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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 14, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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d new rds. od eving and thank you for joining us. we start tonight with an act of vandalism at the oldest mosque in san francisco. >>li frcisco with the investigation and how the community is reacting. >> reporter: you can understand why members of this mosque are still on edge tonight two days later, and you still have this reminder of what happened to this window taped up with the damage still there. we are told this is extremely rare. those who have been coming here for decades say they can't think of another time like this since 9/11. >> reporter: fridays are always eventful for the islamic center of san francisco. members fill the mosque for prayers throughout the day, but last friday night and unwanted visitor late in the evening, somebody came by and threw a beer bottle at the window, spilling alcohol inside and
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spreading shattered glass on the floor. the suspect can be seen on surveillance video running away. >> we were scared and uncertain and we didn't understand what was happening because we have not experienced something like this in our community in a long time. >> reporter: photos show the damage before they were able to cover up the hole and they say the whole window will need to be replaced and they will upgrade their security systems so everybody feel safe. >> we are not sure what the intent was and we are of course a little scared. >> reporter: police can't say either way suspect through a bottle at the mosque but early in the investigation. it is upsetting not only because of the damage done and the cost it creates but because what it represents to its members. >> a prayer center and community center and a home for most of us and we feel like our home was attacked. >> reporter: this and stop regulars from returning. some are back on sunday for
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afternoon prayer. board members say they remain proud to be a part of the city. >> i believe in this community they view is not as muslim neighbors but as neighbors and we are part of the community and we had so many messages and hundreds of messages of support. >> reporter: their doors are open to all including whoever did this to our building. >> we are hoping to have more dialogue and hope that the person who did this will someday come and visit the mosque and sit down with us and learn from us. >> this is my local mosque and this is home to us and we will continue on as business as usual. >> reporter: those members say it is important to remember this is not just a house of worship but also an important place they go to for life events and celebrations as well as remembering loved ones they have lost and the history going back to the 1950s we are told this is one of the oldest
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mosque in california. >> it is unsettling, but they are the community there, and they certainly did get a lot of support as a result and that is nice to see. thank you. looking live out of petaluma were a 500 pound black bear has been locked in a standoff all day and sitting in a tree in a neighborhood there for hours under the watchful eye of law enforcement, and now it is dark. authorities hope the bear will come down on its own. here's what happened. the bear rambled through some neighbors yards and climbed up into that tree and after that he said i am staying put. >> reporter: it is not unusual to see wildlife in urban areas these days, but the visitor who came here this morning has become the talk of the town. at 2:30 this morning, ralph dog began barking his head off and saw that his fence had been ripped open. >> we have a few possums around and an occasional skunk and no way that a small rodent did that and sog took
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force broke that fence. >> reporter: >> i t my car and looked down the driveway and saw a bear. lumbering and running by and said, oh my god, it is a bear. it is a bear. >> reporter: one neighbor snapped this photo of the bear as it crashed through backyards trying to escape a growing number of police and animal control officers and the terrified bear sought the only safety could find climbing 85 feet up into a redwood tree. north bay animal services sought happen. >> may be in about six seconds he did that so he is a big boy. it was amazing to watch. >> reporter: for the rest of the day, that is where it stayed, hiding behind the foliage as people arrived to take in the unusual sight. >> it is wildlife and something we don't see normally. i guess it is the whole mystique of what a bear is. >> reporter: at one point a flock of crows began making a fearful racket when he discovered what was in the tree.
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doris duncan heads up the sonoma county wildlife rescue. she said she understands the fascination with seeing something like this but hopes that people understand how terrified the bear is in its current predicament. >> he got stuck and all of the people here have scared him up into the tree and he doesn't feel safe to come down yet. plus it is daylight and he knows that he is going to have some problems if he starts roaming through the streets. >> reporter: she said it appears to be a very healthy male black bear weighing about 500 pounds. it is too high up to use a tranquilizer dart safely so the plan is to wait until nightfall and let it come down on its own. >> we hope to keep everybody away. when it gets dark tonight, and nobody is around, he will go back home where he belongs. >> reporter: will you have people here for that were literally let nature take it's course? >> nature will take its course anyway, but we will be here to monitor it and we want to be able to say he is now back home.
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>> the animal control director said that in addition to bears, it is a wild kingdom out there with mountain lions also seen as well. bears and trees are not that uncommon. back in may a black bear perched itself up in a tree for two hours there and at that time he climbed down before sunset but the barren petaluma, last we saw is still up a tree. a fremont police officer has been released from the hospital after sustaining major injuries in a crash. he was responding to a call last night when his patrol car collided with another car and niles canyon road. the officer was taken to a trauma center, but his injuries were downgraded from major to moderate. he is now recovering at home. a passenger in the other car
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also went to the hospital and no word on their condition. we learn that bail is set at $100,000 for this pittsburgh kidnapping suspect accused of stealing a running suv with a toddler inside. the toddler was reunited with her family. classes at a peni high scho session tomorrow after police investigated a possible bomb threat. school officials at kenilworth the junior high received information that a bomb threat was planned for friday, november 19, but investigators say there is no evidence that it is credible. in fact, they say the threat was made using anonymous apps used to report bullying and safety issues and misconduct. a similar incident occurred in three other petaluma schools this year, but police say they appear to be unrelated. a live look at our bay area bridges in california hit a new record for gas prices. price for a regular gallon of gas hit an average of $4.67 a gallon today.
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in california, that beat the previous record set in nd hein it is more expensive. the averages $4.84 a gallon and drivers in the east bay say that is a silo 800 and $900 a month on gas and i have to fill up twice a week and $70 each time. >> it makes me think about what trips you go on and where you are spending and everything like that. the gas prices are high right now, but with all of the other prices in the world creeping up as well, it isn't too surprising. >> with gas taxes in california being by far in the united states, prices are expected to stay high. until at least the end of the year. the city of heyward will soon be able to house over 100 formally homeless and low income residents. construction starts tomorrow
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and 125 new micro apartments and a 3 acre site next to the cronan house drug and rehab center. the apartments range in size from 281 to 296 ft.b2 and will include supportive services. the city is also kicking in one quarter of the $24 million cost through its affordable cost housing fund and the rest is coming from county housing bond funds. fremont is also pumping millions of dollars into affordable housing. city leaders say $27 million will go towards more than 400 apartments in three housing projects and two will be located at thornton avenue and osgood road. the city's of the projects will help hundreds of homeless people living in tents, rvs, and their cars. still ahead, i get word that we will miss this through the strike. >> could a looming strike cause cancer patients to miss out on life-saving treatments? the battle brewing in the north bay and why some businesses want to keep these for ever and others want them gone as soon as possible.
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a bay area fall tradition comes rolling back after a pandemic pause. the fog has been quite impressive especially for our inland valleys for the last few days and a few mornings with dense fog advisories and why we should plan for another one tomorrow. i will show you that and we will look ahead for a chance of rain at the end
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kaiser patients are bracing for a potential pharmacist strike on monday and the healthcare giants negotiated a deal with many employees this weekend but didn't reach a deal with pharmacist. >> that could really hurt patients who need access to their prescriptions as we report. >> it had already spread to my liver and lungs before i already have symptoms. >> reporter: was diagnosed with
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stage iv colon cancer seven years ago and like clockwork every few weeks receives chemotherapy at a clinic and the treatments keep the cancer at bay and him alive. >> it was really concerned if i missed a treatment right now that that would allow the cancer to start growing again l >> reporter: kaiser struck a tentative deal this weekend a coalition of 22 unions representing nurses, midwives, physical therapists and others but weren't able to reach a agreement with pharmacist and in a prepared statement the spokesperson for kaiser wrote should a strike occur, our outpatient pharmacies will be temporarily closed from november 15 until the morning of november 22. stephen said even a small interruption in his cancer treatment could cause a setback from which she may never recover. >> i get word that we will miss treatment due to the strike and i know that the cancer on the left side of my liver was growing. too said he is not taking sides
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in a labor dispute but said he is fighting the cancer to give himself a fighting chance to see his two young children go up. >> my focus through this entire treatment is to be here for them. >> stephen was scheduled to get his next round of chemo on monday, and understandably, he is worried about pharmacists walking out. park let's were lifesavers for local businesses when indoor dining was banned. they continue to draw customers, but now the teacher of them is divided and downtown businesses are divided. the question is should they stay or go? some retailers say they take away valuable parking spots but supporters say they provide vibrancy and attract foot traffic and keep restaurants and big -- business. >> the site line was immediately gone and it is no longer you see my store.
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>> when people circle the town and can't find a place to stop they don't spend money in a stores and that is a problem. >> there are still people who are unwilling to go inside and people unvaccinated and people worried about upticks in cases. >> leaders are delaying a vote and deciding whether or not to make the parklets permanent and both sides have failed to reach a compromise. meantime hundreds of people got shopping done today at the san mateo county harvest festival. >> it was the final day of the festival which returned after skipping muster because of the pandemic and they sold everything from balsamic vinegar and oils to paintings and crafts and jewelry and one artist made christmas jewelry using official military dog tags. >> we get the original dog tag brand-new and we hand paint and stamp and embellish each one. no two are the same, and we have been doing that 16 years. >> it was the festival's 49th year and organizers say they
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are looking forward to coming back again next year. >> as they should and great to see them in business and all of the crafting they did during the pandemic and nice to see that they can sell them now. it is clear tonight that this morning is a little murky. especially if you are in the inland east bay and the north valley and the delta has been dense fog with advisories and when we look at what today look like from space, you can see why. high resolution satellite in northern california in the hour and a half before sunset. and this is in the issue but the stuff under this that is not moving that big white patch is the tule fog in the really dense fog that develops in the central valley of california in the winter and it is now on overdrive and the fact it didn't disappear at all today and normally we get direct sunshine on the stuff and it evaporates and melts back and goes away but it did not do that today and it hung on foot means now as the sun has gone down in the cover of darkness and cooler temperatures, it will grow back. so watch the areas over here
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with the east bay valleys in the delta and the north bay valleys. this will start creeping back in again. if we go back to the visibility map, and these are the right now numbers, already starting to see visibility go down. concord at 3.0 is telling you how far down you can see so you can see 3 miles down the road which isn't bad. but this is the start and that is how it starts creeping in. by the morning we will likely see that down to half a mile or less which is what it is been for the past few days. we have even had some issues on the peninsula. and through the east bay and we are checking out the san mateo bridge earlier and that was fine but a few days ago it was having major issues. wherever you are tomorrow, give yourself extra time for some fog. temperatures out there are now
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okay in the mid-50s and the morning those are not bad and we do see a few that -- and the fog burns off by 11 in the morning and there will be plenty of sunshine and we warm back up to above average temperatures and i will show you how we cool down here. let's see where the rain is. all the way out here and look at that long stream. there are significant very intense rain events happening right now in the pacific northwest and we are totally blissfully unaware of how significant those storms are and really mainly up into canada and they are not coming here is the point until we start to get over to that one and that one if we put it into the long-range model and play that forward, we see the next chance for rain and that gets your thursday into friday with not a big storm and most of it will go to the pacific northwest, but we do see a few light showers that hold together thursday and friday and you can see the timestamp here thursday and friday and you see the totals going up
6:19 pm
again and for san francisco. it is too early to put the specific numbers on it so we will come away with the idea instead that there is some light rain coming our way thursday and friday and you see that there and the seven-day forecast. you see a cool down going from 71 in san jose to 65 and that may not be as noticeable as the temperatures for the inland east valleys in the north bay valleys which will cool down as much. that covers things for now and back to you, burn. in sports, and eyebrow razor involving the reigning national champions in local college basketball and nfl week 10 in rhythm. not with
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(child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. ncaa basketball up top and a stunner for stanford women's basketball. when you're the reigning national champions, you will get everybody's best shot and the maple pavilion and welcome
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into the home run with 25th ranked texas a look at lacey help. a hard drive and led by five at a the fourth . but they didn't have an answer here and a step back three in texas took the lead and they were feeling it and under two minutes up 5 and again from deep and she had 17 of her points in the final quarter and the longhorns upset the cardinals 61-56 and stanford had not lost a nonconference game at home since 2017 and it snapped there 21 game winning streak. and after the game, they received their rings from last year's national title but the head coach wasn't in a celebratory mood. >> reporter: have you looked at the ring? >> i have not. but i have seen it on other people and it looks really
6:23 pm
nice. and you earned it. >> reporter: will you wear yours? >> i am not a person who wears a ring and i will wear it on the necklace. i am very proud of it. >> the nfl in the raiders doing business with the chief and we will have moving pictures tonight on the game day show and a matchup with huge implications in the afc west. in the meantime the packers aaron rodgers felt at home hosting russell williams and wilson in seattle and in the 4th quarter, the packers's math mouth style one them down and dylan crashed in and it was 10- 0 and wilson now coming off a finger injury just didn't have his magic. and he threw it deep here and only the packers could make a play and adrian amos came up with this and wilson was intercepted twice in the game and the seahawks were shut out for the first time in his career as the packers won it 17-
6:24 pm
0. cam newton is back with the panthers after he rejoined thursday and came off the bench in a goal line situation and the 2015 nfl mvp feels like he never left. areas at arizona and he is the franchise all-time leader in nda carolinaas din ariza territory again and newton hit robbie anderson for 6-4 and a productive seven snaps for cam newton and the panthers one big 34-10 and the cardinals sell to 8-2. >> mac jones and the patriots won four straight hosting the browns today and i want you to watch this catch. the former 49er kendrick born between two defenders went up and got it and one of joneses three touchdown passes and took the cameraman to the end zone. new england beat cleveland 45- 7. does anybody have mason rudolph on their fantasy team. the steelers had them run the
6:25 pm
offense and tied with the lions at 16 in overtime and he drove in the field grow -- goal range and ryan, look what he kicked not nearly as much. same score 15 seconds left in overtime and the steelers needed a few more yards to get a field goal and both out and pat fryer moves fumbled in the lions took over and that is how the game ended with a 16-16 tie in the lions record 0-8-1 this season. the 49ers after a walk-through practice today have the rest of the day to watch games and also more time to think about hosting the rams monday night and doing something about a record of 3-5 and we will need some execution and leadership to help turn this season around and the former defensive lineman dennis brown thinks the current team could use a few more leaders. >> somebody has to stand up on
6:26 pm
the football team and just make guys accountable. when i was in league it was ronnie lott or roger craig and it was michael carter. these are the guys that made you accountable for your plate and what you did on the football field. and i think that is what this team is missing right now. >> nobody is a better leader than brown who recently received a jefferson award for his work with the san francisco food bank and he is my special guest tonight on game day. also on game day, warrior basketball, what happened to charlotte just now? we will have moving pictures and that story tonight. >> we will see you right after the 11:00 news. coming up, why the former fda commissioner is blasting the white house for its covid booster rollouts. how a mystery man saved a family's home and pets from a fire using a ring camera. >> if it had been 10 more minutes, the house would have
6:27 pm
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you are watching kpix 5 news. this is the fastest way we can increase the immunity in the population and if we can reduce that and eliminate that with the booster. >> covid summer break has come to an autumn spike in some areas of the country. good evening. elyse preston reports there is concern about what the holidays
6:30 pm
may bring. >> reporter: with thanksgiving less than two weeks away and christmas not far behind, health experts are warning of a post holiday spike in covid cases. >> there is no question about that and people are exhausted right now but we need to remain vigilant for a while longer. >> reporter: even before millions travel for family dinners and get-togethers, covid is on the rise in 20 states with the new daily cases at times >> above 100,000. >> it is held true for the last year and it is still true which is vaccines give high protection especially against the worst outcomes of covid like hospital he station and death. took the colorado governors grappling with this new surgeon a state that is making icu space difficult to come by. >> we have about 1500 people hospitalized an 81% of those
6:31 pm
unvaccinated and of the 19% vaccinated, we can reduce that income close to eliminate that with the bo d it and pfizer's apication to mat r avlable toal caia is ng t cases making boosters available to anyone over 18. the cdc said more than 28 million americans have received a booster shot or an additional dose so far. and face the nation today the former fda commissioner blasted the white house for mixed messaging and booster shots. >> this pandemic has been full of mistakes and why is this the biggest one? >> i think when we look back, this may be a very big missed opportunity to try to get ahead of this delta wave and again because this will be the fastest way we can increase the total immunity of the population. >> he had this to say about anybody hesitant to get the booster shot. >> anybody ispo they should be
6:32 pm
going out and seeking it because somebody who is an old vaccine that may only have 50% of its effectiveness left can go out and get a booster and they restore 95% effectiveness based on the data we have seen with in a matter of days. a sweep down in austria targeting the unvaccinated beginning tomorrow. austrian residents ages 12 and older who are not fully vaccinated against covid will be ordered to stay home with just a few exceptions. police will carry out spot checks around 65% of the austrian population is fully vaccinated, but covid infections are sweeping central europe triggering another lockdown in the netherlands. and now to the inflation crisis. here in the u.s. inflation is at a 31 year high with people paying more for everything including grass -- gas and groceries and furniture and cars. prices typically rise 2% to 3% a year but they have shot up more than 6% from this time last year as americans shifted their spending from entertainment and travel to consumer goods. the treasury secretary told face the nation's margaret brennan how fast those prices
6:33 pm
come down and that will depend on how fast we control the pandemic. >> when the economy recovers enough from covid that have a demand patterns and people go out to living more and traveling more and spending one surfaces and the demand for products and goods begins to go back to normal. i would expect that if we are successful with the pandemic to be sometime in the second half of next year and i would expect prices to go back to normal. >> another factor getting in the way of service industry resurgence is a lack of labor. a record 4.4 million americans quit their jobs in september. looking live at the white house. after months back and forth, president biden is set to sign the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill tomorrow and the legislation marks the biggest single infrastructure investment in u.s. history.
6:34 pm
that includes money for roads and bridges and ports and airports and mass transit. after more than 50 years the man responsible for one of the most notorious bank robberies in ohio history has finally been identified. according to the u.s. marshals service, theater john conrad was only 20 years old when he robbed the cleveland bank in 1969. he worked as a teller and on the day of the robbery he stashed $215,000 in a paper bag and walked out. that is about $1.7 million in today's dollars. he managed to avoid capture for 52 years and he avoided it permanently because he is not alive. this month the feds put the pieces together and they discovered that a man living under the name thomas rendell was actually conrad. he did live in massachusetts, but he died of lung cancer back in may. in the meantime the fbi said
6:35 pm
that hackers didn't steal data or personal information after breaking into an fbi server and sending out thousands of fake e- mails. those emailed were warned of a cyber attack and appeared to come from a legitimate email address from the fbi and also learning that a southwest passengers facing assault charges for allegedly punching a southwest employee in the head sending her to the hospital. a 32-year-old woman had an altercation with two employees on a plane in dallas. a japanese princess who gave up her royal status to marry her college sweetheart moved to new york city today and the 30-year-old known as princess motto flew and arrived at jfk airport with her husband to start a new life. their relationship captivated japan and was plagued by years of controversy. the two will rent an apartment in new york where her husband works as a law clerk. on the topic of rails, queen elizabeth highly anticipated return to the public has been postponed. the 95-year-old did not attend
6:36 pm
a remember stay service today after straining her back and it has been more than three weeks since the queen attended a public event after she had a brief hospital stay. today, the ceremony and the sacrifices by fallen servicemen and women. prince charles later reset the ceremony on behalf of his mother. a scotts valley family is thinking a mystery jogger for saving their pets and home from a fire. >> they were out of town when amanda noticed something was wrong and tried to get their attention through their doorbell camera. >> i saw him running back and forth so i answered it and he said there is smoke coming out of the top of my house. >> especially when they are not home and they weren't home when the fire broke out but the jogger alerted them through their reading camera system and the family gave them the code to get inside the house and rescue there are two docs and send a rabbit and a cat and the
6:37 pm
family said if the mystery jogger had not been there, they would've lost everything and on top of that they are amazed a stranger didn't hesitate to go inside a burning building. >> the fire department said 10 more minutes and the house would have been gone. >> it takes a special person to go into a burning house to save animals. >> because of his quick thinking, the fire was contained to the garage but his identity remains a mystery. before the family could thank him, he took off. a traffic alert this week. caltrans plans to close several ramps and connectors along highway 101 for a construction project. closures will take place between seven a clock p.m. monday and six clock a.m. on friday and affect ramps to seminary drive and marin city. still ahead, a sucker punch at a seven california youth basketball game prompting a police investigation and
6:38 pm
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a brutal sucker punch at a youth basketball game in southern california prompting a police investigation. it was caught on camera and as lori perez reports, the injured teens mother claims the attackers mom encouraged it. >> reporter: the video doesn't get any easier to watch and in it a dream academy player lays out 15-year-old southern cal glaze guard after the witnesses say the attackers mom encouraged her to do it. the dream academy coach said he apologized that day and has repeated to her coach since then asking for a sitdown between the two players and in a statement telling us our academy takes these matters seriously and doesn't condone this type of behavior ever. the player has been suspended indefinitely but more importantly we are helping her and her mother enter into counseling and anger management as well as service to community work. but he said this second video
6:41 pm
of another recent game showing the same player taking swings is out of context and the referees in training there couldn't control that game saying youth sports especially are intense and the player already hurting made a mistake during an emotionally taxing moment at sunday's game and her mother made a mistake she wishes she could take back as well. do we really want to ruin a 14- year-old's future over this mistake? the 14-year-old is the daughter of retired nba player corey benjamin he released his own statement expressing shock at what happened. she suffered a concussion and filed a police report and want the other player and her mom banned from youth basketball and prosecuted. >> the injured teens family said they have yet to hear from the other player or her mother. betty white fans listen up. it is a pretty sweet gig and how you can earn hundreds of dollars for watching some of betty white's best work. >> a second chance for a group of orphaned bear cubs and how
6:42 pm
far they have come. we do have a little bit of rain showing up in the forecast by thursday of this week and we will look at that, but i think a more pressing issue is the morning and the commute. another dense fog advisory as possible. we will look at that and what
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
truffle lovers, listen up, a giant white truffle mushroom just sold for nearly $118,000 at an auction and of course at a castle in italy. the white truffle is one of the most coveted and expensive ingredients in the world and a michelin starred italian chef who runs a restaurant in hong kong won the top bid. >> if you want to save up to buy your truffle there is a call the betty white fans. the chance to watch hours of the actresses best works and get paid for. >> there holding a contest to celebrate her 100th birthday in january and she was born in 1922 and to be eligible to win $1000. all you have to do is binge watch 10 hours of betty white classics in that documentary experience and social media.
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here is new video tonight of six orphaned bear cubs making progress before they are eventually returned to the wild and a san diego wildlife center is taking good care of them and moved the cubs to a new outdoor enclosure and rescuers say it is a significant thing because the cubs can run and climb trees and forage for food. they're doing everything they can to help the cubs build muscle to go and hang out in a neighborhood near you. >> practice makes perfect. darren, you mentioned something. it is not a big rainmaker but thursday and friday, i think we will get some more light rain and come back a bay area white and there are bigger issues for tomorrow and we will start off by showing you what it looked like today from the top of the sales force tower looking down across the bay, this is oakland in the foreground kind of where the coliseum would be so that is the tri-valley on the other side of the hills and you can see the fog and how thick it was and pouring over the east
6:47 pm
bay hills, and it was foggy in the tri-valley through concord in the north bay valleys again this morning and we had a dense fog advisory for a good part of the morning and will probably do that again tomorrow and i will show you why. if you switch to the high resolution satellite this is just before sunset today so we did have the daylight to be able to see where the fog was and that is the fog that fills in the entire central valley in the winter and you can see some of the high serous clouds obscuring the view as they passed by quickly but that doesn't move and it is supposed to melt away and evaporate and disappear in the warmth of the sun but it did not today. this means as the sun went down it was still there. that means it has a big head start on tomorrow. so it will start creeping back over toward the east bay valleys and certainly into the delta and up into the north bay valleys once again tomorrow and if we look at the right now readings and visibility, they are already starting to go down and right now the visibility
6:48 pm
reading for concord is 5.0 and travis is at 3.0 and they are telling you how far down the road you can see in miles and right now those numbers are high and this morning they were down to 0.3 and they probably will go back there again tomorrow and this is just the start. a little extra time in the road tomorrow will be good and it is a find right now -- fine right now and there will be no issues right now unless you're in the central valley and temperatures are in the low 50s in the cooler spot for tomorrow morning will go down to the upper 40s for some of the cooler locations in the valley and we can't rule this out for the peninsula or the east bay shoreline either. you were included in this dense fog advisory today and we keep a close eye on the sand manteo bridge it is there tomorrow so little extra time. the highs go back and low 70s around the fog is gone by noon and just a few high clouds tomorrow again and it will be pretty and you can see the high clouds coming our way and part of the storm track which right now wants nothing to do with us and it is really hammering north of seattle and that is a
6:49 pm
significant atmospheric river and it has been really developing in the pacific and we have had some but not them all thankfully because that one is really nasty and we don't notice anything from those and the next storm is developed out here and doesn't look like a major deal but first of all most of it goes back up to seattle and that it is where it will be on friday but watch the southern trailing edge trying to bring us some rain. if we look at this and the accumulated rainfall map it keeps raining north of seattle for the next few days and there is a big red bull's-eye there but if we take it all the way to thursday and now play it forward from thursday through friday, watch the numbers go up here at home. so we won't get to tied into a number yet or a specific time other than to come away with the general idea but thursday and friday there is chance for light rain and you will see that spreading across the seven- day with a little bit cooler and yesterday and today and tomorrow are pretty much the warm days and i know it has been feeling like summer in some parts of the bay area but
6:50 pm
that comes to an end this week and we get back into follis weather and thankfully we have some more light and manageable moderate rain and back to you. still ahead, a home update tonight.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
welcome back. we have some good news tonight about one homeless couple that we first met back in 2018. >> in tonight's project home. andrea reports their story may be a sign that billions in funding to help the homeless
6:53 pm
are starting to have an impact. >> today we pick our keys up for our house. our apartment. took we have never seen kimberly and lindsay and their dog mocha so happy. >> it don't feel like it is real. >> reporter: after four years house was they are about to pick up keys to a permanent two- bedroom home. >> it is overwhelming and a lot of waiting has gone on. a lot of anxiety >> reporter: because it has been a long journey. >> we have been out here about four years. >> almost 5. >> reporter: we first met them on 77th avenue in east oakland living in a creative collection of tents complete with a kitchen and pantry and a functioning shower and even cable that went in and out with each passing bart train but looking back they say it was not fun. >> we had carpet under our pallets with raps. we could feel them at night. >> reporter: they learned to deal with violence and cold and a craving for a real bed.
6:54 pm
>> you walk by other people's houses and you see them in your house and you have to keep walking because you have any place to lay down. a year ago an offer came to give them one of 67 brand-new trailers at operation home base, trailer park for homeless seniors set up by the city of oakland and when we visited them there in 2020 they were thrilled with the new amenities. >> we don't have to go to the fire hydrant and get water in our water jugs. >> reporter: took a year and half of the program eventually lead to an emergency housing voucher and then a housing fair and now permanent housing and the wilson's are not the only success story. >> half of the folks who started here have moved on to permanent housing. >> reporter: he is the executive director of the housing consortium for the east bay that runs operation home base. >> seeing somebody sign the lease and get their keys is the most joyous time for anyone in
6:55 pm
this work. >> reporter: the biggest help this year he said was $5 million in federal emergency housing vouchers for the homeless that guarantees subsidized rent for life. >> without that voucher, there opportunities for getting the permanent supportive housing would be extremely limited. >> reporter: even billions of dollars can only do so much. >> the waiting list continues to get longer and longer. >> reporter: she heads up everyone home and nonprofit that oversees among other things alameda counties point in time homeless count. in the last count back in january 2019 before covid, the group tallied 8000 homeless in the county half of whom were and how oakland and the last count in january 22 andrews predicts the numbers will be higher. >> it is our estimation that considering all the circumstances and the economic downturn, that there is going
6:56 pm
to be a spike in homelessness. this will be across the nation. >> reporter: they know they are among the lucky ones and we caught up with them packing up and moving out of their rv at operation home base and then we followed them to their new apartment in san leandro. took what is this you like right now? >> i get goosebumps every time i walk in here. >> reporter: her favorite room is the kitchen. >> we both like to cook and we haven't had a stove or oven in the trailer. >> reporter: their devices to be patient if you are living on the streets and stay focused and don't give up. >> you think about the stay right here. >> you can see all of our project home reports on our website. finally singer adele is
6:57 pm
putting out new music for the first time in six years tonight. >> it is happening in a special prime time concert tonight right here in cbs 2. the 15 time grammy winner will sit down with oprah to talk about her new album and the stories behind the songs and adele, one night only heirs that 8:00 right here on kpix 5. looking forward to that. thank you for watching and 60 minutes is up next. >> see you at 11 and until then our news continues on our website. than
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7:00 pm
and ford. we go further, so you can. >> why are goods being held up at ports all across america? "60 minutes" went to have a look. >> the cargo has nowhere to go. we've got to get a workforce in the warehouses and the trucking industry that are complementary to all this cargo that is-- that's coming in right now. >> there is a lot of finger- pointing. >> yes, there is. >> the truckers blame the terminals; the terminals blame the shippers; the retailers blame the truckers and the shippers.
7:01 pm
how do you get that contentious group to sit at the table, stop pointing fingers, and actually clear out this backlog? ( ticking )


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