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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 6, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and we do not know the condition of the child at this time. let us show you some video. the law enforcement source tells me it was a rolling gun battle between two cars on interstate 880 in the downtown oakland area . the victim has nothing to do with the two car gunbattle. but the victim's car was caught in the crossfire. listen to this radio traffic. >> we are getting reports of shots fired southbound 880 , someone was shot. they said there was another call in and a child is bleeding from the head. they are in a white lexus. they are saying southbound 880 maybe the broadway offramp. >> reporter: unknown how the child is doing. and also no suspect information at this time. let's come back live now. the chp is leading the
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investigation and the oakland police department is assisting with the investigation. we will try to get more information and update you as we get that information. live in downtown oakland, i am da lin . let's take a look at the traffic map. lanes of interstate 880 are back open after being closed for two hours and drivers are seeing residual delays . we will watch this breaking story. looking live out of san francisco, cloudy today but not bad as we do have some rain on the way. >> meteorologist darren peck joining us . rain tomorrow? >> sunny tomorrow. >> she was just testing you. >> it is monday when he gets here. a few light showers, flurries in the sierra. let's go to the wider view because the next system is all the way out here. put that into the futurecast
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and bring it forward, after a sunny sunday and most of monday in fact will be fine. but by the second half of monday, that says 4:00 in the afternoon, a very well organized system. that will bring bay area rain monday night into tuesday morning. probably the most impressive time frame of it is right here because that is the leading edge of a very organized line where you see the yellow and orange lined up. monday night is not the only time it will rain. we will play this through your tuesday and show you what it means for morning and evening commutes. we will put rainfall totals on this. i will see you with that in a few minutes. on the fight against the coronavirus, a major push to getting more people vaccinated. >> the cdc is making its way for kids five to 11 to get vaccinated and the biden administration is mandating workers get it in places with
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100 employees or more. >> we are live with why some say it is needed to stop the pandemic. >> reporter: the focus here was on families choosing to get their young children vaccinated. businesses at the same time will have to decide if they will wire the vaccine for their employees and there are some lawsuits to challenge that. one bay area law firm involved in the fight. those advocating for the vaccine say all of the steps are necessary in the final phase is to try to stop covid- 19. employers with 100 workers or more will have 30 days to decide if they want to look at the vaccine or regular testing for the employees. by january 4th, the policy needs to begin. in california, that is more than 15,000 companies or over 60% of the state workforce. >> this made it is a good step forward, the timeline is
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reasonable given folks people have had quite some time. >> reporter: the bay area council has almost 300 members with many that will need to follow the mandate. the organization endorses the move as our region is one that still has not seen the same job growth as other communities of our size. >> it is very clear that covid- 19 is here to stay. we will always have cases of covid-19 and covid-19 will continue circulating throughout the world . >> reporter: doctors say that while mandate should not be the way to protect everyone, they are necessary so we can get covid-19 controlled to a disease similar to the flu. >> the goal is to stop covid , that is what we are focused on. >> reporter: not just workers but the youngest members of the community,, too, kids five to 11 able to get the vaccine. >> getting a shot is not the most pleasant express for children but they made it lot of activities wait.
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for the kids. a positive experience. >> reporter: the goddess of age or whether you are in school or going to work, the approach is similar. >> the measures taken to vaccinate as many people as possible are the right thing to do. >> reporter: experts say encourage with incentives but be prepared to require the vaccine with a mandate when you have no other choice. >> our region cannot get back on his feet until vaccination rates are where they need to be. >> we are a few days into the mandate, are any bay area companies going to follow this requirement? >> reporter: gap is doing it as they require proof of vaccination to enter any of their bay area offices, that started in september and wells fargo telling us that they will comply with the mandate. now we know, with the lawsuits, the local law firm hoping they can get involved and stop something before the january
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4th deadline. a big turnout at vaccine events across the bay area today as the san pablo library held a car show and a mobile vaccine clinic, the event called low riders at the library where people checked out the cars and learned about their resources. there were arts and crafts tables and book giveaways. you can register for a library card and get a covid-19 vaccine at a pop up clinic . this was a new experience. >> we have not done anything like this before. we brought a lot of organizations together, we have talked about what people need and how to get it to them. we are very happy to do something like this. >> in san francisco, family friendly vaccine sites open in the excelsior neighborhood were kids could get their first dose of the pfizer vaccine. you can go to our website, , for details on where you can get dren inat. irfield poce were the arrested a suspect and what
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officers are calling an online purchase gone wrong as police responded to tyler street on thursday afternoon where they found a 19-year-old shooting victim. investigators say the man responded to a car for sale at on the offer of outcome he broadcast for the transaction and was killed and fairfield police arrested a 24-year-old man here to alejo police are investigating their 16th homicide of the year, the shooting happening on rice avenue after 11:30 last night. police say they found a 41-year- old male with one gunshot wound. new video into the newsroom, foster city police are looking for a suspect walking up to cars and seeing if they are unlocked. a home security camera shows the suspect and another person checking cars. this footage is in the alden park area. the suspect's car is described as a 2011 gray honda pilot. dublin police are warning residents that a large animal sighting in a residential neighborhood so they are advising residents to keep kids and pets indoors.
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police say they received a report of either a coyote or mountain lion near fallon road. residents are being urged not to approach the animal and just call police. we do have some good news for crab lovers as recreational dungeness crab fishing is now in session. >> the department of fish and game gave the green light today but there are a few restrictions. the department is restricting the use of crab traps because they want to prevent humpback whales and sea turtles from getting tangled up in them. hoops and stairs are permitted. the fishermen were already added off pacifica, not that it was that busy of a day for some. >> a slow day for me, i only caught two crabs for opening at midnight today. it was good for other people. >> welcome news for people having crap on their holiday tables. they live look at our bay area bridges, skyhigh gas prices are hitting everyone hard at the pump.
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gasoline prices are inching towards an all time high. according to aaa, the statewide average is now $4.62 per gallon, the highest price ever in california is $4.87 per gallon in october of 2012. one expert says the spike has multiple causes, first and foremost the cost of a barrel of oil and gasoline taxes have gone up significantly since october of 2012. now, totally just shy of $.67 per gallon in california. another piece of blame is the recent atmospheric river that has pounded the bay area and his refineries for nearly 24 hours. much of the refining equipment is outdoors and got pounded by the weather we had. still ahead, streaming on cbsn bay area, a glass of wine with a side of ash? the northern california wineries grappling with the aftermath of all the wildfires. >> sea otters with a dose of
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protection, why the monterey bay aquarium is vaccinating its auditors. >> reporter: i am in oakland where pepsi is helping black- owned restaurants with national
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the caldor fire burned more than 220,000 acres and destroyed dozens of homes . even though the flames are out, it is still threatening something else, the quality of california wine. we have more on the growing concern for the wine industry . >> and ashley wet cigarette taste or smell. >> i have never dealt with a problem like this. for winemakers in el dorado county, how to keep those not so delicious flavors out of a
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bottle of wine. >> you can taste the smoke. >> reporter: this winery off of forrest springs trail was on the line of the caldor fire . >> it is like fog but heavy fog. >> reporter: the grapes have been harvested. 95 tons of them. the wine is over two weeks old and fernando says he can taste the remnants of smoke. >> it is bad. >> reporter: some varieties are more impacted because of the way the grapes absorbed smoke compounds through their skin. >> the bottling of 2020. >> reporter: of the road, the same concern before harvest. >> we have not had that in any of our wine . >> reporter: harvesting flights was nearly over when the caldor fire started and the rest i did not make the cut were left behind, 15% to 20% of production impacted. >> it is a shame we could not
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get all of our cabernet off but given the scale and potential risk, we escape relatively unscathed. >> reporter: they were further from the fire and most days the smoke was gone by noon. with harvest over, they have wine with the right flavors in the works . with every great, it will be a few months before a decision is made with what to do with the 2021 harvest. >> we will come up with a solution. covid vaccines are not just for humans , otters are getting the job, the monterey bay aquarium is vaccinating his daughters, they are on the endangered list and the aquarium was to reduce the risk of a covid outbreak . the mercury news reports there is evidence that ferrets, minks, and otters are susceptible to the virus and the reports as at least eight otters have been vaccinated with two doses and none of the animals have tested positive for covid . a big honor for harvey
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milk, the u.s. naval ship harvey milk was christened in san diego today, the second ship in the fleet boiler program for u.s. navy as harvey milk served four years in the navy before being forced out. he championed the fight for civil rights for the gay community. he was killed in 1978 with a mayor at city hall. >> i am certain captain white and his crew will operate her with the same tenacity and courage displayed by harvey milk and be ready to meet any challenge they may face in the days, years, head. get ready for an extra hour of sleep, daylight savings time ends tomorrow so set your clocks back one hour at 2:00 in the morning and make sure to do that before going to bed so no one wants to start monday morning one hour early. i guess, sunday morning. why is darren peck showing us this ?
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>> light snow from the same system that came through early this morning and dropped a couple hundred of an inch of rain in the north bay, then went up to the sierra and that's live. light snow will not last long, this is the close of the system. you can see a little bit on doppler but that is clearing out. let's look ahead, the clouds still overhead but just putting into the futurecast will show us how tomorrow is more sunny. we will play that forward, clear out the clouds, that is sunday through the heart of the day with more blue sky. we will not warm up a lot, mid to upper-60s for daytime highs but it will look ready, tomorrow is a blue sky day and the first part of monday will be that way, too. the second half of monday and tuesday back in the rain business. there is the system on the other side of the pacific. we bring that in and that gets us to monday, second half of the day. watch how this impacts the day.
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this is monday at 4:00 in the afternoon where it is just a few clouds. the rain does not start until the evening. here is the most impressive leading edge we looked at the top of the newscast which gets us into monday evening, north bay, then down through the heart of the bay, now 8:00, 9:00 and this is the best rain, monday night. as that moves overhead, by the time we get into tuesday, we keep a chance of scattered showers throughout the day. that goes all the way through until tuesday morning. now you see what happens. most of tuesday is like the threat of rain here or there. it should not be very widespread on tuesday with a scatter shower at best and the best of the rain is monday night. tuesday morning's commute will have a little bit of rain. the totals look good. the numbers will change a little over the next 24 to 36 hours as we get closer to the system. the closer we get to it, good agreement in the forecast models that the rainfall totals will be healthy and we could
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get one inch or so in north bay communities, maybe a half-inch to three quarters of an inch of rain at the heart of the bay and even in the south bay, a quarter inch of rain. the wind will be a factor. if we play that forward, monday, maybe the mountains light up first which gets us into monday evening. by 9:30. you will notice the wind in the overnight working down into the lower elevations. the national weather service has not put out any wind advisories yet but the numbers are close enough where they may do that and will watch that closely if they do. we will relate messages to you. it will be windy enough with this and we probably will get more broken branches and there still are vulnerable trees from the drought. downed trees could be an issue. but i will stress that the wind coming with the system will not be as bad as it was from the storm two weeks ago, none of it as back, the rain that is heavy or prolonged and the wind will
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not be as bad, the snow will not be as the it will still fall, maybe half a foot to a foot of snow in some high elevations, good news for the resorts with another foot. tomorrow, starting out kind of cool am a 37 in the north bay valleys with daytime highs in the low and mid-60s. it will not feel a lot different than today did. in the seven-day forecast, once we finish with the rain, monday and tuesday have rain on them. we clear out in a hurry and the rest of the seven day looks good with a warm-up, some inland locations back up into the upper-60s and 70 for daytime highs. straightahead in sports, a prominent 49er is on injured reserve. major upset in college football. an upset of a different sort for the california football program.
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welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy.
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but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive college football up top,
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what happens when you have the pac-12 leaderssing ride his leadership and then, boom, covid strikes , you lose him, 23 other players, and five coaches? that is what happened to the california football team this week. barely were able to put together a team for a road game at arizona. the bears started ryan glover, a summer transfer at quarterback instead of chase garber's. the wildcats have problems of their own, a turnover here in the hands of the opponent at arizona came in losing 20 straight games and when california lost 24 players, breakdowns can happen. the snap on the punt snap over his head and he booted it, false start by california wiped away safety. scoreless in the second, will plumber, nobody open, he took off, 21 yard gain led to a dit have the goal and a 3-0 ad
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starting kicker so they turn to the backup, nick lopez, put it through and tie the game. justin wilcox wanted seven points instead of three . arizona with a solid drive with two minutes to go and michael wiley had the only touchdown of the game, 10-3 final, arizona improves to 1-8. the bears fell to 3-6 and here is justin wilcox with the state of his covid stricken team. >> you have instruction from the school or the pac-12 about what has to happen for them to be eligible next week? >> i have not heard anything from the pac-12.this is a city of berkeley, and the campus, they relay the information to
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me. i will belooking forward to sharing more at a later time. i don't think this moment is the time to discuss that. all kinds of characters in west lafayette, indiana, third- ranked michigan state against purdue. a reverse flea flicker bubble screen, look at this, he scampers away, a 39 yard touchdown run and perdue with the big ten shocker, beating the spartans, 40-29. high school ball, a packed house, number three sarah against st. francis. the bird play. 46 yard touchdown, just the start of the big game for atkinson. he gets behind the defense,
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wide open for a 43 yard touchdown. the st. francis roles 44-21. announced earlier today, the 49ers placed dee ford on injured reserve with a back injury, he has three sacks this season but has played just 18 games since signing with the 49ers three years ago. they host the cardinals tomorrow at 1:30. do you remember this, 2011, one of the most memorable soundbites in the history of sports courtesy of then coastal carolina head football coach david bennett. >> you need to be more like a dog, we don't need a bunch of cats in here looking in the mirror. do i look good? i have my extra bands on, my other shoes on, be a dog. we don't need no meows, we don't need no cat, we need more dogs. >> that was josh norman's
6:26 pm
senior year with the chanticleer's, he became the third player ever drafted from the school and 10 years later norman, now with the 49ers, and hinted that rant was about him. how did you take that? >> i came a long way from being a cat. >> he was talking about you? >> well, i mean, i was having fun. we were having fun. dave has always been that guy. you just caught a little snippet of that moment. you see it every day in practice. that did not surprise us. >> those of you at home wondering, how did he get that tall, stepstool. >> you gave it away. coming up in the next half hour, a texas music festival called off after a deadly crowd surge, now concertgoers are
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stu are everybody started pushing when he started streaming . >> one of the narratives was one person was injecting people with drugs. >> is used in music festival turns into a mass casualty incident as paul is confirming that eight people are dead after a concert crowd surged, two teenagers, ages 14 and 16. thank you for joining us. >> the chaos broke out during a performance by trevor scott at the astroworld music festival . >> concertgoers describe the terrifying scene of people crushed and gasping for air. >> reporter: victims at the astroworld concert were rushed away on stretchers .>> the crowd began to compress towards the front of the stage. that caused some panic and it started causing injuries as people fell out.
6:31 pm
they became unconscious and it created additional panic. >> reporter: the stampede broke out after scott took the stagebefore a crowd of about 50,000 at a two day music festival in houston. >> everybody started pushing when he screamed to get as close as they can to get a picture. it went to hell from there. >> reporter: 11 concertgoers were in cardiac arrest police say.>> there was a person that fell and everyone was trying to pick him up but the crowd was too tight. >> reporter: some families have not heard from loved ones and are coming to this hotel to wait for answers. scott said he is devastated and that the houston police department has his totalsupport as they look into the tragic loss of life. the investigation is likely to focus on safety protocols at the event.
6:32 pm
houston police are getting reports of a drug spiking incident at the festival and one involving a security officer. >> one of the narratives was that some individual was injecting other people with drugs. we do have a report of a security officer, according to the medical staff, that was out and treated him last night, that he was reaching over to restrain or grab a citizen and he felt a in his neck. when he was, he went unconscious, they administered narcan, he was revived and the medical staff did notice a >> those who died range from 14 to 27, 13 people are hospitalized. president joe biden is hailing the passage of the $1 trillion infrastructure package
6:33 pm
as a monumental step forward as last night house democrats resolved the standoff. we spoke with a member of congress from the east bay about how lawmakers finally got the tax-and-spend bill across the finish line. >> this bill is the most significant investment in 20 years. >> reporter: this congressman says the bill invest nearly $1.2 trillion in the aging infrastructure of the country as roads, bridges, rail lines, and other transportation projects as is the road to this accomplishment was at times as bumpy as the problems it is meant to fix. >> the vast majority goes to be building and investing in our infrastructure, water quality, straight to roads and bridges. but there is also investments in things like new energy. >> reporter: it earmarks money for projects designed to addres change, a second bill that would tackle the root causes of climate change and expand other social spending programs still
6:34 pm
congress. >> these are big transformative bills, both of them are about $3.2 trillion. those are big investments that are needed. >> reporter: passage of the infrastructure bill provides a much-needed boost to the biden administration which saw its approval rating slide as its legislative agenda appeared to stall. >> democracy worked yesterday. it was a tight game. there was controversy but it worked and we got a product that will make people's life significantly better. >> the money will go first to the states and the two local governments who will figure out how to spend the money. the city of san francisco is expected to pay $2.5 million to settle a lawsuit over the killing of an unarmed black man by a rookie police officer. the man was shot and killed in
6:35 pm
december of 2017 as he jumped out of a stolen california state lottery mini to raway. the officer shot him from the passenger seat of a squad car. it was his fourth day on the job and he was fired three months later and now faces a manslaughter charge. the board of supervisors is expected to formally approve the settlement on tuesday. a brazen daylight shooting has left a group of long-time residents rattled and they are wondering if they still love the hate. >> i don't feel safe, my wife doesn't feel safe, the crime is making it hard to live here and want to be here. >> the shooting left a 21-year- old man dead and another wounded. a man who lives nearby told us that he was closer to another shooting in the neighborhood late last month. >> a bullet from that shooting entered my bedroom and it was fortunately stopped by a dresser. a >> that was one of two october shootings that left two more people hurt. auc law school named after
6:36 pm
a man responsible for displacing native americans is going to change, the hastings does not have the power but the board pushed for legislation to change them, the college founded by hastings who wanted to remove a tribe from the contra costa county, i should say from contra costa county. it led to the killings of many members. hundreds of small businesses in san mateo county are hoping a nap will help them draw in new customers, choose local san mateo county offers, sorry, the app named local san mateo county offers users points for shopping, eating, or drinking at participating businesses which can be redeemed later for discounts. >> it will help small businesses because small businesses are definitely suffering. >> it would be interesting to discover and learn about more
6:37 pm
restaurants and stores. if you get savings in the process, that would be fantastic. >> the app launches on monday and features nearly 300 businesses in seven cities. if it does well, it could be expanded countywide. looking without san jose and a latino neighborhood, business owners fearing they could be pushed out. it is a vibrant area, mostly spanish-speaking business district where residents and merchants are concerned that development plans good price them out of the area. next week, the planning commission is set to consider new zoning rules to increase building height limits in the area. locals are concerned that it could lead to big and new housing developments and you race the bustling commercial district that is there now. smack with the pandemic, we were closed for a long time and now with this in front of us, it is scary. >> if this happens, it will be another willow glen, only for
6:38 pm
the rich. >> neighbors are working to fight the proposal ahead of the crucial vote expected next week. the u.s. economy added a better-than-expected 531,000 jobs last month which brought the national on employment rate from 4.8% to 4.6%. ups is one of several companies on a holiday hiring spree as they are holding in person and virtual job fairs across the country through tomorrow. they want to bring on 100,000 seasonal workers. they are not alone, amazon and walmart each want 150,000 workers for the busy upcoming shipping season as target is wanting 100,000 and fedex needs 90,000. elon musk is going to his twitter followers for financial advice after speculation of him avoiding taxes. the billionaire is thinking about selling 10% of his tesla stock and posted a poll on his twitter asking his followers, yes, they support
6:39 pm
him selling the stock, or no, they don't support him selling his stock. 10% of his tesla stock is valued at $21 billion. he tweeted that the only way to pay his taxes is if he sells the stock. he claims he would abide by the results of the poll and so far 1 million people have voted, yes, in the lead, they are saying do it. up next, the bears wild night in southern california, it started with a dip in the pool. plus, she is gorgeous and so rare him at the bear cub
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withn-store coupons. t 14 restrictions apply.key tre secti?'re g ng of itn r see store for details. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ new video of a bear making himself at home in l.a. county. as amy powell reports, shaped up to be quite a wild night.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: a bear in the san dimas neighborhood causing a stir as it walks along walls between homes. it enters a backyard and sniffs around a barbecue grill. residents in the neighborhood warned by police to stay in their homes, the big brown animal taking a dip in the pool in this home. christian brown was on the phone when he looked out the window. >> i see a bear jump in the pool and i told my buddy, i have to get off the phone, i have two film this. the next thing i know the bear is sitting on the steps and taking a bath. the next thing i know, i get a knock on the front door and the sheriff department is here and want to see the backyard. >> reporter: the bear continues to scale walls and poke around in yards as police and animal control workers try to steer it towards the mountainside. at one point it walked along a wall next to the 210 freeway, raising fears it may walk onto the busy roadway.
6:43 pm
a few people recording video of their close encounters with the large animal as it lumbered through a field. >> i sought the bear between the chain-link fence, a lot of people stopped and it seemed peaceful. you never know. >> it jumped the fence next to me and i had to go into a neighbors yard. >> reporter: a night residents of this neighborhood will not forget. >> i was blown away, what a friday night, i was ready for bed and then it is 8:00 and a bear is in the backyard, very surprising. let's continue the wild kingdom theme with an adorable video of a leopard cub taking her debut at the santa barbara zoo. she is named marta, three months old, and the public got to see her for the first time yesterday in santa barbara, this particular brand of leopard is native to northeast asia and critically endangered, there are just a few left.
6:44 pm
coming up, rising from the ashes, the mission to ensure the survival of the most iconic california giants. how some of the hardest hit black-owned businesses rebounded in the east bay. if you have been hearing that monday' as rain has some quality of atmospheric river, we will look at that and i will show you why, even though that is true, the atmospheric river on monday will not be like anything like the one from two
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and 84 foot wide fir tree is now making its way through california to our nations capital building to be decorated as the christmas tree. last week, the so-called people's tree did something that has not been done in more than five decades, that across the golden gate bridge. the tree was cut down in the six rivers national force and move down the california coast. today, it made a stop in pasadena and will be decorated with thousands of ornaments made by california schoolchildren and also adult volunteers. california's giant sequoia's, the largest trees on the planet, are threatened by drought and wildfire, but now researchers are trying to a precarth are on a mission to restore the
6:48 pm
past for the future. unrecognizable in their small size, these tiny trees are young, giant sequoia's. jim clark is with a group working to preserve the agent trees. >> when you have dry mountainsides with dry dead staining timber, it is a tragedy waiting to happen. >> reporter: they are planting 150 saplings on privately owned land in the mountain community of sequoia crest. a wild fire ripped through the region last year, scorching the landscape and killing many large trees. >> what we all agree on is that this area needs help to regenerate. reporter mike lost with each tree our future cones and seeds. >> we are here to help assist the trees that can no longer do what they have done naturally. >> reporter: these trees were cloned from a 220 foot sequoia called the waterfall tree as
6:49 pm
researchers collected clipping seven years ago before it was lost in a wildfire last year. the archangel team nurtured the saplings in the michigan lab until they were ready to be planted in the california mountains. scientists say the trees will have an undeniable environmental benefit. >> they sequester carbon dioxide and, the bigger the tree, the more carbon is sequestered. >> reporter: it is important the trees continue to survive and thrive. >> where planting them for your grandchildren and your grandchildren's grandchildren. >> we are hoping there will be a legacy left for future generations. >> a legacy that will strengthen and grow with time. what a future they will have, it will be a wild but pretty. >> so glad to see them helping after the last two fire seasons. before we get to the rainstorm on monday, tomorrow is fine,
6:50 pm
blue sky, wonderful, low to mid- 60s and you can see be skies clearing out. we will look at sunday in detail in just a bit. monday, the rain, interesting things will happen as you can see the system develop on the other side of the pacific which brings rain on monday afternoon. more on the details of that in one moment. this storm will be fueled by another atmospheric river but not all atmospheric rivers are the same. let's take a moment to look at what we mean when we say that. this is how the atmosphere will be lined up as the storm arrives, you see the long stream of higher concentrations of atmospheric moisture confined in a narrow ribbon and pointed at us. that is the atmospheric river. how strong it is and how long it lasts matter a lot. and where is it coming from? one distinction, we used to call these pineapple express, now we call them atmospheric rivers as there is a very good reason for that. a pineapple express is telling
6:51 pm
you that it is coming up from hawaii and limits the description of these things. this one is not coming from hawaii but coming straight across the pacific in the mid- latitudes and that will change the characteristic of it. it is still in atmospheric river but not a pineapple express. the scientific community has gotten much better at identifying these things and more importantly forecasting in and relating how important they are to the water cycle in california. this will be moderate. don't pay too much attention to the scale, just the top of the black line, that is monday's atmospheric river strength, only moderate, there is a scale on that site that rates these as moderate. this is where the one on monday will be, the one last sunday is all the way up here, extreme to exceptional category, another great way to come up with perspective. this system will have decent rain, it does have an atmospheric river component which is good to recognize but nothing like two weeks ago.
6:52 pm
there is the leading edge of the rain, monday night, starting in the north bay, well organized line of rain, a good sign, you get consistent rain and good totals, maybe half an inch. that is monday night, it stays that way through monday night. tuesday morning, the commute, the best of the rain is over, not lasting all day on tuesday but we will have leftover scattered showers on tuesday. the duration is not as long, that is important, because you do not get pummeled by rain consistently like we did last sunday. but the totals are still okay. if you look at the most recent forecast runs, some overdone, doubtful we will get one inch of rain in san francisco proper but one of the latest forecast models wants to think we will. when you look at the ensembles, altogether, it will be less than that. it will get breezy but not terribly windy. watch the screen light up mainly in the mountains on monday. monday evening, we could have 30 mile an hour gusts amenities where we live.
6:53 pm
the last one was in the 40s. 30 mile per hour gusts can break limbs off of trees and maybe even take a tree down considering how stressed they are from the drought. that will be a concern. tomorrow, the forecast is sunny, watch the clouds clear out. the lows tomorrow morning, cool, 37 in the north bay, mid- 40s for most of the rest of our communities, low to mid-60s later on, even though it is sunny tomorrow, it looks more pretty than today but not warmer. only in the low to mid-60s for daytime highs. there is the rain, second half of the day on monday and mostly tuesday morning, then nothing else after that. but a warm-up. some warmer inland spots like san jose in the low-70s. we see the same story as well in the microclimate
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
welcome back. black-owned businesses are among those hardest hit over the past two years and many are still working to rebound. >> as john ramis shows us, a new effort in oakland helps drive customers to black-owned restaurants. >> reporter: asked anyone who has tried to open a restaurant, they will tell you there is a lot more to it than being a good cook, you need a little blue sometimes, especially true in the african-american trinity. >> it was a place where we could come and be our own bosses. >> reporter: oakland created the black international marketplace at lake merritt to help african-americans realize their dreams of owning their own businesses.
6:57 pm
>> this is our first step, we would love to have a storefront and we all love to be able to leave something for our children because a lot of us are breaking the cycle. a lot of us, our parents never went to college or never finished high school. >> reporter: this was a natural place for pepsico to kickoff dig in day, initial effort to support black-owned restaurants with the goal of generating $100 million of business over the next five years. >> a lot of consumers want to get back to black communities but they don't know how. pepsi doing it is a great way to start. report mike trout kitchen has a storefront in downtown oakland and today they fed people at lake merritt for free from a food truck provided by pepsi. on the menu was cajun style barbecue chicken and macaroni and cheese, or vegan style macaroni and cheese, pepsi paid them for each meal had about and diners were encouraged to use an app to record their receipts from other black-owned restaurants as a way to keep track of the new business
6:58 pm
generated. >> what helps is the word-of- mouth, letting people and no that we exist, the money exist but only goes so far but the word-of-mouth travels forever. >> reporter: a lot of that came from 10-year-old ezequiel brooks. >> delicious. >> this is vegan. >> i know. i am generous, i love to giveaway stuff. >> reporter: today, the food was free and they want to steer customers to black-owned restaurants and businesses so they can great create a virtual marketplace like what they built at lake merritt. >> the people that look like me are out here and it motivates me to keep going. there is a place for us. great idea and a great concept, free food to drive them in and hopefully they will keep shopping and go to the restaurants. they keep watching, we will see you here at 11:00.
6:59 pm
>> until then, the news continues at . ♪ -i love this brand. whoa! am i floating? -not exactly. that's bargain bliss setting in. you're basking in the glow of premium wines at deep discount prices. -feel so tall right now! -i know, right? could you just. while you're up there? -♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ [announcer] our amazing 20 percent off wine sale is going on now through november 9th
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