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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 9, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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. rinoght w, looking live ofromurma rk hopks incamera. yocaotnn see e thtop of th antrsamerica rapymithd ere bee causofal l the fog out ththere is moinrng. go odmoinrng. it t'suesd pay november 9th. >> its been really micong dowu tse idall night loftng aer mo nthsand months of no rain at all. ri ghnot w this cosend storm in le than a moisnth hitting . we wgeill t right to weather and traffir c foa closer loo atl althat ra. in >> it'll last ugthroh the rnmoing at least. are look at a t weinmorng ahd. awere trngacki on high fidenition doppler the showers still pushing ugthroh. not wias derespad as lastni ght but stl ilwe are lookg inat e th showers fo. r us zoomin, g inyou can see a t we stt arto the y dafor the east bay as llwe as for the inland east bay and the tri valley from lafae,yett blduin, livermore, ondakla, roacss the y babridge into n safrancisco, the peninsula fr ompalo alto, l
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we are lookg inat remo scatd teresherows as we he ad thugthh e morning. a dryer afteoornn. a ot tyshower definitely a possibility for us. ep the umbrlaels ndhay. we are looking at highs in the low to mi60s.s' cahere weare at your htluncimhoe ur. wee have thipslpery roadyswa. >> and wind advisories for someof the bay areadg bries. e thmorichnd, n sarafa el bridge. n mateo bridge. s, realady bu syon the road. ways we have a crh ashe rewestdaboun 580. nuerwo t la neblkeocd due to an juinry crash. weav he a few brake ligh tsand we are se feingloinodg at y.ashb that highw13ay duto floo.
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alsoclure from southbound 0.28 therste's anngdi water. be recaful if you hit the roysadwa. the live ne wsdesk d anof urse weve ha power outages re in the y baarea. tangki a live look at e thmap from pg &eof the stlate outages. thmoe st in the bay area right now in the south bay about 005,0 customers are without wer. thatpphaened atar ou nd2:30. st of themat least. e thestimated time atth they will be turned back on, about t9:15himos rning. otrwe iswe have about 800 homes and businessites who ut power in theae st y baand about 50 0 inthe north bay. we llwi keep you post edall rnmoing long. on the power taouge s,pg&e tries to reste orit. > now to a story that is riking a rvnee in thy e ba ar. ea the falymi of a ttlile boy hit by a y strabu a freey hopi pngolice will fi nd
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vewhoer kiedll their son. the erfath of e thboy just arrived back in the bay area omfr cnahi and is planning s hi son's rafunel. the family is arseching for answers. peop legathered to remember a 23-mthon-old boy st ruckby a bullet and killed. >> wheas such a wonderful. >> his mother is holding onto me moesri of her sonlyon who habe enpatiently wag itinto see his father for the fit rs . time >> hecould recognize his father would call him ddday, daddy. he w sasuch a odgo bo y. >> his fi reard rivefrom a.chin corovinarus travelin strerictions prenevted them from seeing each otr.he >> they wereingog to have a
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big celebrat ion. unfortunatel'ly itl bea funeral instd.ea >> shots fired. >> i don't owkn whato it just happened all the sudd. en gushn ots on 0 88northbound inoakland. they weredi heang meho to frt emonin the soutndhbou direction. >>please t leus owkn and share the inatformio n. we need tod finstjuice for him. >>he lpme find the kills er because i don't want such a tragedy to happen to another person again. >> it sisca rybut e threas on that you shoufeld elaf se is that the chances ofthis haeng inare not high. >>th atwas kenny porerting. thchamber of mmcoer cejust chlauned a gondfu me gepa to he lpthe repants pay for neral peexns. es detect iveshavet n'asreleed suspect infoiormatn. chp saidre the havebeen 76
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wafreey ooshtings in amaleda county just in the last 12 months. most of them on 580 and 0.88 instveigats orarase king r fothe puicbl's help. u yocalln ca e thtip lineat, thnuermb on e thscenre. moreanth a year d ana ha lf thun itedstatases h dropped restiorictnsn oteinrnational avtrel. r some that llfinay met an rensunio wh itloved ones. >>i think -- on ly anhour after thaney noceund . it now i'm booking my tripnd a now i'm here. >> we are bld.esse >> ahye. yeah. >> ihes the biggest one. i'm the youngest one. >> geyounst. >> the edunit esstat tveral assoiociatn tiesmatea ssmound $300biiolln has been lo stfr om thlack ofer intnaontial
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tr avelduring the paemndic. >>a > rnwaing thisrnmoing fromh e atste's departmef nt o pu the cyagen idsa coronavirus cases are on the rise here in ca lirnfoia. >> ldcoerwe ather epkeing ople deinsi and waning immunity may be contributing orfacts. >> cavoronir uscases rewe around 003,0 a day in thate ste last october but yrskocketed to more th 5an8,000 by deercemb. there isso rean to be optimistic that the numbers won'plt exodthe is arye. >> the diffceeren maker iswe ahave lot of lepeop vciacnatedn d inthk work lyreal well. >> marin county s halee d th way with81% of the total population vaccedinat d anjust this weekend held a pesur site miller creek mi sddlechl.oo in neall ar ly 2400kids betwn ee the ages tfiveo 11 got e th shot. >> i inthk it's a norm al seasonal s. wing we will see cases go back up.
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there will be breakthrough infections. the more ofus that are ccvaed, brkts i wi>> i would say that we are better equipped anth a year ag o. the padertntme of public health is urnggi oppele to get vaccedinat tocurb a winter su rg e. it is maestited that less anth haf lf othose over 5 64have rece ivedtheir boosshter ot. >> one thing that boerths me is that thervee ha bn ee2.7 milliosen dos ofbooste ccvaine thathave been livered but the potipulaon of focalirn iaover 65 is 5.7 llion. >> th atwas andr earertpoing. n marirertpos all ilchdren over the weekend vaccinataved hen 't showann y side efctfes so far. remo appointments shou ldbe availainble t hecomi dngays. th e pridesent is t seto enrce a mae ndattoeq ruire ma wkeorrs to be vaccinated agaiconst rovinarus or be test wedeekly starting january
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h. itap'll pltoy workers of the unedta stes companwiies th at le10ast 0 plemoyees. reblanic goorverns orflida, io awand indiana veha pledged to fhtig the new rulein court. iits expected to help busssineestr suggling with bolar shortages. > >>failure to ecprott against coronaruvis is one of thema ny reass onfast food restaurant rkers plan to go on strike in calirnfoia includingre he in thbae y eaar. one of the new ralls iellwi be ld a at a jack in box. th eyay s they are upset ov er e thckla of health and satyfe st anrddas. co ming up,. >> one san mateo community erov run wia thgette iv thwi gees e. >>anwhd y authors itieappear htoavhae d a elfeing somethin
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ulwod go wrong at a muc si feiv. al whatif you could stay healthy for the rest of your feli? how arresechs ertrying to opst the aging process. >>and let's give you a live look outside fromour treasure land camera u yoare loinokg atthe bay bridge. it's 4:40. wewill be righckt ba. ♪ -i le ovthis brand. oa wh! am ilo fating? -n otxa ectly.
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th'sat bargain blietss sti ingn. yo u're baskingth in e owgl of premiumes win atee dp discount ps.rice ee -fl tsoall ghrit now! -i know, rig?ht could you .just whyoile u' urep there? -♪ groceryle outt bargn aimarket ♪ [announcer]r ouaminazg 20 perntce off wine sale isoi gng on now th roh ugnovember 9th at your locaocl grerouy tlet. >>lo> ts of ruleffd atfehers in
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fo stercity over e thgoose polapution. now lcityearsde doing sothmeing ouabt it but t no everybmaody y agree. thnew ttbalen ithis bird r.wa >> in the eneving you would ner esgus that herefo in st er ci ttyhere are ndhure dsof esgee. th eyre a sleeping t righnow but meco sunrise eyth come out in fullforce. >> naretu lovers. we love trees, we love ldwilife. >>he loves the outdoors but teveno m.hi >> erthe are ndhure dsof them. >> foster tyci's goose populationou is t of control. asof tayod 'sit e thlaesrgt it's ever be. en 323 to be ext acas ofjune 2021. ledoub stla june 'spopula. tion >> the grous ndover erthe are feinsted wi thgeese poop >>goose dropngpis tinheir
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wnlas, bkyacardspu, blic rkpas. >> it's caused unfesa leve ls acof btea riin the water. thisere cceonrn people could t gesick with the bilurd f. >> it's ngdaerous and it poses hethha zards. >> that's y whcity erleads vod te5-0 to allow mitiongati, first thwi nonlethal opontis but now the city will be applying for a federal perm it atollow them to trap d ankill thbie rds and dey strotheir nes. >> it's ouabt continrollg the popula, tionmigatiting the poputilaon. not eliminating the popula. tion >> no. th e lethal don'est sound good to me. m i'glad they are trying the lenonhth palopulation. >> he said he elfe bs adfor the birds. >> the balance would be to taheke t geese away anpud t
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them where they belong. >> the city s hato prove they ve done erevything they can to rocontl the osgoe potipulaon. in the timeanme they will use nlethal ops.tion the deadly astrorowld nccoert. 14a -year-o ilds amg onthe eight who died teafr crowds rgsuedhe t ste agfriday night. several lawsuits have been filed against avtris scott. the cepoli cefhi said he t me with scott before the show to discusfes saty concern. anattorney r fothe victims sa a lack of owcrd control an d o twpeople being crushed and suffoc. ated time for the money watch report. robin hood out with ivpracy ti d ana new tckehup that's
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out of this rlwod. >> wall street s wahigh erto art the week. on monday the dow gained 104 points e thnasdaq added ten. >>co> nstruction lareted companielps heed pushst oc ks higherau becse of the esprident's expe sctedigngni of the one iltrlion lldoar infrastruc btureilinl to law. ngcoress passed the asmeure on the bipart isanvo tetela fridayo te. robiodn ho ffsuered a data breach last ekwe. eyth said hacknser obtain ede- ils of ouabt fiilve mli on users moand reth an 300 had mo foinrmation expolised ke na bmes,irdathtes and zip robiodn ho believes no cisoal risecutyr obank account mbers were releas. ed they recommend users leenab o tw factor auenthtication. a ketchup that's out of this world. hines teamed up with a space
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initstute to create a kehutcp growinn mars keli conditions. th atvoinlv essoil that mimics martn n'be r t willa tae st live on ney h rtfo money wacotch.m. >> he emseedto hesi tatedog in thatta ste test. let's get you caught up on weather and >> good morning. we are ilstl trkiacng the sherows pushing ssacro thbae y area. cayou n see thatwet start to thday. not as widerespad and the heavierast in has nopuw shed off to the stea. yo u n cae sethe location still geg ttinthat waret pt ttohe dawiy th e thcesour, light showers for the east y,ba over beelrkey, lnwaut creek.
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up ugthroh the north bay. alg onthe coast thand e showers. ifou y are -- and rain drops ane d thwet waroadys. we are in the low to mi0'd5s. that windadvisory has piexred. still inlookg atso melocations getting the s,wind 2mi5-le an hour winds in oakland. 16in heyward. sustained at half moon bay. 13for concord. le t gothrough e thday. i think e thbest thg inis to keep tumhe brlaels handy. here we are at nine and still lookg inat scatd teresherows. a mofew resh owers. thugthh e rest ofthe afteoornn we will e sedrr ye weather and s peekof here weare at vesen. a dry evening commfoute r you. are lookg inat the winds
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tting up as we he tadhrough thdae y as well. also rafoin r usand snow up in there sira. winterth weaerad visory upin e sierra d anth'sat in feefct until 7:00a.m. today. were a looking for six to 18 inchessh of ow. reduced bivisili. ty our su nsetat 5:02. lo ngthe coast in the low 60's.o r the peninsula in the mid-60 s' s. san mateo 6at5. for the soh utbay, n sajose this afternoon. okloing at the peupr 60's. mitod upper 60's for the soh ut bay and morgan hill. 66 in concord, plsaeant hill. mid-60s's for the tri valley. , 62 inda ley city. fothr e north bay in the w loto mi60s s'this afternoon.
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in the napava lley. n seveday fore, castagain we are ingog to see that dryer atweher as we head rothugh la ter inthe aften rnooanfod r this evening rothugh the rest of the workweek and teermpatures ringju st a bit bythe end of e workweek and for the start ofheee wkend. wig rmwa up in to the weekend. t's check inh witgianna. >> it's a messy ride. vegi youelrsf exa trti. me veli look at e thbay idbrge. weon d't have a lot of cars but you e ardealg inthe icslk surfesac and the wind viadsory in eecfft. beca refuifl u yoare avtreling in a large, mo hreigh ofprile veclhie. e thwindvi adsories in effect for the bay brid. ge
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e san temao idbrge. thdue hereis a veli oklo at the san mateo bridge. trelav mesotis meju stabout 13 minutes. nti wa to zoom in on the richmond sanraelfa bridge. ch p ilstl clearing a crash as heyou adve or watord01 1. thatmb nuer 2 nela frome th left still keblocd until further cenoti. trfiafc backing up on that stbound side. wear e brake lights along 101 near mill llvaey. inzoomg tino south 280 -- that off raismp shut down. oking at the map there you see all e thicons there onalg 101, a coup lealg on280. e thosare areas ghout of south city. we are indealg thwi some anstdi wngater and flooding in threat aa. heads up be careful as you avel the erthere. 280 busy but the rest of 280 loinokg ay. you may want to consider inusg
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atth. em erncgey vehicles on scene. the nuermb two lanefrom the left bld ockeuntirtl fuher notice. >>st> raight ahead, what about the thse curry show? he went crazy stla ni ght. it's 304:. hedn di'tsc ore 45. let me tell you thsomeing, it
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>>is> seth currniy ght inand night out the grsteate show man in ss?port hes waon di chas
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ce lnterast night. w nomay have he ld yourbreath hereas curry ba hngedis shoulder onthe rescen against the atlanta wkhas. he scoree d thfirst 13 points t buthat didn't keep him do. wn f24irst half points. trey y koungnoedck in 21 of the first lfha. atlanta led by 15. pr et tygood floater. se th, put on a clicin. he h nitine threes. heha d an 18 point d thir quar ter. iowarrrsco sred 41 in that arter. antennfta sis,se ven rebounds but look at that. he expd.lode d coulhe get to 50 poin? ts yes he did here. d thirwarrrsio aypler with at aslet 10, 50 poingat mes. they took down atlant a. last year's eastern conference finalist. 11127-3. >> you owkn i ntwa to say i nhaveev erseen anythinkeg li this but i have been tcwahing
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it s forev enyears so i have se enom sething like it. still 'sit just edincrib leto watch. warriors the league best 9- 1 reco. rd >>toth e nfl. ye s e th49ers have a corerd of if ey don't watch out thrae ms arcoe ming in here on aymond night with d ba intent, ionssttiarng tackle is out for the year, tornquad muscle in his front thigh. the raiders less than a week afterer leasg innrhey rus ggthe irthd they cut yeerstday number in white, fellow 2020 first round pick, damon arnette, let after stpoing video of mshielf wa vinga gun and thenreating to kill someone. we e arshg owinyou a ngsile frofame the video. bes aron taatck. dothwn re e. ben roisethlbeerrg was edsack bya foerrm 49er
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hewas called for tamaunt ny thenhe t oops. ju fstinields made up fo. r it he flipped in to -- too much ti meor f ben roethliersbger. eestlers held 29-27, primoved itres cord to 5-3. an d for giants baseball president of operatio, ns whatevyoer u y,sa boss. xiet y. stla nig whtas menad the 2021 ecute ivof e thyear. e gitsan predteicd by rtexpes to win 75 games. sht oubrout ann docrawford. goen glove winners for major le
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ag uebaseball. th e awards stngarti toro ll t.ou thatno's eug h. we wieell s u yola ter. >> bring them on. >> yeah. corangtulations toem th. coming,. up >> its tsligh out for outhsandins the south bay. we aretrkiacng e thimpafrct om thste orm. an d new heartbreak for the fa omilyf a child llkied by a rasty bullet on a y baarea freeway. the ♪ -i le ovthis brand. oa wh!
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or have lemultip erindocne neoplandsia syrome type 2. oryourustop tlialy h ave citymeand call yctour doorr riawght ay if you havean agillerc reaction, a lumpel or swlin ng iyour neck, sere stomach paingn, chaes invisioron, diac betiretithno. ses riousideec effts ma y ine cludpancitreatis. tare stokingli trucityhaes inviswithfo sulnyluorrea ithno. insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects incluaude nsea, vomitingd , andiarrhea, ic whh lecan ad to dehydratanio, d womay rsen kidney pr.oblems showr youworld w'at's y trulinside. ask yourto docr ab out eeonce-wkluly tricity. right now and streaming on cb bsnay area a bit more quiet now t buepke the umelbrla handy. a se condstorm in less than a month ovis ming through the bay area. the rain may be to ble am for this, thousands in soa uth bay neighborhood wioutht power. weare live e whersome peop le are waking up in e thdark. ju st24 hours ago naontial hethof ficials said'sit safe togather for the hodaliys but
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nocafolirnia seeing a spe ik in conarovirus cases. weare live with the g bi coer. ns oualr go is to transform everybody into a [inaudible] area so thatry evebo dycan veli to 95 in goeaod hlt h. >> bay area arresechs er challengthing e limits of the hun malife span. ho w eyth are tryitong keep people refover youn g. go morning toyou. >>go od morning fromth e rtnoh bay to the peninsula. ose rain s drophave enbe fallaling l erov the arbay ea sinctee la last ghnit. the coerncn for the morning co mme.ut thslose ick s roadoutht er e. we have veli team coverage in the south bay e wher thousands aroue t power. > >>tracking the showers you can see that inra inpushg through. weav he that widespread rain last nigwiht th e thheieavst rain now to our ea. st still inlookg at atth ghlit ra inpu shing across thare ea.
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