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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  November 15, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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to get right to it, dense fog advisory for the areas in gray, fairfield, vallejo, benicia due to the visibility down to a quarter mile. slow down, use low beams and keep plenty distance between you and the car in front of you. we are down to about .4 of a mile in fairfield, five miles concord and a half mile in santa rosa this morning. temperatures are running in the upper 40s to low 50s at this hour. through our day we are looking at highs in the low to mid 60s around the bay, mid to upper 60s to low 70s for peninsula as well as for inland locations. through our day we are looking at mostly cloudy skies. temperatures will be cooler compared to over the weekend. we'll talk more about the week ahead and what you can expect including that seven-day
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forecast. let's check with gianna. it is slow going through the altamont. those super commuters are up early and on the road and they're seeing a lot of brake lights. the drive is already a busy one went bound out of tracy from 205 onto 580, tracking slower speeds. once you are past that it looks better towards dublin interchange. 38 minutes from 205 towards 680. if taking 80 from highway 4 to the maze, things look pretty good but we are dealing with foggy spots along 80 through fairfield area. roll over crash north bound 101 at atherton avenue. keeping a close eye on that along 101 in case they close a lane. the golden gate bridge is good, no delays as you work into san francisco. there is a fog advisory for the carquinez bridge. be careful if traveling through vallejo in that area. average gas price in
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california continues to soar after hitting a record high. >> joycelyn moran is live with the cheapest gas in santa clara. you will want to fill up there, joycelyn. >> reporter: that's right. i am going to want to fill up here as well. remember at the end of last week, i mentioned we were about 2 cents away from breaking the record. well we have officially broken it. state average for gas prices in california is 4.68. we did find in san jose it is a bit cheaper. this is 4.21 for a gallon. this is san jose on story road and knox avenue. it is cheaper if you pay cash, 4.15 if you pay cash. gas prices have been having many people asking why. some are calling on president biden to take action by making into of the nation's strategic
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petroleum reserve. chuck schumer said doing this is the only way to offer immediate relief. white house officials say biden is considering but did not indicate if and when a decision could be coming. the prices have many people wondering about how many trips they are taking and how much money they are going to be spending for every trip. >> i am spending easily over 800, $900 a month on gas. i have to fill up twice a week, $70 each time. >> reporter: we found this gas station by driving around in san jose but there are other resources like gas buddy. we have a link to that site. you can look around and see what cheapest gas prices are in your area. find that on i am anne makovec at the live news desk. strike averted, kaiser reached a tentative agreement with its pharmacists overnight and that is going to prevent a week long
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strike that was set to start within hours today. it would have closed out patient pharmacies until november 22 taking around 1200 pharmacists off the job. that could have affected the supply of everything from allergy pills to chemo drugs. in addition to the last minute deal with the pharmacists, kaiser also struck tentative agreements with its other unions over the weekend. overall, very good news for patients who rely on kaiser's care. another bay area city hit with a vaccine deadline this morning. >> city workers in berkeley need to be vaccinated by today if they want to keep their jobs. justin andrews joins us from berkeley city hall. >> reporter: good morning. we told you about this vaccine mandate in september. now today if you are a city worker, you are required to turn in your vaccination card to be fully vaccinated or like you mentioned, you could lose
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your job. this mandate came from the city of berkeley and says only exceptions are medical reasons and religious beliefs. those exemptions had to be requested last month. berkeley is reporting 64 applied for the exemptions and vaccination policy applies to city interns and volunteers. any new employees must be fully vaccinated by their first day on the job. at least 80% of berkeley city workers are vaccinated according to berkeley's side. the city as a whole though among some of the highest vaccination rates with 95% of people in berkeley 12 and older are indeed fully vaccinated. city leaders will likely find out exactly how many employees are unvaccinated and when we get the information, we will certainly pass it along to you. a live look from san francisco where the state is taking action against a major tech company. the attorney general says it is to help protect thousands of
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california workers from covid- 19. we will bring the press conference live at 11:00 this morning on cbsn bay area. a fremont police officer released from the hospital following a serious crash. he was responding to a call saturday night when his patrol car crashed with another car on niles canyon road. the officer was taken to a trauma center but now is recovering at home. a passenger in the other car also went to a hospital. no word on the person's condition. we are learning bail has been set at $100,000 for this pittsburg kidnapping suspect. accused of stealing a running suv with a toddler inside. the toddler was safely reunited with her family. live look at interstate 880 in oakland where chp is investigating a grizzly traffic fatality. we are told a pick up hit and killed a man walking in the south bound lanes near 7th street. it happened around 6:30 last night after dark. the driver stopped and called for help. the man was pronounced dead at
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the scene. it is unclear why he was on the freeway. classes at a petaluma junior high school will be in session today after a possible threat. school officials received information that a bomb threat was planned for friday november 19. investigators say there is no evidence it is credible. they say the threat was made using an anonymous app designed to report bullying, safety issues, misconduct. a similar incident happened at three other petaluma schools but police say they appear to be unrelated. there are a lot of questions following death of a santa clara university student. last night a few hundred people packed the church on the campus to pray for the family. his father says the 20-year-old was found dead after leaving a campus fraternity party wednesday. the 20-year-old somehow fell 15 to 20 feet and passed away from a head injury. >> a very tragic accident.
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it's just unbelievably not fair. he had a bright future ahead of him. >> could hang out with anybody. he was a joyful spirit and that came natural to him. >> san jose police do not suspect foul play in justin's death. in san francisco police looking for a vandal who targeted the oldest mosque in the city. someone threw a beer bottle at a window spilling alcohol inside and shattering glass on to the floor. the suspect can be seen on surveillance running away. >> we are not sure what the intent of the person was. we are scared. >> a prayer center, a community center. it's a home for muslims. when attack like this happens we feel like our home was attacked. >> board members are fund raising to replace the window and upgrade the security system. a market in chinatown is asking police for help. they want to find the vandal who left a hateful message on the side of the business. take a look at the damage that
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tells owners to "go back to china" followed by explicit slur. owners have filed a police report. meanwhile more than 2,000 people came together to rally in los gatos against hate. it was a city sponsored walk for peace. tonight on kpix5 senator robert kennedy's convicted killer may soon be released on parole. there is continuing dispute swirling around. >> the second gunman is the one who killed robert kennedy. >> what happened was we discovered there was really more to the story. >> at 7:00, rfk controversy and why some don't consider the case closed. it is 5:09. still ahead, new fight starting today to clear shipping container clog in southern
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california. >> how wildlife workers were finally able to lure this bear down from a tree in a bay area neighborhood. we are looking at a foggy start to our day as we head through the afternoon. mostly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. i will show you futurecast, timing it out for you and of course your seven-day forecast is coming up. i will let you know where the fog will affect your drive on the freeways and we
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welcome back. an unexpected guest is still the talk of one north bay neighborhood. >> take a look. this 500-pound black bear finally came down from a tree in petaluma just after 9:30 last night. it was first sighted around 2:30 yesterday morning near 6th and i streets. by noon it had found a spot in a red wood tree near meadow glenn drive. >> we see a lot of deer but not a bear. >> we are really hoping he is all right and i know i trust the people trying to help him. >> wildlife experts say the bear was too high to use a tranquilizer dart and decided >> glad he is okay today. here i
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southern california. hundreds flocked to san diego beaches to enjoy yesterday's 87- degree heat. >> getting to the beach in november, this is part of the reason i came here. >> a nice long weekend, trying to take advantage. >> even pets went for a swim. i went to visit my family in los angeles and it was really hot. it was kind of relieving to come back to the bay area last night and cool down a bit. >> a little too toasty in so called. they have a ridge of high pressure right over them. we have more clouds today. you will in the that difference. you have a dense fog advisory for the areas in gray. watch for areas of thick fog out there, dense fog advisory for the sacramento valley, san joaquin valley, dense fog
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advisory until 11:00 due to visibility down to less than a quarter mile. if you are about to hit the roads especially in those locations, slow down, use low beams, keep plenty distance between you and the car in front of you. let's show you the visibility. down to a quarter mile in fairfield, two and a half in petaluma, half mile for santa rosa, four miles for livermore. a live look with our san francisco mark hopkins hotel cam, you see the fog. upper 40s to low to mid 50s at this hour. here is the satellite and radar view, we are looking at the pacific northwest. they are dealing with flooding issues. they have been seeing all the storms bringing rain for them with the low pressure system. it's dropping a cold front and this is going to fall apart as it pushes across our region. so we are looking at more clouds today and cooler temperatures. you see daytime highs are 60 along the coast in pacifica, 64
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oakland, mid 60s for the peninsula, mountain view, south bay, low 70s in san jose, upper 60s for livermore and mid 60s for napa. hour by hour on futurecast you see from a foggy start and mostly cloudy skies. here we are at noon, lunchtime hour and here is 3:00 in the afternoon. as we look to tomorrow maybe a little bit more sunshine expected for your tuesday and for wednesday and then tracking our next weather system that will bring return of wet weather as we look to late thursday into friday. that's our next chance to see some rain for the bay area. the seven-day forecast san francisco oakland and san jose, a little bit more sunshine tuesday and wednesday with rain returning late thursday into friday with cooler temperatures. inland east bay, north bay, coast. a little bit more sun tuesday and wednesday and there we go with the rain chances, temperatures taking a tumble late thursday into friday.
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let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. there are some foggy locations. chp has a fog advisory through the carquinez bridge. be careful if taking 80. we are starting to see brake lights for super commuters if you are driving into altamont pass this morning. out of tracy from at least mount house if not just a bit beyond that on 205 a to 580 to about north flynn. once you are past that it looks better as you approach dublin interchange. there are foggy spots through here. leave extra space between you and the car in front of you. try to watch speeds in and around the foggy areas. 44 minute travel time 205 over towards 680. it is looking good on highway 4 to the maze. if you are headed hercules to the maze, no delays. highway 4 looks good, 26 minutes from antioch to the east shore. the drive out of san jose north
5:18 am
101 from hellyer to sfo, 35 minutes. the ride is looking good though i have first reports of a crash just south of lawrence expressway. i will let you know if we see brake lights. there is a trouble spot north bound 101 at atherton avenue. it's an overturned vehicle. traffic is still at the limit and we'll see if that changes as more cars hop on the road way. the golden gate bridge looks good. from that point south bound to san francisco, 19 minute ride from at least 37 down into the city. traffic along carquinez bridge, fog advisory for that part of 80, vallejo, hercules, you might see some foggy spots. bay bridge, so far so good, no delays into san francisco. bay bridge looks good as well as the san mateo bridge. back to you. >> thank you. today, construction is kicking off at the embarcadero
5:19 am
bart station in san francisco. contractors will begin working on concourse and platform upgrades. it's part of the first phase of construction for canopy installation. inflation is at a 31 year high with people paying more for everything from gas to groceries to furniture and cars. prices have shot up more than 6% from this time because americans shifted spending from entertainment and travel to consumer goods. janet yellen told margaret brennan blame it on covid. >> when the economy recovers enough from covid, demand pattern, people go back to eating out, traveling more, spending more on servicesand demand for products, goods, begins to go back to normal. i would expect that if we are successful with the pandemic to be sometime in the second half
5:20 am
of next year. i would expect prices to go back to normal. >> another big factor is the workforce or lack thereof. a record 4.5 million americans quit their jobs in september. a live look at the port of oakland which says it is ready and waiting to receive any cargo ships that come this way. in the meantime new fines are set to kick in today to clear the shipping container clog in southern california. nearly 90 were anchored at the ports of los angeles and long beach with about $85 billion worth of goods sitting idle. the tariff will charge companies $100 per container that sits around longer than nine days. hayward breaking ground on a big new affordable housing project today that involves thinking small. it's building 125 new micro apartments on a three acre site next to the drug and alcohol rehab center. units will range in size from 281 to 296 square feet and will
5:21 am
include support services for formerly homeless and very low income people. the city is kicking in a quarter of the $24 million cost through the affordable housing fund. the rest is coming from county housing bond funds. fremont is pumping millions into affordable housing. city leaders say $27 million will go to more than 400 apartments and three housing projects. two will be at thornton avenue and osgood road. projects will help hundreds of homeless people living in tents, rvs, and their cars. the spectacular sight in the sky expected before the niners look to get their first home win of the season tonight. happening today ...
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good monday morning. we are looking at a foggy start to our day checking visibility in solano, down to a quarter mile in fairfield under a dense fog advisory until 11:00 looking at a half mile in santa rosa, two and a half for petaluma, four miles for
5:25 am
concord and livermore. your lunchtime forecast along the coast with mostly cloudy skies, upper 50s by noon. around the bay looking at low 60s with clouds sticking around and inland this afternoon for your lunchtime forecast, mid 60s. cool conditions, we are looking at the clouds sticking around as we head through today. looking at specific locations with those daytime high temperatures, 63 in the afternoon in san francisco, 64 oakland, san jose at 71, 66 concord, 68 livermore, napa valley 65 later on today and upper 60s for santa rosa. hour by hour on futurecast, you see the clouds streaming in. we are talking below average daytime highs today. the seven-day forecast is coming up. niners will be looking for their first home win of the season. >> they will take on division rival rams at levi stadium and a monday night match up. even if you are not going, you can check out the pregame show. if you are close enough to the
5:26 am
stadium there will be fly over of f16 jets and sky divers at 4:55. hundreds got holiday shopping done at the san mateo county harvest festival. >> it was the final day of the event yesterday which returned after skipping last year. vendors sold everything from balsamic vinegar and oils to paintings and jewelry. >> we get the original dog tag brand new and then we hand paint, stamp, and embellish each. no two e same. we have been doing it 16 years. >> this was the 49th year. organizers say they are looking forward to coming back again next year. a giant white truffle mushroom sold for $118,000 at an auction in italy. it is one of the most coveted
5:27 am
expensive ingredients in the world. an italian chef who runs a restaurant in hong kong won the top bid. the warning from the fbi this morning as fake e-mails are being sent from a legitimate address from the agency. the probe now
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right now, paying even more at the pump. the new record for gas prices here in california. deadline day is here. new vaccine requirements kick c the investigation now opened into tesla's autopilot program over emergency vehicle crashes. a warning from the fbi over fake e-mails being sent to
5:30 am
thousands of organizations. good morning. it is monday november 15. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with a look at weather and traffic. it's a little foggy out there. we started to see it roll in overnight. it is. we are tracking dense fog especially for the north bay and solano county under a dense fog advisory. a quarter mile in fairfield, two and a half in petaluma and half mile in santa rosa, four miles in concord and livermore. let's talk about the dense fog advisory for the areas in gray until 11:00 due to visibility down to less than a quarter mile. slow down. use your low beams and leave plenty distance between you and the car in front of you. upper 40s to low to mid 50s at this hour with mostly cloudy skies and dense fog through the day. along the coast, low 60s. we will see clouds continuing
5:31 am
to stream in across the region. we'll have below average daytime highs for this time of year. 62 in san francisco, 64 oakland, 68 san jose, 66 concord and mid 60s for napa valley. you can see the clouds as we head through our day on futurecast. i will have the seven-day forecast coming up. let's check with gianna. it's slow going through the altamont. already it's a busy ride if getting onto 580 out of 205. mary just talked about the foggy spots. be extra careful on the freeways. we are keeping a close eye on those. west bound 205 onto 580 around mount house is where we are seeing our slowest spot. on 580, it looks better towards dublin interchange. look at the travel time already in the red. get out the door early with 47
5:32 am
minutes 205 towards 680. no delays across east shore freeway west bound highway 4 towards the maze but there is a fog advisory for the carquinez bridge. california has broken the gas average and it now sits at $4.68. >> joycelyn moran is finding the cheapest gas in the south bay and joins us live in san jose. it's nice that we are taking a look at the cheaper prices. >> reporter: that's right. we really didn't want to see the state break that average but we did in just a matter of days. taking a look at this gas station, diamond gas station in san jose, 4.15 for a gallon if you pay with cash, 4.21 if you pay with credit or debit card. this is diamond gas station on story road and knox avenue. this is about 45 cents lower than the state average but even lower than the average in san jose. the averages in bay area are higher according to aaa.
5:33 am
average in san jose is $4.79 in other bay area cities. in san francisco 4.87 and in oakland 4.78 as prices continue to ri biden to take action by making use of the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. chuck schumer said doing this is the only way to offer immediate relief. white house officials say biden is considering but did not indicate if and when a decision could be coming. bay area residents are paying some of the most expensive gas in the nation. >> it makes you think about what trips you are going to go on, where you are spending, and everything like that. >> reporter: there are other resources if you are planning ahead. for example this is gas buddy. it gives a chance to look at some cheaper gas prices in your area. we do have a link to this site on joycelyn moran, kpix5. i am anne makovec at the live news desk.
5:34 am
we are continuing to follow that breaking news from overnight, strike averted for kaiser pharmacists at about 1:00 this morning. the healthcare giant finally reached tentative agreement with pharmacists preventing week long strike that was set to start this morning. it would have taken about 1200 pharmacists off the job and affected the supply of everything from allergy pills to chemo drugs. that strike was set to be in effect until november 22. it could have caused quite an impact. kaiser has struck up this new deal for the tentative three year contract with pharmacists and struck tentative deals with other unions as well or at least most of them. this is good news for kaiser patients. back to you. city workers in berkeley must be vaccinated today. >> it is the deadline for them to return their vaccination proof or face possible termination.
5:35 am
justin andrews is live at berkeley city hall. justin, do we have the numbers yet? >> reporter: we are learning about 80% of city workers are fully vaccinated. so that's according to berkeley side but that means roughly 20% or so could be unvaccinated. the city says those who fail to comply with vaccination requirement or test could result in disciplinary action including termination. remember we told you about this vaccine mandate back in september. the city says only exemptions are medical reasons and religious beliefs but those had to be requested last month. berkeley side is reporting 64 people applied for the exemptions. the policy means city interns and volunteer fall under this vax requirement. any new employees must be fully inated by first day on the job. it is important to note 95% of people that fall in the 12 or older category in berkeley is
5:36 am
indeed fully vaccinated. justin andrews, kpix5. today jurors are expected to begin deliberating in trial of kyle rittenhouse. closing arguments are set for this morning and then the case goes to the jury. rittenhouse says he was under attack when he killed two men and wounded a third with an assault rifle in august of last year during a protest against a fatal police shooting in kenosha wisconsin. a 9-year-old boy is the 10th person to die from crowd crush at the astro world festival in houston. he had been in a coma since november 5 when his father put him on his shoulders to see rapper travis scott and the crowd knocked them to the ground. hundreds more were hurt thage a dozens filed lawsuits against the city, organizers, producers
5:37 am
including scott. federal authorities bringing hammer down on steve bannon today. lawmakers on capitol hill have been trying to get him to testify for months on capitol insurrection. a federal grand jury indicted him friday on two counts of contempt of congress after defying subpoena for testimony and documents. >> they're going to fund raise off of this. bannon himself absolutely i think will wear this as a badge of honor and martyr himself almost. >> he is expected to surrender to authorities today if convicted. he faces minimum of 30 days and maximum of one year in jail for each of the two counts against him. fbi warning people and businesses to beware of fake e- mails coming from legitimate fbi e-mail address. at least 100,000 were sent. one claimed to come from the department of homeland security warning the recipient they were
5:38 am
the target of a sophisticated attack. but dhs cyber security agency says it made no such warning. fbi says e-mails are result of a solve wear misconfiguration. time for your money watch report. one airline is welcoming adult beverages back to its menu. diane king hall joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning. good morning. let's start with a recap of stocks. they ended on a high note with each of the major indexes posting strong gains. dow finished 179 up and nasdaq rallied 156. s&p 500 added 33. adult beverages making a return to united airlines. it will expand in flight beverage service to include hard lick or on select flights. it made decision following customer feedback. many airlines cut or severely limited the drink menu last year due to the pandemic. more early black friday deals rolling out. amazon cutting price of a 65-
5:39 am
inch 4k ultra hd tv to under 1800 bucks down to 2500. on the cheaper said it is selling 40-inch l.e.d. roku. beats headphones have been slashed and fit bit inspire 2 is selling for 80 bucks. sounds like jeff bezos is rethinking earth as more of a vacation destination rather than a home base. what is this about? >> i know. this one is wild. he was speaking at the forum in dc and said he thinks outer space will be where humans live complete with floating space cities, forests, wildlife, rivers. he is predicting home planet earth will be more like yellow stone national park in the future that we visit or vacation rather than a full time home. len. >> i don't even know what to say about that. >> where you going for
5:40 am
thanksgiving? earth. >> going visit california from my house on mars. thank you so much. we'll see you at 6:30 when the stock market opens up. pretty wild. >> crazy stuff. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> tackling illegal dumping. new program launching today in oakland. big day for commander in chief with the signing of a huge spending plan and the meeting with china's president. it's another foggy start with a dense fog advisory for solano, fairfield, vallejo, benicia, sacramento valley. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies and below average high temperatures. i will have that seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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for immune support. new, city council will consider a buffer zone around planned parenthood to cut down on confrontations between protesters and patients. police say they've received 42 calls for service at planned parenthood on oakland boulevard between january 2020 and november 5 this year. complaints included verbal and physical harassment of patients and blocking of sidewalks. happening today, oakland is launching a new program aimed at helping reduce illegal dumping. residents who rent apartments or single family homes can pick
5:44 am
up or drop off themselves with waste management of alameda rather than being required to go through property owners. people dispose of tires, tarts, mattresses, large appliances. thanksgiving is around the corner and stars of macy's thanksgiving day parade are getting ready for flight. >> there are some new faces joining the line up. the parade will feature floats, performers, giant balloons along a one block stretch of 34th street in front of retailer's flagship manhattan store. the executive producer said they're excited to usher in the holiday season. >> we are excited to bring this great tradition back to new york city and to the nation. we usher in the holiday season with this great parade and it is an opportunity for us to really celebrate that we are back. it's going to be a spectacle. it's a spectacle of love,
5:45 am
entertainment, music, dance. >> new balloons in the line up include baby yoda and two new poke man balloons. >> always so fun to watch. thousands of musicians gathered over the weekend. the goal was to set the record as the world's largest orchestra. more than 8,097 instruments played at once. the guinness book of world records will determine whether the record was set. that's a lot of players. >> a lot of musicians. sounds pelt. >> goodness. 5:45. we will look at weather and traffic. starting with mary lee, we have some fog this morning. >> yes, please be careful if you are hitting the roadways. the dense fog advisory is in effect until 11:00 for areas in gray. solano, sacramento and san
5:46 am
joaquin valleys due to visibility to down to less than a quarter mile. slow down, use low beams, keep plenty distance between you and the car in front of you. let's show you the current visibility, down to a tenth of a mile, dense fog in fairfield this morning and down to a half mile in santa rosa, four miles for concord as well as for livermore. isn't that a pretty sight? you see that fog rolling in on sales force tower camera, upper 40s to low to mid 50s. sunrise is coming in at 6:50. i will say with that fog and those clouds likely you won't see the sunrise or sun set at 4:58. satellite and radar view, mostly cloudy skies today with below average high temperatures. it is all because of this low pressure system. it's bringing all of this rain to the pacific northwest. they are dealing with flooding. it's been days of this for them but for us with the low pressure system bringing clouds and cooler temperatures.
5:47 am
here is what you can expect where you live, high temperatures along the coast 60 in pacifica, around the bay 62 in san francisco, mid to upper 60s for peninsula and inland mid to upper 60s this afternoon. san jose 68, 66 concord as well as for livermore and mid 60s for napa valley. on futurecast we take you hour by hour, you see the clouds streaming in through the afternoon. tomorrow, maybe a little bit more sunshine for your tuesday and for most of wednesday. as we look to our wednesday, we are looking at a few more clouds ahead of our next weather system. that will bring return of wet weather for us. our next chance to see rain is thursday into friday. that's our next shot of wet weather coming our way. you see the seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, a little bit more sunshine tuesday and wednesday and rain returns thursday night into friday, inland east bay, north bay, and coast. a little bit more sun tuesday and wednesday and there we go with cooler temperatures and
5:48 am
wet weather returning late thursday into friday. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. it is foggy in spots this morning. chp has issued a couple fog advisories for the roadways including carquinez bridge and parts of 80 say through fairfield. be extra careful when on the roads. a lot of space between you and the car in front of you. you can come up on vehicles quickly especially as the commute gets busier and we see more brake lights. that's what's happening at the bay bridge. metering lights have been flipped on about ten minutes ago and it is starting to stack up, getting busy as you head into san francisco. about a ten minute commute from the maze into the city. super commuters, we have brake lights out of tracy into altamont pass, 47 minutes for your travel time 205 towards 680. past north flynn things get better the rest of the way along 580. other routes we are keeping an eye on is the rid out of gilroy
5:49 am
into san martin, pockets of slowing, seeing spots where speeds are dipping to about 15 miles per hour. there is a crash south bound 101 at lawrence expressway to the right side side of the road way. pretty quiet in the south bay but that will change later on during drive time as you've got regular commuters plus all those 49er fans heading to levi stadium tonight for niners taking on the rams. kick off is at 5:10 so public transit is a good choice. if you are driving, leave early and expect extra busy conditions. oakland police department and sfpd expected to use grants received to install dui check points, add patrols and more to deter dangerous driving. oakland police department was awarded 500,000 from the california office of public safety while san francisco police received 175,000. the programs run through
5:50 am
december 2022. today, president biden begins the week with a celebration. he is expected to sign the roughly $1 trillion bill aimed at rebuilding and improving the country's infrastructure. commander in chief will talk with china's president in a virtual meeting. the two leaders have spoken twice by phone this year most recently a 90 minute conversation on september 9. this is amid strained relations between the countries especially over taiwan. ahead of the meeting the top diplomats from both sides exchanged stern warnings over the issue. to coronavirus coverage, former fda commissioner blasting white house for mixed messaging on booster shots. >> this pandemic has been full of mistakes. why is this the biggest one? >> i think when we look back, this may be a missed opportunity to try to get ahead of the delta wave. this will be the fastest way we can increase total immunity in the population. >> dr. scott gottlieb also had this to say, to anyone hesitant
5:51 am
about getting a booster shot. >> anyone eligible for a booster and most americans are probably eligible at this point, you should be seeking it. because someone who has an old vaccine that may only have 50% effectiveness left, they get a booster and restore 95% effectiveness based on the data we have seen within a matter of days. >> booster shots have been for at risk patients of pfizer and moderna as well as individuals 65 and older. california, colorado, new mexico have expanded access to all eligible adults. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a team of super powered aliens against a big red dog the winner at the weekend box office. celebration of the classic film it's a
5:52 am
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about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. good monday morning. we are dealing with dense fog with dense fog advisory in solano down to a tenth of a mile in fairfield. a half mile for santa rosa for the visibility and down to four miles for concord and livermore. a live look with treasure island camera, we are starting in upper 40s to low to mid 50s with mostly cloudy skies and we will continue with clouds streaming in as we head through
5:55 am
our day. below average high temperatures this afternoon, low 60s along the coast, low to mid 60s around the bay and daytime highs inland in mid to upper 60s this afternoon. on futurecast you see those clouds today and we'll talk about the seven-day forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you. time for a look at the entertainment headlines. a rancher with a mean streak in one of hollywood's buzziest new movies power of the dog, the director's first film in more than a decade. family drama on a montana ranch, it also stars -- opens wednesday stories releasing a collectible blu-ray of "it's a wonderful life" to celebrate the 75th anniversary. it includes a colorized and black and white edition of the
5:56 am
movie. a eternals took top spot with 27.5 million and clifford the big red dog is second place. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> mass vaccination site make over. what santa clara is doing differently to get kids excited to roll up their sleeves. >> reporter: it is vaccine deadline day for city of berkeley employees. i am justin andrews. what happens if they don't comply? i will explain. a stand out student athlete taken without warning. what we are learning about a mysterious fall in the south bay. a live look outside before we head to break from our mark hopkins camera looking east. you can't tell much with all the fog this morning. we have another check of weather and traffic for you
5:57 am
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. welcome. it is 6:00 am. on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, grab that wallet before you jump in your car. california gas prices hit a record high. what you can expect to pay. deadline day to get your vaccine in one alameda city. we are live with who the mandate applies to. an agreement just reached. why some patients won't have to worry about getting their prescriptions this morning.


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