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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 5, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on kpix five and streaming on cbsn looking live from our exclusive tower camera. giving you a live look east over the bay bridge. good morning. it is friday, november 5th. >> we're going to start with a look at wealther and traffic. it is finally friday. we made it. some weekend weather. you can see a live look from our hotel camera at san francisco. we're going to be in the ever zeros. 63 in san francisco. this afternoon, we're looking at 68 for san jose and 68 for
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condor cord. later on this afternoon, you can see the clouds streaming in. this is at 4:00. for places up in lake and -- you could see a few showers for at least later on this afternoon. we'll talk more about that. >> look at that bay bridge. don't you love to see that? >> it is a good time to hit the roadways. i know it is hard to get up early. you won't have delays or traffic issues. live look at the bay bridge. it is moving nicely with no delays heading into san francisco right now. things pretty quiet there. most of our bay area bridges are quiet. san mateo bridge clear in both directions. they are just doing those lane changes on the northbound side adding one more lane southbound for cars heading in the commute direction as the morning commute gets busier. a nice ride into san francisco. travel times all in the green. even the pass commute 25 minutes to go 205 over towards 680.
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no delays on the east shore freeway, highway four and 101 clear for now. there say niner game in town. i'll have a look at traffic if you are heading to the game on sunday coming up in our next report. a white mother with a black child says southwest harassed them. and she says police in colorado lied about the incident. kpis five spoke to the mom and has more with her story. >> we would not have been reported for anything if my daughter were white and blond. >> reporter: mary mccarthy is speaking out about an incident that left her hiring a lawyer and her ten-year-old door moira in tears. >> in seating. >> it's okay, sweetheart. >> reporter: mary says she and her daughter who is biracial were flying to denver, colorado. as soon as they landed, they were stopped by a southwest employee and two denver police officers. >> the flight attendants were just concerned about the
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behavior when you boarded the aircraft. >> they tried to speak individually to my daughter. i said no. she is only ten. you are not questioning her by herself. i took out my phone and started recording. >> reporter: she explained they were part of the last group to board because they booked a flight last minute after getting word her brother suddenly passed away. and that she had asked passengers if they wouldn't mind moving seats so she could sit next to her daughter. mary says the airline and police officers apologized for the misunderstanding and let them go. >> i was absolutely certain that we had been racially profiled. but i have other things to worry about. i didn't give it too much thought beyond that. until ten days later. >> reporter: but then a few days ago mary says she got a call from the denver police's human trafficking unit. >> telling me that she was calling to follow up on the suspicions that i am a human trafficker. >> reporter: that is when mary claims she found lie after lie in the police report. according to the report, flight attendants say mary and her
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daughter not only didn't talk to each other but that mary didn't allow moira to talk to flight crew. both claims mary says are completely false. police also wrote in the report mary did not want to give out any information. >> i work in tech. >> reporter: mary says her video doesn't lie. >> and i am glad i did because it turns out that the truth recorded on my video is different than what they put into their official report. they saw a white mother. they saw a child with a different skin tone and said that is suspicious. that could be a crime. and that is not okay. this is the united states of america. 2021. i racial profiling. and in the grieving ten-year- old african american girl. why. >> that was maria reporting. southwest airlines did release a statement saying we were disheartened to learn of this
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mother's account when traveling with her daughter. we are conducting a review of the situation internally. we will be reaching out to the customer to. >> this morning, 19 states are suing to stop president biden's new workplace vaccine rules. the president announced employers with 100 or more workers will have until january 4th to verify that everyone is vaccinated. now the kids ages five to 11 are eligible. many parents are rushing their kids to get the shot while others have reservations. kpix five reports some middle schools plan to start vaccinating at least 1,000 kids a day. and some sites are already completely booked up with appointments. i don't oh you compare the risk and benefit. it is clearly beneficial to get vaccinated. to get their kids vaccinated. she says the vaccine is shown to protect people from severe
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disease and hospitalizations and it is not worth it take e five a th wha found is it has been difficult to predict how this virus is going to behave. for example, delta variant took us by surprise, and it is so hard to know when the next variant will pop up. >> but when it comes to vaccinating kids, some parents have their concerns. >> you know at a certain point, we will have to get all the children vaccinated just like we asked all the adults to get vaccinated. i worry about the children, especially the younger kids who have so much more development and growth that they have yet to go thousand. >> but for others like the barrowitz family, they trusted science and cannot wait for their return. these twins will turn five come january and mom has already talked to them about what to expect. >> what it is meant for them at four and a half to have spent half their life almost in a pandemic. kind of excited to get past
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this. >> middle creek middle school is one of three pediatric vaccination supersites. right now all the appointments for the month are already gone. the county says to check back in as they add more and to check in with pediatricians as doses trickle into doctor's offices. for everything you need to know about getting your child vaccinated including where to sign up, head to and click on the banner at the top of the home page. and debuted his own documentary last night. me comes in the middle of a firestorm. he says his jokes about the transgender community were dangerous. fans say the arena was packed. and while they expected protesters. was greeted by a sea of fans who cheered them on. and the comedian said movie companies want nothing to do with his latest work of untitled. recent called the network special transfebruaryic. we caught up with some fans who
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see the controversy in some way. >> and i am not the speak on that. tonight, they didn't have any. it was a lot about the documentary that he did. >> the documentary was filmed during the pandemic when chapelle started putting shows on outside of a neighbor's cornfield. it touches upon race, the george floyd kill asking and the pandemic. one city down. chapelle has nine more to go. >> this morning, some of the biggest retailers in malls in the bay area are announcing a major change that could affect your thanksgiving plans. kpix five has those details. we're not even a week past halloween and already the shelves are stocked for the holiday shopping season. but dozennings of retailers like home goods say this year they won't be open on thanksgiving day. economic experts test mate people could spend more than $850 billion shopping for the holidays. but this year, there will be fewer days to shop as some of the biggest retail say
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they will be closed on thanksgiving day to allow employees to spend time with family. best buy, home depot, kohl's, and old navy, target. >> retailers says they'll make as much money. >> during the pandemic, more people got shopping online so the brick and mortar stores don't need to pay staff of time to have their physical stores open when they can get people to shop their websites. plus with the labor shortage, getting enough staff to work on thanksgiving could be a major challenge. >> we're in the middle of the great resignation. people are trying to find a way to balance work and life, and thanksgiving is really one of the big family events. >> shopping malls are also getting in on the trend. this year, san francisco premium outlets in livemore, stone ridge mall in pleasantton. great mall. and stanford shopping center in palo alto all closed on thanksgiving day. >> i would almost say black friday, too, you could close. i know that is never going to
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happen any time soon. thanksgiving, great. we don't need to shop that day. we can take a day off. >> with coronavirus, people have realized how important family relationships are and the fact that the stores are honoring that. i commend them. >> in san ramon, katie nielson, kpix five. if you are a die-hard shopper, don't worry. most of the retailers are reopening the day after thanksgiving on black friday with extended hours. are you a black friday shopper? >> no. i haven't been for several years. we can do everything online now. it is a different world. >> you have to be facety. it is a whole thing. san jose police say they have made arrests after breaking up when what they call a gambling ring. during a process, they also took down an illegal marijuana grover. police say they got a tip about an illegal gambling operation coming out of an industrial building on roger's avenue over the summer. when they searched, they found 300 pounds of marijuana with a street value of 600 grand. plus guns and ammo. bu. that aiway er make
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ha to do it the right way. that way nobody gets in trouble. >> right now, two people are in custody. coming up on kpix and streaming on cbsn bay area, a tragedy in nevada. the former nfl player involved in a deadly crash. plus, some new inductees to the national toy hall of fame this morning. see what made that list coming up. and looking live outside before we head to break. we're looking from our treasure island cam. it is going to be a nice day out. we'll be right back. ♪
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payrolls last month. that would be a stark improvement from september when just 194,000 jobs were added. american girl dolls and the game risk were two of the three new inductees into the national toy hall of fame yesterday. the hall looks for toys that have withstood the test of time, fostered lettering or changed toy design. the third inductees in the hall of fame called the most universal and oldest toy in the world. it is sand. and that is your cbs money watch report. for more, head to at the new york stock exchange, i'm diane king hall. it is 4:46. let's get a check of our friday weather and traffic.
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>> we'll start with mary with what it looks like outside today. hey mary. >> hey, good morning to you and happy friday. as we look to our sales force tower camera. looking north. and we are looking at temperatures in the 40s and 50s. so it is actually chillier compared to yesterday at this time. and also dealing with some patchy fog. 50 in concord. 53 right now in oakland. 47 in livemore. 54 in san francisco, san jose and down to 42 in santa rosa. also dealing with some dense fog in spots. nappa down to about a quarter mile. so some thick fog for you. please be careful in the nappa valley. as we look to the satellite and radar view, it was so nice to have that rain yesterday morning, and now looking at drier conditions and mild temperatures. so let's take you on what to expect in your neighborhood. those high temperatures along the coast in the upper 50s. looking at mid 60s to the
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peninsula. 66 in san daytime highs today. santa clara. and this afternoon, campbell at 68. for the inland east bay. concord, pleasant hill. 67 for the tri-valley as well as through pleasantton. 63 san francisco. 64alameda. and for oakland, and those highs for the north bay in the mid 60s. 64 in santa rosa. so daytime highs today a little bit below average for this time of year. 64. so here is a futurecast as we take you hour-by-hour. you can see those clouds streaming in. so even on a dry day, we are looking at more clouds moving in. here we are at your lunchtime at noon. and as we head through the afternoon, still looking at those clouds. and clear lake, and as we head through your saturday, more clouds for us. and there is a chance for a
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north bay to see maybe a few showers as we look for today an sothat is a possibility many of us will see dry conditions with those clouds. san francisco, oakland, and san jose. and temperatures in the 60s. and clouds and dry. mild conditions. as you look to your saturday, more clouds came in. temperatures just a bit cooler and for sunday. and rain chances for late monday and tuesday. we are talking about widespread rain. and the coast looking at at least dry weather today. mild conditions as we look to your saturday. excuse me, again. for parts of the north bay, you could see a few showers saturday. but for the most part, we're going to see dry conditions for your weekend. it is as we look into late monday and into tuesday, we will see that widespread rain move back in. we have daylight saving's time ending and getting some extra sleep.
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>> let's check in with a look at traffic and how are the roadways. >> it is friday light for the most part at least for now. it is early so we don't see a lot of cars on the roadway. as you head out the door, if you are headed to work early through the south bay. look at all this green on the sen source. travel times look good along 101 to 80. no troubles or issues. the niners are playing the cardinals on sunday at levi stadium. sit going to be busy in around and ali vie. that will affect. great america parkway at that area as well. if you are headed out to the game and getting there early, probably a good idea. kick-off is at 1:25. we'll be out there this weekend. bay bridge toll plaza guy quiet. no delays. the bridge looking pretty good. 13 minutes between 880 and 101. so a really nice travel time heading towards the peninsula. the golden gate bridge, no troubles or issues.
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things are pretty quiet. southbound 101 from highway 37 down into the city. that is a 19-minut am getting first south of the university on the peninsula. more details in just a minute. i will say 1012 looks clear in both directions with no delays. your travel time northbound to sfo only 38 minutes right now. and not seeing a lot of delays in the pass just yet. 29 minutes for your travel time. westbound 580 to go from 205 over towards 680. that say look at your friday morning ride. here is charlie with sports. it is overlooked because of the news, but there is a pretty absurd story line in san jose. they are missing seven guys and their coach due to covid and they keep winning. how about last night? plus more coverage from a bittersweet day in the bay. san francisco is synonymous with buster posey and now they will prepare for life without him.
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buster poe see came in planning on it being his last. he sat out in 2020 and decided it was going to empty the tank this season. he then became an all-star on the way to a career resurgence year but will never waiver. he will tell the game good-bye on his own terms. if he does return to baseball, it probably won't be in the broadcast booth, i could tell you that. >> maybe do tv. >> yeah, i love to talk. >> posey had to talk for nearly an hour yesterday afternoon. for him, that is almost as painful as playing catcher for
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the last 12 ph s mu rd it is hardto enjoy it as much when there is a physical pain that you are dealing with on a daily basis. i never really waiverred. i think it never allowed me. not that you don't give it your call, but really empty the tank this year like i never have before. >> what does it say about him that he knew heading into the season that this may be it and he came out and put up the numbers that he did and lead you guys the way that he did. >> i mean i think it speaks to how prepared he is, and how well he knows his own body because he talked about the concept of emptying the tank right there at the end. he knew exactly how much fuel he had in reserve. >> is this a definite for sure thing? >> it sure. it became official yesterday. well, giants president said he was a little nervous when he first got the job in san
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francisco. i am sure you felt it. those, i'm not quite part of the team yet, but i am on payroll type jitters. we have all been there. one two-hour meeting with buster and that feeling was gone. >> and he is probably sizing me up, too. in those moments. there is nothing anybody else could have done that made me feel more comfortable and more like a giant than you taking that time. >> the sharks going for their third straight win while dealing with a covid outbreak. seven players and their coach out no problem. brent burns was chilling during intermission in yesterday's game. second period tied at two. burns has denied. san jose stays with it. nick scores in front of the net. he is one of seven players caught up from the barracuda, but it was all blues after that.
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good. james neal beats hill on the rebound, lights the lamp up. san jose allows the season high five goals and st. louis wins it five-three. the big news yesterday, buster posey calling it quites for the san francisco giants after 12 seasons. what a player he was and what a person he will continue to be as me he moves back to georgia. 4:57. coming up on kpix five. the quest to start vaccinating kids after getting the green light this week. plus the new support for an effort to recall several members of the san franci
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your kids could get the covid shot today in contra costa county. justin andrews with everything you need to know coming up next. dave chapelle kicks off his tour right here at home. plus fresh support for a recall. from a state senator on three members of the san francisco school board. good morning to you, it is fit, november 5th. and we have some breaking news. first, we're going going to talk about weather and traffic. hopefully sailing on the roads. sit going to be a beautiful day. so we are looking at mild conditions. dry conditions. of course, you do need the rain. a live look as we look east across the bay and a bay bridge. we're in the 40s and 50s. and dealing with some patchy fog as well. as we go through our day today,
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