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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  November 9, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> and i am alec martin. the up coming game against usc has been pushed back to next month. vern has more. >> i was just watching a press conference held by cal in berkeley. the football program was forced to postpone saturday's game against usc as the bears deal with a covid outbreak that hit the team last week. 24 players tested positive according to athletic director jim nolton. >> as we started this week, we were on a testing schedule to test our team and our staff, again. and today when we tested we had really just a few, but they were all in the same position group, and it left us with the inability to compete safely. we were able to come to an agreement to reschedule the game until, you know, december. >> the game has been rescheduled for december 4. cal's testing policy for
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vaccinated players is stricter than the rest of the pac-12 conference. 99% of the team is vaccinated according to nolton. >> hopefully better safe than sorry. there is a new vaccine rule for first responders in alameda county this evening. they have until december 21 to get fully vaccinated. the directive also applies to those that enter high risk health care facilities. >> i got vaccinated because i want to see my family, so -- >> reporter: rules are rules? >> as far as my family goes, yeah. [ laughing ] >> they should, everybody should. everybody in the world should get the shot. we want to save each other, they should all get the shot. >> if you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for your family. >> the county says those that choose not to get vaccinated must test weekly and wear a mask. booster shorts are not currently required ands live look at san francisco where tonight the city is considering spending $2.5 million to make
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sure there are enough paramedics to go around. if the board of supervisors signs off, the fire department would be able to hire 50 additional emts and paramedics starting in the spring. now, the fire chief says staffing hasn't kept pace with the increased demand for service over the past several years. tonight san francisco voters are being asked to judge the city's embattled top prosecutor. kpix 5's andrea nakano is live with andrea borba has more live on the recall election. >> reporter: this will look a lot different than the one we saw with governor newsom a few months back. as of today the voters of san francisco will get a chance to decide again if they want chesa boudin to be the district attorney. former state senator mark leno says folks
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have been trying to recall chesa since the day he was sworn in. >> they are lost. they lost the election, they are grieved, they are angry, and they want to you be grieved and angry so you will vote to support the recall, but it is not good for san francisco and it is an assault on our democracy. >> reporter: andrea shorer is with safer san francisco without boudin and said a majority of the signatures gathered were from democrats and this is about safety. >> this is a city is that definitely believes in and supports criminal justice reform, but also understands that we can have both criminal justice reform and public safety. and people don't feel safe in san francisco. resident does not feel safe in san francisco. >> reporter: the election won't happen until june 7, per the city charter. >> since the election date falls within 105 days of the june statewide primary, we will consolidate the local recall election for the district attorney with that june election. >> reporter: this is not like
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the recall of governor gavin newsom. there will be no other candidates on the ballot and it will be a yes-no question. if boudin is voted out fice ln appoint a replacement for the rest of his term followed by another election in november of 2022. we reached out to mayor london breed's office to see who she would appoint if the recall is successful. we never heard back. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5 news. >> thank you, an degree syria. new details on the deadly halloween shooting at the home of a gilroy city council woman. police made a new arrest. officers served search warrants at three different locations in gilroy this morning and arrested an 18-year-old after finding a firearm.
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a second assessment was previously arrested and released. these numbers grabbed our attention. the chp is investigating alameda county's 76th freeway shooting this year alone, the majority of 580 and 880. so, what is going on? well more now on the latest on the growing memorial for jasper but. >> reporter: here on the corner of 6th and market in oakland you can see the memorial for gaspereau continues to grow. we spoke to a man that lost his son in a different alameda shooting that said these are happening all to often. jasper wu had a lot of life ahead of him. he was about to turn two years also but his life was cut short after he was hit by a stray bullet during a freeway shootout on i-880 over the weekend. the reverend ramon price, sr. lost his 27-year-old son about two weeks ago. >> it is crazy. >> reporter: the victim of another alameda county freeway shooting, this one on westbound
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580 in oakland. >> you can never be prepared to bury your own child. it is unnatural. >> reporter: numb and heartbroken already, his pain only grew when he learned about jasper wu. >> my son was ki atex 27. he had a chance to live life, but this baby was 23-month-old, hadn't even reached his second birthday, never even the opportunity or chance to live life. >> we are taking action on each and every one of these incidents. >> reporter: despite the 76 freeway shootings in a year, the chp says people should feel safe on the highways. >> it is scary, but the reason you should feel safe is that, um, the chance of this happening are not high. >> reporter: price and wu's family are still waiting for justice. but in the meantime, the reverend hopes to see gleaning the older people need to step in, step up and try to give guidance. the bible say as they are our future, but we are losing our future at a rapid rate and someone needs to do something about it. >> reporter: we reached out to
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the california highway patrol late this afternoon. they told us they do not have new information regarding the i athis time. in oakland max 5 the oakland zoo had to put down its last two tigers today. >> the two 16-year-old sisters had been struggling with kidney disease and arthritis. the expected life span capped out at about 18. one sister was euthanized in 2018 and another, grace, passed away in 2019. they were rescued from a traveling show in texas. well, in the elizabeth holmes trial, what one man says
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about the testing devices. and trick-or-treating trump's an international climate conference. governor gavin newsom explain where is he has been. and the last of the showers disappearing off the radar the last couple of hours. now the fog is taking over. we will track that and look at the weekend forecast coming ♪
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well, some bombshell testimony in the elizabeth holmes trial. the with man that once ran the theranos lab revealed the company wasn't using the machine to test blood samples for years, testifying they were trying to give federal regulators a quote alternative explanation for two years of
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faulty lab results. once he got there theranos no longer used its own devices to test blood and responding to government audits was about the only responsibility he had. >> the lab director is not only giving damaging testimony but devastating testimony against elizabeth holmes. >> in addition to everything else there continue to be logistical problems in court. today the video system went down and the judge apologized to the jury for the inconvenience. taking a look at the top headline, the clock is ticking tonight for ten more former officials with the trump white house. the senior adviser stephen miller and press secretary kaylee mack inaney were among the names listed. house investigators investigating the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. the committee is digging into what the president was doing and saying during his supporters' violented by to overturn his defeat. subpoenaed officials now have
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two weeks to hand over documents. investigators are using cameras and drones to scattered shower the scene of friday's astroworld festival in houston. the youngest victim, just nine years old, is in a medically induced doma tonight with eight others dead. the justice department is fighting to lift a temporary block on the biden administration's new rules requiring vaccination or regular testing for workers at many private businesses. more than two dozen states have challenged the rule said to take effect in january. meanwhile, pfizer is asking federal regulators to clear its boosters for all adults 18 and up. the fda could grant that request as early as thanksgiving. and after nearly two weeks out of the public eye, governor newsom reemerged at a state economic summit in monterey. he told the crowd he skipped
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his trip to the u.s. climate conference in scotland late last month because his four kids asked him to go trick-or- treating. >> i woke up the next morning with what a lot of parents have felt, the knot in your stomach. i had no choice but to cancel the trip. >> the governor said he spent most of his time working at the capitol since then and was spotted at the wedding of the daughter of the oil tycoon j. paul getty. well, former governor brown is making a new push to protect california forests, convening with experts to discuss how to prevent wildfires and calling for better forest management, including spending as much as $5 billion to do that. dramatic change in fortunes for north bay communities once at risk of severe water shortage, the recent rain bringing new hope to the areas after months of severe drought
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conditions. as of last night alpine lake in morin was 97% full. san mateo county, the video on the left, how crystal springs reservoir looks back in march, seemed like it was in much better shape today when chopper 5 flew over it. skiers, and snowboarders taking advantage at mammoth. and one of the top hole area resort, not too much of a mess on the road, i-80 just wet at the moment. but watch for ice overnight as temperatures drop. as for what to expect back here in the bay area, here is paul with the rain. >> yes. the rain brought several inches to the lucky ones and barely a trace to san jose and the santa clara valley. this was really hit and miss in terms of amounts. most of the communities around the bay area picked up a half inch to an inch of total rainfall. again, barely more than a trace for san jose, but santa rosa picked up almost 2 inches of
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rain that continues to add up, but the weather patterns are changing. high pressure is taking over which means two thicks. fist of all as the big h on the map gets closer, it means more atmosphere is on top of us pushing the storm track further to the north and allowing our temperatures to climb gradually. we are not talking hot . the fog
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will be a factor early tomorrow. we will start off in the upper 40s and low 50s tomorrow morning. comfortably cool temperatures and then we will start warming up, the early morning cloud cover giving way to sunshine in the afternoon with highs reaching the mid-60s in san francisco. a little warmer in santa rosa but you will start off with dense fog in the north bay valleys and temperatures warm up to mid to upper 60s by afternoon. concord also reaches up to the mid to upper of0s. we won't see a huge difference between temperatures around the bay and inland with the cooler temperatures along the coast. even the warm spots around san jose only reaching up to upper 60s, maybe close to 70 degrees
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nearly morgan hill and gilroy. we will be warming up the end of the workweek. a bit more of a difference between the bayside and east bay a degree cooler. by the coast temperatures should reach the mid-60s. a collodions next week as the cold front makes its way through but it won't have much moisture to work with. we will just see additional cloud cover monday to tuesday. we will keep looking at long range data to see if we can find any rain. an update again at 11:00. >> keep squeezing it out. paul, thank you. the most popular player in san jose history calling it quits. and streaming tonight on the cbsn bay area i spoke with the founder of california parent power about leading the charge during the pandemic. that is at 8:30. you can find it on or
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the 49ers kicked off the nfl salute to service month with a visit to moffett federal airfield base where a handful of players met with members of the 129th rescue wing today. the 9ers offensive linemen who served in the air force addressed the group to thank them for their service. >> i completely understand the sacrifice that you guys make every single day to do what you guys do. you know, without you guys, without your support, without your guy's constant dedication to this, we definitely could not be doing what we get to do on sundays. >> well, after getting a tour of the rescue wings facility, this he left the group with a
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9ers flag signed by the team. very cool. well, from football to the earthquake history, the most powerful player, chris wondolowski retiring after 14 seasons in san jose. >> it was emotional times. it with us tough walking around with so many great memories. happy memories were flooding me. it was great to be out there. it with us great to get a nice last 90 minutes in and talk about the goal was special, as well. >> and where he going? he is moving on to a new job and looking forward to being a full-time dad. we brought you his farewell news conference live on cbsn bay area. you can stay up-to-date 24/7 streaming on or the kpix news app. and a computer that steve jobs built in the los altos
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well, i know, you think the new iphones or macbook pros are pretty expensive, wait until you hear what apple's first computer sold for. >> the apple one is one of the last few surviving units home grown by steve jobs and steve wozniak between 1976 and 77. in the job's family's los altos garage. it just sold at auction today for $400,000. that is actually well below the
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$600,000 it was expected to reach. i guess it is a steal. i don't know, because the price includes a couple of companion pieces like a 19al 6 panasonic video monitor and apple cassette adapter in a wooden case. only 200 apple ones were ever made. where would you put that in your house if you were a collector. would you put it in a case? >> i would put it under plexiglass with an armed guard and a couple of doberman pinchers or something. >> i am curious to see who purchases these collectible tech things. i am sure it is somebody in silicon valley but ♪ -i love this brand. whoa! am i floating? -not exactly. that's bargain bliss setting in. you're basking in the glow of premium wines at deep discount prices. -feel so tall right now! -i know, right?
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how everybody? i appreciate that. thank you all. thank you all, everybody. heh heh heh! i appreciate you, folks. thank you all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got another good one for you today. returning for their third day, with a total of 20,570 bucks, from oklahoma city, oklahoma, it's the champs. it's the moore family. moore family: whoo! steve: and they're back. from kaneohe, hawaii, it's the ahuna family! [ahuna family cheers]
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