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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 9, 2021 1:37am-2:12am PST

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that is the sound of a new atmospheric river hitting the bay area right now, and this is just the beginning.
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now at 11:00, we're tracking all you can expect over tonight and tomorrow morning. how does the father say goodbye to a little boy he never got to meet? you heartbreak for the family of -- killed by a stray bullet on 880. what his mother is begging all of us to do. >> it is basically lindsey mastis recipe. >> now any of us want to hear about covid and the holidays. get answers from a top ucsf epidemiologist. the new plan tonight to deal with these nuisance neighbors in san mateo county. >> i can hear the hesitancy in talking about this. are you expecting it to be backlash? >> yeah. good evening. i'm lisbeth cook. >> it is really coming down outside after months and months of knowing at all. right now we have the second atmospheric river in less than a month. here's a live look from marin
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county right now. alex louis is out in santa rosa for us this evening and you can see the steady rain coming down in foster city within the last two hours or so. >> we are seeing some scattered power outages tonight, a big one right now in --, also getting reports of widespread cable and internet outages for xfinity customers. they are aware of it and are looking to restore service. >> more beneficial --. quite a bit weaker than when you visit us a couple weeks ago but we will definitely take it. just over half inch of rain for santa rosa and sonoma county, the highest amount on the map thus far. a quarter inch of rain petaluma, over to tens of inch of rain a december 10th of inch for oakland, less than that for dublin and san jose so far. yes, you are seeing some rain but it has not amounted to
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anything measurable. let's zoom in. it is shifting farther east into napa county and solano county as well but still coming down for parts of sonoma and marin counties. crossing the bay into oakland, they will make their way inland and fill in the gap in the rainfall in the same thing for the santa clara valley, that were in the slot sure will climb over the santa cruz mountains and san jose you are going to pick up some measurable rain before all is said and done as we head to the rest of tonight because the rain continues to reform offshore social be wet overnight and it will be windy. the wind advisory continues through three a.m., some gusts of 30 miles an hour already could get some dust to 40 miles an hour over the next four hours pick we take a look at our by our windspeed check into tomorrow morning and we look at the future cast to see how the rain behaves coming up in just a few minutes. you can always get the very latest weather and storm news anytime on cbsn bay area.
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now to a story striking a nerve in the bay area pick of the family of llsty bullet onin klfrsp killedheirsooihere into learning tonight the little boy's father has never even met his son. >> that's right. it is tragic. the father of trend six >> jasper wu arrived from china tonight. the grief stricken mother talked about her only son and is searching for answers. lighting candles on a street corner tonight in oakland people gathered to remember a 23-month-old boy struck by a stray bullet and senselessly killed. fighting back tears, she's holding onto memories of her only son, who had been waiting to see his father for the first time after countless face time one-on-one. >> jasper could recognize his father. he would call him daddy, daddy, he was such a good boy.
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>>'s father arrived from china tonight. the travel restrictions prevented them from seeing each other. >> a celebration for him but unfortunately, it will be a funeral instead. i don't know what to say. it just happened all the sudden. i don't even know how to react to this tragedy? >> reporter: 10 shots erupted in oakland. they were in this white lexus sedan heading home to fremont in the southbound direction. >> please, let us know and share information with authorities because you know, we need to find justice. spoke to help me find the killers because i don't want such a tragedy to happen to another person again. >> it is scary but the reason you should feel safe is that the chances of this happening
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are not high. >> the oakland chamber of commerce of permission from the family just launched a gofundme page to help the parents pay for funeral expenses. >> what else are investigators able to tell you about it? >> cannot say much. detectives are not release any suspect information at this point. there have been 76 freeway shootings in alameda county the last 12 months, most of them on 580 and 880 wear that boy was killed on saturday. >> so tragic. all right, thanks. >> reporter: investigators are asking for the public's held pick anybody with information, you can call the tip line to the number there on your screen, 707-917-4491. after more than a year and a half, they have dropped restrictions on international travel for some bay area families today. that mentor unions with loved ones, finally.
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>> i think was only an hour after they announced it. i was like i am booking my trip. rescheduling the flight, and now i'm here, so it's amazing. >> we are blessed. she is the biggest one. but i'm the smallest one. the youngest. >> it is also expected to give a huge boost to the american tourism industry. the travel association estimates around the hundred billion dollars has been lost from the lack of international travel during the pandemic. the state department public health as covid cases are on the rise in california. colder weather keeping pupils indoors and waning immunity to the vaccine may be contributing factors. andrea is live in san rafael, with more on the new warning from experts. >> thousands of people have come through vaccination sites like this one. marin has an incredibly high vaccination rate get this county is still seeing that little spike in cases, and it
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is especially concerning considering this is the time of year we saw a huge spike in cases last year. covid cases hovering around 3000 per day in the state last october but skyrocketed to more than 58,000 by december. they say there is reason to be optimistic that the numbers won't explode this year. >> it is that we have a lot of people vaccinated and the vaccines work really, really well. >> they have let the way in the bay area with 81% of the total population vaccinated and just this weekend, the super site at miller creek middle school. in all, nearly 2400 kids between the ages 5 to 11 got the shot. >> i think it is normal, we see cases go back up, they'll be breakthrough infections because we all know the vaccine is about 90% effective but the more of us are vaccinated, the fuel breakthrough infections i think we will see. >> i am cautiously optimistic. i would say that i think we are
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definitely better equipped than we were a year ago. >> there urging people to get vaccinated in order to curb any sort of winter surge and to get the booster. is estimated that less than half of those over 65 have received their booster shots. >> one thing that bothers me is that have been 2.7 million doses of booster vaccines that have been delivered but the population of california, over 65, is 5.7 million. >> they report that none of the children vaccinated over the weekend reported to any sort of severe side effects, more available appointments should be coming up in this upcoming week. still had tonight, a san mateo county community overrun with aggressive geese. >> oh, my god, the grounds over there are infested. >> but for some the planned
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solution is way too extreme. a pair of hikers get up close and personal. how a photographer hopes to use the frightening moments to educate others. new details emerging on the deadly music festival in houston. i it appears authorities had a feeling something would
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a live look outside as the
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rain comes on across the bay area tonight. so much coverage continues in just a few moments. now at 11:00, lots of ruffled feathers so to speak in foster city over the exploding goose population there. now city leaders are finally doing something about it, but not everyone may agree. maria has the new battle in this bird war. >> in the evening to never guess that here in foster city, there are hundreds of geese pick up their sleeping right now become sunrise, they come out in full force. >> we are nature lovers, we love trees, we love wildlife. >> he loves the outdoors but even to him -- foster city's goose population is out of control, as of today it is the largest it's ever been. 323, to be exact, as of june 2021, double last june's population. and wikis come their droppings, a lot of it.
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>> the grounds over there are infested with geese . >> goose droppings in the lawns, the backyards. public parks, play fields. >> it is so bad it has caused unsafe levels of bacteria in the water, and forced the closure of some beaches and there is concern people could get sick with the bird flu. >> it is extremely dangerous and it definitely poses a health hazard. >> reporter: city leaders voted 5-02 allow the mitigation of the geese. first with nonlethal options like fogging to make areas uninviting and keeping their eggs from hatching. but now, the city will be applying for a federal permit, to allow them to trap and kill the birds and destroy their nests. >> it is about controlling the population, mitigating the population, not eliminating or eradicating the population. >> it is not sound good to me. i'm glad that they are trying
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the nonlethal option. >> he feels bad for the birds, who decided to make their home in the city. >> the balance will be to take the geese away, and put them somewhere where they belong. >> getting approval for the federal permit could take at least six months. the city has to prove that and everything they can to control the goose population. in the meantime there will be using nonlethal options. in foster city, kpix5. wildlife photographers are speaking out after surviving a standoff with a mountain lion. he came face-to-face with that big cattle hiking and orange county. he used his survival skills to escape in one piece pick of the photographer and defender out tracking her trail cameras when he noticed a mountain lion peering through the bushes. when they were face-to-face, he says his survival skills kicked in. >> i said i wasn't scared, but i would be lying. i do hype it up and make myself
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sound tougher. >> using his voice the photographer tried to scare the animal off peak of the mountain lion did move away. the two people slowly backed their way off of the trail to safety. fbi is hoping to investigate the deadly astor world music concert in houston. a 14-year-old boy is among the eight who died after crowds surged the stage friday night. several lawsuits have been filed against rapper travis scott pick of the police chief says prior to that show he met with scott to discuss some safety concerns he had. an attorney for the victims is a lack of crowd control what the concertgoers being crushed and suffocated. >> i think it is self-evident that this concert was planned incredibly poorly, that no regard was given to the safety of these and people. >> the storm hitting the bay area tonight starting to bring some snow to the sierra.
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castle p gary, the snow mostly going to be limited during higher elevations. >> a little bit closer to home, with the rain. >> nice to see all the moisture falling on california. whatever form it wants to take we will definitely accept all of it. not as strong as atmospheric river that we had a couple of weeks ago. that was level v on our scale this is a level i, so it is bringing lighter rain and it is widespread across the bay area. we will show you the current rate of in just a moment but over the next few days it will take over and it will dry the atmosphere out. once the last hours winds down, we are in for dry weather to the west of the workweek and into the weekend. there is widespread light to moderate rain, all the yellow is the rain that is falling at the rate of a couple of tenths of an inch and if it rains long enough it starts to add up. he was kind of on the back edge of that light rain but we are expecting wish i was to develop, continue tracking
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across the bay area. some locally heavy downpours is still embedded with the area of light rain. as we head to tomorrow morning, it will be a bit fewer and farther between. still going to be out there so count on wet roads and a complicated morning drive. keep the rain jacket an umbrella handy because we will still see the intermittent light showers the first half tomorrow gradually becoming fewer and farther between and finally just ending entirely as we head into tomorrow afternoon, even if you breaks in the cloud developing and that will push the back up to what is normal for this time of year. a couple of degrees low average. how much rain? future cast indicates another half-inch of three quarters of an inch for much of the north bay very welcome rainfall there but not as much as we look farther to the south. some of the higher amounts.
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but san jose, we've only had a trace so far, so anticipating at 3/10 of an inch of rain by the time everything is said and done and the next chance of rain is at least seven days away. it to be dry stretch of weather for all of this. breezy, current wind gusts in the -- those winds are going to relax as we head towards early tomorrow morning but again thinking ahead to the commute the roads will be wet, the wind is still going to be noticeable, some 20 to 30 men our guest. keep both hands on the wheel which you should be doing anyway and the wind will continue to relax as we go through the midday hours on tuesday. right now looking out like it is just wet and the camera shaking around because of the strong wind, some gusts in oakland for the last hour, 45 miles an hour, temperatures were mostly in the 50s, 47 degrees in santa rosa. they will not drop a whole lot more as we head to the night.
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the cooler spots dropping down into the upper half of the 40s and once we see a bit of sunshine peeking through, highest return to the 60s, mostly mid 60s around the bay and the santa clara valley, just a little bit cooler for the north bay and along the coast but even there temperatures should reach up into the low 60s. we steadily warm up as we try out. back to near normal by thursday, and above normal temptress by friday, saturday and sunday looking pretty good as we head into the weekend. after the showers winds down tomorrow, no more rain icons in the entire seven-day forecast. we might see a dry cold front sneak through giving us that additional cloud cover pushing temperatures back down to slightly below average by monday of next week. our morning tea will be tracking the wet weather and any new problems that might occur. that starts at 4:30. straightahead, steph curry went crazy tonight. not 30, not 40, not even 45. it was a show, as the dubs,
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nb up top and have a question for you. is steph curry night in and night out the greatest showman in sports? he was on display at chase center tonight. may have held her breath here. he banged his shoulder on the screen against the atlanta hawks. he scored the first 13 points but that did not keep him down. 24 first-half points. trae young, knocked home 21 of the first half. they led by 15. nice photo but he only scored seven the rest of the way. meantime, he was going to --. put on a clinic. yeah nine threes.
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ats ven redsbualhe talked t was was relentless, exploded, could he get the 50? right here. third play with at least 10 50 points games. they took atlanta, last year's eastern conference finalist 127 21 13. >> i want to say i've never seen anything like it but i've been watching it for seven years, so i have seen something like it. and still, it is just incredible to watch. >> nfl, yes, the 49ers have a record of three and five in that they don't watch out, the rams are coming in here on monday night with bad intentions. right side of the line, they have a problem. out for the year, torn quad muscle, it is front side. a four point favor to win at levi's. the raiders less than a week after receiving wide receiver.
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they let go after they posted the video of himself waving a gun and threatening to kill somebody. we can only show you one frame of the video that led toe. bears attack the steelers, and roethlisberger sacked my fo49er. he was called for taunting. tough night for him. the bump of the referee, then had to hear about on the sidelines of the steelers increasing the lead to six. justin fields made up for it inside of two minutes, on the run. they took a one point lead but travis barker drove the field, set up for kicker chris boswell to win its. they held 29-27, and approve the record to five and three. and for giants baseball president, whatever you have, whatever you say, major league
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baseball 2021 executive of the year. they predicted by experts to win 75 games but they won a franchise 107. shut out brandon crawford. all gold glove winners today out of major league baseball.
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new at 11:00, for astronauts are back on earth this evening after a 200 day space station mission. they arrived, but a spacex capsule that splashed on at the coast of florida, to see the hours ago. >> always cool to see. here's the video of the crew treated by nasa. while in space they conducted several science experiments and spacewalks but during their nine hour journey home, elon musk, we got a problem. the toilet broke down so they had no choice but to break out the adult diapers. not getting. the rescue ship hoisted the capsule on board another ship which did have lynching facilities and a helicopter flew them back to houston and boy, were
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taking another live look outside, the radar as well, the storm moving to the bay area will mean a messy morning commute tomorrow are mourning team will be tracking the wet weather and any new problems starting at 4:30. the late show with stephen colbert is next pick up things for watching. we continue streaming an cbsn - [male narrator] the following program is sponsored by mercy ships. five billion people lack access to safe surgery. it's a staggering number that's almost hard to believe. and yet every day children, teens, and adults suffer and die from medical conditions that could be treated. but due to poverty and inadequate medical care,


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