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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 12, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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arrive saturday. for more it'sday, nember 12th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." coming to a close. the defense rests in the kyle rittenhouse trial. what the jury must now consider as they decide the 18-year-old's fate. concert tragedy. a ninth person dies after the crowd surge at a travis scott performance. how the rapper is trying to connect with the victims' families. executive order. why one governor is defying the government and allowing all adults in his state to get a covid vaccine booster shot. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with the trial of kyle rittenhouse.
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closing arguments are set for monday, the same day the jury could get the case. yesterday defense lawyers wrapped up after more than two days of testimony. that included rittenhouse taking the stand, sobbing at times as he defended killing two people and wounding a third during a police protest last year. bradley blackburn is in new york with the latest on this. bradley, what's happening in court today? >> reporter: attorneys will be back in the courtroom today, but the jury will not. the prosecution and defense are finalizing how jurors will be instructed next week when kyle rittenhouse's fate is placed in their hands. >> we would rest -- >> reporter: the defense rested its case thursday in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the jury returns monday to hear closing arguments. >> we're in the final stretch. >> reporter: he's facing up to life in prison. he's charged with six criminal counts including intentional and reckless homicide. during protests in august, 2020, following the police shooting of jacob blake, rittenhouse
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traveled from his home in illinois to kenosha, wisconsin, where he carried a rifle that he was not legally allowed to have at 17 years old. that night he fatally shot two men and injured a third. now 18, rittenhouse said he was acting in self-defense. >> the person that attacked me first talented to kill me twice. -- threatened to kill me twice. >> reporter: on the stand earlier this week, he broke down while describing what happened. >> there were -- people there -- >> reporter: cbs news analyst rikki klieman says that could be a focal point for jurors. >> emotional impact is really critical in a case of self-defense. >> reporter: prosecutors argue he was responsible for the violence. >> the only person who killed anyone was the defendant. >> reporter: each side will have 2.5 hours for closing arguments. and many have called that emotional display from rittenhouse into question, not least lebron james who accused him of faking the tears on the stand.
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it will be up to the jury to weigh the evidence. they could start deliberations as soon as monday afternoon following those closing arguments. anne-marie? >> all right, bradley blackburn in new york. thank you very much. another high-profile case is drawing attentn thor. attorn forli brywhen sg ofin th ar i yesterday gough told the judge he does not want any, quote, black pastors in the courtroom. it came after he saw al sharpton with arbery's parents. >> there's only so many pastors they can have. if their pastor is al sharpton now, that's fine. that's it. we don't want any more black pastors coming in here or jesse jackson, who was in here earlier this week, sitting with the victim's family trying to influence the jury in this case. >> the judge said that he will not blanketly exclude members of the public from the courtroom as long as people are respectful of the trial.
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bryan along with greg and travis mcmichael are charged with murder. authorities say that they chased and killed arbery last year after he was spotted running in their neighborhood. a federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the release of former president trump's records linked to january 6th ck on e u.s.itol. hundreds of pages of documents were scheduled to be given to a. the appeals court has set the next arguments in the case for november 30th. the fight could end up in the supreme court. a 22-year-old girl who was critically injured after a crowd surge at travis scott's concert has died. that brings the death toll to nine people. this comes as the rapper is photographed for the first time since the event. lilia luciano reports. there's a lot of people trampled, and they're passed out at the front stage. >> reporter: we're hearing for the first time police radio
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calls as chaos set in. >> multiple people being injured. >> reporter: cbs news obtained video from a source close to the astroworld festival showing police near the stage seemingly unaware of the unfolding nightmare. [ screams ] this woman was all too aware. >> i fell on someone, then two people fell on me. >> reporter: sophie, who doesn't want her last name made public, said she was knocked down 10 to 15 feet from the stage. >> it was a human pile of people. >> reporter: she was pulled to safety and three weeks out of nursing school went into action. what made you turn around? >> i knew that i needed to help. >> reporter: she saw three dead bodies before finding arturo sanchez barely alive. >> he was just comatose -- i was say he was just comatose by himself. >> reporter: she worked to revive him for 40 minutes begging a paramedic for help. >> he opened his backpack and had water bottles, gauze, and band-aids. what was he supposed to do with
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that? >> reporter: the astroworld concert has a ninth victim. the latest, ea sha at an emotional press conference, her sister demanded justice. >> this is our responsibility to make sure that we get justice for this. >> reporter: travis scott, photographed by "the daily mail," is seen for the first time since the concert. >> we were begging him to stop. people were dying. >> reporter: sophie and arturo want accountability. they have been reunited. >> i wouldn't be here without her. i literally owe her my life. >> reporter: travis scott has been actively exploring ways to connect with the families affected, that he's distraught and desperately wishes to share his condolences and aid, but also wants to be respectful of their wishes. lilia luciano, cbs news, houston. ahead on "cbs mornings," we'll talk with travis scott's spokesperson, stephanie rawlings blake, and ask her what the rapper knew while he was on
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stage. if you bought an at-home covid testing kit, you need listen to this. the fda is recalling 2.2 million kits made by ellume due to false positive test results. the agency said that could lead to negative outcomes including people getting unneeded covid treatment or a delayed diagnosis for people's actual illness. meanwhile, colorado governor jared polis is defying federal guidance on covid booster shots. he issued an order allowing all residents who are 18 years and older to get them saying everyone in the state is at high risk of infection. so coming up, racist attack. american gymnast suni lee says that she was pepper sprayed on the streets of los angeles. and beating the odds. an alabama boy born premature at 21 weeks sets a world record. this is the "cbs morning news."
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ten days after the election, the republican candidate for governor in new jersey, jeff ciatterelli, will reportedly concede the race today. "the new york times" says he will acknowledge there is no chance that he can overcome the now 74,000-vote gap separating him from democrat phil murphy. he refused to acknowledge the victory until all mail-in and provisional ballots were counted. a little boy in alabama has defied the odds, and a olympic star is speaking out about a disturbing incident. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "usa today" reports american olympic gold medal gymnast suni lee says that she was pepper sprayed in a racist attack last month. lee told pop sugar she was waiting for an uber with friends in los angeles when a car drove by with people yelling slurs and telling them to go back to where they came from. she also said she was sprayed on
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her arm as the car sped off. lee was in los angeles to appear on the tv show "dancing with the stars." the "associated press" says a spacex capsule delivered a new crew of four astronauts to the international space station. >> and first through the hatch is going to be nasa astronaut kayla barron. hugs there. you can hear the claps -- >> reporter: three americans and one german astronaut received a warm welcome from other astronauts already on board the orbiting lab last night. it took 21 hours to arrive after wednesday night's blastoff from the kennedy space center in florida. the new crew will spend the next six months on the space station. and "the birmingham news" says an alabama boy weighing less than a pound at birth was officially certified by guinness world records as the most premature baby to survive. curtis means weighed less than 15 ounces when he was delivered at a birmingham hospital in july of last year. his mom went into labor at only 21 weeks. a twin did not survive.
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if you're worried your holiday packages won't make it on time, we've got some good news -- officials at the u.s. postal service say it's ready for the influx of packages heading its way. the agency has 92 new package sorting machines, and it also hired an additional 40,000 seasonal employees to help out. on the cbs "money watch," why it's tougher than ever to buy a home, and trader joe's chicken patty products are under recall. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with those stories and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. well, wall street futures are pointing to a higher open this morning. yesterday the three major indices ended mixed as investors continued to digest inflation data. the dow fell 158 points. the nasdaq gained 81, and the s&p 500 added 2. a new report finds the real estate market is still hot right now. the national association of realtors says even as home prices surge to record highs
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across the nation, some properties are selling after just one week on the market. the real estate tracker says that's the shortest stretch in home selling history and likely due to the pandemic. buyers are moving quickly in part because there are fewer homes in their area to choose from. if you bought chicken patties at trader joe's, listen up. the company is recalling chili lime chicken burgers and spinach feta chicken sliders. some customers reported bone fragments in the products. the food was produced between august 16th and september 29th. there have been no reports of adverse reactions, but if you have the affected products you're urged to return them or throw them out. and it's the first sign that santa will be coming soon. new york city's iconic rockefeller center christmas tree will be delivered tomorrow. the 79-foot norway spruce is coming from maryland. the first time the tree has been picked from that state. >> received a knock on the door, it was the head gardener asking if we would be willing to donate the christmas tree.
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>> we've been here 30 years and watched it grow and took care of it. we thought why not let it go for a better purpose before it starts to decline. >> reporter: mark your calendars. the lighting ceremony will be on december 1st. anne-marie? >> can'tdiane, can't talk christmas right now. it's too early for me. >> i know you can't. i'm the opposite of you on this one. i'm like, just hear those sleigh bells ringing, jingling. i'm sorry -- i know, you're like -- >> one of those people. two types of people in this world, diane. >> i know. i know. we've got them covered. >> diane king hall -- yeah, right. you're at the new york stock exchange. diane, have a great weekend. >> you, too. up next, free britney spears. after almost 14 years in a conservatorship why the singer's life could finally change today. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga.
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jp mormon made an unbelievable shot at the buzzer last night to lift uc riverside to a 66-65 victory over arizona state. mormon caught the inbound pass and heaved the ball 70 feet hitting nothing but net. pop star britney spears could regain control of her life and her money as early as today consider spears' request to end the nearly 14-year conservatorship that has overseen her $60 million fortune. the singer's father was removed as co-conservator in september. he was appointed conservator in 2008 after spears suffered a mental breakdown. a maryland high school english teacher is $1 million richer after winning a global teacher prize. keishia thorpe celebrated wednesday when she found out that she won the award given out by the london-based varkey foundation. she was selected from more than 8,000 nominations and applications in 121 countries. thorpe has devoted her career to teaching immigrant children in
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the u.s. >> this is to encourage every little black boy and girl that looks like me and every child in the world that feels marginalized and has a story like mine and felt they never mattered. >> thorpe also helped students win more than $6 million in scholarships in the 2018 to 2019 school year. some unusual tourists were spotted taking a nighttime stroll through jackson, wyoming. surveillance cameras captured a grizzly bear and her four cubs making their way through the city tuesday. the police department posted video on facebook of the bears walking past the police station and other parts of the city. the bears were already known to wildlife officials. the mother grizzly had previously been trapped and given an ear tag. coming up only on "cbs mornings," oprah winfrey joins us to talk about her exclusive interview with grammy-winning singer adele ahead of sunday's cbs primetime special.
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our top stories this morning -- jury deliberations could begin monday in the kyle rittenhouse trial. his lawyers rested their case yesterday. this week rittenhouse took the stand sobbing at times and insisting he was defending wisconsi lasgu.e shot three ki
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a 22-year-old coert has died. that now brings the death toll to nine. scott is facing multiple lawsuits as victims' loved ones demand accountability. the pandemic caused a boom in plastic waste, and much of it has ended up in our oceans. a new study reveals just how much damage ppe from the covid crisis has done. here's ian lee. >> reporter: the pandemic touched all corners of the earth and deep into the oceans. a new study finds the battle against covid produced 8.4 million tons of plastic trash. from that, 57 million pounds of everyday ppe ended up in the ses. >> they're getting inundated with a new source of trash which is face masks, face shields. >> reporter: add to that more packaging material from online shopping, as folks stayed at home. all of which has proven deadly to marine life. >> we think that that's likely
4:27 am
to be an entanglement hazard for fish, for sea turtles. >> reporter: volunteers cleaning canals in the netherlands found a fish trapped in the finger. a latex glove. researchers say asia has generated about 46% of pandemic plastic waste, while 22% came from north and south america combined, and 24% from europe. >> we're using more than two billion masks a day. these single-use, throw-away items. >> reporter: the study found the most waste came from hospitals. dr. marcus erickson has studied the plastic problem for more than 20 years. >> the pandemic is producing a lot of trash. and we're hoping that this blip in trash generation will fade as the pandemic does. going to reuse and reusable systems is the way to go. >> reporter: if action isn't taken to recycle or better manage the waste, researchers predict three million more tons of trash will pile up and stay with us long after the pandemic winds down. ian lee, cbs news, london.
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coming up on "cbs mornings," transportation secretary pete buttigieg discusses what the biden administration is doing to help the supply chain crisis. plus, only on "cbs mornings," oprah winfrey joins us to talk about her exclusive interview with grammy-winning singer adele ahead of sunday's cbs primetime special. and actor jeremy renner tells us about his new paramount plus drama series "mayor of kingstown." that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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