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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  November 10, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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r ctor about protecting yourself with shingrix. shingles doesn't care. but we do. a big rival football game postponed this weekend. i'm justin andrews. why health officials are blaming the team for this outbreak. and a county on the peninsula opening up a vaccination clinic like you have never seen. how it's making sure kids won't feel scared to roll up their sleeves. and what is going on in san francisco? a new look at the city's car break-in epidemic and the eye opening numbers. and later a special donation from dove nation. good morning to you. it's wednesday, november 10th. >> we have everything that you need to know before you head out the door this morning.
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>> traffic in just a moment. let's start with your midweek forecast with mary lee. good morning. >> you ready for brighter weather? >> i could use the sunshine. >> don't forget the glasses and the shades as you head through the day. we will catch that sun. it's eye foggy start. you can see that on the san francisco mark hopkins hotel camera also a little bit of drizzle as well. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's at this hour. let's go through the day in san francisco. you can see the clearing and sun. the east bayshore line, good morning to you. topping out at 65. the south bay, san jose, upper 60's this afternoon. a pleasant day with high pressure building in. it was so nice to have that rain yesterday. now we are looking at sun. you can see that on future cast. let's check in with gianna. it's getting slow and busy. look at all the brake lights. we have the usual stuff for everybody for everybody heading
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in to san francisco. hwnhi on the upper deck of the bay bridge. it's stuck in lanes and that's what is causing to be busy. it's already stacked up there. give yourself extra time. from the maze over into san francisco. they are just clearing that stall which is good news. things will hopefully be good news. i doubt it. westbound 580. already busy as well as you come out of tracy. i will take a look at the travel times. we are learning more about a widespread covid outbreak on the cal football team. >> the team between cal and usc is postponed. the berkeley health department says 44 people have covid. justin andrews said what caused the outbreak to happen. he joins us live from. >> good morning. the berkeley health department
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said the team fumbled how it was handling safety protocols. they say the team including the coaches and players that came in when they were sick and they didn't test as required. the health department said that the team didn't mask up while inside. athletic director said those who didn't take the trip to arizona for last saturday's game tested positive for covid. with retalking 24 players were missing including chase garber and 12 coaches. now even more tested positive leaving the pack 12 to postpone the big game week cal and usc this weekend. this is all happening while 99% of the team is vaccinated. the team is frustrated with all of this. it stems from -- from around some confusion between the city of berkeley and the health services testing policy of testing vaccinated players. the athletic director says no
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test, no play. >> that would be -- you aren't following berkeley public health guide an which section cuted by the university of california and ultimately i would be the one who would say we are doing what university of california said and you wouldn't be able to play. >> some players sounding off about this on social media. we will look at what they posted and when this saturday's game will be rescheduled. that's coming up at 6:30. we are live in berkeley. the live news desk and the fda right now is considering pfizer's bid to allow its booster shot to be given to all difficults in the united states overage 18. right now it's only for people who are over the age of 65 who are in poor health or at special risk because of where they live or work. those people have been eligible for a couple of weeks for
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boosters but the fda denied the request to expand eligibility back in september. at the time it said there wasn't enough evidence of waning immunity. the governor is set to appear at a vaccine clinic in la today to try to encourage boosters as well as flu shots. that's happening at ten this morning. >> i'm beyond excited. >> kids five to 11 are lining up nationwide to get the ja b. white house officials say about 900,000 children between that age range are expected to get their first dose of the pfizer shot by the end of today. some 700,000 appointments have been made at pharmacies for upcoming days. here in the bay area, mar in seeing a high demand for credit,o, vid vaccines.
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over the first three days of vaccinations more than 2300marin children got the shot its out stripping supply. and happening today the governor is scheduled to visit a vaccine and flu shot clinic in los angeles county. >> is he expected to push for eligibility and getting kids vaccinated. we stopped by the san mateo county event center where they have a play land themed vaccine clinic. >> we are talking a clinic that involved superheros and a red car met in an effort to help kids feel more comfortable as they get their shot. take a look at this video this is from last weekend. this is the one we are talking about. there's friendly characters there to greet kids, helping distract them. this week they have appointments starting today through saturday. as a reminder kids in that five to 11 age group are receiving the pfizer vaccine. it is a third of the dose authorized for those 12 and
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older. it's two doses, three weeks apart. these vaccine clinics come as we approach the holidays and as california is starting to see cases rise. in addition to the state trying to encourage families to get their kids vaccinated, the governor yesterday talked on booster shots urging people to get them in order to avoid the surge the state saw last winter. >> case rates, case rates, 3,000 -- 3,090 so 4,000verses five with in a margin of error, positive rates with in a margin of error. already starting to see hospitalizations going back up. icu's. it's the winter surge. that's why i cannot impress you more. get that boost shot. >> appointments can be made online. we saw them available star starting at 2:40 p.m. this is the san mateo county event center. live to san jose where today state and city leaders
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including state attorney general will gather to host an anti hate crime round table discussion. last year california experienced a 31% increase in reported hate crime. the highest reported level in more than a decade. crimes motivated by racial bias drove much of the rise. up by more than 67%. today's round table is pleasant to develop strategies. to san francisco where car breaks in have gotten so out of handists are being warned not to rent cars. businesses say they say break- ins in broad daylight every day. witnesses shared video of a smash and grab involving a black mercedes this is near pier39 on october 21th. the victim who was visiting from miami said he and his friend lost $8,000 of photography and liking gear. sfpd said they cleared 3% of
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larceny cases which covers the hottest tourist spots. >> the hotel manager had talked to us and asked -- where we are from and do we have a rental vehicle. when we answer some of the questions said no, okay, that's good. explained there's a lot of thievery with car breaks in. >> the district attorney's office said that only about 2% of auto burglaries in san francisco result in an arrest and prosecuted most of them. the scott peterson indicate case is set for a status hearing. a san mateo judge rules that peterson will be resentenced. he has been serving a death sentence for the killing of his pregnant wife and unborn child. peterson will appear by zoom for the hearing. still ahead on kpix45 and streaming on cbsn bay area it's not just the bay area.
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in and out's vaccine deniance stretches all the way to socal. i think there's a deeper understanding that -- there is a need for places like this. >> they gathered here for two decades but they could loose it all. the fight in berkeley to save a garden. all right. it's a foggy start to the day and low clouds, even a little bit of patchy drizzle. we will catch the sunshine and clearing and daytime highs right around where we should be for this time of year in the 60's. blue have that seven day forecast coupling up. and it's busy ride for that drive into san francisco. plus i'm tracking slow speeds on the super commuter route. it's a closer look coming
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it appears in and out's vaccine policy nowstretches to los angeles. a reporter visited five
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restaurants and was neverasked to show proof of vaccination. all in and outs in contra costa are closed because the company said it won't be the vaccine police. we reached out for comment but have not heard back. this morning a group of berkeley neighbors are mounting a campaign to save their long time community garden. people have gathered for two decades. they say they are concerned they could loose it forever if the property owner decides to sell the land for development. >> if you look around, this neighborhood needs this garden. they need it badly. >> i think there's a deeper understanding that -- there is a fled for places like this. i'm optimistic in that sense that -- there's a way. >> for more information on how the neighbors are working to save the garden head to the website. the santa rosa police department is sending out a warning after a mountain lion
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was seen. the mountain lion was not acting at guessive and for mountain lions to coyotes. there was a close encounter. not one but two coyotes. a live look at san francisco's fisherman's wharf. crab lover also soon be able to buy whole crab directly from boats at the wharf. they voted to allow them as part of a pilot program it. will start as soon as the crab fishing season starts which is on hold. 6:15 is the time now. >> it still looks foggy out there this morning. >> it does. we are tracking the dense fog in spots and here is a look at the south bay. really for right along the coast parts of the bay and
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inland locations dealing with the thick fog. the mid to upper 50's at this hour. grab that jacket. down toya half mile -- as for fairfield as this hour. looking at a bit of patchy drizzle as we start off the day. clearing and sunshine and highs in the 60's. that clearing -- mid-60s's and in the south bay. topping out at 68 degrees it. will be a pleasant day for you as well with that sun. there is that strong ridge of high pressure building in for us. that means dryer weather ahead not just today but through the next several days as that ridge of high pressure and expanding for us. future cast, here be are at
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lunchtime, noon hour and we are catching that clearing. through the rest of the afternoon we are looking at clear skies. checking daytime highs. low 60's along the coast. 65 in san mateo. the daytime high, looking at 68. inland east bay. the tri valley. livermore, 63. alameda coming in at 66 and looking at 67 in san leandro. the midtownshipper 60's. 66 for ukia. veteran's day forecast for tomorrow as we honor and celebrate. we are looking at the coasts, low to mid-60s's.
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you can see we are settling in to quiet weather pattern through the rest of the workweek and this to the weekend. inland east bay the north bay and the coast you can see the temperatures on the rise as we look ahead to the rest of the workweek and especially into our weekend. it was nice to have that rain yesterday. we need it, dry weather over the next several days and into early next week. it's foggy and spots this morning. >> the roadways. there is a limited visibility. i'm keeping a close eye as well and we are not seeing any brake lights or delays. we will keep watch of that. super commuter routes busy. we have a lot of brake lights. into san martin, morgan hill, boggs down. a lot of red popping up in the sensors. once are you past all of that
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-- travel times from 101 over toward 680, 280 connector. until after 6:30. watchingthat area, watching the pass commute. busy here out of tracy. this gets bog ged down. that 205 area. through the -- flynn. westbound 580, toward 680. give -- we are starting to see the brake lights building for the ride along highway 4 westbound. that's a 41 minute travel time. 80 itself already busy if you are taking the east shore freeway. as you work toward the bay bridge toll bridge.
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it's 6:19 and heads up drivers this sunday cal trans -- will start it's first phase. driver also see signs letting them go as construction did not continues on the express lane that are expected to open next year. still ahead, honoring our heroes with special seats. how dove nation is giving back. and later a warning the irs. what you need to know if you use pay pal or venmo. here is a live look outside. are you looking at sfo on this wednesday morning. 6:20 is the time.
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it's 6:23 on this very foggy wednesday morning here in the bay area. we are taking a live look outside now. happening today as part of hoops for troops, members of the military will get a front row seat to tonight's warriors game. >> hundreds are donating their court side seats to active military people for tonight's game. its partst hoops for troops event meant to honor military service members and veterans. >> hopefully they enjoy that game tonight. the 49ers kicked off the nfl salute to service month with ia visit to the federal air field base where a hand field of players met with the 129th rescue wing yesterday. niners offensive line men whose sister served in the air force addressed the group to thank them for their service. it's 6:24. the next half hour,. >> a new rule for first
6:25 am
responders in alameda county. the deadline they are now facing to get vaccinated. the football team fumbled after not following coronavirus rules. now there's not enough players for saturday's game. ? and you can see that fog there. time now is 6:25. we will head back.
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good morning. here are your morning headlines. this weekend's big game between uc berkeley and usc is now postponed due to a widespread covid outbreak on the cal football team. 44 people on the team have covid. ? >> in san jose state and city leaders including state attorney will gather to host an anti hate crime round table discussion. that meeting is meant to develop strategies in california. >> the scott peterson case is set for a status hearing at ten this morning. a county judge ruled that peterson will be resentenced to life in prison without parole. he has been serving a death sentence since 2004 for the killing of his pregnant wife and unborn child. it is wednesday, november 10th. >> good morning to you.
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you can say good-bye to that wet weather. all right. >> that umbrella way. >> yeah. dealing with that fog this shall nothing. patchy drizzle out there. sunshine this afternoon. future still bright. got to wear the shades. don't forget to wear the sun blass. you can see how thick the fog is in san francisco with the mark hopkins hotel camera. temperatures in the 50's as we start off the day. let's go through the day in san francisco. check it out. clearing and sunshine this afternoon. highs in the mid-60s's as we look to the east bay. oakland, topping out at 65 with that sun and for the south bay. san jose a pleasant day, 68 degrees with sunshine this afternoon. you can see on future cast, hour by hour all of that sun. high pressure builds in for us. that seven day forecast in just a few minutes. let's check in with gianna and it's busy at the bay bridge this morning. >> it's busy. all the brake lights there. photograph sick stacking up. it's the usual stuff.
6:31 am
no crashes or incidents. be patient. a lot of company into san francisco right now. travel time about 20 minutes from the maze as you head over into the city. we are now seeing the approaches slowing down as well. that's 580. 880 and especially the east shore freeway. we will see brake lights in to richmond and berkeley and of course as you approach the mcarthur maze. there's a surface street problem that's causing a closure. it gets better as you make the connection between 242 and onto 680. today national nurses united are expected to hold informational pickets at several locations throughout the stay including here in the bay area. they say they are against remote monitoring care. we are live with more on the
6:32 am
nurse's concerns. >> this is one of the locations here at kaiser, redwood and -- we have seen a couple of people, so you could see the number of people that have started to come outside of kaiser. there he are against remote monitoring care for patient's homes, they say that not having 24-7 hands on nursing karen dangers the lives of patients and disregards the roles that nurses play in providing hands on care. in may kaiser announced an investment into an acute care company. now national nurses unit is the standing against this. they said it would send patients in need of hospitalization back where they would be monitored remotely. they say this means there is no brand, rapid response. no nurses to watch things like changes in skin color or breathing. we got a statement from kaiser. they said that nurses have
6:33 am
always and will continue to play an important and valuable care team. there are no plans to limit the roles of nurses and hospitals and acute carat home programs. nurses will continue to work in brick and hospitals and medical office buildings caring for patients and responding to their needs. they said they are -- [inaudible] to provide carat the right time, at the right location and the convenience of being patient. we will continue to be out here, to see how many show up. there's also one at kaiser fremont. >> thank you so much. this morning. the berkeley health department is saying cal's football team did not follow covid protocols. the big game is post possibled. we have been following the story since it broke. we are live with more on what
6:34 am
we are finding out. >> there are 4 had players on the team with covid. 99% of the team is vaccinated. the berkeley health department blaming the team for this widespread covid outbreak. >> see the step frustrated, student athlete frustrated. it's just challenging. >> that was the athletic director you heard from there. this is the health department. they say that the team didn't follow proper covid protocols saying coaches and players didn't test. they didn't stay home and didn't stay sick while they were inside. players and coaches frustrated all of this and it seems to be centered around confusion between the city of berkeley and the university health services testing policy of testing vaccinated players. obviously players on social media venting about this starting with chase garbers.
6:35 am
he wrote we have worked too hard for this to have someone take it away from us. it is wrong. we deserve answers and transparent communication. with this outbreak there are not enough players to play in saturday's game so that game has been postponed to saturday, december 4th. we are live in berkeley. >> thank you. also in alameda this morning first responders have until december 21th to get fully vaccinated. it is part of a new rule that applies to those who enter high risk health care facilities. anyone not vaccinated must test weekly and wear a mask. happening today the governor is scheduled to visit a vaccine and flu shot clinic in los angeles county. he is expected to push for boosterring i can and getting kids vaccinated. they have asked regulators to authorize coronavirus vaccine boosters for all difficults. the company said its tests show
6:36 am
a third shot restores the effectiveness of the vaccine to its initial strength. the fda indicated it would move quickly to take up the request. happening today vaccinations for kids in san mateo, in an effort to make the experience less scary for the young ones. it'll allow heroes and a red carpet appointment. make sure to check them. it'll also be open on friday and saturday, located at the counties event center, hopefully a lollipop is there too. police have made an arrest a week after a deadly halloween part yet. this arch the first suspect was released. investigators searched three homes yesterday and arrested an 18-year-old who they say was a felon in possession of a gun. however, they are not calling him a suspect and they are not sure if the gun was used in the
6:37 am
homicide. >> i'm a reporter with channel 5. we heard there was a search warrant that was executed here at the house. >> excuse me? >> have you to be on the property? >> she didn't tell me to leave. i'm asking her questions. >> those we spoke to deny they knew anything about the arrest. the councilmember is said to be cooperating. new details from the investigation into just what went wrong at travis scott's astroworld festival. there was no plan for a crowd surge at the event. there were emergency protocols like active shooters and severe weather. the operation plan had nothing on crowd control. over 20 lawsuits have been filed against organizers. we are continuing to follow the inquiry into what happened on capitol hill. now we are hearing from prince hair write who has revealed that he had warned the head of
6:38 am
twitter that his platform was helping facilitate the riot. >> we were e-mailing each other prior to january the 6th. i warned him that his platform was allowing a coup to be staged, that -- sent the day before. >> the prince speaking in a panel about misinformation. he expressed concern about facebook and youtube. he said the platform dear sir do more to stop misinformation. he said they count want to because of profit. you have more about that into the january 6th capitol riot. thank you. the house committee investigating the storms of the capitol has won a key court panel. over hundreds of documents sought by the committee. that includes call logs, schedules and handwritten notes from trump's chief of staff. it's on track to turnover the
6:39 am
documents on friday. 6:39. nat, joins us now from new york. good morning. >> good morning. ahead on cbs morning, we will talk with us surgeon general about a possible booster for everybody 18 and older. and we will ask about mandates for kids and if he thinks it's good for thanksgiving. i'm in our series in short supply. we look at what products you should buy for the holidays and why black friday deals may not be as good as previous years. also meet the guy they are calling the nicest man in stand up. find out why he is keeping his act clean and how it's making him wildly popular. that and more at seven. >> thank you. we will see you and the rest of the crew. the time is now let's see here. 6:39. coming up, and streaming on cbs
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in bay area. >> would you use at which time father you had to pay for it. >> the new subscription service that just launched. >> i have been in business for 43 years and never seen this. >> you may want to buy your cranberry sauce and those potatoes. what's behind the thanksgiving shortages. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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the question this morning, would you pay to use twitter? diane king hall joining us live with the service just launched this morning. i'm seeing my co workers. not happening. >> i know. i know. i don't now about that. let me give you a quick check on trading action before we check about the latest. stocks under pressure. after the latest read on inflation showing that the cost
6:44 am
of living shot higher last month. the highest level in more than 30 years. right now the dow under pressure. let's curb the losses down to -- you are seeing deeper losses there. the nasdaq down more than 100 points. more power for power users. you are right it'll cost you. the social media light is launching the blue subscription service. twitter blue, articles more than 300 news outlets and up load longern videos as much as ten minutes. there is also a special feature for power user an undu option. >> that is diane king hall. thank you so much. if you use pay pal or venmo the irs may look more closely at your accounts and requires electronic payment apps to report transaction itself they total more than $600 a year.
6:45 am
they include payments for goods and services, you have always been required to pay tax, now the irs may know if you don't. for the 5th year the bay area can claim the most expensive zip code in the country. that's according to real estate website property shark. atherton, 94027 hit a new record. an increase of 7% year over year. san francisco ranked the most expensive of any city. with a little over two weeks to go before thanksgiving shoppers wonder figure there will be shortages of holiday items for turkey day. >> some are saying you may want to head to the store early and be ready to pay more than you normally would. the u.s.d.a. said there's not a turkey shortage this year but economists say expected prices for the birds to be up around 10 to 15%. one turkey farmer said its taking long tore distribute his product because of delays in
6:46 am
gettingpackaging material. creating a domino effect. >> more of a challenge getting trucks. even down to boxes. >> i have been in business for 43 years. >> also in shorter supply thanks to metal shortages. i know there are only two cooks in the morning family. >> not me. >> gianna and amanda. >> thanksgiving though. >> that is -- that is all my mom. >> gianna. are you going to have to cook the turkey. >> you knee i'm well prepared. >> everything. >> yes. >> the forecast. >> we are looking at a foggy start to the day. patchy drizzle and you can see the classic view of san francisco with that fog. with the treasure island camera
6:47 am
this morning. lappie wednesday to you. we are looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. i will say this. as we head through the afternoon it'll be a beautiful day with sunshine, later today. in the meantime dealing with visibility down to a quarter mile, dense fog for new fairfield. a mile and a half this morning. morning fog, cloudy skies, drizzle in spots. as we head through the afternoon. for the forecast, expecting that sunshine this afternoon. highs in the 60's around where we should be for this time of year. san francisco walking you through your day and eventually seeing that sun. highs around 64 degrees in the city. east bayshore line, oakland, topping out at 65 for the sun and the south bay. a very pleasant day. 68 degrees with that sun in the south bay. there is that strong ridge of high pressure. it's building in for us. that's why we are looking at dryer condition, not just today but through the rest of the week and a warm up in store for us over the next several days. hour by hour, even by the
6:48 am
lunchtime. by noon. catching the sun ask clearing and that will be the case for the rest of the afternoon. checking daytime highs in the low 60's for the peninsula. 65 in san mateo. 67 for santa clara. 68 campbell, of 9 for morgan hill. inland east bay. 67 in concord, tri valley. around the bay, 6 approximate for you in daley city. east bayshore line. 66, alameda. for the north bay. highs in the midtownshipper 60's. sonoma. fopping out at 66 for ukia. veteran's day forecast. as we honor and celebrate the veterans. low 60's along the coast. upper 60's and low 70's with that sun. seven day forecast, for san jose. there we go with the dryer, quieter conditions. through the workweek in to the weekend with that slow warm up. for the coast and -- temperatures on the rise through the workweek and this to the weekend.
6:49 am
it's staying dry at -- as we look ahead to early next week. let's check in with gianna. >> they are getting busy. we have been talking about that fog. you can show you a live look. it's a little foggy there. you can see that, fog just over parts of the span. mostly on the northbound, north end of the bridge. 101, through the tunnel. a little murky there. limited visibility. maybe an issue. we are seeing monther cars on the roadway. southbound -- a few brake lights as you head through there. if you are working your way over into san francisco, say taking the east shore freeway. down to the bay bridge its busy as well. hercules, berkeley, a lot of slow and go speeds. 28 minute travel time, from highway 4 to the maze, we are seeing speeds dune to as low as four miles an hour. sluggish here at the bay bridge. the back up with bump manier to bumper traffic and it stays busia house the upper deck.
6:50 am
you can take bart. that's the good alternate. everything is on time. if you want to use the san mateo bridge things looking going. 880. busy, southbound from -- down to 237. the brake lights as you head through that castro valley y area connecting ontol 80 and southbound into heyward and a live look at the san mateo bridge. your travel time only 14 minutes between 880 and 101. once are you on the peninsula side n is something i don't see often. we are tracking brake lights westbound toward 101. get a little busy there. also northbound 101 through san mateo. a few brake lights. no crashes. so just commuter traffic. westbound highway 4, slow out of pittsburgh into bay point. you will see the brake lights if you are connecting onto 242, down to 680, give yourself 53 minutes antioch toward 80, on westbound highway 4, if are you taking 680 southbound from the bridge. to highway 24 that's about a 23 minute commute. a little busy through that
6:51 am
walnut creek area. a big rival football game this weekend. postponed because of coronavirus 19 outbreak. i'm justin andrews, why the health department is blaming the team. and a shuttered bay area theater about to get a new lease on life. the stunning transformation to keep entertainment alive. and streaming today on cbsn bay area. the attorney general and san jose mayor are set to discuss hate crimes in the state. that to you live at two. coming up at 8:30. darron seck with the -- you can watch it at or on the app. we are also on the cbs news app. ca
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difficults over 18. right now, for the pfizer booster you can only get one over the age of 65. was because of where you live or work. the fda denied a request to expand eligibility back in december. there wasn't enough evidence of waning immunity but know this are presenting new data. likely before thanksgiving. the governor is going to make an appearance. to talk about the importance of boosters and getting your flu shots we will be covering that. justin. i'm live on the campus of powell this shall monthing following the football fall out. there's a lot of covid. 44 people on the team have
6:56 am
covid. there is not enough players. the berkeley health department saying that the team fumbled in following protocols and said coaches and players didn't test, stay home when sick or wear a mask while inside. players and coaches obviously frustrated with all of this. the university health services testing policies of testing thousand without symptoms. we know that saturday's game has been pushed back to december 4th. we are live in berkeley. it's 6:56. time for a look at the other top stories. national nurses united holding informational pickets. they argue that not having 24-7 on hands nursing care endangers
6:57 am
patients. today the scott peterson case is set for a status hearing. this a month after a judge ruled he will be reaccept resentenced to life. first responders have until december 21th to get fully vaccinated. the unit why i said anyone not vaccinated must test weekly. today more vaccinations get underway at the play land clinic. super heroes. appointments are required. >> and let's take a look at the roadways. i'm getl word of a new trouble spot in the north bay this is on 101 southbound. five cars involved in the injury crash. have you chp and emergency crews headed out to the scene. we are seeing brake lights and that's an area we have been
6:58 am
watching closely because of a lot of dense fog in that area. just be careful as you work through there. speaking of foggy conditions, it's a little foggy at the golden gate bridge. limited visibility may be an issue. traffic getting slow on that southbound side of 101. speaking of slow, look at that, bay bridge toll plaza. you are backed up just beyond the foot of the maze with all approaches starting to see brake lights. let's check the forecast. >> you are talking about that fog. check it out. here say live look with the san francisco mark hopkins hotel camera and you question seoul of that fog. also grab that jack pet are you going out the door. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's at this hour. let's check the visibility dune to a quarter mile in napa. mile and a quarter -- almost near zero. a 10th of a mile in fairfield right now. they head through the day. you will catch that clearing. you will see the sun. highs in the 60's. where we should be for this time of year with the near normal daytime highs and as we go hour by hour, you can see
6:59 am
that sunshine as we go through the day it. will be a beautiful day ahead and looking at clear skies as we look to this evening. back to you. new this morning a historic bay area venue is set to reopen as a concert hall. >> the mercury news reports the guild theater will start hosting shows. >> it closed its doors in 2019 after a 93 year run. the new theater just announced it's first batch of concerts stretching in to octoberst next year. >> i thought you were going to sing. >> you guys -- you too. you two can really sing. >>
7:00 am
>> kpix5. [inaudible]. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> have a great day. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings," and hello to you, our viewers on the west coast on this middle of the week. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. >> today's eye opener, it's your world in 90 seconds. >> booster shots for all adults could be on the way. see the d otat wln protect you from the coronavirus. >> it looks like that it will last for a year. it looks like this will become a vaccination.


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