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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 4, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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there is a city supervisor who is skeptical of that. the fix for san francisco's leaning millennium tower under heavy scrutiny from city leaders during a thursday hearing. the supervisor called for the hearing a few months ago, when it was discovered that work on the voluntary retrofit, the perimeter pile upgrade, designed to fix the sinking and tilting, with actually making the problem worse. >> do you think this building would have been better off without the fix? >> if we had that on the fix, the building would have settled, and tilting tilted as it currently has today in about 40 years. we would've been better off today, but not 40 years from now. >> reporter: the lead engineer on the project point
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>> in my opinion, ethics has never been necessary from a structural perspective, from a safety perspective. >> reporter: he revealed that the building is now tilting about 9.5 inches to the north, and 23 1/2 inches to the west, but says it's not as dramatic as it sounds. he says they have the data that suggests the building can tolerate a lot more. >> we recently completed an update of that evaluation, where we look at the tilting as much is almost 3 feet to the north, and almost 80 inches to the west. >> the question is how does the building perform in a high magnitude seismic event. for mac limited work on the retrofit got the green light to continue last week after a test on a less disruptive construction method proved to work. during the hearing, engineers have increased their frequency of monitoring settlement and tilt, but after the hearing, there are more questions they want answers to. >> i don't think the building is in imminent danger, but i think the city has an obligation to plan for the long- term. >> is the retrofit work so going on right now? >> reporter: the work is still going on. construction crews are working on a part of it that got the
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green light, but they are trying to reevaluate construction methods on another part of the retrofit. they will now also likely install fewer piles than they originally planned to. though this hearing was a long one today, there will likely be another one in the beginning of the new year. >> thank you. we have been dinging into the problems of millennium tower for months now. you can find all of the original reporting on . one person is dead and another injured after a shooting in san francisco. it happened in the haight- ashbury neighborhood. kpix 5's shawn chitnis joins us live with more on what happened. >> reporter: the street is open, and people are back moving around in this neighborhood. businesses had to end their day early because of the shooting taking over the street. police spent a lot of time working on their investigation, but tonight can still not tell us why the shooting ended with two men with gunshot wounds on
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the ground. a sudden change in the scene on thursday. what was beginning to be a bright afternoon in the neighborhood quickly took a frightening turn just outside the doors of these businesses point >> i was helping a customer , and we heard four shots, and then we started seeing police cars. i stepped outside, and i saw the paramedics doing cpr on somebody. her back some of the people working at shops on the street say they know the man who was shot and sent to the hospital. >> i come out. my managers like, those weren't constructs, this is, nothing bad like that happens on haight street. i walked down the street, i see two bodies on the floor. >> reporter: the other man died on the screen. please can't say with certainty shooting it point >> we are looking to find out any other details regarding the shooting, what motive, or what led up to this shooting is all under investigation. >> reporter: those who know one of the victims say he was
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trying to make ends meet living in san francisco. >> hard-working. he does what he has to do to survive out here in one of the most, you know, purchased cities in, you know, california. >> reporter: for people who have lived in the city most of their lives, it's concerning to see a shooting like this during the day. >> it wasn't really like this growing up mama but crime has definitely taken a front seat in the city. >> reporter: police are asking anyone with information that could help their investigation to come forward. they are also trying to collect surveillance video from the businesses on this street, as they try to figure out exactly what happened, including the motive. live tonight in san francisco, shawn chitnis, kpix 5. a memorial set up to honor alameda county supervisor wilma chan continues to grow. flowers and balloons are at the
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intersection where she was struck and killed by a car in alameda. chan was hit while walking her dog yesterday morning. it happened at the intersection of shoreline drive and grand street. she was rushed to highland hospital in oakland, where she may later died from major head injuries. the driver involved in the incident is cooperating with the investigation. president biden is announcing new workplace vaccine rules. employers with 100 or more workers, a lot of the bay area will have until january 4 to make sure they are vaccinated. the new federal rules are already sparking legal challenges. a lawsuit filed today by the owner of the conservative website the daily wire, claiming the biden administration overstepped its authority. more than two dozen estates have also announced plans for lawsuits. san francisco is explaining how its mandate will work now that children as young as 5 are eligible for the vaccine. the city now says it will wait several months until kids have a chance to get vaccinated, and then decide whether to extend
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proof of vaccination requirements to that age group. for everything you need to know about getting her child vaccinated my you can head to and click the banner at the top of the homepage point after three world series championships, four silver slugger awards, and a national league mvp title, giants catcher buster posey has announced his retirement. he was emotional and thankful as he said goodbye to the organization he started and ended his career with. >> as you know i am here today announcing that i'm retiring. a lot of you out there probably know my first instinct is not to run and get behind the microphone, but as i thought about what i wanted to say today, i realized that it is such a unique opportunity to publicly think so many people that helped me get here, helped me stay here, and fulfill a lifelong dream playing major league baseball. >> kpix 5 reporter wilson
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walker is live at oracle park with how giants fans are taking this news. it's not easy , wilson. >> reporter: the word bittersweet misused a lot today. it's been a bummer of a day. we heard the news yesterday mama but it really sink in with fans today. he showed up with his family. he talks a great bit about his family during those remarks. you can tell that that is the direction that buster posey is choosing to go. for countless fans, this is maybe the last couple lines in a chapter that will close an incredible experience for everyone in san francisco. 2010, 12, and 14 were incredible times to live in the city. buster posey was the man so central to all of it. to say he is beloved in san francisco would be an understatement. a lot of people with a lot of
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thoughts on the man today as he said goodbye. >> just amazing how everything back in the day, back around 2009, 2010, how they unexpectedly jelled together, and buster is the cornerstone point >> this is a really big loss, and the end of an era point >> we don't know baseball without him. my children do not know what baseball looks like without buster posey , and they don't want to know. he just brought such a positive presence to the giants. >> reporter: not many people walk away from a job and get comments from the mayor thrown at them. i joked at 5:00 that to be on his way to a street name, not just a statue around the ballpark. someone who is going to be associated with such a fantastic time in the city, it was great to hear him talk about that a little bit, when he gave those comments that he too was moved by being a part of everything that happened. you know, it is just hard to imagine the buster posey. live at the ballpark, wilson walker, kpix 5 .
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>> it will be weird without him on the field. he was a great role model as well for children, as you heard from that mom. that's rare that you have a role model like that. >> reporter: the buster posey youth item seemed to be a real popular seller all of those years. >> i can see why. >> if you are a baseball fan, you're a fan of buster posey. >> reporter: thank you, allen. >> absolutely, wilson, from my heart. we will have more on buster posey's retirement coming up later in sports. still ahead on kpix 5 , cbsn bay area , dave chapelle is appearing in the bay area tonight amid fierce backlash over his new special peer cow fans are reacting to the controversy. not rewhat to do with the left over pumpkins from halloween? one bay area zoo has the answer. how a unique friendship blossomed between an alameda garbage collector, and a special little guy along his
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route. >> every day, 5:00 in the morning, rain or shine, he is there with a big smile. the sun just disappeared before
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-hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you!
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you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. new at six:00, a live look at chase center where comedian
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dave chapelle is hosting a screening of his new documentary right now. he's been at the center of a growing battle with the trans community, many saying his jokes are dangerous. kenny choi is live at chase center with more . >> reporter: no protests or anything like that so far in front of the chase center. right behind me, fans of dave chapelle are lining up and heading into the arena. the comedian is kicking off a 10 city tour, screening his new documentary called "untitled." the opening show tonight is sold-out. the comedian took this route to show the documentary, because movie companies and film festivals are shying away after the fire storm created by his netflix special called "the closer point" there were walkouts at netflix offices last month point >> i think people need to be a bit tougher scanned. it's just comedy here that's all it is. that's how i see it. >> reporter: the documentary film during the pandemic, when dave chapelle started putting on shows at a neighbors cornfield in ohio. one topic he addresses, george
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floyd's death. the tour kicks off tonight in san francisco, then ends in new york city later this month. we will have another live report coming up at 11:00. live in san francisco my kenny choi , kpix 5. some friendships make a lasting impression. this evening, the story of a little boy who faithfully weights each week for his pal to pull up at his driveway point >> he shows up every time. kpix 5's juliette goodrich is live in san ramon, with the story of two dark garbage buddies. >> reporter: this is my favorite story of the year. you know trash day. it's that infamous night we have to bring the garbage cans out onto the street. sometimes you forget. you hear the garbage truck early in the morning. he run out to but the cans and. let me tell you this. there is a little boy inside of that house. his name is finn. trash day is met with excitement and anticipation. once per week for the last 2
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years, 5-year-old finn would listen to that familiar sound, and run outside. tuesday, trash day. >> he originally was a little shy and he would wave goodbye, but now we are buddies. >> reporter: todd gonzales works for alameda county industries, and has been in the business from 1994. he has met a lot of people around his routes. >> every day he is there with a big smile, and he's just so happy and contagious. it makes my day. >> reporter: his family moved to the bay area right before the pandemic point >> everything shut down, and we were basically all alone. >> reporter: for finn born with down syndrome, trash day during covid became something he could look forward to, something he could count on.
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>> it was one of the first relationships he was able to develop because he got to know todd consistently. or max or their friendship blossomed. >> is does as much for me as i do for him. i drive off with a big smile, and he makes my day. i'm thankful for that. >> one day, todd came and finn was gone. he said where is my little buddy. i said he started school. he leaves before you get here now. and then next week, todd was there. he came, he changed his whole route, just so he could make sure he softened before he went to school. >> i didn't want him to miss, and i didn't want to miss it either. >> reporter: it was a bittersweet visit today. finn's family is moving to southern california, so todd brought over a special gift for finn. >> i got a garbage truck. i got a garbage truck. >> reporter: and finn gave todd a book of memories of the two of them. a friendship to last a lifetime. todd says he hopes the next
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garbage collector will take good care of finn down the road. when i was during this interview, i got misty eyed, and so did todd. think is this we have of recycle bin right here, because i have my hankies ready, and i know that a lot of people in the neighborhood are tuning in, because they know about the special friendship. >> we have a special one right here, all the tissues -- that is just amazing. >> reporter: i know. i really feel like calling -- i was going to say, i feel like calling that garbage company in san diego and saying, look, you need to have someone that will be with ben as well. >> a very special house right here point >> then is going to make a new friend for sure. >> is going to make many friends. >> thank you for warming our hearts. okay, paul.
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>> good luck buddy. >> you have any watermarks? let's see if i can keep it together for about 120 seconds. welcome rain last night. let set up the amounts we have seen. a typical rain event, which means we will take a. around here .1 inches for dublin. a bit more for san francisco. about a quarter inch for half moon bay. it won't make a big difference in terms of the drought conditions, but it does continue to add up on top of the record-setting amount of rain that we had in the month of october. we are in a dry break right now, but there's another storm system out over the pacific that will be swaying to the pacific northwest over the weekend. i could drag a few showers through the north bay on saturday. tomorrow is a mix of clouds and sunshine. futurecast shows a lot of gray there will be plenty of sun in between those clouds. the rain stays to the north tomorrow. however, tomorrow night, and the first half of saturday, some moisture will try to swing
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through sonoma county and napa county, some before the sun comes up. they are going to be light, passing, not worth rearranging plans around us unless you absolutely positively needed to hear generally just be flexible without our plans. most of the rain will stay to the north for much better chance of rain for the rest of the bay area in just a second. >> reporter: low to mid 60s, another beautiful perspective on the horizon. temperatures will drop off this evening for san jose. perfect weather to go out for a walk. temperatures are going to drop down into the 50s, but it will be cooler by early tomorrow morning i'm especially further inland. temperatures will end up in the mid to upper 40s, even low 40s, and temperatures tomorrow pretty close to today. around 60 along the coast, with mid 60s for the north bay mama and upper 60s in linden in the east bay. all of these numbers,
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2 to 4 degrees below average. the below average temperatures will continue into early next week. more clouds and sunshine on saturday for all of us, but the chance of showers will mainly be confined to the north bay. then a mix of clouds and sunshine for everyone on sunday. the next and more significant rent of rain adds up to around 0.5 inches to 1 inch for the bay area. temperatures are going to warm back up as we clear out by wednesday and thursday of next week. charlie. we all figured that the end of the season press conference was the last of the giants we would hear for quite some time. but a curveball came in yesterday, and today it became official. buster posey coming
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the giants president that he walked around the airport concourse for about 20 minutes too long today. he knew that once he got to the ballpark, it would be real. buster posey was the first to speak at today's presser, and officially announced he will retire. i think the manager should've spoken first. >> i don't know if this is the right time for it, but i wanted to ask, is this a definite, for sure thing? >> reporter: then he answered
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the second question on everybody's mind. why call it quits after an all- star season? >> the reason i'm retiring as i want to be able to do more stuff with my family. physically, it is much harder now. to be honest, it is hard to enjoy it as much when there is the physical pain that you are dealing with on a daily basis. >> it is difficult to think about moving forward on a baseball simply without you, but you know, i think for all of us we choose to focus on just the incredible attitude that you can back this year and did what you did, and gave us such a memorable season. >> what does it say about him that he knew this may be it heading into the season, and he came out and put up the numbers that he did come a and let you guys. >> i think it speaks to how prepared he is, and how well he knows his own body, because,
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you know, he talked about the concept of emptying the tank at the end, so that means he knew exactly how much fuel he had and reserve. >> it didn't sway me. i think that's part of the reason that i do feel at peace with my ning rolls around, it will definitely be different. you can see the babies crawling on the windowsill over here. i'm pretty sure we will stay busy. >> posey has been viewed as an extra coach on the field, so much so, that when bruce bowed he was retiring, one gambling website listed posey as a candidate to become the giants new skipper, and become a player coach. >> i remember books came out with odds that had buster at a 10,000 to 1 odds to become player/manager. i saw that. i kind of circled it. i shot a text over to buster,
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and i said, i just figured out how we will pay for bryce harper. in typical buster fashion, he was like, that's funny, but i'm actually a better candidate than some of the people with better odds than me. >> in 2012, one of his biggest moments was when he had that grand slam. i am a cincinnati reds fan, so that one was really sour for a long time to me. after seeing everything that is, and the human being that he is. he's an impossible guy not to root for. >> event coming from a dodgers fan coming after fruit for buster posey . if you're still not sure what to do with the
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welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive
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tonight, the oakland zoo is asking for your leftover pumpkins. >> the donated gourds are always a hit with the animals. zoo officials say they are being a bit picky about which ones they will accept. they must be on carved without any pate or rotten spots. pumpk accepted, and you can drop up
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other types of gourds as well. you can deliver them directly to the zoo between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. until november 14. >> delicious. >> no rotting. nothing carved. not like that. we don't like it like that. >> the animals li ca captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, president biden gives businesses a deadline. the new vaccination rule for large companies, and how it could impact more than 80 million americans in the private sector. the new rule tonight for companies with 100 or more employees, as los angeles county's vaccine mandate goes into effect for bars, nightclubs, and concert venues. >> guys, how are you? just need proof of vaccination. >> reporter: the ahmaud arbery murder trial. the three men accused of killing the 25-year-old who was out for a jog. what arbery's mother is saying tonight about the nearly all-white jury. cancer vaccine. tonight, the promising news about the success of the vaccine that prevents one of the most common cancers in women. the new details. the american dream. after enduring tragedy in afghanistan, how four in


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