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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 10, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. just in, the fed suing huber, the alleged violations involving people with disabilities. the message from one county on
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getting the tran booster shot now. plus, this. is to the california football team on the sidelines because of a covid outbreak . what the team did that has health officials pointing the finger at them. thank you for joining us, our top story at 3:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, one county's push to get people there covid boosters with two weeks to go before thanksgiving. devon feel he is lived in san jose. they are calling on everyone. >> reporter: that is exactly right. public health officials wanted to cut through the confusing mixed messages that they have been sending over the last couple of weeks. delete everything they said before today out of their mind. here is the message, if you are fully vaccinated, it has been six months, come and get a booster, you will not get turned away. the county health officer says the effectiveness of the vaccine were off at the six- month mark, that is why it is
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finally important to get a booster because it keeps you protected. if you're going to travel for thanksgiving or meet with family and friends indoors, maybe even sit down for a dinner together, the safest way to do that is to your third shot. >> our top line messages, we really encourage everyone to get out and get the booster shot. and pretty much everybody in our population is eligible. >> reporter: the doctor says, without the third shot, you may essentially be unprotected, you may be vulnerable to the virus and not know it. one other important reminder, it takes a week or two for the booster to kick in. now is the time to do it to be fully protected in time for thanksgiving. governor newsom is also promoting covid vaccine boosters . he and state health leaders spoke from a clinic in
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los angeles today and he had this reminder as we go into the holidays. >> it was around this time last year that folk started to put down the masks a little bit and started to feel like we can not be isolated and spend more time together for the holidays. i am looking forward to all of that and seeing friends and family. i want to remind people to do it with common sense. the biden administration sais program to vaccinate children ages five through 11 against covid is off to a strong start as federal health officials estimate that more than 900,000 u.s. children in that age group will have received their first covid vaccination shot by the end of the day. an additional 700,000 appointments are already scheduled at local pharmacies. a union representing more than 700,000 government workers
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has asked the white house to extend a november 22nd deadline to get vaccinated. a big football game is postponed, california versus usc no longer happening on saturday. justin andrews reports it is because dozens of the california football players have tested positive for covid . >> reporter: a big blow for coaches, players, and the entire student body as everybody was excited about the game on saturday but the covid outbreak has the whole team on the sidelines . >> i don't know why there are so many positive cases given that the whole team is vaccinated. >> reporter: 99% of the team is vaccinated but the berkeley health department says 44 people on the team has covid . the major outbreak making major headlines on tuesday and when the berkeley health department blamed the team for fumbling covid protocols . >> our staff and student athletes are frustrated. it is challenging. >> reporter: they say health players did not wear a mask
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while indoors or stay home when sick. players and coaches are frustrated with all of this. it seems to center around some confusion between the said city of berkeley and the health services testing policy of testing asymptomatic vaccinated players as speculation is spreading throughout campus. >> one of the players refused to take the covid test because he is vaccinated. >> reporter: the football team called off the game against usc because there is not enough players. a freshman was supposed to work the game. >> as a concession food worker, when it is canceled, and i was really looking forward to concession. >> reporter: a big blow to campus. >> very sad the game is being canceled. >> reporter: players have been sounding off about this, the starting quarterback wrote, we have worked too hard to have someone take this all away from
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us, it is wrong, we deserve answers and transparent communication. >> it is a big game, with usc, a big game for everyone. >> reporter: the game is now on december 4th and we are told the health department is working with university to try and solve this covid outbreak . the justice department is suing uber , accusing them of overcharging passengers with disabilities. at issue is wait time fees as the lawsuit claims that uber taxed them onto the disabled even though they need more time to enter the car . they claim that amounts to discrimination. we reached out to uber for comment but no response . kaiser nurses around the bay area hit the picket line as part of a statewide protest over remote monitoring care. in may, kaiser announced an investment into an at-home acute care company.
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the nurses union is fighting the move as they say this would send patients in need of hospitalization back home where they will be monitored remotely by healthcare providers. >> i am just trying to advocate for patient safety. that they have to be monitored in the hospital. also, what they are doing is cutting down staffing. you know, they can save cost. >> kaiser released a statement saying there are no plans to limit the role of nurses in hospitals but the new program allows technology enabled care teams to provide care at the right time and in the right location to meet patient needs. to half moon bay were a new life ring station was unveiled. jocelyn moran reports it will prevent tragedy. >> reporter: more than 10 months since a 12-year-old boy
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from fremont was swept by the cna foundation was created in the wake of the tragedy. with the foundation, life rings at pillar point harbor. if you look at his photo, he jumped in the water trying to rescue his father and a little brother who was swept off the beach. they were able to get out of the water but the boy was carried off by a rip current, a reminder of how unforgiving the ocean can be and now this foundation wants to educate and create awareness of ocean safety and the beach. the event included a rescue demonstration and effort to educate more people on the search and rescue efforts. today was a reflection of what the foundation and other leaders in the community want to see to avoid more tragedy. >> when i look at this life ring, i see a daughter that will be surviving in the future, i see his legacy living on and it is personal to me and people on the coast. as firefighters, we want to save every single person that comes into danger.
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>> reporter: communities came together, the boys in print felt here toda nglo in washington, by friday, the national archives is set to release white house documents that could shed light on the january 6 capitol attack in a late-night ruling on tuesday, a fel thd donald trump rejecting lawmakers from seeing the records of the documents would include phone call records, white house visitor logs, and even twitter messages. the wheels for donald trump say all of that is protected by executive privilege and they quickly appealed the decision. the january 6 committee members issued subpoenas today for 10 more former donald trump administration officials as they investigate the insurrection that left five people dead. today the man on trial for the deadly 2020 shootings in kenosha, wisconsin testified in his own defense. 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse sobbed and appeared to
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hyperventilate on the witness stand, charged with killing two men and injuring a third during a black lives matter protest last year and told jurors that one of the men killed that night had threatened to kill him. >> he screamed, if i catch any of you, i will kill you. >> rittenhouse could face life in prison if convicted on the most serious charge against him. coming up, guns, drugs, cash, and a lot of car parts, the big bust in the valley. plus, what you can expect if you are traveling for the holidays and how yoyour trip. beautiful weather on this wednesday afternoon with bright blue skies and plenty of sunshine in downtown seven cisco. under two hours away from the sun going down. temperatures will feel more like springtime. we will look at this in the extended forecast coming up.
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investigators broke up and accused crime ring believe to be targeting catalytic converters. livermore police say today that an 11 month investigation led to the arrest of 30 suspects.
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investigators recovered more than 50 catalytic nverte and more than $90,000 in cash, drugs, stolen cars, and found several alleged chop shops. it may take more than clicks to secure your digital shopping cart in the coming weeks as out of stock messages for online shoppers spite 250% last month, compared to january of 2020. that translates to more than 2 billion attempted purchases that were denied. in an interview on cbs morning, eight shopping editor talked about what you need to purchase now to get in time for the holidays. >> the things right now are the high-tech electronics, laptops and smart phones, and the new game consoles everybody wants. i had a friend trying to get a ps five, purchased the now because the microchip shortage
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is affecting them and there were probably not be sales on them later anyway so purchase them now if you see them, even toys, toys, i am sure parents get annoyed by the flashing lights and sounds, but if they have their heart set on something, preorder it now if it is available. it will not go on sale because everybody wants it. >> cookware, peril, and other things that don't require as much technology may be available later, and older models of items, if you don't need all the bells and whistles. looking at stocks, a rough wednesday across the board with the dow jones losing 240 points today and the nasdaq down 263, and the s&p down 38. now travel talk ahead of the busy holiday travel season, i spoke with cbs news senior travel advisor peter greenberg first on international travel and the ban being listed two
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days ago. >> let me give you numbers, two or three weeks ago when the biden administration announced november 8th would be the date fully vaccinated foreign travelers could come to the united states, booking went up 750% to u.s. three days ago it was up 2000%. they are all coming and not waiting for summer. it is all visiting friends and relatives which they have a wedding to do for 20 months. they're not just coming to the international gateway cities like new york, l.a., and san francisco, they're coming to the united states which meet the airplanes will get very full very fast. the law of supply and demand is going in effect and airfare is going up. this is way before we get ready to go to see grandmother for thanks giving. peter, we are two weeks away from what has always been one of the busiest travel days of the year. for those hitting the road, what will thanksgiving be like? >> it will be messy, 53 million
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americans traveling, that is the estimate from aaa, most by car. even with high gas prices, that is not translating into people not going. it will happen. people will travel. the good news is, if you plan properly, we are living, working, learning remotely these days so there is no crush to have to fly or travel on that wednesday before thanksgiving. there will be planes, trains, automobiles, you do not want to be in a remake of the movie do not travel on that wednesday. you can look ahead or go behind. you could even freeze turkey and the smart travelers are going a week later to carve the bird because that is when airfares plummet. >> i don't know, i prefer the warm, fresh turkey. >> i prefer non-turkey my wife and i are not turkey people so we are going to a steakhouse. >> enjoy that.
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>> we will, and the joy weather is dry between now and thanks giving. this high pressure is taking over and ans go wefor the bay area and gradually warmer temperatures but it pushes the storm track towards the pacific northwest. above average temperatures and a few passing clouds overhead and maybe not necessarily perfectly blue skies each and every day but just a generally calm weather pattern through this week, the weekend, the first half of next week. we will see some locally dense fog. you can see the shade of white showing up in the valleys and around the bay. that will take a little while to dissipate, like it did this morning, but it will shrink mid to late morning and should dissipate by lunchtime and a loss of sunshine anticipated throughout the afternoon with the closest high clouds father off to our north. looking outside right now, the bay looks perfectly blue because of the blue skies
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overhead and mid to upper-60s right now, where they should be for this time of year. san francisco and oakland as 64 degrees. all of these temperatures are within literally a degree or two of what is normal for november 10th. tonight, close to normal temperatures with 46 in santa rosa to 53 degrees in antioch by early thursday morning. high temp just more a degree or two warmer than today, which means we will be above average. temperatures around 70 degrees for most inland parts of the east bay and the seven-day in san jose, mid to upper-60s. the temperatures don't change very much, friday and into the weekend, especially around the bay, a subtle warming trend farther inland from 70 in san jose tomorrow to low-70 saturday and sunday. everybody cools off next week with passing clouds monday and tuesday but the clouds are not going to have enough moisture
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to drop any significant chance of showers on us, so the cooldown is over we will see by early next week. maybe a hint of a rain chance by the end of next week. we will look at that at 5:00. coming up, one night only, singer idell has a treat for fans. we will get a behind the scenes look at her new concert special coming up on cbs this weekend. streaming on cbsn bay area, the key differences between an atmospheric river and a pineapple express, that is in our latest weather extra segment at 4:10, find us on or on the kpix
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the wait is over for fans of adele as cbs this sunday and it will present adele , one night only, a two hour concert event featuring her biggest hits and never before heard songs. the special includes an exclusive interview with oprah. there is a behind the scenes preview. >> adele , music, adele . >> i invite you to join me for one night only. >> i flew all the way across the country to be here. >> what an incredible ening.
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>> i chose to do the come back this way with the new album to celebrate how special the album, the process of making it has been special. you will hear a lot of older songs. ♪ ♪ >> and then, four new songs. >> ♪ feel the world around ♪ >> being in l.a. where i had to recover from what happened in my life in the last few years, a perfect show. it will look elegant and i filt
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you think you can outshine me? >> why was this an interview i am interested in? i am interested in people who are willing to speak their truth. she is the truth. >> how posh is this? >> it will be a very special night. >> one night only. the special errors on sunday at 8:00 p.m. right here on kpix 5 and streaming live and on-demand on paramount+. coming up, the sexiest man alive, paul rudd, see his initiation into the club. we have been feeling the higher prices at the pump and grocery store, we talk to experts who say those inflationary prices could be here through the holidays. and honoring our heroes, the tomb of the unknown soldier is open to the public for the
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first time in nearly 100 years, we went with a 96-year-old veteran who helped liberate a concentration camp. what he tells us about america's greatest generation. that is coming up on the cbs evening news.
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beautiful weather this afternoon, just a little bit of
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haze, but otherwise blue skies. temperatures right now in the mid to upper-60s except along the coast where you are in the low-60s. slightly higher for the next few days and a warm spell into the weekend. coming up at 5:00, the quicker way to charge your electric car in the south bay, we see the brand-new set up at valleyfair. finally, after paul rudd was just named people magazine's sexiest man alive of 2021. stephen colbert had fun with the announcement on "the late show." >> i solemnly swear -- >> to give the sexiest answers i can -- >> to be a man -- >> to bl man. >> so help me, matthew mcconaughey . >> he takes over the title from fellow actor, michael b.
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jordan. i wonder if people at people have arguments over who will be the sexiest man alive. >> we captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, prices surge at the fastest pace in more than three decades. how long will you pay more for gas, food, and cars? the supply chain chaos hitting your wallet. frustrating americans as inflation only gets worse. the big concern tonight: price hikes are wiping out wage gains. plus, president biden promises to fix america's broken supply chain. kyle rittenhouse sobs on the stand. the teen accused of murdering two people at a protest breaks down. >> i didn't do anything wrong. i def


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