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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 12, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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tonight we were there when a 1-year-old girl was reunited with her parents after someone stole an suv with her
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inside. >> it was weird. the crash during an antivaccination protest injured two police officers on the golden gate bridge and plans go out the window for thousands of bay area drivers. night is my night that i get to have dinner with my kids. >> the back up tonight, one of the worst we have seen in ages. >> my advice from the holidays is, enjoy them, celebrate them but be prudent. so, what is one of the leading experts in the bay area doing to stay safe? we get that answer and the new layer of covid-19 protection for all of us. i see a bear in my kitchen. he is eating my kentucky fried chicken. >> you heard that right. might not believe him if he did not have the video to prove it. the wild encounter to top them all. good evening. i'm alan martin. i'm elizabeth cook. tonight was its ending we were
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all hoping for the amber alert that you all probably got on your phone. >> a little girl abducted just steps from her father sparking a widespread surge. she has been found safe. >> it started at 6:00 tonight on bliss avenue. andrea nakono was there as the little girl was reunited with her parents tonight. andrea? >> reporter: liz, alan they searched the streets for a chevy tahoe but it was the resident that found the baby girl and helped reunite her with her family. >> reporter: family members relieved to hold 1-year-old mona after she was discovered in a parking lot of an apartment complex. >> i that were blocking the driveway. it was just sitting there. they said it was weird, they heard a baby scream, crying, screaming, crying, and then they looked in there and flashed the lights baby was in there, door was open and they got the baby out. >> reporter: officers responded right away along with
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family members. they did not want to talk but confirm the baby was okay as they walked away to take her home. investigators say that the child was left in a running car when the father stepped out to talk to another man at this business on bliss street. the two men approached by a woman asking for a cigarette but then the woman got into the car and drove off with the child inside. officers scoured the streets until they got the tip that baby mona was at this complex. the police, however, did not find the suspect and a k-9 was called in to help with the search. the good news, the child was found safe and unharmed. >> i have 12 kids, so, it hit me because i am like it could be anybody's kid. thank god, like i said, the baby, amber alert came in and right away the baby was sitting here. >> reporter: the police have surveillance video from the scene. they describe the suspect as a
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female in his 30s with an unknown tattoo on her face. liz? >> what a relief for everybody. definitely the parents, wow. incredible. so glad she is hope safe. all right. andrea, thank you. our morning team will have all of the latest developments in the investigation tomorrow starting at 4:30. thousands of drivers got home late tonight after a protest over vaccine mandates sparked a chaotic scene. in the midst of it all a crash that sent people to the hospital. kpix5 live there now. >> reporter: no traffic back up or anything like that, all lanes are clear, it was a different situation earlier tonight. a multivehicle collision close to where protesters were ended up snarling traffic for hours. >> i left my office at 4:45. >> reporter: a slow crawl, bumper to bumper traffic clogging up streets, testing people's patients.
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>> about 1 1/2 hours, it only takes me 20 minutes. >> reporter: some like this driver turned around in frustration. nearby, protesters voiced opposition to government vaccine rules. >> we are pro freedom, we are pro choice, anticoercion. >> no control of "we the people" hours into the peaceful protest that never made its way on a bridge an suv collides into a street sweeper that hits multiple officers and bridge control workers with protesters are on the other side of the barrier. >> we heard a bang and next thing we know i look to my side and there he was, someone is yelling do you know any doctors, do we have a doctor, a medic? >> reporter: an officer had to be transported to the hospital. >> definitely injured but we think he will be all right. >> reporter: workers eventually opened up the roads the back up leading to a long commute home. >> i appreciate people's right
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to peaceful protests or civil disobedience but it is a bumper it impacts me. tonight is the one night i get to have dinner with my kids. >> any update on the injured? >> reporter: a bridge official tells us their workers will be okay. chp says the officer injured and sent to the hospital is now out of the hospital and heading home. chp did arrest one person for attempting to stop his vehicle on the bridge earlier this afternoon. alan? >> got it. all right, kenny, thank you very much. gas prices are shooting up to some all-time highs with some places nearing $6 a gallon. but, there are still a few deals around. at the gas station on oak streets in san francisco you can fill up for $4.17 a gallon. the catch? they are going out of business and in marin this arco, off of francis drake is selling gas with a 50 cent discount. still pricey, though. >> it was $50 to fill it up.
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>> pretty sad. >> the price of oil is going down. it is possible that prices start to recede in the days ahead of thanksgiving. >> reporter: new at 11:00, tonight, a california company you may not of even heard of has become the second most valuable automaker in the u.s. [music] rivien, a electric vehicle maker wrapped up a two-day ipo launch. shares up for 57% giving the company a market cap of over $100 billion. so far the company has delivered a total of about 150 electric pick up trucks, mostly to employees. we are learning more tonight about the plan who was killed in a house fire in brentwood earlier today. take a look at the homes swallowed up by a cloud of smoke. kpix katie neilson has the latest. >> reporter: i had a chance to speak to the family of the man who was killed here earlier this afternoon. his son saying he was too upset
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to talk to us on camera but said the entire family is devastated. armed with a garden hose in each hand a neighbor tried to fight the flames in a burning apartment. >> scream for them to get out, get out, fire, fire, screaming. i don't know if they hear me. >> reporter: firefighters took two men out of the burning unit. the only two people home at the time. 79-year-old jesse and his son, william. jesse died at the scene and william was taken to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. jesse's family says he spent his entire life working in the fields in brentwood and for years an foreman. crews are still on the scene trying to understand what happened. >> we have not seen smoke alarm that have been found inside of the apartment right now. that is a common cause of people who are not able to get out of a home
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in time. >> reporter: in brentwood, katie neilson, kpix5. historic church in fremont is still cover inside red paint tonight nearly a week after vandals were caught on camera defacing the church. we are told the building requires a special painting process and can not simply be scrubbed clean. in the meantime, the police are still trying to track down the vandals. still ahead tonight. california trying to clear up confusion around booster shot eligibility. doctors are issuing a new warning ahead of the holidays. tomorrow, it could be the day britney spears has been anticipating for more than a decade. the crucial decision expected in just hours. california man returns home for lunch to find he is not the only one home who is hungry.
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tonight, you can now get a booster shot no matter what risk category you are in. >> the announcement comes two weeks before thanksgiving. kpix5 is live in san jose with advice from health experts ahead of the holidays. >> so, we are not out of the
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woods with this pandemic. be prudent over the holidays. >> reporter: uc berkeley doctor says this holiday he will be heeding his own advice. avoiding gathering with the unvaccinated, rapid testing beforehand and trying to gather outdoors. >> i am fully vaccinated. i am even boosted. i feel well protected. but i am not 100% protected and i don't want to get covid-19. >> we are vulnerable to get a surge unless we get more people vaccinated. >> reporter: in a meeting, the u.s. chief medical advisory dr. fauci confirmed we could see a winter surge unless more americans get vaccinated. >> you want to be part of the solution not part of the problem. >> reporter: californians will have another layer of protection as thanksgiving nears. today, the state department of public health told health care providers not to turn away
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fully vaccinated adults who want the covid-19 booster shot six months after their second dose. >> i think the state of california made the right decision and saying they can do that. unfortunately in the last 2-1/2 to three weeks we have been seeing the numbers coming up. if we have an average flu season on top of a swell of cases that i am pretty sure we are going to see, that could stress our health care system. >> so, now that all californian adults can get the booster what are you seeing as far as availability of it? >> reporter: well, we are going to see a demand but right now here, at least in santa clara county you can get an appointment as soon as tomorrow at a county site in san martin. those are not all available. across the nation today,
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communities came together to honor the men and women who serve tr tiesstvera prest den reeked -- was at the tomb of the unknown soldier. tomorrow, a hearing that could give britney spears more control of her life than she has had in more than a decade. her father managed her finances and personal affairs, she was suspended in september after being accused of abusive behavior. tomorrow, lawyers from both sides are expected to press the judge. imagine going home for lunch to realize you are not alone and not the only one hungry. >> that was the case of a man who was greeted by a family of bears
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caught ransacking his kitchen. >> hey,. >> when he got home he noticed the front door was open. he saw mama bear sitting in the front yard. >> she looked pleasant, actually. he said she would not leave so he ran passed her to get inside only to find two cubs making themselves at home with a bucket of kentucky tried chicken he left out. >> i see a bear in my kitchen and he is eating my kentucky fried chicken. i was very concerned about my pets at that time. i guess i was not thinking clearly i just wanted to get in here and make sure they were okay. i did everything i could to make noise to get them to leave. they were stubborn. his pet parakeet is gone but the neighbors found the missing dog who ran out of the house when the bears came inside. >> he knew what to do. i am out of here. >> yes. >> did you see what they did to that chick stphepb. >> the bear with the bucket of fried chicken all i think about is
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"saturday night live." >> i thought you were going to say jogi or something. >> that, too. >> i was thinking winnie the pooh with the honey. >> yes. all sorts of pop culture references. let's take a look at weatherwise. we are in the midst of a dry weather stretch. the rain towards the pacific northwest. high pressure, in control of the weather. also mild temperatures, not a lot. anaheim got up to 95 degrees today. we are going to be about 3-6 degrees above average. the dry weather is just getting started. the 6-10 day outlook shows a good chance of below average rainfall for the bay area and most of california. the 8-14 day outlook shows the same. that takes us all of the way until thanksgiving. below average does not mean 0. average rainfall in middle november is not
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that high to begin with. no fog in san francisco, there is fog in downoakland airport and santa te it is near the warm spot. everybody else is in the lower to middle 50s. the fog will spread out. reduce visibility. starting the day on friday. the visibility will improve heading towards midmorning and the last of the fog should be gone by 11:00, i think, noon at the latest. plenty of sunshine. the temperatures starting off where they have been the past couple of mornings. close to normal. upper 40s and 50s. high temperatures tomorrow, still above normal. a degree or two warmer than today. the temperatures, let's zoom in for a closer look. the south end of the peninsula and the
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valley. 73 in san jose up to 75 degrees in morgan hill. not much variation inland in the east bay. every single location between 71 and 73 degrees. the temperatures around the bay just a little cooler. 70 degrees for oakland and berkeley. the temperatures in the north bay, lower 70s. heading farther inland where you will reach the middle 70s for napa counties and a lot of middle 70s and lake county as well. the temperatures stay steady through the weekend. we cool off next week. the cold front that passes through not a lot of moisture to work with. we will see passing clouds, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. cooler temperatures, back to below average readings by wednesday and thursday. and the model data, maybe there is a chance that some of the clouds might be in the mood to drop a shower or two. the rain chances are lower than 20%. i will not count on rain over the next seven-days, we will keep looking for it, charlie? if you like college
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basketball or not i will tell you what i know you like, 75 footers at the buzzer to cap off an upset. a few buzzer beaters to show you. the rams add to their passing attack. that and more in sports when we
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call 1.877.only.att. considering all things the sharks navigated the waters and the chaos okay. missing seven players due to protocols dating back to october 30th. they called up the barracuda players to fill the void and skated by with 500 hockey. john mcclain in what is probably his final game. second period, tied at 1. schmidt, for the first goal of the year. final minute, winnipeg with a 2 on 1. the go, jets went on to win this one 4-1
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san jose lost three of four. the good news sharks should be back to full strength on saturday in colorado. to the nfl we go. los angeles is known for the stars and it is a theme for their sports team. they have been stockpiling household names, the rams signed beckham, jr who was released on monday. l.a. plays the 49ers on monday night football. it is unclear if he will suit up at levis. thursday night football, dan moreno watching the dolphins deal with the ravens, miami up ságs-3. tua tagovailoa, to hunt, look at the 327 pounder go. he is nimble. but, hunt was, why catch it. you know it is coming back. penalty, dolphins. 90 seconds later, 9-3 miami. watkins makes the catch. strips howard, picks it up. returns it 49 yards for a
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touchdown and the dolphins upset the ravens 22-10. how about one more award for buster posey on the way out the door. he won his 5th career silver slugger award. given to the best hitter at each position. he had 18 home runs this season, his most since 2015. college basketball, the defending national champion stanford team opening up the title defense against morgan state. a nice warm up game because they have number 25 texas on sunday. this one was a no doubter. beating the 3rd quarter buzzer. 91-36. who does not love college basketball? not kevin kennedy right now. cal state fullerton, tied at 76. smith, off of the miss. 78-76, spartans win. and then, this one, a little better.
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uc riverside. down 65-63. that is jp for riverside from 75 feet. highlanders an incredible 66-65 win. it is warriors and bulls tomorrow. it will conclude the eight game home stand at chase. chicago is without all-star center who tested positive for covid-19. that is your look at sports and also the 49ers that must-win game we are talking about on monday. excitement this weekend. we will see how exciting it is when it all unfolds. >> absolutely. >> love the buzzer beaters. >> oh, yeah. >> all right, thanks. still ahead, adele takes center stage. we will have a behind-the- scenes look at her special appearance airing here on kpix5
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[singing] phrap . [singing] >> you were just getting into it, right and cut it off. [ laughter ] >> unmistakable voice. the first look at adele's
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special airing this sunday. >> the grammy winner sat down with oprah to discus how it all came together. >> being in l.a. as well where i sort of had to recover, you know, from everything happening in my life over the last few years it felt like the perfect place. it will look elegant and then i will tell a load of filth i jokes, whiplash for them. >> her one night only special airs sunday night right here on kpix5. >> a great venue. >> beautiful. >> we'll be right back.
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you probably heard of paw
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patrol. paw psychiatrists. >> adding therapy k-9s to the department. they there are to comfort and hh d trauand also to help with community out reach. >> the department has added this little sweet thing. 8-year-old golden doodle. the pup was named rookie. >> that is easy to remember. >> and works for a boy or a girl. >> but it confuses rookie with all of the other departments. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> late show with stephen colbert is up next. >> have a good night. see you tomorrow the following is an important paid program about humana medicare advantage prescription drug plans, sponsored by humana. life keeps changing. and so do you. but as your lifestyle evolves, is your medicare plan keeping up? does your healthcare company treat you as an individual, or a number? a humana medicare advantage plan


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