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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 13, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is 5 news. now, streaming on cbsn bay area , covid booster shots open to all adults in san francisco , why doctors say it is good timing ahead of the holiday season. >> winter is coming and the which research is coming, unless we all take collective action. how kaiser avoided hundreds of hospital workers from walking off the job. >> a special memorial in san jose, what it represents for one bay area community.
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>> we start with a live look at san francisco, all adults can get the covid vaccine boosters. thank you for joining us. >> we are live in san francisco to explain more on the booster shot effort. >> reporter: technically you are not eligible for a booster shot in san francisco unless you were a senior or in a high risk group. that will not be the case any more into the holiday season. >> i decided today was the day. >> reporter: shannon scott showed up to these than clinic vaccine clinic to get a covid booster shot . >> i found out there were giving them and i came immediately. >> reporter: the fda has authorized the vaccines for seniors, adults who work in high risk settings and with underlying medical conditions. but the public health expanded booster eligibility to all adults 18 and older provided a
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qualified based on the timing of their previous dose. the rationale, case rates are increasing ahead of what will be a busy holiday season of gatherings. >> winter is coming under which research is coming unless we take collective action. >> reporter: she is with stanford healthcare. >> is incredibly safe and effective, pfizer has data that shows the booster reduces your chance of getting covid by 95%. >> reporter: people were in and out of this walgreens in the marina district to get boosters on saturday. >> i came to get a booster shot today. >> reporter: she is glad the city open booster eligibility and hopes people take advantage. >> i think it is wonderful. everyone needs to do it and then we can move on with a normal life. it works. >> reporter: since the boosters became available in san francisco, more than 100,000 doses have been administered and the majority have actually been for people under 65 years
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old. >> a lot of people trying to get them. it is hard in other parts of the bay area, i logged on and could i get a spot but i am so glad people in san francisco are getting so many today. thank you. moving on, booster shots have been administered and a covid vaccine clinic for children open in chinatown today . the ymca on sacramento street hosted the clinic as families gather together younger ones vaccinated as children were able to read and do arts and crafts while they waited to get there does. some doctors say there could be a winter surge of covid , the average new coronavirus cases are up, in 19 states over the last week according to johns hopkins. there has been rising hospitalization numbers and parts of the west and increase cases in the north. >> in europe, even in countries that have higher vaccination rates than we do, they are going through a massive winter
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surge and i am worried about the holidays. >> aaa predicts nearly 53.5 million americans will leave home to see family and friends for thanksgiving and health officials say the gatherings could lead to more virus cases. a tentative labor agreement has been reached between kaiser hospital workers and the union today, averting a strike. 30,000 kaiser workers threatened to go on strike monday after labor disputes. the alliance of healthcare union and kaiser permanente deal includes annual wage increases, health and retirement benefits, and also bonus opportunities. this will be a four year contract that will cover roughly 50,000 kaiser employees in more than 20 local unions. two people hospitalized after a shooting in oakland this morning their 89th avenue shortly after midnight. police say they found a man with a gunshot wound. they say there was a second victim who took herself to the hospital before they got there. both victims are expected to be
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okay. we have new video of a huge fire aboard a petaluma yacht early this morning just before 4:00 at the petaluma turning basin . the fire crews made quick work of the flames, getting them out, two people got off the 50 foot vessel before emergency crews arrived. it is not clear what started the fire. crews are taking extra measures to make sure no contaminants leak into the petaluma river . >> as goods disappear from shelves, another item in short supply, workers. the white house is focusing on how to get more people back to work. we have a story on why so many people have been turning in their resignations. >> it will create millions of new jobs and grow the economy. >> reporter: in a meeting with cabinet members, president biden says the bipartisan infrastructure bill, yet to be signed, will help curb rising consumer prices. >> we will see easing of
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inflationary pressures on our economy. >> reporter: even before he signs the $1.2 trillion piece of legislation paper, there is a new economic problem. people are quitting their jobs. >> the mental health was more important. >> reporter: she is one of record 4.4 million americans who left their jobs in september. up from 4.3 million in august. at the end of september, there were 10.4 million job openings in the u.s. >> there are so many more ways to money than a 9 to 5 job. that is what my job is now. >> reporter: tired of low pay and try to juggle childcare with complicated covid protocols at her school , she found an alternative that pays more and lets her work from home. >> part of it reflects concerns about covid and exposure to covid . >> reporter: janet yellen spoke with face the nation moderator margaret brennan about why
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there are so many vacant positions on top of a worker shortage. >> the fact that childcare workers, educators are in short supply creates childcare problems that also suppress labor supplies. reporter mike financial experts say many workers are wanting to retire early. >> there are 1000 reasons, a september study found that some 62% of jobseekers reported they're looking to change the kind of job they have. 55% are trying to find one that they can do from home. still to come, from our studio and streaming on cbsn bay area -- >> i have a tribute to south vietnamese soldiers who battled on even after they had been abandoned by the united states. that story is coming up. a deal finally reached at a world climate conference, what nearly 200 nations across the globe agree to cut back on.
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and, if you are an early riser on sunday morning, we have to talk about the fog for tomorrow as we have a dense fog advisory this morning area wide and it will be a repeat tomorrow it looks like. we will talk about the most concerning areas and how long
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san jose's vietnamese community unveiled a new memorial this morning honoring the soldiers who, 50 years ago, fought back against communist forces even as the u.s. was abandoning its allies in the
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country. john ramos was at the unveiling and has the story. >> reporter: it is remember not just for a victory for south vietnamese forces but to the courage of any soldier who wages a fight against overwhelming odds. at history park in san jose there was a ceremony 50 years in the making. in 1972, with the u.s. getting out of the country, north vietnamese forces overran the provincial capital and its ancient stone citadel. but the army of the south fought back against overwhelming odds and, after three months, recapture the fortress. >> directed the flight and that is the image of the soldiers at the citadel signifying the victory that was hard-fought. >> reporter: that image reminiscent of iwo jima is cast in bronze on the victory monument unveiled today.
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it is a source of tremendous pride for those who still wear their uniforms. from the bygone days. >> it means that, at the time, when the u.s. was abandoning its allies in the vietnam war, we fought back with what we had and we won against overwhelming enemy forces. that is the significance of the battle. >> reporter: 7700 south vietnamese soldiers died in the battle, killing 18,000 north vietnamese troops. but without u.s. ground support, the war was lost. ever since, the south vietnamese army has been criticized in movies in the media as being uncommitted writers. >> the story is not only unfair but extremely insulting and we need to tell the story. >> reporter: that is what the memorial is meant to do, remember those who continue the struggle left on their own without help or supplies. the courage shown at that
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moment and every moment since is the source of inspiration to the young generation. >> we were able to persevere and get to where we are now, even if that meant hardship. we were able to get here and go through so much just to have a brighter future for ourselves. >> reporter: perhaps a lesson for the country that abandoned them, a lesson about forgiveness and the willingness to put aside a bitter betrayal and move on. >> we should remember the past but look forward to the future. to learn to be independent, to learn to be on our own. the memorial was originally going to be built in westminster in southern california but westminster abandoned the project and it went to the city of san jose which took up the cause and, within a few months, range for construction. nearly 200 nations at cop26
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ev clatem anveloping nations on key issues pushed the talks into overtime today. the final text explicitly points to coal, the single biggest contributor to climate change, which is the first time any cop26 agreement mentions coal, oil, or gas as main causes were drivers of the climate crisis . >> given what conversations we have had, i propose that the revised proposal is adopted as orally amended, a revised version, a written version will be issued shortly. hearing no objections, it is so decided. >> it is an important step but not enough. we must expect climate action to keep alive the goal of reducing the temperature rise 1.5 degrees and go into emergency mode. >> the final agreement now refers to a phasing down of coal as opposed to a phasing
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out. >> we are speaking of climate but now we will switch to the weather, specifically what crops up in the central valley at this time of year. >> fought for us this morning. there was a dense fog advisory for anybody who had to be on the road. we could have that tomorrow. first, look at what the scene had this morning. this was just after sunrise. around 6:30 to 7:15. this is from the top of the sales force tower. that actually was one of the more manageable places. let me show you what this looks like from sunlight this afternoon. there was far from the central valley which you will see when we look at sunlight from today. that is up to 45 minutes ago here we are, bay area, that is the central valley, the white patch is it. normally, you get into the afternoon, the direct sunshine can melt it all away but it did not get rid of it all today.
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when the sun goes down, all the fog that develops in the central valley will creep back our way. the valleys of the inland east bay would get a first. if you are close to the delta, thick fog tomorrow morning, concord, you have it this morning. san mateo bridge is foggy this morning. meanwhile, the other bridge we typically think of as being foggy was not because this is not the fog we are accustomed to that comes off the coast and first hits the golden gate and streams inland. this is different stuff, this is coming in from the central valley. we get it in slightly different places. if you are in the north bay valleys, or the east bay, it will be foggiest for you tomorrow morning. current numbers right now, mid- 60s. the temperatures were great, 10 degrees above average for daytime highs today. tomorrow morniwe down in w-s, cool 48 in santa rosa but everybody else's
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low to mid-50s with the exception of 49 in concord. once again, for tomorrow, the fog is gone by 10:30, 11:00 in the morning. if you wake up late, you did not know it was a thing. and then it is sunny, i take that back, a few high clouds tomorrow and not as crystal clear blue skies today. but still just as nice and saturday and sunday are the two warmest days in the seven-day. wondering about what happened to the rain? there it is in the future and you see where it is going now. it is all off too far to the north of us. but by monday night the tail end of one of the next systems will try to get here. this gets us very late monday into tuesday, it is cloudy, maybe a drop of rain and the overnight monday into tuesday while we are sleeping. that is a nonevent. sunny day on tuesday.
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there is no significant threat here of rain over the next seven days. clouds increase by thursday. that is the next system. that might try to bring us some light rain. it definitely cools us down. mid-70s in san jose and mid-60s by the time we get there. that place out for the inland valleys east bay and north bay will go from 76 tomorrow back down to 63 on thursday with a few clouds. let's check in with sports. which we will do after we update you from the important news from the singer adele who is debuting the music. >> a special primetime concert tomorrow right here on cbs. >> ♪ there is a fire ♪ >> the 15 time grammy winner will also sit down with oprah winfrey to speak about her new album and the stories behind the songs. adele: one night only sunday
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night at 8:00 right here. the best finish of college football saturday came in the most unlikely place in the united states, south dakota, a finish you have to see. some call obj must-see talent and the 49ers will see him this monday. a preview of monday night football is next
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it has been over one year since the 49ers won a home game, october 18, 2020 they beat the los angeles rams. the last time the 49ers were in attendance with fans, the final home game of 2019. that is when they defeated the los angeles rams. the rams already had a high- powered offense and now they have added three-time pro bowl wide receiver odell beckham jr.
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he is expected to make his los angeles debut on monday against the 49ers, that addition is used for the rams as they lost their second best receiver robert woods to a torn acl. so, ryans, he has had time to rip up his prep sheet. >> i have so many more problems before him and now extra problems. everyone knows obj has been a great player in the league for a long time. the rams already presented us with a ton of problems. for them to add obj is good for them and a big challenge for us. >> aaron rodgers will play on sunday against the seahawks you have russell wilson back. rodgers missed the game last week against the chiefs after testing positive for covid .
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>> south dakota trailing south dakota state 20-17 on the final play, he unloads the ball and it is tipped at the five and look it comes down with it as time expires, 57 yards and the coyotes win a classic and they will be talking about it in dakota for a while, 23-20. mr. roboto in attendance between cow women's basketball and usf. cal was cooking. curry with the crossover, she had a game high 27 points and california winds it big 70-41. the warriors have won seven straight by double digits, vintage warriors b downs during the homestand. yesterday, they ran away from the eastern conference leading chicago bulls. 119-93. they pounded chicago to the point where jonathan kuminga
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added clips to his highlight reel. golden state opened it up in the third quarter, they outscored chicago 35-17, continuing a trend of warriors dominance out of halftime. what is the secret to their success? >> why have those been the most explosive quarters? >> i don't want to say because i wanted to change. i don't want to give it away. >> we are not turning the ball over or fouling, steph is pushing it and we wear people down and break down the defense and breakdown spirit. >> on tuesday, chris announced his retirement from the mls, he played 14 of 17 seasons with the earthquakes and retires with the most goals in league history but cannot wait to
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start his new role as full-time dad. >> great to be at my daughter's games and attend basketball and soccer games. >> this will be weird for you, going from the greatest stage in the game to you setting up cones and goals for your kids. >> exactly, i will be shining balls behind the goal. i can't wait to be dad again. >> i can wait for you to be on the sidelines watching a kid's soccer game, restraining yourself, he is doing it wrong. >> me yelling out random things. i cannot wait for it. >> i can already see the parents dragging out their kids to the game, a 16-year-old teenager, they look over and, is that chris as coach?
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coming up, a look at the new balloons making their ap
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channel 5. >> what about snoopy? >> he will make captioning spos >> sargent: tonight, climate compromise. world leaders work overtime in scotland, neither a deal to cool a warming planet. tough talk put on ice. >> reporter: i'm mark phillips at the climate summit in glasgow, where 197 countries have just passed a compromise deal to try to save the planet. >> sargent: covid chill, infections are up again, and on the front lines, a threatened strike by healthcare workers is called off. plus, biden's hurdles-- how inflation and america's labor shortage could undermine spending plans. carjacking kids. with violent crime up in several big cities, we hear from young
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perpetrators in chicago. tonight, why a h


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