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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 7, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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♪ do it now or never babe ♪ ♪ take my breath ♪ now at 11:00, when east bay family says happened and moments before a father was shot while holding his baby and why they believe they may have been targeted. >> 04-year-old was next to him. and they shot anyway. a live look outside work hours from now another round of rain will pass over the bay area. darren is tracking the storms. >> i think it is one giant step in the right direction. >> it is a sign were beginning recovery. we start with and east bay family looking for answers after a father is shot while
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holding his infant daughter. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i am brian hackney. the family is hoping that someone may know something about the crime and come forward. >> reporter: that's right. they want answers and they want some kind of closure. tonight oakland father is recovering here at home in san francisco with round-the-clock care. and oakland father and husband was holding his five-week-old daughter in his living room around 7:30 on october 30th, when a dozen shots were fired at his home pick of his husband, jimmy, was in the kitchen preparing dinner. >> it sounded like a string of firecrackers. you could clearly see in the house that he was holding our infant and off world was next to him and they shot anyway. i could see on the floor was a pool of blood and his teeth.
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>> reporter: the bullets came from to weapons, according to police pick of the shooting happened on -- near 12th streets in west oakland. marco was shot in the mouth and his jaw is currently wired shut. he is eating through a feeding tube and is recovering and it may take two years. >> he is an incredibly positive person and he is always focused on the surgeries. i think is a lot of fear in the first couple of days in the last couple of days, got really angry inside. and, because it just doesn't make sense. >> they don't know why they would be targeted. they're not ruling out that it may have been a hate crime. >> we are just a couple living in west oakland. don't get involved with anyone, you know, our friends and family and that is how we spent our weekends, so i can't, i can't wrap my head around any of this and i just want someone
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caught. >> how are his daughters doing tonight? >> reporter: well, the youngest daughter, now seven weeks old, she has some scrapes on her face from some of that debris but for the most part, she is doing okay physically. the four-year-old daughter was not physically harmed but she is obviously emotionally traumatized. >> in san francisco, that is betty yu. thank you. a live look at oakland where police are still looking for the gunmen that shot and killed a baby pick of the family says jasper wu was just one month shy of his second birthday when he was killed while riding home on 880 with his family yesterday. the family car was caught in the crossfire between two other vehicles because some community leaders reacting to the news is saying violence at oakland has reached a level they have never seen. >> you never know when the
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senseless violence is going to break out and when your life could be in jeopardy. >> i'm really sorry to hear about that child and their family having to go through -- it is unimaginable. >> jasper's father is in china right now and is trying to get a temporary visa so he can attend his son's funeral. let's switch gears. we will go out live tonight and look at everything. nice, calm, dry but that is all going to change in hours. >> since were getting so close i want to walk us through our by our because we start tomorrow morning with son. no rain tomorrow morning. i start the future cast at five a.m. tomorrow morning. by the time we get to like eight, 9:00 the clouds come in and that's it, clouds for the
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rest of the day. the leading edge begins by the time we get about 5:00. that is light showers in the north bay but the main event begins there. that is in the heavy rain shows up and then all the way through monday night, that is kind of the highlights of this but that is just the beginning. i will be back with the rest of the forecast and i will show you how long this will last and just a minute. berkeley police releasing new video footage of a gang- related shooting. this one, from 2018. the video shows eight says x shooting their guns on russell street. since 2018, they have identified and arrested many of those suspects. they said they are connected to a number of other shootings in the neighborhood. two gang members have been sentenced to 12 years in prison. now to a warning from fairfield police about card skimmers after a device was found on an atm. officers say a person noticed
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the skimmer on an atm it is lana town center mall. police shared these photos of what appears to be a camera hidden inside a safety mirror. police say it is like we used to record card numbers and pin codes. officers say you should always assume someone is watching when using a bankcard answer to cover your card information when using these machines. a live look at sfo and in less than an hour, the u.s. finally opens its borders to fully vaccinated international travelers. abn has been in place for 19 months preventing nine noncitizens -- how the removal of the band will obviously help the bay area economy. >> reporter: well, torres and experts say this is a big deal and a big shot in the arm for the local hotels and small businesses. that is because it will bring out a lot of tourism money for folks down in silicon valley to san francisco, all the way up to the napa valley.
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>> i'm just coming back from germany, uk, and italy. >> he is glad to be home, after a successful trip. >> to be able to shake hands is always good. >> even better, he says, is the was opening its borders to international travelers starting on monday. >> it has been difficult to get my customers into the u.s. but most of the kind cases, visiting abroad to visit them. the san francisco fairmont are seeing a big
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investigation underway at a rockland high school following backlash over a controversial quiz. steve large has a question that has parents and administrators now quizzing the teacher who wrote it. >> a history quiz has now turned into a hot topic controversy. a student took a photo of one of the questions reading a group of complete idiots is a the , b, florida, c, fox news, d, texans. a family friend posted a photo of the question and it has since gone viral.
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>> the teachers can see how upset that parents are and can see how it spreads their social media and hopefully they will just leave their politics at home. >> reporter: she believes the teachers question was intended to associate the with conservatives. they release a statement reading and part, we are committed to providing each student, family and staff of the safe and welcoming environment while personnel matters are main, eventual, appropriate disciplinary steps will be taken. i do believe the intent of the questions were to ridicule students who had conservative beliefs and make them feel bad for feeling that way. >> reporter: this quiz for high school students turning into a test for how whitney high response to a high-profile problem. with teachers, parents, and politics.
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tonight, mourners are remembered the victims of the deadly chaos at that astral world music festival. a church in houston held a vigil to remember the eight people killed. among the victims a 21-year-old student from the university of dayton. dentist victim was a 14-year- old boy. witnesses are sharing their variance of being pushed and squeezed the large crowd. one witness says his marine training kicked in as he fought for his life. >> i took a deep breath, held it, and they -- when it reversed, it was really hard. >> the wrapper is facing legal troubles pick at least two fans have filed lawsuits against him and live nation, the company behind the event. looking live at the white house, fresh of his victory on the bipartisan infrastructure deal, president joe biden is expected to take a victory lap this week. the president is set to visit the port of baltimore. to outline his plans upgrade
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the nation's ports. california ports are struggling with a huge backlog disrupting the u.s. supply-chain. looking life out of the bay area bridges, governor newsom's office, california is expecting a windfall of federal funding pick up in: billions in transportation projects across the golden state. that includes 25 billion for highway programs, 4 billion for bridge replacement and repairs over five years, and nearly 10 billion to improve transit options. estate can also compete for tens of millions on federal grant programs. >> i said you know earlier in the rain season? really living season, you can get a fairly decent rain event and really inflate the numbers i said to san francisco, this really blew me away. what is, to this point in the season, rainfall as a percentage event. >> five times that we usually have to go >> so much more about the fact
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that we typically don't have a lot of rain yet this time of year. a better number would be to say that is all the rain we were to get for the whole season what would it be? about 30% right now. so already gotten 30% of what we should for the whole -- we are about to add more. tomorrow will be good, so if we take a look at the start, that is five a.m., clear skies to begin, the clouds show up by nine in the morning or so. and it stays cloudy to the day and then the light rain begins in the afternoon, in the north bay. we looked at this, now let's get into the real details of tomorrow and why this is going to be impressive. it starts going in earnest by the time we get to the tail end of the commute home in the north bay 7:30, now it is raining really good. by eight, 9:00, working its way down across, right to the heart of the bay by the time we got to midnight. so that is the end of monday, still good rain but here's what happens after that passes. it keeps going. not the steady, continuous rain of monday night, but throughout the day on tuesday you will see
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scattered, follow-up hit and miss showers is open on tuesdays commute also having rain on it. if you look at the rainfall totals from this, that is two inches of rain for santa rosa. that is enough that we likely could have some minor localized street flooding. if you are a comparison, the big atmospheric river that came through on october 26, that dropped five inches of rain in santa rosa, so this is less but it is still significant. it is the best way i can put it. sinners that half inch rain but look at the santa cruz mountains. they will get about three inches of rain up in the mountains. that will be concerned for the burn scar. not a significant the last one but still something to keep in mind if you live up in the santa cruz mountains and you are near the burn scar. if we take a look at the wind that is also going to be a factor. monday night. monday night into tuesday morning, 40 mile an hour gusts and that means there is a wind advisory enters the most important take away. the wind monday night into tuesday morning at 40 miles an
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hour will be strong enough to break branches off of trees. maybe even take down another job stress tree so that by the time we get up on tuesday morning, with the wind advisory will have expired by three a.m., whatever debris is put on the road is likely still going to be there if you are five a.m., six to seven, eight a.m. commuter, keep that in mind on tuesday morning. i know we are getting a bit ahead but that might be one of the more impactful things in terms of our own, you know, direct personal lives getting on the road on tuesday. and yes, this is another atmospheric river and you can see that signature right there, that stream of narrow, high concentrations of water vapor streaming across the pacific and pointed right at us but the best that you do the comparison on this is to look at how strong the last one was, that was extreme on october 26 in terms of intensity and duration of this one is only moderate, so there is some good news there. morning close tomorrow go back
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down to the low and mid 40s, daytime highs will be in the low to 60s in the seven-day forecast, this is the only storm and by the time we get to wednesday we cleared out and we start warming up by the time we get toward the end of this seven-day forecast, daytime highs for inland parts of the bay area, will actually be back in the mid-70s with plenty of sunshine. back over to you. all right, here's a question for us all. what if you could stay healthy for the rest of your life? many of us try to exercise and eat well but bay area researchers are spending millions of dollars to see if they can actually stop the aging process. >> our goal is to transform everyone into a -- so that everyone could live to 90, 95, in good health. >> tomorrow, we will show you what they are doing to try to keep people forever young. and a century-old tradition returns of the bay area., got omaha the winner of today's dipsea race is making history.
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we asked gary pagan the second. what happened to the 49ers and santa clara. we will address that, baseball news, so much happening in the next few moments, on game day. after
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welcome back. bonus from 22 states descended on mill valley this weekend, to do that. >> reporter:'s oldest trail raised the 110th annual dipsea race me to come back today. he beat out 1300 runners, i think is the first non- california resident to win the race since 1986. who is among runners and and old who are excited to return to the famous 7 1/2 mile course. >> differently pace yourself.
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also, the stairs are demons. >> the event was canceled last year because, of course, of the pandemic. thousands gathered at a festival in northern california. crowds filled the streets of yuba city to celebrate the festivals grand finale. the three-day event celebrate religion and community. one of the key pillars of the community is sharing with others. >> anytime you need help, you can google it, you're more than welcome to go. any kind of help needed. >> many their families and friends for free peak of the event was canceled last year because of the pandemic. the parade is one of the five largest parades in the world. things are about to turn up side down in california. a look at
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things things are about to get stranger. netflix released -- about to get a whole lot stranger. netflix will is the first trailer for season four of stranger things and it looks like the upside down is coming to california. >> i'm ready for spring break. mostly because i get to see you. we will have the best spring
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break ever. >> are we going to watch the whole show? >> yes, we are. season for jobs on netflix next summer. we just showed it to you, though. a new marvel movie hits the box office this weekend, so how did audiences respond? david daniel has early estimates for the top five films. >> reporter: the animated comedy wrongs gone wrong moves up to fifth place on ticket sales of $3.6 million. venom, b carnage, made for and half million dollars for fourth place in a domestic total of 197 million. no time to die take in 6.2 million, staying in third place for the third straight weekend.
11:29 pm
after two weekends on top, dune slipped to second with $7.6 million. it has made 84 million domestic. marvels internals blasted into theaters and easily won the weekend, opening with $71 million, the fourth best debut of the year. in hollywood, i am david daniel. come to a theater near you this week, kenneth neufeld, belfast and clifford the big
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not the result many were expecting. we will take you inside a disappointing locker room. game day is on location. hello everybody. we will have gary payton as a special guest to explain why the system works. speaking of the warriors, let's talk about it. they continue a perfect eight- game homestand. than another western conference phone. >> we bring it up and roll it
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up from this game.


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