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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  November 8, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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the late show with stephen colbert is next pick up things for watching. we continue streaming an cbsn captioning sponsored by cbs >> over the weekend, big bird announced he was getting vaccinated against covid. the bird is meant to be six years old. he made his news just after the vaccine got approved for kids aged five to eleven, but the announcement sparked all kinds of pushback. senator ted cruz, among others, condemning big bird for advocating for kids to get thefá vaccine, calling it government propaganda. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> there's a word i came up with today -- >> uh-huh. >> -- i can hardly say it, but i think you will know what it means. >> why don't you tell me, and maybe i can help you. >> well, it's quite a word. you ready to hear it? >> sure! okay, listen to this. ( clears throat )
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>> c is for censored! # >> announcer: it's "the late show" with te stephen colbert! tonight, where there's a pill, there's a way. plus stephen welcomes jonathan karl and musical guest brandi carlile. featuring jon batiste and "stay human."
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and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) ( theme song playing ) >> stephen: hey! ( cheers and applause ) hey! hello! ( audience chanting stephen ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! thank you! thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome one and all to "the late show." i am your host stephen colbert, and folks -- ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff ) >> stephen: ladies and gentlemen, havego8 yourself notarized because you are here on the night after the night after the night after an historic occasion.
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because three days ago, congress apprid ( cheers and applause ) wooo! they did one thing! they did one thing! ! ♪ebteime come o ( laughter ) this infrastructure bill comes not a moment too soon, because this foam finger has the same structural integrity as most of our bridges. ( laughter ) can we show that on cbs? can i show this on -- ( laughter ) after months of dragging their feet, i think we're all shocked the democrats actually got this done. the party has gone from "yes, we can" to "wait, we did?!" ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause )
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wow! hubba, hubba. ( applause ) then again, this bipartisan bill was something the last administration kept claiming they were about to do, but never did. after four years, it's finally infrastructure week, and $1.2 trillion buys you an infra-buttload of infrastructure. this bill will bring a massive ugrade of america's roads bridges, airports, seaports and rail systems.iv45q not to mention much-needed relief to late night hosts who don't want to try to make jokes about possibly passing an infrastructure bill anymore. ( laughter ) ( applause ) one of the bill's major provisions includes $47 billion to withstand the devastating impacts of climate change. that's good. you know what would have been better? billions of dollars to prevent the devastating impacts of climate change.
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( cheers and applause ) this is the equivalent of showing up to a car crash and handing out seatbelts. "there you go. you could have used one. yep. that would have been good for you. don't move. they said don't move. just leave these here." ( laughter ) infrastructure is possibly not the only thing the president passed, because tabloids are reporting about joe biden's "long fart" at the global climate change gathering in scotland. i can't believe he's already breaking promises on cutting dangerous emissions. ( laughter ) the president's alleged cheek squeak happened during a chat with british royal camilla parker bowles, and it was "audible enough to make the duchess of cornwall blush." and it takes a lot to make the duchess embarrassed. her entire family is old farts. ( laughter ) ( piano riff )0
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it's true. reportedly, the president's air biscuit was "impossible to ignore." impossible to ignore. so, we know it wasn't prince andrew. ( audience reacts ) and it's nothing to be embarrassed about! we all remember j.f.k.'s firstrq meeting with the queen, as immortalized in "the crown." >> good evening your royal majesty. (fart) >> oh, dear. >> mr. president. (fart) >> mr. president. >> your grace. >> shall we? >> uh-- (fart) jackie? >> i feel like that went wrong in about 10,000 different ways. >> i've seen worse. though not sure when. (farting) ( laughs ) >> a drink? >> stephen: let's see what else. what else. ( applause ) ( piano riff ) >> stephen: um, what else, what
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else. oh, here's a lil' something: there might be a cure for covid. on friday, pfizer announced that its new covid-19 pill cut the risk of hospitalization and death by 90%. ( cheers and applause ) wow! did you hear that? i just broke that news! wow! ( cheers and applause ) i don't know why i have not been this excited about a pill since i discovered molly, the nurse who prescribes my cholesterol medicine. now -- ( applause ) ( piano riff ) now, this pill doesn't prevent infection, but it does a great job treating it. and this pill designed to ax covid is called pax-lovid. all the best medical treatments rhyme. it started with alexander fleming's big announcement: penicillin stops the illin'! ( laughter ) another sign the pandemic might be on the way out: yesterday,
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after 20 months of restrictions the u.s. lifted its travel ban on 33 countries. ( cheers and applause ) that's great news! that is -- come on! that's great news. some parts of america just don't make sense without tourists. you think new yorkers want an m&m world inside a red lobster? that's for y'all. check it out, though, it's delicious. ( applause ) the tourists may be vaccinated by the americans they're coming to visit may not be. republicans and anti-vaxxers are furious bigboard got a covid vaccine. this is the craziest anti-vax muppet outrage since they claimed pfizer gave the swedish chef giant meatballs. ( cheers and applause )
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bork bork bork! ( laughter ) here's what happened: last week, the c.d.c. approved the vaccine for kids 5-11. i believe we have the official announcement. >> these go to 11. >> stephen: to encourage kids to get their shots, beloved children's tv characters have been doing some public health promos. on saturday, big bird tweeted: "i got the covid-19 vaccine today! my wing is feeling a little sore, but it'll give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy." great tweet! no surprise. it's what birds do. ( cheers and applause ) nice things, because of people like, texas senator and drunk man on the subway serenading you -- ( audience reacts ) but how do you really feel? ( laughter ) texasers? and drunk man on the subway
11:45 pm
serenading you with the cellino and barnes song, ted cruz. ( laughter ) cruz didn't like that big bird was teaching kids how to stay healthy, so he retweeted it with the comment, "government old!" senator cruz... how should i put this... our show tonight is brought to you by the letters "f" and "u." ( cheers and applause ) i'm surprised cruz is at odds with big bird here. they have so much in common. when it gets cold, they both fly south. ( laughter )ñi ( applause ) it wasn't just ted cruz. one state senator from arizona tweeted, "big bird is a communist." okay, that's actually true. big bird is a six-year-old, and they're all communists! they don't own any property, the community pitches in to support
11:46 pm
them, and they say that everything you own is theirs. ( laughter ) never to be out-dumbed, here's fox news: >> big bird is literally hawking an unnecessary vaccine. >> the whole thing is so ineffective and so stupid. >> the truth is, if that show was real, big bird would be shamed right now for not having his or-- you know, vaccination yet. >> stephen: if that show was real, we'd have much bigger problems. ( laughter ) there's a monster living in a trash can, a little red furry guy asking strangers to tickle him, and ernie keeps waking up his husband with trumpets and livestock. ( laughter )s8 ( cheers and applause )zg■ ( humming sesame street song ) one guy not promoting the vaccine is green bay quarterback
11:47 pm
and man who forgot his helmet lube, aaron rodgers.çó yeah, they're all going "lube!" ( laughter ) last week, rodgers got a lot of heat after it was revealed that he had caught covid and was unvaccinated despite earlier in the season, telling reporters this: >> are you vaccinated and what's your stance on vaccinations? >> yeah, i've been immunized. >> stephen: oh, right, i forgot: soccer is the one where you can't use your hands, football is the one where you lie through your teeth. ( laughter ) on friday, rodgers defended himself. i realize i'm in the crosshairs of the woke mob now, so before my final nail gets put in my cancel culture casket, i'd like to set the record straight on so many of the blatant lies that are out there about myself right now. >> stephen: wow, cancel culture, woke mobs, looks like somebody's enjoying their set of fox news magnetic poetry. ( laughter )
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we've got a great show for you tonight. my guests are jonathan karl and brandi carlile! and when we come back, is chris evans the sexiest man alive? when we return. ( cheers and applause ) ♪♪
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( cheers and applause ) ( band playing )g■ >> stephen: hey, everybody! right there. in the flesh. jon batiste and "stay human," everybody! ( cheers and applause ) ♪ i'll be there ♪ >> stephen: jon -- jon, there's so much -- there's a jam-packed show tonight. >> jon: yes. >> stephen: we've got a couple of great guests tonight. abc chief washington correspondenjona karl is here. he's got an explosive new book
11:54 pm
about the last few months -- >> jon: front row. >> stephen: front row seat of the last few months to have the previous administration -- of the previous administration. the book's called betrayal. turns out --çó i didn't know this -- the last few months were not good. ( laughter ) it was he was not acting in the best interest of the american people. it was called a double cross, something like that. he will be out here to talk about that. and then a national treasure brandi carlile is here. ( cheers and applause ) we saw her saturday night at carnegie hall doing joni mitchell's "blue," the entire album. a transcendent evening. >> jon: everybody who was$ there will remember that night for sure. >> stephen: i saw you at the after-party but i did not stay because i'm an old man. i went home and had a glass of water and went to bed. did a lot of fun people show up.
11:55 pm
>> a lot of cool people, musicians. jimmy buffett was there talking about sailing. >> stephen: son of a san of a sailer. >> i'd get on that boat. >> stephen: i'd get on that boat with him for sure. you know there are refreshments. ( laughter ) folks, check your calendars because it's that time of the year again when the world waits with baited breath for the announcement of "people's" sexiest man alive. ( cheers and applause ) there it is. people stillñr care. who will fill the sexiness vacuum soon to be left by the outgoing sexiest man, michael b. jordan? jordan, at this point, is a sexy lame duck. i mean, it's just hand-shaking and ribbon cutting from here on out. he really can't pass any meaningful sexy legislation. now, the identity of the sexiesk man alive is always an extremely closely guarded secret, i believe kept in that briefcase with the nuclear launch codes. but the "new york post" has been
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boasting that they have the inside scoop and that, in fact chris evans is "people" magazine's sexiest man alive 2021. how interesting! i mean, i usually take everything the "new york post" says at face value, because their reporting is so reliable but how can they possibly make this announcement when there is only one person officially sanctioned and approved by "people magazine" to reveal who it is: yours truly, which i will be doing, exactly 24 hours from now, on this show tomorrow night, in my capacity as "people" magazine's sexiest man allowed to announce sexiest man alive. ( applause ) be here. we're announcing it on this show in this act tomorrow night. and i can hear you clamoring "well, come on, steve, is it chris evans?" maybe! ( laughter ) i am legally forbidden from confirming or denying chris evans' sexiness in relation to
11:57 pm
other males who are alive. ( laughter ) but page six claims that evans "was originally slated to take the mantle last year," but "the post's" so-called "insiders" supposedly tell them that "bosses thought it was better to wait a year after he accidentally uploaded a picture of his penis online." ( laughter ) if true, you know what this means: we may be one year away from sexiest man alive jeffrey toobin. ( laughter ) so, tune in tomorrow to see me make that announcement, and mr. jordan, enjoy your last 24 hours. i just pray we see a peaceful transfer of sexy. ( laughter ) we'll be right back with abc news chief washington correspondent and, possibly sexiest man alive, jonathan karl. ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) ♪ singing and driving ♪ ♪ playing the drums ♪ ♪ what could be better ♪ ♪ taking a nap ♪ ♪ drive a friend home ♪ ♪ stop for a snack ♪
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get this deal before it's gone. click, call or visit a store today. ♪ ♪ tequila herradura. extraordinary awaits. ( band playing )( cheers and ap) >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back to "the late show." i'm still me. >> me. ladies and gentlemen, my first guest tonight is the chief washington correspondent for abc news, and author of the new book, "betrayal." please welcome, jonathan karl! ( cheers and applause )
12:03 am
( band playing ) >> stephen: hey! nice to see you again. thanks for being here. >> yeah, yeah. >> stephen: have we talked about this before that when you started cnn you were one to have the young guns. >> generation x team, yeah. >> stephen: how long ago was that that you were young? >> 47 years ago. >> stephen: because you're how old now? >> 53. >> stephen: and i'm 57. i'm young adjacent. >> i used to be the young guy, too. >> stephen: i was the new guy at one point. >> yeah. >> stephen: let's move on. ( laughter ) your new book, "betrayal," is about january 6 and the events that led up to it. before we get into the details of the events and some of the
12:04 am
revelations of your book, what did it feel like for you as someone in washington talking about american politics when that day happened? >> i was heartbroken. i spent most of my career covering congress. look, no matter how many times you walk into that place, i mean, i still feel a sense of awe. when i was a little kid and i would visit with my family, i would look to see if the light was on -- on top to have the dome, that would mean congress was in session and i would want to go in and see it. to see the people breaking in and rummaging around on the senate floor was absolutely heartbreaking. >> stephen: what do you think was being violated beyond the physical space? >> it was a direct assault on our democracy, it really was. it's not just words. they were trying to stop the crown jewel of american democracy which is the peaceful transition of power.
12:05 am
last the last step in certifying the pleaches and they were directly trying to stop it. they weren't just vandalizing and going through, they were trying to stop what makes american democracy american democracy. by the way, they almost succeeded. that's one of the things in this book, as i researched it, i came to realize that we were far closer to losing it all than i realized at the time. i was freaked out as we all were at the time but it was worse. >> stephen: what's the thing that most shocked you in reporting for this book? what got us close than you imagined? >> if a few people had actually done what trump demanded ofok them, it could have flipped the other way. these are people who basically saved our democracier but they're not your traditional hearos. many are long-time republican partisans who did what he wanted
12:06 am
but when it came to this moment they stopped. did you think pence would be the guy to stand up to trump? >> stephen: no. he was the man who would take his water bottle off the table if trump did. >> he was disloyal when it counted the most. some others were in some ways political hacks who stood strong and did the right thing at the right moment. >> stephen: as someone who reports in washington can you call people political hacks? >> i didn't neighbor anybody. >> stephen: but we know how you feel. >> i mean that in a gad way. >> stephen: sure, we always do. i've seen the show. it's brilliant. ( laughter ) the next question, as painful as that day was, it is already being cast as a day in history and i'm curious how you feel about those people who know better who are now trying to reframe that day as not a violation of our democracy and
12:07 am
as merely a protest and as an ongoing gas lighting they're trying to tell us what we saw we did not see and prevent our ability to stop it from happening again, i believe. that's an ongoing thing, that's not an historical feeling, it's an ongoing event. >> it's ongoing, it's happening now, it's outrageous. it drove me every day as i was writing the book. i wanted to get the history down in a way that would be indisputable. i would try to write it in a way that even people who are sympathetic to trump and believed the things he was sying would see, no, that's a lie. i went through and looked at the stuff he was saying and went through in detail and explained why it's complete nonsense, a complete lie. and to see people talk about the day and trump himself -- i mean, when i interviewed him for the book talking about it was some kind of glorious day, january 6th. >> stephen: you reveal in the
12:08 am
book that as he was leaving office, i think on january 20th, about to get on air force one and leave for the last time, he told ronald mcdaniel, i'm done, i'm starting my own party. >> yeah. >> stephen: how did they stop him? >> this was amazing. this was actually when he walked up the steps to air force one for his last flight on the plane to go to florida, he gets into his office at the front of the plane before the plane takes off and mcdaniel was calling him. she wasn't at his farewell ceremony, just to say thank you, good luck, and that's when he dropped this bomb. the way they stopped him from leaving the party is essentially made a series of threats, of warnings, and said if he did it it would cost him tens of millions of dollars. there were legal bills the rnc were paying that would now be his to pay and they would take his big 40 million name email list and they were going to make it worthless, take control and
12:09 am
give it out for free so he couldn't rent it anymore. >> stephen: he's a businessman. >> it was going to cost him tens of millions of dollars and he backed down four or five days after january 20th. he told them he was leaving. he wasn't saying i might, he said i'm done, i'm gone, i'm starting my own party, and he backed down. >> stephen: we have to take a quick break. don't go anywhere. when we come back, i'll ask jonathan interesting news about mike pence that i did not know and neither did you but you should. stick around. ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) tums vs. mozzarella stick when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites [upbeat pop music throughout] [upbeat pop music throughout]
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and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: withholding things that belong to us. hey, everybody! we're back with the author of "betrayal," abc news chief washington correspondent jonathan karl. you went down to mar-a-lago and interviewed the former president for the book, as you said. >> yeah. >> stephen: after january 6th, john kelly said that he, to you, i believe, that he believed the president was mentally unfit to serve in the oval office. >> he wanted the 25 25th amendment to be invoked immediately. he told me that while the rioters were still in the building, they should meet now and get him out now. >> stephen: you've talked to the man recently. what is his mental state?
12:15 am
>> um -- ( laughter ) i wen to sim tat's a tough one. fit interview r the bookast abta month and a half after he left office, and, you know, he looked fine, he looked fit. a lot of presidents age in office. he doesn't seem he actually aged in office, it's weird. >> stephen: yes. some people don't age. it's suspicious, jonathan karl. >> it's very suspicious. but he was utterly delusional especially in talking about the events of january 6th. >> stephen: we have a clip here. do you know what's happening here? >> yes, i was talking to him about the day. >> stephen: and where are you talking to him because it sounds weird. >> it's weird. sorry for the sound. it's at mar-a-lago. he made me to this interview in the middle of the lobby of mar-a-lago right before dinner. he wanted everyone who came to dinner see him being interviewed. that's why you hear people walking by. he said terrible things about me.
12:16 am
but in the transcript to have the interview he said, i'm with the great jonathan karl, here he is. this is a guy lot of names. but he wanted to be seen. >> some peopleer and it's rigged and being stolen, why not charge the capitol. >> i had not heard that but people were very angry. people were there, that crowd, the press, the fake news, which is fake, never talked about the size of the crowd. that was a massive crowd. that was a massive crowd. >> stephen: he's missing the narrative here. it's about whether he's popular. >> yeah, i'm asking him about a riot, one to -- one of the dart days in american history and he's talking about how many people came out to see him. >> stephen: i know you had a fact about mike pence. >> i found out mike pence had with him the entire time an official white house
12:17 am
photographer who captured images of that entire period including the roughly five hours where pence was hidden away in thee a no one's ever known because he refused to leave. they got him out of the senate chamber and took him somewhere. >> stephen: while people were erecting gallows across the street. >> i got ahold of the photographer and saw the photographs. >> stephen: you saw them. i saw the photographs. it was wild to see he was in a loading dock in an underground parking garage beneath the capitol complex. he had no place to sit in the concrete parking garage, you know, with his family. this is the vice president to have the united states -- the vice president of the united states and he's holed up in a basement, and i went to the vice president, former vice president, and i asked him if i could accomplish those photographs -- i think they're part of the historical record. >> stephen: one of the photographs is him literally
12:18 am
looking at the tweet of the president saying -- >> one of them is his ch chief f staff showing him his phone and it's the tweet of trump saying mike pence didn't have the courage. this is the guy who fled the rioters and trump is saying he didn't have the courage. kind of looks like pence is grimacing but you can never really tell, i don't know. ( laughter ) but the fight referred to is they refused to let me publish the photographs. but i have a suspicion the january 6th committee is going to want to see those photos. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: and those aren't his photos. >> no, they're your photos, they're everybody's photos. >> stephen: we paid for those. yes, taken be i the white house photographer. >> stephen: part of the national archives. >> yes, and part of the historical record on the day we needed to see the record. >> stephen: jonathan, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> stephen: the book is "betrayal." available november 16. jonathan karl, everybody! we'll be right back with brandi
12:19 am
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause )
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>> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back! folks, my next guest tonight is a six-time grammy award-winning singer/songwriter and a number one "new york times" bestselling author. please welcome back to "the late show," brandi carlile! ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> hi. >> stephen: lovely to have you here. >> lovely to be here. >> stephen: i love hearing you perform. we'v had a chance to talk but not in person, over zoom. >> feels like i've known you forever. >> stephen: i kind of have the feeling, too. i want to get to your new album,
12:25 am
"in these silent days," in just a moment, doing a song off that tonight. ( applause ) but i want to ask you about the concert at carnegie hall saturday night. what an extraordinary -- it's always as i said before, joni mitchell's "blue," i see that sign, "sold out," carnegie hall, first time you go there, no problem. set the bar kind of high for yourself. this was the second time you had done it, right? >> yes, i had done it once in l.a. >> stephen: you said you had to be hypnotized to calm yourself down enough to do it in l.a. did you have to do that this time? >> i was able to rely on the tools i got from being hypnotized last time, some of the mantras i was to tell myself to snap out of total panic, and it worked. the goal was not the same as it was last time. >> stephen: what's the feeling to walk out on carnegie hall stage the first time? >> it's deeply emotional for me
12:26 am
because i feel that's maybe the most important venue in the country, and as just, you know, a little girl that's just grown up, fascinated with the concept of entertaining people in live music, i mean, you get to carnegie hall and you've done it. >> stephen: this is an amazing barrel of a place. ( applause ) for the people who haven't been, this is an amazing barrel of a place. this is tremendous scale with extraordinary acoustics in there. >> it's stunning, yeah. i mean, one of my favorite moments is when we stepped out in front to have the p.a. and did a song with no amplification. >> stephen: you did "cannonball," so beautiful. >> we did. >> stephen: there are many incredible lyrics written by joni mitchell throughout her entire career but especially on "blue" which is the gateway drug for a lot of people for joni mitchell. >> i think so. >> stephen: do you have a favorite lyric? >> oh, my god i love them all so much. i like what a rant last time i saw richard is.
12:27 am
doesn't matter if it rhymes. i love the spot where she's, like, i'm going to blow this damn candle out. i don't want nobody coming over to my table, i got nothing to talk to anybody about. it's just sort of a rant, you feel she didn't write it, she just descreend it. >> stephen: mm-hmm. maybe personally, i resonate with the line i'm frightened by the devil but i'm drawn to the ones that aren't afraid. >> stephen: i'm as constant as the northern star, and i said constantly in the darkness, where's that at? if you want me, i'll be in the bar. she just leaves out the line mother ( bleep ). >> i know, i know! but you feel it, it's there, it's so dismissive. whenever i sing that line, i go, if you want me, i'll be in the bar -- i even bat the person away with my hand. >> stephen: so you did it, you crushed it, you absolutely blew the house down. how did you celebrate afterwards?
12:28 am
( cheers and applause ) >> i had a shot of tequila. >> stephen: good. because i was, like, no alcohol for the weeks leading up to this. i had a shot of tequila and i called joni on facetime and we had a little facetime and we talked. >> stephen: i understand you go to jams at her place. she has a jam just about every month. what's it like to jam at joni's place? >> it's like when your life flashes before your eyes, you will see the jams before you see the birth of your children kind of thing. ( laughter ) >> stephen: last time we were talking, you had just released your book "broken horses" which has become a "new york times" number one best seller ( cheers and applause ) >> i was so excited. i was hoping you'd heard about that. >> stephen: did that influence at all the writing of this? because they're back to back. >> yeah, more than anything i've ever done in my life, it influenced it. i shut the computer on the book and took a deep breath, got up
12:29 am
from the desk and walked over to the piano and wrote the first song on "in these silent days." i was never blocked as a writer ever. >> stephen: what will you play for us? >> i was thinking about playing this beautiful life affirming lulu buy called "this time tomorrow." >> stephen: stick around because brandi will be doing that in just a moment from her album, "in these silent days." ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) ♪
12:30 am
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12:33 am
>> stephen: and now, performing "this time tomorrow" from her album, "in these silent days," brandi carlile. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ when the fire inside that burns so bright ♪ begins to grow faded it can be hard to see ♪ the ground on which you stand ♪ though you may not be afraid of walkin' in the darkness ♪ you will feel like a stranger in this land ♪ you can try to carve a
12:34 am
faith out of your own ♪ but a broken spirit may dry out the bone ♪ and the edges of the night may cause you sorrow ♪ you know i may not be around this time tomorrow ♪ but i'll always be with you yeah, i'll always be with you ♪ when the hope that you hold tightly to has all but vanished ♪ and there are no words of comfort to be found ♪ you will know what it means tobe lost and without love ♪ may you fight to kill that deafening sound ♪ but our holy dreams of yesterday aren't gone ♪ they still haunt us like
12:35 am
the ghosts of babylon ♪ and the breakin' of the day might bring you sorrow ♪ you know i may not be around this time tomorrow ♪ but i'll always be with you yeah, i'll always be with you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ooh, ooh ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ you can try to carve a faith out of your own ♪ but a broken spirit may dry out the bone ♪ and the edges of the night
12:36 am
may cause you sorrow ♪ you know i may not be around this time tomorrow ♪ but our holy dreams of yesterday aren't gone ♪ they still haunt us like the ghosts of babylon ♪ and the breakin' of the day might bring you sorrow ♪ you know i may not be around this time tomorrow ♪ but i'll always be with you i will always be with you ♪ i will always be with you i'll always be with you ♪ ( cheers and applause )
12:37 am
>> stephen: check out another performance from brandi carlile at brandi carlile, everybody. that's it for "the late show." tune in tomorrow when my guests will be quentin tarantino and "people" magazine's sexiest man alive! james corden is next. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ the late late show-oh-oh the late late show woo! ♪ the late late show-oh-ho the late late show-oh-oh!


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