we have some breaking news in the east bay. a mother and daughter shot and the person responsible for this is still on the loose. this is new video we got in overnight of the scene. it happened about 10:30 last night on sterling drive just west of 580, south of mills college. officers got the call and found the woman and girl injured. they were rushed to the hospital and last word, their condition was described as stable. at this point, we are waiting for any information on what led up to this and if officers have any sort of description of the suspect in this case. we'll stay on top of it.
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back to you. patients across california can breathe a sigh of relief. healthcare provider reached a tentative agreement to avoid a strike. the week long protest by pharmacists was supposed to start today. it had potential to temporarily stop supply of everything from allergy pills to chemotherapy drugs. >> i was really concerned if i missed a treatment now and then that would allow the cancer to start growing again on that left side. >> battling stage four, he receives chemo every two weeks. he was supposed to get his round today but instead his team did it friday to be sure he didn't miss it. the agreement comes after kaiser struck a deal with alliance of unions representing 50,000 workers. a live look from san francisco where the state is taking action against a major tech company. attorney general rob banta says it is to help protect thousands
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of workers from covid-19. we will bring the news conference live at 11:00 on cbsn bay area. another city facing a vaccine deadline. >> city workers in berkeley need to be vaccinated by today if they want to keep their jobs. justin andrews joins us from berkeley city hall. today is the deadline. >> reporter: absolutely. we told our viewers about this deadline back in september. now today if you work for the city of berkeley, you are required to show proof that you have been vaccinated or you could lose your job. city of berkeley says the only exceptions to this mandate is for medical reasons or religious beliefs but those exemptions had to be requested last month. berkeley's side is reporting about 64 people applied for exemptions. vaccination policy applies to city interns and volunteers. new employees must be fully vaccinated by first day on the job. 80% of berkeley city workers
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are vaccinated according to berkeley's side. the city as a whole is among some of the highest areas we have seen across the nation when it comes to vaccination rates with 95% of people 12 and older being fully vaccinated. city leaders will likely let us know how many people are unvaccinated who work for the city. we'll certainly pass that information to you once we get it. justin andrews, kpix5. >> thank you for that. today santa clara will show off vaccination design to appeal to children. the hall and county fair grounds has been turned into a jungle of sorts including bryce colors, stuffed animals, fake trees resembling a rain forest and variety of games. with young children eligible to receive the vaccine pediatricians are educating parents on what to expect before and after the shot. >> it is advised to wait to use
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fever reducers such as tylenol and motrin because some studies show they affect the immune system. it's only a few studies but we don't really know. it's okay to have a fever, achiness, soreness or anything like that. if it's beyond three days call the pediatrician to set in. >> so far more than 1 million children under 12 have received first dose of the vaccine. a few hundred people packed mission church on the campus. a 20-year-old was found dead after leaving campus fraternity party wednesday. the 20-year-old somehow fell 15 to 20 feet and passed away from a head injury. >> a very tragic accident. it's unbelievably not fair. he had a bright future ahead of him. >> he could hang out with anybody pretty much. he was a joyful spirit and that came natural to him. >> police say they do not
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suspect foul play in justin's death. when attack like this happens, we feel like our home was attacked. >> a community shaken after a vandal targets san francisco's oldest mosque. the search this morning for a suspect. a wild scene in a north bay neighborhood. a bear perched above petaluma. how rescuers finally lured him down from there. here we go looking at the south bay, san jose topping out in upper 60s with mostly cloudy skies. we are looking at clouds and cooler temperatures today. we walk you through the day in san francisco, low 60s. oakland, east bay, looking at 64 for a high. the seven-day forecast is coming up. traffic is backing up at the bay bridge toll plaza. we
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6:11. a live look at san francisco
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where police are looking for a vandal who targeted oldest mosque in the city. someone threw a beer bottle at a window spilling alcohol inside and shattering glass on the floor. the suspect can be seen on surveillance running away. >> we are not sure what the intent of the person was. we are scared. >> a prayer center, a community center, a home for muslims. we feel like our home was attacked. >> mosque board members are fund raising to replace the window and upgrade their security system. a market in chinatown is asking for help finding vandal who left a hateful message on the side of their business. it advises owners to "go back to china" followed by an explicit slur. the owners have filed a police report. more than 2,000 people came together to rally in los gatos against hate. it was a city sponsored walk
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for peace. today, city of hayward is breaking ground on a big new affordable housing project and it involves thinking small. it's building 125 new micro apartments on a three acre site next to the drug and alcohol rehab center. units range in size from 281 to 296 square feet and will include support services for formerly homeless and very low income residents. the city is kicking a quarter of the $24 million cost through the affordable housing fund. the rest is from county housing bond funds. an unexpected guest is still the talk of one north bay neighborhood. >> this 500-pound black bear finally came down from a tree in petaluma just after 9:30 last night. it was first spotted around 2:30 yesterday near 6th and i streets. by noon it had found a spot in a red wood tree near meadow glenn drive.
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>> we see a lot of deer up and down the street but not a bear. >> we are really hoping he is all right. i trust all the people that are trying to help him. >> wildlife experts say the bear was too high to use a tranquilizer dart so they decided to let it leave on its own. it's probably back home somewhere. >> just wanted to see the city. >> do his own thing, living his life. >> if he was up there, he would have a hard time looking with all the fog. >> for sure. visibility is down to a quarter mile in many locations. we have a foggy gray start to our day and we are looking at mostly cloudy skies through our afternoon with below average high temperatures. i want to show you the dense fog advisory in gray for sacramento and solano as well as the san joaquin valley. fairfield, vallejo, benicia under dense fog advisory until 11:00. slow down if you are about to
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hit the roadways. use low beams, and keep plenty distance between you and the car in front of you. visit is down to less than a quarter mile. gianna will have more on that. current visibility is down to a quarter mile in fairfield under the dense fog advisory, quarter mile in santa rosa, mile and quarter in petaluma and a mile and a half for tri valley in livermore dealing with those foggy conditions. here is a beautiful live look with sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay. you see fog rolling in and mount diablo as well, a really nice start to our day. we have that fog but a pretty view high above the fog. we are looking at upper 40s to low to mid 50s. sunrise coming in at 6:50. it might be hard to see with the fog and clouds. our sun set is at 4:58 p.m. afternoon micro climates, temperatures in the 60s. stlouds this
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afternoon, low to mid 60s around the bay and mid to upper 60s inland. satellite and radar view of the low pressure system in the pacific bringing rain to pacific northwest. they're dealing with flooding. it's been a few days of flooding for pacific northwest. in the bay area, more clouds and also cooler temperatures, below average for this time of year. that's how low pressure affects us. low 60s along the coast, 62 in san francisco around the bay, 64 oakland, 66 mountain view for the peninsula and inland locations 66 san jose and concord. you see the clouds streaming in as we head through today as we look to thursday and friday, that's our next chance to see wet weather. that's our next shot of seeing rain. the seven-day forecast, a little bit more sunshine tuesday and wednesday and rain returns late thursday into friday. inland east bay, north bay, coast, more sunshine tuesday and wednesday and cooler as we
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look to thursday and friday with rain chances picking up for us. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. i know carquinez bridge area is dealing with thick fog. >> chp has issued an advisory and we are starting to see brake lights. west bound 80 is where it is building up. that fog advisory is in effect until further notice. you see traffic is starting to get busy west bound 37. i am getting first reports of a crash west bound 80 near carlson just west of here. things are busy across east shore freeway ride. bay bridge, metering lights are on and traffic is backing up well beyond the 880 over pass. you will have brake lights across the upper deck. travel time is almost 13 minutes between the maze into san francisco. also a busy ride for commuters heading to altamont pass coming off of 205 onto 580, all the
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usual stuff. there is a new crash, counter commute over to the right hand side. 53 minutes west bound 3580, 205 to 680. 19 minutes highway 4 to the maze and highway 4 is starting to back up with 42 minutes from antioch towards 80. other super commuter routes, brake lights north 101 out of san martin into morgan hill. the good news is the rest of the way through san jose is okay, no delays on 101, 280. that will change as 49ers take on the rams. expect busy conditions at levi stadium later on. >> thank you. construction kicking off at the embarcadero bart station in san francisco. contractors will begin working on concourse and platform upgrades as part of the first phase of construction for canopy installation. inflation at a 31 year high
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with people paying more for gas and groceries to furniture and cars. prices typically rise 2% to 3% a year but have shot up more than 6% from this time last year. it's because americans shifted spending from entertainment and travel to consumer goods. janet yellen told margaret brennan to blame it on covid. >> when the economy recovers enough from covid, demand patterns, people go back to eating out, traveling more, spending more on services and the demand for products for goods begins to go back to normal. i would expect that if we are successful with the pandemic to be sometime in the second half of next year. i would expect prices to go back to normal. >> another big factor is the workforce or lack thereof. a record four and a half
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million americans quit their jobs in september. next, will niners finally be able to turn their season around? what a former player thinks the team could use this morning. tonight on kpix5 senator robert kennedy's convicted killer may be released but there is swirling around sirhan sirhan. >> the second gunman killed robert kennedy not sirhan. >> it was sirhan by himself. >> we discovered there was really more to the story. >> at 7:00, rfk controversy and why some do not consider the case closed.
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good monday morning. it's a gray start to our day. i am tracking foggy conditions and mostly cloudy skies as we head through our afternoon for your lunchtime forecast at noon, upper 50s along the coast, upper 50s to low 60s around the bay and mid 60s inland. even though we are starting our day with fog we are looking at more clouds streaming in this afternoon. mostly cloudy skies for that lunchtime forecast through our afternoon. the rest of the day, 60 in pacifica, 62 in san francisco for a high, 64 oakland. south bay 68 in san jose, mid 60s in concord and livermore at 68 and mid 60s for napa. after a foggy start you see the clouds streaming in on futurecast as we take you through today. i will have the seven-day forecast coming up in just a
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few minutes. niners will be looking for their first home win of the season. >> when they butt heads with the division rival rams at levis in tonight's monday night match up. if you are not going to the game you can check out the pregame show if you are close enough to the stadium. there will be a fly over of f16 jets and sk4:55 49ers will need execution and leadership. dennis brown thinks the current team could use a few more leaders. >> somebody's gotta stand up on this team and make guys accountable. when i was in the league, it was ronnie lot. it was roger craig. it was michael carter. these were guys that made you accountable for your play and what you did on the football field. i think that's what this team is kind of missing. >> today's game will kick off
6:26 am
at 5:15. 6:25. in our next half hour, battle brewing over park lets in the north bay. >> they don't come spend money in our stores. that's a real problem. >> why some businesses want to keep them forever but others want them gone as soon as possible. >> reporter: gas prices are still rising in the bay area. we are live in san jose and we'll tell you more about cheapest gas prices we are finding, coming up. ♪ how hard i have tried ... >> she is back, a look at all the highlights from adele's cbs concert special that's sure to give you all the feels. here is a live look outside. we are looking east right now from our treasure island cam. the time now is 6:26. we'll be right back.
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good morning. if you are just waking up with us here are your morning headlines. today is deadline for berkeley city workers to get their vaccine. the only exceptions are medical reasons and religious beliefs but exemptions had to be requested last month. at least 80% reached a deal to avoid a strike. the strike would have lasted
6:30 am
one week. an agreement was reached overnight. in san francisco attorney general rob banta expected to take action. it is not clear yet what company he is going after. we will bring you the press conference live on cbsn bay area. good morning. it is monday november 15. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. get ready for a foggy forecast. let's get a check of weather and traffic and start with mary lee. good morning. we are dealing with dense fog as we start our day with a dense fog advisory for parts of the bay area. getting right to it for solano, fairfield, vallejo, benicia, dense fog advisory until 11:00. down to a quarter mile or less. slow down, use low beams, keep plenty distance between you and the car in front of you. you are down to a mile and a
6:31 am
half for livermore at this hour. this is our dublin cam. you see how foggy it is across tri valley, upper 40s to low to mid 50s. grab that jacket if you are planning to head out the door. low 60s with mostly cloudy skies after that fog for the east bay shoreline, oakland foggy conditions to start, mostly cloudy and 64 for a high. inland east bacon cord with the fog, it will be a slow morning trying to burn off that fog, 65 in the afternoon with mostly cloudy skies and san jose looking at 68 with mostly cloudy skies. we are looking at foggy conditions and you were saying around 80 dealing with crashes as well. >> yeah, and that's where we are seeing that fog. if you are taking 80, give yourself extra time. we've got a couple crashes and fog advisory for the carquinez bridge. we are seeing brake lights as you work your way approaching that area and brake lights
6:32 am
through hercules. there was a trouble spot west bound 80 at carlson and another crash west bound 80 at san pablo dam roadblocking number two lane from the left. a busy ride out of hercules. coming off highway 4 you will encounter some brake lights. you might want to stick with surface streets. i will show you alternates to get through. brake lights out of vallejo west bound into carquinez heights area and that fog advisory across carquinez bridge. california has broken the gas average. it is now $4.68. >> joycelyn moran is finding the cheapest gas in the south bay. she's live in san jose. how cheap are we talking? >> reporter: cheaper than that average. we didn't want to see the state break the record but we did in just a matter of days. in san jose take a look, 4.21 for a gallon. if you pay with cash, it is
6:33 am
4.15. it is more than 45 cents lower than the average in the state and it is even lower than san jose average. according to aaa, average in san jose is 4.79. here are averages in other bay area cities, san francisco 4.87 and oakland 4.78. as these prize continue to rise ahead of the holidays some call on president biden to take action by making into of the reserve. chuck schumer said doing this is the only way to offer immediate relief. biden is considering but did not indicate if and when a decision could be coming. in the meantime bay area residents are paying some of the most expensive gas. we talked with people pumping gas this morning. >> it is probably just as good as costco's prices if not within a 5 or 10 cents range. >> all the prices are different
6:34 am
at every station. sometimes you are looking at 4.56 or 4.71. if you pay cash here it's 4.15 or if you use your card it's 4.21. a pretty good deal. >> reporter: so this is a pretty good deal but we found this on gas buddy. this tells you some of the cheapest gas prices in your area. this is 4.21. we have a link to the site on >> thanks so much. today at petaluma junior high school they'll have extra officers on campus. this follows possible bomb threat. school officials received information that a bomb threat was planned for friday november 19. investigators say there is no evidence it is credible. they say the threat was made using an anonymous app designed to report bullying, safety issues, misconduct. a similar incident happened at three other petaluma schools but police say they appear to
6:35 am
be unrelated. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have our eye on breaking news, steve bannon set to turn himself in after indicted for contempt of congress. taking a live look in washington, dc, a live shot outside of his town home. they have cameras there and at the federal facility where he is expected to surrender today. let's go live there. yeah, not going to miss him entering the facility there to turn himself in. bannon of course was a top adviser to former president trump, refusing to cooperate with the committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. he was indicted by federal grand jury, two counts of contempt of congress. one, refusal to appear for deposition. the other involving refusal to produce documents. after he turns himself in, there will be a court hearing this afternoon. we'll keep our eye on it. back to you.
6:36 am
jurors in kyle rittenhouse trial are expected to begin deliberating today after closing arguments this morning. rittenhouse testified he was under attack when he killed two men and wounded a third with an assault rifle. it happened in august last year during a protest against a fatal police shooting in kenosha, wisconsin. rittenhouse could get a life sentence if convicted of first degree intentional homicide. today in our begins the week with a celebration. he is expected to sign the roughly $1 trillion bill aimed at rebuilding and improving country's infrastructure. commander in chief will talk with china's president in a virtual meeting. the two have spoken twice by phone. this year most recently a 90 minute conversation. ahead of the meeting top diplomats from both sides exchanged stern warnings. >> park lets were lifesavers
6:37 am
for open businesses when indoor dining was banned and continue to draw customers. now the future of park lets is dividing downtown businesses in san anselmo. should they stay or go? supporters say they provide vibrancy, attract foot traffic, and keep restaurants in business. >> the sideline was immediately gone. as you drive by, it is no longer you see my store. >> when people circle and don't find a place to stop, they don't spend money in our stores. that's a real problem. >> there are people not willing to go inside. there are still people unvaccinated, still people worried about up ticks in cases. >> leaders are delaying vote on whether or not to expand to make park lets permanent. both sides have so far failed to reach compromise. oakland police department and sfpd expected to use grants
6:38 am
received to install dui check points and patrols and much more to deter dangerous driving. oakland police department awarded 500,000 for california office of public safety and san francisco police received 175,000. grant programs run through september 2022. next, a costly solution to ease the supply chain crisis. new fines taking affect this morning to clericalcal's cargo clog. much of the bay area ready to bring on black friday deals. early deals amazon just rolled out ahead in our live money watch report. it's a gray start to our day. i am tracking fog as well as clouds streaming in this morning. as we take you through the afternoon, mostly cloudy skies and below average daytime highs. i will have your seven-day forecast forecast. the market just opened about ten minutes ago. the dow is up about 119 points. we'll be right back after this
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break. good morning. ahead, new covid cases rising again and there is growing concern about children developing long haul covid symptoms. you will hear from kids who have longterm effects from the virus. have you heard? a surprise proposal during adele's cbs concert special and we will be joined live by the couple to talk about that emotional moment. a country star stopped touring because of the pandemic. she tells anthony mason how she spent the down time writing a very personal book of poetry. all of that and more at 7:00.
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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time now for a check on wall street. diane king hall is joining us
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live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. good morning. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes and investors are in a buying mood. dow is better by about 86 points so it's cut back a little bit but not far off its highs. nasdaq in the tech sector, a gain of about 39. more early black friday deals are rolling out. amazon is cutting price of a 65- inch 4k ultra hd tv to just under 1800 down from 2500. on the cheaper side, 40 million l.e.d. ruku under $250. beats studio 3 wireless headphones slashed to 200. fitness wearable, fit bit aspire 2 is selling for $84. >> thanks so much. fbi is warning people and businesses to be aware of fake e-mails coming from a
6:44 am
legitimate fbi e-mail address. at least 100,000 were sent. one claim to be from department of homeland security warning recipient is target of a sophisticated attack. but it made no such warning. the fbi says e-mails are result of a software misconfiguration. new fines set to kick in today to clear shipping container clog in southern california. nearly 90 were anchored at the ports of los angeles and long beach with about 85 billion worth of goods sitting idle. the tariff will charge companies $100 per container that sits around longer than nine days. >> $100 a day but grows in $100 increments. >> we have to do everything we can to send a message that the port of los angeles will not be used a a storage facility. >> shipping companies may already be getting the message. port of long beach says it is seeing 33% drop in containers since the tariff was announced
6:45 am
a few weeks ago. big names took to the skies of new york city saturday. >> all to prepare for the macy's parade. crews tested balloons for flight readiness. it will feature floats, performers and giant balloons along a one block stretch of 34th street in front of the retailer's flagship manhattan store. there are new balloons joining including baby yoda and two new poke man balloons. >> aren't they cute? >> they are. >> getting you in the spirit. >> precious. that's how you know thanksgiving is here, when the parade rolls through. yes. we are looking at at least in bay area, we are excited about thanksgiving as well, and we are looking at at least temperatures below average, so feeling those cool conditions, feeling like the season. let's talk about what you can expect. a dense fog advisory in effect, you see foggy conditions for
6:46 am
solano highlighted in gray as well as sacramento and san joaquin valleys in are dense fog advisory until 11:00 but visibility is less than a quarter mile. if you are about to hit the roadways please be safe and slow down, use low beams, keep plenty distance between you and the car in front of you. let's show you specific locations dealing with that fog. a quarter mile in fairfield, half mile in santa rosa, mile and a half in petaluma, livermore, tri valley, you are dealing with foggy conditions down to a mile and a half and sfo two and a half miles this morning. check out the view with our sales force tower camera taking you east high above the fog, a beautiful view, above the fog you see mount diablo and golden colors in the sky with those clouds. temperatures are in the upper 40s to low to mid 50s so grab that jacket if you are heading out. as we take you through your
6:47 am
afternoon with micro climates, coast low 60s and mostly cloudy skies. around the bay, low to mid 60s and inland mid to upper 60s this afternoon. satellite and radar view, you see the reason why we are dealing with mostly cloudy skies and below average daytime highs because of this low pressure system. pacific northwest, they have been dealing with rain and flooding over the last few days, all that rain coming in for them. they're lucky enough to catch the rain for us with the ridge of high pressure. we are going to stay dry and of course southern california, they had the heat over the weekend. for us, below average temperatures and really seeing clouds streaming in for today with cool temps. 60 pacifica along the coast, 62 in san francisco around the bay. south bay 68 san jose and 65 for a high in concord inland east bay. clouds streaming in as we head through on futurecast and as we fast forward to thursday and friday, that's our next chance
6:48 am
to see wet weather, next chance of rain. seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, a little bit more sunshine tuesday and wednesday, cooler thursday and friday with that rain coming back for us. inland east bay, north bay, coast, temperatures cooling down and then as we look to thursday and friday with the temperatures well below average for this time of year tracking that rain returning late thursday into friday. let's check with gianna. we have foggy conditions and areas we are seeing that fog of course is slow going and even some crashes. >> on 80 it's been a struggle. give yourself extra time. west bound, a couple crashes as you work out of hercules as well headed through the richmond area. one crash is west bound 80 before san pablo dam road, another near carlson boulevard. pockets of slowing as you head through. you may consider san pablo avenue as alternate. you see it runs adjacent to 80.
6:49 am
when things get busy on 80, you might see surface streets getting busy as well. west bound 7830 before lemon street, crash with everything to the side of the road way. tracking brake lights west bound 80 out of vallejo towards 780 and towards the carquinez bridge area. 680 is looking busy so both rides are sluggish and that's an area where we are seeing a lot of fog this morning. travel times are feeling it. slow ride west bound altamont pass 58 minutes 205 to 680. east shore freeway 30 minutes highway 4 to the maze and west bound is busy also. brake lights san martin into morgan hill out of the south bay. the south bay looks okay. tonight 49ers and rams a the levi stadium. kick off is 5:10 right in the heart of drive time. it will be extra busy on 101,
6:50 am
237, 880, consider using public transit to get to the game. great america station for vta, connect to vta using bart at milpitas. it will be extra busy. go niners. they can use the win. snoopy is headed to the moon. >> nasa will be sending a stuffed peanut snoopy as part of the mission. nasa astronaut snoopy will serve as zero gravity indicator. snoopy will be outfitted in a custom orange flight suit complete with gloves, boots, a nasa patch. the mission is scheduled in early 2022. safe travels to snoopy. >> looks good. if you are waiting for gas prices to tank, don't hold your breath. we are live with a new record just set statewide. >> reporter: another vaccine mandate and requirement for an east bay city. i am justin andrews live in the
6:51 am
east bay telling you where and also what happens if workers don't comply. streaming today the attorney general rob banta set to announce action against a major heck company regarding workers and covid-19. we will bring that live at 11:00. plus latest on covid in our medical monday segment with stanford healthcare. watch at or the
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i am anne makovec at the live news desk with a huge sigh of relief for kaiser patients. this morning kaiser reached tentative agreement with pharmacists union and that is preventing a week long strike which was set to start this morning. that would have closed out patient pharmacies for seven days, medications would be much more difficult to patients to
6:55 am
access, would have taken about 1200 pharmacists off the job affecting supply of everything from allergy pills to chemo drugs. the last minute deal will prevent that from happening. kaiser also struck other deals with other unions over the weekend. very good news for patients. back to you. >> reporter: i am justin andrews live in berkeley. if you are a city worker, you must be vaccinated or you could be fired. city of berkeley made the announcement in september and today is deadline for all city workers to show proof of full vaccination and it is a mandate like i said that was mentioned in september. failing to be vaccinated or tested could mean disciplinary action including termination. only exemptions are medical reasons and religious beliefs but those had to be requested last month. city interns and volunteers fall under the requirement.
6:56 am
new employees must be fully vaccinated by first day on the job. when we checked last at least 80% of city employees are vaccinated. >> reporter: i am joycelyn moran. gas prices are still rising but there are ways to find the cheapest gas. in san jose 4.15 for a gallon if you pay cash, 4.21 if you pay credit or debit card. this is the diamond gas station on knox and story road. that's about 47 cents cheaper than state average which is 4.68. that's the highest the average has ever been in california. californians are paying for some of the most expensive gas in the nation. if you are at the pump frustrated you are not alone. some are calling on president biden to take action by making use of the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. chuck schumer said doing this is the only way to offer
6:57 am
immediate relief. white house officials say biden is considering this but did not indicate if and when a decision could be coming. we did use gas buddy to find some of the cheapest prices. we drove around and have some resources on >> about 4.15 would be a good price. a lot of folks wasting gas on the roadways if you are stuck in traffic. metering lights are on if you work from the maze into san francisco. 20 minutes for the travel time. east shore freeway, another 27 minutes west 80 from highway 4 to the maze. busy for the ride in the altamont, an hour now. west bound, things are stacking up highway 4 from antioch towards 80. public transit might be your best bet. bart is on time, vta out of south bay, cal train and m. ni
6:58 am
checking in problem free. let's check your monday morning forecast. i am tracking that fog rolling in this morning and even dense fog as well. current visibility fairfield down to a quarter mile. you are under dense fog advisory, half mile santa rosa, mile petaluma and a mile and a quarter in tri valley for livermore, sfo, two and a half miles. dublin tri valley camera, you see how foggy it is. we are in the mid to upper 40s to low 50s. grab that jacket if you are heading out the door. as we walk you through the day in san francisco looking at 62 for a high with mostly cloudy skies. mid 60s in oakland. inland east bay, concord topping out at 65 with clouds and mostly cloudy in the south bay in san jose with a high of 68. >> thank you. adele performed for a global audience during her
6:59 am
concert special on cbs. >> it is part of her reemergence in the public eye six years since her last album. >> adele took the stage last night and belted out previous hits as well as newer music from her latest album called 30. in a sit down interview with oprah she talked about where she drew inspiration from including her divorce. >> the same drive staying in a relationship even if you are not happy and doing it for the kids i think it is as loving doing that for the kids and leaving and finding your own happiness so they know who you are. >> the london born star talked about efforts to mend relations with her father before he died. definitely a great show in los angeles. >> i didn't get a chance to watch. it was on late for us but that's my plan for after work. >> okay. >> she was rolling in the deep and i was rolling in my sleep.
7:00 am
>> love it. >> news continues on dollar on cbsn bay area. >> cbs mornings is welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to viewers in the west. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> i'm nate burleson. today's "eye opener," it's your world in 90 seconds. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by progressive, making it easy to bundle insurance. gasoline up, milk, eggs, coffee, 6%. we are seeing big increases. >> inflation and supply short ages get worse as the president prepares to sign a n


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