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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 13, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> a man is in custody after an amber alert in sacramento ended in an arrest. >> we have dramatic security footage and we spoke to a neighbor who saw it play out. >> at a loss for words. >> reporter: a first reaction from the next-door neighbor who had this gutwrenching moment play out at his front door. >> them arguing and the mom looked like she wanted help but i cannot help her because it was occupied. >> reporter: jonathan daniels had no idea this would happen next. the suspect, 30-year-old joshua yago, ripping a little boy out of the arms of his mother . we now know the child, three-year- old, leo norvell , is safe and in good health. >> it is a quiet street. >> reporter: in new deo,
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joshua yago is seen bra wi oack the front yard, the same car sits here today , glass shattered. the yard were police say joshua yago shot two people in the midst of the kidnapping is quiet . signs of the struggle still visible. the pieces of what happened tied together in more security video, like the moment joshua yago drives away with the little boy in his car and would be caught hours later booked on charges related to these moments. the kidnapping an earlier shooting. >> police say the woman and the suspect did know each other. in contra costa county, very similar kidnapping happening hours apart on thursday, both robert and amber alerts. in concord, car was stolen from a strip mall with a four-month- old inside, the car was dumped a mile away. hours earlier in pittsburg, a one-year-old girl was taken in a car, both were found safe and reunited with
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on friday morning, police arrested the suspect, a 24-year- old natalie ayala, no suspects identified in the concord case. as for the jails in santa clara county rc major spike in covid cases, the highest level since the surge started early this month. the sheriff's office says data shows that, as of friday, there was 140 active cases at the elmwood jail and the main jail in san jose. the majority are in elmwood which houses inmates under minimum and medium security in dorm -like settings. the new figure is more than eight times higher compared to 10 days ago when the spike started with 15 cases in a single day. if you're an adult and one a booster shot in san francisco, you should be able to get one with no problem. >> i found out they were giving them out here and i came immediately to get one. >> the department of public health expanded booster shot
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eligibility to all adults 18 and older regardless of their job or health status. we spoke to a doctor about the push for the boosters and we are live in san francisco with the story. >> reporter: according to the city, the push will change for clinics and also pharmacies like walgreens and cvs. only seniors and those with underlying conditions and those who work and hire ascetics are currently eligible for booster shots according to the fda and the department of public health says they don't want to turn any adults away if they qualify for a booster based on the timing of the last dose. the main rationale is cases are increasing in san francisco and a busy holiday season is around the corner. this is not just a severance is move as state officials have also encouraged boosters for all adults 18 and older ahead of the holidays. a doctor tells us it is safe and effective. here is her advice if you are curious about side effects. youra day and a half becapeople are getting kin
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mild flulike symptoms. they are having some site injection pain, a little bit of fatigue and some people are getting fever and muscle aches, but the majority goes away within two days. >> reporter: since booster shots became available in september, more than 100,000 booster shot doses have been administered in san francisco. according to the department of public health, there were nearly 100 vaccine sites throughout the city that will offer booster shots. >> are people recommending getting an appointment or can you just go in and get a shot? >> reporter: you can chance coming in and getting a shot but you may have to wait the best bet is to probably go online and try to make an appointment. we looked online and saw that some of the spots were already booked up as of this afternoon. >> so did we. we are not any ck. in sascccin
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in chinatown, the ymca hosted them, some kids were looking forward to getting the shot. >> he was very excited to come in today and get the shot. he has been waiting for this. he saw his mother and father get the shot earlier this year and he has been waiting to do the same. i am waiting for the second shot to happen. having that piece of mind. >> we have information about child vaccines on our website at . oakland police are investing in a freeway crash that killed a 19-year-old. the crash happened along westbound 580 east of 14th street before 7:00 this morning. police say the driver of a sedan crashed into an suv and spun out. hours earlier, in oakland, shooting said two people to the hospital and police say the shooting broke out along 89th avenue after midnight. officers found a man with a gunshot wound at the scene and a second victim took yourself to the hospital.
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both are expected to be okay. a big sigh of relief as a tentative labor deal has averted a massive kaiser hospital strike as the union struck a preliminary agreement this morning and avoiding what would have been one of the largest healthcare industry strikes in the country. the four year contract comes about 50,000 healthcare employees still needs to be ratified but it does include wage increases and improved health and retirement benefits. the u.s. has a record number of job openings and caltrans is among the companies hoping for a hiring spree. >> they want to hire hundreds of workers. we checked at a job fair in san jose. hiring new employees this fall has been a struggle for many companies and industries. california had one of the highest on employment rates last month and is not adding that many jobs. >> it is challenging. understanding it because of the pandemic.
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>> reporter: interest in working for the state remain strong and people are showing up to job fairs like this one. >> in oakland we had a tremendous response at the job fair and also, here, people were in line at 7:00 in >> reporter: caltrans needs workers in the bay area as part of the clean california program, and the agency hopes applicants will continue to consider the openings. >> in some ways it is challenging but, in other ways, because of the pandemic people are looking for new industries to work in and a state job with caltrans is a great opportunity. for those who came to this location applied in person, waiting to hear back about a possible interview. clean california is the $1.1 billion program announced by the governor over the summer. he wants 11,000 workers to clean up the state. >> this is a way of caltrans to lean in. >> reporter: as companies struggle with vaccine policies, caltrans says they have not had much pushback for people
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interested in working for them. >> we are looking for people to be vaccinated but it is not a requirement but we do do testing if you are not vaccinated. >> reporter: staff are impressed by the turnout so far and say their workforce is not too low to affect their ability to operate, they are not just hiring for new positions. there are vacancies in the agency, too. >> there is always turnover and retirements although we have the people we need, so we are looking for new talent we have these new positions based on clean california and that is what we're striving for. reporter mike caltrans is recruiting across the nine bay area counties but if you are not able to make it to a job fair, you can apply online. we do have a link to the site to apply for caltrans jobs at . still to come at 6:00 and on cbsn bay area -- >> it is good fun and the kids love it. >> nasa landing in oakland, at least it feels like it, how a
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new exhibit aims to inspire children to reach for the stars. a tribute decades in the making, how the south bay is celebrating soldiers often forgotten. adot inferno caught on camera and the police investigation that followed. this weekend, the forecast is not all sunshine and 70s, like this afternoon. if you have plans to be on the road tomorrow morning, we need to talk about the fog and how dense it could be on the drive. i will have that coming up in the forecast coming
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one of my favorite places in the bay area, the open space
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and science center is back open for the first time in a couple of years with a brand-new exhibit designed to add jet fuel to imaginations of children and their ambitions of a career in science. we explain all of this. >> getting them out some more active, tactile, playing with stuff is the key because that changes everything. >> reporter: he brought his three boys to the space center for a break after a long year of pandemic parenting. it also to get energized by the sciences. >> we live nearby and we are members. >> reporter: the staff is as happy to be open again, welcoming back children and the community for in-person hands- on exhibits like the brand-new nasa experience . >> we have a lot of different hands-on, holly facilitating, exciting activities that people can come and understand what it is like to work at nasa.
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>> we are going back to the moon. >> reporter: a real life astronaut was here and artifacts from space missions, many on display for the first time ever. >> it is better than last time, more interactive exhibits compared to the last time we were here. reporter mike his two sons were enjoying the exhibit, the space center says the larger goal is to turbocharge the imaginations of children and interest in sciences, encouraging them to follow their dreams, even in the space. >> it is good fun and the kids love it. it is a winner. it was an exciting day for three veteran astronauts who are now members of the u.s. astronaut hall of fame. nasa deputy administrator pam and fellow veteran astronauts michael lopez and scott kelly were enshrined during a ceremony at the kennedy space center in florida. the three have spent a combined total of more than 635 days in space. one is one of only two women to
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command a space shuttle. the pictures in san jose where the vietnamese community unveiled a new war memorial remembering the south vietnamese soldiers who fought in the vietnam war. the bronze image honors the soldiers who battled communist forces 50 years ago. >> they erected the flag and that is the image of the soldiers doing that at the citadel, signifying victory that was hard-fought where, throughout the battle, it means that, at the time, when the u.s. was abandoning its allies in the vietnam war, we fought back with what we had and we won. and against overwhelming enemy forces. that is the significance of that battle. >> the quang tri entry monument is in san jose.
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a petaluma yacht fire investigation as police are looking into this fire that sparks just before 4:00 in the morning aboard a 50 foot yacht. the fire broke out near the petaluma turning basin and two people got off the vessel before emergency crews arrived . the cause is under investigation and fire crews say there is a lingering odor in the area because of the heavy fog. crews are making sure no contaminants week into the petaluma river . santa cruz county leaders want to hear from local residents affected by the czu lightning complex fires as they are holding a tuesday hearing to address more than $4 million in damage to public and private roads caused by contractors. they were hired by the state to clear debris. but county leaders say they used heavy equipment that was not appropriate for the area. we reached out to the contractor for the response but
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have not heard back. looking out live over the golden gate bridge, a beautiful and clear night over the bay area with starry skies. that will change and there is evidence of that behind us. >> we woke up with a dozen fog advisory this morning. if you have to be on the road early sunday morning, probably another one. let me show you what it looks like right now. at least a replay of what will likely happen again tomorrow. this was this morning. that is the view from the top of the salesforce tower. pretty to look at but different if you are driving. this is different from the fog that comes across the golden gate bridge as it comes from the central valley. this is the high-resolution satellite before the sun went down, the white patch, a lot of that is the tule fog which forms in the winter in the central valley and usually, by late afternoon, it is all gone as the sunshine melted away but that did not happen today.
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it hung on all day today which means it has a big head start on redeveloping overnight as temperatures drop. that means, the closer you are to the delta or east bay valleys, the fog is coming your way in the overnight hours. inland valleys of the east bay. any community in or near the delta, and the north bay valleys, along 101, you will be impacted by this tomorrow as well as you will notice the fog tomorrow, thick. in fact, a pretty decent cloud of fog even down over the san mateo bridge this morning. it looks good now and that is our view but this morning at 6:00 a.m. this was foggy and it is the peninsula east that you will have again likely tomorrow. probably not a whole lot here at the golden gate bridge which is the reverse of what we normally think of. current numbers right now, low to mid-60s for most places. 57 in concord and temperatures will go down, upper-40s in concord, not bad. 47 in santa rosa. the daytime highs tomorrow do
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pretty much what they did today. the fog is gone tomorrow by 11:00 in the morning. it is a few high clouds, tomorrow almost as nice as today. if you're wondering what is happening to the rain, look where the clouds are coming, look at the stream. futurecast picks up on that and the rain is staying up there for now. 80 a few showers here monday night into tuesday that try to come across the north bay. that is tuesday before dawn i do not have rain in the seven- day forecast, it may be a drop or two if it holds together. this is 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, forget it no impact one way or the other. there is no rain in the seven- day forecast but the clouds increase again past tuesday and the issue. thursday and friday, another system may try to get here. if we are going to the rain where you would notice, that may be more likely but i still do not have rain there yet. i have a drop in temperatures
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come a look at san jose, tomorrow, 76. by thursday, 65. that will play out with the inland valleys and the north bay valley. from 76 tomorrow to thursday at 63. if we were going to get any rain from this week's system thursday and friday, it will likely be in the north bay. but it does not look like a blockbuster store or a headline by any means. we will have more on this coming up in the next half hour. charlie? the best finish in the college football saturday came in the most unlikely of places, south dakota. maybe a game that will be on mt. rushmore best games of the season. some call odell beckham jr. a must-see talent , and the 49ers will see him this monday, much to the pleasure
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stanford was in must win mode, six losses which means you must get a victory or the season would now be for pride as they would no longer be eligible for a bowl game. second quarter, sanford down and grant turns around, there it is, interception. the stanford offense has not been smooth without tenor mickey. stanford down 14-0, bradford breaks a couple of tackles, green grass ahead and he will break one more for good measure, 67 yards to the house, stanford loses, 35-14. bowl aspirations are over. they are 3-7 on the year. baylor and oklahoma, the bears
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students want to storm the field. baylor up when the quarterback runs it in for the six yard touchdown. he had a big day, 109 yards rushes and two scores. here is the second one. he breaks a tackle and finds the end zone and puts the upset on ice. baylor wins it and snap oklahoma's 17 game winning streak. the finish of the day was south dakota trailing south dakota state 20-17. he unloads it on the final play. stop it. it is tipped and caught in the end zone. 57 yards and the mt. rushmore state coyotes get a 23-20 victory. it has been over one year since the 49ers won a home game, october 18, 2020 they beat the los angeles rams.
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the last time the 49ers were in attendance with fans, the final home game of 2019. that is when they defeated the los angeles rams. the rams already had a high- powered offense and now they have added three-time pro bowl wide receiver odell beckham jr. he is expected to make his los angeles debut on monday against the 49ers, that addition is huge for the rams as they losttheir second best receiver robert woods to a torn acl. i would say demeco ryans has had to rip up his prep sheet. >> i had so many more problemsbefore him and now extra problems. everyone knows obj has been a great player in the league for a long time. the rams already presented us with a ton of problems. for them to add obj is good for them and a big challenge for us.
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aarorodgplay nday against the seahawks wilso ben roethlisberger goes against the covid and is out this week. mr. roboto in attendance between cal women's basketball and usf. cal was cooking. jadacurry with the crossover, she had a game high 27 points and cal wins it big, 70-41. the warriors have won seven straight by double digits, vintage warriors beatdowns during the homestand. yesterday, they ran away from the eastern conference leading chicago bulls. 119-93. they pounded chicago to the point where jonathan kuminga added clips to his highlight
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reel. golden state opened it up in the third quarter, they outscored chicago 35-17, continuing a trend of warriors dominance out of halftime. what is the secret to their success? >> why have those been the most explosive quarters? >> i don't want to say because i do not want it to change.i don't want to give it away. >> we are not turning the ball over or fouling, steph is pushing it and we wear people down and break down the defense and breakdown spirit. >> the warriors go on the road after eight games of sleeping in their own beds, they get the charlotte hornets, the last time they played them they beat them up pretty good. let's see if they can keep on rolling. coming up, are we headed
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for a winter surge? a setback in the white house push to get more vaccines into people. > ec orti tsand restaurants close down by 8:00 p.m., the country going back into partial lockdown. on the heels of the deadly music festival in houston, another crowd surg
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you are watching kpix 5
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news. the biden administration is facing a new setback in his vaccine campaign. welcome back. i am brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. michael jordan on the ballot to avoid a winter surge. >> reporter: as winter approaches, health experts are warning that americans should not let covid fatigue lower their guard. >> we see cases rise dramatically, 127 thousand cases in u.s. yesterday >> reporter: the delta variant has recently fueled rising hospitalization numbers and parts of the west and increased cases in the north. this fall, minnesota has battled a fourth covid wave . >> anybody should get vaccinated. >> reporter: the administration's efforts to bolster vaccines have hit a setback as a federal appeals court did not lift the stay on the vaccine mandate for workers in companies with 100 or more
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employees, one of the judges wrote, from economic uncertainty to workplace strife, the mere specter of the mandate has contributed to untold economic upheaval in recent months. this week, a federal judge upheld united airlines vaccine mandate, thousands of united workers were given exemptions but with unpaid leave. that includes dave morgan, a pilot for 23 years. >> the last thing i expected was unpaid leave and that is why we are fighting in court. for he will not get the vaccine for religious reasons. in the netherlands, restrictions that the dutch thought were gone for good are now back for three weeks. a rapid surge of covid-19 cases sent the country into a partial lockdown today. under the new government fictions, bars and restaurants have to close at 8:00 and crowds not allowed inside for sporting events, and social distancing is back. it is the first lockdown in western europe since the last wave of infections on the
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continent. a last-minute compromise has been struck at the united nations climate change meeting, nearly 200 nations decided to phase down the use of coal. >> here in the bay area, a years long battle over cold storage enrichment should be ending as yesterday the city announced an agreement with the company that runs the 11 terminal, the deal would phase out coal by 2026. critics have complained for years that the terminal since toxic dust into nearby communities. a funeral was helpful one of the youngest victims of the astroworld festival as family and friends gathered in houston to remember the 16-year-old. they were her favorite colors, pink and white to honor her. loved one say she was vibrant and loved to dance, monday nine killed at the travis scott concert last week. yesterday, attorney ben krump say there representing
6:33 pm
200 people who attended the festival and lawsuits have been filed against the promoter and others involved. on the heels of that deadly music festival, ucla executive is apologizing tonight after a scare at a men's basketball game. >> a sudden surge of fans left some students afraid. >> the line outside pauley pavilion started to form hours before the men's basketball team played villanova, both ranked in the top five nationally. she was in the line for 10.5 hours. >> people were pushing us from behind, it was nerve-racking. >> reporter: it happened before tipoff and other students were concerned about a repeat of the deadly crowd surge that happened in texas during a music festival in which travis scott performed. ucla students say the line went up bruin walk to the dorms in
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the hills above campus. >> there was pushing and shoving and people funneling in, and it evolved after that. >> reporter: she says the problems came when groups of people started to cut the line in the ticketing app which includes vaccine verification suffered problems. >> the apt malfunctions and i had to log out and log back in. >> reporter: the students said they are excited to see the renaissance of the legendary basketball program and the school spirit on display during a big victory for the bruins. the athletic director sent a tweet that said, we were not adequately staffed to handle the turnout, i apologize, and will be corrected moving forward. >> their way trying your best but there were many more students than they expected and it was difficult for them to
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get everyone corralled. >> ucla says nobody was hurt. looking live that highway 880 in oakland as they need extra eyes along alameda county freeway after a stray bullet struck and killed at toddler along the roadway. jasper wu was shot, oakland police have responded to multiple shootings that injured multiple people and the police chief is pleading with the city for funding to hire more officers as the city now has 681 officers, down from 830 officers. the chinatown chamber of commerce is also calling for freeway cameras in oakland, unlike contra costa county, freeways 580, 980, 880 do not have cameras that record. >> cameras on the freeways, exits, injuries, those would be a welcome addition. >> i am supportive of us having cameras within oakland and our
6:36 pm
commercial corridors. >> basic common sense that we know how to solve problems. >> to get the freeway cameras, a privacy commission needs to consider the plan. once that happens, the city council will get the final say. on the latest on the drought, we have had a lot of rain the past few weeks but as water level rises, there is still a drought. water experts in the spaces it will take several more storms before we get back to an average water year. east bay mud gets its water source from a river watershed and the water comes from the snowpack and experts say more storms are needed for the snowpack to retain enough water. to melt enough into the reservoirs. >> we have an above-average rain year, we may be able to get through the drought. it may take several winters to fully recover from the drought. >> the contra costa water district says that the message is the same, conserve water. coming up next, a foggy morning makes a stunning scene for a launch, what spacex is
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putting into orbit. >> she let me try it and i exposed to it. >> how two bay area brothers found ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions.
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every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design, one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. now, i've got one. explore floor & decor in person or online at lift off. >> spacex launching their second rocket this week an emerging over clear blue skies. at this time spacex launched 53
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satellites. nine minutes later the rockets first turning to earth, recovering after landing at sea. speaking of spacex, elon musk has sold $1.2 billion worth of stock. this comes after he posted a twitter poll on whether he should sell 10% of his stock. since then, he has sold almost $7 billion worth. a story that may make you smile as two east bay brothers are proof that inspiration can come from anywhere. for them, came from america's favorite movies. as justin andrews explains, it is what led them to become nationally ranked fencers, and that is not all. for two teenage brothers. just 18 months apart in age. >> life with my brother by my
6:41 pm
side is easier. >> reporter: putting on the armor to fence. they say it is a freedom to explore. >> i like "star wars." i like the sword fighting. >> reporter: the 16-year-old found his passion when he was nine, asking his mother, can i be a jedi? >> she let me try it and here i am now. >> reporter: he and his older brother are nationally ranked fencers, competing in many countries, aiming for the olympics. for this story, we got the brothers going at it at snow park in oakland. >> i love fencing. so many things that you can master. >> reporter: they are mastering the sport. now, even as teenagers, some would say they have mastered life. they are filmmakers, instrumentalists, and published authors of a children's book, "can i be."
6:42 pm
>> what may be right it is the lack of inspiration that children have as far as people letting them know they can be anything. he will telling them they can be something but how to become that. for you can find the book online but at shelves that 39th and martin luther king jr. way. marcus books in oakland is the oldest black-owned bookstore in the country and these two brothers are some of the youngest authors on the shelves. >> putting the book on paper was hard for me because it is hard to write about yourself. >> reporter: they did not know that writing about yourself could pave someone else's path to life's endless possibilities. >> it is about a kid with big dreams. report back several empty pages in the book and they say it is to inspire children to draw, write, or create what they want in life. while the brothers have achieved more than some of us adults, their story is not over. they have blank pages of their own still waiting to be filled.
6:43 pm
justin andrews, kpix. imagine ranking heat waves by hurricanes, how the new ranking system could help reduce the growing number of heat -related deaths across california. look it was back in the bay area for the first time since the pandemic. coming up in the forecast, we will call her in the map from where it will rain over the next few days and get her hopes up in the seven-day forecast. that is not the big deal, that is tomorrow morning, and the repeat of
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new york city ushered in the holiday season today with the arrival of the 79 rockefeller center christmas tree. already. the 12 country, 85 years old, that is as far as it will get because it was brought in from maryland with a police escort as the state crane to put it up. that attracted the crowd as it will be decorated with 50,000 l.e.d. lights on more than five miles of wire. the star topper weighs about 900 pounds. the lighting ceremony is scheduled for december 1st. for the first time, santa claus returned to stanford shopping center for the way most of us remember him. this year, there is no mask and
6:47 pm
no social distancing needed when seeing santa claus at the stanford shopping center. saint nick is vaccinated and getting up close and personal. yesterday was his first day on the job and kids sat on his lap and played games. >> we go as early as possible to see santa claus. we come a couple of times. we get christmas started early. >> what is it like as a parent to do that this year? >> that would be cool, she has not seen santa claus since she was little, six months. but i don't know how she will react to sitting on his lap. >> you have to get the crying photo. there is no shortage of holiday cheer to go around for a photographer. he went beard to beard with santa claus and offered a job on the spot. he was pretty good. >> do bob do santa claus? >> i cannot tell you.
6:48 pm
california thinking about a warning system to alert people of the dangerous heat wave. it is a problem in the state as an investigation by the l.a. times revealed 4000 californians have died in heat waves over the last decade and the danger will only increase with the effects of climate change. a warning system would write heat waves by number, similar to how hurricanes are measured. it would require cities and towns to take specific safety measures at each stage. >> you don't think of heat when we think about an emergency, we just look at it as another sunny day in california or southern california, get your sandals and go out to the beach, but no, we have serious implications. temperatures maybe cooler now but it did not stop the tears at the oakland zoo from enjoying their new water toys. they had a fantastic pool party. playing with the new floaties, they will be doing a lot more sleeping over the next few months when they enter a state of hibernation, a lighter state of sleep that hibernation.
6:49 pm
i did not know that that was a lighter stage of hibernation. more portly, it is the fog coming in tomorrow. from sunny and warm not for the bears to get in the pool to their pretty serious concern for tomorrow morning. right before sunrise, that was this morning. from the top of the salesforce tower, that is oakland, that is reports, they will move the cranes in a second, that is so cool to watch. but i digress. that is coming back tomorrow. there was a dense fog advisory today. it was primarily for the inland valleys in the east bay and north dave alley's. those were not the only places that were foggy. this is the bay area, that is all of the tule fog that forms
6:50 pm
in the central valley in the winter, today it never left but it is normally gone by the afternoon and now has a big head start to keep going into tonight and tomorrow morning. it over in the delta and the east bay, first tonight, then will creep into the north bay, santa rosa, plan on fog not only there but we have fog across the san mateo bridge this morning. on a day we did not have fog on the golden gate bridge. this is reversed as the fog is coming in from the east, not our usual fog from the pacific, the tule fog for the central valley. it will not be all that cold with low-50s for most of us and a few upper-40s with daytime highs tomorrow in the low-70s. the bears will be swimming tomorrow. anything you want to do outside will be great. the fog is gone by 11:00 in the morning with maybe a few high d
6:51 pm
a wh the system to our northwest. the first one tries to get here late monday into tuesday but it falls apart. we may get a sprinkle between 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. on tuesday. but that is not a big deal. farther out into the pacific, more systems out here trying to develop and the next one tries to get here by thursday. if we go back to the map that shows us what the accumulated rainfall will look like between now and then, clearly, the storms are going up in that area . thursday at 6:00 p.m., we have not gotten anything yet but from thursday, second half of the day over night into friday, maybe some light rain but not super impressive or likely at this point. i do not have rain in the forecast yet. but a be cool down as we go from 76 tomorrow to 65 in san jose by thursday. today and tomorrow the two warmest days by far of the
6:52 pm
seven-day forecast and that plays out. the north dave alley, 76 tomorrow and 63 on thursday. if we do get any rain from that system on thursday, it would be the north bay valleys through sonoma, napa, marin is the most likely to notice any of that. i do not have it on the right now but we will watch it and let you know as we get closer. what if you could stay healthy for the rest of your life? think about it. the bay area researchers
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
as the baby boomers swell the ranks of the elderly, the scientific community is turning
6:55 pm
its attention to the causes of age-related illnesses. >> as john ramis shows us, and institute in nevada has been a big player in the effort to find out why the body ages and how to stop it. >> reporter: is at the fountain of youth? not yet. but the research being done is challenging the limits of the human lifespan. there is excitement in her laboratory. she and her young research team are studying the effects of aging on tiny worms in a process called senescence. normally cells will continue dividing to rejuvenate tissue, or they die. however, senescence cells in blue stop dividing but they don't die. instead, they begin secreting toxic enzymes that cause inflammation. >> the tissue so signs of low- level chronic inflammation and, that goes on for a long time, eventually it will destroy the
6:56 pm
tissue. >> reporter: at 65, human bodies begin to develop degenerative illnesses and the doctor has been granted $27 million to study if senescence may be causing it. >> those cells can contribute to virtually all of the diseases that we know go up with age, which is 99% of the diseases in the clinic. >> reporter: things like cancer, alzheimer's disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, even diminishing eyesight, they all may be affected by this process. >> the hope is that by understanding what is underneath the aging process, the molecular mechanism, you can identify the factors for all these diseases and instead of treating them individually as they occur, we are getting to the record of the problem. >> reporter: the ceo says the institute's ultimate goal is to extend the human lifespan to 100 years while limiting chronic illnesses to about the last five years of life.
6:57 pm
>> our goal is to transfer everybody into a centenarian so that everyone can live to 90, 95 in good health. >> reporter: they are getting good help, using mice as subjects, they are joining a berkeley based institute and a $70 million effort called the project to understand and possibly stop the aging process. this doctor says there are even hints it may be possible to reverse the effects of aging, allowing humans to actually wind back the clock on their bodies. >> there is hope and excitement that we are on the verge of changing the way we will age and the perception of how we age. >> reporter: just because we can do something does not mean we should, how would it affect the what if i wanted to be 100? humanity will have to wrestle with it but for now science is just trying to figure out if it
6:58 pm
may be possible. if you would like to hear more about the project and the institute, we have posted our full interview with the ceo on . tomorrow be one night only special from adele airs right here. >> she tells oprah how it all came together. >> in los angeles where i had to recover from everything that happened in my last few years in my life, this was the perfect opportunity. it will look elegant and i will tell filthy jokes, a whiplash forum. >> you can watch the special by adele at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night right here. her voice is amazing and it will be nice to hear more about her. i don't know much. >> we will find out tomorrow night. >> can you sing the songs? >> no, but you can.
6:59 pm
>> only when it is a karaoke machine but it will be a wonderful program to watch on
7:00 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheers and applause] steve: my man. how y'all doing? thank y'all. i appreciate that. thank you very much, everybody. i appreciate that. thank y'all. yeah, i do. thank you, everybody. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheers and applause] got another good one for you today. returning for their fourth day, from little rock, arkansas, it's the champs, it's the johnson family. [cheers and applause] and from chino hills, california, it's the hofmann family.
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