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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 11, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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what we learned minutes ago about the victim. come one, come all. california is rewriting the booster shot rulebook heading into the holidays. >> let's make it easier. california change the law nearly a decade ago, and it will derail billions in federal transit funding now. a project home update this evening. what this oakland coupled it to go from a tent on the sidewalk, to a permanent two bedroom apartment. now to the breaking news happening on the golden gate bridge. we have been all over this for hours now. chopper 5 is overhead about 1 hour ago as a partial closure of the northbound lanes prompted the chain reaction crash. is the police and protesters lined up along the edge of the roadway. unclear if anyone was seriously hurt. shortly after that crash, chopper 5 spotted this. it appears to be a chp officer being attended to on the other
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side of that barricade. let's go to the live look at the scene right now from chopper 5. we have the toll plaza camera on the southbound side. of traffic certainly still being affected by this protest, that started a couple of hours ago, within the 5:00 hour. this is organized by law enforcement against the vaccine mandate, but the effect on the thursday evening commute is tremendous as we see, the headlights backing up into the city, the palace of fine arts going into the marina, and down 19th avenue as well. >> northbound 101 is solid white. this particular rally as part of a nationwide protest against vaccine mandates, being led by first responders. it is forced police to close most of the no as you can see from our traffic
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computer, it has gotten worse, causing quite the backup all around the city, especially if you are trying to get across either of the bridges. we are also following developing news in contra costa county, where investigators are still on the scene of an apartment fire that killed one man, and severely injured his son. we are live at dancy street in brentwood with new information about the victim. >> reporter: i had a chance to speak with the victim's family just a few minutes ago. his son was too upset to talk with us on camera, but he did provide us this picture of his father. this is 79-year-old jesus sandoval. he also went by jesse. his son said his father worked in agriculture around brentwood his entire life, spending most of his time as an orchard foreman. he said his father and brother were the only ones home when the fire started. neighbors tried to fight the flames with garden hoses before the fire department actually showed up. smoke was pouring out of the open doors and windows.
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>> i put the water hose, and i start screaming at them to get out, the fire, and i was screaming, but i don't know if they heard me. >> reporter: jesus his son william was rescued from the house by firefighters, it was taken to john muir. he is dealing with life- threatening injuries. investigators are trying to figure out exactly how the fire started. meanwhile, as we head toward the holidays, california making an all-out push to get a booster shot into your arm, whether or not the federal guidelines say you need one. >> wilson walker shows us the new messaging is creating a new rush. >> reporter: the state dispensed with any kind of guidelines for who is eligible for a booster, so a lot of people who have been waiting
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for the word go are jumping at the opportunity right now point >> i was looking forward to getting it, and i got my email from kaiser with the link to come get it, so i am here. >> reporter: a busy day at the solano county fairgrounds, and the lines you see are being driven largely by those people who were waiting for just the right moment. >> i wanted to wait until the hospital workers could get theirs first, all the immunocompromised, and then waited until it was my turn to get it. i'm getting the booster today. >> reporter: that seemed to be the concern among a lot of would be booster recipients, the fear that they might somehow be stepping out of turn. >> push grandma down and out of the way and take her place in line, nice. no, i mean, i think there is plenty of vaccine to go around. i got a note from someone today that actually said, they had them tell me how hard it was for them to find a booster, and how difficult it was to get, to find places, and they had to go further and further afield to get it. the prevailing school of thought is that eligibility requirements were only creating confusion. if the goal is to get more people protected -- >> if we can make it easier for
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people, let's make it easier for people. let's get the availability out and let's do it. >> reporter: the booster wave is here, right on top of the pediatric push as well. that is why a lot of vaccine venues are now seeing a lot more traffic. >> people didn't know when their turn was up. yesterday we shot over 1600 vaccines, and 211 of them were from ages 5 to 11. we are starting to see that increase, not just in pediatrics but the boosters themselves. >> reporter: reminiscent of previous moments in the pandemic , when the demand just sort of outstretched the availability of appointments. it might be a couple of days or weeks before the demand dies back, and you can just walk in anywhere and grab what you were looking for. wilson walker, kpix 5. according to the cdc, a majority of californians still need a booster .34% of seniors have gotten one, and just 14% of adults overall. new at 7:00 , allow
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california changed 8 years ago is about to derail $12 million in public transit funding from the feds. federal law says state and local agencies must protect employee interests in order to be eligible for public grants. at the sacramento bee reports the labor department now says california's 2013 rewrite of its pension laws, which made them less generous for new employees, was improper, because it was imposed by law, rather than through union bargaining. the decision voids nearly $10 billion set aside for california in the new infrastructure bill, and about $2.5 billion in pandemic relief grants. governor newsom is appealing for a reversal point on this veterans day, dozens of vets gathered on board of the uss hornet in alameda. we spoke with one veteran who served about 3 years on a ship very similar to the hornet. >> a lot of people deserve
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that. they put in a lot of years of their life to serve the country , and they need recognition. >> there were events across the bay area today to honor those who have served. in san rafael, an outdoor gathering ended with taps playing, and world war ii artifacts and memorabilia and military vehicles were displayed in danville point this may not look like a veterans day event, but it is. coming up, the bay area fire department offering a new opportunity to serve. a project home update on an oakland couple starting a new chapter in a new home point today we pick our keys up for our house, our apartment. >> it don't feel like it is real. >> the journey that finally let them to permanent housing, and why it is still a long road ahead for so many more. the pledge governor newsom just made to the world about california's cars.
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nice weather across the bay area this evening. it was beautiful this afternoon. upper 60s and low 70s for most of the bay area. more of the same tomorrow. can we keep it going into the weekend? i answer that coming up in the forecast point we are staying on top of that vaccine mandate protest on the golden gate ridge, and the subsequent accident
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over the past 3 years on project tom, we have profiled it dozens of un-housed bay area residents. >> kpix 5's andria borba has tracked some of them down, and we have an update we are pleased to share with you. >> reporter: we have good news to report about a homeless couple we met back in 2018.
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their story may be a sign that billions in federal and state dollars pouring in to help the homeless are starting to take effect. >> today we pick our keys up for our house, our apartment. >> reporter: we have never wils happy. >> it don't feel like it is real point >> reporter: after 4 years house list, they are about to pick up the keys to a permanent two-bedroom home point >> it's overwhelming. a lot of weight is gone. a lot of anxiety point >> reporter: it has been a long journey point >> we have been out here about 4 years. >> almost 5. >> reporter: we first met up with them on 77th avenue in east oakland, living in a creative collection of tents am a complete with a kitchen, pantry, functioning shower, and even cable, that when in and out with each passing b.a.r.t. train. looking back, they said it was not fun. >> we could feel them at night point >> reporter: they learned to deal with the cold, violence, and the constant craving for a roof and real bad.
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>> you could walk by people's houses, and see them in the house, and you have to keep walking point >> reporter: then one day, 1 year ago, an offer came to get them off of the street. they were among the first to move into one of 67 brand-new trailers at operation home base, a trailer burke homeless seniors set up by the city of oakland. and we visited them there in 2020, they were thrilled with the new amenities. >> running water. we don't have to go to the fire hydrant and get water in our water jugs point >> reporter: it took a while, but the program eventually led to an emergency housing voucher, then a housing fair, and no permanent housing, and the wilson's are not the only success story here point >> half of the folks who started here have moved on to permanent housing point >> reporter: darren is the executive director of the housing consortium for the east bay that runs operation home base point >> seeing someone finally sent get their keys is the most, it is the most joyous time for
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anyone in this work. >> reporter: the biggest help this year, $5 billion in federal emergency housing vouchers for the homeless, that guarantees subsidized rent for life point >> without that voucher, the opportunities for getting into permanent supportive housing would be extremely limited point >> reporter: but even billions of dollars can only do so much point >> the waiting list continues to get longer and longer point >> reporter: chelsea andrews heads up everyone home, a nonprofit that oversees alameda counties point in time homeless count. in the last count, back in january of 2019, before covid, the group tallied 8000 homeless in the county, half of them in oakland. for the next count in january of 2022, andrews predicts the like numbers will be much higher. >> it is our estimation that considering all of the circumstances, the economic downturn, that there is going to be a spike in homelessness,
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across the nation. >> reporter: they know they are among the lucky ones. we caught up with them packing up and moving out of their rv at operation home base. then we followed them to their new apartment in san leandro. >> i've got goosebumps, every time i walk in here point >> reporter: kimberly's favorite room, the kitchen point >> we both like to cook. we haven't had a stove, or an oven, in the trailer. >> reporter: there advice to friends still living on the street, be patient, but stay focused, and don't give up. >> it's in your head from the time you go, come out to the street, you think about this day right here. >> reporter: the wilson's have another piece of good advice, don't stop working and you are homeless. they advertise yard cleaning and house cleaning on next door, and were recently voted
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neighborhood favorites here in oakland. in oakland, andria borba, kpix 5 . >> you can see all of our project home reports on taking a look at your top headlines, a texas student critically injured at astroworld has been declared brain-dead .22-year-old bharti shahani is the ninth fatality from friday's fatal crowd surge at the music festival in houston. in a surprise move, two of the world's biggest polluters, china and the u.s., have pledged to work together toward a global goal of drastically slashing carbon emissions over the next decade. the breakthrough came in the final days of the 2 week u.n. climate summit in scotland. cities and towns across the u.s. held commemorations today to honor our military veterans. in paris, vice president kamala harris joined the french president to mark armistice
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day, signifying the end of the first world war. just outside washington, president biden laid everything the tomb of the unknown soldier, and spoke at arlington national cemetery. >> to be a veteran means to endure and survive most challenges that most americans would ever know. >> i look at my own unit, there are only four of us left, and i am the youngest. >> 93-year-old harry f miller attended today's commemoration at the world war ii memorial. the army and air force veteran claimed he was 18 when he enlisted, but he was actually 15 years old. he hopes to attend many more veterans day ceremonies, quote, for all of the guys who can no longer make it. >> thanks. the bay area fire department opened its doors today to veterans looking for a new opportunity to serve. the santa rosa fire training center hosted an open house
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veterans could check out the equipment, do the demonstrations, and learn more about a possible career as a firefighter. it is nice to see the fire departments recruiting, instead of things are busy with the active fire season that we had. after the rainy stretch of about 3 weeks, high pressure is now in control of our weather, which means dry, mild temperatures for the bay area. it is hot in southern california, and the storms have been pushed farther up to the north york we are going to stay dry for the next several days. it doesn't mean it is a 0% rain chance. next week, some passing clouds could conceivably squeeze out a sprinkle or two on tuesday night or thursday night, but the rain chances overall are so low, that they don't warrant putting it in the 7 day forecast. the 2 week outlook from the climate prediction center shows a good chance of below average precipitation for the bay area, southward towards los angeles.
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the only chance of california that has a chance of above average precipitation, the far northwestern corner of california. tonight, pretty outside. temperatures are mostly in the low to mid 60s. 50s in livermore .65 in san jose the mother warm location. later on tonight, a mix of upper 40s and low 50s. slightly above average temperatures tomorrow. once the fog dissipates tomorrow, temperatures will warm up into the upper 60s in san francisco. the average high as 65. santa rosa will reach back up into the low 70s. some fog to start the day. it should dissipate quickly, with a pungent sunshine for everybody. concord, low 70s. san jose should get back up into the low as well. nomuch variation this time of
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year. upper 60s to around 70 near the bay. a little farther into the 70s a little farther inland. the cool spots on the coast won't be that much cooler, mid- 60s. temperatures stay steady through the weekend, then we call love next week when you see those passing clouds monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. while it is conceivable they may's squeeze out a sprinkle, those chances are pretty low. we will have another update on the extended forecast coming up at 11:00. searching for some relief from the pain at the pump? it turns out there are deals to be had if you know where to look. we will show you.
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part of honoring our veterans today point gas prices shooting up to all-time highs, with gas prices nearing six dollars per gallon point >> at touchless gas stations on the corner of the visitor and streets in san francisco, you can fill up for $4.17 per gallon? it's a fire sale, going out of business. and this arco in marin is selling gas with a $.50 discount, still pricey, though. >> it's pretty sad. >> the price of oil has gone down, so it is possible that prices will start to receipt in the days ahead of thanksgiving point >> gas buddy says it is because opec is increasing oil production by 400,000 barrels per month. the peak could already be here. need another reason to go electric? he mason have no choice. governor newsom announced that california will sign onto the new clean car agreement coming out of the u.n. climate summit. it calls for all vehicles sold
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before we go, an update on the breaking news auto pittsburg. an suv stolen in the past hour, there is a 2-year-old girl inside. the 2007 chevy tahoe with black rims, a mexico sticker on the rear window, the license plate number five macv ace k 465. if you see it, call 911 immediately. >> lease put out
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