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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  November 5, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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your kids could get the covid shot today in contra costa county. justin andrews with everything you need to know coming up next. dave chapelle kicks off his tour right here at home. plus fresh support for a recall. from a state senator on three members of the san francisco school board. good morning to you, it is fit, november 5th. and we have some breaking news. first, we're going going to talk about weather and traffic. hopefully sailing on the roads. sit going to be a beautiful day. so we are looking at mild conditions. dry conditions. of course, you do need the rain. a live look as we look east across the bay and a bay bridge. we're in the 40s and 50s. and dealing with some patchy fog as well. as we go through our day today,
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we are looking at highs a little bit cooler than normal looking at upper 50s along the coast. low to mid 60s around the bay. for the peninsula in the mid 60s. futurecast, you can see those clouds streaming in for today. we are looking at mild conditions and up through lake county, could see a. let's check in. i know you are checking a crash in the south bay. in is along 101 as you work your way in san jose. there is a crash there right around university avenue. that is one just north of there through redwood city. this other crash. there you go. that is the right map. look at the red popping up on our sensors and speed. definitely getting slow and go because of this incident. not a lot of information just yet. they are trying to open up some lanes because of that crash. it is north of there if you are taking 101, we do have this crash near university. this is off to the right side.
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and right along the defense looking good. no delays. 280 also cleared. if you are heading 101, everything is moving at the limit. breaking news, a possible break-through this morning in treating covid-19. >> vaccine maker just announced its new drug could nearly end deaths from the virus. kpix five is in our newsroom with the latest on this. jocelyn, this could change a lot of things. >> yeah, that's right, amanda. pfizer says that in recent trials its pill cut the risk of hospitalization or death by 89% when given within three days of the onset of symptoms. the drug is called paxlovid. pfizer says an inpent board of experts monitoring a trial recommended the company stop its study early. that is because the drug's effectiveness had become so convincing. this morning, pfizer says it will submit its data as soon as possible to the fda as it seeks authorization for the pill to be used in the united states. it hopes to have the treatment
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available in the next few months. within three days of the symptoms, you have now 89%. the data indicates hundred percent protection from death. >> just yesterday, in the uk, the drug maker received clearance are for a similar treatment. that version is currently under review by the fda. and life in the newsroom, kpix five. and thank you. will roll up their sleeves. covid shot appointments are opening up. >> this comes days after approval from the cdc. justin, good morning. >> yeah, good morning. parents, you can bring your kids here. the leaders have been waiting eagerly to make sure their
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kids. and the vaccine for kids. it is a lower dose. it is about a one-third lower dosage given teens and adults. and two teens and adults. and two kids five to 11. it has about 20,000 doses of the kid's version of the pfizer vaccine right now. and other healthcare providers and pharmacies are also stocking up and getting ready, to. about 80% of residents ages 12 to 15 have reached at least, or have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine. local doctors urging parents to get their kids saxed. >> you compare the risk and pen fit. it is clearly beneficial to get vaccinated. it has been difficult to predict how this virus is going to behave. for example, delta variant took us by surprise. and it is so hard to know when the next variant will pop up.
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>> there is about 92,000 kids. he fall between that five to 11 age group. health professionals are saying they are hoping in the next two weeks they can get the vaccination. we're live in martinez. justin andrews. kpix five. and where to sign up. click the banner on the home page. starting today, people will be required to wear their mask indoors. it comes as the county sled back into the cdc's substantial transmission category. over the past week, monterey county reported 372 covid cases. that is a 168% increase over the previous week. the county also reported ten deaths last week up from just two in the week before. about 60% of the population is now vaccinated. a live look at the chase
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center where comedian dave capelle debuted his new documentary. last night, he's been in a controversy. many stay his jokes about the transgender community are dangerous. but inside the arena, a sold- out crowd cheered him on. movie companies have avoided his latest work called "untitled" that is after the transgender community called his recent netflix, transfebruaryic. >> i am not the one to speak on that. tonight, he didn't have any. it was a lot about the documentary that he did. >> reporter: the new documentary was filmed during the pandemic when chapelle started recording shows in a neighbor's cornfield in ohio. it touches on issues of race, the george floyd killing and the pandemic. chapelle will continue in nine more cities before his tour ends in new york later this month. explosive allegations against southwest airlines. a white woman with a black child claims southwest racially profiled and harassed them.
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mary mccarthy says she and her daughter who was biracial were flying to colorado from l. a. with the lay overin san jose. as soon as she landed in denver, she was stopped by a southwest employee and two police officers. they told maybe that flight attendants were concerned about her behavior toward her daughter including claims she wasn't allowed to talk to flight crew. >> the flight attendants were just concerned about the behavior when you boarded the aircraft. >> that we would not have been reported for anything if my daughter were white and blond. they saw a white mother. they saw a child with a different skin tone and said that is suspicious. that could be a crime and we are reporting that. that is not okay. this is the united states of america, 2021. mary says the claims are false. she explained they were last to board because they booked a flight last minute after getting word her brother suddenly passed away. she says she asked passengers if they would not mind moving seats, so she could set next to
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her daughter. a few days ago, mary says she got a call from denver police and the department's human trafficking unit. southwest airlines told us they are conducting an internal review. we are waiting for denver to respond for their request you for an interview. a veteran officer is in custody on sauce suspicion of robbing a san matteo drugstore. the robbery was reported wednesday night at the rite aid. and was arrested and booked into san mateo county jail on charges of second degree robbery and resisting an officer. cool was off duty at the time of his arrest. he has been with for nearly 30 years. this story just makes you ask who would do such a thing. >> a san francisco man is behind bars after police say he threatened a woman and then went after her dog. the woman told officers she was sitting in her parked car in the bay view last week when a man with a knife came up, reached through the window, and
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stabbed her dog. the terrier mix survived the attack and is now recovering at home. police arrested 35-year-old derek strong on charges including maliciouslien injuring an animal. and the driver of this car. and he coasted all the way down this cliff after losing control on highway one. not only did he survivor by. by imthe time help arrived, he was able to climb back up. fire crews used ropes to help him the rest of the way. he is in stable condition. a nevada family is mourning following a fatal dui crash involving a new former nfl player. 23-year-old tina was killed when former las vegas rader's car crashed into hers. prosecutors say-was wrecklessly driving at a speed of 156 miles per hour just seconds before impact. his blood level was 0.16. twice the legal limit according
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to prosecutors. in a statement, the victim's family said family was everything to tina and she was the light of her parent's life. tina lived in las vegas since she was a baby. she loved her three-year-old golden retriever max who passed alongside her tuesday morning. san jose police say they broke up a gambling ring and during the process, they took down an illegal marijuana grove. police say they got a tip out of an illegal gambling on an industrial building on roger's avenue. when they searched, they found 300 pounds of marijuana with a street value of 600 grand plus guns and ammo. >> i know it is easier to make money illegally, but that ain't the way to do business. you have to do it the right way that way nobody gets in trouble. >> police made to two arrests. the effort to recall three members of the san francisco school board getting some fresh support. state senator tweeted that the members have all failed our students and families and is
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time for new responsible leadership. the three are under fire for not prioritizing the safe reopening of public schools during the pandemic. there was also a bungled effort to rename several schools. we tried reaching out to get their responses to tweets but have not heard back from them. time now is 5:11. still ahead on kpix five and streaming on cbsn bay area. the swipe from california from texas governor greg abbott amid the nation's supply chain crisis. >> thanksgiving will be here before you know it. closing up shop for the holiday this year. >> good friday morning. we are starting off in the 40s and 50s as we kick off our friday with some patchy fog. our temperatures as we head through our day today maybe in the 60s. this afternoon should be pleasant. your weekend and your seven-day forecast coming up. as we take a look at the roadways, monitoring a
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it is 5:15. an out-of-state politician is trying to take advantage of the backlog of containerships. and and texas ports are wide
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open. >> that video was reported on the twitter account. in it, the narrater tells shipping companies to escape california. and instead, two weeks to 24/seven functioning texas reports. about 40% of the country's imports go through the los angeles and long beach ports. president biden recently announced a plan to keep those ports running 24/were. from clogged ports to trucker shortages, the supply chain crisis is impacting everyone. >> kpix five on the big changes small businesses are having to make. >> this one. and brought some holiday gifts at nuts for candy. and well before halloween. >> and normally, i am like a shopper. like late shopper. >> but shopping early is smart is if you are seeking something specific according to store owners john and norrah. >> in 27 years, i have not seen
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anything like this. >> they import many specialty products from plush to puzzles so they order their holiday inventory months early. >> many of our distributers are sending us letters right now that they are no longer taking orders until january. >> reporter: so far the store has only gotten 15 to 20% of their holiday stock. like advent calendars from germany. >> and shoppers that come from germany, switzerland. they are sitting on the vessels right now and waiting to be unloaded. >> and unlike large retailers, the small shop can't fly them in or hire private shippers. >> so it is a very difficult situation. >> and i have never seen this perfect storm before. >> reporter: adrian of the toy association represented by the thousand toy manufacturers and retailers. she says the supply chain problems won't end with the holidays. >> this isn't something that is going to clear up. it took a long time for this to happen and it is going to take a while for it to be resolved. so from toys to treats, small businesses developed recipes to survive this season.
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>> we have got margarita tacos here. >> reporter: at chocolates in san francisco, owner brew on the is introducing a new holiday cockta ection. he and his team planned over the summer to insure they would have all the ingredients. >> there is always going to be a little bit of this anxiety about what is around the corner. >> reporter: they had already endured several pandemic and weather-related shortages. they stopped producing their chocolate orange peel candy for months. >> and you could not source orange peel out of italy. >> reporter: afterward they couldn't make strawberry yogurt almonds. >> we use a couple of different treats includings are berries. there say nationwide shortage of raspberries. who knew? >> reporter: bryan and his team make sure to have two to three times more inventory on hand than needed and line up back-up sources for ingredients and imported packaging materials. with the holidays generating at least a third of their profits, a small businesses we talked to
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hope their strategies produce a sweet season for them. and their customers. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> kpix five. and it is not just a product that is impacted. it is making sure to maintain the equipment because getting new candy machines from europe will take about a year. however, economic experts estimate people could spend more than $850 billion shopping for the holidays. but this year, there will be fewer days to shop. some of the biggest names in ree tail say they will be closed on thanksgiving day to allow employees to spend time with family. shopping malls will also be closed. locally, they include san francisco premium outlets in livemore, stone ridge mall in pleasantton. the great mall. and stanford shopping center in palo alto. >> what they have realized as retailers is they'll make just about as much money if they don't open on thanksgiving. >> most retailers say they would be open again the day after thanksgiving.
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black friday with extended hours. >> yeah, those employees deserve some time with their families on thanksgiving. >> everyone deserves some time with their family. good to hear. quell, it is the weekend, and we are looking forward to some nice weather today, mary. >> and it is coming. so we are looking at mild conditions for today. enjoy it. dry for today. and actually for most of the weekend, there is a chance to see a few showers. i'll talk about that in just a moment. of course, we do need that rain and we are expecting widespread rain as we look to next week. all right. let's get right to it here. a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look least. we are in the whos and 50s this morning. grab that jacket. we are chillier compared to yesterday at this time. also dealing with some patchy fog out there. i just want to show you our 24- hour temperature change to show you how much chillier it is compared to yesterday at this time. anywhere from four to 18 degrees colder this morning. and current visibility down to a quarter mile in nappa. dense fog in the nappa valley right now. a half-mile for peta luma as well as for santa rosa at this
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hour as we kick off our friday. as we look to our afternoon, temperatures a little bit below average for this time of year. tim some clouds streaming in but dry today. upper 50s along the coast. low to mid 60s around the bay, and mid to upper 60s inland. so a dry day with those mild conditions for todayment as we look to our temperatures, we're looking at upper 50s to 60s along the coast. pacifica at 59. for the peninsula, 56. for the south bay, looking at 67. and for the daytime highs in santa clara. 68 in san jose. campbell, 68. 69 in morganhill. as we look from the inland east bay. pleasant hill. mid to upper 60s for the tri valley this afternoon. around the bay, 36 in san francisco. 61 daily city. oakland, san leandro. 46 in santa rosa this afternoon. 63 for the nappa valueley. looking at 64. as we take your hour-by-hour. more clouds stream in as we head through our afternoon.
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i will say this. for lake and mantecino counties. you could see a few showers for this afternoon. as we look to tomorrow with more clouds, the north bay. you have a better chance of possibly seeing a few showers on saturday. you're a little bit closer to a weather system to our north. that is pretty much about it. so the north bay, there is a chance. but a better chance of rain for all of us as we look ahead to late monday and into tuesday with our next storm. the seven-day forecast. san francisco, oakland and for san jose looking dry today. dry for tomorrow and into sunday. temperatures take a bit of a tumble as we head through our weekend and there we go with that rain picking up by late monday and into tuesday of next week. and inland east bay, north bay, and for the coast. dry today. a chance to see a few showers for the north bay. saturday, possibly the coast otherwise. we are looking at temperatures much cooler saturday and for sunday with rain returning as we look to next monday and tuesday. and let's check in. i know you have an update on that crash in the south bay this morning. good news. all lanes now open.
5:22 am
this was northbound 101. we will a crash and a pedestrian was involved in the accident here. so everything is clear now. everything moved out of lanes. and you can see things are moving a lot better. a lot of green now popping up on our sensors for that ride out of san jose. if you are getting ready to head out the door and take the freeways this morning. if you are out and about early, right now things are clear. northbound 101 near allen rock. most of your ride along 101 looks pretty good either now. we are not seeing major delays. north of there, you'll run into some slight delays. this is due to a crash at university over on the right- hand side of the roadway. again, minimal. once you are past that point, things are pretty clear. getting reports of a new trouble spot. chp and fire crews just headed out to the scene. this is westbound 792 near the toll plaza. a car fire just reported. and it looks like there is a smoke and flames seen from the vehicle. that is according to the person who reported the incident. so heads up there if you are headed towards the san matteo bridge. we'll keep an eye on that r. keeping an eye on the bay bridge. easy ride in san francisco with
5:23 am
no delays. golden gate bridge pretty quiet. doing the lane changes. you can see on the northbound side. adding an extra lane southbound for commute directions. so traffic is moving at the limit there as well. in fact, look at those travel times. lots of green. bay bridge only ten minutes. only 12 minutes if in the san matteo bridge. that ride heading into the city all clear with no delays. back to you guys. it is 5:23. still head on kpix five and cbsn bay area. call it a vast reggie. a closer look at what could
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had e. a possible break-through when it comes to a fight against covid-19. a drug that pfizer says. covid-19 hospitalization and death. we'll have the details coming up. a closer look at how it is
5:31 am
affecting the bottom line. >> the state is on capitol hill. the vote expected on commander in chief's big social reform plan. >> what we just learned about the state of the economy with the release of the october jobs report. it is friday, november 5th. we're going to start with a look at wealther and traffic. good morning to you guys. happy friday. >> we are looking forward to a nice weekend. >> a beautiful day today. it is a dry mild conditions. as we look to our weekend getting ready for that. most of us will be dry. we'll talk about this in just a moment. we need the rain. that is coming next week. for today, we are looking at our treasure island camera. it is a chillier start to our day. bundle up as we head out the door. as we head through the afternoon, we're going to see some clouds come in. a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures a little bit cooler compared to yesterday and below average. upper 50s along the coast. looking at low to mid 60s around the bay and mid to 60s
5:32 am
inland. clouding streaming in through the afternoon. let's check in with gianna for the very late exist how is it looking for super commuters out there. >> they are heading out the door. >> we are seeing some red on our sensors here. westbound 580 as we look out of the area. it is a slow ride there. and if you are our super commuter. you know what to expect. i am getting word of a new crash. just reported to the traffic center. and not a lot of details. your travel times getting busier. and 205 towards 680. and 101 looking really good. that earlier trouble spot we had on 101 in the south bay has been cleared out of lanes. and covid-19. pfizer just announced its new drug significantly reduces the risk of death from covid-
5:33 am
19. kpix five is live in the newsroom, and jocelyn, this could be a total gamechanger. news when it comes to the fight against covid-19. pfizer says recent trials its pill cut the risk of hospitalizations and death. this is within three days of the onset of symptoms. now, the drug is called paxlovid. the company has been testing the drug on adults who contracted covid and who are considered at high risk of severe illness. pfizer says an independent board of experts monitoring a clinical trial recommended the e company stop the study early. this morning pfizer says it will submit its data as soon as possible for the fda as it seeks authorization for the pill to use. >> and this medicine can become available. up on a larger reach next year. >> the hope is that the treatment could be available in
5:34 am
the next few months. just yesterday in the uk, the drug maker received reese clearance for a similar treatment. that version is currently under review by the. s. fda. we'll be staying on top of this. thousands of kids living in contra costa county can get their covid shot. >> health leaders say the demand is huge. kpix five is live in a clinic. a lot of doses have arrived; right? >> yes. 20,000 doses of the kid's vaccine has arrived. that is a good sign for parents after they have been eagerly waiting after kids to be protected from this virus. 92,000 kids in con that that costa fall in that five to 11 age group. health officials would like to see high vaccination numbers in that age group in the weeks to months to come. beginning today, you can bring your kids. the pfizer vaccine is about one- third the dosage given to teens
5:35 am
and adults. kids five to 11 must get two doses at least three weeks apart for maximum protection. right now, other healthcare providers in contra costa and pharmacies are stocking up and getting ready to roll out their doses as well. so when can kids under five be eligible to get the covid shot? >> the trials for kids under five have been underway. we anticipate that in early 2022 is when we may see a vaccine available for kids in that range. i'll tell you i can't wait for it. that is going to be an important day for us as well. >> and he says he can't wait and certainly some parents can't wait either because we have heard from some who are eagerly waiting to make sure their kids under five also get the covid shot. we're live in martinez, i'm justin andrews, kpix five. the labor department has now set a vaccination deadline for ammediumlarg. beginning januar49, employs at anwithat asd rkers mustvaccinated or be
5:36 am
weekly. the new rule also requires unvaccinated workers to wear face masks. employers that fail to comply could be fined nearly $14,000 per violation. the who's disruption businesses have faced for nearly two years is their employees getting sick with covid. >> the national retail federation says the new rule may add to the country's worker shortage even if just a small percentage of employees decide to quit. several republican governors have threatened legal challenges. mo actionderna said shipments will fall short of earlier expectations. the u.s.-based company says it is dealing with production and shipment issues. so now it expectings 700 to 800 million doses instead of up to a billion as previously thought. and some deliveries could be delayed until next year. moderna plans to give priority to lower income countries. new studies underscore the benefits of getting vaccinated. two teams of researchers found
5:37 am
that even with break-through infections, people who are vaccinated do not get as sick as though who are unvaccinated. they say the everyday shows strong protection against severe disease and death continuing for months after the initial shots. new this morning, another walgreen's store is closing in the bay area, this time in berkeley. the store is at the intersection of san pablo and ashby avenue avenues in southwest berkeley. it is set to close november 17th . a city councilman who represents the area says the shutdown will have a serious impact since many low income residents have relied on that pharmacy being there. the next wall groan's is more than a mile away. that closure comes on the heels of an earlier announcement that walgreen's is closing five stores in san francisco. the company said last month that rapid shopshift lifting prompted that decision, but some critics point to a filing by walgreen's with the securities and exchange commission two years ago saying it planned to close about 200
5:38 am
stores around the nation. the jury in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial heard from a prominent venture capitalist. chris lucas of black diamond ventures says his firm first invested $400,000. lucas says he was surprised when he wouldn't disclose financial statements. holmes said at the time it was to protect trade secrets. lucas says he took a risk and invested another 5 million. >> i think what this case is slowing us is that these investors weren't asking a lot of questions. they were going on the brand and the hype of what the possible return could be which was huge. >> lucas also testified that venture capitalists often invest in the ceo. not because of the performance of the company. also today, the funeral for former secretary of state colin powell. it will be held at the washington national cathedral. powell was battling a rare blood cancer when he died at 84 last month from covid-19
5:39 am
complications. president biden and former president obama are expected to to attend. it is scheduled to begin around 9:00 this morning. and going live to capitol hill, today the house is preparing to take votes on two major pillars of president biden's agenda up within his build back better plan. they are expected to vote on a sweeping safety net plan. timelines for passage of the infrastructure bill have already been pushed back twice. sit 5:39. the october jobs report plus why some people will do anything to skip out on going to the gym. diane king hall joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning, diane. happy friday. good morning and happy friday. well, get this? 531,000 jobs are added to the economy. in october. that was better than expected. and the nation's unemployment
5:40 am
rate fell to 4.6%. the state department is offering a reward of up to $10 million. the hacker pulled off. the pipeline paid nearly $5 million to regain control. what can brown do for you? ups is going on a hiring spree. and across the country. and 60,000 seasonal workers. you can't make it in person, the company is also doing a virtual hiring blitz. lynn? >> diane, it seems like, as we mentioned, people will do just about anything to did get out of working out. what is going on with this? >> yea, is the gym really worth the wait? apparently, a cording to a new survey, more than half of americans skip the gym because they are not fond of the place
5:41 am
so opposed so they make sacrificed. more than one in four said they would rather text an ex. one in three would reconnect with their high school bully or spend a weekend with their inlaws in lieu of breaking a sweat. i just have to say don't text the ex. definitely don't check in with a bully. come on. >> don't do that, yeah. elliptical for sure. >> that's fine. >> no rekindling. >> let the past be in the past. we'll see you coming up at 6:30. >> do not tex text the ex. >> do not do it. do not do it. it is never going to be good. coming up, also streaming on cbsn bay area. >> the fair hikes that could be coming soon if you travel from san francisco to angel island state park. >> plus the win from elon musk space x in a court battle
5:42 am
involving jeff besos. good friday morning. a dry and mild day. we'll talk about our weekend ahead and our shower chances. of course the seven-day forecast coming up. if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. it is 5:44. the united nations says the world is not doing enough to navigate the climate crisis. >> the increased droughts, floods, wildfires and heat
5:45 am
wavers we have already seen are likely here to say. the report says those issues are impacting low income countries five to ten times faster than money is flowing into them. the report comes as world leaders meet at the cop ever 26 climate summit in scotland. take a look at this. a strong storm produced colorful auroras around the world. these types of storms are caused by solar flairs seen wednesday and into thursday. it only happens about 11 times a year. the storm was a level three out of five meaning it could be seen at lower latitudes across the globe. >> wow. well, a live look from the fairy building in san francisco. the golden gate ferry is looking to take over the route from san francisco to angel island state park. and that means fairs could increase significantly. close to 60 you%. the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district is scheduled to hold a hearing on
5:46 am
proposed fairs. it is now 5:45. we'll start with the volume outside. good morning to you. and if you are. get ready for school. and maybe back to head out to work. definitely bundle up because it is a chilly one. we are in the 40s and 50s. several degrees colder than yesterday at this time. then with we go with those cooler temperatures this morning. we are looking at those patchy fog. down to about three quarter ott a mile in santa rosa and a quarter mile in petaluma. and down to a half mile for thety valley and livemore. let's take you through the day. a dry day today. a mix of sun and clouds. keeler compared to yesterday and a little bit below average fothe bay low to mid 670s. inland, low to mid 60s this afternoon. dry. mild conditions for your friday. let's talk about what you can
5:47 am
expect where you live for those daytime highs. upper 50s for the coast and pacifica. for the peninsula. 66 in san matteo. south bay, 57. santa clara, 68 in campbell. inland east guy, looking at 68. concord, pleasant hill. the trivalley. around the bay, ever three in san francisco. soon 61 in daily city. 64 in alameda and oakland. for the north bay, highs in the mid 60s. stopping out at 64. so here we go as we take you hour-by-hour. and you can see as we head through the day, we're going to see hah more clouds. it is a possibility a little bit closer to a weather system to our north. and as we head through our saturday, a little bit cooler. and other than that, we're going to see these cooler temperatures and all times
5:48 am
those clouds for our weekend. as we hook ahead to next week, we're tracking a big storm system for next week likely late monday and into tuesday. that will bring widespread rain back to the bay area. the seven-day forecast. oakland for san jose. mild conditions for today. a little bit cooler for your saturday and for sunday. and there we go with rain chances picking up by monday and tuesday. for the inland east bay, northbay and for the coast. and we are looking at temperatures at least on the mild side for today. a better chance of seeing some wet weather for saturday. maybe a few showers. rain returns for late monday and tuesday. of course with daylight's savoring time ending, we fall back. we are getting that extra hour of sleep. that means next week for that sunrise and sunset will be an hour earlier. let's check in with a look at traffic and how is that bay bridge commute out there? >> we'll feel more rested. right, mary? >> that is the goal. >> that bay bridge commute just
5:49 am
got a little bit busier than usual for friday. we have a broken down vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge near treasure island. already causing break lights you did see. all that yellow and red indicates small slower speed. crews are headed out to the scene. hopefully they'll wrap that up and get out of lanes. in the meantime, sit a little sluggish. no delays at the toll plaza and they have not turned the media lights on. you if you get this past point. and we do have a course of a new crash as we head to san francisco. northbound 101 at ninth street. a couple of cars tangled up and a couple of lanes blocked. awe vehicles was reported near the toll plaza. also the golden gate bridge a quiet ride right now. there is a crash on 101. it is not causing any break lights or delays. so that bay bridge commute 11 minutes now due to that stalled vehicle from the maize as you work your way towards 101.
5:50 am
busy. super commuters you have those break lights on to 580. 42 minutes to go from 205 towards 680. heads up if you were heading to levi's to check out the niners. kick-off at 1:25. gates open autoat 9:55. expect delays on freeways in and around an area. and surrounding surface streets. maybe public transit. and great american station. also you connect to mountainview from vta if you are taking caltrain, bart. avenue. it is a great way to avoid delays. the government is stepping up its effort to track down the hackers who held a major u.s. pipeline last spring. the ransomware forced to hah% of fuel used on the east coast. and a state department is offering a reward of $110 million for information leading to the hackers.
5:51 am
this includes the identification or location of senior members of the run- ki ransomware gang levered to be responsible. troubling news. the u.s. trade deficit jumped to a record high in september. the trade gap reportedly surged to $80.9 billion. they reported to the global supply chain crisis as largely the problem. elon musk has won the latest court battle for a lucrative nasa contract over fellow billionaire jeff bezos. >> bezos sued nasa because it favored the spacex landing system for america's return to the moon. a federal court affirmed that the proposal has already been approved by the government accountability office. spacex was the low bidder for the project providing a quote of $2.9 billion or about half the price of blue origin's quote. work on the lunar lander had been on hold pending the outcome of the lawsuit. now nasa says it will resume as
5:52 am
soon as possible. out of this world. >> i see what you did there. so clover on a friday. 5:51is the time now. next on kpix five. also streaming on cpbsn bay area. >> how some coffee chains are spreading some holiday cheer right now. >> the new music coming from abba. remember them? coming today for the first time in decades. coming up today -- >> i am just on it today. >> you are on a role. >> i finally woke up. >> today. chef ♪
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix five fuses. right now and streaming on cbsn, a bear, a major announcement from pfizer. the promising new bill uld be a game changer for coronavirus. parents, your kids could get the covid shot. i'm justin andrews with a live report. >> and. >> the arrest just made. >> and getting to and from san francisco's ferry boating could soon cost you more. the proposal on on the table this morning. good morning, rid is friday,


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