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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 10, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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ask any business "in- fisherman"'s wharf chances are they have seen something like this. what the new numbers show about the car
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break in epidemic. left us an inability to compete safely. >> cal will not play here this weekend. how did 44 players and coaches almost all of whom were vaccinated get covid-19? we just got answers from the health department. i have been in business for 43 years and never seen anything like this. >> the advice for anyone cooking thanksgiving dinner in the bay area. >> is that a coyote? >> two of them. >> plus, one of our crews got a little more than they bargained for tonight. good evening i'm alan martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we have eye-opening new numbers about san francisco's car break inepidemic. >> it is a problem that has gotten so bad listen to what tourists are being told. >> we are visiting from tampa, florida. we were told it would be best not to rent a car because there was a lot of break ins. they see a purse, something small, anything, they will break the window and grab it and go. >> reporter: that tourist
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took the advice, others are not so lucky as we have seen over and over and over again. kpix5 betty yu is along the embarcadero in the hot zone for break ins, betty? >> reporter: liz tonight, a spoke with business owners in nearby fisherman's wharf and they said they can count on seeing car break ins during the day almost every day on the job. tonight, they want to know from >> reporter: witnesses caught this smash and grab involving the black mercedes near pier 39 in late october. the victim, visiting from miami told me, haddie and his friend lost $8,000 worth of photography and hiking gear. more than a week later two burglars in a black mercedes are seen pulling off a smash and grab. the family stopped to ride the cable car. a worker is seen watching the crime in progress. >> i am so glad that we were
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advised not to or, you know, warn about that. >> reporter: this couple from tampa is relying on walking and ride shares. >> the hotel manager talked to us and asked us, you know, like where we are from and do we have a rental vehicle and when we answered some of the questions said no, he said that is good. and explained there is a lot of thieves with car break ins in the area. >> tampa bay has seen its fair share. not like this. no. >> why do you think that is? >> i think it is because the people here are a little more easier on the rules and regulations here. >> reporter: we asked the d.a. with the rash of break ins, the office says currently 2% of auto burglaries end in an arrest and prosecuted the overwhelming majority of those cases. sfpd did not respond for comment. clearance rates show this year
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the department clears 3-1/2% of larceny cases which including car burglaries. in the central district which covers the city's hottest tourist spots, prior to jason taking office the department cleared 9% in the same time period. >> reporter: and we should note today we learned the d.a. will face a recall election in june of 2022. liz? >> it has gotten crazy out there, betty. has the city taken any other actions of its own? >> reporter: well, we learned about three weeks ago from the mayor that they do have a cash reward system for information that will lead to the conviction of the crime, ringleaders behind these auto burglaries and so far a witness that i spoke to definitely plans to pass the video on to the mayor's office. >> it is amazing how brazen these thieves are, it is incredible. >> reporter: oh, yeah, and all of these are in the
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daylight. most of them. >> not worried about getting caught at all. all right, betty, thank you. new at 11:00, less than 72 hours after we showed you this video of san francisco's densest homeless camp the city went through and cleared it out early monday morning. our story struck a nerve, it has been viewed more than a million times. residents tell us they are afraid to drive let alone walk down the alley because of the threats of violence against them. on the left is willow street after the sweep yesterday. residents say in a matter of hours the tents started to come back. the supervisor's office told us the city will deep clean the street twice a month. we will stay on top of this, stay tuned. also tonight, new information on a story we have been digging into when we first reported it. tonight, the cal football team is dealing with a widespread covid-19 outbreak. the berkeley health department
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confirming 44 have tested positive. kpix5 is at cal. you learned the team did not take proper measures to stop the spread of this? >> reporter: well, liz i just heard from the berkeley health department a couple hours ago. it says the team did not stay home or test when it was sick and did not mask indoors, it led to several more positive tests today and force the pac-12 to postpone the game that would have been played here on saturday between cal and usc. >> our staff, student athletes, all frustrated. it is challenging. >> reporter: a major breakthrough outbreak within the football program, 99% of the team is vaccinated but 44 testing positive for covid-19. ara, 24 rd players were missing including starting quarterback and 12 coaches. the head coach, wilcox was
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upset. >> are those players going to be back next week? >> i don't know the answer to that. >> reporter: it was widespread and was around the testing mandate from the city of berkeley and the health services. many players venting on social media. expressing confusion over the university health policy saying we worked too hard to have someone take this all away from us, it is wrong. we deserve answers and transparent communication. >> they told the players they could be arrested for refusing to test as vaccinated individuals with no symptoms. athletic director did not know if the threat of arrest was made in the meeting with players but confirms no test means no play. >> it would be you are not following berkeley public health's guidance executed by the university of california and ultimately i would be the one to say if e implementing what the
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universiaid and t be le to play. the game haen postponed until december 4th. the next focus is on that big game. >> reporter: the game against stanford and to see how many players will be available by next weekend. >> that will be key. all right, thanks. first responders have until december 21st to get fully vaccinated. it is all part of a new rule that also applies to those who enter high risk health care facilities. the county says anyone not vaccinated must test weekly and wear a mask. >> i got vaccinated because i want to see my family. >> rules are rules? >> as far as my family goes, yes. >> sometimes just do it for your family, too. >> we want to save each other we should all get the shot. santa clara county's jails are seeing a huge spike in covid-19 cases. the recent surge began november
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2nd with 15 infections, a week later, 84 new cases surfaced. a woman whose husband op mask wearing sherifdeputy sathey follow the public health guidelines. new tonight, the police made an arrest a week after a deadly halloween party shooting at a city councilwoman's home. this after the first suspect they arrested was released. the investigators searched three hopes today, kpix5 has the latest on that arrest and the investigation >> reporter: tonight, the police say they arrest aid teenager charges him for being a felon in possession of a gun. they are not sure if the gun was used to kill. >> reporter: just before 1:00 a.m. on october 30th the police responded to this home. a large halloween party ended in gunfire and an 18-year-old dead.
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the home we later learned is owned by councilmember. this morning the police as well as investigators with the santa clara county sheriff's office and santa clara police department served three search warrants. at the homes in connection with a halloween party shooting. >> i am maria, i am a reporter with channel 5. we learned there is a search warrant executed. >> do you have to be on the property? >> she did not tell me to leave so i am asking her questions. >> reporter: those we spoke to denied they knew anything of the arrest of the 18-year-old. a felon found with a gun. the police have not called him a suspect. >> as for the councilmember she is cooperating with the police. >> reporter: back to you. live look from capitol hill tonight where the house committee
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investigating the storming of the capitol on january 6th won a key court battle. federal judge denied former president trump's claim of executive privilege over hundreds of documents sought by the committee. that includes the white house call logs, schedules, handwritten notes from trump's chief of staff at the time. the national archives is on track to turn over the documents on friday. still ahead, finding all of the ingredients for your thanksgiving feast could be a challenge. what to expect when you head to the grocery store. >> i have been in business for 43 years and never seen anything like this. a wi
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new at 11:00. with two weeks to go before thanksgiving shoppers are wondering if there am be shortages for holiday items for the traditional meal? you may want to head to the grocery store early and be ready to pay more than you normally would. >> reporter: before you grab your cart and head into the store expect to pay record high prices. the supply chain crush led to soring car prices and now it is impacting your holiday meals, too. >> vegetables, fruits,. >> reporter: she loaded up her car with groceries she will
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use for her family's thanksgiving dinner. >> i definitely do see a change in the price over the last probably d-i s. >> reporte the usda says there is not a turkey shortage but expect prices for the tasty birds to be up around 10-15%. >> a lot of the companies they are telling me that, you know, they can not hire anybody so the people they do have they are paying overtime so the costs are going up. >> this current run i am not grabbing a turkey thankfully. >> reporter: many groceriers can not stock up on most items like they used to. >> i have been in business for 43 years and never seen anything like this. >> reporter: from grocery stores to suppliers there are gaps. larry is a turkey farmer in minnesota. it is taking longer to distribute his product pause of delays of packing materials and other needed supplies resulting in a domino effect. >> more of a challenge getting trucks. everything in the last couple of years
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more challenging, even down to boxes. >> it means can goods are in shorter supply. >> cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing, everything. >> reporter: in san francisco, kpix5. this thanksgiving will likely be a busy one on the roads. 53 million people are expected to travel over the holiday. close to prepandemic numbers. 90% are expected to drive. a little good news, live look now at san francisco's fisherman's wharf. crab lovers will be able to buy hold crab from the boats. the port commission voted today to allow the crab sales as part of a one year pilot program. it am begin as soon as the crab fishing season starts that currently is on hold right now to protect endangered whales and sea turtles in the fishing zones. new at 11:00.
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it appears in-n-out vaccine noncompliance is spreading. five restaurants were visited and not once were they asked for verification. all of the in-n-outs in costa county are closed because the company refuses to be quote the vaccine police. we reach the out to in-n-out for comment but have not heard back yet. what a difference a couple storms make. the recent rain brought hope for the north bay communities after months of drought conditions, as of last night alpine lake was 97% full. the video on the left is how crystal springs reservoir was back in march. seemed better when chopper 5 flew over. betty yu, our
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photojournalist a close encounter. not one but two coyotes running across their path in north beach tonight. obviously it was date night. [ laughter ] >> a few hours, wow, that is, that is a wild thing to see in north beach. you see a lot of things in north beach. >> we have seen them by our station. it is wild. amazing how healthy they look, too. i know they are far from home. >> yes. dine and dash. >> yes. >> good trash in the city. >> that is exactly what they are going after, the trash and the rats that are feeding on the trash as well. let's talk about something more pleasant. we have rain. 40th day of the water year that begins on october 1st. the first 40 days san francisco picks up an inch and a half of rain. so far in this water year the first 40 days we picked up 8.3 inches of rain. the wettest first 40 days to any water here on record in downtown san francisco dating all
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of the way back to 1850s. this goes back to the gold rush. the good news ,does not stop there. we will focus on other communities. santa rosa and livermore. the numbers on the left that is what you picked up in the 2020-2021 water year. in the first 40 days of the rainy season ahead of what you picked up in all of the 365 days of 2020-2021 season. not out of the drought. we got to keep it up. the forecast will be dry. we are just at the beginning of the rainy season. right now, there is the fog. that is the left over moisture at ground level. the temperatures near the 50s. holding on to 60 degrees right now in san jose. the fog will be with us as we head through the rest of tonight into tomorrow morning, give yourself extra time as you hit the reads, a bit of extra stopping distance once you are on the roads. fog dissipating.
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most of it gone by 10. the last of it dissipate by noon and the temperatures will warm up. from the start, upper 40s and 50s. it is normal for the middle of november. up to almost exactly normal temperature for highs tomorrow. within a degree on either side of the averages, so, let's take a closer look at where it leaves us. lower 60s on the coast. upper 60s in the santa clara valley. just falling short of 70 in morgan hill and short of 70 in fairfield. you will be the warm spots in the map. middle to upper 60s for the try valley. middle 60s for san francisco and oakland and middle to upper 60s for the north bay. cooler temperatures up north. going to see more cloud cover and a for the first time in several weeks we have a completely dry seven-day forecast. more and more sunshine heading
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through veterans day on tuesday. warmer stomach on saturday and sunday. a degree or two cooler for the north bay and milder along the coast. the temperatures back off next week. a little more cloud cover but not much of a chance of raindrops out of the clouds. vern? straight ahead in sports, local college basketball is upon us tonight. wondo is "gondo" and your san
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nhl up top. your sharks, bad enough, they played their 5th game with the head coach. they had to go with one of the best teams in the west. if you are scoring he will have to be the tonight. ach until friday. vi
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here is logan who e by in the 3rd. sharkies on the road, won this one 4-1. what got into them tonight? that is the sharks first win on the road since the covid-19 outbreak. now, if we open up that shot of the soccer ball wide enough it reveals the star who made his retirement from the san earthquakes today. lights out as you saw. on sunday, scoring the last of the 171 career goals. >> how tough is it going to be to let go? >> it will be very tough, i think, it is part of me. in my blood. i am a competitive guy. i will have to have competitive outlets, it will be great to have it at my daughter's games and be able to know, i can attend all basketball and soccer games and that will be
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special. >> he was batman on the field. tough day to be a cal bear. the athletic department postponed saturday's football game with usc one hour was the basketball bears, in white, hosting uc san diego. a little trouble here. jordan shepherd shot over the defense. scoring 27, cal by 4 at the half. they let the tritons hang around. look at this move. tony, they wormed in that one. beating the bears 80-67 first ever win against a pac-12 school. by the way stanford 62. saint mary's opening up against
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prairie view. strong inside. leading all scores with 22. remember, warrior, that was his son nailing that jumper. opening up with an 87-68 win. talk of the nba tonight, this. oh! jokic an aggressive shove against morris from chicago. the refs always see the retaliation, right? the mvp should know better. he got a game suspension, he letter said yeah, i went too far. 49ers all-time leading rusher stepped off of the field and into a boxing ring. making his debut next month against darren williams and declined advances from nfl teams to focus on boxing. i understand getting hit with a helmet and
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shoulder pads. but in a boxing ring when you are an open target? no thanks. >> that is a brutal sport. >> yes. he is tough but this is different. >> i would not mind training like a boxy, they near shape. but not the rough stuff. >> no. i want to do the jump rope, to. how much would you
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mona lisa, one of the most fame paintings. a replica of it found in an attic sold at a paris auction today for, get this, more than $242,000. the auction house says that $70,000 more
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