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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  November 12, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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that is the momentum behind this latest decision by state health leaders. cdc recommendations are that only adults 65 and older can get the booster shot or people 18 and older who live or work in high risk settings or have underlying medical conditions. we wanted to know how doctors feel about the state's pivot
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from cdc recommendations. >> i think the state of california made the right decision saying they can do that. unfortunately in the last two and a half, three weeks, we have seen numbers coming up. if we vean average flu season this year on top of a swell of cases which i am pretty sure we are going to see, that could stress our healthcare system. >> reporter: doctors say this booster shot gives us another layer of protection as we move into the holiday season. justin andrews, kpix5. >> thank you. according to cdc, majority of californians still need a booster. 34% of seniors have gotten one and 14% of adults over all. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a deadly apartment fire in brentwood. this started around 1:30 yesterday inside a unit on nancy street trapping two men
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inside. family members identified the victim as 79 year sandoval also known as jesse. his son william was also in the apartment. his still in the hospital. a historic church still covered in red paint this morning nearly a week after vandals were caught on camera defacing it. we are told this requires a special painting process and can't simply be scrubbed clean. in the meantime police are still trying to track down vandals. 6:07. still ahead, a fall tradition makes its big return. we are live with the preview of the san mateo harvest festival hoping to bring back a big boost of business. so excited about that. we are looking at great weather. this morning we are looking at 40s and 50s, mainly clear skies but patchy dense fog with a dense fog advisory for solano. through the afternoon, above
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average daytime highs and we will catch that sunshine. low 70s oakland, 73 san jose as well as for concord. the weekend forecast and seven- day forecast, coming up. the fog is making it tough on the free
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welcome back. good morning. happening today, san mateo harvest festival is making a come back. >> it was mostly canceled last year due to the pandemic but it is back. joycelyn moran is live from the event center with what we can expect from the show. looks like lots to choose from. >> i need to do some christmas shopping. show us what you've got. >> reporter: absolutely. that's right, if you want to do christmas shopping we are seeing a booths starting to set up. this is sue. she's with feather weight finery. can you tell us about if someone wants to come here what
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they can expect just from visiting your booth? >> i make all of this by hand. it is light weight jewelry. it is all easy to wear, is comfortable enough for a night on the town and to wear all day. each piece is made by hand one link at a time. i don't know what else to say about it. >> reporter: i know it's been a difficult last year and a half but you say you have been doing this for several years. what does it mean to be back after a very difficult year? >> it's great. there are customers showing up saying i haven't been able to buy anything nice for myself. let me give you all my money. it's fun. people are saying that this is their first outing. they're shopping. they're enjoying seeing all the hand made things.
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this entire show is all hand made. they're just having a great time seeing all the new pretties or shopping for their home. >> reporter: absolutely. again, this is one of the booths here. it's right by the door. there is jewelry and other hand made items. everything is hand made. if you are coming, masks are required. it starts at 10:00 am today and goes until sunday. a lot of options here if you are looking to do christmas shopping. >> thank you. the items look very beautiful. >> we will send you a list. a bunch of new pretties for ourselves. thanks. >> yeah, i got a list too. let's turn things to mary lee. a beautiful day to head to the festival or do anything outside. it's going to be gorgeous with that sunshine and daytime highs a little bit warmer compared to yesterday. if you are about to head out, i
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want to talk about the patchy dense fog especially for solano, sacramento dealing with that dense fog with the dense fog advisory for solano. that's because visibility is down to a quarter mile or less. we are looking at from 200 feet to 800 feet. use extra caution and stay safe. use your low beams and keep plenty distance between you and the car in front of you. dense fog for a quarter mile in concord. check out our gorgeous san francisco mark hopkins hotel camera with clear skies out there. let's show you our sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay looking at mount diablo with those golden beautiful colors. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s at this hour. a little bit chillier compared to yesterday at this time. as we head through the day in san francisco, topping out at 68 with plenty sunshine as we
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look ahead to the east bay, oakland, good morning, 71 this afternoon with sunshine. south bay, san jose, a pleasant day topping out at 73 with all that sun. high pressure is in control for us. we are looking at this ridge, really the dominant weather feature over the next several days. keeping those storms away, we need that rainfall. pacific northwest have been lucky with all the rain but not much for us. let's show you what you can expect for the coast, mid 60s. upper 60s in san mateo. if you are heading to the harvest festival, it looks beautiful. 73 in campbell as well as for san jose, inland east bay, low to mid 70s for tri valley. around the bay from 68 in san francisco, 66 daly city. north bay, low to mid 70s this afternoon with 75 in ukiah.
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the seven-day forecast -- s --looking at the with those sunshine as we head through today, as we look to tomorrow with that sunshine, we are looking at temperatures slightly warmer for your saturday and a few more clouds streaming in for your sunday but staying dry through the weekend. here we go with the seven-day forecast, san francisco, oakland, san jose, above average temperatures for the weekend, much cooler looking to next week. inland east bay, north bay, coast, temperatures slightly warmer for our weekend ahead. we are looking at temperatures much cooler by the middle part of next week in the 50s and 60s. i need some water. those allergies are really getting to me. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. >> those allergies are not fun. you were mentioning all the fog. we are dealing with a couple hot spots especially along 101 as you work out of the north bay. we've got a crash plus a
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stalled vehicle. heads up if taking 101. you see it is green, seeing okay speeds in the area. it is a day after a holiday so traffic patterns are lighter which is good news for commuters. south bound 101 at petaluma boulevard north, all the activity is to the right hand side of the road way. they are clearing this broken down vehicle. that is blocking the right lane. it is pretty foggy, limited visibility. be cautious, you might come up on brake lights quickly in that area. fog advisory for the benicia bridge, limited visibility across the span. we are tracking brake lights busy on highway 4, speeds dipping down to 20 miles per hour in some spots, opens nicely as you past 242. west bound 80, this is just in, a new crash for the ride on the east shore freeway. keep that in mind if headed towards the bay bridge which is
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getting close especially across the upper deck as you head into san francisco. 38 minutes on highway 4 west bound antioch to 80. if getting on 80 you will need 15 minutes from the hercules highway 4 connector to the maze. if you are headed through altamont, pretty light for super commuters. the day after the holiday, we are seeing less cars on the road way. that's good news especially for a friday. >> it is. thank you so much. today, warriors will honor our country's bravest at chase center. they're celebrating hoops for troops night for the game against the bulls, including national anthem performance by band of the golden west and there will be a reenlistment ceremony for a member of the u.s. coastguard. it's all about the
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welcome back. 6:22. a live look outside from our sutro camera, you see mount diablo with the nice sunrise. >> a great way to start your friday. it's all about the movies and music. >> this morning it's all in liam's list. happy friday, good to see you. >> lovely len and also amanda, a very good tgif friday morning to you. we will do some heart tugging in a moment. first, the second coming of adele. >> ♪ hello from the outside. >> that song means so much to people around the world. >> it does. >> what does it represent to you? >> we'll find out sunday night with the big special, oprah winfrey sitting with adele. it's about her music and shifting tide in her life that inspired the new album, new
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record, thirty. it's true to form, heart tugging adele and of course that special show with oprah sitting with adele sunday at 8:00 right here on cbs. >> belfast. >> say who you are. that's who you are. writes and directs a love letter to his hometown in his latest movie belfast, where i spent a big part of my childhood. it focuses on northern ireland's civil war from 1969 to late '90s. at the heart of the movie, a 9- year-old whose family is being torn apart. this kid will get an oscar nod. his parents are beautifully played. the film is made for the ones who stayed, for the ones who left, and for all the ones
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lost. it's a beautiful film, it really is. wearing his west full heart on his sleeve, by fast, my favorite movie of the year, will tug at your heart and leave you wanting more. it's now playing in bay area theaters. american flag is just too american. >> you know him from his news update on snl, a new comedy special on net flix is funny and edgy. shame the devil, speaking to the truth, yes, it does. he touches a matter of topics including american patriotism, jealous exes, hello, and more. he is brilliant here, streaming now on net flix. finally, it is the 33rd annual authors' luncheon. it is tomorrow. books, books, books. i will send a link, put it on the list so you can join the
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fun celebrating books and literature and reminding us of those we have lost to kidney disease. a great fund raiser. get out there or chill on the sofa. li is as i toss it back to you, that movie belfast, you've got to see it. go with friends. go with a loved one. it will tug right here. >> we trust you. we will check it out. >> thank you, a jam packed weekend for us. >> cheers. 6:25. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> chaos on golden gate bridge, crash during an anti vaccine protest that left chp officers injured. >> reporter: the state is letting all adults get the booster
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. reward offered in the killing of a toddler in oakland. oakland chinatown chamber of commerce putting up an award for tips leading to arrest in the deadly shooting of jasper wu. johnson & johnson is spinning off its over the counter consumer health products unit into a separate company. it makes products like
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benadryl, bandaids, tylenol, motrin. no word yet on its name. making a come back, event was canceled last year due to the pandemic. it runs today through sunday. good morning. it is friday, thank goodness, november 12. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. let's get a check of weather and traffic on this friday. we have lots of plans, no pressure mary, but we need nice weather. we will deliver. it will be beautiful today and into the weekend. if you have outdoor plans, it's going to be fantastic. this morning, if you are about to head out, mainly clear skies but dealing with patchy dense fog especially for parts of the east bay and north bay. i will show you this through the afternoon, sunshine and mild conditions, highs above average for this time of year. current visibility down to a tenth of a mile in fairfield. fairfield you are under a dense fog advisory until 11:00, quarter mile in concord, petaluma, santa rosa. 60s and 70s this afternoon with
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sunshine. 64 pacifica, 68 san francisco, 71 oakland, 73 san jose and concord. we'll have that weekend forecast including your seven- day forecast coming up. let's check with gianna. it is getting busy at the bay bridge. an example of how unpredictable traffic can be. this happened very quickly. we had a broken down vehicle west on the upper deck of the bay bridge on the west end actually closer to the san francisco side. they activated metering lights and look at the back up now at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is busy from the 880 ramp and stays bumper to bumper on the upper deck as well. a busy ride. also busy off the east shore freeway west bound 80. we had a crash in the clearing stages but a little slow as you approach the scene. we are dealing with fog as well. we have limited visibility along 101 through petaluma. that's where chp is clearing a
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crash, south bound 101 at petaluma boulevard north. police are going through surveillance video trying to locate a woman who abducted a 1- year-old girl in pittsburg last night. luckily this has come to a positive conclusion, the girl has been town. it was an amber alert in effect after she was taken in a carjacking around 6:00 last night. about four hours later, a woman found the 1-year-old girl named mona in her car seat in the stolen vehicle. it was in the driveway of a pittsburg apartment complex. that woman called police. >> they were blocking the driveway. it was just sitting here. it was weird because they heard a baby screaming and crying and then they looked and flashed the lights. the baby was in there, door was open, and they got the baby out. >> the baby was in her dad's running suv last night. her dad had stepped out to talk
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to another man and a woman came up to them asking for a cigarette. she suddenly got into the suv and drove off with the baby inside triggering the amber alert. the suspect is still on the loose right now. she's described as a woman in her 30s with a tattoo on her face. back to you. california health officials going against current cdc guidelines and letting all adults get the booster shot. >> this is as holidays are nearing and we are seeing a recent rise in covid cases. justin andrews is live to explain the state's pivot on all this. >> reporter: health leaders say safety is really at the core of this. they say the booster shot gives an extra layer of protection as we move into the holiday season. i want to give viewers a reminder of what cdc recommends. it says adults 65 or older can get the booster or adults 18 or older who live or work in high
6:34 am
risk settings or have underlying health conditions. california and leaders are saying no, we are letting all adults get the booster shot. if you are 18 and older, you can get the booster shot as long as it's been six months since the second dose of the pfizer or moderna or two months since the johnson & johnson shot. dr. fauci confirmed we could see a winter surge unless more americans get vaccinated. that is the momentum behind the latest decision by state health leaders manging it clear to the healthcare providers not to turn a single patient away requesting a booster shot. >> we're vulnerable to get a surge unless we get more people vaccinated. >> i am fully vaccinated and even boosted. i feel very well protected. but i am not 100% protected and i don't want to get covid. >> reporter: local doctors telling us the state made the
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right decision. justin andrews, kpix5. a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is back to normal but yesterday an anti vax protest there led to a traffic mess. it wasn't the initial protest though that caused the longer wait. hours into the protest an suv crashed that ended up hitting several officers and bridge patrol workers with protesters on the other side of the barrier. >> i heard a bang and then next thing i know i look and there it was. >> i appreciate the right to peaceful protest but it's a bummer that impacts me. tonight is my one night i get to have dinner with my kids. >> chp says the injured officer is out of the hospital and one person was arrested for trying to stop his vehicle on the bridge. today one san francisco elementary school will be calling in counselors after a staffer was killed outside campus.
6:36 am
we showed you citizen app of the scene steps from sherman elementary school yesterday. zieman attended as a child and was a long time staff member. the principal sent a letter to parents saying we are struggling to understand the tragic loss of life especially since he meant so much to students, family, staff. andrew taught from the heart, was patient and kind and always a positive model. veloping , and e rneys for uswill rern thouse today without the jury present. they will finalize how jurors will be instructed when they get the case next week. he is facing up to life in prison and says he acted in self defense in shootings that left two dead at a protest in kenosha, wisconsin. he broke down while describing
6:37 am
what happened. each side will have two and a half hours for closing arguments. the prosecution is expected to ask the judge to allow the jury to consider lesser charges for some of the counts. jury deliberations are likely to start monday afternoon. today britney spears conservatorship can come to an end. her father jamie has made medical and health decisions for his daughter for 13 years. it is the first hearing since jamie spears was removed as coconservator. lawyers for jamie and britney filed papers for the conservatorship to end. as part of governor newsom's executive order, california dmv is doubling capacity for dmv will begin offering saturday commercial driving tests and it is
6:38 am
introducing three new testing sites. >> there is a big dilemma. what do you prioritize? it's very difficult to make the choice because if you don't online ships, it gets longer. if there is empty returning the port is full and you can't unload more ships. >> the department is training more staff to handle demand for commercial drivers. 6:38. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> talk about getting best of both worlds. why some of the newest electric cars on the road are also some of the oldest. getting nasa experience, what chabot space center is about to launch. the market just opened, let's take a quick check. dow is up in the green there close to 100 points. good morning. ahead on cbs mornings demand for answers intensifies after last week's concert tragedy in
6:39 am
units ton. travis scott's spokesperson joins us to tell us what he knew while on stage. pete buttigieg takes us inside the plan to tackle america's urgent supply chain crisis and shares details of a conversation with adele, part of this sunday's
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some good news if you are worried about packages this holiday season. diane king hall is joining us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning, diane. good morning. let's start with a check on the trading action. trading has been underway and stocks are higher following news that johnson & johnson is splitting up or planning to split into two companies.
6:43 am
helping dow to rise by nearly 100, better by more than 90. in the tech sector, you are seeing gains. if you are worried your holiday packages won't arrive on time, have some faith. u.s. postal service says they're ready and they unveiled 92 new package sorting machines and they're also hiring additional 40,000 seasonal employees to help out. >> good to know. diane king hall of have a great weekend. >> thank you. a forniampyou second movaluable auto maker in the u.s. rivian electric vehicle maker backed by amazon and ford wrapped up a two day ipo launch. shares are up 57% giving company a market cap of over
6:44 am
$100 billion. the company has delivered over 150 electric pickup trucks mostly to employees. electric cars are growing more popular but some drivers can't bear to part with their old classics. >> one mechanic in london is steering vintage classics into the future converting gas guzzlers helps the environment. >> scrapping cars is not a good ing to . 'sknown that half of a car's lifetime co2 output is during manufacture. >> converting a car with used parts from crashed electric vehicles can set you back at least 30 grand. 6:44. a ribbon cutting ceremony will get underway at the chabot space and science center. organizers say the site deepens the center's roots in the bay
6:45 am
area community and offers immersive steam environment to showcase the stories from the aims community over its 81 year history. very neat. >> amazing. i want to check it out. 6:45 on this friday morning. always feels so good to say friday morning. >> feels good to hear it. >> we made it. >> we have weekend plans. what's it going to look like? it's going to look beautiful. above average temps will continue. if you have the weekend outdoor plans, it looks great. this morning we are dealing with patchy dense fog with the dense fog advisory for solano county as well as sacramento and san joaquin valleys. for solano, we are talking 200 to 800 feet. slow down and use extra caution. use low beams and keep plenty distance between you and the car in front of you. let's check the visibility, down to a tenth of a mile in
6:46 am
fairfield, quarter mile in concord and santa rosa and half mile for petaluma. really looking at the east bay and noy fothat dee g. a lovely vir s force tower camera as we look east, golden colors in skare st temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. it is chillier compared to yesterday at this time. grab that jacket if you are planning to head out the door. in san francisco as we walk you through your day we will see plenty sunshine, a beautiful day with 68 for a high in the city. east bay shoreline, oakland, good morning, topping out at 71 this afternoon and south bay, san jose looking at 73, pleasant conditions with plenty sunshine. it's because of the ridge of high pressure building in and this dome really keeping any storm systems from coming our way. pacific northwest, they're catching that rain not for us and this ridge will be dominant weather feature over the next
6:47 am
several days. daytime highs for coast, mid 60s for the peninsula. san mateo the rvest festival, beautiful day. s for the tri valley. 66 in daly city, 71 alameda, 70 san leandro, 73 napa valley, 75 for ukiah. through the day on futurecast as we take you hour by hour you see all that sunshine. a few passing clouds, and we are looking at clouds for your sunday but still dry and still looking at above average temperatures through the weekend. seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, above average temperatures for the weekend though cooler for next week. inland east bay, north bay, coast, slightly warmer for our weekend and cooling it down to
6:48 am
below average daytime highs as we look to next week. it is friday and we are celebrating stem stars of the week. curiosity robotics, 15 high schoolers in palo alto. they built cool record setting robots and also have a passion for serving their community. they've provided 5,000 face shields during the pandemic and also provide free stem classes. i love this so much. i loveso much about our community and they are smart students too. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. >> so cool. i love stem stars. >> i do too. a couple things to look for, bay bridge toll plaza is one of our hot spots. stalled vehicle on the upper deck and another one just reported near treasure island. a crash not far from the toll plaza is making for an extra busy ride. because we are seeing the broken down vehicle on the upper deck it is making it
6:49 am
extra busy. you see speeds dipping down to nine miles per hour. give yourself 20 minutes to head into the city from the maze. off the east shore freeway, pockets of slowing around richmond as well as you work your way through berkeley. richmond san rafael bridge is getting busy. we have been keeping our eye on 101 throfoggy spots. there was an earlier trouble spot and that's been cleared. it is foggy across the benicia bridge. we are tracking slow ride, 43 minutes from antioch over 280. if you are taking 680, there are a few brake lights. the dublin interchange is not bad. it's been quiet at the altamont pass commute for super commuters. road maintenance this weekend at the bay bridge toll plaza. starts tonight at 9:00 through at least saturday morning. if you are headed to chase center to cheer on the golden
6:50 am
state warriors as they take on the bulls, hoops for troops, connect using muni express. your event ticket is your muni pass. if you want to drive, consider sharing the ride or you can even bike to chase center. they have bike valets available. that is an option as well. there's a fire starting in my heart ♪ reaching fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark ♪ finally i can see you crystal clear ... >> you are getting a look at adele's one night only special airing this sunday on kpix5. it's going to be quite the show. >> the grammy winner sat with oprah to discuss how it all came together. >> being in l.a. as well where i sort of had to recover, you know, from everything that happened over
6:51 am
the last few years, perfect. >> it will look really elegant and then i will tell a load of filthy jokes. >> adele's one night only special airs sunday night on kpix5. >> a little mix of everything. >> nice balance. ahead, here comes the harvest festival. we are live in san mateo with a preview of the big return. a california man returns home for lunch to find some hairy hungry visitors inside. a press conference regarding the death of a toddler in a shooting on 880. at 8:15, more information around new electric car charging station in the south bay. watch
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and a 5g phone on us. get this deal before it's gone. click, call or visit a store today. i am anne makovec at the
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live news desk. we have our eye on the search for a woman who abducted a baby girl in pittsburg last night in a carjacking. the good news is the one-year- old girl has been found. she is safe. she is okay. about four hours after the amber alert was called a woman found the one-year-old girl named mona. here is what investigators say about how the abduction happened. just before 6:00 the wa in her father's running suv and her father stepped out to talk to another man. a woman came up and got into the suv and drove off with the baby inside. again that woman is still on the loose. police have described her only as a woman in her 30s with a tattoo on her face. they're reviewing sure violence video from the scene in pittsburgh to try to get some clues. we'll keep you posted. back to you.
6:56 am
i am justin andrews live in oakland. if you want the booster shot you can get it and should not be turned away. any place offering booster shots in california is forced to give all adults over age 18 that booster shot as long as six months passed since your second dose of the pfizer or moderna or two months since johnson & johnson shot. dr. fauci confirmed we can see a winter surge with covid-19 unless more americans get vaccinated. that is momentum behind the latest decision by state health leaders. they're noticing a recent rise in covid cases. health leaders say be sure you get the booster shot. i am yn man liin san mateo at the county event center where the harvest festival is taking place. if you are looking to do some shopping and as we look at the holidays, at this booth we have some arts and crafts.
6:57 am
if you know of anyone who likes art. we walk over here, if you like baseball they'vt me baseball cups and a lot of bay area sports. giants, 49ers, warriors, a's. if we walk to our left, we have some plants, some succulents. there are a lot of options here if you are looking to do some holiday shopping. as far as harvest festivals they did have to cancel a lot of their shows due to the pandemic. they had restrictions with other shows as well. this year they are coming strong but again there are covid protocols in place. for example, masks will be required. tickets are sold at the door or online and it is today 10:00 to 5:00 today and tomorrow and 10:00 to 4:00 on sunday. as we look at the roadways, it is a busy ride as you head into san francisco.
6:58 am
metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a handful of hot spots causing it to be extra busy for a friday. we are tracking slow speeds across the upper deck and sluggish off the east shore freeway richmond to berkeley. the good news is it's the weekend. let's check with mary to see how the forecast is shaping up. it's beautiful not just today but through the weekend. this morning we are looking at mainly clear skies and patchy dense fog. through the afternoon, sunshine, mild conditions, highs above average. showing you visibility down to a tenth of a mile in fairfield. there we go with the highs, 60s and 70s. enjoy. picture this, you go home for lunch to realize you are not alone in your home and not the only one who is hungry. >> this was the case for one l.a. county man greeted by a family kihen. s ht rin
6:59 am
>> hey! >> when jholden got to his home he noticed his front door open. he saw momma bear in his yard. she would not leave so he ran past her to get inside to find her two cubs making themselves at home with a bucket of kentucky fried chicken he had left out. >> i see a bear in my kitchen and he is eating my kentucky fried checken. i was very concerned about my pets at the time so i guess i wasn't thinking clearly. i wanted to get in and make sure they were okay. i did everything i can to make noise to try to get them to leave. they were very stubborn. >> sadly his pet parakeet is gone but neighbors found his missing dog who ran out of the house when the bears came inside. that bear was tearing that chicken up. >> he was hungry.
7:00 am
>> that recipe from the colonel gets you every time. lesson learned, don't leave the chicken out. news continues all captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs mornings." hello to you viewers on the west coast. it's friday. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> the defense rests in the trial of kyle rittenhouse as the judge spars with prosecutors. the key moments witnessed by the jury. >> have you ever posted anything on social media? >> yes. >> in sun port of kyle rittenhouse? >> one could argue yes. urgent calls for help. >> there's a


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