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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 9, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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them to get the shot and applies to those who enter high risk healthcare facilities. these first responders and ambulance crews now have six weeks to get fully vaccinated by december 21st rate if not they must submit to weekly covid testing and wear a mask whenever they are near patients or residents for the booster not required at this time. dr. nicholas, the county public health officer issued a statement and evidence shows unvaccinated persons are more likely to get infected by the virus. unvaccinated providers entering high risk healthcare facilities and spread covid-19. this order is necessary to reduce that risk and protect older and medically vulnerable residents and staff. the health order comes at a time and vaccination rates at agencies like the county sheriff's office lag far behind the county itself. at the end of september, only 54% of the county sheriff's employees were vaccinated. we are seeing government agencies turn up the pressure
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elsewhere. the city of san jose is imposing a one-week suspension without pay for employees who refuse to get the shot. the san jose police officers association want as many as 100 cops would quit this week we learned that only six city employees have chosen to forfeit it week of pay for the option to stay unvaccinated. the county health order also applies to nonemergency medical transport workers mike mike bratcher. for the record, mike got a shot because he would not be able to see his own family without it. >> what you think of folks who say it's my body, don't tell me what to do? >> they are entitled to their opinion. and talk about infringing on people's rights are talking about doing the best and what is the best for everybody. everybody has a different opinion. >> any word from the police unions in the east bay? >> we tried to reach out for comment and reaction, the
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county sheriff's deputy association, those in oakland, fremont, hayward and berkeley and did not hear back from any of them. >> thank you. this is in, announcing its force to postpone saturday's football game against usc due to a covid outbreak. the team was already struggling with a number of cases and the university now says additional student athletes tested positive and are not able to practice this week or play this weekend. the game has now been rescheduled to december 4th and no word on how many athletes have been infected with the virus. the biden ministration appealing a freeze on nationwide vaccine rule for companies for the regulation requires workers at u.s. companies with 100 or more workers to be vaccinated against covid. or be tested weekly beginning in january. the appeals court issued the temporary stay saying there are constitutional issues with the
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rule. in its filing, the justice department argues not allowing the rule would quote likely cost dozens or hundreds of lives per day in addition to large numbers of hospitalizations and other serious health effects and tremendous costs. >> these are policies protecting workforces and avoiding disruptions related to employees getting sick with covid. >> in the meantime pfizer asked the fda to grant emergency use authorization for its booster shots for all adults. right now only seniors at high risk are eligible for the pfizer booster in the u.s. here in california, the state positivity rate is ticking up. currently, little more than 2%. that is a .04% increase from last week. this just in coming collision involving multiple vehicles blocking a busy intersection in pacifica. this happened on highway 1 near rockaway beach just before 3:00 and you can see two cars smash
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into other side of a box truck there. two other vehicles were somehow involved in traffic is backed up on highway 1 and we are still waiting for official word on what happened. to the weather, live look at december cisco skyline. gorgeous dark clouds left behind after this morning's nice rain. the storm kept cruise busy in the north bay and large tree came down on highway 1 blocking the roadway north of portrays. also brought down some power lines. chief mineralogist joining us now with how much rain we actually got. so it all depends with where you are and whether in the bay area in real estate its location. let's take a look at some of the numbers, the rain would pick up the last 24 hours and mt. tam picked up almost 5 inches of rain, almost 3 inches of rain for kentfield and just short of two inches of rain in the mountains. san jose just barely more than a trace. 2/100 of an inch of rain, the rain shadow of the santa cruz mountains in full effect but a nice amount of rain for dublin's emphasis go.
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most of them densa populated parts of the bay area. half an inch to an inch of total rainfall. closer to two inches of rain around santa rosa. the still a little bit showing up on the radar. you saw those clouds with the live view outside. those clouds are still trying to squeeze out a little more drizzle and showers inland. these will quiet down over the next couple of hours and the forecast looks pretty dry the rest of the week. we take a look at that ahead of the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. it was nice to see more desperately needed rainfall. >> he was gentle for the most part. this evening, a dramatic change for north bay communities, once at risk of severe water shortages. kpix 5 wilson walker without the rain is creating breathing room. wilson. >> everyone's water situation is little different depending on where you are. a little island unto itself
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here. the water comes from a single creeat has two tiny on it. really up against the as the drought got really thick and here we are with just two rainstorms and they are doing a lot better. >> we have two small reservoirs , number one is full and number two is just about full already. >> the town of residence were once on the precipice of severe rationing measures now basking in the runoff of a second storm after the first primed the ground for more rain. >> the second round of rain, we got two inches overnight is pretty much all pouring off the surface into the reservoir. fortunes have reversed in a hurry. >> we feel very good about where we are and this is of course the most rain we have seen early in the season in a long time. >> will talk about at large, i've been dying to get out to the lake to see just what it looks like at the dam. you cannot get out there, at least not by car because of a
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slide on fairfax but you can however get out there on foot so he made the run for you and this is what it looks like. alpine lake as of last night is 97% full. take a look at the drone video from just before the rain started falling. those rocky beaches are long gone and the dried out branches of the lake that we showed you, they are now full and you can guess what is feeding the lake. one raging set of falls after another. an incredible sight and if you're going, be prepared to get wet. not talk about the rain, the trail itself is flooded in many areas and that lisa was today all of the rain producing quite a spectacle across marin and is adding up to reservoirs really are just about full. before the first big atmospheric river we talked about what a good river would look like for marin.
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their fortune appeared they can get in a drought and get out of it quickly because the reservoirs can fill up quickly. they really have the best possible winter that they could have imagined. they are looking at essentially every stock system here in the second week of november. it's incredibly fortunate. other parts of california will take more rain and time, maybe a couple years if you're lucky to dig out of it but just kind of going blockbuster here. if you can get away not on the we can, i highly suggest the trail. it's spectacular. we're life here. of a nuisance planning by he canceled a high-profile trip and is out of the public eye for almost 2 weeks. the governor reemerged today the 2021 california economic some summit. the first question the governor asked about was why he disappeared from the public eye and canceled his trip to the climate summit underway. the answer, hollowing with the kids.
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>> mom and dad missing halloween, for them it is worse than christmas. and i woke up the next morning was something familiar to a lot of parents, that not in your . i had to cancel that trip. a live look a capitol hill, house lawmakers investigate the january 6 assault on the u.s. capital and they are demanding evidence from six more people connected to former president trump. cbs reporter natalie brand has more on who the six are and what congress hopes to learn. the health committee investigating the january 6 assault on the u.s. capital has subpoenaed several top level members of the trump reelection campaign. think would former campaign manager bill step in, senior advisor jason miller and executive assistant angela mccallum. also on the list, the former presidents attorney john eastman who incorrectly advised that dan vice president pence had the authority to overturn
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the election results. former security advisor michael flynn was also subpoenaed in addition to bernard and associate. the former police commissioner is demanding an apology and says the committee chose to publicly defame him. the house select committee is looking into reports that some of the former presidents campaign aides set up a so- called war room in a dc hotel. in a turn to overturn the 22 election. rissman adam schiff sits on the panel says anyone who defies subpoenas could face severe consequences. >> whatever penalties are necessary to the complaint three depends on the person but it could be jail time. >> the house already held former advisor and criminal content, case now in the hands of the department of justice. attorney general says there's an ongoing examination of the facts and the law. there is a separate legal fight
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much by the former president over white house records leading up to january 6th. mr. trump has sued to keep them private citing executive privilege. if a federal judge does not stop in released later this week. cbs news, washington. a storm i still had on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay area thousands of dollars worth of math now off the streets. the south bay man accused of supplying drugs to dealers. investigators on the side of a deadly astral world concert crushed. we learn new details about what happened that night. later, the fate of san francisco day will be in the
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. open police investigating an armed robbery this morning the 3000 block of east ninth street. east bay times was reported that at least two people with the ski masks robbed an armored vehicle guard at gunpoint pretty good into the poor the suspect took off with a bag of money. so the vehicle and there were no reported injuries during
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that robbery. oakland police have not made any arrests that they are still investigating. storm developing right now out of texas investigators in houston are trying to figure out how a travis scott concert turned into a deadly stampede. a plan for the astral world music festival included protocols for things like active shooter or severe weather. but made no mention of what to do in the event of a crowd surge. investigators are combing the site of a deadly concert crushed at the astral world music festival. rapper travis scott was performing friday night when chaos erupted. killing eight people and wounding many more. including a 9-year-old boy described as having. ground staff did not do enough to stop the mayhem. >> the show must go on but the show must go on does not mean
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people have to die at your show. it was houston attorney represents more than 30 victims. he says scott and the event holders should have foreseen this tragedy after a similar crowd rush in 2019. video from friday shows scott paused briefly to get help. but then carried on and according to ramos made things even worse. >> after seeing dead bodies rain frenemy turned around to the crowd and said everybody put your middle finger up. >> the families are entitled to answers. and he is vowing a top to bottom investigation into the promoter, the park, and weather safety measures were followed. >> is accountability from the beginning to the end. >> got says he is cooperating with authorities and has offered to pay for the victims funerals. travis scott says he's partnering with a company to provide free therapy for those concertgoers in need. after a month investigation, san jose police say they busted a major drug dealer.
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authorities say this man, 45- year-old adrian molina supplied drugs to sub dealers and other criminals in the city when they searched his home, officers seized 10 pounds of meth valued at $20,000 along with six pounds of marijuana. $12,000 street value. they found two hand guns and ammunition. took up this new video of snow in mammoth lake. there is are open two weeks early due to the early-season salvo. crews are busy shoveling the snow. snowfall is covering the area. not stopped from heading the substrate have three ski lifts open with access to 16 trails. getting a fresh look at crystal springs reservoir. chopper five flew overhead this morning. the storm with some much-needed water into the reservoir which is important for so is the snow up near yosemite. >> we need moisture everywhere. >> wants to fall as rain or
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snow. we will take it. in the short term the atmosphere will dry out for the next few days. going to push the storm track for the to the north and help him up temperatures for a couple of different factors that play at the bills and directly overhead and presses down on us, more atmosphere on top and presses the air warms up and we will be back to above average temperatures that are on this we can continue into the weekend. for right now, silly couple of showers and sprinkles out there. you can see the loop over the last few hours. though showers have become fewer and farther between and it still is just generally damp outside in the showers once a quiet tunnel give way to locally dense fog early tomorrow morning. this track it with the future casper does not indicate much chance of any measurable rainfall but if you sprinkles and patchy drizzle here and there. by tomorrow morning we will see dense fog because of the amount of moisture not in the lowest levels of the atmosphere. temperatures drop down towards the dew point.
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that's when clouds for not all fog is, the clouds sitting on the ground. that's going to dissipate. the fog should be gone by 10:00 or 11:00 no impediments of sunshine and clouds for the rest of the day tomorrow morning. you can see with the rain is way up to our north and it's going to get pushed even farther to the north over the next few days. a dry pattern taking hold through the we can. look at our rain chances over the next several days. nothing on the chart at all through sunday. very slight chance, 20% or lower for couple passing showers north of the golden gate next monday night. we keep an eye on it and always welcoming more chances of rain but it does look like it's going to be dry. how much of an impact has this had on the fire fuels around the bay area? we've been tracking this throughout the fire season. this is a statistic called energy release component. measures the dryness of the vegetation. the fire fuels and how much energy they could potentially give out and release of the fire got started and from late
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march all the way to the middle of october we've been tracing that redline which is record high territory in terms of how dry things have been and you can see the impact of the atmospheric rivers all the way down towards the bottom of the chart. things have really gotten wet in a hurry and we hope for more rain as we had to the rest of this rainy season. right now it's just fog and drizzle. temperatures in the low to mid 60s and kind of feels damp still at this point. temperatures later on tonight we dropped onto a mix of upper 40s and the 50s on the map by early tomorrow and those temperatures will be slow to warm up all the fog is still out there. once the fund breakthrough, damages climb to the low to mid 60s by noon. climbing up to the mid to upper 60s for tomorrow afternoon. almost exactly normal for the middle of november. the cool spots will be along the coast and even temperatures should reach the low 60s. degree by degree, day by day we continue warming up. temperatures should be in the upper 60s in san francisco and around 70 for oakland into the mid-70s for san jose also
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upends the low to mid 70s for the notes bay. the 60s before we cool off next week. a slight chance of a shower monday night and a cold front will come through but it does not look like there's some to work with. an exceptional start. the rainy season so far coming out, the most popular player in san jose earthquake history calls it quits. chris gets ready for life after soccer. today on cbsn bay area we speak with founder of calvin appearance powder about leading the charge to get kids back in classrooms during the pandemic. starting at 8:30. you can find cbsn bay area on the app and also on
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last week, posey announced his retirement today was long time earthquake star chris. >> joins us now as we say farewell to another one of the bay area star athletes. >> hall of fame catcher said it's not over until it's over but, after first hinting at retirement a season ago, today goalscoring star player chris said adios. they made it official this morning that at a press conference in san jose he played 14 of his 17 seasons and retires with the most goals in mls history. when i spoke to him earlier today he said he could not wait to start his new role as a full- time dad. >> would be great to have it at my daughter's games and attend
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basketball and soccer games. that would be special. >> are going to go from the greatest stage in the game to you setting up cones, setting up goals and like wait a minute. >> behind the goal, get him back to it. can't wait to be dad again. >> i can't wait for you to be on the sidelines watching the kids soccer game just having to restrain yourself. >> i can't wait for it. >> 171 career goals and just in a span of days, fellow soccer carli lloyd and the f4 mentioned walked away on their own terms with a lot more game left in them. how about that? >> amazing.
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>> different priorities in the moment. nice to see. >> good for them. >> we did bring you the news conference live on cbsn b area. you can say today 24/7 streaming on or the kpix 5 app. effort to recall san francisco district attorney clears a major hurdle. why his supporters say they are not surprised. >> caution controversy out of a northern california we're all ready for a real vacation. one where you can sip tropical drinks with fruity garnishes,
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you're watching kpix 5 newsy 5:30. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, holiday travel expected to hit near pre-pandemic levels and what you can do to avoid getting stuck in a travel nightmare. cracking down on drug dealers, the county taking action to prevent fentanyl overdoses. >> i will not let juggalos get away with murder. the recall is on, symphysis go voters will get a chance to weigh in on district attorney chess a boating. good evening i am elizabeth cook. san francisco da will have to face the voters.
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kpix 5 andrea is here with more on the story of the recall. june 7th is set for the date of the recall of san francisco district attorney booting. today around 1:00 this afternoon the department verifies the signatures dropped off to force this recall. as of today the voters in san francisco will get a chance to decide again if they want putin to be the district attorney. more than 80,000 signatures in favor of recalling the dean were gathered and confirmed by the department of elections today. >> it's really no surprise if someone's going to spend $1.4 million to get something on the ballot that it's going to get on the ballot. the reality is, deep-pocketed republican donors and allies are willing to spend that much money. >> ondrea shorter is with san francisco and says a majority of the signatures gathered were from democrats and that this is about safety.
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>> this is a city that believes in and supports criminal justice reform but also understands we can have both criminal justice reform and public safety and people don't feel safe in san francisco. residents do not feel safe in san francisco. >> the election will not happen until june 7th per the city charter. >> since the election day falls within one of five days of the june statewide primary, we will consolidate the local recall election for the district attorney with that june election. >> this is not like the recall of governor gavin newsom there will be no other candidates on the ballot. they will be a yes no question. if you voted out of office he will .2 replace for the rest of his term followed by another election in november 2022. back in 2019 when george resigned, appointed former prosecutor and police commissioner to the role. she eventually lost that election to p■utin.


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