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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 10, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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they're not going think what th heard was i have to be 65. otherwise, i shouldn't get a booster, and that's not correct. that's not correct. >> reporter: dr. sarah coty said the clock is ticking. if you want to travel for thanksgiving or meet with family and friends indoors, right now is the time to get your booster. >> the holidays are coming. our case rates are flat to increasing. people are going to be gathering, and there's a tool available, widely available, that we can all use to increase our safety and protection, and that's a booster shot. >> reporter: dr. coty said only a small fraction, roughly 20% of people who are fully vaccinated, have gotten a booster shot, so in santa clara county, they are trying to cut through confusing mixed messages and let people know that you can get a third shot in you want one. >> i got my second shot in
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february, so i figure i need the party and thanksgiving with family. >> you start something, you finish it, that's the way i always felt, and to protect everybody and to protect myself. of the public health officials hope that a new clear message, if you want a booster, you can get one, will convince the public of the benefits of of a third shot. all right. so santa clara county says come get a boost, you won't be turned away, but is that true bay area wide, any county, is this the policy? >> reporter: yeah, so dr. coty has been a bit of a leader during the pandemic. she was the first to call for the lockdown last spring. she is ahead of her county colleagues at this point, put the basic guidelines from the cdc say that virtllevisligible governor newsom leisget the booster shot. he had this reminder as we head
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into the holidays. >> last year we had a challenging winter, particularly down here in southern california. we started to see around this time last year, positivity rates, hospitalization rates, icu numbers start to increase. >> now, we brought you the governor's news conference on cbsn bay area. you can catch us 24/7 streaming on or the kpix 5 news app. the department of justice is suing uber over claims the company discriminates against disabled passengers. the department says that since 2016, the ride-sharing app has been charging disabled people for taking longer to get in and out of vehicles. according to the department of justice, charging wait time viates the americans with s disabilities act. uber does not give discretion to drivers to wish or alter those wait time fees.
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they are automatically calculated in an app. uber said this in a response. it has been our policy to refund wait time fees for disabled riders whenever they alerted us that they were charged. after a recent change last week, now any rider who cities they are disabled will have fees automatically waived. a live look at the oakland airport this even. there is concern about a potential shortage of tsa screeners as we head into the busy holiday travel season. andria borba is live at the apartment with some troubling numbers. >> reporter: coming up with thanksgiving, the problem could be getting through airport security on time. while tsa security checkpoints aren't long at oakland international today, that could change in 12 days when the linese vaccine mandate screeners, and for those looking at their calendar, that
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is the monday before thanksgiving. >> we are anticipating that it will be amplified further around the thanksgiving purpled for several reasons, which one of them is the vaccine mandate. >> reporter: congress was told that only 60% of tsa screeners were vaccinated. leaders are hoping those numbers tick up. this comes as nearly 95% of domestic flights have returned to the skies. one travel group's president said give yourself more time than usual at the airport for thanksgiving if you don't want to miss your plane. >> so we can expect thanksgiving and the winter holidays to be well in excess of current trends. at present, tsa managing current trends, but come the holiday, it will be excessive. >> reporter: we asked traveler at oakland international how early they get to the airport. >> i got to the airport about 0 minutes before my flight
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started boarding. >> normally about an hour and a half, i try to, but didn't do that this time. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he said that domestic travelers should give themselves at least 90 minutes, given the potential of tsa staffing shortage and more folks flying, particularly at smaller airports. >> the lines starting to go out the door. that is a sign the business has not been operating optimally. >> reporter: chuck schumer asked the tsa and department of homeland security to have a backup plan. we reached out to the tsa, as well as the union that represents tsa screeners today to see if they have a sense of what that backup plan is, if it look leaks any of these screeners are going to catch up and get their shots before this deadline, of course just 12 days away now, allen. we have not heard back from anyone tonight. >> andria, thkstensmenttoday in
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rittenhouse. >> i was astonished when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant's post-arrest silence. >> vince the 18-year-old charged with killing two men and wounding a third during a black lives matter protest in wisconsin last year. nancy chen has that story from the courthouse. >> reporter: 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse sobbed and appeared to hyper ventilate on the witness stand wednesday. he was about to it will the court with about his income outer with jossen rosenbaum, one of the two men he shot and killed. earlier the defendant told jurors rosenbaum threatened to kill him. rittenhouse said at one point rosenbaum had his hands on the
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teen's fully loaded semiautomatic rifle, and rittenhouse ultimately fired at him four times. >> why were you trying to get to the police? >> because i did done anything wrong. i defended myself. >> reporter: he also shot two others who came after him, killing one. >> you intentionally used deadly force against joseph recognitionen bomb, correct? >> reporter: yes. >> prosecutors desire road in on his weapon and whether he used deadly force to protect property. that prompted a sharp rebuke from the judge. >> the court left the door open. >> for me, not for you! >> my understanding of -- >> you should have come and asked! >> reporter: rittenhouse could face life in prison in convicted on the most serious charm against him. the defense asked for a mistrial with presently based on the prosecutor's questions. the judge is still considering that, but if he agrees, rittenhouse could noarai >> precutors brought up rittenhouse's decision to keep
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silent after his arrest, which is his right protected by the fifth amendment. >> a live look at capitol hill, the national archives set to release trump administration document that could shed light on the january 6th capitol attack. a federal judge refused tempo's bid to keep lawmakers from seeing white housers. the documents they are seeking would likely include phone records, white house visitor logs, even twitter messages. mr. trump's argue that all of that is protected by executive privilege. they have appealed the decision. . >> but what i'll say is this, e just an attempt, and you know this as well as anybody, distract from the horrific fussers the biden presidency. >>
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still ahead, honoring a young boy who lost his life at sea. the new tool unveiled in his memory that could save lives. plus struck down during a youth basketball game. a teen hit so hard she got a concussion. now her family is demanding justice. >> that's unacceptable. it should not happen. she should be banned. and later, from gas to groceries, you're paying more for just about everything. why those higher prices could be here for the holidays. this morning's fog disty pated and it turned into a beautiful day. more of the same tomorrow. we'll take a look at slightly warmer temperatures as we head into the weekend coming up in the forecast.
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former life raider henry ruggs third was charged with four felony counts in a misdemeanor today, in a crash that killed a woman. he is charged with two counts of dui cautioning death or substantial harm. two counts of ringless driving resulting in death or substantial harm this is what was left of the victim's car after the crash. police sarring was traveling at speeds over 150 miles an hour with a blood alcohol limit twice the legal limit. 12-year-old arunay drowned back in january while trying to rescue his father and little brother who were swept off of a beach near half moon bay. they got out safely, but he was carried away by a rip current.
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today community leaders and rescuers unveiled a new life ring station in his honor. >> when i look at this life ring, i don't just see a life ring, i see a daughter that is going to be surviving in the future, or a sun, i see his legacy living on, and it's personal to me and a lot of people on the coast. as firefighters, we want to save every single person that comes into danger. >> it celebrated the arenay foundation. it is to create awareness about ocean safety and the beach. >> u.s. coast guard, state parks, and our volunteer water rescue community brought us all here today to show his imprint on our world through these buyy stations can be a constant reminder of the importance of safety when we were there in the presence of the mighty pacific ocean. . >> it also included a demonstration to teach people
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about search and rescue efforts. a live look at fisherman's wharf. dungeon us crab lovers will soon be able to buy crab directly from the fishermen at the wharf. it is part of a one-year pilot program. the season is currently on hold, though, to protect endangered whales and sea turtles in the fishing zone. the eight sea otters living at the monterey bay aquarium have received their shot of protection against covid-19. >> we have a responsibility to the animals under our care to do everything we can to protect and ensure health, and i think it would be irrelevant on our part not to offer them protection if protection is available. >> the aquarium says its now looking to add this vaccine to
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its preventive medicine program, so that any of the sea otters it releases back to the wild won't be spreading the virus in the wild. of course the message is you otter get vaccinated. >> you almost landed it. almost. >> yeah, i didn't stick the landing. >> because you who gives that shot is the otter doctor. >> a string of bad jokes, and they just keep coming. [ laughter ] let's take a look at what is happening weather-wise. we're going to be in for mostly clear skies this evening. looks like nice weather tomorrow with a gradual warming trend, especially away from the bay, as we finish off the workweek and head into the weekend, and this dry break we had today is just starting. we're talking about an extended break from the rain. how extended? check out the rain chances in the forecast for next week. forget about this week and the
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weekend, it's going to be dry. the next hint of a rain chance doesn't hit until next week. that's beyond the seven day forecast. we're taking days nine and 10 in the forecast, and the chances are low. but at least it's another chance. we can hope those chances will increase as we get a little farther into next week. we're way ahead of the pace for this point in the rainy season, and it's just nice out there right now. temperatures running in the low- to-mid 60s. the sun went down at 5:02 this evening. we're in solar winter, which is the darkest quarter of the year. today's sunrise was at 6:45, today's sunset, at 5:02 and the days get short intershort person we lose another 42 minutes of daylight between now
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and the winter solstice, which is on december 21st. it's not the shortest day of the year, it's the darkest day of the year. temperatures tonight won't feel very wintery. upper 40s and low 50s on the map by early thursday morning, which is normal for this point in november. high temperatures tomorrow will be just slightly above average, two to three degrees above normal. high temperatures farther inland, right around 70 degrees. let's zoom in for a closer look along the coast. upper 60s around the south end of the bay, to the peninsula, with temperatures around or above 70 degrees around the santa clara valley. up to 72 for morgan hill, which will be one of the warmest spots along with fairfield, reaching 72 degrees. a couple of degrees cooler
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around the bay. upper 60s with temperatures warming up to the low 70s for most parts of the north bay. sonoma county, mid-70s there. but temperatures will warm up even more friday, saturday, and sunday. they will be the warmest days overall. notch not much change for san francisco oakland, but more of a warmup noticeable for san jose. a cold front will be coming through next week, but has no moisture to work with, it will just bring us additional cloud cover and cooler temperatures. temperatures look nice as we head through the weekend, and looks like really nice weather for veterans day, tomorrow. coming up at 5:30, we'll have a closer look at tomorrow's hour- by-hour temperatures, so if you have the day off, you can plan accordingly. coming up, sucker punched in the middle of a game. the violent encounter on the basketball court. >> when i saw the clip, i was
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horrified, just like everybody else, and so angry. plus, it's the largest charging station in the bay area. a look at the newer, quicker way to charge your electric car. streaming today on cbsn bay area, a town hall on children and the covid-19 vaccines at 8:00. plus a new season of the challenge all stars premiers air paramount tomorrow. you can find cbsn bay area on or the kpix app. we are also on the cbs news app. you can download it for free on your favorite platforms. the dow lost
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a disturbing story out of a sacramento high school. the vice principal there is speaking out after racist graffiti was left over her parking spot. reporter maria peralta on the ugly incident that is raising some questions. >> students still look at me, and parents, as nothing more than a (bleep). >> reporter: vice principal in tears after reacting to the attacks targeting her, including racist graffiti she found written above her parking post is monday. >> (bleep) was written five times as a reminder that black kids don't matter here, and that i don't either. >> reporter: it's not just words. she and her family have received threatening messages targeting their physical safety. she is also sharing this instagram post from a student
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account, angry about the school dress code. >> because you want to wear a crop top to school, now i'm the black hitler? >> students said they were shocked to hear either went is f that doesn't happen here at he it. reporter: but the doctor said the racism has been felt in this school for years, and her black students feel it every day, too. >> i've been consistently disrespected because of my blackness. i'm devastated! i'm devastated! >> well, the vice principal said she is not backing down and will speak out on behalf of students. meantime, the principal has sent a letter to the school community calling the graffiti a hate crime. another incident has people wondering what happened to bag good sport. the video is pretty disturbing to watch. it happened at a girl's youth basketball game in orange county. it shows a 15-year-old girl, lauren hand, getting blindsided
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by another player during a club tournament this weekend. causing even more outrage, it's what can be heard the audio of the clip. hard to make out, but those in attendance say the attacking player's mom told her daughter to go and hitter. it left hand in concussion protocol with a neck contusion. >> the mom basically incited violence against my daughter. she told her daughter to go and hit her. me that rises to the level of an assault. that is not acceptable. it should not happen. the parent should be banned from attending games. the child should be banned from playing basketball. >> police have confirmed that a police report has been filed. the lawsuit just filed by a workerrer who nearly not hit by a bullet at that e alld e couny
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, new trouble for actor alec baldwin following the deadly shooting on a movie set.
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the lawsuit just filed. plus dozens of car parts seized. the massive bust in the east bay, and what led authorities to the crooks. but first a launch at one of the largest ultrafast car charging stations in the country. how it could cause some drivers to switch from gas vehicles. >> we have more on how the charging station is assigned as the demand for electric cars is growing. >> reporter: it's been a while since we checked in with the electric car seen here in the south bay. if you're in the market for a new car and thinking about something gas powered, you might want to pump those brakes. of all of the places they could have put this charging station, valley fair mall chose to place it front and center. you could have tucked this in the back or put it in a parking garage. >> it's sort of a modern day version of a gas station, right? for electric vehicles. we wanted to provide that sort
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of prominent location and beacon. >> reporter: the new station by electrify america is one of the largest in the current with 14 bays, powered with solar panels and clean energy from the grid. there are 12 stations with 150 kilowatt charges. two base have 350 kilowatts. that's where we found yvette who just got the alert the station is open for business. she commutes from sacramento to san jose every day, and charging at a conventional station takes forever. >> it usually takes about five hours. >> reporter: and here it's less than an hour? >> it's less than a half an hour. >> reporter: this tesla owner did not have the right plug and had to go elsewhere. tesla still has a more robust first half-charging network, but electrify america is catching up. >> this is our 200th station opening in california alone. range anxiety is definitely
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going away. >> reporter: pole star has a showroom at the mall. and, yes, they offer test rides of their swedish-made car electric car. valley fair with 15 million visitors a year said building a highly visible new charging station makes sense. >> oh, the transformation is going to happen. >> reporter: big charging stations like this ease some of the warranty and anxiety of going electric. >> it's going to be so competitive with what you see right now with gasoline fueled vehicles that it's going to be the smart choice. it's going to be the natural choice, the easy choice to make. livermore police say they have broken up a crime ring that was trading in stolen cat


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