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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 12, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking news, an east bay kidnapping caught on camera. new video into the newsroom just minutes ago. it was one of two similar kidnappings hours apart. what we just learned from police on both. good afternoon. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. we are getting new information on both of the fast developing stories. two babies are home with their families after kidnapped in similar car thefts in the east bay yesterday. one in pittsburg and the other in concord. police have made an arrest in the pittsburg kidnapping. >> joycelyn moran is live at a pittsburg body shop that
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captured the kidnapping on camera. tell us about the arrest police just made. >> reporter: it was thanks to a resident who saw the woman walking and called police. she's identified as a 24-year- old. this is after a scary night. we are at the auto shop. it happened across the street. look at the surveillance video we obtained, very terrifying moments. this is when the 2007 chevy tahoe was taken with one-year- old mona. you see someone running after the car, very scary moments. it happened around 5:45 last night after an amber alert and intense search thankfully after 7:30, the one-year-old was reunited with her family. a resident found the suv and the girl in the parking lot but not the suspect. this morning pittsburg police say they received a call from a concerned citizen who reported a woman walking on harbor
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street. she matched the description. she was placed under arrest for kidnapping and vehicle theft but still this incident is leaving many residents uneasy including the owner of this body shop. take a listen. >> i am scared for my kids. i said we can go anywhere, bring the kids. take her out of the vehicle. it's hard. it's very hard. it's scary. >> reporter: the owner of this body shop says he has never seen an incident happen like this in this specific area. many residents are thankful that the girl was found but still it is leaving many people uneasy. >> a good thing that little girl is okay. thank you. we also have new video of the moment a 4-month-old baby was reunited with her family after being kidnapped in concord last night. police say shortly after 10:00 p.m. a car with the baby inside was
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stolen from a strip mall parking lot. within 30 minutes officers found the abandoned one mile away. the baby was inside the car unharmed. though there was an extensive search they could not pin down a suspect. police are investigating. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. there is a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the person who shot and killed a toddler in a rolling freeway shoot out. taking a live look at oakland where the announcement of the reward was just made, money coming from the crimes against asians reward fund organized by local police and oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. >> any one of us could be a victim of crime. your baby could be the one. >> little jasper wu was in a vehicle with his family on 880 saturday when he was killed by a stray bullet from a freeway
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shoot out between two other vehicles. an innocent victim, an unintended target. jasper would have turned two years old next month. in addition to the reward the coalition is calling for greater law enforcement presence not only within oakland but the freeways that crisscross the city. >> what we need are more resources to hold these people accountable. clearly what we have right now is not working but instead it's creating greater crimes. >> the coalition says they've raised much more than the $10,000 for the reward for information leading to an arrest and some of the money will likely go toward a billboard along 880 as advertisement of the reward. we'll follow it for you. back to you. >> thank you so much. we have been showing these eye popping gas prices in san francisco. the price for a gallon is just shy of $6 at this shell gas station at 4th and bryant. there is hope for drivers in
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the south bay. find a gallon of regular for just under $4 here in san jose. commuters have taken notice. >> i work in the bay area so it is cheaper to come here than to any other stations around the area. a live look at the state capitol. we are learning the federal government is blocking california from $12 billion public transit funding all because of a long standing dispute over its pension system. changes made them less generous for new employees, trump administration ruled the pension changes did not make california ineligible for funding but biden administration just reversed that decision. new, it was a big day for the chabot space center in oakland. it reopened for the first time in two years. as justin andrews explains there is a new effort to get kids excited about stem. >> reporter: ribbon cutting wrapping up not ngto learn more
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about this new experience inside the nasa aims visitor center before it opens. >> this is a 20 months since the center has been open and now there is a new experience. it's called the nasa experience and set to feature pretty fascinating items in space research. the center says most of the items have never been on public display so the bay area is the first to see it. >> an opportunity to reach the community, especially the kids. we want to inspire next generation of explorers, inspire kids especially in the middle and high school levels where they decide what they will study in the future. >> people will experience things coming to life like challenging and inspiring process of scientific discovery using real stories and people. the idea behind nasa aims visitors center's unveiling is to get more oakland youth into stem hoping one day to chase
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their dreams of becoming scientists or even an as it is part of a larger partnership to help reenvision in a new way of encing. >> we are talking about learning experiences which includes exhibits, artifacts, hands on learning activities, opportunity to meet, scientists, researchers, engineers from nasa aims. we think broadly about the learning opportunities we can create. >> reporter: we gave a sneak peek inside but you can come out on your own later today. at 5:00, doors officially reopen. >> looks cool. on the peninsula, harvest festival signals start of the holiday shopping season in san mateo. this year it is back. there are more than 100 vendors to visit. look at some of the things you will be able to find at the show. all items are hand made. there is everything from jewelry, plants, art, clothing,
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and even food. vendors say they are happy to be back. >> the people who are coming to shop are all very enthusiastic. they've been house bound. they haven't seen the artists that they normally interact with year after year because none of us have been out. they've just been very enthusiastic, very receptive to seeing us again. >> did you catch what that jewelry was? >> i did not. >> it was one of the emojis. i will give it at that. the show goes until sunday at the san mateo event center. buy tickets online or at the door. some christmas shopping. you can start early and be like gianna and be done. looks like fun. >> be prepared. next at noon and on cbsn bay area, who is responsible for the tragedy that unfolded at a music festival.
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what travis scott's spokesperson had to say. >> imagine treating heat waves like hurricanes. the new effort in california. you see plenty sunshine and blue skies in san francisco and across the bay area. we are looking at above average daytime highs. i
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welcome back. in the face of mounting fall out from deadly astro world music festival in houston, the spokesperson for rapper travis scott is speaking out. he told cbs mornings scott did
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not have the authority to stop the concert. >> this notion that travis had the ability to stop the concert is ludicrous. only two people have the authority to stop the concert were executive producer and concert producer. >> a 22-year-old texas a&m university student died wednesday, is the ninth victim to die in connection with the concert. at least 80 civil lawsuits have been filed. attorney ben crump who gained national attention for representing families of taylor and martin says his firm is representing 200 victims. spears father jamie had managed her finances and most of her personal affairs since 2009. he was suspended in september after accused of abusive behavior. today lawyers are expected to press the judge to end the
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conservatorship. a live look at the big board on this friday afternoon to see how we are rounding out the week. the dow is up about 158. world's largest health company is breaking up bandaids and pharmaceuticals. johnson & johnson plans to split into two companies separating over the counter products and pharmaceutical business. it is unclear what the second company will be named but johnson & johnson will stick to prescription drugs and medical devices. americans are quitting jobs at a record pace. labor department says nearly 4.5 million people quit their jobs in september. at the same time businesses continue to post jobs at near record numbers. new, california could become the first state in the nation to rank heat waves. it will be similar to the way meteorologists categorize hurricanes. the idea was just announced as united nations climate talks wrap up in scotland.
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a gorgeous sunrise over the bay caught on camera from one of our san francisco tower skie e the fog rolled in over the boats in the bay. mary, only you can follow something up that beautiful. thank you. love you len. we are looking at a beautiful day ahead and into our weekend. so that was just a stunning sunrise for us and we're going to do it again as we look to our weekend as well. a live look with sales force tower camera looking east across the bay to mount diablo. you see plenty sunshine. temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. concord you are dealing with a little bit fog, mid 50s, one of the cooler spots at this lunchtime hour. in oakland mid 60s, 67 livermore, san francisco, mid 60s for santa rosa. fairfield is still dealing with the fog down to three quarters of a mile and a mile for concord for the visibility. as we take you through the day
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we are looking at that sunshine. hopefully even for the east bay you are looking in concordat catching clearing as well. highs above average, we are looking at temperatures staying above average with mild conditions as we look to our weekend. it's because of the strong ridge of high pressure. you see storms to the north across pacific northwest but this ridge is blocking rain from coming our way over the next several days. as we take you hour by hour with highs in upper 60s, low to mid 70s inland this afternoon. sun set is at 5:00 and sunrise tomorrow at 6:48. let's take you hour by hour on futurecast. you see the sunshine as we go through today. tomorrow, passing clouds and temperatures a little bit warmer for your saturday and a little bit warmer on sunday with those clouds. we will stay dry over the next several days. through the weekend and into next week. seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, you can see continuing with those above average temperatures through the
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weekend and then much cooler looking to next week. as we look to inland east bay and north bay and the coast, slightly warmer saturday and sunday and there we go with the cool down especially as we look to next wednesday and thursday. we will drop temperatures to below average for this time of year by the middle part of next week. >> thank you much. next, students rising above scholar, the man who rose up with his high school sweetheart by his side. streaming today on cbsn bay area, one of the largest electric charging stations in the country opened. kiet do shows us why the south bay is the perfect place for it at 1:15. find us on or the kpix app. we are also on the cbs
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most students rising above scholars credit the nonprofit for their success. this week's scholar feels the same. as elizabeth cook reports, he has one special person in his corner who has been his biggest support. >> reporter: nathan leans through his work for brilliant, a smart home technology company based in san mateo. >> getting into the workforce, getting into something i was
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intrigued about which is specifically technology got me here. >> reporter: here is career success, his highly sought after position at a growing company. here is nathan's personal success, his son oliver and wife desiree. >> so fun and inspiring to watch him. he is definitely a go getter. >> reporter: they met 12 years ago during senior year in high school and for nathan, it was love at t >> she caught my eye. at that time i thought i was super fly. so i went and kind of introduced myself. >> reporter: nathan's personality when we met, he is very curious and does best making connections with people. >> reporter: for desiree meeting nathan meant instant connection to a young man who has been through a lot. back then the 18-year-old was living with friends, working to support himself. his parents were in and out of
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his life. >> it was hard times for me to figure it out. >> reporter: with desiree on his side nathan was on his own but not alone. >> a lot of people supported me. >> reporter: her commitment brought support. her mom and dad welcomed nathan into their family. >> think mom has been there, both of my parents, but my mom, i remember her calling and texting him. their relationship is awesome. >> reporter: the couple stayed close through high school and college at separate universities before getting married in 2017. >> just been a blessing to have her in my life. >> reporter: 12 years later nathan is still smitten. >> pushing me and always being there when things went rough. >> reporter: desiree is still impressed by the man she knows today. >> i definitely don't think i say it enough how impressed i am about what kind of person he is. >> reporter: their family tree is a dream come true for desiree, fresh start for nathan
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and strong base for oliver. >> oliver will have his own challenges as he grows up but the important part for me is i am always supporting him. >> they are expecting their second baby this coming february and both are so excited for oliver to have a sibling. to learn more about students rising above and its scholars go to we have another look at adele's one night only special airing sunday on kpix5. >> the grammy winner sat with oprah to discuss how it came together. >> being in l.a. as well where i sort of had to recover, you know, from everything that happened in my life over the last years. it will look really elegant and then i will tell a load of filthy jokes, sort of whip lash form. >> a little bit of everything. adele's one night only special airs sunday night on kpix5.
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millions are expected to hit the roadways this holiday
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season. we talked with a spokesperson from aaa about what you can expect if you are planning that road trip. that and more coming up at 3:00. let's get a last check of our weather with mary. isn't this just beautiful? you can see that sunshine as we look at the sutro cam looking north at the golden gate. plenty sun, catching clearing, looking at highs above average and a mild weekend ahead staying above average saturday and sunday. san francisco, oakland, san jose, seven-day forecast, a few passing clouds for your weekend and then cooler as we look to next week. inland east bay north bay and coast, slightly warmer saturday and sunday and there we go with the cool down especially by the middle part of next week. back to you. >> do you remember your first time seeing the snow. >> yes, in the sierra. >> i have been livermanning in it for five years. >> i doubt you were as happy as this giant panda. >> i don't know that anyone is as happy as this one. so cute. four days of heavy snow fall
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turned the 4-year-old's play pen into a wintry paradise, took full advantage making snowballs and snow angels. after all the excitement, sat down to enjoy fresh bamboo sprouts. >> a nice finish to the day. >> i love him piling the snow on his belly. >> goodness, we can watch that video all day. >> me in the snow, i am like no. that's it for the news at noon. we are on 24/7 on
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