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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 4, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: that is right. the rush is on for many parents concerned about getting their kids vaccinated against covid- 19, and those appointments are already booking up to 1 month out from right now today. santa clara county is looking to ease the burden of some parents, and bring vaccinations onto the mass vaccination sites or clinics, but right at the schools, where their children go to. the cafeteria at catherine smith school and he san jose isn't serving up chicken nuggets, but covid-19 vaccines for the 5 to 11 crowd point it is the first of 80 mobile vaccination clinics in santa clara county that will be held at schools. >> it's exactly right. we want to make it as easy as we can for parents point >> by having clinics on school sites, we do ease that worry about when they might be able to get an appointment.
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>> reporter: this mother is grateful. her son and daughter got there first pfizer doses today. she had been struggling to find them an appointment, as parents rush to get the kids vaccinated before the holidays. >> it saved me a lot of time mama because especially now in the clinics, it takes up to 1 month for you to schedule an appointment with the doctor. >> reporter: as a briber for being brave, six-year-old serenity will get to go to disneyland after she is fully vaccinated. >> i thought it would hurt, but it didn't. >> reporter: it is not just at schools and large vaccine sites. doses of the vaccines for kids are being rolled out to pediatrician offices as well. shots will be served up at dr. jasmine's office at stanford children's next week. she says it is important that both parents and kids feel comfortable and safe with who is administering the dose. >> for pediatricians, vaccinations are our business. we are good at it, efficient at it, and we know that our parents and families trust us with that responsibility. we are happy to take this on.
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>> okay, some of the parents have transportation issues. what about them getting a dose? >> reporter: here in santa clara county at the schools today, they had the adult doses as well. they come in two different files but they had adult doses and boosters ready to go as well, for those parents who may not have found the time to get themselves to a vaccination clinic, or didn't have the vaccination transportation or means to get there. they wanted to make sure the whole family was covered at once. >> thank you. a live look now in san francisco, where the city will soon require everyone 5 and older to show vaccination proof at certain public places. those would include restaurants, theaters, gyms, large events, like warriors games. it's already the role for the adults mama but is expanding as children are becoming eligible for the vaccine. that rule will not apply for another 2 months. for everything you need to
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know about getting your child vaccinated, including where to sign up, you can head to and click the banner at the top of the homepage. northern california mother says her 16-year-old was vaccinated at a pharmacy for covid-19 without her consent. reporter renee santos has more on what happened. they were like my arm hurts. i'm like what happened point he was like i went and had my covid shot, and i was like wait, what. >> reporter: amanda arroyo over the phone remembers the shock she felt when her 16-year-old son got the covid-19 vaccine without her permission. she says he showed up to the cvs pharmacy on west covell in davis in july. after he made an appointment online, she claims the pharmacist later told her she was just trying to vaccinate as many people in the community as possible, to keep people safe. so what are the roles when it comes to getting minors vaccinated? in california, parents or guardians must provide consent in one of three ways, but either going with the child in person i'm assigning a written
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consent form, or providing verbal consent to a staff member, over the throne or through video. amanda says none of that was done, and she has requested the forms that her son filled out through the pharmacy's website. >> he's 16 years old. i completely understand that, but i in no way shape or form give consent for him to get the vaccine mama and i was not present. when it happened. they should be held responsible for their actions and their negligence. >> cvs is working to get out those forms for the appointment. the mom says her kids have other vaccines, but is not comfortable with the covid vaccine, since it is two new. some new strict covid rules took effect in l.a. county today. you must approve of being fully vaccinated. goes for indoor places such as bars, wineries, concert venues, sports arenas, and businesses will check proof of vaccination. >> when i go out to bars, i have to show vaccinations at other places. >> but county is expecting to
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announce more and or places that require proof of vaccination on monday. that will include restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, movie theaters, spas, and salons. cleanup crews in los angeles in a busy tearing down a towering mass of debris at a home in koreatown. neighbors say the house has been an eyesore for years. one neighbor says she actually contacted the city 10 years ago when her neighbors son first started piling up the trash in the front and back yards. city officials say the homeowner gave them permission to clear the property today point alameda county authorities caught up with an armed robbery suspect at the stoneridge mall today. chopper 5 shows the police cars that responded to the scene. alameda county sheriff deputies the armed suspect was wanted for robberies in san leandro and san ramon. san francisco city leaders celebrated the grand opening of two new affordable housing developments near the embarcadero. the new developments called broadway cove and 735 davis,
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are located on the block of broadway between front and davis streets. the new apartment buildings will provide affordable units to over 175 inferences go families and seniors. >> people come from all backgrounds, all incomes, all challenges. folks who are formerly homeless no live here. people who have incomes that may seem like a lot of money, but it's not for san francisco, are going to live here point >> both of the projects started construction in the summer of 2019, and were completed early this year, but the grand opening was delayed due to the pandemic. a suspect steals a big rig, just down the freeway. the wild police chase out of southern california, and how it all came to a dramatic ense pol underground illegal casino, and in the process, sees within 300 pounds of marijuana.
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>> i know it's easier to make money illegally, but that isn't the way to do business. coming up all new at 6:00 a, tough questions for the chief engineer working on the leaning millennium tower. he was asked
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but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive. parents and community members in southern california upset after the score of a high school football game. the school principal of the opposing team is apologizing. blow it football game leaves morningside monarchs with nothing on the scoreboard against inglewood sentinels. the score ended up being 106-0. parents, coaches, community members angry, criticizing the opposing team's lack of sportsmanship. the principal debbie tate offered apologies to morningside high school, the team that lost that game. the inglewood school district
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is now reviewing the incident. a wild scene, chp taser stolen truck overnight that led to a standoff that backed up traffic for hours. caravan strum has this strange story from santa anna. >> reporter: this is how and nearly 13 our pursuit and standoff ended on the 55 in santa ana. the man expected of stealing a big rig and shutting down the freeway put his hands in the air. >> we convinced him to come out. he came out peacefully, and was taken into custody. >> reporter: it started around 8:00 last night in east l.a., when an employee reported a big rig stolen from a food service line. the chp began pursuing, trying to stop it by deploying spike strips repeatedly. but the driver just kept going. he drove across the 5 and 118
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freeways. around 11:00, he was seen sitting south on the 101. law enforcement had trouble tracking him at points because of thick fog. shortly after 12:30 this morning, he ended up back on the 5, crossing into orange county, and then came to a stop on the southbound 55 at macarthur. the chp said the truck riding on rams couldn't go any further. that is when the standoff started. >> people have to get to work, i've got to go home point >> reporter: this man and others were stranded for hours as the suspect moved around in the cab and tried to rev up the truck point >> i was trying to get to the airport. >> reporter: ultimately the chp turned cars around on the shoulder, clear the freeway, and the s.w.a.t. team surrounded the truck with guns drawn, securing the surrender. >> the younger adult in his early 20s, scared point >> reporter: nobody, including the suspect, was hurt. he's now under arrest, and expected to face a long list of charges. up next, the emotional moment police rescued a 4-year- old girl who went missing in
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everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st. this evening, a 4-year-old australian girl is back home with her family, after going missing more than 2 weeks ago. this is video of cleo smith and her mother being seen out in public for the first time since
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the ordeal. cleo disappeared in the middle of the night from a camping tent in the remote australian outback on october 16. her disappearance shook the nation, and triggered a massive police search. authorities found her yesterday in a lock tom. today, we are hearing an audio recording of the moment it happened. >> what's her name. what's her name, sweetheart? >> my name is cleo. >> hello, cleo. >> 36-year-old man was arrested in connection to the disappearance. new video out of italy shows the moment a coast guard there rescued a kite server in distress. they had been stranded at sea for hours. he set off from a tiny island
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near sicily, but a change in the weather him stuck out a iend noted authorities when he hadn't returned. he was clinging to the board, very tired, but very lucky to be alive. in alaska, the u.s. coast guard rescued a puppy who had been missing for nearly 2 days after the owners vessel ran aground. the crew abandoned ship, presumed the puppy was lost, and he was found on the cliffside and reunited with its owner. the price of turkey has gone up. the fixings, like canned pumpkin or stuffing, aren't as easy to come by, all signs of supply-chain issues. >> reporter maddison keeney is getting answers from food banks on their solutions to a problem that could change the holiday table. we don't have a lot of produce today if people could donate that would be fantastic. >> reporter: perishables are in high demand. salary, green beans, lettuce, potatoes point >> this is the beef. >> reporter: meat products are tough to find. getting scathing, everybody
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wants turkey. >> turkey is going to be an issue. >> reporter: supply-chain issues are going to be an issue at elk grove food services point >> this is usually full. it pains us to come in here and try to fill these cards with nothing here. >> reporter: to keep enough stock for the holidays calls for flexibility point >> we have given them a choice this year, especially with our mobile programs, that if they wanted a gift card, a chicken, or a turkey him up at some options for choices in case we can't find the turkeys point >> reporter: in yolo county, the same concerns for what is available, and how much it costs point >> we are looking to do 3000 holiday meal kits in the week up to thanksgiving. that endeavor has become more expensive this year. >> reporter: and plaster county, the same story for some items, like the fixings, gravy, and boxed mass potatoes. >> it's like saying, okay, we may not have asked, but let's see what we can do with y.
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>> reporter: the district different here' bank is a distribution center for plaxo, novato, and the director of development said before supply- chain issues, it was covid mama then fires, so they have been forced to plan ahead for the unknown. >> we ended up buying our turkeys back in june, because we anticipated shortages volunteers filled bags with what they got, and these nonprofits promise whoever relies on the services want go hungry. >> cash and food donations are encouraged, but calling ahead is the suggested way of doing it, because every site has different needs. we are already talking about thanksgiving, but it is going by so quickly we are getting kind of an early thanksgiving holiday gift with this rain coming our way. we picked up anywhere from
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a few hundredths to up to around 0.25 inches. we are 35 days into the water year, so i looked at the data to see how we are doing impaired to the first 35 days of water year's past. this is the data for downtown san francisco. this is the wettest start to the rainy season. since recordkeeping began back in 1850. this is significant. the majority of this fell during that atmospheric river last month, but we have added up a bit more rain here and there, enough to put us into the top spot at least for the first 35 days. it remains to be seen what the next 5 to 6 months bring us mama but at least there is a chance further down the line in the extended forecast. mostly clear and cold tonight. chili and some spots in light at the north bay. patchy dense fog which will dissipate. clouds and sunshine on friday. a slight chance of a few light showers on saturday north of the golden gate. dry and cool weather in store
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for us on sunday. that rain chance for the north bay is lower than 50-50. it is there in case of a passing shower. don't cancel out our plans. a more substantial chance of rain for the rest of the bay area will shape up late monday, with the best chance monday night, continuing to at least the first half of the day on tuesday. this is still a bit out there on the forecast. we will narrow down the timing as this gets closer. it's associated with an atmospheric river, but it will be a repeat of what we had a week and a half ago. this will be an ar 1, the scale on which you rank these atmospheric rivers. the bulk of the moisture will be directed further to the north, for the oregon and washington coast mode where they will be up to an ar 3 or 4. we are complaining. we will take the moisture however it wants to arrive. this is one of our forecast models. we go through next tuesday evening when the rain should be tapering off, and you can see, these are nice amounts, but nowhere close to what we had a week and a half ago. around the low end, 0.33 inches
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of rain. i think the forecast is overdoing the san jose amount. but 0.5 inches for much of the bay area. a bit higher for much of the north bay. it's very welcome. we still need more rain to eat away at the drought conditions. temperatures today were a bit cooler in the wake of the rain chance that moved through last night, and gave most of us summit measurable rain. upper 60s for san jose. mid-60s in san francisco. above 60 degrees in pacifica. right now, most of us are still running in the 60s. a pleasantly cool evening point temperatures tonight will drop off odds the sun goes down. mid to upper 40s for most inland parts of the bay area, and low 40s in the north bay valleys, low 50s right around the bay. the water is keeping temperatures a bit less cool. tomorrow, low to mid 60s around the bay, with mid to upper 60s further inland. these numbers are about 2 to 4 degrees below normal for early november. the cooler than average temperatures are going to stick
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around for the weekend and early next week. we do additional cloud cover on saturday. most of us stay dry mother and back to a mask of clouds and sunshine for the next rain chance moves in. then we dry out at warm-up back to above average temperatures by the end of next week. i will have the dog walking forecast coming up at 6:00. coming up, comedian dave chapelle ringing his act to chase center. we get a reaction from those who say his recent comedy special crossed the line. making things worse? that she's engineer carrying out repairs of the millennium tower, answering questions about why the building is leaning even more. this may be the best story of the day, of the week. we will tell you how a 5-year- old boy forged a special friendship with his garbageman. how the weekly pickups became a shared moment of joy. still ahead here at 5:00, a big underground casino and marijuana bust in the south bay. the tip that led authorities to
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the suspects. coming up all new at 7:00, supply-chain shortages and transportation disruptions. they aren't going away anytime soon. that means the holidays might look different this year. small businesses have spent months crafting a new strategy to ensure they have plenty of stock on hand. from trees to toys. >> many of our distributors are sending us letters right now, because they are no longer taking orders until january.
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san jose police have broken up and alleged gambling ring point >> in the process, they also took down an illegal marijuana grow. we are live in san jose with more on that bus. >> reporter: we are live here on rogers avenue, deep in the heart of one of san jose's largest industrial zones. this building has been the focus of a month-long investigation, where the evidence is literally piling up. and it is a big pile. large packages of marijuana, vacuum sealed, stacked high and deep inside of the evidence room. that's 300 pounds, with a street value of $600,000. >> reporter: it looks like you guys need a bigger table. >> yeah. you know, oftentimes, yeah, we make large seizures, where we need bigger vehicles to bring
5:57 pm
what is being seized. >> reporter: it began the summer, when san jose police got a tip of an illegal gambling operation selling drugs and stolen property at a unit inside of this industrial building on the 1600 block of rogers avenue. on september 17, the unit showed up to rate the building. >> during the execution of that search warrant, people started running, popping out and coming out of backdoors of an adjacent business. we did find a series of pathways connecting these two different businesses. >> reporter: this escape plan, did it work? >> that in this case. >> reporter: next door, santa fe police confiscated 33 pounds of marijuana. investigators say john lee and mike lee ran the gambling ring and marijuana grow house together. >> skunk.'s >> reporter: it smells like a skunk. >> reporter: william runs a merchandising business in the same building, and says the odor of maana ten drifted through the walls. >> reporter: it stinks. >> too much point >> reporter: you smell that
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every day? >> most. sometimes no smell. >> reporter: last friday, they raided the homes of john and mike lee where they seized at 300 pounds of marijuana, along with more weapons, ammunition, and $30,000 in cash. news of the neighbors arrest has led and marie shaking her head. >> i know it's easier to make money illegally, but that's not the way to do business. if the do it the right way, so nobody gets in trouble. >> reporter: those two defendants i posted bail and have been released, and are now out, awaiting the next court appearance. live in san jose, kiet do , kpix 5. right now on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, for the first time, we are hearing from the lead engineer on san francisco's troubled millennium tower project. >> has never been necessary point >> what we have learned at one point we really need to be concerned about the sinking and tilting tower. a deadly shooting in a
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popular san francisco tourist area. how witnesses say it all unfolded. he so happy, and it's just contagious. it makes my day. >> we introduce you to a special pair of friends from alameda county who turn every trash day into a big reason to smile. we begin with the millennium tower. new at 6:00, san francisco's leaning tower the focal point of a 1 hour-long hearing today this comes after it was found the construction on the retro filled to help stop the power from thinking and tilting was actually contributing to it, making it worse. kpix 5's max darrow joins us live. what did you learn from all of this? >> reporter: during a virtual hearing today, we learned that construction crews, and engineers in the city, emphasized the tower isn't in imminent danger of falling over or having structural collapse are problems. the chief engineer told us, in fact, the tower can tilt a lot more than it actually is, but
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there is a city supervisor who is skeptical of that. the fix for san francisco's leaning millennium tower under heavy scrutiny from city leaders during a thursday hearing. the supervisor called for the hearing a few months ago, when it was discovered that work on the voluntary retrofit, the perimeter pile upgrade, designed to fix the sinking and tilting, with actually making the problem worse. >> do you think this building would have been better off without the fix? >> if we had that on the fix, the building would have settled, and tilting tilted as it currently has today in about 40 years. we would've been better off today, but not 40 years from now. >> reporter: the lead engineer on the oj


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