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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 12, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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, both babies are home safe and sound with her parents tonight, but in both cases, the parents got out of their vehicle, the motor still on, went inside. in the concord situation, the father went inside a wingstop. when he came back outside, his car and baby were gone. hours earlier in pittsburg , a similar situation. in that case, a woman is behind bars. here is a mug shot of 24-year- old natalie arrested early this morning on suspicion of stealing a vehicle with a 1- year-old baby writing inside. this surveillance video taken from an auto body shop across the street shows the stolen chevy tahoe being given away with baby mona inside. you can see someone chasing after it point police say when the father stepped out to talk to another man, they were approached by a woman asking for a cigarette, but then she got into the car and drove off with the child inside. george
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provided the surveillance video , and says the entire ordeal has left him feeling uneasy point >> i'm scared for my kids. we go anywhere, bring the kids. does take her out of the vehicle . it's hard. very hard, it is gary. >> reporter: 2 hours later, police got a tip that the suv and baby were spotted at this complex. mona was found safe inside. around midnight, a concerned resident contacted police after spotting a woman walking along harbor springs street who matched the suspect description, a distinctive tattoo on the face point >> disturbing that there was two. medicare's the moment a 4-month- old baby was reunited with her mother. just after 10:00 p.m., a white honda odyssey van with the baby inside was stolen outside of the wingstop on ignatius valley road. within 20 minutes the officers found the car abandoned about 1 mile away. the baby was inside
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the car unharmed. police are still looking for the suspect. today, parents are reacting to the news of two cases of stolen vehicles with children inside. >> we take advantage of curbside pickup. that has been very helpful, so we don't have to unload and load everybody back into the car. >> the two incidents are so related. are they linking the two thefts at all? >> reporter: at this point, they are not linking them, but concord pd and pittsburg pd are working together to see if there are similarities. again i'm out one person is behind bars, another suspect still on the loose. unless they are linked at this point we are still looking for another suspect. >> absolutely terrifying. thank you. tonight there is a $10,000 reward to help track down a gunman who killed a toddler on 880 in the east bay. 23-month-old jasper wu was riding in the car with his family saturday when he was hit
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by a stray bullet in a freeway shootout. oakland chinatown officials announcing the reward today. they say the money is coming from the crimes against asians reward fund. it's organized by the police and the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. >> what we need are more resources to hold these people accountable. clearly what we have right now is not working, but instead is creating rater crimes. >> the coalition says it has raised much more than the $10,000 for the reward. some of the money will go towards a billboard on 880 advertising that reward. a driver is under arrest this evening accused of striking and killing an educator near a san francisco school. kpix 5's andria borba shows us how his death is raising safety concerns near campus. >> reporter: there are signs here on the corner of union and franklin tonight that read, a driver killed our neighbor here. friends of paraeducator andrew
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zieman are gathered at the corner where he passed away on wednesday. we are giving them space to grieve right now. meanwhile, parents of sherman elementary school students say something has to change in this neighborhood to keep people safe. at the corner of union and franklin, there is a growing memorial for paraeducator andrew zieman, who was hit by a car and killed at the intersection on wednesday . >> a man from her school and mr. andrew was, got in a car crash, and, but i, even though i didn't know him very well, i still feel bad for him. >> reporter: the driver of the car allegedly ran a red light, causing the crash that killed andrew. she has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. as sherman elementary school let out today, the crossing guard was on duty, and parents and students stopped by the memorial to pay their respects.
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parents said they have been petitioning the city for a decade to slow traffic down on franklin, fearing just this result. >> slowdowns, yellow flashing lights, or anything like that. >> speed bumps anywhere else to make a lot more sense. this is a little kid school. >> we should have more prominent signs of the school zone. >> reporter: rincon is a major north-south artery used by drivers to avoid the mess on venice. the blocks before have a steep pitch, and drivers often pick up speed. there's only one school zone sign at the beginning of the block where sherman sits. >> people walk with their families and children a day back and forth to school this needs to be a safe spot, a safe zone, for our community to get
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to school, not only are families, but also our teachers and staff point >> reporter: andrew was a sherman student himself, eventually becoming an afterschool educator, and a paraeducator, focus on helping children with special needs. >> he does have such a kind heart , and kind soul. he was a gift to sherman. he had a gift and taking care of kids. he related. he will be missed. we are devastated. four back families here say they hope this finally pushes the city to do something to slow the traffic down on franklin. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5 . >> i know that area really well. i can get really congested. people can move through really quickly, and it can be very dangerous. we love our teachers. this is devastating. >> reporter: absolutely devastating your care right. that street can turn into a freeway at times. >> thank you. a live look outside from our exclusive salesforce camera. warm temperatures today after the fog all burned off. chief meteorologist paul heggen with what we have coming for the weekend. or of the same.
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more nice weather. what we don't have is any more rain. we will get to that a little later on. the beautiful sunset with a hint of fog on the horizon, a very compressed marine layer this evening. we will see more fog developing as we get through the rest of the night in the morning. high temperatures today, 70s. even severn san francisco got a 70 degrees. 75 in san jose. the old sesame street game of one of these things is not like the other, concord was the cool spot today with a high of 64 degrees, because the fog took so long to burn off. fairfield also barely topped 65 degrees. temperatures will reach up into the low to mid 70s for in the parts of the bay area, 75% is a again, which temperatures around the bay near 70, mid-60s along the coast. the numbers are about 5 to 8 degrees above average. coming up, we take a closer look and fill in the rest of the communities around the bay area for a very nice saturday
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forecast. >> i would call it perfect. thank you. we've had a lot of rain in the past few weeks. the water levels are rising, the grass is getting greener, but it is it enough to help us get out of a drought? wilson walker went to contra costa county today to find out. >> reporter: we have talked a lot about marin county. we have shown you the incredible accumulation of water point there is this old saying, a couple of good storms in marin, you can fill all those reservoirs. that is largely true. i am out here on the fringes of the east bay. if you lived out here pick if you get your water through the contra costa water district, east bay mud comes there here, your winter is just getting started. >> if we have an above average rainier, we may be able to get through this drought in one year, but it may take several
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winters to fully recover. >> reporter: for contra costa water, the excitement over the october and early november rain is a bit more restrained is the district's water comes from the central valley project, the delta, and even further north. >> we watch primarily shasta lake, which is well below average for this time of year. it is a great start to the wet season, but it will take several more storm systems to really get us back to what we would consider an average water year. >> there have been years where we have really what octobers, then everything dried up. a couple of years ago that was the case, and we had one of the drier years in our history. >> reporter: east bay mud largely gets the water from the watershed, different system but same idea as far as water source, the states largest reservoir, the snowpack. >> we do need strong storms, multiple of them, and we need them to last through the winter in order for the snowpack to retain that water and melt into our reservoirs. >> reporter: that is why the message continues to be water conservation.
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>> i do my best to be conscious. whether that is take advice that is advertised about using the dishwasher instead of washing every dish by hand. >> reporter: it will be months before we know what this winter actually means for east bay water sources. >> we will continue watching what this winter delivers to us , and see what our water supply is around the early spring timeframe. >> reporter: marin breathing a sigh of relief. you live in the east bay, you want to see more storms like we had in late october, and a bunch of them. we are live out here in contra costa county, wilson walker, kpix 5. former trump advisor steve bannon has been indicted for refusing to talk to congress about the january 6 insurrection. the justice department says he was charged with one count of refusing to appear for deposition, and another count for refusing to provide documents. an inn's lawyer said his client
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won't cooperate in the investigation because trump told him not to. each count carries a maximum of 1 year in jail. bannon is expected to appear in court on monday. a live look at the white house know where president biden met with his cabinet to tout the recently passed bipartisan physical infrastructure bill. he will sign that into law on monday. it will give a $1 trillion boost to repair the nation's roadways in public transit, as well as expand access to broadband and clean drinking water. it also includes $17 billion to modernize ports, and help alleviate supply chain bottlenecks. >> it will create millions of new jobs, grow the economy, and we will win the world economic competition. >> the biden administration is pushing congress to pass the nearly $2 trillion bill back better plan to ease economic pressures. it contains tax credits and provisions aimed at lowering
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childcare, housing, and prescription drug costs point still at head on kpix 5, new fallout for wrapper travis scott. the trouble he could be facing in the wake of the deadly astroworld music festival. >> nobody should ever die from going to a concert. former raiders coach jon gruden sues the nfl. why he is blaming the league for destroying his career and reputation. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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this evening, rapper travis scott was reportedly seen for the first time since the stampede at the astroworld festival. the 30-year-old spotted outside of his houston mansion as the investigation into last week's deadly crowd surge continues. a spokesperson tells cbs news that this air was not responsible for the tragedy. this comes as hundreds of concertgoers have filed lawsuits. >> nobody should ever die from going to a concert.
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>> reporter: attorneys gathered in houston friday to announce lawsuits on behalf of more than 200 victims of the astroworld concert point >> there are people on the ground trying to use me to pull themselves up. i remember thinking, if i fall, it is over point >> reporter: nine people died when the crowd got out of control during rapper travis scott's performance. hundreds more were injured. >> i met the medical tent, and there are a lot of people trampled, passed out at the front stage. w.h.i.p. radio chatter from houston police appears to capture the moment officer saw the event turn. >> that crowd is super dense. >> reporter: one video shared by a source close to the astroworld festival shows police near the stage seemingly unaware of what was happening . >> just like those police officers standing in front of the stage, he couldn't tell what was going on. travis had no idea what was going on until well later, hours and hours later. >> reporter: on cbs mornings, a
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spokesperson for scott said he wasn't responsible for the tragedy point >> this notion that he had the ability to stop the concert is ludicrous. only two people that had the authority to stop the concert where the executive producer and the concert producer. w.h.i.p. lawyers for the victims fall to the organizers and say the concert never should've been approved. >> among the injured, a 9-year- old boy who remains in a coma point jon gruden, the former head coach for the las vegas raiders, is suing the nfl and the league commissioner. it alleges that the commissioner roger caddell and the nfl destroyed jon gruden's career by selectively leaking old emails he sent. those emails contained racist, misogynistic, and homophobic comments. the lawsuit comes a month after he resigned as the raiders head coach. his emails were published by the wall street journal and new york times. a heads up for bay area folks hoping for a ski getaway
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in the holiday. kirkwood slopes are scheduled to open december 3, and so far this season, heavenly has received 34 inches of snow, with 4 inches over the past week. when it comes to the sierra at tahoe resort, officials are still evaluating damage on the caldor fire. the resort did announce that the west bowl express will be inexpressible this winter, along with many of the inbound tree skiing areas. that's another factor as we get into this, and hope they can make snow in the meantime point we will be staying dry for at least the next 7 days, even all the way to thanks giving. if we are dry, they won't pick up much in the wake of natural snow. high pressure is control of our weather. that's why we have this dry weather. the other effect is that our temperatures are above average, and will stay so through the weekend. we won't be as hot as southern california.
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there were more record high temperatures in l.a.. burbank was in the 80s. we are talking about temperatures way above average down there. we are 5 to 8 degrees above normal as we had through the weekend. we call back to normal temperatures next week. that means the onshore breeze will get stronger. the storm track is still going to be pushed farther north. no significant rain chances insight. a little bit of fog right along the coast that will be more widespread as we had through the late night and early saturday morning hours. low to mid 60s right now. concord didn't warm up very much today because the fog was very stubborn. temperatures elsewhere, mid to upper 60s, 67 degrees right now in san jose, and santa rosa. we will see more fog developing . futurecast is under doing it in some of the numbers, but there will be fog, and it will take it's time dissipating. it should dissipate by midday
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tomorrow, even in the spots were fog was a bit more stubborn today. more sunshine in store for the first half of the weekend. temperatures tonight dropped onto the upper 40s and low 50s. upper 40s away from the water, low 50s around the bay. high temperatures tomorrow, 5 to 8 degrees above average, far away from record territory. pleasantly warm close to 70 in san francisco, and jose into the 70s farther away from the bay. mid to upper 60s along the coast. 67 in half moon bay here close 70s around the south end of the bay, mostly mid-70s and the santa clara valley .77 degrees in morgan hill. not much variation in linden the east bay, mostly low to mid 70s. a little bit cooler for vallejo. 70 for oakland and the immediate east bay. just below 70 in san francisco as well. low to mid 70s for most of the north bay. farther north, some of the
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warmest temperatures on the map. upper 70s for cloverdale and st. helena, not quite up to 80 degrees. past the weekend to early next week, if you are going to the 49ers game as they take on the los angeles rams -- i almost said st. louis again. it took forever for me to not say los angeles rams when they moved to st. louis, and it will take forever to train myself back. temperatures in the mid 60s at game time, blessing passing clouds overhead. temperatures will cool off next week, but as the cool air moves in, it won't have enough moisture to work with to squeeze out any significant rain chance. just passing clouds. some forecast models are trying their best to squeeze at a shower for the north bay wednesday and wednesday night. what it looks like a pretty dry weather pattern overall, with
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the butchers back down into the 60s pre-much across the board by the middle and end of next week. we will keep hoping that we can be thankful for more rain once thanksgiving rolls around. the long-range data does show hints of more moisture by the end of november, but it is really long-range. there is a reason we don't do a 14 day forecast. >> it would take for heifer. by the time he got to the 14th day, i would forget. >> it would be a challenge. coming up, a new nasa experience in the east bay. we will take you inside of the unique space exhibit. parking lowe's and one south bay city. the new approach to make parking less of a hassle, and why some are pushing back point streaming today on cbsn bay area , a preview of monday night football. the 49ers taking on the rams at 8:25. you can find cbsn bay area on , or on the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news app
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. you can download it for free on your favorite streaming platforms.
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what a way to start the weekend with that. the space center in oakland reopened today after nearly 2 years. the center also opened a new exhibit called the nasa experience. located inside of the nasa ames visitor center, it features research items that have never been on public display before. people will experience things coming to life, they say. the idea is to get more oakland young folks into s.t.e.m. , and chase their dreams of
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going into space. >> an opportunity to reach the community, especially the kids. we want to inspire the next generation of explorers, the kids, as they get into middle school and high school levels. >> the nasa experience will include exhibits, artifacts, and hands-on activities. visitors will also be able to meet scientists and researchers from nasa to learn more. the harvest festival signals the start of the holiday shopping season in san mateo county. this year it is back. there are more than 100 vendors to visit. take a look at some of the things you will be able to find at the show. all items are handmade. there is everything from julie's, plants, art, clothing, and even food. the vendors are happy to be back. >> the people coming to shop are all very enthusiastic. they have been housebound. they have not seen the artists that they normally interact with year after year, because none of us have been out.
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they have just been very enthusiastic, and very receptive, to seeing us again. >> masks are required indoors. the show goes through sunday, and you can buy tickets online or at the door. finding parking can be a challenge in most downtown areas throughout the bay area. mountain view is no exception to that. the city is trying to take a new approach. we will tell you all about it. >> is busy now, so it is harder to find parking. thousands of kaiser healthcare workers set to go on strike. what the hospital says patients should be doing right now point a major
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30. the looming strike at one of the biggest healthcare systems in the bay area. what patients need to know. how a california city is now backtracking on some of its vaccine roles. the changes that will soon go into effect. bay area cities are coming alive again, and looking for parking is proving to be problematic at times. one south bay city has a new plan. good evening. kpix 5's max darrow shows us how mountain view is taking
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a new approach to tackle parking problems. >> reporter: finding parking can be tough and most downtown areas throughout the bay area. can mountain view, you have probably found yourself circling around the block 3 to 4 times until you finally land on the right spot. the city has a new long-term plan to try to make it a little easier to park. parking spaces can be tough to come by and downtown mountain view as it gets busier by the week. >> this morning friends were coming over. they had to do three or four turns to try to find something. >> reporter: that can start to change. the meadow view city council voted to move forward with the new downtown parking strategy, a 10 year plan designed to better manage the current and future parking demand. >> the city of mountain view has been talking about parking for as long as i can remember. >> reporter: the mayor tells us that adding more parking spaces is a piece of the parcel, but not a major one point >> the city meadow view found in our research that we do have


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