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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 5, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live, from the bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a prominent ucsf doctor weighing in on what's being called a ground breaking treatment in the fight against covid. pfizer claims its new experimental drug significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization and death in patients. good afternoon, i'm len kiese. >> jocelyn moran is live for us in the news room. what did you learn? >> reporter: this is a pill we are talking about. pfizer says it cut the risk of hospitalization and death by nearly 90%. experts say this could be another tool we have against this virus. >> i was really amazed by how
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effective it was. >> reporter: a possible game changer announced by pfizer this morning. in addition to vaccines, this could help control the virus. >> this game changing aspect, this is an oral pill. easy to give. you send someone home with it like we people homwith tamiflu. >> reporter: the drug cut the risk of hospitalization and death by 89%. this is if given within three days of onset of symptoms. >> the therapy would be another tool in our tool books to protect people. >> reporter: pfizer says an independent board of experts monitoring the clinical trial recommended that the company stop its study early because the drug's effectiveness had become so convincing. the company says it will submit
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its data as soon as possible to the fda as it seeks authorization for the drug to be used in the u.s. >> hopefully, soon, this medicine can be available. and then of course, on the larger reach, next year. >> reporter: and jocelyn, are there any similar medications and treatments in the works? >> reporter: yeah, just yesterday, in the u.k., the drug maker merck received clearance for a similar treatment. that version is currently under review by the u.s. fda. >> thanks. it will be interesting to see how this all turns out. developing now, the mercury news reports a san francisco police officer has been arrested on suspicion of robbing a san mateo pharmacy to steal drugs. the report says sergeant davin cole was booked on charges of second degree robbery and resisting arrest. according to the mercury, sergeant cole was off duty during his arrest and has since been released. the robbery was reported at
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about 6:00 wednesday night. that same night, san mateo police shared this picture of officers responding to a robbery at a rite aid pharmacy. in a facebook post, police wrote that the suspect tried to run away before being arrested. at least one person died in a crash that snarled traffic on highway 680 in pleasanton this morning. the crash was reported just before 6:00 a.m. blocking three lanes. all lanes have since reopened. right now, contra costa county is hitting the ground running when it comes to vaccinating children as young as five. kpix5's justin andrews is live in contra costa county where 20,000 doses have just arrived. justin? >> reporter: which is certainly good news for parents who have been waiting to make sure their kids are protected from covid- 19. i have been talking to doctors who say more and more kids are catching covid and they say the vaccine is certainly a line of
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defense. there are about 95,000 kids 5 h 11 years old in contra costa county and they want to make sure most if not all get the covid shot. beginning today, you can bring your kids to a vaccination site in antioch, concord, or richmond. and your children will get the kids' version of the pfizer vaccine which is about one- third the dosage given to teens and adults. doctors say they will get two doses roughly three weeks apart for their maximum protection. contra costa county says other health care providers and pharmacies in the area are stocking up and will be able to take shots to kids very soon. the health officer said we lost way too many kids to this virus and says it is preventable with this vaccine. >> kids are driving the epidemic now. getting them protected is really important. we just see that kids most of the time do well. 30% of kids hospitalized with
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covid have no underlying medical conditions. they are healthy kids who get very sick. >> reporter: now doctors predict when it comes to vaccines for kids younger than five years old, they expect that to come out during the early months of next year. we are live in contra costa county. i'm justin andrews, kpix5. lawsuits against the biden administration are challenging these federal vaccine law for businesses. new osha regulations mandate that by january 4, companies with more than 100 employees must require workers to be vaccinated against covid or be tested weekly. the suits argue only the states have the authority to hand down a law like this. three presidents gathered today to honor the life of collin powell. the trail blazing soldier diplomat who served as the first black secretary of state. his funeral at the washington national cathedral drew dignitaries across a wide
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political spectrum. president biden, obama, and bush. powell died october 18 from complications of covid at the age of 84. he was vaccinated but had a compromised immune system. looking live at capitol hill, where house leaders are wrangling votes to pass president biden's $2 trillion social spending bill. nancy pelosi met with a handful of moderates demanding an official cost estimate before they vote. the $1.85 trillion bill aims to boost social and educational programs and protect against global warming. democrats have also included four weeks of paid family leave. and reformed to lower the cost of some prescription drugs. republicans are trying to delay the vote with procedural motions on the house floor. president biden is trying to make sure both the spending plan and the infrastructure bill pass in the house today. >> i'm asking every house member, member of the house of representatives to vote yes on
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both of these bills right now. send the bill to my desk. >> i will work clear through the week. i visited with him and all that. thought we had some pretty good understanding on things. we will get this back on track. >> west virginia's joe manchin is still a holdout. he is concerned the spending plan would add to the country's debt. uber prices have spiked up to 20% since last year. so uber is preparing to bring back uber pool. the ride share service shut down a car pooling option when the pandemic began. it allows people to share rides with strangers at a lower cost. coming up next at noon, the hits keep oncoming. why sky high gas prices could just be the beginning. plus, what we know about a cal football team covid scare impacting the team's next game. and, i'm meteorologist mary lee. you can see a beautiful view with the south bay santa clara valley. hamilton camera out there. we will talk about what you expect for the weekend ahead.
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and, the shower chances that
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home fitness trend is cooling down as people head back to the gym. peloton stock dropped more than 30% today after releasing its quarterly reports. the popular stationary bike fell 17% while revenue only grew 6%. new at noon, gas prices are climbing to record highs and bay area drivers are feeling the hit. in lafayette, it cost nearly $5 a gallon at the pump. according to aaa, the statewide average is $4.62 a gallon up from $3.17 a year ago. what's fueling the prices as the economy continues to rebound, demand is spiking. natural gas prices are climbing. bank of america is now predicting that crude oil will shoot up to $120 a barrel by june of 2022. that is 45% higher than current levels. one driver told us it cost him more than $70 to fill up.
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>> $5.29 for premium which is what i'm using. i have been thinking about getting an electric car, actually. >> the highest average price ever in california, $4.67 a gallon in october of 2012. new at noon, multiple football players will miss the football game against arizona. they have been in football protocol and will not travel. the rest of the team still plans to travel o arizona after being tested and cleared. they say 99% of the team is fully vaccinated. the bears take on the wildcats in tucson at noon tomorrow. and pg&e has reached a settlement over the kinkaid fire. the utilities equipment sparked the fire in a remote area of sonoma county. another walgreens store is closing in the bay area, this time in berkeley. the store is at the
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intersection of san pablo and ashby avenue. it is set to close november 17. one city councilman said the shutdown will make a big impact since many low income residents have relied on that pharmacy. walgreens recently announced its closing five of its san francisco stores. the company blaming rampant shoplifting. a live look out at dublin and the golden gate bridge. it was a cloudy morning but some of the clouds are starting to roll out. we will bring in meteorologist mary lee. some folks are seeing a lot of sunshine. >> yeah. so, we are looking at a beautiful day across the bay area. patches of blue on our beautiful hotel camera looking at san francisco. temperatures, we are in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s right now. and, we are a little bit cooler compared to yesterday at this time. 24 hour temperature change. and you can see anywhere from two to eight degrees colder compared to yesterday at this lunchtime hour. so, looking at dry conditions
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and mild temperatures. so, let's show you here what you can expect where you live. so, upper 50s , low 60s along the coast. mid to upper 60s for the peninsula. we will continue to see clouds stream in for us as we head through our afternoon. this is at 4:00 in the afternoon. as we look to our north, lake county, mendocino county, tracking a weather system to the north. you could see a few showers as we head through the afternoon. as we look to the weekend, we are looking at cooler temperatures and more clouds streaming in for your saturday. and sunday. in the north bay, there is a chance to see a few showers in the north bay saturday. a little closer to a weather system to the north. all of us at this point with our weather models indicating widespread rain as we look to monday and tuesday. especially late monday into tuesday. that is the storm to watch. and could see some strong winds with that storm system as well.
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sunset, 6:06 p.m. sunrise at 7:40 a.m. and of course, as you know, daylight saving time ends this weekend. we fall back and we gain that extra hour of sleep. that means next week, at this time, we are looking at our sunrise and sunset an hour earlier. dry today through the weekend. you can see temperatures cooling down as we look ahead to our weekend. with rain picking up monday into tuesday. inland east bay, the north bay, the coast, for saturday, again, the north bay and the coast looking at the chance to see a few showers on saturday. otherwise, cooling it down on sunday. rain picks right back up as we look to monday and tuesday of next week. that will be the storm system to watch for early next week. back to you. >> all right. thank you mary. we'll keep an eye out. after recent rains, have you noticed? a lot of bay area hillsides, lawns and gardens are going green. we are inviting you to share your pictures using the hash tag kpix. still ahead at noon, the bay area man drawing from personal experience to help
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first generation
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first generation students can feel as if they are stuck between two worlds. balancing cultural expectations with the need to fit in with friends. >> students rising above scholar has embraced the struggle and using his experience in a way to serve others. >> reporter: san francisco high school students work to clear overgrown vegetation at mcclaren park. part of an internship project for the nonprofit enterprised for youth. >> i'm just making sure you guys understand it. what are we doing? >> reporter: leading the cleanup, program association warren. the 23-year-old karlton college graduate says participants gain valuable job skills, a sense of community, and self-reflection. >> one of the communities i'm really involved in, and where are the places i feel naturally like i have a place. and, i can appreciate what others do around me. >> reporter: questions warren has posed to himself, too. as a young adult struggleing to find his own way. far from where he started in
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life. when warren was just five years old, he emigrated to the u.s. from china. arriving in the bay area with an unusual expectation. >> i remember getting off the plane and getting picked up by my aunt and cousin. i was ecstatic. i thought i can finally see snow in america. my cousin says actually, there is no snow in the bay area. and i said oh, that is disappointing. >> reporter: no snow, but warren had other discoveries ahead. video games with neighborhood children offered a quick glimpse into his life in america. >> they have their own ps2 in their own house. i mean, that has to be something classic american dream right there. >> reporter: gaming became a stress relief for a young man trying to fit in at school and at home. >> growing up in my family and my version of what asian culture, i guess, like, you grow up trying to be like the kid who is not troublesome. and the kid who just succeeds
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in school and does what the parents need. >> reporter: his need to please others changed as he entered college. >> i became a little bit more self-aware of that. because in college, you are encouraged to really think about your own interest and your own goals. what do i want. where am i most happy? >> reporter: warren found happiness guiding other young people toward success. with a program participants looking to warren as their role model. he is learning to be a leader on his own terms. >> i should look for things that mean something to me. this is what feels familiar. this is where i know i could be valuable and do meaningful work. >> reporter: for students rising above, i'm elizabeth cook. >> warren says he is helping to expand enterprise for youth outreach so the organization can serve more san francisco students. still ahead at noon, a police officer tries to break up the most unusual street fight. >> what is happening there? and
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bay, you can see a beautiful view. temperature ins the mid to upper 50s , low 60 coedto sterday at this time. head through our afternoon. lake county, mendocino county, you could see a few showers a little closer to a weather system to our north. as we look to our weekend, more clouds stream in. cooler temperatures saturday and especially on sunday in the north bay. there's a chance to see maybe a sprinkle or two. for parts of the north bay saturday. closer to that weather system. but i think for the most part, cooler seasons this weekend. back to you. >> sounds good. now, you may have seen a street fight before. but what about a bird brawl? >> two bald eagles locked wing to wing were caught on body cam video in minneapolis. animal experts say the battle was likely a territory dispute. the officer is used to responding to wacky calls but this takes the cake. >> we do have deescalation
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tactics but i never them to ea. next thing you , ey we flying away. this ise i willem the rest of my life. [ laughter ] >> thmusic the goie >> i hope they are both okay. >> hopefully. they flew away so sounds like it. but they were going at it. >> i love that. deescalation tactics. >> don't swoop into my territory. don't do it. that's it for the news at noon, we
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