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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 12, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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parking problems. >> reporter: finding parking can be tough and most downtown areas throughout the bay area. can mountain view, you have probably found yourself circling around the block 3 to 4 times until you finally land on the right spot. the city has a new long-term plan to try to make it a little easier to park. parking spaces can be tough to come by and downtown mountain view as it gets busier by the week. >> this morning friends were coming over. they had to do three or four turns to try to find something. >> reporter: that can start to change. the meadow view city council voted to move forward with the new downtown parking strategy, a 10 year plan designed to better manage the current and future parking demand. >> the city of mountain view has been talking about parking for as long as i can remember. >> reporter: the mayor tells us that adding more parking spaces is a piece of the parcel, but not a major one point >> the city meadow view found in our research that we do have
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an ample supply of parking. however, most people are only looking in certain parts of the city point >> reporter: the prime spots in and around castro street are often taken, so the mayor says better wayfinding is an important piece of the puzzle. that could mean better signage, perhaps in multiple languages, that point people towards other parking options. >> it's tougher, because the streets are blocked off. back another piece of the puzzle, introducing demand based paid parking point right now, public, street, lott, and garage parking is free throughout downtown mountain view. some are hesitant to see that go, but others think it could free up spaces point >> i am sure paid parking would help. >> reporter: that are parking enforcement and a push to get people to choose other modes of trspti are equati aswell. people they like to nothings ttinimplement it yet. >> reporter: in mountain view, max darrow, kpix 5.
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we have been showing you the eye-popping gas prices in san francisco. just shy of six dollars at this shell gas station on fourth and bryant, but there is some hope for drivers in the south bay. you can find a gallon of regular unleaded for just under four dollars at the safeway on berryessa road and sit ins and is a. >> because i work here in the bay area, so it is a lot cheaper to come here than to any other stations around this area. britney's body, britney's choice. >> is britney spears supporters celebrated outside of the l.a. county courthouse today after the popstar was freed from her conservatorship. a california judge ended the legal conservatorship that controlled when he spares his life for the past 13 years. >> reporter: friday became independence day for britney spears. >> britney as of today as a free woman, and she's an
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independent woman, and the rest with her support system, will be up to britney point >> reporter: on friday, an l.a. judge freed the pop singer from the legal conservatorship that has rolled her life for nearly 14 years. a large crowd of her fans turned out to support her on one of the most important days of her life. >> if she lost so many years of her life -- i'm just so happy she could get her life back point >> reporter: whitney's father, jamie spears, had overseen his daughter's affairs and finances since 2008, when she suffered an apparent mental health crisis. at a june court hearing, britney spears called the conservatorship traumatizing, and told the judge she wanted
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her life back. she said she was being forced to take medication against her will, was prevented from attending to personal tasks, and was not allowed to marry her longtime boyfriend. in september, the judge called jamie spea his daughter's well- being, and temporarily replaced him. by then, jamie spears says he supported terminating the conservatorship. shortly after that hearing, britney became engaged, and says she wants to have more children. >> i'm ready for her to go sit in her palace, and chill, and take this freedom, and it whatever she wants with it. >> reporter: spears's father has said through his attorneys that he has always acted in his daughter's best interests, and has helped her rehabilitate her career. cbs news, los angeles. >> britney spears's attorney says he will pursue an investigation into jamie spears's handling of the conservatorship. california has administered more than 55 million vaccines, but health officials are still worried about a potential fifth wave as we head into winter. california is already directing healthcare providers not to turn away fully vaccinated adults who want the covid booster shot 6 months after their second dose.
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the cdc is currently recommending booster shots for seniors, people with chronic illness, or people who work in high risk jobs. the washington post reports health officials in the biden administration want to expand eligibility, but the cdc director wants to examine the data first point >> this isn't currently the guidance that is being projected by our health and medical experts, because they are looking at an understanding the data. we would certainly continue to advise leaders across the country to abide by public health guidelines coming from the federal government. los angeles making tweaks to its vaccine mandates. the biggest change, city council removed indoor malls and shopping centers from its list of places that require proof of vaccination. that proof will still be required for many public spaces, including restaurants, bars, and jim's. >> we are in this together as a community. in a moment of great crisis, we really need to depend on each other. >> the mandate will not be enforced until november 29 to give businesses more time to comply point kaiser permanente is
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warning patients to get their prescriptions filled in now, as it braces for a possible strike. over 2500 pharmacists plan to walk off the job on monday because of what they say are unfair labor practices. several other unions representing kaiser workers are also planning to strike in solidarity. kaiser's website says that every northern california location is expected to be affected. in a statement, kaiser said, quote, during the strike, care will be provided by experienced clinical staff and physicians, with the support of trained and qualified contingency staff point johnson & johnson has announced it plans to split into two companies. one will focus on his consumer business, such as band-aids, and baby powder. the other will focus on pharmaceuticals. that division will retain the johnson & johnson name. it is unclear what the other division is going to be cold. that is expected within the next 2 years. the next round of child tax
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credit payments is set to arrive on monday. s lief package. as part of the families can receive up to $3000 for each child. however, this could be the last payment, since it is only in effect for this year. democrats are currently negotiating a new package where it would extend the credit through next year. coming up, how the supply- chain crisis is now impacting california not farmers. why the clock is ticking to move thousands of pounds of product point you may want to check your fridge. a major recall to
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there is a recall alert coming from trader joe's. the grocery store chain is recalling about 100,000 pounds of raw ground chicken patties missing the product may contain pieces of bone. the items being recalled, chili lime chicken burgers, and spinach feta chicken sliders. so between august 16 and september 29. if you want them, the usda is encouraging you to throw them away, or return them to trader joe's point the supply-chain crisis continues, and is now impacting local not farmers. >> reporter maddison keeney shows us how some businesses have plenty of products, but can't move it fast enough. >> reporter: california valley net company is in the business of getting california grown walnuts to buyers. >> containers to ship their product overseas is where the issue lies point >> reporter: it is a good thing they are loading two containers today, but this was supposed to ship weeks ago, on october 21. >> last season i was paying $2200 for one container here q
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are seeing prices close to five to $6000 per container. >> reporter: these will go to the port of oakland, and from there to places in europe or asia. delays are possible, even if a container is packed and on a truck point >> because of the congestion in southern california, many carriers have opted to skip oakland before they head back to asia in order to save some time. >> reporter: once the product gets in the container, the clock is ticking. walnuts have a shelf life. >> chances are the product becomes ruined. the buyer loses out and the seller loses out. >> state leaders are working on solutions for the supply-chain issue in california by rerouting cargo to other states, like texas. the supply-chain crisis is also impacting businesses you may not expect, like your local dry cleaner. some cleaners are running out of hangers, so they are asking their customers to recycle them. >> i don't know, it's a big
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problem. most come from foreign country, and the shipping costs are high. up the next, a fleet of bear cubs burned in wildfires. how a new university could help them survive. coming up tonight on the "cbs evening news" -- happy friday. tonight we have news about a ground chicken recall, the products you need to check. we will end our series honoring our heroes on the road tonight with a woman who spent years tracking down the rightful owners of military uniforms that she found in the trash. let me ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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the friday commute. bear cubs burned during the california wildfires are now getting their own university. the gold country wildlife rescue and auburn is caring for 3 bear cubs that survived the raging wildfires. the center wants to build a sanctuary where these cubs can grow and learn until they are ready to go back into the wild and live on their own. >> bear cub university is critically important, because they need space and large structures to climb on. they need to develop muscles, and learn how to find a den,
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how to scrounge around for food. >> they need a little help to get this thing up and running. the center says it needs to raise $250,000. already they have raged just over 200,000 of that, but keep in mind, these bears can eat. 1 month of groceries can cost up to $5000. the naked bigger and eat even more. >> they are cute. >> they grow up so fast and leave home point most students rising above scholars credit the nonprofit for their success. >> this week's scholar feels the same, but he also has one very special person in his corner who has been his biggest support. >> reporter: nathan porras leans into his work for brilliant, a smart home technology company based in san mateo. >> getting into the workforce, getting it is something i was intrigued about, specifically
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technology, was what got me here. >> reporter: here is career success. nathan's highly sought after position at a growing company. and here is nathan person success, his son, oliver, and wife, desiree. >> he so fun, and it's inspiring to watch him. he's a go-getter. >> reporter: desiree and nathan met 12 years ago during their senior year in high school. for nathan, it was love at first sight. >> she caught my eye. at that time i thought i was super fly, so i went and kind of introduced myself. >> nathan's personality when we first met, he is very curious, and does best making connections with people. >> reporter: for desiree, meeting nathan bent an instant connection to a young man who has been through a lot. back then, the 18-year-old was living with friends, working to support himself. his parents were in and out of his life. >> those were hard times for me to figure it out. >> reporter: with desiree by his side, nathan was on his
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own, but not alone point >> there were a lot of people who supported me. >> reporter: her commitment brought support. desiree's mom and dad welcomed nathan into their family. >> my mom, both my parents, my mom, i remember her calling and texting him. their relationship is awesome. >> reporter: the couple stayed close in high school and college at separate universities before getting married in 2017. >> it's been a blessing. >> reporter: and 12 years later, nathan is still smitten point >> pushing me, always being there if things were rough. >> reporter: desiree is still impressed by the man she knows today point >> i don't sate enough, how impressed i am with what kind of a person he is. >> reporter: their family tree is a dream come true for desiree. a fresh start for nathan, and a strong base for all of her. >> oliver will have his own challenges as he grows up, but the important part for me is that i'm always supporting him. >> nathan and desiree are expecting their second baby
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this coming february, and both say they are so excited for oliver to have a sibling. good for them. to learn more about students rising above and its scholars, go to our website, /sra . so neat to see them. >> we love our students. lots to be grateful for. fantastic weather this afternoon. we had dense fog this morning. we will have it tomorrow morning , and likely on sunday morning. the same weather pattern is parked in place. fog will develop after midnight . mild conditions as we go into the weekend. lots of sunshine once the fog dissipates. temperatures will be well above average saturday and sunday. a cooling trend? and is we head through next week. even as that moves in, no rain chances really. eywill stay w p
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week, not much to look at. i'm not saying zero, but very low throughout the upcoming week . maybe wednesday and wednesday night, but that is a 20% or r chance of even a passing shower. the best chance will be north of the golden gate. just a dry pattern release next week. maybe potential later this month. the really long range data indicated early to mid december they put us into a bit more of an active weather pattern. outside, it's easy to be patient when you can look at a sunset like that. high temperatures today made it up to 75 degrees in san jose .73 and said as a result. usually pacifica is one of the cool spots, but not today. concord only made it to 64 degrees because the fog was so stubborn, and refused to diat. tomorrow i think the fog will dissipate at the same rate across the entire area. 60 degrees in concord.
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other temperatures mostly in the low to mid 60s. 70 degrees in hayward. for the rest of tonight, we see the locally dense fog developing. i think futurecast is outlining where the fog is going to develop, but i think it's not quite grasping how far inland it will make it into the tri- valley. some of this fog from the central valley will spill through the delta and affect concord and fairfield early tomorrow morning. fog likely in the north bay as well. the sun will break through, and temperatures will warm up from a normally cool start. the 50s around the band on the coast point high temperatures in san francisco, close to 70 degrees as the early morning fog and cloud cover gives way to more and more sunshine. santa rosa reaches up into the low to mid 70s as you go farther north. concord, low 70s
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as well. a most 10 degrees warmer than today, if the fog dissipates faster than it did today. san jose reaches back up into the mid-70s. nearly identical temperatures on sunday. not much change for either half of the weekend point near 70s around the bay 60s along the coast. the cooler weather starts to move in on monday. it will be more noticeable as we had there the rest of next week. had more clouds next week, but the odds of picking up anything more than a trace of a sprinkle looks very low. we will keep looking for hints of rainfall. in the meantime, enjoy the beautiful weekend. i will have tomorrow's dog walking forecast coming up. new at six:00, could freeway cameras be the answer to a string of shootings in alameda county? attribute decades in the making. the south bay city recognizing a group of soldiers often
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overlooked. the sudden closure of this denny's restaurant in the city of campbell is raising neighborhood concerns about what could be coming next. the city has plans to build more housing. could it be coming here? we have a first look at adele's "one night only" special airing this sunday on kpix 5 . >> the grammy winner also sat down with oprah to discuss how it all came together. >> being in l.a. as well where i sort of had to recover from everything that happened in my life, i have the perfect show. it will look really elegant, and then i will tell a load of filthy jokes. >> the special airs sunday night. also at 5:00 -- is the first music venue to open since the
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it is the first multi- performance venue in san francisco to open during the pandemic point the bow center at the san francisco conservatory of music will not only make concerts available to more people for free -- >> it is making the city more affordable for its own students, with housing at that
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same location. kpix 5's shawn chitnis takes us inside point >> reporter: van ness avenue, which passes by the civic center, is one of san francisco's busiest streets. the noise is silence once you are inside this performance hall at the bow center. the amazing acoustics remove the distraction so you can enjoy the music, and the views. >> this is an incredibly artistic city compared to where in front. >> reporter: he knew the san francisco conservatory of music was the right school, but left during the pandemic. now they are one of about 400 students who get to live at the center, and use of school facilities around the clock. >> everything is different. having the space means i can go to school whenever i need and want to muscle and becoming a better musician as a result. >> reporter: city leaders say it is so important that institutions make these opportunities more affordable for all. >> opportunities for students to be housed, and not worrying
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about whether or not they will have a roof over their head while they try to study and perfect their craft point >> reporter: the venue will also expand access to live music by providing 90% of its concerts for free. >> we wanted no barrier for people who wanted to bring their families to hear and experience music point >> reporter: this location allows for easy access to other arts organizations that are partners with the conservatory come up it also serves as a reminder that the character san francisco is built into the experience whenever you visit. >> we can be ingrained in the community, interact with the community, interact with the musicians at those spaces point >> reporter: a better to help celebrate the opening then cellist yo-yo ma. >> there is one thing i love about what an institution like the san francisco conservatory can do with this new space, with the center, to create a safe space. >> reporter: the idea is to train students as composers of a new century, and this center is already showing them it is
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possible point >> this signifies the beginning of a really new era for music here at the conservatory. >> reporter: shawn chitnis, kpix 5 . right now on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area , could cameras help curb the string of shootings on alameda county freeways? the desperate calls for change in the wake of a toddler's tragic death. basic common sense, just basic common sense. it would be helpful in some again to instigation's. new video of the father chasing after a suspected kidnapper peer cal police tracked down the suspect it used of abducting a baby. he could be manhattan in 10 years point why the closure of a long time denny's could point to a major transformation in one south bay city. good evening. we begin with a call for extra ice along alameda county freeways, after a stray bullet struck and killed a toddler.
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>> let's take a look at 880 in oakland where the shooting happened. now community leaders are calling for freeway cameras across the county. >> da lin is live in oakland, and says the demands don't stop there . >> reporter: that's right. for now, the chp are saying they have no suspect information or arrests in the jasper wu killing. the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is hoping to change that. today they announced $10,000 in reward money for information leading to an arrest and conviction. aside from trying to solve that crime, the chamber is also demanding the city of oakland hire more police officers. since jasper wu was killed in crossfire on interstate 880 last saturday, oakland police have responded to multiple shootings at injured more innocent people point >> last night we responded to a shooting were over 198 rounds were fired. >> reporter: not only are they asking for co


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