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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 14, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> i got out of my car and looked out at the driveway and saw a bear and said, oh my god, it is a bear. >> where it is a 500 pound bear sit? wherever he wants. in this ca north bay and why letting them stay there is part of the plan for getting him to leave. started her holiday shopping yet? the biden official predicting we would be lucky to get relief from these high prices a by next christmas and the key factor in ending all of the inflation. this good samaritan didn't just save the day for one family but the whole house and the pets inside. >> i want to give them a hug and buy them lunch and buy them dinner. thank you for ta with the q
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black bear refusing to budge from its post on a tree in. seki beginning going through people's yards getting everyone's sunday off to a startling start. we spoke with some of them. >> reporter: it is not unusual to see wildlife and urban areas these days, the visitor who came here this morning has become the talk of the town. sheila got the surprise of her life when she got home about 1:00 this morning. >> i got out of my car and looked at at the driveway and saw a bear. lumbering and running by and said, oh my god it is a bear. it is a bear. >> reporter: one neighbor snapped this photograph of the bear as it crashed through backyards raking fences as it went. >> we got out of bed i thought there was a human being out there because the police headlights shining on the house. the terrified bear thought the only safety it could find, 85 feet into a redwood tree.
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north bay animal services saw it happen. >> they did that about six seconds so he is a big boy and it was amazing to watch. >> reporter: for the rest of the day, that is where it stayed, hiding behind the foliage as people arrived to take in the unusual site. >> it is one thing to get a mountain lion, but you don't usually hear about a bear. >> reporter: she says she understands the fascination with seeing something like this, but hopes people understand how terrified the bear is in its current predicament. >> he got stuck, and all of the people here have scared him up into the tree, and he doesn't feel safe to come down yet, plus it is daylight and he knows he will have some problems if he starts roaming through the streets. truck she says it appears to be a very healthy black bear wearing -- weighing 500 pounds. it is too high up to use a tranquilizer dart safely so the plan is to wait for nightfall
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and let nature take it's course. >> we hope to keep everybody away and when it gets dark tonight and nobody is around he will go back home where he belongs, which is probably only about two or 3 miles from here, but he needs to have a clear path to get there without anything scaring him. >> reporter: animal control said officers will stay in the neighborhood to monitor the situation until the bear makes it safely out of the urban area. >> we will continue to keep watch on this but the animal control director said mountain lion site and are not uncommon in that neighborhood and they believed dear and in the nearby park are drawing predators in. a market in chinatown is asking police for help to find the vandals who left a hateful message on their business. the scroll across this market at seventh and harrison advises the owners to quote what you can see what it says there followed by an explicit slur and there is no word on whether
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any security cameras may have captured the crime but the owners are capturing and filing a police report. police in san francisco responding to an act of vandalism against a mosque. we will have details tonight at 6:00. a fremont police officer injured while responding to a call is home recovering this evening and was checking out a report of a prowler yesterday evening when his cruiser collided with another vehicle and niles canyon road and no -- word yet on how it happened. the officer suffered moderate injuries but will be okay. the other driver was not hurt. kaiser patients across california are a notice again tonight that they may not be able to fill their prescriptions tomorrow. the healthcare giants pharmacists now are set to start a weeklong strike as part of yet another labor dispute at kaiser, one that is hurting patients. >> i get word that we will miss the chemo streak it -- treatment with a strike and i know the cancer on the left side of my liver was growing.
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>> that has to be scary. that cancer patient said any disruption in getting his drugs right now could be deadly. we will have his story ahead at 6:00. a live look at some of the bridges in the bay area which are getting more expensive to cross by the day. >> i am spending easily 800 or $900 every month on gas and i have to fill up twice a week, $70 each time. >> california prices hit a record high. aaa said a gallon of regular is averaging $4.67 and according to gas buddy, it is averaging $4.84 dollars -- $4.84 in the bay area and the national averages $3.41. >> it affects where you are spending and what trips to go on. >> the gas prices now are high but with all of the other prices in the world creeping up as well it is not too surprising. >> nationwide, gas prices are up 50% year to year.
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>> in fact inflation is at a 31 year high with people paying more for everything, gas, groceries, furniture, cars and prices typically rise about 2% to 3% a year but they have shot up more than 6% from this time last year as americans shifted their spending from entertainment and travel to consumer goods and at least that is what they're telling us. the treasury secretary told face the nation blame it on covid. >> when the economy recovers enough from covid, the demand patterns, people go back to living out and traveling more and spending more on surfaces and the demand for products and goods begins to go back to normal. >> another big factor they say is the workforce or lack thereof. four and half million americans quit their jobs in september. the white house said the massive infrastructure bill the president is set to sign
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tomorrow will literally get the economy moving again. nearly half of the $1.2 trillion price tag is earmarked for roads, bridges, ports, airports, and mass transit. >> it is the most significant step we will have taken in decades. to actually invest in the arteries that help move goods more quickly through our economy and more cheaply through our economy. >> the focus shifts to an upper hill to climb, build back better social splinting pan -- plan but will it be a bridge too far? >> a good number of democrats have received a cbo report as to whether it is really paid for and what is it doing to expand medicare and what is that due to the solvency? covid summer break has turned into a spike in some parts of the country as we head to the holiday trouble russian their worries about what winter might bring. here is elyse preston.
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>> reporter: with thanksgiving less than a few weeks away and christmas not far behind, health experts are warning of a post holiday spike in covid cases. >> there is no question about that that people are exhausted and we need to remain vigilant longer. >> reporter: even before millions travel for get- togethers, covid is on the rise in about 20 states with new daily cases at times back above 100,000. >> what has held true for the last year is so true which is vaccines give you a high degree of protection especially against the worst outcomes of covid. >> reporter: the fda hasn't decide on pfizer's application to make its booster available to all adults. california is responding to an uptick in cases making boosters available to anyone over 18. >> i think that is wonderful and everybody needs to do it and then we can move on to a normal life. >> reporter: the cdc said more than 28 million americans have received a booster shot so far.
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colorado and new mexico are also allowing booster shots for anybody over 18. queen elizabeth and her back, it hurts. the 95-year-old monarch skip the service in london after spraining her back. the event honors britain's war dead and was expected to be her first public's appearance in week. her doctors told her to rest which she will continue to do. a stranger save the day for santa cruz county family. the passerby who put himself at risk to save the family pets and the technology that made it possible. a big new housing project bricks ground in heyward on a micro scale. i will show you why the fog
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has been such an issue for our east bay valleys this weekend and why the morning may be just as bad and then we will look at a small chance of rain showing up bay area wide later this week, coming up. the wait is over. adele will debut new music for the first time in six years in a special primetime concert tonight right here on cbs and the 15 time grammy winner will also sit down with oprah to talk about the new album and her stories behind the songs. >> she said i wanted to be able to share my truth and talk about what i have been through and express that in the most natural way. so that is exactly what happened during this interview. >> adele, one night only,
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the city of heyward will soon be able to house more than 100 formally homeless in very low income residents and construction starts tomorrow and 125 new micro apartments and a 3 acre site next to the chrome in house drug and alcohol rehab center. the apartments will range in size from 281 feet to 296 ft.b2 and include supportive services and the city is kicking in one quarter of the $24 million cost through its affordable housing fund. the rest is coming from county housing bond fund. a scotts valley family is crediting a total stranger for saving their pets and their home. >> they were out of town when a passing jogger noticed something was wrong and we report what happens next is uro doorbell ram g an
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forth so i answeredit sa-- >> there is smoke coming out of the top of your house. cotoget inside to rescue their two dioxins, rabbit and a cat. she said if the mystery jogger had not been there, they would've lost everything. >> the fire department said 10 more minutes and that the house would have been gone. >> reporter: what amazed them is the stranger didn't hesitate at all to go inside the burning house. >> it takes a special kind of person to save animals in a burning house. >> reporter: because of the actions of the jogger, the fire was contained to the garage but there is smoke damage throughout the house and the blazer was damaged as well. before the family could think or think the good samaritan you took off and they asked him to blur out of phase because they believe he may be a humble hero. >> i want to thank him so much and let him know how thankful
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we are and my kids and myself and my husband, we would be devastated if we lost our pets let alone her home. >> you have to love a humble hero as well. he said i don't need the recognition but want to make sure anybody is safe and sound. >> we need more like that. so we had another day today with a dense fog advisory, so if you are a late riser and got up after 10:00 you didn't have to deal with it. if you were in the immediate bay you didn't deal with it, but if you are over there, that is on the other side of the hills, the tri-valley area so this is at the top of the sales force tower. there is oakland. you are looking basically out toward where the coliseum would be and that over there is how thick the fog was in the tri- valley today, and it hung around for hours and if we mput willsee how o the weather still there and here is a high resoon anour d a half ago and look
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how wide spread this is an it is more impressive now than it was yesterday and when it hangs on all day long in the central valley like that, it means as soon as the sun goes down like it is doing right now, that fog is going to have a head start tomorrow night. it will start to build back in. the north bay valleys again tomorrow to this becomes an issue for the monday morning commute. so start thinking ahead to give yourself some time. we did okay on the san mateo bridge today and here's a live look toward the peninsula and the redwoods on top of the bridge over there. plan and the possibility for some fog here tomorrow morning if this is part of her drive but if you are in the tri- valley it will happen and it has been doing it for the last few days and you will get slow down. tomorrow it will be foggy in the morning and last until late morning. it is a cool 56 in concord telling you about the fog because there was so much of it
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and concord didn't warm-up as much as livermore did and livermore got up into higher into the 60s and the fog keeps you cool and morning lows go back to the upper 40s for some locations and 52 in san jose and daytime highs do come back up into the low 70s and we will hit 71 in santa fe and here fremont holding at around the same mark and temperatures will be in the upper 60s for most of the east bay communities as well and that covers the fog side of the story and a few high clouds for the next few days and there is a small chance of rain by thursday and right now the storms are going way around and they have to go a long way around us but the next one developing, if we go into the lower resolution models, that can take it farther and now we are looking at friday which is the next chance of rain. really, thursday and friday,
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and it is not a lot. most of the rain once to stay in the pacific northwest but i just played us and thursday and we haven't gotten anything. but from thursday to friday, now some of the models bring rain to the bay area. it won't be a lot, but rain for thursday and friday with san francisco and oakland and san jose. you will see it and we will see it as well when we look at the microclimates. we cool down, daytime highs will go from around 70 for the inland valleys to mid 60s by the time we get to some light rain on thursday and friday. back to you. straight ahead, a shocker from the sanford pavilion floor and we are dancing all the way and nfl action and week 10.
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basketball on top and i just didn't see it coming. stanford women's basketball the reigning national champions, well, it has been four years since we have seen this outcome. at the maple pavilion welcome to the third rank card with the stanford home run with the 25th ranked texas longhorns and up three and a hard drive to the bucket and leading them by 5 in an answer for leahwho stepped back three and texas took the lead and they were feeling it.
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5 and under 2 minutes and again from deep, she scored all 17 of her points in the final quarter and the longhorns upset the cardinals 61-56 in the first nonconference home loss since 2017 and snapped stanford's 21 game winning streak. after the game they received their rings for last year's national title but tara was not in a celebratory mood. >> i have not looked at the ring yet but i've seen it on other people. it does look really nice. and you earned it. >> will you where years? >> i am not a ring where and i would wear the nece amy d of it. >> back to the drawing board
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for stanford. nfl, the raiders and she's plane on sunday night and we will have moving pictures on game day tonight and a matchup with the huge implication in the afc west, because what happened today, brandon staley, justin herbert and the chargers hosted the vikings looking to stay on top of the afc west and the third quarter elliott 3 and 2 yards in austin got the guitar to celebrate in georgia is up 17-13 but in the 4th quarter, minnesota knocking at the door and kirk cousins, jack compline, touchdown. the vikings got it 27-20. it dropped la 25-4. so that loss got the chargers out of first place in the afc west, which means the winner of tonight raiders and chiefs game le. takeer the vi elsewhere, return of ofk roers s ssell wilson returning from finger surgery and the 4th order, aj dylan got his way
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into the game in the first touchdown to make it 10-0 green bay and i did not stutter, 10- 0. wilson tried ansell -- answer and looking deep and he is picked off by adrian amos and wilson was intercepted twice in the game and the seahawks were shut out for the first time in his career and the packers won it 17-0. tom brady versus taylor high nikki who are you taking? brady in the first quarter puts it up and he is picked off by mccain and brady through four two interceptions and taylor high nikki look like the old tom brady. look at the touch pass here and carter from fremont by the way and the washington the football team and the home underdog one this out right 29-19 and sitting at home after a walk- through today the 49ers had a whole day to think about teeing
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it up with the la rams that levi stadium and the niners had a record of 3-5 and sitting at the bottom of the nfc west and the 49ers will need to get some leadership to help return this back to greatness. turn it around and the former defensive lineman dennis brown thinks of this current team needs a few more leaders. >> somebody has to stand up on this football team and just make guys accountable. when i was in the league, it was ronnie lott and it was roger craig and it was michael carter. these are the guys that made you accountable for your play and what you did on the football field. and i think that is what this team is kind of missing right now. >> it was number 96 bringing it and nobody is a better leader than brown, recently received a jefferson award for his work with the san francisco marin food bank and he is my special guest tonight on game day. that is sports and sunday.
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get some. >> thank you. still ahead. a bay area fall tradition comes roaring back after a pandemic pause.
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hund people goa othliday s
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today at the san mateo county harvest festival. it was the final day of the festival which returned to the event center after last year's pandemic pause and sold everything from vinegar and oils to paintings and crafts and jewelry and one artist made christmas jewelry using an official military dog tag and how do they do that. >> we get the original dog tag brand-new and we hand paint and stamp and embellish each one and no 2 are the same and we have been doing it 16 years. it was the harvest festival's 49th year and organizers say they are looking forward to coming back again next year. you want to thank you for watching and you will see you back here at 6:00. >> our news continues on cbsn bay area and on we will see you here in 30 minutes.
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