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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  November 11, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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covid infections right now. gas prices continue to rise. we'll tell you about one gas station in the bay area where the price is nearly $6 for a gallon of gas, coming up. >> hard to hear that. good morning. it is thursday november 11. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning and happy veterans day to all the men and women who have served. we appreciate your service. >> yes. >> it is warming up for our veterans as we have these celebrations underway. it is going to be a beautiful day. we are looking at sunshine, temperatures a little bit warmer compared to yesterday and a little bit above average for this time of year on this veterans day. we have mainly clear skies but we are dealing with dense fog in spots especially in the north bay, santa rosa down to a quarter mile in the mid 40s, patchy fog in oakland this morning. let's take you through the day. along the coast low to mid 60s
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and around the bay, mid 60s, low 70s inland with that sunshine. we are looking at great weather on this veterans day. you see all of us catching that sunshine as we head through today. we will see drier, quieter weather. i will show you the seven-day forecast coming up. let's check with gianna. how are things shaping up? >> pretty quiet. we are doing okay. if you are up early getting out the door, traffic is at the limit on most major freeways. it is veterans day so we will likely see less cars as kids are off school and maybe some people are off of work as well. if you are taking 880, things are quiet. a couple things, if on 280 north or headed that way from farm ville boulevard there is debris in the road way causing slight delays as you approach. if you are along 101 north not far from candle stick, we've got a crash to the right shoulder. again, lightly traveled, things are moving at the limit and
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especially in the south bay. we are clocking in nice speeds on 101 san jo prices puare hitting the gas pel. california's average gas price is the highest of any state in the nation. you know it, you got to fill up. joycelyn moran joins us live from a valero gas station. what's it looking like? >> reporter: i think many of us have felt the pain of seeing the price it takes for our tank to fill up rising and rising. here at the valero on airport boulevard the price is $5.19. this isn't the worst. take a look. that's nearly $6 at a shell station in san francisco. this is on 4th and bryant. according to aaa, average gas price in california is $4.65, highest of any state and it's
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much higher than national average of $3.42. even the national average is higher than a year ago. aaa says it was $2.11 a year ago. high gas prices come as we approach the holidays when people are expected to travel and aaa expects traveling to be close to prepandemic numbers. as far as gas prices, new forecast from the federal government predicts prices will hold steady and drop back down next year. >> it's going to be messy, 53 million traveling, that's the estimate for aaa. most are by car. even with high gas prices the pain at the pump is not translated into people not going. the good news is if you plan properly remember we are living, working, learning remotely so there is no crush to have to fly or travel on that wednesday before thanksgiving. >> through the holidays, it seems we are still going to be dealing with paying those high prices at the pump. joycelyn moran, kpix5.
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>> thanks. today is the day we pay respects to those who have served. >> on this veterans day there are events across the bay area honoring our servicemen and women. justin andrews is live at the uss hornet museum in alameda. lots happening there. >> reporter: absolutely. in just a matter of hours there will be veterans and others paying honor to those men and women who serve our country. it will be at the uss hornet later this morning. several elected leaders will be in attendance. it gets underway around 11:00 and there will be a ceremony. there is a special visit created by walking ghost of black history featuring bios of prominent black female firsts in america's military. there will be a special tribute to the former secretary of state late colin powell. the ceremony gets underway at 11:00. ship for free.
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veterans get some free a's tickets too if you are active military or veteran. you can get two free tickets to select a games next year. go to to register. this morning i read a quote when i was scrolling on twitter. it said "we don't know them all but we owe them all." i think that's a fitting quote to remember on this veterans day as we honolulu our all of our servicemen and women. >> a very fitting quote. thank you. several other events honoring veterans are being held across the bay area. fairfield will also hold a commemoration ceremony and parade. that starts at 10:00. delta veterans group hosting a ceremony and memorial parade at 11:00 at the antioch marina. at noon, the annual parade in downtown san jose. to commemorate veterans day
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mb of the unknown ll make a soldier and lay a wreath. yesterday people started to lay flowers at the tomb. this is the first time that's allowed in nearly 100 years. it's part of the centennial commemoration at arlington national cemetery. biden's visit is happening in about an hour. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. sad news to report, death of fw declerk who with nelson man dell will a is credited with ending racial segregation in south africa. declerk and nelson man dell will a shared a nobel peace prize for this. declerk was last leader of the apartide era. he released man dell will a from prison and ended segregation system that kept south africa's white minority in power over the black majority for almost 50 years.
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he died from melathioma cancer. >> thank you. covid cases and deaths are creeping back up. the governor warns we can see a challenging winter. we started to see around this time last year case rates, positivity rates, hospitalization rates, icu numbers start to increase. >> meanwhile, health experts in south bay are encouraging people to get their booster shots now to prevent a surge as we head into the holidays. santa clara's chief health officer admits cdc eligibility guidelines are confusing but says if it's been six months since you were vaxeded, you can get your booster shot. >> i think what the public heard was i have to be 65. otherwise i shouldn't get a booster. that's not correct. that's not correct. we know that protection fades
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from the original vaccine series and so it is important to get a booster. >> i want to be sure i am protected and protecting my community. i am planning to travel a little bit. >> the doctor says about 20% of people in the u.s. who are fully vaccinated have gotten a booster. we learned this week that 44 positive covid cases within the cal football program forced the pac-12 to postpone the game. >> one expert says most of the players should have never been tested in the first place. >> i have zero panic whatsoever as a public health person, as infectious disease doctor of 44 healthy people who are fully vaccinated who may have a little virus in their nose on a highly sensitive test. it is not an outbreak. it does not mean they got sick and it does not mean that the vaccines don't work. it means our public health strategy in this case was off and they were doing mass testing of people who didn't
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need it. >> athletic director says 99.5% of players are vaccinated but everyone had to submit to a covid test whether they showed symptoms or not. that seemed to frustrate some players. they say university health services told the players they could be arrested for refusing to test as vaccinated individuals with no symptoms. we reached to the city of berkeley and university for clarification on the testing policy but did not hear back. in a statement released berkeley says it followed cal osha's guidance. covid-19 vaccines can help stop asymptomatic infections. researchers released results of a new study. workers were regularly tested during a six months span regardless of symptoms. according to the study, more than ten times as many unvaccinated staff tested positive for the virus as vaccinated staff. the team saw infection rates plummet as more and more staff
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got vaccinated. fox theater canceled a show after a woman was shot on the street outside. chopper 5 was over the scene on 19th and telegraph after 2:30 yesterday afternoon. the woman is expected to recover. no word yet on what sparked that shooting. in the north bay, police in santa rosa want to know if you recognize these two men. we are told they held up a west america bank branch at gun point yesterday and tied up employees as they did it. no one was hurt. authorities are going through evidence after serving a search warrant at the home of the former north bay mayor. he stepped down as mayor of windsor in may after multiple women accused him of sexual assault, abuse, or harassment. after an 11 month investigation this morning piles of stolen catalytic converters have been reported. a tip from a livermore resident helped unravel the entire crime ring. the person saw a truck slowly
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circling, snapped a picture with a partial plate and reported it to police. >> officers located the car and they had four catalytic converters freshly cut in there. >> officers continued to follow the trail looking at who was buying stolen parts. that led to two drop houses, one in placer count and one in stockton. 30 people were connected to the stolen catalytic converters, drugs, and guns. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> potential major staffing issue for tsa ahead of holidays and advice from experts if you are heading to the airport soon. final good-byes to of the last remaining roller skating rinks in the entire bay area. we are looking at beautiful weather on this veterans day. daytime highs are a little bit warmer compared to yesterday and a little bit above average. 67 in san francisco this afternoon, 68 oakland, low 70s
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for south bay and inland east bay. i will have more on what you can expect through the weekend, coming up. we are seeing pretty good conditions on the freeways. i
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another union square retailer
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lling it qu shop season. former dsw is the newest empty store front in the district which is struggling to rebound from the pandemic. with the christmas tree and skating rink back in place the new executive director of union square alliance is determined to improve the district's image. >> i think they're going to be surprised to see how activated and how beautiful really actually most importantly how clean and safe. >> while some businesses are leaving, executive director tells us a new watch store opened on gary and nine more restaurant and retail openings and reopenings are coming. one of the last remaining roller skating rinks is closing its doors. golden skate has been around for more than 50 years. >> people are lacing up their skates to say for final good- bye. turning the after covid restrictions gave the owners a glimmer of hope
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but the negative financial impact is forcing them to close the doors. >> hearing that the place might close really breaks me down. >> i am heart broken, absolutely heart broken. >> it means a lot to me because this is a place that feels like another home. >> the owner says he will keep the rink open through the holidays but has not determined the last day yet. this team of scuba divers making progress collecting trash in lake tahoe under water clean up led by nonprofit clean up the lake began last may. they've collected over 9,000 pieces of trash. there are 29 miles left to swim before they complete the mission. >> a lot of work there. recent rains are transforming the scene along alameda enou get local lmon thei
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spning grounds. there are rubber dams used to divert water to nearby ponds but help is on the way with a pair of projects in the works just below niles canyon. >> these two fish ladders are the last step in getting access to the upper spawning area for steel head and salmon. >> to see the fish coming up again to spawn in that whole watershed is amazing. it's really a miracle. >> over the years the fish have had to be transferred up stream by hand. by this time next year they should be able to make the journey on their own regardless of the weather. let's get a check of weather and traffic on this thursday. >> we will start with mary. it's going to be a beautiful veterans day. it is going to be lovely with that sunshine. we are looking at mainly clear skiespatchy dense fog. as we head through our afternoon, sunshine this afternoon and highs a little bit warmer compared to
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yesterday and a little bit above average with mid to upper 60s to low 70s. here is a live look as we look east across the bay at the bay bridge. you see 40s and 50s this morning, 50 in concord, livermore, 53 oakland with patchy fog, 55 san francisco, 51 san jose and a chilly 46 in santa rosa. let's check the visibility because we are looking at the visibility down to about a half mile in petaluma. some foggy conditions there as well as about three quarters of a mile in santa rosa this morning. your veterans forecast and what you can expect. we are looking at sunshine across the bay area, low to mid 60s at the coast, mid to upper 60s around the bay, highs inland in the low 70s this afternoon. this is because of high pressure taking over for us, this ridge of high pressure in control and that will be the dominant weather feature. i know we need the rain. at this point it is not coming
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any time soon. you see that sunshine this afternoon, highs are 63 in pacifica. peninsula, 68 in san mateo, south bay, low 70s for many locations, 70 santa clara as well as for san jose, morgan hill 72, inland east bay from 71 in concord, 72 pleasant hill, low 70s for the tri valley. 67 in san francisco, 64 daly city, 67 alameda, 68 oakland, 69 or close to 70 in san leandro. north bay, low to mid 70s with 73 santa rosa and 74 in ukiah. the seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose, dry quiet conditions and our temperatures a little bit above average as we look to friday and our weekend. there we go with the cool down for early next week. by next wednesday a big cool down actually even below average for this time of year.
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inland east bay, north bay, coast, you see that gradual warm up friday into our weekend, looks great for the weekend ahead and temperatures will be dropping as we look to monday, next tuesday, and especially by next wednesday, coolest day out of our extended forecast. we were hoping for rain. at this point it looks like more clouds and cooler temperatures for next week. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic. how are the roadways? >> not bad overall. if you are out early, most freeways are showing good conditions. we have a couple crashes but again they're not causing a lot of brake lights or delays. it is veterans day. a lot of schools are off, some businesses are closed. people may be home from work. we'll likely see less cars. happy veterans day to our men and women who serve in the armed forces. let's look at 880 south bound. we've got a trouble spot to the right hand side of the road way. checking our speeds in the area, not bad. we are seeing a lot of green.
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there is a crash north 101 not far from where candle stick used to be. traffic is still okay moving at the limit, no troubles getting into san francisco. south bound 101 is clear from the area say towards sfo. if you have an early flight to catch in the area traffic is pretty quiet heading towards the airport. if you are headed in south bay 101 is clear. there is a crash just into the traffic center north bound 280 at 87 over to the right hand side of the road way. no word if injuries are involved but very quiet in the area. look at south bay travel times, seeing a lot of green, no delays on 85 north bound towards 21. bay bridge toll plaza, no delays, metering lights off. golden gate bridge is also quiet. ride out of marin is clear as you work south bound 101 from 38 to the city, only about 20 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. if you are flying out of
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oakland for holidays you might want to get there extra early. it's one of many u.s. airports facing potential shortage of security screeners. travel experts recommend getting to the airport at least 90 minutes before your flight to avoid being stranded. tsa check points aren't longer than usual but that can change. federal vaccine mandate deadline becomes effective for security screeners in less than two weeks. >> we are anticipating that will be continued and amplified further come the thanksgiving period for a number of reasons, one which is potentially the vaccine mandate. >> department of homeland security reps told congress only 60% of tsa screeners were vaccinated. ahead of adele he is special sunday on cbs, oprah interviewed the singer about the album. >> the concert is a celebration of biggest hits, debut of the
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new songs. you start with hello. >> i am always going to have to start with hello. it would be weird if it was halfway through a set, you know. so i am starting with it. >> adele's one night only special airs subject at 8:00 p.m. on kpix5. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> welcome back i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support.
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sequoia national park will partially reopen to the public. >> after a lightning sparked wildfire, it will be limited to day use only in part of the foothills area. access to the giant forest, general sherman tree will remain closed. 5:26 is the time. in our next half hour on kpix5 and cbsn bay area. >> step back for former president trump and efforts to withhold white house records from congress. historic settlement for victims
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on kpix5 and cbsn bay area, paying tribute to some of our country's bravest. testifying in elizabeth homes' fraud trial, how his business relationship soured over time. a look at the health of the economy and how americans are returning to work right now. good morning. it's thursday november 11. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. goodness, it is early in the morning. >> a little bit. >> it is veterans day and we are paying our respect to all the veterans, those serving and to their families as well. we will have a beautiful day. it's going to be beautiful weather for all the events across the area. get ready for sunshine. it's going to be a lovely day. we are starting with mainly clear skies and patchy dense fog, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. if you are heading out the door, of course grab that
5:31 am
jacket. along the coast, low 60s. around the bay mid to upper 60s with sunshine. inland, low 70s with sunshine. you see on futurecast all the sun as we head through today. really, a beautiful day on this veterans day as we honor and celebrate our amazing veterans. let's check with gianna. of course it is holiday light, not a lot going on but it is great to see. things are going pretty well across the bay bridge. things are moving nicely. around this hour typically we will see more brake lights building especially across the upper deck but not quite the case today and that's likely due to the veterans holiday. there are still people out there so we'll see stuff later on. but right now things are at the limit. we have a pretty easy ride on bay area bridges. golden gate bridge, problem free with light conditions in both directions. san mtaeo bridge commute is quiet, 13 minutes between 880
5:32 am
to 101, the commute direction. head lights heading towards 101. no delays along the peninsula. as we approach the holidays gas prices are continuing to sky rocket. >> joycelyn moran is live from a valero gas station in south san francisco. i am kind of scared to ask. >> i don't even want to see it. >> reporter: i personally don't even want to look. it is looking pretty painful at the valero gas station on airport boulevard. the price of gas is at $5.19 for a gallon. look at the averages in california. for the state according to aaa it's $4.65. bay area numbers are a bit higher. in san francisco it's $4.85 and oakland it's $4.77. in san jose it's $4.78. if we look at the gas station in san francisco, that's nearly $6 for a gallon of gas. this is one on 4th and bryant.
5:33 am
these high prices come as we approach the holidays when we know many people will be traveling to see loved ones especially after a difficult holiday season last year because of the pandemic. aaa expects more than 53 million people will travel this thanksgiving holiday, a 13% increase from last year. prices are putting pressure on the white house to act. >> we have tools in our tool belt we can potentially address this with. >> reporter: experts say there is only so much the president can do, and a new forecast from federal government predicts crude prices will hold steady and drop back down next year. remember when we said that the average gas price in california is $4.65. the highest ever was october 2012 and that was $4.67 so we are only two cents shy of that. personally that is a record i don't want to see the state
5:34 am
break. >> thanks. today, there are veterans day events happening across the area. at 9:00 bris bain will hold a flag raising event and marin county united council hostina celebration. in danville veterans day observance program at 11:00 am. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. on this veterans day, let's go live to washington, dc because in less than a half hour president biden will be at the tomb of the unknown soldier to lay a wreath. this has been a final resting place for three unknown u.s. service members and is a symbolic grave for unidentified american soldiers and those never found. a wider live view of arlington national cemetery where there will be a larger veterans day ceremony after president biden visits the tomb. both of those big events will be live streamed. i have a link if you want to watch in full on my twitter
5:35 am
page. otherwise we'll continue to monitor them at the live news desk. early investor in theranos tells the jury in the elizabeth holmes trial that the business relationship over time but it sweetened again when the company needed more than money. put 1.2 million into theranos in 2006. he testified he and holmes talked often but by 2010 she stopped taking his calls. he wanted to pull the investment. there was no mechanism to do it. >> this goes with what the prosecution and other evidence has shown, when people start asking questions she shuts them down. >> the relationship improved in 2013 when the company was getting good press and needed more money so he invested another 100,000 but by 2015 he was being ignored again and was told the next response he got would be from theranos lawyers.
5:36 am
former raiders star facing more charges in a crash that killed a driver. ruggs is accused of driving 156 miles an hour in las vegas moments before causing the crash that killed a 23-year-old woman. prosecutors have added three new counts against ruggs bringing the total to five. >> a second felony dui charge, we believe mr. ruggs' girlfriend was substantially injured. that's for the second reckless driving as well. then the misdemeanor prohibited person in possession of a firearm. >> ruggs faces anywhere from two to 50 years in prison if convicted. defense plans to call several more witnesses today including a doctor and a police officer. this is after he took the stand in his homicide trial. he says he acted in self defense in shootings that left two dead at a protest in
5:37 am
kenosha wisconsin last year. he broke down during questioning and it was stopped twice after angering the judge. a judge approved $626 million settlement for victims ever lead tainted water crisis. most money will come from the state which was accused of over looking risks involving with switching water sources. national archives set to release trump administration documents that could shed light on january capitol attack. a federal judge rejected former president trump's bid to keep lawmakers from seeing white house records. special house committee is looking into who may have been involved in the planning of the attack. documents they are seeking would likely include phone records, white house visitor logs, even twitter messages. trump's attorneys argue all that is protected by executive privilege and have appealed the decision. >> what i will say is it's just
5:38 am
an attempt, you know this as well as anybody, to distract from horrific failures of the biden presidency. >> house voted last month to hold former white house adviser steve bannon in criminal attempt for ignoring a subpoena. the case is in the hands of the justice department. u.s. and china announced surprise pledge to strengthen cooperation in addressing climate crisis. this is ahead of a virtual meeting between u.s. and chinese presidents. a source familiar with the planning of the meeting says specific details have not been ironed out. it's time for your money watch report and a look at the latest jobless claims. diane king hall joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning to you. good morning. fewer americans signed up for unemployment benefits last week according to the labor department. first time filings for weekly jobless claims fell by 4,000 to 267,000. that marks the sixth week of
5:39 am
falling claims and a new pandemic era low. shares of beyond meat skidded 18% after the bell yesterday. plant based meat company says u.s. demand is shrinking and sales aren't expected to quickly rebound. executives also blame labor shortage and rising prices for the troubles. slow down in streaming dings disney. 2.1 signed up for disney plus in the latest quarter but that was less than expected and higher than expected loss led to operating cost of 65 million. we usually have a list of deals for veterans as a show of gratitude. what do you have in the line up this year? there is a slew of deals today. break forms of skin on ihop with free pancakes for veterans and active members.
5:40 am
olive garden giving a free entre. civilians can get a free hair cut card to give a veteran. >> we do thank them for their service. >> we do. >> we'll see you we are the stock latest drought monitor ju dropped. here is a look at the state map following all the rain over the past weeks. it doesn't appear there has been much change since last week's shift. north bay, peninsula, south bay remain in extreme and much of the east bay stays at the exceptional drought level. at 7:00, as homeless crisis grows some are finding hope and happiness. what the a bay area couple did to go from a tent on the sidewalk to a permanent two bedroom apartment. >> here from the time to come to the street. >> yeah. >> you think about this day right here. >> yeah. >> that's tonight at 7:00 on
5:41 am
project home. it is 5:40. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> department of justice's new lawsuit against uber and how the company is responding. the message from the post master general and what you can expect during peak holiday season. get ready for a gorgeous day across the bay area on this veterans day. temperatures are warmer compared to yesterday and more sunshine this afternoon with 67 in san francisco, 68 oakland, low 70s in san jose and concord. i will let you know if we are tracking more weather systems coming our way in that seven- day forecast, coming up.
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5:44 am
usually when you hear about covid shots you think about people getting them. >> apparently marine mammals need protection too. eight sea otters at the monterey bay aquarium received the covid vaccine to protect them. a vet says the process only takes a few seconds and all the animals were good patients despite no treats at the end. >> they don't get a sucker and don't get a bandaid either. they've not missed a beat or a meal. >> otters have remained covid free but it wasn't the case at an aquarium in georgia. the otters vaccine is different than the human dose if you were
5:45 am
wondering and it was donated by animal drug company. >> they still deserve a treat. >> they need a treat. a little something. >> especially with those faces. >> they otter get a treat. stole that from the directors. >> good delivery though. >> i love it. we are looking at beautiful weather today. enjoy it. great weather as we honor and celebrate our veterans. a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look east. you see mount diablo with mainly clear skies. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s as we start our day with patchy dense fog. 50 in concord, oakland 53 with patchy fog, 54 in downtown san francisco, san jose 51, chilly in santa rosa at 46. check the current visibility and locations dealing with the fog this morning down to three miles along the coast at half moon bay, a half mile in petaluma, three quarters in santa rosa, a mile and three
5:46 am
quarters for napa and three miles for fairfield. here is today's forecast. mainly clear skies this morning with patchy dense fog, sunshine for all of us with high pressure building in. highs are warming to the mid to upper 60s to low 70s this afternoon. along the coast, low to mid 60s. around the bay, mid to upper 60s, pleasant day inland in the low 70s. look at the sunshine. this is because of a strong ridge of high pressure taking over and this ridge will be the dominant weather feature as we look to the next several days. we definitely need the rainfall and a the this point it is not coming any time soon, this is blocking any storm systems. you see pacific northwest, they are lucky and getting that rain right now but it is not impacting our weather at home. on futurecast you see sunshine through today, great weather for our veterans day celebrations and events around
5:47 am
the bay area. sunrise at 6:46 and sun set at 5:01. let's check daytims along the coast, pacifica, 63. peninsula, 68 in san mateo, 70 santa clara, 71 campbell. inland east bay 71 in concord, 72 pleasant hill, low 70s for the tri valley. 67 in san francisco, 64 daly city, 67 alameda and 68 oakland. highs in north bay, low to mid 70s. we are topping out at 74 in ukiah. san francisco, oakland, san jose, daytime highs a little bit above average as we head friday into our weekend and then a cool down as we look to next week. inland east bay, north bay, coast, you see temperatures slowly warming up friday into our weekend and then cooling back down. next wednesday is the coolest day out of our extended forecast. let's check with gianna. you are tracking a crash in the south bay. >> we are starting to see brake
5:48 am
lights popping up, red on censors due to a crash north bound 101 at old oakland road. it is blockinge lawith ding because of the and traffic is slow. it is already backed up in the area because of the crash. use 280 or 87 in the meantime as an alternate. those are looking better with no delays. cross over at 92 or even 84 but it's a little slow. look at the travel time reflecting delays. also starting to see brake lights building for the ride into the altamont pass, 33 minutes is your travel time from 205 towards 680. if you are getting ready to take 580, it looks okay. this is a live look near dublin interchange. east of here is where we are starting to see brake lights build from 205 out of tracy
5:49 am
onto 580 and it stays slow to north flynn and you will get a break the rest of the way towards the dublin interchange. bay bridge, no metering lights, things are quiet. i don't expect a busy commute early due to the veterans holiday. people are leaving later or there is no school, businesses are closed. there are less cars overall. if you are taking public transit, most transits are on a regular schedule so check the schedule before you head out. bart, muni, cal train are on time. justice department suing uber accusing it of over charging disabled riders. it centers on wait time fees uber starts charging two minutes after the driver arrives. doj alleges that is unfair for people who need more time to get in. the suit seeks civil penalty
5:50 am
damages for riders over charged and ada modification to the policy. uber said it did change its policy last week to automatically wave wait times for riders who certify they are disabled and had a policy of refunding on request adding we disagree that policies violated ada and we will keep improving to support everyone's ability to easily move around their communities. we don't know about your bank account but it was a big payday for elon musk. the shares of tesla was just disclosed and it netted over $1.1 billion. emphasize that b. postal service is ready to deliver your packages. that's the word from the post master general. this follows unveiling of a ten year plan for usps involving a
5:51 am
series of changes. those include longer first class mail delivery times and cuts to post office hours. 5:51. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, mcdonald's next celebrity collaboration may be all you want for christmas this season. >> i see the hint. arby's may be known for fast food but a new addition is going viral. >> andy coen stops by for a chat today at 2:00 on kpix5. >> check out cbs mornings
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welcome back. time for a look at entertainment headlines. high praise for belfast, based on childhood growing up in the northern ireland capitol in the '60s during a time of conflict. many from the cast and crew grew up in the region. it hits theaters tomorrow. 24 of the fiercest competitors will face off in the season two of the challenge all stars. it welcomes players from the longist reunion to take part in over the top challenges and a shot at $500,000. the new season of the challenge all stars premieres exclusively on paramount plus with weekly
5:55 am
episodes dropping every thursday. put him in the final slate of honorees. the fourth annual event honoring achievements in black film making and television is set for december 6. all mariah carey wants for christmas is mcdonalds. >> the queen and fast food chain are teaming up for a special mariah menu. mcdonald's is giving away freish food each day. customers have to buy at least a $1 item and order on the mcdonald's app to get the give away. items include a big mac, pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, quite the meal if you get them all at one time. >> all you want for christmas. >> some mariah and mcdonald's. would you like vodka fries with that? that's the question arby's has.
5:56 am
>> arby's curly fry crkl bo tae ketheir name sakes. curly fry includes cheyenne, onion, garlic. it will make the debut in a handful of states including california, florida, west virginia. >> i would say this is an april fools joke but it is november. >> i saw it online and i was like this is not real. it's real all right. we wouldn't lie to you. >> you don't want a drink of crinkle fry vodka. >> not yet. >> need a few drinks before that one. 5:56. in our next half hour, clearing up confusion. how health experts in the south bay are making sure you know who is eligible to get the covid booster. major bay area crime ring
5:57 am
dismantled. just looking at this hurts. a bay area gas station charging nearly $6 a gallon. where we are se ng
5:58 am
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, look at the numbers, gas prices in the day area, almost $6. how it might put a dent in holiday travel plans. bay area doctor sounding alarm after dozens of cal football players test positive for covid. she's not calling it an outbreak. >> reporter: today is the day we honor our veterans. i am live in the east bay at an event. cleaning up lake tahoe one piece of


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