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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 12, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now streaming on cbsn bay area , we are getting our first look at the woman police say carjacked and kidnapped an east
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bay baby. what police are saying about another kidnapping in the same area. a look at what is ahead on what he should get to be a beautiful weekend forecast. breaking news in the conservatorship battle over britney spears, what a judge just ruled . we start with two kidnapping in the east bay. today, at least one person is in custody. .14 explains how two babies were found and returned home safely. >> reporter: a resident saw the woman walking and called police. she has been identified as 24- year-old nataly ayala . scary moments that happened just across the street and the auto shop we are captured this video through its surveillance video camera. this is the moment the 2007 chevy tahoe was taken with one- year-old mona . you can see someone running after the car at 5:45 p.m. last night after an amber alert
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and intense search, after 7:30 p.m., the one-year-old girl was reunited with her family. a pittsburg resident on the little girl in the parking lot but not the suspect but the police say they received a call from a concerned citizen who reported a woman who was walking on harper street who matched the description and identified, again, is 24-year- old nataly ayala who was placed under arrest for kidnapping and vehicle theft. the incident left residents uneasy, including the owner of the body shop across the street. >> i am scared for my kids. i told my wife, we go anywhere, we go with the kids. it is very hard. it is scary. >> reporter: the owner of the auto shop says he has never seen anything like this happen in this specific area as many residents are thankful this little girl was found that many residents are not easy. a similar situation
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happening in concord last night as police say a car with a baby inside was stolen from a strip mall parking lot. within 30 minutes, officers found the car abandoned a mile away. the baby was inside the card not harmed. a suspect in that case has not been found. a reward is being offered for information leading to the rest of the person who killed a toddler during a gun battle on 880. oakland police say and chinatown chamber commerce are offering a reward to find the killer. 23-month-old jasper wu was riding in the car of his family when a stray bullet hit him on saturday and officer say it came from a number different bars shooting at each other. >> anyone of us could be a victim of a crime. your baby could be the one. >> we need more resources. >> the death has sparked more pressure on east bay one horseman to provide a larger presence, not just in oakland but also on the freeways around
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the city. california is seeing about 5000 new coronavirus cases per day. natalie brand shows us how health officials say now is the time to get a booster shot. >> reporter: health officials worry about a fifth wave of the coronavirus crisis as at least 35 states have seen daily covid cases going upward over the past two weeks according to johns hopkins university. with the numbers rising, california is among several states taking steps to make booster shots more widely available. >> if you think you will benefit from a booster shot, i encourage you to go out and get it. supply is available. >> reporter: the california state department of public health is directing healthcare providers not to turn away fully vaccinated adults who want the covid booster shot six months after their second dose. the cdc recommends booster shots for seniors, people with chronic illnesses, and people
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who work in high risk jobs and the "washington post" state officials and the biden administration want to expand the eligibility but the cdc wants to examine the data first. in colorado, where covid cases are spiking , the governor signed an executive order declaring colorado a high risk covid state , making all adults eligible for the booster. >> we want to provide the best care to our patients but that is more difficult. >> reporter: 95% of the state's icu beds are full and the department of health says nearly 40% of hospitals in the state are expected to experience staffing shortages within one week. >> everybody's committed to doing the best they can and take care of patients. but there is a sense of wanting the community to step up. >> reporter: 80% of the hospitalized covid patients are not vaccinated. >> the cdc is concerned about another virus, measles is considered a global threat
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after routine vaccines were missed over the pandemic. measles was declared eliminated in the u.s. in 2000 largely because of vaccines. but doctors say travelers could still bring it into the country. all reported measles cases dropped in 2020 and the cdc says there were nearly 1300 cases reported in 2019. with missed vaccinations, the risk of outbreaks grows around the world. >> with the measles vaccine alone over the past 20 years, the estimate is about 32 million lives are saved. but none of that is a guarantee. all of that requires constant vigilance and constant ability to deliver vaccine to people who need it. >> u.s. health officials say measles vaccines are key to keeping everyone safe. typically children get two doses of the measles vaccine, one at about one year of age, and the second shot between the ages of four and six. the world's largest health company is breaking up band-
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aids and pharmaceuticals, johnson & johnson plans to split into two companies, separating is over the counter products and pharmaceutical business. it is unclear what the second company will be named but the johnson & johnson name will stick to prescription drugs and medical devices. strumming a recall alert from trader joe's as the grocery chain is recalling about 100,000 pounds of raw ground chicken patties, saying it may contain pieces of bone the items being recalled are chili lime chicken burgers and spinach feta chicken sliders. the products were sold between august 16th of september 29th. if you purchase them, the usda is encouraging you to throw them away or return them to trader joe's. after 13 years, britney spears is free from her conservatorship . a live look at the crowd, her supporters are outside the los angeles county courthouse where one hour ago a judge ruled to stop
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the conservatorship . the popstar had been under conservatorship for nearly 14 years and now she is free to make her own decisions without court oversight. >> i am ready for her to sit in her palace and just chill. and take this freedom and do whatever she wants with it. >> but the courtroom drama may not be over just yet, the popstar's attorney says they will investigate her father's handling of the conservatorship . still ahead, with millions of drivers expected to hit the roads this holiday season, what you need to know before planning those road trips. we are getting a look at the brand-new nasa center, how is looking to get more young people interested in s.t.e.m. beautiful weather across the bay area today, a clear look at the golden gate bridge.
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still some haze left over and we will look at how long that will last coming up in the forecast.
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taking a live look at our
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bay area bridges and millions are expected to hit the road this holiday season. sergio with aaa is joining us today let's talk about gas prices as california has the highest prices on record, how does it compare to the rest of the country? >> unfortunately, california has the highest gas prices in the entire country, only followed by hawaii. it is unfortunate, we don't see this trend going away anytime soon as the price of crude oil is extremely high and demand is unusually high. these high gas prices should stay with us into thanksgiving and the end of the year holiday. >> how will it affect travelers during this thanksgiving season in california? >> when we have done studies on how high gas prices impact that, it does not impact someone's decision to take a road trip. people may cut corners on the trip, maybe stay at a more budget from the hotel or eat
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out at less expensive places but it does not stop people from taking a trip. >> what are we seeing at the airports? >> the airports are expected to be very, very busy, thanksgiving. compared to last year, we will see an 80% jump when it comes to people traveling by air compared to last year. if you are planning to take a trip or to fly to your destination for thanksgiving, you will not be alone. >> plan ahead. thank you for joining us this afternoon. for the first time in two years, the space center in oakland is back open. as justin andrews explains, there is a new effort to get kids excited about s.t.e.m. >> reporter: we got a sneak peek inside the nasa visitor center before it officially opened. >> this is a day that is incredibly exciting. >> reporter: 20 months since they have been open and now there is a new experience
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called the nasa experience and safety features some pretty fascinating items in space research. the center says most of the items have never been on public display, so the bay area is the first to see them. >> an opportunity to reach the community, especially the kids as we want to expire inspire the kids at, especially as they get into middle school and high school when they decide what they will study in the future. >> reporter: they will experience the challenging and inspiring process of scientific discovery, using real stories and people. the idea behind the visitor center is to get more oakland youth into s.t.e.m. , helping them one day chase their dreams of becoming scientists or maybe even an astronaut. it is part of a larger partnership to help area organizations we envision in a new way of educating and experiencing. >> when we use experience, we are talking about learning experiences which include exhibits, artifacts, hands-on
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learning activities, opportunity to meet scientists, researchers from nasa, we think broadly about all of the learning opportunities we can create. >> reporter: you got a sneak peek inside but you can experience it on your own in about two hours as the doors open up at 5:00 p.m. for you and your family to enjoy. it looks like, wherever you're headed this weekend, looking fantastic in the bay area. >> fantastic weather here but heat in southern california as they have been setting records over the past couple of days. it got up to 95 in anaheim, that is hot for mid-november. the storm track is being pushed well to the north which will remain the case through this weekend as this is high- pressure with more atmosphere, a hill of air on top of us pressing down on us and it gets compressed and then it warms up. our temperatures will not be record-setting but about 4 to 8 degrees above average tomorrow
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and the rain continues to be aimed at the pacific northwest. dry weather continues for a while, even after passing clouds next week, not much of a chance of measurable rain falling out of the clouds and the forecast models hitting that maybe wednesday and wednesday night they bring us a 20% chance of a shower and the best chance will be north of the golden gate. i would not pin my hopes on that but maybe later on this month we will have more of that very much needed rainfall across the bay area looking towards the golden gate bridge, a beautiful afternoon with temperatures from 63 degrees in concord, the cool spot because the fog was more stubborn there, and more stubborn than that in fairfield this afternoon. now temperatures are warming up. 67 in oakland and 70 in livermore and downtown san francisco 74 degrees in san jose and santa rosa is at 73 degrees. we have the fog spreading out through tonight. like the past several mornings, starting off with locally dense fog and i think teacher cassis under doing it as it could
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spread into the tri-valley and delta. but the fog will dissipate. some of it dissipates by 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning and the rest should be gone by noon. into the central valley, the fog should this about dissipate by midday. sunshine by saturday afternoon and temperatures warming up. tomorrow morning, upper-40s and lower-50s. mostly upper-40s farther inlet and low-50s around the bed and along the coast. tomorrow's high temperatures the 4 to 8 degrees above normal but not excessively warm or hot. that means it will be nice outside, close to 70 in san francisco and mid-60s along the coast. farther inland, low to mid-70s in the north bay and low to mid- 70s inland and in the east bay. morgan hill gets up to 77
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degrees tomorrow afternoon. temperatures study on sunday and then we start cooling off. a coolg end notice ugh week th olest y on thursday. other than some clouds in the forecast, nothing to thpassing cover tuesday and wednesday and the cloudiest day with an outside chance of a passing shower wednesday and wednesday night. near-normal temperatures through most of next week, the last week before thanksgiving. hard to believe that turkey day is less than two weeks away. on the peninsula, the harvest festival signals the start of the holiday shopping season in san mateo county and this year is back with more than 100 vendors to visit. look at the things you can find at the show. all items are handmade, everything from jewelry, plants, art, clothing, food. vendors are happy to be back this year.
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>> the people coming to shop are all very enthusiastic. they have been housebound and have not seen the artists they normally interact with year after year because none of us have been out. they have been very enthusiastic, very receptive to seeing us again. >> masks are required indoors and the show goes on until sunday at the san mateo county event center and you can purchase tickets online or at the door. an interview you will only see right here on cbs, coming up, a preview of what to expect when oprah winfrey sits down with adelle. the 49ers will host the rams on monday night football in what could be obj's rams debut, we preview that matchup at 4:15, you can find us on or on the kpix app .
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we are also on the cbs news
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adele is debuting new music for the first time in x
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years in a special primetime concert this weekend right here on cbs. the 15 time grammy-winning singer will sit down with oprah winfrey to talk about her new album and life. we have more on what to expect for the big night. ♪ >> reporter: adele is making her highly anticipated return to music with a one night only concert from los angeles . >> it will look elegant and i will tell a load of filthy jokes. >> reporter: the first time fans are hearing the music from the british singer in six years as she did use songs from her new album set for release november 19th. she will also break out some of her chart topping fan favorites and sit down with oprah winfrey to talk about her songs and the stories behind them and her personal life, including life after divorce, weight loss, and raising her son. >> i'm interested in people who
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are willing to speak their truth. she is the truth. >> reporter: she sells, according to variety magazine her new album is a guaranteed blockbuster. to she can still sell physical product in an era where almost everybody is streaming. she can bill sell cds and vinyl. >> reporter: oprah winfrey said the insights from adele about divorce have the power to change lives. >> she will liberate a lot of people, male, female, in marriages that no longer work. one of the things she shared is she was not miserable, miserable, she had an idea of what her whole life, of what marriage and family was going to look like, and then, the reality of that was not really making her happy. >> reporter: with her first performance in a long time, adele is poised to pick up where she left off.
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>> you can catch tran19: one night only on sunday night, the two hour event starts at 8:30 right here on kpix 5. still ahead, what one woman says may have sparked a friendship between herself and this ping one. happy friday, tonight, we have news about a ground chicken recall, the products you need to check. we will stop our series honoring our heroes on the road with a woman who spent years tracking down the rightful owners of military uniforms that she found the trash. you better grab the tissue box for this one. that is all coming up here on the cbs
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nice weather across the bay area today and more of the same this weekend. we will have some locally dense fog to begin each morning but after that temperatures warm up to around 70 degrees around the bay and low to mid-70s farther inland which puts us up 5 to 8 degrees above what is typical for this time of year. warm on saturday and sunday with a gradual cooldown starting next week but that does not come with much of a rain chance. i will have another update coming up at 5:00. coming up, parking woes and
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one south bay city, the new approach to making parking less of a hassle and why some are pushing back against the plan. a new friendship has sparked at the cincinnati zoo. new video showing a penguin infatuated with this woman visiting the zoo . he is seen following her up and down the enclosure along the glass wall, even running along with her. the woman says she believes it was her penguin like outfit that may have attracted the bird to her. >> finally, four days of heavy snowfall turned a playpen of a panda into winter paradise, he made snowballs and snow angels, and then he sat down to enjoy some fresh bamboo sprouts. he has the life. >> weekend goals, maybe not the
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bamboo. >> that is it for us at 3:00, cbs evening news is next and we will have more local news at 5:00 and captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news from here in washington, tonight, trump adviser steve bannon indicted for refusing to talk to congress about the january 6 insurrection. steve bannon facing jail time: why lawmakers think he may have known about the riot before it happened. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. >> o'donnell: the historic indictment, the first tspg prosr contempt of congress in decades. covid's alm surge: cases spike in more than 20 states. we're in hard-hit colorado where i.c.u.s are nearly full. free britney: the breaking news about whether britney spears' toxic krvg torship is over. the


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