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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 6, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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♪♪ now at 11, a east bay baby is dead after getting caught up in a freeway gun battle. we are live with the latest. the lasting impact a san francisco woman could face after a unprovoked paintball attack. >> my i filled up with blood. a vaccination clinic like you have never seen before. how it hopes to get shots into bay area children. police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a baby on interstate 880 this afternoon. >> a gun battle between two cars on oakland freeway killed a innocent baby boy today, that shooting happened on interstate
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880. we are live there. what can you tell us? >> paramedics rushed that baby boy to oakland children's hospital. doctors could not save him. a stray bullet hit the baby boy in the head. family members gathered at oakland children's hospital in tears, they tell me the baby boy was 23 months old. one month shy of his second birth day. his name was jasper. his mom was driving in a white lexus southbound on interstate 880. other relatives were in the car including three kids in the back. they say as they reached downtown oakland, all of a sudden a single shot hit jasper. >> we are getting reports of shots fired.
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they have another call in. a child is bleeding from the head. >> reporter: oakland police later shut down 880. evidence recovered from the freeway indicated there was a rolling gun battle between two cars in the northbound direction. it was around 2:10 pm this afternoon. a bullet hit jasper traveling southbound. detectives have not released any suspect information or a motive. one suspect vehicle was a dark collared chrysler 300. chp is asking people who witnessed the gunbattle to call them. >> you hope there are maybe some cameras along 880 that may have caught the gunfire. what do you know more about the victim's family? >> reporter: we know the family lives in fremont. the victims and says the mother who was driving the car is a single mom and jasper was her
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only child. the single mom speaks mandarin and very little english which is why relatives are trying to help her set up a gofundme page to help her pay for a funeral. it is a sad situation. a live look at san francisco were a woman is facing permanent blindness in one eye after being shot in the face with a paintball gun. betty has more on the unprovoked attack. >> reporter: the victim says she was sitting here waiting for the bus around midnight here at sunset when she was struck in a unprovoked attack. she still does not know if she will be permanently blind in one eye. after wrapping up a fun day on outside land on halloween weekend, zoe says her night took a violent turn. she shared these photos of her injuries after she was hit in a
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drive-by paintball shooting. her partner was standing in front of her while they waited >> a car drove by and shot us from the car, never stopped. it hit him six times in the back, i got hit in the leg, hand and i. my i immediately filled with blood. >> reporter: zoe said the car drove off at a high rate of speed. >> it is healing nicely outside, inside there is nothing there. >> reporter: she says she has no idea why somebody shot at her. >> i want to think it is kids on halloween, this is irreversible. >> reporter: the 29-year-old resident of four years is a colorist that spoken wheel. she is not sure if she will be able to fully return to work. >> i want somebody to know, if this is happening in your
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neighborhood, come forward and help me. i am blind and i did not do anything. >> reporter: zoe has to see a specialist every day indefinitely and doctors have to wait for the internal bleeding to stop to evaluate. she has a gofundme page to help with medical expenses. kpix 5. travis scott is speaking out after his houston concert turned chaotic resulting in the deaths of 8 people. a reported 50,000 people were at the astro world event, packing the venue so tight several people were trampled and many were put into ambulance that drove into crowds. some passed out and others suffered cardiac arrest. scott went to social media to address that deadly night.
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>> any time i make out anything that is going on i will stop the show and help them get the help they need. i can never imagine this situation. police are also investigating whether or not somebody at the concert was injecting people with drugs. a cash deal for a car turned deadly after a teenager responded to a online advertisement. 19-year-old michael's family say he responded to a car for sale. officers say when he met the seller, 24-year-old strange, she shot and killed him. >> he said he went out the day before to look at the car. he said they were totally friendly. part of me wishes we just bought him a car but that is not how michael work. he was fiercely independent and wanted to do this his own way.
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>> it is not clear what happened in the moments leading to the shooting. strange is facing homicide charges. the cdc says 70% of all american adults are fully vaccinated. 80% have gotten at least one dose. in the bay area, parents along the peninsula at a mass vaccination site is looking to make the shots seem less scary. it includes friendly characters, games and treats to distract them during the visit. >> i was scared but it was not bad. >> they gave us snacks and juice. >> i want to protect my children as well as those around them. it has been a long time that we have been going through the pandemic. >> hundreds of children revaccinated today in the clinic says it should have more appointments available this
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upcoming wednesday through next saturday. a live look at capitol hill, president biden celebrating a big victory for what he calls a once in a generation investment in america. after spending trillions on relief, this bill is set to provide money for infrastructure as well as expanding broadband access and replacing leadpipe pipes. it comes out to a cost of $10,000 for every man woman and child in the country. >> these are big transformative bills, both of them are about 3.2 trillion, they are big investments and they are urgently needed. >> the white house now needs to take in and get the sending democrats, that bill has no republican support. coming up, how a northern california veteran who lost everything in a fire is getting creative to cope. why a wine is not tasting
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so hot. just in time for the holidays, where boats were spotted kicking off the crab season. you will see more blue sky tomorrow then today but that is a hedge fake because there is a good widespread soaking rain coming for the 2nd half of monday into tuesday and we will look at that coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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make your everything better with better than bouillon. we have breaking news, two people are dead after a shooting in oakland on my lakota avenue after 9 pm tonight. crews say they found two people dead and two people injured. the injured victims were taken to a local hospital. crews have blocked the avenue off of main street as they investigate. we will have more tomorrow morning. a navy veteran who lost her home in the 2018 camp fire has found a creative way to cope.
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reporter molly has how she is turning ashes into art. >> you have to rise from the ashes or you will get buried in them. >> november 8 marks three years since the campfire destroyed britney's home. >> it was not just my home, also my hometown. >> reporter: this is what was left of her house. >> it felt like the end of the world. >> reporter: after britney fled the flames she returned to paradise hoping to make something out of anything that was left. >> what do i do with this ash and 30 pieces? make something beautiful i guess. >> it is beautiful. mixed-media artwork that physically and symbolically represents survival. britney starts with a blank canvas as non-toxic ink and then the treasures she forward chose out of what is left of
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paradise. as more people in california lose their homes to wildfires, britney's message is find the thing that pulls you out of the ashes. >> i hope people can find something. i can really cope with it and move on. meanwhile effects from the cow door fire is affecting the quality of wine. a new challenge, how to keep the essence of ash from there bottles of wine. they had the grapes, the wine chased smoky like somebody put their cigarette out and it. not something they are hoping for. >> given the scale and the potential risk i think we escaped relatively unscathed.
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>> one winery was done harvesting red one, one makers say 20% of their production was impacted. vaccines are not just for humans, otters are also getting the job, the aquarium is vaccinating the sea otters, they are still on the endangered list and they want to reduce the risk of a outbreak. there is evidence that ferrets, minks and otters are susceptible to the virus. the report says so far 8 otters have been vaccinated. none of the aquariums otters have tested positive. there is good news for crab lovers, recreational crab fishing is in session, the department of fish and wildlife gave the green light today. th s us ab traparout, ey want to prevent whales and sea
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turtles from getting tangled. fishermen are already added off of pacifica, not that it was that busy for all of them. >> it was a slow day for me, i only caught 2 crabs for opening at midnight today. >> that was good news for people hoping to have crab on the dinner table for the holidays. some great clouds were spotted in the north bay, we have video to show you, no rain but that will change in the work week. >> not tomorrow. >> that is the one thing missing tomorrow, it was cloudy most of today, tomorrow is the better day of the weekend if you like blue sky. it will be a head fake. you think's are clearing out. monday will be widespread rain. we look at the totals we can get monday night into tuesday, it is not like the last week
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storm from sunday but it will be fueled by a atmospheric river, a weak one. that will be good rain and i will try to put specific numbers on what that means. the clouds will clear out tomorrow, you get sunshine back here the next system developing works its way across the pacific. that is where it is by monday afternoon. we will play through one of the more high resolution models. by monday evening at 6 pm it has started in the north bay. the rain has already begun and we should settle in. that gets us ahead into the evening hours of sunday and now we are into the late night hours of monday. this is all monday. overnight monday into tuesday it gets more impressive, that is 3 am tuesday. notice the pattern, the most impressive rain from 6 pm monday through 6 am on tuesday.
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focused on the north bay. which is what the last system dead. that is still the case as the best organized rain keeps going up. not to say we do not see rain south of the golden gate, we will but this will be focused in the north bay for the majority of this time. by the time we get into the late morning and early afternoon, things quiet down. by early afternoon tuesday it will be done. there is a long window of time where we will get good steady rain and the totals will start to add up. look at santa rosa, a inch and a quarter, that is good rain however, what happened two weeks ago, santa rosa got 5 inches. a huge difference. we could still see minor localized flooding and the totals will be higher in the mountains which means more runoff and things to watch for in terms of minor localized landslides. it is not as significant a risk
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as it was. look at san jose, three quarters of an inch of rain is good. i think the models are overdoing it. now there is also wind with this and you will see the screen light up as we get into monday night and into the overnight hours we could see gusts up to 25-30 miles per hour in communities where we live, not just the mountains and that means you could get broken branches off of trees. maybe even another downed tree in the neighborhood. there is still a lot of stressed trees out there so dirty mile-per-hour gusts could have implications and there will be snow in the sierra. it is not a dumping but it will be good news. morning lows start cool, with clear skies. we go down to 37 in santa rosa, only 47 in san jose and for daytime highs, even though it will be a sunny day, we are
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still only going to the mid 60s for most locations, mid 60s across the board. the seven day forecast shows the rain for monday and tuesday. second half of monday and first half of tuesday and then we're done, we even get a nice warm- up towards the end of the week. we see daytime highs climbing back up into the low 70s by the time we get to next friday. i am back here with one thing, actually 2 for saturday night, not just one segment, we are giving you two. just overcome a thriller for san jose state,
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table, 49ers are slight favorites when they host in 14 hours, a 2nd straight victory gives them a 4-4 record. eliza mitchell is a game day decision. ford, sadly, he moved to injured reserve today. the back issues are too much. he has played 18 games since signing with them three years ago. step over to college football, issues start ryan glover, 24 players and 5 coaches stayed home. the longest play of the game, glover to crawford, 30 yards. arizona willed themselves to be victorious. michael broke a tie with two minutes to play, arizona held, 10-3 and the losing streak is
11:24 pm
over. sending the bears to a 3-6 record. san jose state coach cheered his team on at nevada. a chance to tie it, two minutes left, nick found derek, that tied the game at 24. the wolfpack drove the field and brandon played hero. kicked a 45 yard field goal and took it. 27-24, dropping the spartans to a 5-5 record. utah is next. high school football, he had himself a day for number one ranked lancers football. st. francis of 3, he took the handoff and did this, inside the 5, he bounced outside. he rushed for a school record 344 yards. 3rd quarter, andrew, got behind the padres defense, josh found him, 43 yard score.
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francis beat another giant, 44- 21, it sealed the wca title for the lancers. segment one is put to bed and segment two is coming, ahead, the short tank was jumping. with new jersey in town, 3 periods of this nhl game if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away,
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911,
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and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. the nhl and the sharks, it's coach and several players in protocol, they missed this homestand but not a packed house. brick before the game snuck out to watch his son take the ice. the apple did not fall far. i guess the devils, a 3rd period assist to jonathan, at this point the sharks led to -1. later in the 3rd, a lot of traffic developing above the goalie. james got him out of position and up for the devils to score. the game finished on a shoot out, the door was open for damon and he did not miss.
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new jersey took it, 3-the sharks homestead finished with a record of 2-2-1. tied game with boston, for the victory, mavericks took its, 107-104. a rare sight, a fox on the loose, 1st quarter of the arizona state game. probably terrified. look at this quick exit. now you see him and there he goes. by the way the sun devils beat the trojans, 3116 or as my crafty colleague brian would probably say, arizona state is outfoxed. this is something he would say? >> no, only
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finally a updates on the seal pup recovering at the marine mammal center. he was discovered wandering the streets near the richmond bridge. workers say iv is responding well to treatment for malnutrition and they are hoping this little guy will graduate to full-sized fish in a couple of weeks. he is in good hands after being discovered. jules has a important note. >> shares sings the song if i can turn back time, remember to move your clocks back one hour.
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