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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 11, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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what is going on in oakland? a string of shootings in just a matter of hours. the chaos that had concertgoers running for their lives. he's helped thousands of struggling veterans, but isn't finished. how a bay area veteran is taking his mission to the next level. let us get right to the breaking story happening tonight on the golden gate bridge. >> chopper 5 is flying over an anti-vaccine mandate protest. we are told across just happened. you can see police have closed most of the northbound lanes. cars are still able to get through from one lane of traffic. you see another car pulled over to the side. it is unclear if ats the vehicle involved in the crash we are talking about. >> at one point they had two lanes of traffic open. now it looks like they have completely shut down traffic going in the northbound direction. it was narrowed into one lane, but that is a bridge district trucks, an orange cone
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in one lane of traffic. if they will escort traffic across, which may be the situation here, but you can see how a crash might've happened point that is a cleanup truck. we have some video of the crash that happened earlier, as they try to clean up the mess. this is the video from earlier. there it is. there is the crash. the vehicle hit the bridge district truck, clipped it right in the front. that is why things got closed off. that is adding to this mess, not helping at all. >> that area can be a bottleneck anyway on a normal commute day. several protesters, almost a couple hundred protesters, are gathered near the visitor center. the car was turning in as the road was expanding. it looks like it clipped the bridge vehicle. >> this protest got started about 1 hour ago, because this
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is a nationwide protest being led against the vaccine mandates, being led by first responders across the country. i believe we have a traffic map that can kind of show you the residual impact of what is going on, the video freezing up. you can see what has happened to traffic in the city as they try to make their way northbound, across the bridge and into marin county. traffic is backed up past the presidio, and also down 19th avenue into golden gate park, and the panhandle. >> it looks like cars are only allowed to move 5 miles per hour. unfortunately this is really the only way to get to the north bay unless you want to go around. it looks like it is sl balld always right now point we can see a couple hundred, possibly, several dozen protesters at the visitors center. traffic at one point was being allowed to pass through only
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one lane of traffic. it looks like it resulted in a collision, of a car trying to get past the protest. it looked like it clipped one of the bridge district trucks. >> good news, it looks like they have that one lane of traffic now going, but because of the evening commute, it will take a while for this thing to unclog and filter out. again, this is been going on for a while. i didn't look like from the video that anybody could've gotten hurt. i did not look like it was that high-speed of an impact. the suv just clipped the front of that bridge district truck. there is cleanup. they have to tow the car away, and probably some effect on traffic coming into the city. those three lanes are still open, and it seems to be moving smoothly point >> initially it looks like they block off those lanes of traffic because protesters were almost spilling onto the roadway . there was a line of police vehicles to make sure that people did not try to get onto
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the bridge and close off traffic. >> now they have a pretty good closure going on while they backup traffic even more into the city as a kind of sort things out with the accident. it did not appear to us that any of the protesters got onto the bridge, into the northbound lanes of traffic. as we see, the highway patrol is monitoring things. they have a vehicle across the lanes of traffic, and will have to stop traffic for a while as they clean things up and clear out the damaged vehicles. certainly the suv is damaged. >> unfortunately, any time this type of accident happens, it can have a snowball effect throughout the city point we first brought you this protest live on cbsn bay area. you can watch a 24/7 on our kpix news app, a good on our website, state health officials are now encouraging covid boosters for all adults. >> they have a message for
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vaccine providers. don't turn away adults looking for that booster shot point >> a majority of californians still need to roll up their sleeves for the extra jab. according to the cdc, only about 34% of fully vaccinated seniors 65 and up have gotten a booster here in california, but among all fully vaccinated adults in the golden state, it is down to 14%. wilson walker shows us the push from the state is causing yet another vaccine rush. >> reporter: it is reminiscent of the first rollout of the vaccine, just so much demand for it, and not enough availability. now that the state has dispensed with any kind of guideline, or protocols for who can get a booster, there are plenty of people who have been waiting for the word go. >> i was looking forward to getting it, and i got my email from kaiser with the link to come get it, so i am here point >> reporter: a busy day at the solano county fairgrounds, and the lines you see are being driven largely by those people who were waiting for just the
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right moment point >> i just wanted to wait until the hospital workers could get theirs first, all the immunocompromised, and then waited until it was my turn to get it, so i'm getting the booster today point >> reporter: that was a concern among a lot of would be booster recipients, the fear that they might somehow be stepping out of turn point >> push grandma down and out of the way, and take their place in line, nice. i mean, i think there is plenty of vaccine to go around. i got a note from someone today that actually said, they were telling me how hard it was to find boosters, and how difficult it was to find places, and they would have to go farther and farther afield to get it point >> reporter: the prevailing school of thought is that eligibility requirements are only creating confusion. if the goal is to get more people protected -- >> if we can make it easier for people, let's make it easier for people.
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let's get the availability out there point >> reporter: the booster wave is here, right on top of the pediatric push as well. that is why a lot of vaccine venues are now seeing a lot more traffic point >> people just didn't know when their turn was up. yesterday we shot over 1600 vaccines, and over 211 were ages 5 to 11. we are starting to see that increase, not just in pediatrics, but the boosters themselves. >> reporter: a note on the difficulty of finding an appointment right now. me and my colleagues, we were early johnson & johnson recipients. we are certainly do. i went looking around for an appointment today to get a booster, going the pharmacy route. i could find one appointment in the sort of greater, you know, region here available today. a lot of people are having trouble. here is what happened. i am sort of a regular here at the solano county fairgrounds vaccination site, they heard i was about to run across a couple counties to grab a 4:00 appointment, and they said we have one for you here.
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i got one here. why am i telling you this? i kept an eye on the appointment that i canceled for 4:00, and it was gone within minutes. someone was waiting for the appointment that i had abandoned to get that shot that you just saw, so there are plenty of demand right now among all of the booster folks waiting for the green light. it might take a little while for all of those appointments to become available, as everyone is going out to grab them. like you mentioned, on top of all of the pediatric vaccinations as well, so we hit a bump in the road as far as demand for shots. you may have to wait a little while, again. we are back to that spot point >> but your tenacity is to be admired. i have done the same thing, looking around, and i can't get one. now that i know, even though i'm not old enough, i can still qualify, i will follow your lead point >> yeah. i think a lot of the people that were in line today were of the same mind. they knew they were due. they just wanted to hear
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someone say that it was okay for them to go and do it. i think that we will see that unfold for a few days or weeks, as all of the booster do folks go out and jump in line. >> thank you so much. new at six:00, investigators in hawaii have reopened a cold case murder of a bay area woman more than 40 years later. valerie's friends and family are still holding onto hope to track down the killer. kpix 5's next arrow spoke to the woman's sister, and has the latest on a break in the case. >> reporter: it was 43 years ago when loved ones last saw valerie. >> she was amazing. >> reporter: her sister, donna foster, holds fond memories close to her heart. >> she taught me how to swim. she got me into running point >> reporter: she also holds onto hope that the person that murdered her sister will finally face justice. on april 23, 1978, valerie was found dead at the harry k brown park in hawaii. >> we want this to end. we
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don't want this lingering forever point >> reporter: at the time, valerie was living along the coast of california and l granada. her sister said she wanted to take a trip to hawaii, but nobody could go with her, but that didn't stop her point >> she was a passionate person, really, dove into life. that was why she was in hawaii. she wanted to do, you know, what she wanted to do, which was i can see beautiful things, and play her flute, enjoy life and people. the case was called for decades, but now detectives are actively investigating once again. >> we had recent developments in the case. we have identified a suspect, and the case is being forwarded to the prosecutor's office. >> reporter: detective derek morimoto says even though it has been 43 years since the murder, they are all ears of someone remember seeing or hearing anything around the time of the crime.
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>> our goal is to find closure for the family. they have been waiting a long time. hopefully we can get to that. >> reporter: family friend sure hope so. >> nothing will bring her back, but closure is an important thing. there really aren't words. i would love to see the claimant case closed. >> reporter: foster is ready for this long chapter of life to finally come to an end, so she can move onto the next one, with valerie always in her heart point >> i know it's been a long time, 43 years, but there are people here alive, and well, that loved her and cared about her, and we will never forget her. >> reporter: and l granada, max darrow, kpix 5. >> if you have any information that could help at the investigation, you are urged to contact the hawaii police department point let's go back to the breaking news, the protest, anti-vax he made a protest along the golden gate bridge. this is video of an accident that happened as a result of the traffic being narrowed down to one lane on the golden gate bridge. that suv lips the front end of
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the bridge district truck just as they were getting past the protesters. that has closed down all of the lanes for a while. they did allow one lane open, but then they closed it again. this is having a big effect on the traffic back into the city, trying to go northbound into marin. >> a major snowball effect of people trying to get out of the city, trying to get to the north bay from all angles. let's look at the traffic maps right now. it looks even worse right now. >> the bay bridge is slow as well point >> because folks are trying to figure out ways to get around, trying to take the bay bridge instead, trying to do the roundabout way. this is going to continue to be a major impact of folks, just trying to get around the city right now, much less trying to get out of the city, if you want to go to either the bay or golden gate bridge. be aware that this is going on. it is all because of a protest at the visitor center that has impacted traffic, and caused, it looks like, a fender bender.
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it has closed off access to the bridge right now point >> we will keep an eye on the situation get you updates. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area, he lifted up thousands of veterans after turning around his own life. he is and finished peer court when veteran is doing is in the south bay that could help many more. beautiful weather across the bay area
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new at six:00, a local veteran who turned his life around ended up helping thousands of under veterans. len ramirez shows us he has an eye on his next project, that could help many more in the south bay. >> reporter: for the last eight back years, this veterans housing facility has been helping homeless veterans get off the streets and into more productive lives. now the person who runs this facility is hoping to make a permanent presence here. irvin goodwin know something about reaching a turning point, as a formerly homeless vet with drug and alcohol problems. his came nearly 3 decades ago point >> 27 years ago i was homeless in people's park in berkeley. once i went into a drug program and got my life together, god gave me a spirit to help other homeless veterans. permit since then, he has run homeless programs for the veterans administration, and formed a nonprofit to house
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homeless veterans and is a peer get back years ago, he needs to this form of retirement home, with enough space to house 150 homeless vets, and provide them with drug, alcohol, ptsd, and other mental health services. >> i was absolutely convinced that there was no way out of it point >> reporter: kenneth was living under a bridge in san bruno when veteran services got him up at here 2 years ago. >> here i am with a job. i have a car point >> reporter: goodwin says he can help many more veterans in similar circumstances if he can visit from leasing the six acre housing facility had $60,000 per month to owning it out right. >> that would give us a lot of stability point >> reporter: goodwin has raised over $1 million through private donations, and hopes to secure grants from federal, state, and local sources to buy the property, and possibly expand the number of beds. for goodwin, turning from tenant owner would be another turning point in his remarkable battle against veteran homelessness. >> veterans will never be homeless again in santa clara
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county, san jose, and northern california. they always have a place to live. we know we have had rain, but we know we need to conserve water. we have the latest update ines for downtown san se8 francisco but we should be really making some progress. this is what the drought met looks like 4 weeks ago. exceptional drought, extreme drought for the entire bay area. the exceptional drought has shrunk a little bit. there's an area in mendocino that is gone from extreme drought to severe drought. some progress on the edges, but overall, it tells you how deep a hole that we are in due to the last several years. the rain we have seen over the past few weeks has only chipped away at the edges of the drought conditions. tonight, partly cloudy skies, some areas of dense fog. sunny and mild conditions tomorrow, continuing over the weekend, and the extended break from the rain continue for the
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duration of the 7 day forecast. the beautiful of the downtown san francisco. temperatures are mild in the low to mid 60s across the board. you will see the fog developing later on tonight, but spilling into the inland valleys as well , like the past couple of days. it will gradually dissipate. all of it should be gone around lunchtime, except right along the coast. temperatures tonight dropped into the upper 40s in the 50s, normal for this time of year. a good-looking dog walking forecast tomorrow for sadie. she is a shady spot enter ball. life cannot be better for her. little bit of fog in the morning, plenty of sunshine in the afternoon with pleasant temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. a little further inland, temperatures reach the low 70s for the north bay. santa clara valley, around 70 degrees here kupper 60s in san francisco .71 degrees in oakland, mid-60s
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right along the coast. temperatures don't change much to the weekend, but then we do cool off next week. the waves of cool air will not be efficient at squeezing out any moisture from the atmosphere. we will see more cloud cover early in the week, but that will be passing clouds. seeing anything more than a sprinkle has odds lower than 20%. we will check out the odds of that with the climate prediction center outlook coming up at 7:00. the city of oakland is reeling from a string of shootings that happened in less than 12 hours. it all comes as the police department is urging residents to install security cameras and alarms. yesterday, a woman who was shot outside of the fox theater, hours later, a victim shot multiple times at 9:30. then after midnight, a woman gravely wounded in yet another shooting. no word yet on any suspects.
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the defending champs are back in action. stanford women opens up their season with a defensive clinic
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the rams and 49ers on monday night football. it is a new book los angeles team as they continue to stock
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pile the best team money can buy. meanwhile, the 49ers, all sorts of questions. today, i lay agreed to a deal with photo beckham junior, who was released by the browns on monday. meanwhile, jaelyn heard is cut by the 49ers. beckham adjoins a star-studded roster that boasts one of the top offenses in the league. it is unclear either he will suit up this monday, but the 49ers defense will have their hands full either way. the shortcomings not solely on coach, but that 3-5 record is. the 49ers separately need a win on monday for their playoff hopes. kyle has been an assistant for many teams in this league, so he's heard it before. >> fortunately and unfortunately, i've had to get good at that throughout my career here get is something that i am pretty used to. i am very focused on my job, not that other stuff.
6:25 pm
when i am home with my family, i'm just with my family. when i am here in this building, i do everything i can to prepare our guys to do better. >> one more award for buster posey on his way out the door. the retired catcher won his fifth career silver slugger award given to the best hitter at each position. he had 18 home runs, his most since 2015. the warriors will try to wrap up their homestand, a perfect 8- 0 against a good bulls team tomorrow night. golden state put on a dushow yesterday in a win against minnesota. they are 10-1 in the season, preceding projections by a longshot. >> i have all of the names of the media members who picked us to be outside of the playoffs, and i am checking off the box, every time i see one of those
6:26 pm
guys. i give them a little glare, and they know what that means. >> fans back inside of maples pavilion to see the stanford women for the first time since the pandemic. game one of the title defense against baltimore's morgan state picked up right where they left off. 105 stanford players in double figures, a nice warm-up game. they have texas on sunday. off of the turnover, they beat the third quarter buzzer. 91-36, and that is a look at sports tonight. a chicago bulls center tested positive for covid-19, entered this tomorrow night's game. ♪ ♪
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you've heard of pop patrol, but what about opossum colleges? >> the san mateo police department became the latest to add therapy canines to the department, joining about 300 other law enforcement agencies across the country. >> there there to comfort and help officers and others who have experienced trauma, also to help with community outreach. what a face point >> that faces too much. this summer, the department added and 8 regaled goldendoodle after an online naming contest mother pup was named rookie. very appropriate. you cannot not smile when you see a goldendoodle.
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they are so adorable. thank you for watc ng tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the death toll rises from that houston concert. a 22-year-old college senior becomes the ninth person to die in the crush. a family's heartbreak. >> i want my baby back. >> reporter: police recordings released, as we see performer travis scott for the first time. all the new details tonight. the mask mandate ban overturned. a federal judge allows texas schools to require masks. what it could mean for your kids. testimony ends, after kyle rittenhouse sobbed on the stand. why lebron james is weighing in. covid and kids, the long-haul in. covid and kids, effects. meet this four-year-old who lost his hair, and couldn't stand for nt


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