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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  November 9, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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a standndtart s a new day th twirelegy. ask your doc tor about onceaily-d trelegy, and save atrelt right now on kpix5 and amstreing on cbsn bay areaa wet arstt withshowers and br ee czyonditions afr testorms ma rywi ll let you know what to peexct outside thfor e rest of thdae y. >>d ansechar for those reonspsibl e inthe ooshti ng death of a lilett boy in oakland as his mifalylo oks for swaners. and the mongurni for a police ofr ficewho porertedly eddi of a coronas.viru >> conarovirus cases climbing n cifalorni a. m juinst andrewsy. hethal officials say what could bethe ntcoritibung factor up xt. good morning ytoou. it its tuesdayno, vember 9th. >> it'sa wet start to your
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tuesdarny moin g. teafr all thatrain ovghernit sethe cond storm in less th ana mont h ismovingouwe have live a we i aren the south bay d an llwi have a closloer okt athe we start witryh ma lee. >> stl illighti ngup the rar da reen. actrking all for you this morning. we h adthat avheier rain inpushg overnight and late last ght. ithats w nowe llto the stea. with reloo kingat light sherows ill litighng upthrae dar. s let'zo omin for the easy.t ba e thpeninsula. sfo. n mateo. do wninto dwreood city isth morning. awere okloing at wet nditions. wi ndasy well. les tgohrough the day in san cifransc o. we areok loing at 63 for a gh.
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scteatred shandryer heweatr th roh ugthe day. 65 for a ahighnd for the south y bain san josepi topng t ouat . 65 are looking at my ostlcldyou sks. keep the brumellas handy through the it's a mess for that rnmoing co mme.ut avwe he ooflded roadways. wehave thosice slk and peslipryon cditions. >> there's a logot ing on. if u yohave the oppoitrtuny to ouget t the doorar elier, probably a good idea. especially if are you taking the bay bridge live oklo her e. e meriteng lhtigs on and photograph sick bainckg up. u yocan use puicbl trsiant as the alternate if you want to avd oithe brake ghlits. hes apup if are using ba. rt m geinttg fit rsreports of 20 minute dayels on e thantioch . line do plan for th. at rethe stof bart is on time th ismorning. ki ndof showyoing u an ovvierew
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here of the mappinstg syem w. ryve a t loof flooding g alon 101. >>it> stopped rainining e th south bay. ma nyhomes and businesses in san jo seand one neighbodorho are ilstl witht oupower. >> the street side view crews workaround the occlk toee kp the tsligh back on. >>i'm resu you can tell its windy. u yon caseste ju that it --is stl ndwiy here in san jose. agn aiwe are se einge thpower out aims atthese s gastioatns. ta ke alo okat the area we are in isth is from pg&e. u can e sethat the area is in yelligow rht that isa change from the orange. we saw 30 minus teto an hour.
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it a'sroun30d to 400 still beinafg fected. we saw pg&e crews here throughout themoinrng trying to streore power and it seems ke they veha enbe dog ina od b joearlier. th e last update we had witas more than 2,0 00cuerstom tt ha were beiimng paedct. thisea ar is backin yellow rit ghnow. awwe s the street lights are rking right ilbel sure to becal refuon this adro. it is still typret windy. an y remo updates wet geas r faas the taouges we will be sure toteupda you. >> > wehave a majocar ble outage in the y baarea. ist istarted la stnight. ca blste arted being orrested and about fourth is inmorng we just saw another hugeke spi in outages. 4 45customers of comcast and we
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are talking cable, as well as phone and inrnteet rvseic. es we don't know exactly what happened. coasmct is t noyet responding to us. there was e thoutage. things we are starngti to get ckba to noalrm. th en another huge spike. isth is feafcting the rtnoh, soh,ut east bay and peninsula and there it . is the look at e thcomcast weit e. we jusokt to -- it hathd e o tw sp oikesn it for you. wewi ll stay haon tt anked ep tonop of this r foyo u. the mifaly of a litt leboy killed by a rasty bullet is spki ongut hoping to find whoever killed eithr people gatheder to reme mberhim this restetor cner. this morning his father has arrived from china d anis
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planngni hisso n's nefural withi s wife in fremont. gun shots ra ongut tusarday rnafteoon an 880 northbou. nd spernd a his mom were in isth wh ite s lexuse kdandi heang home. three kids were in the backseat. a ngsile gun shot hit the boy who was in his car . seat >> let us kn owand share informn atiowi thauthority. yoknu ow we need to find justice for e thlittle jasper. help me find the killers beusi e don't want such a agtredy to enhapp toanother personai agn. this is y.scar the reason you elfe safe is e th ans ceof this enhappinarg e not . high >> he ty are asking for the puic 'shelp for this. the numbers is on the scenre. my het arjust eabrks r fo
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isth fami. ly > thfbe i has join edthe crimalin instveigatn ioin to e deh atof eight people at thase troworld music festival a. cdiorng to tnwiesses e th victim was cedrush wn hethe owcrd of 50,0 00people surged toward the stage as travis scott took e an seaccud serial rapist de a t couraparpeance. e thsuspect is accud seof being the so-calclled ovleeraf pirast. the judgule wodn 'tloalw cameras to report s hiface. >> manypeople blend toin the back brneowd. they li vedouble li ves. they have -- wives, ilchdren, you knownoalrm lis,ve wh atu yo d woulthink.
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eain rli tythey ha ve this differpeent rsalonity that go es up and mmcoits vit olen ofesfens. >> stinveigorats and the da ofce edus mifali tarree dna. liz belt holmes back in court. winew tnseess expected to keta e thstand datoy. ontne wiess said he to oka riskn veinstg millions i n tothe companeny ev teafr finding out h e mpcoany wouldn'tsc dilo se fincnaial statements. > coronaviruses cas tonhe irisen californiad anthe statale hethep dartment may know why. >> cooler weather is keeping ople deinsi d anwangni immunity may be ricontbungti falk ors. awhatre expesarts yi ngabout isth information? >> ye. ah they y sa thatlast arye in
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ocr tobewe saw about 3,000 coronavirus cases y eversingle da y. byec dember, atth number mpjued to 58 ,000secas a day. hethal officials e arho pingwe don't see that thisea yr. certnlaiy we are too. 81% ofe thpopulationis vaccedinat but they are seeing coronavicarus secls imb. ghthou e thcounty ccvainat ed over the ekweenthd ey are pushing more pe opletoge t vaccatined as a y wato curb winturer sge. >> it's a normal seasalon sw in g. we all owkn the ccvaine is about ef90% feivcte. three mo that are -- the fewer ktbreahrghou feinctnsio we will see. >> i'm opsttimiic. i would say that -- awere ttbeer equipped thanwe we re a
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ye aargo. >> now e thgornveor is sched duletoe bin monterey to talk about the recovery plan. this could be a c topiof discus. sion>> > e thn bideadstminiraonti said it's prareped toef dend its mandate rus,le isth r aftea court temporary ilhalted e th qureirenemt. >>fi> rst lady jill biden paid a visit to a cl inicat a elenryta school. itpas rt of an rteffo to coenure agparents to make sure their chil drenget their otshs. >> this is e thstbe way to protect youril chdr enagains roconavirus. >> > 28million are elig iblefor their shot. about 360 0,00have receediv at least e on. dose cororunavis ccvaination
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clinics stfor udtsen and their mily also be ldhe at two sc hos.ol the first at30 10:. the san anfrcisco poceli dertntme is nimourng the loss of one of its officers who repolyrted dd iefrom covironarus. e san cifransco chronicle is port46ing -yr-eaold officer tested posi tivefor the vis ru la tstuesday and thenpaedss ayaw over the weekendn. sta atement the cepoli ofr'fices soasciation said that hweon torhe 17 years of se rve icthe officer vega to the saann frcio scpolice depantrtme and the pe oplewe serve. th is isa sad ti mefor our department ckja leaves a voidthat llwi be hard to fill. rest in peace, officer. a vaccination mandate in san jose for police and heotr employeepes apars to beworkingo a laexrge te. nt 95% of city employees are 92of
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forc e. e city said about 350 have pendg inor approvedmp exetis on or are in the process of being vaatccined. >> > ilstl eaahd,. >> a man's incredleib suivrval after a stand off thwi a mouninta lion. and the esgee pupolaonti exploding on thpee ninsula. on e city's response plan is getting majopur sh back. >> > i am trkiacng still scattered shs oweronhi gh detifiniondo ppler. stl wea t and windy stt arto the y.da he res ia live look out erthe th mniorng with the dsclou in the sky. will talk moreas we go thh rougthe day and uryo seven dafoy recast. >>and ex pecta lot of delays yasou hit the roadways as you deal withatth slop pycommute asouo gt ouand t.abou we are
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i man survived a standoff with a mounta inli. on >> he used his survival skil. ls ahend a friewend re ecchking ail mecaras when he noticed the motaunin onli erpeing through the bu. shes he said that his ivsurval sk il lskiedck in. >> get ba. ck get ba. ck get . back >> i said i wasn't edscar i ulwod be ly ing. i had to kind of hy peit up and make myselfnd sou tghouer. >> get back. >> usinatg th voice he tried to s tcarehe an aimalwa y. eventu iallyt ftle d anthe two slowacly bkeupd the trail to safety. >>th misorning instfoer ci ty ci leaders doing something ab outht e exploding goose pupolation but evnot erodyby y reage on the method. th
6:17 am
e olscho pulopation is the la rgt es'sit before un. >> 323 goose as ofneju 2021 outrble last ju ne'spolapution. cityles aderha ved voteto alw lothe mitigation g ofee. se they will apply for a permit to llki emth. >> it's ouabt controlling the poputilaon, mitigating the potipulaon, not elinimating them. >>the ndgrous over e therare infest wedith goose oppo. >>th e goose waste is so bad ithatt'cas used unsafe lsleve ofte bacria in the water and rcfoedhe t cluroses of so mebe acs.he applyiorng f the rmpeit for lethptal oio nswill take at least mosix nt. hs leget's t a ecchk of weatanher d traffi c. >> w homu chlonger is ts hi rain ingog tohr tough the moinr kethep e umbrellas handy and grab thera injacket ifou y are
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goint g outhe ordo or geinttg the kids ready foscr hool. you will need it. buthe lk of the tiacon, still looking at litsghhowers on high finition ppdole r. woode, sid u yoare ttgeing that ght rain. fo r the east bay, from oakland, san lean dro. the tri valley. easanton, fremont and the st bay. th le anline. doneva. richmond, u yocan e se-- getting atth light rain. i live look with e thrichmond, san rafaelid brge. you can see the wet came rawith thrae in drops and rehe is a live loo k atthe bay brgeid and you can alsee l of the rain dr
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opans d thice slk ndcoitions. teerurates in e th50 at this morn ing. here is atwh y oun capeexct. thtie naon alweather rvseice hat s leth atwind adsoviry exrepi but still dealguing sty conditions. su stneaid winds 14-mile an hour wi nds,16ak oland. 15 heyward, i 18n the south bay and san jose. you n casee 12-mileho an ur s.wind weanwid ndy conditiohins ts morning. wel wilstart to dry things ou t. ietecor nditnsio. la teinr the afrnteoon and isth evening. his ghin the low to d-mi60s.s' s let'wa lkyou rothugh it all aswe go hour by . hour here we are atnine. stl aldeing scattered showers, by your lunchtime. stilspl otty isolated showers are a poibssility. at noon wase look:0to 30 p.m. sun breaks we will arstt todry
6:20 am
it out through e thafooternn. it'll be a dry ineveng coe.mmut here we e arat se ven. the ndwis will let up as llwe ase head thugroh the afrnteoon d anfor thveis eni. ng sunrise t in a6:. 43 mi d-s'60s for the peulninsa. santa clara --inland east bay 65co, ncord, pleasant hill. mid-60s s'r fothe tri valley. 62daley ci. ty alamedana, s anledro and for the north bay. tempureratesar wming up throughh e rkwoweek. k checoutht at warmup rothugh e workweek and into the enweekd.
6:21 am
it a's busy morning commute. >>you wi llneedit . you will need the exa trmeti on throadway. wee havponding floo dingin lanes. paofrts the east ba y. lezot's om in here on the bay brgeid. al sous by as you francio. thteringgh litson and the back up is in full ef. fect look at thatd anthe rain drops on the camera nsle. all that k slicsurfesac out the. erthe is a ramp cle.osur went be until eyth eaclr the flngoodi t ouof the roadway. ocblk erthe and inpondg and ooding. you have a crash eastof there.
6:22 am
thatone is blkiocng e onlane. road cle osurin effect due toa fallen tree. highway one between point reyes. theye havisedsu a traffic alert. choueck t e thavtrelim te as ng highway w4.e ha vethe ake ligh tsas u yoworkin to the sspa. if you are inthking of using publicns trait not a bad eaid. we are dealing bart ladeys, 20 minute delays on the tianoch neli toward sfo on bart and picatol corridor. back to you. >> thank you. coming up on kp5,ix also streaming snon cb. >> how a man is combining his loveor f pia zzd anskatoaebrds heat t mesa time.
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> >>a yog unpizza r makes ha combined two ofhis iopassns. pizza and skatebinoardg. >> take a look. he makes atskeboas rdout of his zzpia. hes dabthe zzpia so itdoesn't mold, lets ditry and then alses it >> ski atoaebrd for keli 18 yes now. so i was like, pizza, cite arbod,iz pza skoaatebrd. i ve to make a pizza skebatoard. nti we on google d anchecked it . there sowas me craze ahye peonrs that madeit. >> stju cameto hi m. helso kemas other things from pizza, st, oolstaesbl, or pict ouresf real pia zzto hang p othn e wall. ye. >> if u yowant a one of a kind pithece eryoe u go. i feel like it just dema me hu ng. ry >> our thatdecor has some
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pizzaz. dii d that r fopaco. th e next ha lfhour,. the nafil vote coming in justho urs on whr etheto re emov sta atue in
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ur yos, yr ouemployees' d anevenou yr customers'. so y couan staeay ahd. stget artewid th a great r offeand kas how you cad n adcomctas bunesiss secituryedge. so y couan staeay ahd. fplusor aim lited time, hoask w toet g a $500 prepaid car d when you upgrade. caodll tay. >> > odgo morning. ifyo u are just waking up thwi erus he e aryour morninadg he lines. afr temontanhs d ntmohs of no
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rain e thy baarea ist hiwi tha sendco storm in just we eks. showers llwi coinntue throh ug your mor ningcoutmme but things expected todry up later this afrnn.oo fathe mi lyof a litt lebill killed by a stray etbull on a fr eey wais spea kinghoout pi ng poliilce wl find whoever llkied already son. pe gopleatd hereto merember the 23-month-old last night. chp asking anyoneo whmay have eswitnsethd e shooting or has any other foinrmioatn to call their p tili. ne today elizabeth holmes will be back in court r foher fraud trl.ia new eswitnseexs pected to take the anstd. last weheek t jury arhed from a witness o whsaid theook a risk instg inllmiions. good morning. were a also follg owina ssmaive internet outage for xfinity cu stomersw. hewi ll have more on that stor injust a numite. fi rsitt 's a t westart to uryo datuesy teafr all that rain
6:32 am
ov ghnit. thsee cond storm in less than a month is mg ovinthugroh the y ba area. >> we havelive team cogevera. we are in e thsouth bay. nagian llwi have a cl oserlook e thros adbut we sta rtoff thwi mary lee d anshowers. >> we are not done yet. thbu olkf the action and the hestavie rain now well to the stea. stdeill alg inlight show ers. a wet and ndwiy start to the day. gh definitioppn dole r. let's zoomin for the east bay. that light rainom fr san ra mo. ne plnteasaonli, vermore, thh roug n unioci tyand fremont as you can see for the peninsula as well fthrom e park do wnthroh ug san o.mate redwood ci. ty the light owshers d anfor the north bay. mill eyvall. getting the owshers this morning. weant d windy tot staroff the da y. dryeatr weher ahead by telar on thftis aeronno. a sp ottyershow l stila sspoibility. ghhis in the low to mid-60s's
6:33 am
this afrnteoon. s let'chk ecin with angina. it is a mess on the roadways. peleop are getting ready for work or school. mayou y ntwa to give yourself exa trtime. >> rit ghout of e thga tethis moing around 4:30 we have the cr ass hetrickling . in it isbe en a busy. one if you are taki ng840 that's a hot . spot we have a couple ofascrhes out of val johan and inworkg into chmond, westbound 80 at 0.78 th'sat brocking nelas and aftrfic, all atth red on the sensors. ally backing up. if are you going weunstbod 80 ght around 5on80 cneorct if you are tryio ng tget on to e th bridge therea 's trbloue spot. al a crash eastbound 0.58 that's blocking e thleft lane. 23in mutes. 'sthat h owlong you llwi edne over to the maze. you may watont consider public transit thbut erare e delays on bart. >> > oppele in the south bay are stl ilwaking up in the dark this inmorng after ofall that
6:34 am
heavy rain. >> good wsne here ewcrs making prreogss restg orin r.powe we are live from n sasejo where you have beenmonitoring the wer taouge s. how does it look w?no >> th at'sright. are at the gas station. off tulley road. the power l stilout here but it'swi ndy out rehe. you calln te by my hair u yocan tell by that tr eeto the left atth gas statacion ross the street, also withpoout we r. if youta ke a look at this agime right here from pg &eyou n casee this is the area we are inig rht now. it i'sn yellow. itwaors ange t abouan hour or so ago. these power ougetas veha gotten better. the last upda tewe haveengott from pmog&e reth an 2,000 pg&e stcuomers werewithout wepor. that's now down to about 600 pg&e customers so we can see that number contin uing gtoo down. avwe he seen pg&e crews here
6:35 am
throug thouthe mog rninngtryi rtoesreto power. ge neeiseng this primovement. li tt mleore than 600 custeroms ilstl without power. anuptedas we get we see will contuein to updaoute y. for now live from n sajose > >>the latest on a n humacable geouta right now in the bay area. mo reto rertpo right now this is a verywiredespadut oage taking a veli look at the bsite downed detectorwi shong out anyones of cable, phone andn teetrn. u can see two big spikes. the rmostect enat 4:00 a.m. ow ar ound54,0eo00 pple reporting caouble thatju's stth e peleop who were up at 4:00 a.m. laigst nhtbo aut 24,000 rtrepoed outages. and thencae blstarted being streored but then things t go wmuchor. se so far no explanation from comcas t onexactly whats igo
6:36 am
inong here. so local blpuic service encies warnipeng op nleot to ca 1 91cabeuse your cae blis t.ou weil wl stay on top of isth ba ckto u.yo >> thank you. > >>happening tosaday n jose city cou ncilis expected to vo on the fate of a cororsveial statue. the st hatueasst ood for 19 years. its been a point of contonenti for many. it ctdepis e thformer yomar of san sejo withthe agfl at the end of thmee xin caeramic anwar assy a mb olof the un ited atstes cimlaing california. reported cases around the worlhad ve now toedpp 250 llmiion. ctinfeio ansre still rising even as many uncotries roll back reristctions, thislynear two s yearafter the rlwod alheth gaornization decd lare coronavirupas a ndicem. sincene th 'sit impacted almo st erevy corner ofe thd worland mohare tn vefi million oppele have lost their lives. >>e > onanysalis shows more than0, 1000 people in the unedit states caught
6:37 am
covironaruins the sphoital. erkais alheth news look edat mecadire corerds d anfound tieneets ski ngcare for gsthin like het arattacks d anki dn eyfailure t goconarovirus while in thepi hosta l. the data comes from 2020 when precottive gear and stte wains sht lysupp. the authors note the numbers alsoik lely ande unr uncot since there was on lyceacss to record omfr medicare astnd ate e cos rdfrom califo rniaand florida. > >>taking a live lookat sfo erwhe managers aipnticate a gring recovery omfr the ndemic. th eywill have a coronas viru recovery update. it 'sexpected to getbuersi now 'sthat united st hatesas reopentsed i brdoa ddboreer s. erbords. boththe collgueae of marin and in n sarafael have vaincce
6:38 am
maates for spthe ri ngterm. ev ery student must owsh proof of vaccination ridung enrollment unlthess ey ha vea medical or relioigus empxetion. a > >>coming up on kpix5. >> why nyma fast food workerns planning to stri tkeoday clinuding right herein the y ba area. and the w neplanor f general electric to break itlf upnt io separate coanmpies.
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6:41 am
>>faurile to ecprott aiagnst co rovinarus is one of many reonfas st food rerastaunt workers plan to go sontre ik inudcling here in the y ba. area one of the new rallies will be aheldt a jack in thx e boin oaand and anr otheat a burger ikingn mpcabell. erworks y sathey are upovset er
6:42 am
the lack of health and safety stans dardat eithr workplaces udinclinprg otections agt ains un crulyusmetors. >>ge> neral electric anpls to eabrk newspaper to three icpubl busine. sses it's the la etestffort to simplify its business and lift seitlf k stocpr ice. they said it wldou spin f ofs it alheth care divionsi in early 2320 and it'sen ergysibune ssa year later that. will l eaveitlfse aviation unit iast's last busesins. >>me> ti now for moy neh.watc more detaonils the data br each at trading foplatrmob rin hood. die anking hall live from the stock exgechan. >> goodmo rning. trinhag s been unayderw f or ten numites and have y outo mix market in the early aconti afr those recoyerds stdaery. ri nghtsowth e dow is lainggg. it isdown a ttlile more than 70 points. naaqsd weser by 29. s&p5as00 h a imsl game. the stock adtring app robin hood was the victim ofa cyr be
6:43 am
ckatta. it hapd penelast wednes day. hackerns got e-mail addre sses belog ngintoiv fe million customers. hurendds of names, hdbirtays and zip cos dewere loss ex it's didnoting to inigvestate thindecint. shar esof blroox are ckroeting ghhier after tug rnin in s itarquter by porert urcot. kids on the platform acstked up rockbus helping the revee nu soaro tmoreth an $509million. me etcity d anadt opme are popular. >> eyth are far ahead anth i was at that age. thyoank u so much. llwi see you tomorrow mog.rnin ahye. you got it. thk anyou. >>the timeis w no6:. 43 let's a get ecchk of weather and trc.affi >> wewi ll start with ryma lee. cwean see thatin ra is still on the rada r. it's still congmi down. we a loinokg t to
6:44 am
our day. windy condit. ions high definitdoion ppr leshow th atfor u.yo that light rain lighting up e th rascdar re. en the hestavie rain now to the east. wead that widesprehead avy ra atth pushed in last night. stl illookg inat atth acvitity. still lighting up the darar sc. reen showing you especially for e th east bay, tri vaeyll. livermore, downthugroh frem ont. you can see thatwet start to e day. the penia nsulright oversfo an d we are log okinashowers to ou r rtnoh. mialll vleasy well as right ov terhe golden gatethrough e morichnd, san farael bridge. fothr e south bay,of co ursewe have that srainhawidong, dry inn sajose thou ghyou can see the showers omfr saratoga and near coopertino. high ditefinion doppler. e thshowers pushing ugthroh. you can see the wet live
6:45 am
mera. ertempatesur are runnin g inthe 50's as we stt aroff the day. 's wia ndy start in spots. 18mile an urho wdsin in the h soutba y. we are live and inth e south batay lking about wihow ndy it is ten in nccoord d anfor fafiireld. a dryer afooternn outhgh a spty ershow still a ssibility. ke tephe brumellahas ndy. abgr the rain etjack if aru e yo going out the doornd a highs in thw e loto mid-60 s's. let's wayolk u through it. 9:00 a.m. l stilokloing at scteatred sh stop tpinghecl ock for ncluhtime at onno and a w fe shs owerarste ill a possiby ilit usfor but then aswe head
6:46 am
through e thafternoon, by 3:00 m., starting tosee sun br ea, ksdryer weather eaahd d an it'll bea dry eveng incommute as you headback home fromk wor or sc. hool we are going to see the wi esly co ast. for the peniulnsa, 65 for you inanma teo. thfor e utsoh bay 66 for a sant clara and sajon se. oakland,me aladand a san drleano. th erwee go as we look ahead to thre stof the rkwoweek in to the weekend. mperaturesjust a ttlile warmer yedrr weather ah ead. quiet condnsitio, u yosee
6:47 am
teerurates on the r iise,nto ou r ekweend. that wtaet srtto the day lodging atowsl ingog for those catis onth ismo br eahardh a colef ocrashes and the k slic suesrfac a ndmary just showed you a lecoup of minutes. ifar e you kitang east s hore fry eewayou llwi see a lot of bre ghlits as u yowork westd.boun we have a lecoup of accidents tolo okout one ne arvallejo. stju a heads up. we will zoom inhere near 780. at crash still stuck in lanes an d traffic ugslgi shthere and th ena brk eaand thenpptaing e thbre akli oghtsut of heul. es that iocs blki ngthe leftlane that. wi aecfft the ride off the rimochnd, san rafariel bdg e.
6:48 am
sue rfacstreets bogging down. i checked out san that's a busy ridealso. any way you she akit thateast bay commute is a rbusyun. brake li ghtsand -- let's check travimel tes. if you arree ceipt getting adrey to -- westbound from highway 4 to the ma. ze that pass commute bu syas well. most an urho now to go webostund 580, 205 to 0 68and no ascrhes but busy. 50minutes ov ertowa rd80. gsthin okloing ok ayfor the most part. tangki a look at aftrfic. withve aryt least a 20 minute ba delay on the antioch live as you work toward the o sfdi reioctn. do plan for that. at -- 521 for capitol corrorid al sobacked . um is 6:48. now to my new gmseent.
6:49 am
avtrel estuday. wase he iadn to e thhodaliy nyma of us have pls anto get aw ay. now with more kids getting vaccinated fieamils okloing for e best deals on bog okin tivacaon s.i spe okto cbs news seni or travel adviser peter nsgreebu. rg here is s hiadcevi. >> lathe st inthg people shldou do is okbo online. it doesn't swaner the questions that you ju std.aske can my kids stay eefr, eat free, will you get rid heof t $9 besottl owaf ter, to you fl ew inth e free wifo, eefr park ing. nohane tt have getsan swered onneli. giveth ose lepeop a . call have a nvcoersation. us e lionne to rese. arch don't nesscearily use it to book >>he told us that e sincthe un it edstesat has opened up it'sor bdersto ccvainated international travelers booking are up right now 750%. >> that's a lot. >> wow. that's a huge number. a ffdiert enkind of travel. ur astronautcks ha ban ck o rteah after a 20y 0 daspace
6:50 am
missio n. >> they e arriarved home on a s c apule that spla dshedown of f e thcoast of florida. >> here is video oe f thcrew. ring e thtrhoip me the iltoet okbre wndo so they have to use adt uldiapers. th ey were flown back to ushoton. llof a inthgso tgo g.wron the toilet >> go to do what u yogot to . hin. >>announcer: s is verealg ina rtian grn owketchup. >> it 'smade here onrteah but minars clikeontidions. hoit swsth e ibpossily itof long term food productin on o mars. e first fiofcial taste testha pps entomorrow. un founrtately you woben't able toget it 'litl not be available r fo
6:51 am
purc. hase next, we are trkiacng veloping news. wideadspre ierntnet outrages > >>can the aging ocpress be st opd?pe we fouind t what ctdoors doing o t ryto keeoep pplfoe rever g.youn at 8:45 we hear from e onof the auorths paiprticat iesn the eykidn foundationlu nch and you n cawatch at, also on h e s cb anewspp.
6:52 am
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click, call or visit a store today. the ve rylatest on a large cable geouta rehe in thy e ba area affec tingcae,bl internet and phone see rvicif you are a ascomct stcuomer taking a live loriok ght now at the itwebse down detector. its been tracking th isowshing the osoutrages. yo u can see two big spikes. the stmo ntrece eson onth e right hand sif de othe screen
6:55 am
at:0 40 a.m. owshinarg ound 54,000 people reportinblg cae geoutas. lanow stni ght on e thleft ndha si you can see about 24,000 peleop reporting outages and then castble ard tebeing restored but enth gsthin got worse. so far no plexanioatn from comcast on wh atis going on here rewe a ingog to be stayin g onto p. you may hanot ve noticed that the cable is out because perhapurs yo wepor is t.ou we ha mveore on that. >> th'sat right. weare livehe. re e gas station behind me. th ere's no power. we are go across thste reet. no power atthe 76 gas stioatn. we have sce enpower being reor edin so meofhe tse home rehe that you see and while the mbnuers reflecting that, a coup olef updates ago pg&ed sai more than 2,000 customers were ing impacted in thute soh bay. now that number is down to
6:56 am
about 60st0 cuoms erbeg in impacted. at isos al a ecreflti onof wh ate whave enbe sengei here insan jo. se we have enbe seeing pg&e crews going through these areas, trying to restore power thugrohout the last couple of hours this morning. aiagn those numbarers e refltiecng that and the homes th ate whave been g ewinhere off the road. for w nolive from san jose. time for a look at the other top sts.orie >> e thfamily of a little boy killed by a strabuy llet is now speaking out hoping police will wfindho killed him. pe gopleatrehed to remember the 23-month-olold d. elizh abethoeslm will be backin cot urfor her fraud trial. new witnesseexs pected to take the stand datoy. last week the juror hed arfrom a omprinent vente urcapitalist. >>th> e san francisco police department is mourni nge thloss of one much its offi cerswho
6:57 am
reportediely dd omfr cororunavis. thn e safrciansco nichrocle rertths e ea46-yr-d oltested siveti forth e virus last esday and then pass ayaw over thwee ekend. >>ancod ronavirus cases on the rise in licafoiarn accoinrdg to e thpadertment of pu hbliceah ltofficials say it could be because of colder atweher keeping lepeop siinde. >> > asyoheu ad out the door an d t hithe roadways we are still dealing a somoggy rng in cout e. extra timeneeded especiallyif you e artravinelg ouoft the east bayh long the east orshe frwaeey. mengteri lhtigs arone and aftrfic is backed up to the fo otf othe maze avtrel times right 32now minutes highway 4 to the ma. ze hiy ghwa4. it's still busy. give ourselves an hour, 52 mitenus from 205 toward 680. ere is a ro adosclure due to faen eetrs on highway 1 both
6:58 am
dictreions betweenin pot yeres. a trc affialert has been suised. trtoy avoid that area if you can. 'litl be a little ggsoy this mo rng inbut it'll t gebetter for your eneving. a t weand windy start to ur day. wase head thh rouge theven ing, a dryer evening commute. u can see onhigh detifinion doppler yoif u e argetting retoady adhe out e thdoor, geinreg ady for schoorol abt to hit the roadways for workfi, denilyte grab thatrain jacketd anumbrella. th wl ilbe the case through rethe st of the rnmoing aswe e arlookg inat evenaltuly tryer atweher ahead. sptyot owshers especially by the lunchtime. scthe atreted showers, and entually highs in the w loto mid-s.60s' let's go throh ugthis. cayou n ilstl see a few showers and then dryer wer,athe enev n breaks by th isafternoon. >> thk anyou. betwn eexitas, uber and
6:59 am
lyft trehe are plen otyf ways toget around. >> wehaven't seen antrsportitaon q luiteike this. it'sllcaed a tank taxi and is goinoug arndth e streets of england. e purchase and repairs t se him back about $35,000 but qureests for rides stteard rolling in. >> first i had neighbors d an thenen frids asking and then friends of friends and then people i didn't kn owasking if i ulcod take them -- [inaudible]. for ouabt a thndousa dollars a trip he esdriv f orwe ddgsin and even funerals. he tesak on other tseven --you can imagine romeg inup to rkwo in a tank? >> i d woulberi ght e.ther >> can you ime aginhow chmu it would stco? >> yes. >> don't forget the news. >> cbs mornings is ngcomi up
7:00 am
xt. try to stay y drout there. ♪>> > wcoelme to contract cbs mornings." 's estuday, i'm gayle king. >> 'm iy ton kodoupil. >>nd a i'm nate burleson. >> tayod's eye opener. youror wld in 90 seconds. families demand answers after the tragedy at the astrldowor muc sifestival. new detailsbo aut the crtonce's safety p.lans >> thisce conrt was planned incredibly poorly. no regard was given to the safety of the yseoung people at the coernct. the second week of the high-prolefi trial of kyle rittenhouse gngetti uernd way. lyon person tour svive being
7:01 am
shot testified. >> i thoht


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