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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  November 4, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from our exclusive mark hopkins camera looking west. you can see some of the rain drops still out there. good morning. it is thursday november 4. i am len kiese. >> i am amanda starrantino. we will start with weather and traffic. it was a little rainy coming in. a wet start, wet roads, drizzle, light scattered showers out there. let's get to it and what you can expect. you see high def doppler and some locations especially for parts of the east bay, south bay, peninsula getting that wet start with really light showers with the weak cold front. zooming in you see for danville, tri valley, livermore, fremont, milpitas, san jose with that wet start to our day. peninsula, san mateo, mountain view, loss gatt on the as well. through the afternoon, drier weather as we are looking at
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sunshine. we are looking at daytime highs in the mid to upper 60s for many locations. let's check with gianna and those wet roadways. it's already getting busy of course with those slick surfaces. be extra careful. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, sluggish as you approach the area of the we have reports of an area not far from this point with a couple cars tangled up. mostly everything is to the right shoulder but there may be activity in the right lane as well. 880 south bound before wipple, a crash blocking the lane out of hayward into union city. 92 west bound before the plaza, a crash on the exit ramp. it looks like it is not affecting your ride though across the rest of the way of the san mateo bridge. oracle park in san francisco giants fans are in shock after hearing their long
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time favorite catcher buster posey is likely retiring. andrea nakano has more. >> there is a chance he can change his mind. i hope he does. >> reporter: fans are not ready to see their favorite catcher walk away. >> i can see how it might have made sense that this is the time. but of course we want him to play forever. >> reporter: 34-year-old posey had quite a career, started as rookie of the year and became seven time all star, gold governorrer, three time world series champion. >> posey is above everybody because he accomplished so much. >> reporter: the baseball historian and host of talking baseball with marty say rings match posey best catcher in franchise history. >> he has resiliency. just seeing him behind the plate and seeing his career, that's to me what i will always remember about him. >> reporter: buster suffered two season ending injuries in
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his career and took several knocks to the head behind the plate. he could tell the injuries were taking a toll. >> the grind got to him and i think he really would like to live a normal so called life and i think that's the bottom line of it. >> reporter: a player who never sought spotlight will leave quietly without final curtain call unlike some of his battery mates. >> thank you so much. you have made me as a giants fan so happy over the years and just being able to hold on even though we had some tough times. best of luck to you and thank you for all you have done for us. >> posey hinted during playoffs that he might be done saying he was ready to embrace more family time. i am anne makovec at the live news desk, a live look at san francisco where today there is going to be a hearing on the leaning millennium tower that is after a structural engineer
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cast doubt on whether an ongoing project to shore it up is even safe in 2017. concerned unit owners hired david williams as consultant after learning the building sunk more than a foot and was leaning to the northwest. he says the floor of the basement exposed what appeared to be a serious problem, dipping in the middle. it is referred to as dishing. says current perimeter pile upgrade going on may run into trouble when new piles anchored to bed rock are connected to the building's weakened foundation. that's a lot of engineering talk but it will come up in a hearing today in san francisco. we'll keep an eye on it. tributes for a bay area leader whose life was cut short in the county she served. khan was fatally struck by a car while walking her dog yesterday morning. kenny choi has more from alameda. >> reporter: will may khan's friends and colleagues in tears gathered to light three candles
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in light of the beloved district 3 supervisor. >> this one's for you. >> she loved working for the most disenfranchised. >> whenever i needed her, she would be there. >> reporter: robinson says khan fought to save early childhood learning centers from closing in her neighborhood and worked closely with the 72-year-old. >> it hurts my heart. it really does. to lose someone that's so dedicated and served families, children, school districts. >> reporter: the career in public service spanned 30 years starting with election as alameda supervisor in 1994 and becoming first asian american majority leader in california state assembly before returning as supervisor in 2010. >> she wasn't someone to be lightly pushed over or pushed around. she was someone who was tough and it showed. >> reporter: carl khan has been a friend and colleague for more than three decades, working to
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help struggling businesses this week. >> wanted to remember her as being a unifier for our county. >> reporter: she suffered major head injuries and [captioners transitioning] ported to the hospital and pronounced dead around 2:30. >> she's a true hero and dedicated public servant serving all of us. >> such a loss there. that was kenny choi. khan is survived by two children and two grandchildren. alameda police say a female driver involved in the incident is cooperating with the investigation. looking live at san francisco now that children ages 5 to 11 are eligible for covid shots, public health officials say soon they will have to show proof of vaccination before entering public spaces like restaurants, gyms, and large events like adults. thousands throughout the bay area rolled up their sleeves for the first time yesterday to get vaccines. hundreds showed up to this site in san jose. >> it looks like it could work. >> i was basically thinking i
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just want to get this over with. then after, i was glad i finally got the first round of the vaccine. >> cdc approved pfizer vaccine for about 28 million grade school children. their shot is one third the strength of adult dose and given with a much smaller needle. for everything you need to know about getting your child vaccinated including where to sign up head to and click the banner at the top of the home page. flu season is here but the vaccine to protect you against the virus may not be. health experts are warning this flu season may be severe. >> the pandemic may be to blame. maria medina has more from san jose. >> reporter: some vaccine clinics simply let you drive up and get the flu shot. others allow you to walk in. some are finding even with an appointment they're being turned away because of supply issues. >> all loaded up. >> reporter: rob got the covid booster as well as the flu
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vaccine. >> i just signed up with my health group and did a drive thru clinic. >> reporter: the flu shot is getting harder to find in some parts of the bay area as the season begins. this was the e e for berkeley and in san jose, the earliest rite aid flu shot is nearly two weeks out. at cvs, three out of two dozen pharmacies are scheduling appointments. last month, cdc warned about flu shot shortages between shipments of supplies like syringes and needles as demand goes up. >> it could be worse than previous years. >> reporter: health experts including stanford university epidemiologists are concerned this flu season may be severe and last year's nearly nonexistent flu season as we wore masks and stayed home may be one reason for the cause. >> the levels of antibodies in the population have gotten lower than usual.
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so that means that we have less immunity going around. if the virus circulated again, more people could get sicker. >> reporter: do you feel lucky that you got yours? >> i say get it as soon as possible. >> reporter: marilyn and rob were ahead of the surge listening to the recommendation to get the flu vaccine by the end of last month. >> with the pandemic and such, everybody wearing masks, flu, cold kind of disappeared but that doesn't mean it is not out there. >> reporter: another reason doctors are urging people to get the flu vaccine is to lessen impacted on hospital beds and icus as we continue to deal with covid-19. >> the doctor says the flu season may also be more severe because people are getting tired of health mandates including wearing masks. coming up, it was like in
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an instant, oh my gosh. the next thing that happened is that i am being torn apart. >> a bay area woman who felt the wrath of an angry bear sits down to discuss that terrifying experience. one of our members lost over $7.5 million in one month. >> california growers are taking a massive financial hit. what they say is
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imagine you are home, hear a noise and check it out. then all of a sudden it is a bear. an east bay woman tells katie nielsen she's grateful to be alive after what happened to her in tahoe. >> a bear malling is not a little thing. it's huge. >> reporter: laurel rose has dozens of stitches, deep lacerations, puncture wounds after being malled by a bear early saturday in her family's tahoe vista cabin. it started when she heard banging in the kitchen and went to investigate. >> i could see the freezer door half open and food flying. it was like in an instant oh my gosh, this is a bear. the next thing that happens is that i am being torn apart. >> reporter: she says she was blocking the door where the bear came in and thinks the bear malled her so it could get out. >> i am screaming the whole
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time, screaming at the top of my lungs. >> that bear out weighed her by easily 400, 500 pounds. >> reporter: the bear could have easily killed her and unfortunately, black bears are becoming more of a problem in tahoe. >> we call it getting friendlier because what they are doing is getting more comfortable around people. >> reporter: a bear was spotted going into safe way to get food and into a convenience store not seeming bothered by the cashier trying to shoe it away. she often spotted bears around her cabin but never imagined she would come face to face with one in her kitchen especially when battling stage 4 nonhodgekins lymphoma. >> i am so incredibly lucky to be alive, no question. >> laura rose she says threw a quilt over the bear's head as it was going down the stairs which helped her escape. with a backlog of ships off
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the california coast, state lawmakers are trying to figure out how to ease the bottleneck. more than a dozen speakers took part yesterday. growers unable to ship pistachios, walnuts, almonds, cotton overseas. >> one member lost over 7.5 million in one loss in sales because of inability to fill time and commitments. >> supply chain shortages aren't going away soon. at 7:00, advice for shoppers and how small businesses have spent months crafting a new strategy to ensure they have plenty stock from treats to toys. >> many distributors are sending us letters that they are no longer taking orders until january. >> the supply chain crisis tonight at 7:00 on kpix5. time for the money watch report, a message from federal reserve chairman on prices. diane king hall reports from
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the new york stock exchange. stocks rallied again on wednesday with the three major indexes setting records for the fourth day in a row. dow rose nearly 105 points yesterday. nasdaq gained 161. s&p 500 added 29. yesterday's rally came as federal reserve wrapped up a two day policy meeting. jerome powell said the fed is keeping close eye on rising inflation. powell said prices should come down once pandemic related effects like shipping bottlenecks and product shortages are resolved. if that doesn't happen, he says fed is preparing countermeasures and at that point interest rates could be raised. stronging john deere workers rejected their employer's latest contract offer which included immediate 10% raise after thsult of the union's vote was announced, a john deere executive
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indicated it would anfinal offe the strike involved some 10,000 workers who walked off the job in mid october. that's your cbs money watch report. head to i'm diane king hall. it is 4:47. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> we will start with mary lee with what it looks like outside. still a little bit showers. we are looking at that wet start to our day so definitely grab that umbrella, your rain jacket. if it's not raining, we still have slick roads and of course gianna will have more on that. you can see the locations, especially east bay, tri valley, peninsula, south bay getting that wet start. this is because of a cold front pushing across the bay area, so looking at that light shower activity for the tri valley from pleasanton, livermore, dublin, as well as the peninsula, wood side, the south
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bay. right now san jose, you are getting that light rain as well as for milpitas, campbell, los gatos. a live look with our san francisco camera, a wet camera out there. our temperatures are running in the upper 50s to low 60s. again we are dealing with drizzle, light showers out there. i want to time it out for you. we are looking at a drier day as we head through our thursday. here we go at 9:00 am. you see the clouds with the shower activity to our east. as we look to noon, we will start to see clearing for north bay with sunshine. watch as we head through the rest of the afternoon. all of us will see that sunshine today. we had showers overnight and this morning and then things dry out for the afternoon. we are looking at mid to upper
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60s for peninsula, upper 60s in the south bay. inland east bay, upper 60s for concord, pleasant hill, tri valley. mid 60s in san francisco, 67 oakland and daytime highs in low to mid 60s this afternoon for the north bay. the north bay will start to see the clearing earlier for you, mid 60s in ukiah. there is the chance for showers saturday. i will show you this in a moment, more wet weather as we look to next week. seven-day forecast san francisco, oakland, san jose. we will see drier weather through our afternoon. dry weather continues friday. then for saturday, there is a chance to see a few showers for around the bay, san francisco, oakland not so much for south bay and san jose and then dry weather sunday and shower chances pick up as we look to next week. inland east bay, north bay, coast, we will dry things out today with a little bit sunshine and then dry for friday. saturday, a better chance to see wet weather will be the
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north bay and coast, dry sunday and looking at showers picking up as we look ahead to next week. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic and those wet roadways. it is already busy if you are along 880. we are tracking brake lights this morning through oakland area due to a crash involving a couple vehicles and two left lanes are blocked. you can see the red and yellow popping up on censors which indicates slower speeds, 16 miles per hour, as you head through that area. this is south 880 after 66 around the colosseum. at least two right lanes plus activity to the shoulder. give yourself a few extra minutes. i will let you know when lanes open. 580 is open both directions. here is a live look at conditions not far from there. we are dealing with slick surfaces this morning. be extra careful on the roads and leave a lot of space between you and the car in front of you. south to south 880, a crash blocking the right lane in the
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clearing stages. they should have that out of the road way in the next minutes. san mateo bridge, trouble spot on 92 before the toll plaza. everything seems to be to the side of the road way, not affecting your ride getting on the span. a live look at the san mateo bridge, 14 minutes between 880 and 101, still moving at okay pace despite the trouble spot. metering lights are off, easy ride into san francisco and no delays into the city. good morning. i've got the warriors, what happened last night when the star of the team needed help? the rest of the warriors to the rescue. last night all hands on
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joe buck and john smoltz welcoming you back to the city center convenience mart. heather's moment has arrived, and you just hope all that training pays off. heather lays down her purchase but randy rings it up as slowly as he can. uh-oh. yup, she's looking at the cigarettes.
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there's nothing good back there. heather's arm is in motion. but she just grabs the gum off the counter. that's a slick move. even randy tips his cap to heather. stand up to cancer and rally wants you to reduce your risk for cancer. go to
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good from last night. what if i told you steph curry scored five poinby half, struggled offensively against highest scoring team in the league. lost, right? wrong. how to cure a slow start. gary peyton ii, oh my gosh, threw it down on kelly oubre junior. then in the first half, splash brother candidate, you bet. that tied the game. less than a minute later here he went again with 22 first half points, 31 for the game, seven threes. look at the ball movement. look at gary peyton ii, back
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door, 14 points, five rebounds, 17 assists. fourth quarter curry bounced 15oints, 8 rebounds, nine assists, warriors scored the last 16 points and won 119-92, warriors one of three nba 6-1 record. baseball, 3:00 press conference later today where buster posey is set to retire after 12 seasons and takes with him three world series, seven all stars, mvp, one of six players since 1969 to finish last season in the bigs batting 300 or more. nfl, details still rolling in in aftermath of the henry ruggs fatal crash early tuesday morning. he was released by raiders and was in a wheelchair yesterday with a neck brace during a las vegas court appearance. prosecutors said he was driving as fast as 156 miles per hour
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before impact which killed the driver of the other car and her dog. blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. carr had just heard from ruggs hours before. >> he literally texted me. how does my swing look? you guys need to help me. just seeing that and then getting the news when we woke up, i don't even know how i am supposed to handle that. packers quarterback aaron rodgers tested positive for covid-19 and will miss sunday's game against the chiefs. there is an investigation by the league to find out how long rodgers has gone unvaccinated this season. he said during training camp he was immunized which led many to believe he had received the vaccine. he is out a minimum of ten days. back to buster posey, i wonder who gets the bronze statue at
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oracle park first? posey or bonds? chew on that this morning. have a good day. see you later. giants fans are not ready to say good-bye to their favorite catcher and see him off the field. buster posey is reportedly announcing his retirement today. we'll have fan reaction coming up. getting answers into the progress underway for san francisco's tallest building. what to expect
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the end of an era, buster posey is expected to say good- bye to baseball. we are live with his big announce js away. >> reporter: weeks after controversy, dave chappel is set to be in the bay.
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where he is performing, next. she was tough and it showed. >> an alameda county supervisor hit and killed by a car. this morning, her trail blazing legacy. later, attacked in her tahoe kitchen. how this bay area woman survived being malled by a bear. good morning. it is thursday november 4. i am amanda starrantino. >> i am len kiese. good morning. first let's start with a live look outside. we are waking up to some showers but the bay area is already bracing for the sunshine. >> we will start with mary lee on that friday eve forecast. >> yes. >> we did see showers over night. we did. much needed rainfall over night and already even still picking up some showers out there on high def doppler. it's all because of this cold front moving across our region. on high def doppler you see showers for parts of the east bay, tri valley, peninsula, south bay. you see a wet start for livermore as well as for parts of the peninsula and even the south bay in


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