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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 10, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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help change the image. san francisco's union square is losing another major retailer, dsw. >> things that i used to know that were here, they're not here anymore. the latest business in the neighborhood to close up shop for good. >> it's lot sadder than watt before covid. >> it is always disappointing when a cornerstone of our community has to shut down. i understand they're shutting down more than just their location here in san francisco. . >> reporter: we took a walk through union square with marissa rodriguez, the new executive director for the union square alliance. >> i took over actually three weeks ago. >> reporter: she agrees that union square has a problem with perception. she main live points to the pandemic and the toil it took on tourism and the retail industry. >> that perception will soon be gone. >> reporter: the christmas tree and ice skating rink are back in place once again. >> you know, unlike last year,
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when everything was shut down, it's open. >> reporter: and as some businesses leave, others are moving in. the watch store omega just opened up on gary, and rodriguez said there are nine upcoming openings and reopenings they are looking forward to. >> from restaurants to wine bars, retail establishments. we even have a mast tress store coming. >> reporter: the perception won't change overnight, but rodriguez thinks it will as people venture back out into the world. >> i think they'll come down here and be surprise to have had see how activated and beautiful really, actually, most importantly, how clean and safe. >> i remember live music being part of the magic during the holiday season. will liveder takenment be coming back soon? >> reporter: i'm told that live entertainment will be coming back to union square, something the new executive director hopes will be beneficial for the
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neighborhood. >> all right, max, thank you. covid cases and deaths in california are creeping back up. today governor newsom warned that we could see a resurgence in the virus, as the weather continues to change. >> last a challenging winter. we started to see around this time last year case rates, positivity rates, hospitalization rates, icu numbers start to increase. >> meantime, public health officials in santa clara county are go out on a limb. devin has the latest on how they want everyone to get a covid booster. >> the guidelines say people that are 65 and older or with underlying medical conditions, or some risk of exposure were eligible for the booster. public health officials town here in santa clara say tank those last two and it basically covers anyone, and their message is if you want a paster, you can get one. >> i want to make sure i'm
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protecting and protecting my community, and i am planning to travel a little bit. >> reporter: she didn't need much convincing to get a booster. she had heard from family at home in israel how the vaccine'siviveness wears off over time. >> it slows down, so you want to have the booster. >> reporter: in santa clara county, public health officials are wanting to clarify often using guidelines from the sides about shoe eligible for a boost person their message is if you're fully vaccinated and it's been six months, you can get a booster. you won't be turned away. >> i think what the public heard was i have to be 65, otherwise i shouldn't get a booster. and that's not correct. that's not correct. >> reporter: dr. coty said she is concerned that without a booster, people might be vulnerable to the virus. add to that holiday travel and thanksgiving gatherings, and you have a recipe for another surge. >> we know that protection fades from the original vaccine
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series, and so it is important to get a booster. >> reporter: dr. coty said only a small traction, roughly 0% of people who are fully vaccinated -- 20% of people who are fully vaccine have had good morning a booster. >> you start something, you finish it. >> reporter: roy said his 80th birthday is nearing and he plans to have thanksgiving dinner with his family, so getting a booster was no- brainer. >> devin, santa clara county is saying you want a boost western come get a booster, you won't be turned away. but other folks don't live in that county and they're thinking is that true where i live? . >> reporter: you know, one of the things that the pandemic has kind of commonned is that dr. sarah coatgy willing to lead and is sometimes billing to out a little bit ahead of some of her colleagues. that is certainly true in this case. i talked to someone from san mateo county, they say they are
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hemming a little closer to the guidance of the cdc guidelines, but broadly interpreted, those last two conditions basically covers anyone who would want a booster. >> all right, devin, thanks. today authorities searched the home off a former north bay mayor in connection with sexual misconduct allegations. sonoma county investigators served the hope of dominic foppoli in windsor. new test money in the theranos fraud trial is showing how elizabeth holmes relationship with a texas investor soured over time, and then sweetened again when the company needed more money. len ramirez in san jose with the details. >> reporter: today's witness was one of the smaller investors in this case, especially when compared with some of the billionaires that have come before, but he did have a lot of questions, and according to test today, if you
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asked too many questions, you fall out of favor with elizabeth holmes. allen is a retired money manager from houston who was an early investor in theranos, putting down $1.2 million, combination with this wife and adult children in 2006. he testified that he would speak often with elizabeth holmes on the phone, who said theranos had billionaire larry ellison as a board member and adviser and that the company would grow to $60 million in revenue in 2007, and $200 million in 2008. >> he is pointing the finger directly at what elizabeth holmes told him. bussed on those claims and representations that elizabeth holmes made to him, he invested in her company. >> by without ten, he said there were signs of trouble. holmes quit taking his calls. >> this goes along with the prosecution and the other
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evidence has shown us when people start asking questions of elizabeth holmes, she shuts them down. >> reporter: but then he said degrees when the company needed more money in 2013. theranos was riding a wave of good press at the time, and he was led believe that its technology was working. he invested at $100,000, but by 2015, he was getting ignored again. he said an e-mail that told him to quit contacting them or the next contact from them would be from the theranos lawyers. >> prosecutors said they may be able to wrap up their case as early as next week. coming up, a ladder just installed in be a alameda county creek could play a key roll in preserving an endangered species of fish. tonight san francisco's mayor weighs in on the
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contentious recall effort targeting three school board members. it is veterans day tomorrow, and the holiday weather is looking fantastic. temperatures anywhere from the low 60s along the coast, to low 70s farther inland tomorrow afternoon. we'll take a look at how we staff at off the day and how much fog might be there out there, coming up in the
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we don't know about your bank account, but it was a big day day for elon musk. after promising on twitter, musk has sold about 900,000 shares of tesla stock. that sale, just being disclosed in filings with the federal officials. that sale netted over $1.1 billion. well, the recent rain certainly welcomed by all of ner in northern county communities struggling with drought conditions, but it is also helping salmon populations. >> reporter: like so many places in northern california, the recent rains have really transformed things here along alameda creek. it is putting on quite a show for the locals. it's a great reminder of the importance of a project underway here just below niles
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canyon. >> yeah, six weeks guy, it was almost completely dry. just amazing to see it flowing again. >> stop and watch the creek, and it does not take long to see them. >> when they come up the stream, they usually travel in groups, and you'll just see this dark shadow in the water of these fish. >> a strong showing is good news, but the bad news for these fish is that this is as far as they will go. >> well, that was built add such an angle that fish cannot pass it. actually most fish. once in a while a salmon or steel head might be able to get up it, but it's really rare. >> reporter: the packet bee neat the train tracks is impossible. but a fix for the problem is almost finished. when these ladders are complete, lower alameda creek will finally be connected to the upper watershed, and that is an effort years in the making. >> so these two fish ladders are the last step in getting
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access to the upper spawning area for steel head and salmon. >> our pandemic entertainment was actually walking down to watch the construction on the fish ladder. >> reporter: just as it is finally taking shape, the fib are back and looking for a path upstream. >> to see the fish coming up again to spawn in that whole watershed is amazing. it's really a miracle. >> reporter: over the years, they have been take something of those fish out by hand and transporting them upstream, just to keep some of them moving. but this time next year, the fbi should be able to make that journey on their own, regardless of the weather circumstances here in fremont. the city of san francisco is considering a former apology to the chinese community for mistreatment and racist laws during the 19th and 20th centuries. the measure introduced by supervisor matt haney would make san francisco the fourth city in california to apologize
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for historic injustices. san francisco mayor london breed calling out members of this school board for what she calls petty politics. she is throwing her support behind a recall effort. >> they have become a distraction. if they generally win by cared about our kids, they would get out of the gay let us moving forward with people who understand financial management, the need to put children or anything before hole ticks. >> those leading the recall effort say at a time when the board should have been focused on reopening schools, it was instead pushing a plan to rename schools and change admission requirements to high performing schools. gabriella lopez had this response. mayor breed's use of public schools for political gain has been everybody department throughout the year. breed's actions have been more disruptive than helpful. and this from another board member: mayor breed disregard mice work on the board where i have ottered resolutions that
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will retain teachers, increase enrollment and upgrade transportation and mental health services to save our public schools $30 million over the next five years. and from allison collins: we all need to focus on looking out for our school children, families, and emindicators, not advancing our political careers. leaders should be supporting efforts by me and my colleagues to do that. this evening the story of an east bay family that is turning a tragedy into a life- saving mission. the family of 12-year-old who died after being swept out to see is the drive force behind this new life ring station at pillar point harbor near half moon bay. back in january, arunay pruthie jumped into the water when his tad and younger brother were knocked over by a sneaker wave. they made it back to shore, but he did not. hits family wants to prevent similar tragedies. ? fortunately goodness comes out of tragedy. this is really one of those
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moments. but from us as firefighters, we wish we could have done more and have him with us here today, but as i look around and i hope the family looks behind you, this is now your community that's behind you to ensure that his legacy does live on, so thank you. >> in addition no life ringings, his family is created a foundation to create awareness and education about ocean safety. >> in those sneaker waves, don't turn your back, paul. >> that's right. and there will be storms kicking up those larger swells. the storm track is going to be pushed up to our north for the next several days. the rain will be aimed at the pacific northwest, while the bay area stays try. passing cloudser once in a while. it's a dry stretch of weather that is going to last through the weekend into much of next week. these are next week's rain chance you see it's not much of
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a chance. it doesn't arrive until friday and saturday of next week. so this is day nine of the forecast. that is way out there in forecasting terms. we'll hope that those chances go up a little bit. while it's been an exceptional start to the rainy season, we definitely need more rain, especially as we head farther into the peak of the rainy season to eat away at those drought conditions. clear skies, temperatures are starting to drop off now that the sun has been down for an hour and 15 minutes. 59 degrees in san francisco in the cool spot. everyone else the low 60s. temperatures tonight will drop down to a mix of upper 40s and low 50s. locally dense fog in the valley around the bay tonight, but that will dissipate quickly and temperatures will warm up from where we start off. looks like ideal dog walking weather for moose in san jose. good name for a dog. thanks bob baylor for sharing
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that picture with us. i'm scheduling these dogs the dog walking forecast about a month in advance, which means looking ahead to christmas dogs, so if you have one of those pictures to share, there's my e-mail dress. you can send most way. temperatures tomorrow two or three degrees degrees above normal. upper 60 $around the bay, and those inland spots will warm up another degree or two as we head towards the weekend. around the bay temperatures don't change too much. upper 60s if san francisco. near 70 for oakland in the east bay. temperatures from san jose go from 70 tomorrow up to the low- to-mid 70s saturday and sunday, and then a cool counsel on the way next week. a cold front going to sweep through the bay area. usually that can mean a chance of rain, at least a chance of showers, but this one will be moisture starved. so we'll just be looking at some passing clouds, and cooler temperatures by the middle of next week. the chance of even that slight chance of rain doesn't arrive
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until next friday and saturday. enjoy the dry weather. we'll keep looking for those signs of rain. i'll zoom in for a closer look at tomorrow's high temperatures coming up at 7:00. cbs evening news is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. >> it's a busy news day. tonight after kpix 5 news at 6:00, prices surge at the fastest pace in more than three decades. how long will you pay more for gas, food, and cars? the cbs evening news now just mists away. tonight four astronauts headed to the international space station. they took off less than a half hour ago in a spacex falcon rourke it. the three americans and one german on board should reach their destination within the next day or so. comes just two days after for our astronauts returned from the iss. straight ahead in sports, how much game does debbie jackson have left?
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desean jackson have left? we'll tell you about a team that is taking the chance.
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nba up top, and the warriors. the league's lone one loss team after a day of rest put their 9- 1 record on the line, hosting the timberwolves tonight. moving pictures on the late show. now, how in the world is
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steph curry going to follow up a 50-poggonthe grown- up in the room, a coach on the floor, and still has got skill. >> andre is like the wizard of oz in the locker room. he's wearing a lot of hats right now. >> the great oz has spoken! >> aren't those drops great? i could do them every day. the sharks are off today. they are still in canada. they skate at winnipeg tomorrow. it will be john mcclain's last game as acting head coach, and i'm sure he is sorry to see the day-to-day-pressers go. >> you're going to miss this, right? >> oh, terribly, terribly, terribly. >> logan couture scored the first of three third period goals for the sharks in calgary
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last night. they have won three of five since the covid outbreak. all seven players and the coach are expected to return soon. >> as for symptoms, i was actually -- you know be i say thank god for the vaccines, us you know, i didn't get sick. >> nfl, hump day, off day for the 49ers. as of now, they are a four- point home underdog with the rams coming to levi's stadium monday night. and at long last, the first look at wideout desean jackson running route noise raiders. he'll be active sunday when the chiefs pay a visit to vegas. the former cal star didn't hold back showing his love for the franchise. >> all of those guys wearing the black and silver, they all had a pride, like, yeah, i
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played for the raiders, so for it to come full circle and me to finally be able to say puitti an looking forward to the first game sunday. baseball. what team ends up with khris bryant next season? he's one of the top three free agents this went we are and his agent is scott boras, and he said she sean connery of baseball. he is ton upable, bond like abilities to set up the mid- thistle line-up. he's always in the line-up for the hunt or october. and i'm sure he enjoys his sports drink shaken, not stirred. >> he'll get some big bucks, just like sean connery, too. thanks, vern. up next, a pricey bay area town has just been named most expensive market in the
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the pricey san mateo town features the most expensive zip code in the country. atherton topped the list from property shark for the fifth consecutive years. >>s if nearly $2 million more than the next closest zip code,
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in the boston area. >> i'll take two. >> the homes are beautiful, but you've got to pay for it. thanks for watching at 6:00, the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. u can find captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, prices surge at the fastest pace in more than three decades. how long will you pay more for gas, food, and cars? the supply chain chaos hitting your wallet. frustrating americans as inflation only gets worse. the big concern tonight: price hikes are wiping out wage gains. plus, president biden promises to fix america's broken supply chain. kyle rittenhouse sobs on the stand. the teen accused of murdering two people at a protest breaks down. >> i didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself. >> o'donnell: but as the judge snaps at the prosecution... >> don't get brazen with me! >> o'donnell: ...the defense moves for a mistrial. andrew cuomo under oath, what his testimony revealed after


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