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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 11, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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are continuing to follow breaking news. these are the pictures from an anti-vaccine mandate protest of the golden gate bridge. you can see dozens of demonstrators holding science, waving the american flag. it looks like they are all gathered at the visitor center. you can see how traffic is being impacted. it is definitely bumper-to- bumper. at one point it looks like, though it is not clear, whether the protesters are spilling into the roadway, and drivers are forced to go around to one lane. it is already kind of a bottleneck situation in that area, and with the protesters, it is already slowing down traffic. it looks like it isn't quite at a standstill. this is part of a nationwide rally that by first responders. the protest has been peaceful so far, but we will continue to monitor. a car stolen with an 8- month-old baby inside. the nightmare for her california family, and how police tracked down the suspects point our top story, how a group
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of sin is a residence hope the new infrastructure bill could bring some peace and quiet to their neighborhood. good evening point >> kpix 5's kiet do is joining us live in japan town . >> reporter: this is one of those rudimentary for basic railroad crossings. not a lot of safety measures are in place musso trains are required by law to honk their horns as a warning as they come through. with the passage of the infrastructure bill, there is reason to be optimistic. if all goes as planned ima and that is a big if, this brain rattling horn honking could be silenced forever. earlier this week, the congresswoman said there is now $3 billion available in competitive grants point >> for railroad crossing elimination, we know that that is a problem here in san jose. we know we need to have some quiet zones in japan town, and
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some other areas. i'm going to be working with the mayor and county supervisors to make sure that we get our applications in, and hopefully we get funding, so that people can sleep at night. >> reporter: hearing what she said about the funding is the reason for the neighbors to be optimistic point >> i think so. the congresswoman has been present and active in wanting to resolve the issue. >> reporter: chris webb has been working for years to organize funding and keep the pressure on to do something about the crossings. this is what the seventh street approach looks like now. earlier this fall, the city of san jose announced a temporary fix that would add safety measures, remove parking spots, and create a buffer zone. in doing so, the train would not be allowed to blast their horns from 10 p.a. to 7:00 a.m. if they win the federal grants ima those millions of dollars will go to completely revamping the crossings so trains wouldn't have to honk their horns at all. >> it seems like there is good momentum going forward now. however, there continues be
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a need for community members to continue elevating that the noise is severely disrupting of the quality of life. that helps to preserve some of that energy in getting the issue solved point >> some of them are honk, honk. >> reporter: neighbor bolson says it has been a long few years dealing with the noise. >> reporter: can you imagine a day with no honking at all? >> it is hard to imagine. it might happen, and that is a wonderful thing. i didn't know that until you mentioned it. >> what kind of timeline are we talking about? when can they expect some relief? >> reporter: that temporary fix, they are expecting it to be done and in place by february of next year. the neighbors here have been told for the long-term, round- the-clock quiet zone, we are looking somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 to 3 years point >> thank you. as part of governor newsom's executive order to
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address the supply chain crisis, the california dmv is doubling its testing capacity for commercial truck driver licenses. it is intended that only to keep up with the growing demand for commercial truck licenses, but also to help ease congestion at the ports in los angeles and long beach. dmv will begin offering saturday commercial driving tests, and it is also introducing three new testing sites. >> there is a big dilemma, what you prioritize. you prioritize returning empty containers are loading? it's very difficult to make that choice. if you don't unload, the line gets longer. if you have empty returning, the ports get full, and you can't unload worships. >> the department's training more staff to handle the demand for commercial drivers. a car stolen with the baby inside month and edges before things come to a crashing end
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in auburn. the baby is now thankfully back with mom and dad. just a happy baby anyway, all smiles and laughs. >> reporter: asher atkinson, a baby normallywill of joy parent coral and elijah, and how thankful he is safe at home point >> i think the trauma is still there point >> reporter: in auburn this afternoon, the new parents comfort each other, but that they have to put on a brave face, and haven't fully grasped what happened to their new baby. >> dropping my kids off, the car was stolen. it was gone in a flash point >> reporter: it was supposed to be a normal thursday morning. elijah and cora walked their oldest to the front door at daycare. within seconds, another car pulls up in front of daycare, jumps into their car sitting in the driveway, and took off. asher was still in the backseat. >> it is scary when your car is:, let alone that your baby is in it. my mind was in a daze point >> reporter: coral immediately called 911.
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>> when she was calling, i was trying to chase them down. >> reporter: within 20 minutes, deputies got a call, a crash near highway 193. the suspects had hit a power pole straight on . the car was totaled point >>thoughthse scenario, that i wouldn't see my son again. >> reporter: immediately after the crash, the passenger was arrested. the driver left the scene and ran into a nearby wooded area, but was found and arrested a short time later. deputies found asher in the backseat, and took him to the hospital in auburn to get checked out. >> seeing him was really great. >> reporter: these parents are beyond grateful that their smiling baby survived this ordeal unscathed point >> it was nice to see his face. >> all but it was. the two suspects are in custody and plaster candy this evening.
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news at 5:30, california has signed on to an agreement to get cleaner cars and trucks on the road. governor newsom announced the state will join the pledge announced that the climate summit in scotland. the pledge calls for all vehicles sold to be zero mission by 2035. as the 2 week united nations climate change conference enters its final days, two of the world's biggest polluters have pledged to work together, the u.s. and china. they have released a joint statement today saying they intend to establish a working group to meet regularly and focus on enhancing concrete actions in this decade. climate experts at the meeting in scotland welcomed the deal, but also say governments need to pick up the pace in order to stay within the goal of only a 1.5 degrees celsius temperature rise in the next 10 years. the u.n. secretary-general says that means reducing emissions globally by 45% by 2030. >> every country, every city, every company, every financial institution must reduce their emissions, and d carbonized
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their portfolios, starting now point >> we will work together to limit methane. methane emissions, a greenhouse gas, up to 80 times more destructive, more potent than co2. >> in the newly announced joint declaration, beijing and washington are also agreeing to share technology to reduce emissions, and to do more to stop deforestation. back to our breaking news, live pictures of the protest happening near the golden gate bridge toll plaza. demonstrators have gathered near the bitterest visitor center to rally against vaccine mandates. you can see how the bridge district has narrowed that down . usually it is three lanes north and south at this time of day, but because of the protest, there are two lanes of traffic. the third lane to the right is jampacked with first responders, highway patrol, the
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bridge district. at this point, we are told it has been a peaceful protest, but there looks to be maybe 200 people with signs. some have american flags, but they are protesting the vaccine mandate, organized by first responders across the country. we have our traffic map to show the impact? this is trickling back into the city, down 19th avenue. and of course, into the marina. that is going to take a while to filter out point protesters have not said when they are going to clear out. we will keep watching this breaking news, as they are definitely impacting the evening commute out of the city into marin county. coming up, a special ceremony to remember a fallen marine who lost her life during the evacuation in afghanistan. is it a cold, the flu, or
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covid? dr. singh a jump in patients. we break down the symptoms. coming up all new at 6:00, cutting through the confusion on covid booster shots. the new strategy to evade a winter surge point on this veterans day, the remarkable turnaround of a formerly homeless veteran in the south bay. the thousands of other homeless veterans he's helped over
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let's go back outlived to the anti-vaccine mandate protest on the golden gate bridge. traffic is crawling along as protesters, it looks like a couple hundred protesters possibly at the visitors center , impacting traffic. it looks like emergency crews have lined the barrier of the protest to keep them safe and away from cars. as you can see, the three main road has been narrowed down to one. the cars are just really
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crawling along at maybe 5 miles per hour through the tunnel. >> this is all part of a big nationwide rally that was organized and led by first responders protesting the vaccine mandates that many feel will cost them their jobs. here is the traffic map showing you the impact. there you can see the orange triangle. that is where the protest is happening, and back into the city down 19th, among the marina , traffic is being impacted by folks trying to get to the north bay. today marks the first veterans day in two decades without troops in active combat after the 20 year war in afghanistan came to an abrupt end this past summer. >> we are at the state capital after speaking to family of a fallen marine. being able to zoom out from everything we have in this country, and being grateful for what we have. >> reporter: in a veterans own words, this day is about something bigger than just him
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point >> my oldest brother, myself, and then my younger brother, still in active duty. >> reporter: joe joined the army in 2007. he served in afghanistan. today, he wears his combat infantryman's badge earn for that deployment. he says this first veterans day without an active war is tough point >> i'm glad there was some sort of resolution, you know, whether it is that it way i would've drawn the plans or not. it isn't relevant. i know there are a lot of veterans coming home, and that is a good thing. back for the families of those who didn't come home, like marine sergeant nicole g, this day is about more than just her point >> this veterans day is no different than any other veterans day. it is all about
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everyone who served. >> reporter: she was one of 13 u.s. service members killed in the suicide bombing outside of the kabul airport. >> her family said they think about nicole every day, but this first veterans day without her was especially hard. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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an l.a.
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county man had quite a surprise when he came home for lunch. he realized he wasn't the only one hungry. >> rachel kim spoke to the man who was greeted by bears in his kitchen. >> reporter: imagine john holden's a surprise when he came home around lunchtime on october 28 and so he wasn't the only one who is hungry. >> i see a bear in my kitchen eating my kentucky fried chicken. >> reporter: when he first arrived, he saw his front door open, and then spotted, bear sitting outside. he says she wouldn't leave, so he went past her up the stairs and into the house. >> i was very concerned about my pets at the time. i wasn't thinking clearly. i wanted to get in and make sure they were okay.
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>> reporter: well one cub devoured his bucket of chicken on the kitchen counter, he saw another one ransacking the house. meantime, he realized that one of his parakeets was g, and so is his dog, woody, but first he was focused on getting the bears out. >> i did everything i could to make noise, to try to get them to leave. they were very stubborn point >> reporter: after a few minutes, the two cubs decided to make an exit and join their mother outside. >> they were very happy. they enjoyed their visit to my house. >> reporter: he then turned his attention to fighting his pets. sadly, his parakeet is gone, but woody is back home. it turns out he was able to get out of the house when the bears came in. a neighbor driving by found him and brought him back. he is thankful his family wasn't home when the cubs arrived. although bears are part of his community in sierra madre to mike he will be making sure they won't be making themselves comfortable inside again. >> definitely make sure that all of your doors and windows are securely fastened and you have fresh food in the house that a bear can smell>>speciall
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>> who doesn't love kfc. >> we were just talking about how the mother would hang out outside. >> she had her fill. >> he is lucky she didn't come in to try to get the cubs out. let us take a look at the drought situation. we showed you the up close view in the last half hour. we will do that again at 6:00 if you missed it. this is how the map for the western u.s. loved 2 months ago. 95% of the western u.s. at least in moderate drought conditions. 23% exceptional drought. there's the new map that came out today. it is a little better .92% of the western u.s. still in moderate drought conditions. the one spot that has seen significant improvement is western washington and the northwestern tip of oregon, where the rain has been falling in buckets for the past several weeks. they are not completely out of jail conditions, while most of the western u.s. is still in at
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least moderate drought conditions. the storm track is still aiming more rain towards the pacific northwest, and around the bay area, high pressure is in control of the weather, meaning, weather and mild temperatures for us. anaheim got up to 95 degrees today, and they're in for more heat over the next 2 days. temperatures around the bay area, a few degrees above average. 71 in concord, just short of 70 in san francisco. given ms. 50 60s and pacifica. current temperatures are still in the 60s, even 70 degrees in palo alto. the cool spot is 59 degrees at half moon bay. later tonight, we dropped down to about where we have been, upper 40s and low 50s mixed together point cooler away from the bay and coast, but temperatures are exactly normal for the middle of november. we start off the morning with locally dense fog.
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like the past couple of mornings, it will dissipate. still some of it on the map by 10:00 in the morning, but then unobstructed by the time we get to lunchtime on friday. high temperatures tomorrow, anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees above average. low 70s further inland, even above 74 oakland. on the coast, back up into the mid-60s. right around 70 degrees down the peninsula and south end of the bay will with low to mid 70s in the santa clara valley .73 in santa fe, 75 in morgan hill. in that in the east bay, 71 to 73 degrees. not much variation from spot to spot. upper 60s in san francisco, right around 70 degrees for the east bay. low 70s for the north bay, and tell you had farther north,
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where temperatures reach up into the mid-70s. there won't be much change through the weekend. monday night football game for the 49ers as they take on the l.a. rams, still getting use from the st. louis rams, anyway, 67 degrees, kick off at 5:15. a few clouds with a light breeze. or cloud cover in next week's forecast point temperatures will drop off steadily after the mild weekend. while we see additional clouds, the odds of any rain falling out of those clouds is lower than 20%. it is a dry 7 day forecast. it looks like the next 10 to 14 days may be largely rain free, but at least we have a nice amount so far in the rainy season point look at the latest update for the bay area coming up at 6:00. new at six:00, setting the record straight on who can get a covid booster shot. the new strategy to avoid a winter surge. it has been over 40 years, but her loved ones have not forgotten. a break in the mysterious cold
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case murder of a bay area woman. still ahead at 5:00 -- this winter, you will have to worry about covid, the flu, and the common cold. when should you get tested, and what symptoms should you be looking out for? we have those answers coming up. and all new at 7:00, as the homeless crisis grows, some are finding a happy ending. what this couple did to go from a tent on the sidewalk to go to a permanent two bedroom apartment. >> from the time you come out to the street you think about this thing right
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the common cold is going around my now, which only adds to concerns about a stronger flu season, and then we have covid-19. >> shawn chitnis looked into what to do if you have cold symptoms, and when you need to get tested for the just in case. >> reporter: is that the cold, the flu, or covid? it's getting harder to tell as more people get the cold, and those who are vaccinated increase as well point >> there are some features that might be more indicative of one versus the other, but really if you have any sort of cold type symptoms, the only way you know if it is covid or not is to get tested. >> reporter: the doctor at stanford said there are a lot of cold viruses going around right now. staff at daniels pharmacy say they have not noticed customers
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rushing to get medication yet point >> last year, the cold and flu season wasn't as crazy, because people had their masks on point >> reporter: maranda troy has been a pharmacist for 25 years. she says if we do see the increase in cold infections i can years past, it is just around the corner. the government salas has his covid and flu shots, but he insists on always wearing a mask point >> i hate to say this, because then i'm going to probably jinx myself, but i haven't had a cold and over 15 years point >> reporter: even though most people have been able to avoid getting a cold for over a year, what is a spreading right now shouldn't be any more infectious or severe point >> i haven't seen anything that would suggest the respiratory viruses that people are getting this year that aren't covid are any worse than any other year point >> reporter: our immune system should be able to handle the cold just as well as they did before the pandemic, but like
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with covid, everyone's body will react to an infection differently. helping to avoid spreading any disease with early testing always helps. >> just having a runny nose or sore throat can be symptoms of any common cold virus, and of flu, and of sars-cov-2. >> reporter: the doctor tells us whether it is covid, the flu, or the common cold, make sure you track what symptoms you have and how long you had them. you also should know who else has had the symptoms around you. it will help medical staff give you the best possible treatment. reporting in san francisco, shawn chitnis, kpix 5. right now on kpix 5 , and streaming on cbsn bay area my breaking news. protest near the golden gate bridge. the impact on traffic at this hour, and the crash that happened just minutes ago. it is a booster shot rush. the message to vaccine providers statewide to avoid a winter surge. >> we want this to end. we don't want this lingering forever point it has been over four decades, but her loved ones never forgot her. now the break in the case in
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the murder of a bay area woman. what is going on in oakland? a string of shootings in just a matter of hours. the chaos that had concertgoers running for their lives. he's helped thousands of struggling veterans, but isn't finished. how a bay area veteran is taking his mission to the next level. let us get right to the breaking story happening tonight on the golden gate bridge. >> chopper 5 is flying over an anti-vaccine mandate protest. we are told across just happened. you can see police have closed most of the northbound lanes. cars are still able to get through from one lane of traffic. you see another car pulled over to the side. it is unclear if ats the vehicle involved in the crash we are talking about. >> at one point they had two lanes of traffic open. now it looks like they have completely shut down traffic going in the northbound direction. it was narrowed into one lane, but that is a bridge district trucks, an or


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