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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 7, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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live from the cbsn bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. and now , and east bay community is reeling after a young boy is shot and killed during a freeway gunbattle. what community leaders are saying about the senseless crime. >> it is an absolute tragedy. my heart goes out to the family. >> a clear evening across the bay area, but what a difference a day is about to make. we have that forecast. >> we do have some good news ahead of thanksgiving and why some doctors say it is okay to get together with loved ones this year. thank you for joining us. a live look at oakland where police are searching for a gunman who shot and killed a small child and 880 happening
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as the 22 you-month-old family was traveling home yesterday afternoon. we are live and alameda county with more on this shooting. >> reporter: some drivers coming in and out of oakland traveling on 880 today have not heard the news about a toddler dying before his second birthday. >> it is an absolute tragedy. my heart goes out to the family. >> reporter: oakland resident say the death of this young boy should give the entire community pause about what is happening under streets. >> reporter: how often are you out here? >> every day. so that can happen to anybody and that makes no sense. >> reporter: the boy was in the car with his mother and other family members saturday afternoon and a gun battle involving two other cars and 880 sent a stray bullet into the family sedan hitting the boy in the head. >> it is the worst i have seen and i have lived here all of my life and i will be 76 next month. >> reporter: community leaders
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said that gun violence here is on the level like never before. >> i don't know what is causing it, but i do know one thing. it seems like only god can stop it. >> reporter: frustrated about a lack of change in the community, he worries there is little city leaders and law enforcement can do. >> it is not what you are doing in a situation but what other people are doing. so i don't really know how you can avoid that and there was a baby in the car seat. took other drivers agree and they go about their day unable to make changes except stop and think about the latest victim touched by this kind of violence. >> am really sorry to hear about that child and their family and having to go through this. it is unimaginable. >> has the mayor or law enforcement said anything about the shooting or suspect? >> reporter: we did reach out to the mayor's office, and we have yet to hear back from them. we tried to get some updates
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from chp saying this time they can't was any suspect or vehicle descriptions, but we are hopeful they will have more to share tomorrow. pat -- and now live outside and it is mostly clear and calm and it was beautiful today but soon things are going to get a whole lot grayer. >> that is what darren says. the first part of tomorrow looks like it does right now, but by late afternoon, we have a pretty good rainmaker coming our way and another atmosphere river derived storm which means it will be more than light rain but it won't be anywhere near as strong as the 12 weeks ago. but it is good to recognize that the storm building off the coast is going to have a good amount of moisture to work with and you look at it on the big pitcher and you can the e pacific the for and we will e complete forecast and here is when to expect this.
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this is tomorrow through the late afternoon and early evening and see that well organized line of rain here, we may see some light showers tomorrow, but it is really in the evening when the main rain event begins and then it rains monday and tuesday morning and everything else this storm has coming up in the complete forecast. a birthday party turned deadly in the east bay and now one man is behind bars happening around 10:00 last night. police responded to what they called a family disturbance and they found two men dead and a man and woman with gunshot injuries. the two were rushed to the hospital and unclear what condition they were in. a 22-year-old man was arrested and is facing murder charges. santa cruz it deputies say a driver admitting to hitting a bicyclist on purpose happening yesterday before midnight. they responded to a report of a cyclist hit by a car on 17th avenue and east cliff drive. a witness follow the suspect
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and then police arrested him. deputies say the driver was intoxicated and claimed he hit the cyclist on purpose and he was arrested for dui but deputies are still searching for the bicyclist who was hit. rapper travis got is now facing legal trouble in the wake of that deadly concert friday night and at least two fans have filed live suit lawsuits. we learn more about the eight people killed. we report from houston. >> reporter: mourners laid flowers and candles for the victims of friday nights deadly chaos at the astroworld music festival. >> i didn't know personally anybody who died, but it could have been anyone of us. >> reporter: they said one of its students 21-year-old franco pitino from illinois was among those killed and the youngest to die was a 14-year-old boy who reportedly arrived early at the concert to get a good spot in a crowd of 50,000. >> we were literally up against
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the rails and we could barely breathe. >> reporter: authorities have launched a criminal investigation of the crowd surge that turned the festival into a nightmare by the time the wrapper took the stage. >> everybody was saying get out and i can't breathe and can't move. >> you are chest deep and it is very hard to push back forward and left and right. >> reporter: people were paying tribute here and as the police investigation continues, they're looking at videos and interviewing witnesses and checking reports that somebody was injected with drugs. >> we do have a report of a security officer that he was reaching over to restrain or grab a citizen and he felt a in his neck. >> reporter: scott released a video statement reflecting on the incident. >> any time i could make out anything that was going on, i would stop the show and help em need. >> he said he will do what he can to help victims families.
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>> and video posted to social media scott could be seen stopping the concert at one point and asking for help for somebody in the audience. on the fight against the coronavirus, it is the first weekend for kids to get vaccinated and we caught up with one family who had just visited the vaccine site. >> i got my to vaccinations and my booster and i have my kids will get their first vaccination. i feel like they are going to be protected just like their mom. >> the push to get kids vaccinated comes as the holiday season begins and experts say to expect kids and grandparents sitting across from one another at the thanksgiving table. >> i think it is safe now. we have the tools to protect the environment, and i don't think there is any reason why people can't get together for the holidays. you need to look at what the local prevalence and risk is in
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the community and look at the risk within the setting that they are gathering. we will take a live look at sfo where tomorrow the u.s. will start allowing vaccinated international travelers back into the country. the ban on international travelers had been in place for two years. visitors will need to show proof of vaccination and a negative covid test. some airlines say they have seen an increase in bookings since the reopening was announced. gas prices are continuing to skyrocket. according to aaa, the statewide average is now $4.62 per gallon of regular. one expert says there are a lot of reasons with the cost of a barrel of oil, supply-chain bottlenecks, and good old- fashioned inflation. >> the president has been relying on suggesting there is a transitory nature to the inflation problem as we move through the pandemic, and we want to make sure we get everybody vaccinated so we can unclog the bottleneck that we have been seeing. >> gasoline taxes have gone up over the last 10 years because california's boat it attacks
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themselves even more and at $.67 a gallon they are easily the highest in the united states and by contrast they are at $.19 a gallon. we do have a warning this evening from the fairfield police about credit card skimmers after a devices found on an atm. officer say a citizen noticed the skimmer on the bank of america machine near the town center mall. photographs from facebook show what appears to be a camera hidden inside the safety mayor. police say it was likely used to record card numbers and pin codes and officer say you should always assume somebody is watching when you use a bank card and tried to cover your card information when using these machines. still ahead and streaming on cbsn bay area. i am in mill valley ea racis backcontinuing ile y
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the annual dipsea race in marin county was canceled in 2020 because of the pandemic . >> this morning the oldest trail race here in america was back. a little bit late but offering its usual grueling challenge. imagine hauling around a camera. john ramos has details. >> reporter: the dipsea race is back after being sidelined i covid-19 last year, which is a bit ironic considering the whole idea of a running race is to put as much distance between yourself and others as
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possible. >> reporter: it started when two friends visiting mill valley made a bet about who could get out to stinson beach first. >> that was in 1904 and they made the bet, and a year later about 90 people showed up at the starting line, and that was the first official running of the dipsea race. >> reporter: over the years of the off-road trail race became part of history and tradition for runners of all ages and abilities. the start is staggered with slower runners percent first while the faster are held back in that way whoever crossing the finish line 1st, regardless of their time is the winner. took do have advice for your little sister running it for the first time? >> definitely pace yourself and the stairs are demons. >> reporter: those demons stairs of the first major obstacle, 680 of them. from there it only gets more brutal. the race is 7.5 miles long and takes people over hills nicknamed cardiac and insult
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but some of the scarier moments come on a steep downhill section. >> there are the spots were everybody is fighting because it is single file so either you are stuck behind someone or you have to find a way to get around them. truck this videographer has been documenting the race since the early 1980s creating a visual record to preserve its history. >> from day one i had a feeling that this is a historic and special place. >> reporter: it was a big deal when it was canceled last year due to the pandemic. the only other time that has happened was during the great depression and world war ii. >> we didn't want to cancel it two years in a row as long as the conditions were there for us to do it. >> reporter: this morning it was back and this one in november rather in its normal time in june. but it does still count and it still offers a challenge that brings people back year after year. even if they are not always sure why. >> at the finish i feel great and i am like oh, glad i did.
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but in the beginning i am like why did i do this and why did i come back? >> some nice views as well. this year's race was won by a 61-year-old man from colorado springs the first non- californian to win the race since 1986. military vehicles and scout troops and marching bands with the scene at the annual tri- valley veterans day parade today which returned this weekend after last year's festivities were canceled because of the pandemic. more than 50 entries were featured in this year's festivities. the parade was dedicated to the pleasanton military families support group, a group that had supported local veterans for more than 20 years. >> i come here to honor that and respect the fact that we can serve god and country and it inspires me to see that people appreciate the fact that we are americans and we honor
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our flag in our country and recognize the veterans that sacrifice to make it what we are enjoying today. >> a ceremony featuring live music and free ice cream was held at the veterans memorial building following the parade. in san jose, leaders are celebrating the grand opening of coyote creek trails and the mayor and city councilmember at the ribbon cutting ceremony. the trail features over 17 miles of paved paths and one of the longest trail systems extending from the bay to the cities southern boundary, but of course it ran all the way to the golden gate bridge. i am thinking about how the weather cooperated it today for all these events. there is significant rain coming and if it was just 36 hours earlier from the veterans parade in pleasanton to the dipsea race to uld have been a totally different story and it was the
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best day for all of it and let me show you why and we will leave behind the live view of treasure island and you can see the storm building up along the coast and that is where it gets here getting us into tomorrow evening, before we get into the details there is a little perspective on why this will be significant rain. this will be driven in by another one of those atmospheric rivers which is a term that has gotten a lot of play over the last few weeks. this one won't be as significant as the one a few weeks ago. there it is. you can see the condensed narrow ribbon of higher concentrations of water vapor hitting pulled across the pacific and pointing at us. we would have called that a pineapple express in the 80s if it had been coming from hawaii, we have learned so much more about these and they are more widespread than the ones from hawaii and they needed a new scientific designation because they are crucially important to california in the winter and it is best that we really learn to recognize them and a little perspective on them. we can put them on a scale from 1 to 5 and the one on october
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26 was about as strong as they get in here is the one tomorrow. it is moderate. in one snapshot hopefully this gives you the perspective and there will be decent rain and wind, but it won't be as strong as what we had two weeks ago and this will be more manageable and actually more beneficial but it will be a lot of rain and that is tomorrow. at 6:00 in the evening and not until here that the showers begin. for the first half of tomorrow you don't get rain but by monday night you do especially in the north bay and i will let this play. watch what happens monday night overnight. this is midnight and areawide by this point and it hangs around through the morning commute on tuesday. there we are tuesday at 6:00 a.m. and here we are tuesday at eight a clock a.m. with follow-up showers a plan and rain for tuesday mornings commute but the most impressive rain will be late monday into very predawn tuesday and once we get past 3:00 a four clock in the morning, the worst of
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the rain is done and the wind will get better as well and if you look at the totals you will see what i mean a look at the definition of good rain which is about 2 inches for santa rosa and we could get an inch of the city and three quarters of an inch for the inland valleys of the east bay and one quarter of an inch in san jose but it does get windy is with the wind gusting to near 40 mph at some of the strongest times as we get into the monday night or tuesday timeframe. as far as the temperatures go, the low for tomorrow morning is back into the mid-to upper 40s in the daytime highs will climb into the low to mid 60s and as we look across the seven-day forecast you will see the rain for monday and tuesday is the only part of the story that matters and everything else will be sunnier and warmer. back over to you. i am here with the good and bad and we are getting ready for warriors basketball and the bad is the 49ers. we ntfrek wi nds rnover what pped tod t is
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mccoy got to start in the game plan seems simple, take care the ball and the second touchdown and returning with a fumble and led to the first touchdown of the game and looking for points in the first quarter but they opened up the playbook and the receiver and wesley down at the goal line and the very next play james connor when after the second score of the game and 14-0 cardinals in the second quarters the niners driving in arizona territory and brandon made the catch and got a fumble of the football and the 49ers second turnover of the game with 17-7 cardinals in the 3rd quarter. and as we turn our attention to mccoy who avoided a rush and dumped it off to james connor and i can't say enough about him and he weaved through a bunch of 49er defenders and how about this a 45 yard touchdown
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and 24/7 arizona and they finish it off with another error and benjamin and patrick on his way to another arizona touchdown and won the game 31- 17 and they fell 3-5 and at levi stadium and over year. >> i am obviously wrong but i was surprised and i thought we had a great week of practice and i thought our guys were on it in the meetings are week and i felt the energy before the game and very caught off. in new york after a tough week dealing with this tragedy and they came up firing in the first quarter and jones with a tight end and 7-0. and on that play and he will get an answer and tied the game. and they are hoping that he could help fill the void left epd rit infront past and 17-13
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giants 20-16 and the 4th quarter carlson had a chance to cut the deficit to 20 minus one and a chip shop with 25 yards and the shortest miss of his career in the raiders got the ball back and it is under thrown and picked off by mckenney and his first multi- interception of the game in less than a minute to go the raiders in the red zone and it was sacked and lost the football and the rookie linebacker forced the turnover and three turnovers and the giants got it 23-16 and the raiders fell to 5-3. >> how about some good news, raiders fans? desean jackson announced he is signing with vegas for the
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remainder of the season and the former cal star was released by the rams earlier this week. >> bacteria thrive center chase center we are getting ready for warriors basketball and they will run up and down the floor with the rockets and he got the night off and without him in the game it gives more minutes to other players like gary payton the second. this fella 14 points against charlotte on wednesday and fired it up with 17 friday night and the son of gary payton continues to make a name for himself and appears to have finally found a home in the nba. >> i am trying to stay ready and have been doing that for five years now and when the opportunity presents itself do it. >> he is more than earned his place on this team and he has to be out there more often and give him more of an opportunity
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to play. >> the son of gary payton whose nickname is the glove and asked for gary payton the second, some people call him the mitten and i like to call him young
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that is it for us at 5 and we will see you back here at 6 for an hour of news. >> the cbs weekend news is next and we are back in 30 minutes. we will you then.
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♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight, bracing for battle. as president biden gets set to sign a bill to improve the nation's infrastructure, democrats get set for the next spending fight within their own party. >> democrats have majorities in both houses. and the american public expects us to deliver. >> duncan: also tonight, open borders. america welcomes back international visitors for the first time in 18 months. >> reporter: i'm carter evans in los angeles where u.s. borders are about to reopen to international travelers. >> duncan: plus, covid checkup. shots for kids and rising infections in the west. we'll ask dr. david agus aboutai fe' thwinter aad. police search for answers into the concert crush that killed


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