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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 9, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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understands we can have both criminal justice reform and public safety and people don't feel safe in san francisco. residents do not feel safe in san francisco. >> the election will not happen until june 7th per the city charter. >> since the election day falls within one of five days of the june statewide primary, we will consolidate the local recall election for the district attorney with that june election. >> this is not like the recall of governor gavin newsom there will be no other candidates on the ballot. they will be a yes no question. if you voted out of office he will .2 replace for the rest of his term followed by another election in november 2022. back in 2019 when george resigned, appointed former prosecutor and police commissioner to the role. she eventually lost that election to p■utin. >> we are starting to see some
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strategy they are using to keep the job. >> that's right, from that statement you can imply that he is going to frame this as a republican-led recall effort like we saw against the governor and that he is facing deep-pocketed donors and the san franciscans support his efforts in office. >> we shall see how it plays out. thanks. california senator stopped in san jose today to detail how the state and bay area will benefit from the infrastructure bill that president biden is about to sign. he says the bill will improve things like roads, bridges, ports as well as water infrastructure and a key element during our states emergency drought. he says the bill will also fund the silicon valley and invest in public transit from buses to passenger railways. >> i traveled up and down the state to make sure we advocate
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in congress as this package is being crafted that it reflects the priorities of the state of california including the completion of the station and to the grand central station of the west. >> padilla says there is significant investment that goes towards water recycling san jose mayor says the new funds will add to what they have already been doing. >> although it may be raining today we will be in drought for a while and we have a lot of ambitions around extending water recycling. we are so great to see this bill, aggressively. >> padilla says california will benefit from investments in high-speed internet and funds to manage hesitation and rehabilitate areas burned by recent wildfires. former god brown making a
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push to protect the states force. he's convened a group of experts to discuss how to prevent water fires. issued a report that shifts the focus from fighting wildfires to preventing them. brown is calling for better forest management including spending as much as $5 billion on healthy forests. orange county district attorney announces a new change in dealing with drug-related deaths. reporter michelle has more by the office made this change. losing my son has been the worst thing i have ever experienced. >> 20-year-old elijah from seal beach, alex is also 20 and 14- year-old alexander, a middle school student all beloved children, all poisoned by fentanyl. >> in the orange county coroner's office this 450 drug- related deaths that are pending toxicology. i'm going to tell you it's probably going to be true,
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consistent with everything we are seeing that those deaths are already going to be and are related to fentanyl. i'm not going to let drug dealers get away with murder. is not going to happen any barbara >> does a good attorney isn't lamenting what riverside da mike started a year ago. convicting drug dealers for murder. >> riverside county in 2016, there were two fentanyl related deaths. this year we are on pace to have between five and 600. was experts say this is all it takes to kill, a few specks of fentanyl disguised what the user thinks is a legitimate pill. many of the sons and daughters got at the same way according to the parents. from a dealer peddling the poison on social media. >> they reported counterfeit pills coming from mexican cartels using illicit fentanyl imported from china estimated to have a lethal dose of the drug newly 40% of the time.
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there is almost a 50-50 chance that you will be dead within minutes of ingesting that pill. >> investigators say the dealer who sold the pill on snapchat to amy neville's son killing him is connected to two other orange county deaths. >> most people e g but the numbers tell us each one of you know someone who is using or soon will. >> michelle reporting now come the d advice for families to talk to your loved ones about fentanyl and tell them they cannot tell the difference between a legitimate pill and a counterfeit one that can kill. a fight to hold the drug industry accountable for the opioid entered epidemic. the supreme court cast out a $465 million ruling against drug maker johnson and johnson. a lower court wrongly interpreted the states public nuisance law. johnson & johnson has not yet responded to the decision. >> san francisco city leaders celebrated the groundbreaking
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of a new affordable housing project. what was once a parking lot and balboa park will be converted into 131 affordable housing units. one of two development to break grounds in the city's 11th district this year. it will also feature a renovated bar station at the plaza. the design includes a number of committee benefits including early childhood education center as well as a family resource center. >> people talk about coming to san francisco for a better opportunity and being able to make a better life for themselves and raising the children in san francisco. once the children are adults, they no longer can afford to live here. resins of the new building will also receive free passes for three years. heads up from commuters this sunday, the first phase of testing toll equipment along highway 101 in san mateo
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county. jarvis was the signs letting them know this is happening as construction continues on the express lanes expected to open next year. a live look right now if you're planning to get away this thanks giving holiday you will not be alone. aaa predicting a sharp rebound and traveled this year to near pre-pandemic levels. 53 million people expected to travel over the thanksgiving holiday and despite gas prices inching up more than one dollar a gallon since last year, 90% of travelers are expected to drive. aaa has some tips if you plan to travel. one of them is buck early- morning flights. less likely to get delayed or canceled and if you are driving for thanksgiving consider weaving wednesday before noon or early thursday if you're not heading out too far. make a plan now and reduce the stress later. coming out, calvin a catholic school in the hot seat after students received wearing controversial costumes. the big changes the principal
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is promising to make. coming up all new at 6:00, dozens of freeway shootings and one bay area county over the past year but drivers are safe. hear from a man who lost his son to a freeway shooting just days ago. plus, i'm john ramose in berkeley, the people who planted this garden 17 years ago says it has become more than a place
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i school principals apologizing after halloween post on the school social media account. >> the post shows two students on campus wearing costumes that many are calling braces. melissa perlman with the story. the picture shows one student wearing a police
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costume and another in a traditional mexican caution. meeting on the back of the car with his hands behind his back. the cop student poses with his hand on his back pretending to arrest him. you can see the photo was taken on campus. the school evelyn seen in the background. >> i think it's pretty ridiculous and the fact that they thought they could get away with it says a lot. >> the school principal in a statement says he learned about the incident last week and calls the post offensive and offered his deepest apologies and says these were halloween costumes with some how they wound up on the private school social media pages. principal sawyer says i am personally distressed. not only by the costumes but i'm disappointed that neither i nor our staff took appropriate action when it was happening. >> i know they are teenagers but somewhere it should have registered. >> parents called the post disturbing and says changes needed now. >> i hope the school actually does more that's talked about. actually does something.
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>> new social media guidance will be put in place to better align the school values but did not provide details. workshops and discussions will immediately be held. the students have a better understanding of sensitivity and kindness quotations. >> the principal did not say whether any school staffers or students were punished for those posts. a facebook whistleblower issuing a warning about the meta-verse. the virtual-reality world which is at the core of the social media giants growth strategy will be addictive and will rob people of more personal information for the company to exploit. she says her former employer rush the unveiling of its new name, meta because of pressure it's facing after some of the information revealed. >> i think there is a meta- problem at facebook the over and over again, facebook chooses expansion and new areas over sticking the landing and what they have already done. and i find it unconscionable
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that as you read to the documents, it states very clearly there needs to be more resources on very basic safety systems. >> facebook parent company denied he was trying to divert attention from its recent troubles with the new name release. a group of astronauts hours away from welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this.
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kaiser permanente. thrive
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the 49ers are kicking off the nfl salute to service month
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with a visit to the federal aero field base. a handful of players met with members of the 129th rescue wing a unit of the california air national guard trained and prepared for combat searches. niners offensive lineman jake brendel who sister served in the air force addressed at the group to thank them for their service. >> i completely understand the sacrifice you guys make every single day to do what you guys do. without you guys and without your support and without your constant dedication to this, we definitely could not be doing what we get to do on sundays. >> the players toward the rescuing facilities and left the group with a niners flag signed by the team as a token of their appreciation. and ahead of this veterans day, cbs evening news is launching a series called honoring our heroes. we spoke to norah o'donnell who
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spearheaded this project and what viewers can expect. >> tonight we have a very important story about a new app out there. any veterans dealing with ptsd and depression and suicidal thoughts with new information tonight tomorrow here in washington we take you to the tomb of the unknown that he may have seen that before at arlington cemetery. for the first time, they are allowing civilians to lay flowers. we will bring that story to you tomorrow night. as part of an effort to honor our heroes as the series is called and want people out there to know because many people have heroes and veterans and their families you can hashtag honoring our heroes and for a chance to put all of them up on the cbs evening news on thursday nights we want to see the special veteran in your life. >> they will be having stories about veterans all week long and tune in tonight and every night this week at 6:30. you can watch the full interview with norah o'donnell on the cbsn bay area and stay
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up to date streaming on kpix.comonfore anauts turned to astronaut leslie is for more prepared to leave tomorrow. nasa originally planned for those two crews to meet aboard the international space station but it did not work out that way. >> astronauts inside the capsule waved and flashed the peace sign shortly after returning home. social media footage captured the spacecraft streaking across the sky over new orleans yesterday evening before it splashed down to the gulf of mexico. the crew launched back in april on a mission to the international space station that lasted 199 days. >> the longest flight by u.s. spacecraft ever. astronauts are asked to wear absorbent underwear on the return trip because of a problem with the dragon capsules toilet. cbs news space analyst says
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that's not so uncommon. >> people forget every time astronauts go outside of a space fault the last six or seven hours are sometimes eight hours. it's not unusual and it has happened before. >> two astronauts back safely they turn the attention to launching replacements and crew three arrived at kennedy space center last month. because of a minor medical issue with one of the astronauts and bad weather, the flight was delayed. >> the crew going up has a spirit busy schedule ahead. they're still trying to up. the solar race. >> now scheduled to blast off tomorrow night. >> i never get tired of seeing those launches. they're so incredible and the work they are doing up there is amazing. i don't think i'll get the opportunity this point. take a look what's happening here on earth.
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the rain is almost done. the last of the showers winding down as we speak we will see the dense fog as we had to the rest of tonight. the sunshine returns tomorrow near average temperatures near wednesday and it warming trend? and later on this week but as the rain continues to wrap up right now let's take a look at some numbers and out of the rain we have received so far since the start of the water year october 1st. this is the 40th day of the water year and a nice round number and this is the wettest such start the first 40 days to the water year in downtown services go since recordkeeping began back in 1850s. eating the record back in 19 and four thanks to the almost inch of rain that we picked up over the last 24 hours. the impressive numbers do not stop there. for santa rosa and livermore both. the amount of rain picked up during the entirety of the last water your has already been eclipsed by amount of rain we picked up just in the forest 48 days of this water year. just almost 13 1/2 inches for santa rosa so far and over five and half inches of rain for
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livermore. we hope that the rest of the rainy season continues to overachieve or lose up to the average for this time of year. a great start but we have a long way to go. looking outside right now, a lot of cloud cover and there is the flog fog covering up. a lot of cloud cover overhead in the 60s, intermittent mist and drizzle and shower activity. temperatures and a mix of mostly low 60s but a couple of upper 50s wrinkled in. these temperatures are going to drop off as we head to the rest of tonight ending up down in the upper 40s and the 50s as the dense fog will continue spreading out. we start off with that wednesday morning and it should dissipate pretty quickly. i think by about 10:00 or so, most of the fog will have dissipated and might be more stubborn around the bay and
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along the coast and plenty of sunshine and a mix of high- level clouds for the rest of the day. here the low temperatures for tomorrow morning, upper 40s and low 50s. this is a normal-looking temperature map for the middle of november and high temperatures will be almost exactly average within a degree on either side where we should be for this time of year. zoom in for a closer look below 60 along the coast, the cool spots mid-to upper 60s down the peninsula and around the south end of the bay. mostly upper 60s in the valley. san jose is 60 degrees, just short of 70 degrees and mid to upper 60s for most inland parts of the east bay mid-60s and services going mid-60s for oakland and the rest of the east bay with temperatures farther north reaching up into the upper half of the 60s as well and you go farther north into the county. more cloud cover and a chance of a's passing sprinkle or two. temperatures will be cooler. temperatures will warm up as we head toward's the end of the work week, looks like it brings us the warmest weather insight might be represented in the city around 70 for oakland with mid-70s for san jose and inland parts of the east bay. they which the low 70s over the weekend. but he cools off a little bit by monday and tuesday of next week but the forecast remains dry just less than a 20% chance
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of a passing shower next monday night. we see what happens farther down the line as we get closer to thanksgiving. we can be thankful for additional rain around here. >> thankful for every drop. new at six:00, dozens of freeway shootings in one year but they say bay area drivers are safe. the message from one man who just lost his son in a freeway shooting days ago. plus, new developments from police just minutes ago, fetal shooting at a gilroy city councilwoman's home. bombshells from the former lab director and elizabeth holmes trial. what he revealed did not happen in the years before her company folded. still had a 5:00 >> time in history have not been kind to him,
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the man was hailed as a founding father of the city of san jose is getting a new look and perspective. >> thomas was honored with his own statue but as debate rages over that, we asked devon feely to waive his record. it was the historical figure and certainly thomas, the statue, fallen into disfavor. the consensus seems to be it's time for him to go. not so much for who he was or what he did in his lifetime but for what he has come to represent. the statue depicts fallon raising the american flag in
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1846 over military outposts and what would later become the city of san jose. the symbolism of that moment and gesture for some, the birth of the city and for others the death of mexican rule. remains deeply polarized. >> he is an invader and colonial nests and invaded the city of san jose. >> i don't consider him to be a saint figure in anyway but at the same time it's not clear what he did that's necessarily deserving of public censure. it was damien specializes in early california history in the state university. and says we are in the middle as a country of a reappraisal of our collective history. statues and scorn. >> i think anybody right now who is honored by statue has become controversial. >> historical record is somewhat then. he was an irish immigrant and took part in an early expedition of california and joined the mexican-american war on the side of the u.s. and
5:58 pm
raise the american flag over san jose emma married into a prominent land owning exit can family and later became the city's 10th mayor. his critics however say that he helped usher in an era in which native people were mistreated and often killed. >> people that try to reduce conversation to him personally as a man fails to really grasp the severity of what that statue represents. >> mayor sam liccardo issued a statement writing i am supported of removing the statue for many reasons. among them that we have higher priorities for understaffed police then chasing vandals away from the statues of historical figures for the reit of the statement might suggest that the vandals have one. that the loudest voices in the debate have somehow become the most persuasive. other tempered voices suggest that while fallon may not be worthy of scorn, he is likewise not worthy of a statue. >> ultimately we are trying to decide whether it rises to the level of immortalizing this
5:59 pm
individual with a statue. >> devon feely, kpix 5. >> right now streaming on cbsn bay area, dozens of freeway shootings and now a toddler killed by a stray bullet. we hear from a grieving father who just lost his son in a different highway shooting. new developments minutes ago, fetal halloween party shooting that unfolded at a gilroy city councilwoman's home. the man who wants ran the lab drops a bombshell at the trial. he says about the company's testing devices and why it may be tougher homes to explain it away. a worsening covid operate derailing a gain between two football rivals. i am elizabeth cook. >> we start with fallout with a shooting along i 880
6:00 pm
the majority of the shootings in alameda county happened along highway 880 and 580. >> we are joint live in oakland where a memorial for jasper continues to grow. >> reporter: there is a memorial here on the corner of sixth and market. you can see candles are lit and people have placed teddy players teddy bears. we spoke to a man who said these are happening all too often. jasper had a lot of life ahead of him. he was about to turn two years old. but, his life was cut short after he was hit by a stray bullet during if you shoot out on interstate 880 in oakland over the weekend. >> my heart goes out to the family. >> reporter: according to the chp, this with a 76 shooting in alameda county alone, over the past year. the majority of them oc


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