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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 12, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on kpix5 and ealog live fromr r camera at the golden gate bridge. good morning. it is friday november 12. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. tgif, we made it. what's our weather like? beautiful, very similar to yesterday, sunshine this afternoon and temperatures warmer compared to yesterday and a little bit above average. that will continue into our weekend. mainly clear skies in san francisco but you see areas of fog especially in concord, about a quarter mile and quarter mile for petaluma as well as for santa rosa. through the afternoon, enjoy the sunshine with daytime highs above average, upper 60s to low 70s for peninsula and inland, low and mid 70s this afternoon. let's check with gianna. there are places dealing ally i
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we've got a fog advisory across 680, the benicia bridge. visibility may be an issue, chp issued the advisory about 15 minutes ago. we are not seeing a lot of brake lights but again it is a little foggy. things are fairly quiet for your friday ride, easy ride across the east shore freeway. towards east bound 580 at san ramone, we have reports of a crash on the right side of the road. but it is early, not seeing a lot of brake lights. golden gate bridge, so far so good, 20 minutes south bound 101 from highway 37 as you head into san francisco. most bay area bridges are quiet but again that fog advisory on the benicia. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we have breaking business and health news. johnson & johnson announced it is splitting into two separate companies and it has sent
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premarket trading for the company much higher. we are talking one division that would be involved in its household products and the other one in its pharmaceutical and medical device operations including its covid-19 vaccine. its consumer products division, the one with household products, would inherit litigation it is dealing with, lawsuits over claims that the company's baby powder causes cancer and those are allegations that the company has denied but there are billions of dollars on the line with that. the company says it hopes to complete the transaction within the next two years. the ending we were hoping for to the amber alert you probably got on your phone. >> a girl abducted steps from her father in contra costa sparking a widespread search has been found safe. this started before 6:00 last night on bliss avenue in pittsburg. officers quickly searched streets for a stolen chevy
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tahoe but a nearby ighbor found the baby girl. andrea nakano was there as she was reunited with her parents. >> reporter: family members relieved to hold the one-year- old again after she was discovered in the parking lot of an apartment complex. >> they were blocking the driveway and it was just sitting here. it was weird because they heard a baby screaming and crying. then they looked and flashed the lights. the baby was in there, door was open, and they got the baby out. >> reporter: officers responded right away along with family. they did not want to talk but confirmed the baby was okay as they walked away to take her home. investigators say the child was left in a running car when the father stepped out to talk to another man at this business on bliss street. the two men were approached by a woman asking for a cigarette but then the woman got into the car and drove off with the wild inside. officers scoured streets until they got the tip that baby mona
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was at the complex. police did not find the suspect and a k-9 was called to help with the search. the good news is that the child was found safe and unharmed. >> i have 12 kids, so it hit me because i am like it could have been anybody's kid. thank god like i said, the baby, the amber alert came and right away the baby was sitting here. >> police have surveillance video and are working to identify a suspect described as a woman in her 30s with a tattoo on her face. thousands of drivers got home late after a protest over vaccine mandates sparked a chaotic scene. in the midst, a crash that sent several people to the hospital. kenny choi has how it went down. >> left my office at 4:45. >> reporter: slow crawl, bumper to bumper traffic clogging streets in every direction, testing people's patience. >> an hour and a half, normally
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takes 20 minutes. >> reporter: some like this driver turned around in frustration. nearby, protesters voiced opposition to government vaccine rules. >> pro freedom, antityranny, prochoice, anticoercion. >> no control of we the people. >> reporter: hours into the peaceful protest that never made it to the bridge an suv collides into a street sweeper this ends up hitting multiple officers and bridge patrol workers with protesters on the other side. >> we just heard a bang and next thing i know, i looked and someone is yelling "do we have any doctors, a medic." >> reporter: one officer had to be transported to the hospital. >> injured but we don't know the extent. we think he will be all right. he is getting checked out. >> reporter: workers eventually opened roads, back up leading to a long commute home. >> i appreciate people's right to peaceful protest but tonight
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is the one night i get to have dinner with my kids. >> a bridge patrol official tells us their worker sustained nonlife threatening injuries and will be okay. we are learning more about the man killed in a fire in brentwood. take a look at the home swallowed up by a cloud of smoke yesterday. katie nielsen had a chance to speak with the man's family. >> reporter: armed with a garden hose in each hand, a neighbor tried to fight flames in the burning apartment. >> they're screaming "get out, get out, fire." i don't know if they heard me. >> reporter: firefighters pulled two men out of the burning unit, the only two home at the time. family members identified them as a 79-year-old who went by jesse and his son william. jesse died and william was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. jesse's family says he spent his life working in the fields
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in brentwood and for years was an orchard foreman at bloom field fig. crews are trying to understand what happened. >> we haven't seen smoke alarms that have been found inside the apartment right now. that is a common cause of people who aren't able to get out of the home in time. a historic church in fremont is still covered in red paint nearly a week after vandals were caught on camera defacing miss san jose in fremont. we are told the building requires a special process and cannot simply be scrubbed clean. police are still trying to track down the vandals. you can get a covid booster no matter what risk category you are in. >> the announcement came exactly two weeks before thanksgiving. advice from health experts ahead of the holidays. >> we're not out of the woods with this pandemic.
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be prudent over these holidays. >> reporter: this uc berkeley doctor says this holiday he will be heeding his advice, avoiding gatherings with unvaccinated, rapid testing beforehand, trying to gather outdoors. >> i am fully vaccinated and even boosted. i feel very well protected. but i am not 100% protected and i don't want to get covid. >> we are vulnerable to get a surge unless we get more people vaccinated. >> reporter: in a town hall tuesday night hosted by a congress woman, the u.s. chief medical adviser dr. anthony fauci confirmed we could see winter surge unless more americans get vaccinated. >> you want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. >> reporter: californians will have another layer of protection as thanksgiving nears. state department of public health told healthcare providers not to turn away fully vaccinated adults who want covid booster six months after their second dose.
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>> i think the state of california made the right decision saying they can do that. unfortunately in the last two and a half to three weeks we have been seeing numbers. if we have an average flu season this year on top of a swell of cases, which i am pretty sure we are going to see, that can stress our healthcare system. the time is now 4:40. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> today could be the day britney spears has been anticipating for more than a decade. the crucial expected in just hours. plus. a california man returns home for lunch to find he is not the only one who is hungry.
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♪ there's a fire starting in my heart -- finally i can see you crystal clear ... >> i want to hear the rest now. >> i am listening to this. >> a first look at the one night only special airing sunday. >> the grammy winner sat with oprah to discuss how it came
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together. >> being in l.a. as well where i sort of had to recover, you know, from everything that happened in life in the last years, perfect. it will look really elegant and then i will tell a load of filthy jokes, sort of whip lash. >> adele's one night only special airs sunday night on kpix5. looks like a good one. >> it does. today, a hearing that could give britney spears more control over her life than she's had in more than a decade. her father jamie managed finances and most personal affairs since 2009. he was suspended as conservator in september after accused of abusive behavior. lawyers are expected to press the judge to end the conservatorship. a california company you may not have heard of has become second most valuable auto maker in u.s. diane king
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hall reports omw york >>stocks were mixed on thursday. dow lost 158 points. nasdaq gained 81. s&p 500 added two. shares of electric vehicle maker rivian rallied 57% since going public on wednesday. the sharp rise is based largely on expectations. rivian hopes to produce just 1,000 vehicles by the end of the year but it is backed by amazon and ford. movie pass is getting a sequel. movie ticket subscription service shut down in 2019 after hemorrhaging money according to court documents reviewed by business insider. a new york bankruptcy court approved bid by the original cofounder stacey spikes and he hopes to relaunch the service next year. justin bieber and tim
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horton teaming up. the collaboration will be known as tim biebs. flavors available starting november 29 for a limited time in the u.s. and canada. that's your cbs money watch report. head to at the new york stock exchange, i am diane king hall. imagine going home for lunch to realize you are not alone and not the only one who is hungry. >> that was the case for one l.a. county man greeted by a family of bears caught ransacking his kitchen. >> hey! >> i felt like he was saying what you doing? can i have some of that? when the resident got home he noticed his front door and saw the mom bear in his yard. she wouldn't leave so he ran passed her to get inside to find her two cubs majoring
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themselves at home with a bucket of kentucky fried chicken. >> i see a bear in my kitchen eating my kentucky fried chicken. i was very concerned aboumy pets. i have guess i wasn't thinking clearly, wanted to get in and make sure they were okay. i did everything i can to isto leave. they were very stubborn. >> sadly his pet parakeet is gone but neighbors found his missing dog who ran out of the house when the bears came inside. >> probably ran out to alert somebody. hey, we have some intruders. >> we need some help. >> some other furry friends in here i don't like. >> so much to unpack. >> real life goldy locks. >> the kfc, that's a lot. it's friday, the weekend, how is the forecast. get ready for nice weather. we need the rain but
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unfortunately that's not coming soon. enjoy the sunshine while we have it. a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. it's a chilly start. grab the jacket if you are heading out. we are also dealing with patchy dense fog. let's show you the visibility. we are near zero in petaluma. it's been a foggy week. lookk at a half mile in santa rosa and quarter mile in concord. mainly clear skies, patchy dense fog this morning. as we head through afternoon, sunshine and mild temperatures, actually highs above average for this time of year, a little bit warmer pardon to yesterday and a little bit above average. high pressure dome in place. you see the pacific northwest getting all that rain. not us. the ridge of high pressure is really blocking any weather systems from coming our way.
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peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s. 73 san jose, mid 70s for morgan hill. inland east bay 73 concord, pleasant hill, low 70s for the tri valley. dublin and liver more 72. 66 daly city, low 70s for east bay shoreline, 70 san leandro. north bay, low to mid 70s with 73 napa and 73 for santa rosa, 75 for ukiah. as we take you hour by hour on futurecast, you see the sunshine as we head through today. tomorrow, a few passing clouds, plenty sunshine, temperatures may be slightly warmer saturday and a little bit warmer still for your sunday with more clouds streaming in for your sunday but still looking dry as we look to our weekend. the seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose,
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there we go with temperatures still above average as we look to the weekend, slightly warmer sunday and there we go with the cool down into next week. by wednesday, thursday, daytime highs are actually below average for this time of year. inland east bay, north bay, coast, slightly warmer for saturday and sunday and again a few clouds expected as we head through our weekend and we are looking at cooler temperatures as we look to especially the middle part of next week, a big cool down with those daytime highs actually dropping to below average for this time of year. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. we are dealing with foggy conditions in spots this morning. benicia bridge, chp issued a fog advisory about 30 minutes ago. if you are headed out early and that is your route, you might deal with patchy fog. limited visibility could be an issue as you work across the span. be careful as you travel through. i am not tracking brake lights
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or delays, so that's good news. it is friday, yay, if you are on the roads things should be better than usual. golden gate bridge, not seeing fog or delays. you can see things moving at the limit into san francisco. if travels take you between 880 and 101 if you are crossing bay heading to the peninsula, that is the commute direction. towards foster city, it is quiet, a lot of green on our travel times, 12 minutes for san mateo bridge commute, no delays on richmond san rafael bridge. there is a crash chp is the working on. it's the noncommute direction, all the activity is to the right hand side of the road way. if you are headed towards dublin interchange, you are at an okay pace. you can see head lights heading west bound towards 680, things are fairly quiet. we are tracking slight delays as you connect off 205 to 580 well east of the dublin
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interchange. travel times are good, 25 minutes 205 to 680. 80, no delays. highway 4 is clear. if you are headed from san jose hellyer to sfo, about 36 minutes. so far your friday drive looks really good. that's a look at traffic. whether you like college basketball or not, i know one thing you definitely love. 75 footers at the buzzer to cap off massive upset. we have a few buzzer beaters to show you from last night. rams ad to passing attack. obj is heading to l.a. that and more
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coidering all things, sharks navigate the waters and chaos okay. missing seven players due to covid otthatdated back to october 30, they called san jose barracuda players to fill the void and skated by with 500 hockey. mcclain in likely final game as interim coach set to return saturday. second period in win peg tied at one. his first goal of the year, it's 2-1 jets. final minute of the period, win peg, lori to harkins for the go, jets win 4-1. the good news, sharks should be back to full strength saturday in colorado. nfl, los angeles is known for the stars and it has been a theme with the sports teams lately. they have just been stockpiling household names. this time the rams signed wide
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receiver odell beckham jr who was released monday. rams play 49ers and it is unclear whether he will suit up at levis. ray finkle's old friend watching. look at the 327-pounder, he is nimble but hunt was an ineligible receiver. why catch it? you know it is coming back. penalty dolphins. 9-3 miami, watkins stripped by howard, picks up the fumble and he has reservations. for six, 49 yards to the house and two win dolphins upset baltimore 22-10. how about one final award for buster posey on his way out? giants retired catcher won his fifth career silver slugger, given to best hitter at each position. he had 18 home runs this
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season, most since 2015. college basketball defending national champion stanford opening title defense against morgan state, nice warm up for the game they have on sunday against number 25 texas. that's hannah jump beating third quarter buzzer, number 3 cardinal rolled 91-36. who doesn't love college basketball? san jose state, cal state tied at 76 off the miss, the game winner for smith, 78-76 spartans and this one even better, uc riverside down by two against arizona state. at the buzzer that's from 75 feet, string music and it is not the sun devils hard player. goodness, that was a perfect swish and gives highlanders an incredible 66-65 win. warriors and bulls today, it
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will conclude the eight game home stand at chase. chicago will be without the all star center who tested sitive for ck. livein wellyou what you can expect. project home update, the journey that finally led
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i've got goose bumps every time he. >> project home update, what this oakland couple did to go from a ten on the sidewalk to a permanent two bedroom apartment. here comes the harvest festival. we are live with the preview of the big return. good morning. it is friday november 12. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. we'll be staying warm through the weekend. as for how warm, we'll turn things to the expert. good morning. we are looking at 60s and 70s, beautiful weather with that sunshine. that will continue as we look to our weekend. temperatures are a little bit warmer as we look ahead to our weekend. in the meantime this morning, good friday morning, we are looking at mainly clear skies we are the 40s d 50s. grab that jacket first thing if you are heading out. here is what you can expect, locations getting dense fog, a quarter mile in concord, near
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