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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 6, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. breaking news, major backup on 880 in oakland as police investigate a shooting between two cars, we're live with the latest from the chp . deadly chaos at a music festival, why police think someone may have been drugging concertgoers and emergency responders. as for a vaccination clinic like you have never seen, how it wants to get more covid shots into the arms of children . traffic inching along 880 in oakland as the chp investigates a reported shooting . we go live to oakland with more on the investigation.
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>> reporter: we are standing on a bridge about interstate 880, northbound traffic , the northbound side of the traffic has just opened up in the last five minutes. for the past 2 1/2 hours, since around 2:30, northbound traffic was completely shut down. the police shut down northbound traffic to look for evidence, things like shell casings or bullets. as i mentioned and as you can see, northbound traffic just opened up in the last five minutes. citizens app reporting a child was shot in any change of gunfire between two cars, no confirmation from the police and no confirmation on the injury or the condition of the child. traffic indicates the shooting happened around 2:16 p.m. this afternoon and, the police were looking for a dark-colored chrysler 300. let's come back to me. we are waiting for information from the chp and oakland
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police, it looks like, at this point, they are progressing with the investigation and about five minutes ago northbound direction just reopened. we will try to get more information. we will send it back to you. traffic on 880 northbound was shut down . there is a lot of red on the traffic map. if you are going that way, you may want to find a detour. on the peninsula, paris looking to get the children vaccinated, mass vaccination site in san mateo helped get more kids five to 11 there covid vaccine. the family and local leaders say the age group is critical to stopping the pandemic. we are live in san mateo this evening with y. >> reporter: we were able to hear from some of the families who were grateful for this opportunity, easy to get an appointment for their child to
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receive the vaccine. glad to see it was a setting that made it comfortable for the children, because some are too young to understand why they are getting the vaccine. days after the cdc signed off on children five to 11 eating a pediatric dose of the covid-19 vaccine, families in san mateo county wanted to make sure their kids were some of the first. this family says they trust the science. >> i want to protect my children and those around them. it has been a long time we have been going to the pandemic. >> reporter: her kids, six, nine, 11 had different takeaways but were surprised at how easy it was. >> i was scared but it was not bad. >> reporter: inside this playland for kids, friendly characters helping to distract them. >> they gave us snacks, they gave us juice, and we got to watch something. >> reporter: her brother knew why the shot was so important. >> once everybody is vaccinated, a lower percent
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chance that you will catch covid and nobody will catch covid and we can stop wearing masks and the pandemic will stop. >> reporter: other families had a similar experience. >> so i don't get covid. reporter mike parents glad to see so much effort into getting kids vaccinated safely. >> they did a really good job and he was super excited to get it. >> reporter: this group is the last phase of the covid-19 response that will get us past the pandemic experts say . >> what we are doing now is making sure, make no mistake about it, we leave no one behind, including our children. >> reporter: another motivating factor for parents. >> that extra level we needed to make sure we return to normalcy as soon as possible. >> reporter: there has been confusion this evening about
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whether you can show up later and get a walk-up appointment as organizers want to emphasize that is not an option as you must have an appointment today because those who had appointment showed up they were able to give 340 children the vaccine and they will be expanding with more options next week, wednesday through saturday. taking a live look at the white house this evening, a federal appeals court has temporarily stopped the biden administration's vaccine requirement or businesses with 100 or more employees. the ruling by the louisiana three-judge panel did not indicate whether it would have a nationwide impact or only apply to the states under its jurisdiction. lawyers for the biden administration have until 5:00 p.m. on monday to respond to the court stay of the vaccine mandate. a live look in oakland on the saturday evening, more rain is headed towards the bay area and meteorologist darren peck is here to say those words that have become famous by now. >> atmospheric river?
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that is true but nothing like the 12 weeks ago, that was top of the scale and this one is a two. it is a part of it but we should not stress a repeat performance of two weeks ago. it will not be but we have a look, to find monday's rain, we have to look across the pacific as tomorrow will be sunny and beautiful. by monday, now we have a good system sitting off the coast. if you look at the structure of it, there is a long type of moisture across the pacific which means this will be better rain than just sprinkles. as we bring this forward, the leading edge takes us into monday night. that looks pretty good. when we check back in with the complete forecast, we will show you monday and tuesday with rain. more on that later. chaos at a houston music festival as a deadly stampede last night left at least eight people dead, including two teenagers. officers say a 10-year-old is in critical condition. our reporter has new evidence
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that suggests somebody in the crowd may have been drugging concertgoers. >> reporter: victims of the deadly chaos at trevor scott's astroworld concert were brushed away on stretchers . e crowd be towards the front of the stage. that caused some panic and it started causing injuries as people fell out. they became unconscious and it created additional panic. >> reporter: the stampede broke up after scott took the states before a crowd of about 50,000 at a two day music festival in houston. >> everybody started pushing when he screamed to get as close as they can to get a picture. it went to hell from there. >> there was a person that fell and everyone was trying to pick him up but the crowd was too tight. >> reporter: some families have
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not heard from loved ones and are coming to this hotel to wait for er a ce ose to the festival tells us that police are looking into reports of a drug spiking incident in a targeted area of the festival. >> we heard rumors of people injecting drugs. i want to check all that. >> reporter: scott said that he is absolutely devastated and that the houston police department has his total support as they look into the tragic loss of life. the investigation is likely to focus on safety protocols at the event. it has been more than 40 years since another well-known deadly stampede, 1979, 11 people died and two doesn't hurt when thousands of fans try to rush into the cincinnati riverfront coliseum to see the who. fairfield police have arrested a suspect after one person is killed and police are calling it an online purchase gone wrong. police responded to an incident
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on tyler street around noon on thursday as they say they found a 19-year-old man dead with gunshot wounds. the man responded to a car for sale at on the offer up at and he brought cash to the transaction and was shot. fairfield police arrested a 24- year-old of san pablo and police are continuing to investigate the incident. coming up, $1 trillion infrastructure bill finally passes in congress. coming up, more on the battle and if we even know where all that money will be going. a look at the major honor for california's first openly elected official, harvey milk. and why wine from northern
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i don't think it is an exaggeration to suggest we took a monumental step forward as a nation. >> president joe biden is praising the passage of a $1 trillion infrastructure package last night. house democrats resolved a months long standoff. we spoke with a member of congress from the east bay about how lawmakers finally got the bill across the finish line. >> this bill is the most significant investment in 20 years. >> reporter: the congressman says the bill invest nearly $1.2 trillion in the country's aging infrastructure, roads, bridges, rail lines, and other transportation projects and says the road to this legislative accomplishment was at times as bumpy and marked as the problems it is meant to fix. >> the vast majority goes to
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rebuilding and investing in our infrastructure, water quality, streets and roads and bridges. but there was also important investments in things like our new energy. >> reporter: the bill earmarks money for projects designed to address the impacts of climate change, a second bill that would tackle the root causes of climate change and expand other social spending programs still has to be hammered out by congress. >> these are big and transformative bills, both of them are about $3.2 trillion, those are big investments that are vastly needed, urgently needed. >> reporter: passage of the infrastructure bill provides a much-needed boost to the biden administration of which saw its approval rating slide as his legislative agenda appeared to stall. >> democracy work yesterday. it was a tight game. there was controversy but it worked. we got a product that will make people's lives significantly
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better. money will go first to the state and the local governments who will figure out which transportation projects to spend it on. a big honor for california's first openly elected official, the u.s. naval ship harvey milk was christened in san diego today. the second sheet in the fleet euler program for the u.s. navy, milk served four years in the navy the poor being forced out and championed the fight for civil rights for the community. he was on the san francisco board of supervisors in 1978 when he was killed along with a mayor in city hall. hundreds of thousands of people across the world are protesting climate change as part of the global day of action today. the groups are demanding action from world leaders attending the united nations cop26 conference to some say are not meeting their commitment to stopping climate change. large groups of protesters could be spotted in major cities across the world as
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thousands carrying signs and marching in london, sydney, australia, and amsterdam it is seeking to raise enough commitment from the world leaders to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees celsius above preindustrial levels. that would require the will to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. effects from the caldor fire affecting the quality of wine in el dorado county, they need to keep the essence of ash on the vines as wineries near the fire had the grapes absorb the smoke of the fires, the variety of grapes were affected and winemakers say that wine tasted smoky, almost as if you had put a cigarette out in the wind. they say they have never had to deal with a problem like that before. >> it is a shame we cannot get all our cabernet off but given the scale and potential risk, we escaped relatively unscathed. >> one winery is done
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harvesting white one before the fire. winemakers say 20% of their product was impacted. usually it is one that is impacting the product and that is what is happening here. >> we could have a lot more rain coming. >> that is good. >> a lot more? >> especially in el dorado county, it will drop inches of rain in the mountains on monday, in the northbay mountains as well, a good storm and its ability to pull moisture in from the pacific but not be as impressive or as impactful as the one from two weeks ago but it will have similar characteristics we should recognize. first of all, light leftovers from the rain this morning, we got a couple of struggles and northbay this morning which is now dropping like snow in the sierra and that system coming to a close. on the futurecast, if we play that forward, we get more sunshine tomorrow than anything else. sunday is by far the better day of the weekend if you like clear blue skies. plenty on sunday. monday, the next system, which
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right now is way out there. we play this forward, reel it in, by monday afternoon we have another system off the coast. it is doing something important. watch the end of the rain extend out into the pacific. if we look at the water vapor imagery, that is a telltale sign the storm will be fueled by another atmospheric river. a huge distinction, the one from two weeks ago was at the top of the scale, very intense, category five on a scale that goes to five, this is a two. it will not be as impressive but it will bring good rain to the mountains. watch the timing on this. monday night is when we start to notice the rain coming into the north bay. see that organized a line? yellows and oranges, the continuous straight-line, always a good sign for a system that has his act together and that is where you get some of the better rain. in this case, monday night. monday night through the north bay, the heart of the bay and to the 8:00, 9:00 timeframe,
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the timing will likely just as we are still 48 hours away. the timing will shift up or back a little bit but in general this is where it is now. into the day on tuesday, it keeps raining. it does not rain as impressively as it will monday overnight when we get the study line. but tuesday scattered showers all day and plan on rain for the tuesday morning commute. not that bad on tuesday evening but the streets will still be wet. when you look at the totals, maybe half-inch, three quarters of an inch of rain, some numbers are on the high side. one of the forecast run says we get some incentives to. let's give us more time to play out. we should not overlook that as a real possibility because we now know this system does have a strong effect of moisture stretching all across the pacific from another moderate atmospheric river. it will be good rain, especially in the mountains and stays on monday and tuesday. we are done by wednesday.
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we have sunshine and a warming trend, things look pretty good for the remainder of the seven- day forecast. straightahead in sports, a 49ers player was just placed on injured reserve. who? and all kinds of drama around the berkeley football team, why they barely were able to field a team before a (background talking and laughing) ♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately...
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college football, blocking him a tackling, executing plays, that is a tough task in its own right. but when covid is your opponent , there is the berkeley story, they started a transfer at quarterback. shorthanded, they were in arizona who have problems of their own. a turnover here. arizona came in having lost 20 straight games. when you lose 24 players, breakdowns can happen.
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the step of the pond over the head of jamison. false start on cal wiped out a safety. scoreless in the second half, the arizona quarterback, nobody open, he took off running, a 21 yard gain led to a wildcat field gold and a 3-0 lead. cal responded with a gain of 30 yards, the longest play of the game. the bears did not have the starting kicker so they turn to their backup, nick lopez, right on through, tying the game. justin wilcox hope for more than just a field goal. arizona with the solid drive two minutes of the game could 10-3, arizona gives the victory and improves to 1-8 while the bears are 3-6. the coach on his covid issues .
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>> you have instruction from the school or the pac-12 about what has to happen for them to be eligible next week? >> i have not heard anything from the pac-12. this is a city of berkeley, and the campus, they relay the information to me. looking forward to sharing more at a later time. i don't think this moment is the time to discuss that. developing story. did he think it was still halloween? wake forest is unbeaten on the road at north carolina. wake forest up a touchdown but here come the tar heels. they tied the game. chandler with the big day. look at this play. under two minutes, he extend the lead for my north carolina with a 50 yard run and he rushed for 213 yards and four touchdowns, north carolina
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broke the hearts of the wake forest fans as they outlast wake forest in this acc battle, 58-55. high school football, several high school, full house, number three against number one st. francis. second quarter, st. francis up by three points. josh perry, andrew atkinson, 46 yard play. atkinson was not done. third quarter, st. francis up by six. they carved the defense, a 43 yard touchdown. with just two minutes left, st. francis leads, 44-21 on the field of the sarah padres. the 49ers placed ford on injured reserve with a back injury, he has three sacks on
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the seasons, playing just 18 games since signing with the 49ers three years ago, the 49ers host the cardinals tomorrow. let's take you back one decade, 2011, one of the greatest soundbites in the history of sports. this is courtesy of former coastal carolina football coach dave bennett. >> you need to be more like a dog, we don't need cats in here, looking in the mirror, do i look good? i have my other shoes, be a dog. we don't need no meows, we don't need no cats, we need more dogs. >> that was quarterback josh norman's senior year with the chanticleer's and he became the third player ever drafted out of that school, 10 years later he is now with the 49ers and he headed that the ramp was about him. >> how did you take that? >> i came a long way from being a cat. >> he was talking about you?
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>> well, i mean, i was having fun, we were having fun. i don't know what you want to call it but we were having fun. dave has always been that guy just caught a snippet of that moment. we see it every day in practice. that did not surprise us at all. >> i did not see that coming, i was interviewing him and throughout a question and he
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that is it for us. cbs weeken captioning sponsored by cbs >> yuccas: tonight, concert crush. at least eight are killed as rapper travis scott performs on stage, hundreds hurt in houston, some of them children. the latest on the police investigation. oarpt i'm lilia luciano in hoston where authorities have launched a criminal probe into what caused the crowd surge. >> yuccas: also tonight, done deal. the house passes a massive bipartisan infrastructure bill. some republicans join in, some democrats drop out. president biden celebrate, calling it long overdue. >> finally, the sausage is made. >> yuccas: plus, new vaccination sites open this weekend, and they're kid friendly. climate protests go global. >> reporter: i'm roxana saberi in glasgow, scotland, where protrs


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