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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 3, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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2020 season. he cited family reasons for that year off, as buster and his wife adopted newborn twins. he was instrumental in leading the giants to the world series win in 2010, 2012, and 2014, catching, but he had season- ending hip surgery in 2018, and you could see he wasn't feeling quite right when he came back. fans we talked with say buster was a special player on some off the field. he and his wife dedicated so much of their time to children's cancer. this, they say, is going to be a huge loss. >> well, he's just a nice guy. he's the kind of guy you want to root for, to see on any of the team that you cheer for. good for him, and congratulations to buster for a great career, if it was his last season, but i hope that's
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a horrible rumor. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and the official announcement is expected to come tomorrow. now, i talked to some of the workers around here, and they say that in this is true and this was his last season, they hope that he actually stays in with the franchise in some capacity, and that we'll see him around quite often. allen and liz, back to you. >> absolutely. vern glenn joining us. and she pointed out buster just had one of his best seasons in year. >> yeah, there are six since 1969 two batted .300 or better his last season the big leagues. three are them are in the hall of family. he goes down as the greatest catch per giants history. rookie of the year in 2010.
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missed almost all of 2011 with a broken ankle and came back in 2012 and was the nl mvp, and of course three world series titles some of the best buster moments. a shot against the dodgers into the bleachers, for his first career walk-off. also no-hitters, 2013. >> n san diego. he was behind the plate for lin's no letter, and he caught matt cain's her picture game. and no hit was bigger than this one. the divisional series in cincinnati. posey hit a grand slam. the giants came back to win the final three games of the series and went on to win their second world series a few weeks later. now, the last time i saw the seven-time all-star, in the giant beingout, october 14th, right after the dodgers won
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game five and limit nateed the giants from the playoffs. we asked him then if he was coming back, and he said he wanted to take some time, talk it over with his wife, see what was like being the full00 time dad of four kids for a while, and after his press conference is tomorrow, well, it's going to be a long time now for buster posey who apparently is moving on and hanging them up. >> it's been great career. good for him. >> no greater job than fatherhood. >> lot of people caught offguards by the reports of the retirement. we'll share more later in the newscast. sad news out of the east bay. local leaders are reacting to a the news that alameda county supervisor wilma chan was struck and killed by a par while walking her dog. according to a statement, supervisor chan suffered a serious head injury. y.ter she was eaier thr-old fi the boarof
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supervisors in 1994. she was also the first asian american and the first woman to seven asthma outleader of the california assembly. >> her office released a statement saying, quote, during her 30-year career in public service, she was a staunch advocate for children, the elderly, affordable housing and healthcare for the uninsurance spend is survived by two children and two grandchildren. the family thank this first responders and medical staff that provided wonderful care to supervisor chan. our other top story this evening, kids as young as five years old can now get the covid- 19 vaccine for the first time since the pandemic began. we there were as some of it in children in santa clara county roled up their sleeve to get the shot. every million doses would prevent about 58,000 cases, and 226 hospitalizations in that
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group. de fratus found long lines of children with their parents eager to get that first shot. devin? >> reporter: baptist church in east san jose, one of the hardest-hit communities by this virus. this church has been on the forefront of the public health battle against this virus. first with testing and then with vaccinations, and now with vaccinations for young children. >> it looks like it could hurt. >> isaac was eager to roll up his sleeve and get his shot, even if the needle to his five- year-old eyes looked a little bit scary. >> i was excited for my first vaccine to come. >> isaac was part of the very first wave of children to receive the vaccine. she mother said with three children five and younger, she just wasn't going to wait.
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>> there's birthday parties we didn't have, friends we did not see. >> reporter: rosalie said the pandemic has been life altering, and hopes that the vaccine will be the key to getting back to something close to norm. ? we took all of our kids out of preschool and all of their activities, and actually quit my job so that i could, you know, stay home. >> reporter: children ages 12 to 18 who have been eligible for the vaccine for a while have the lowest vaccination rate of anyone group in the county at 75.9%. health officials say that's indicative of hesitance on the part of the parents, and they should talk to their doctor. >> pediatricians are available to answer such questions, many of whom can even provide the shot in their office in the very near future. >> reporter: now often when the vaccine has been opened to new groups, it has created a bit of a log jam, but we spoke
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to several parents today who said they just got on-line today, found open appointments, made them, and jumped in the car and brought their kids down today, but the idea is to make sure that there is an open appoint haven't, on-line, before you come in person. >> pfizer's low-dose vaccine is already being rolled out across the u.s. they said within the first 10 days, they plan to ship to six large metro areas. today president biden urged parents to get their kids protected. >> today great day for american families, parents, and children. we've take an giant step forward to further accelerate our path out of this pandemic. >> for everything you need to know about getting your child vaccinated, including where to sign up, head to our website,, and click the banner at the top of the page. to the weather now. a live look outside across the bay area. clear skies, dry this evening, but more rain is on the way,
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chief meteorologist paul heggen is tracking what is coming at us. >> the rain is going to move in. right now it's to our northwest. more rain to our west, but just out of range of the radar. this will swing in as we head through this even. rain chances north of the golden gate are going to go up by late evening and into overnight, peaking between midnight and 2:00 a.m. it looks like you're going to pick up at least a couple hundredths of an inch of rain in the santa clara valley. there is a more substantial chance of rain in the forecast by early next week. we'll talk about that and how much rain is going to fall tonight in the full forecast. top national story, republicans celebrating a big win in virginia, while the
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governor's race in new jersey is still too close to call. phil murphy is locked in a dead heat with republican jack ciattarelli. murphy has a slight edge over ciattarelli with about 300,000 votes still to be counted. other news outlets calling this race, but cbs is not, due to that large number of the outstanding ballots. murphy ran on his record of managing the pandemic, improving transportation and raising the middle wage. ciattarelli focused on the economy, education, and cutting taxes. >> i'm convinced that tote we can fix this state. we can fix it. >> when every vote is counted, and every vote will be counted web hope to have a celebration. meanwhile in the virginia governor's race, democrat terry mcauliffe concede this morning. youngkin beat him by making
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inroads. she the first republican governor since 2009.. a live look at the white house, where the president is respond total the strong show big republicans at the polls. the president is again urging democrats to pass his spending bills. >> reporter: the president left for his overseas trip with a framework in place for his build back better plan and returned back here to republican wins on election night, plus little movement on his legislative agenda. >> people need a little breathing room. they're overwhelmed. i think we have to just produce
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results for them, to change their standard of living. >> reporter: but there is one bright spot. the democrats have reach add deal to lower the price of prescription drugs as part of the legislation, capping out of pocket medicare costs at $2,000, and reducing the price of insulin. the agreement has the support of moderate senator kyrsten sinema. >> it has been a top issue for americans year after year. >> reporter: house democrats announced a plan to amend the social spending bell with four weeks of paid family leave, but joe manchin has signaled he's not on board. thing of the president's agenda combined with massive wins for republicans in virginia it state election on tuesday has some democrats push their party for results. >> i think it should have passed before election day. >> reporter: meanwhile senate
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republicans again blocked the democrat's attempt to start debate on voting rights legislation, another key agenda item for president biden. deadlines have come if and gone, but this afternoon, house speaker nancy pelosi said she expects to have a vote on the build back better plan sometime this week. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, former raiders player henry ruggs in court after a deadly dui crash. new details on what happened that night. plus all eyes on the elizabeth holmes trial. plus it's a project two decades in the making.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ rising star in the nfl is now facing felony charges after a car crash that killed a young woman. the raid verse released henry ruggs, and today he face add judge.
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henry ruggs iii made his first court appearance, injured and in a wheelchair. the former las vegas raiders wide receiver is facing felony charges after a fiery car crash that called young woman early tuesday morning. prosecutors say his blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit, and that he was driving at 156 miles per hour. >> in my 24-plus years of prosecutor crimes that is the highest speed i have ever heard of in an incident like this. >> reporter: construction his passenger were injured when his corvette slammed into the back of a toyota rav4, which then burst into flames. the driver was killed, a 23- year-old woman, along with her dog. >> a woman lost her life. another person perhaps lost his career, and is perhaps going to prison. >> reporter: the districts attorney said when ruggs got behind the wheel, he was making a choice. >> there's ride-sharing. there's a designated driver, there's a taxi. there's so many alternatives,
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but mr. ruggs made a choice, and he's go okay have to live with the consequences. >> reporter: he had been emerges as a star this season. hours after the incident, the raiders released him. his attorney said the 22-year- old is a contributing member of the community. >> what we have, your honor, is a young man who has never been in trouble before, from what we understand, never a traffic violation. >> reporter: the judge set bail at $150,000. ruggs is due back in court next week. a man is roofing this evening after being shot in the face while holding a child. happened saturday night in west oakland near the prescott school. so far no word on what led up to that shooting, or taken arrests have been made. in san francisco, police announced several arrests in a series of armed home invasion robberies. they happened in august and september in the inningleside district.
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officers obtained search warrants and worked wet other agencies and have arrested five suspects in the last two weeks. they have all been booked into various jail. the supreme court heard arguments in major gun control case. the first in more than a decade. it centers around a new york law which requires those applying for a concealed carry license to show a special need in order to be approved. >> why isn't it good enough to say i live in a violent area, and i want to be able to defend myself? >> how is that consistent with to the core right several defense, which is protected by the second amendment? >> the justices also questioned new york's practice of give morgue licenses in rural areas compared to city centers like manhattan. >> how many muggings take place in the forest? >> i take your point that there is a different risk in the city, but there is also a different public safety
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consideration. >> the attorney for the man disputing the law said he is not challenging the ability to prohibit guns in places like churchessor schools. a decision on the case is expected sometime next year. let's bring in paul heggen to talk about your weather changes coming. >> this is going to be a typical early fall rain event for the bay area. light amounts that scoot through quickly, but more rain is on the way. that's the good news. the energy of the system will stay farther to our north, but it's close enough, and that's what will make the difference. radar right now shows nothing around the bay areas. all of that rain is on the northern california coast. we'll see that taking aim on the bay area as we head into this evening. still onshore by 9:00. those showers move into the north bay between 10:00 and
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11:00 this even. the heaviest amounts will be about a quarter inch of rain. not enough to cause any problems, but certainly enough to wet down the roads. weak you no this the radar simulation looking less impressive as it makes its way into the east bay and santa clara valley. this will eventually move through and leave us alone. the sun comes up tomorrow morning. i would anticipate the roads still being wet, and there could be some patches of fog. everything dries out as we head through the rest of the day, and even the cloud cover is going to break up by thursday afternoon. how much rain are we talking about? around a quarter inch on the high end. generally a tenth of an inch to a quarter inch north of the golden gate. i think it's going to be measurable rain in san jose, so anytime you get measurable rain in early november, we're in
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bonus territory there. maybe a tenth of an inch for san francisco and oakland. we'll take it. more rain is down the line. a better chance for the first half of the weekend, on saturday. there are some signs, especially for the northern half of the bay area, that we are going to see some scattered showers saturday. sunday looks like the drier half of the weekend, and much better chance of rain on monday, monday night, and tuesday. we'll narrow down the timing as we get closer. that is going to be another atmospheric river, but it just won't be nearly as strong as the last one that visited the bay area. that was a level five. this will be on the weak end of the spectrum. nice out there this evening. rain still several hours off. temperatures warm up into the 70s in most locations, and even upper 60s for san francisco and oakland. the clouds moving in and the showers, temperatures will only drop down to the middle portion of the 50s by early tomorrow morning. once the sun breaks through
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tomorrow afternoon, it will try warm us up, but it will be a cooler air mass moving in. temperatures will only top out in mid-to-upper 60s. the warmest spots reaching up to around 70 degrees. a degree are two below average. the cooler weather will stick around. sunday looks dry. the better chance of rain still looks line it's going to be monday, monday night, and tuesday. more substantial amounts of rain for the entire bay area. we're going to add that up with the seven-day rainfall outlook coming up at 5:30. but it's nice to see more rain in the seven-day forecast. i don't get tired of saying that. >> nice when it's spaced out, too. >> yeah, gives the ground and the plants a chance to abso it. coming up, the latest developments in the theranos fraud trial, as a millionaire attorney takes the witness stand once again. plus a holiday favorite returns to the bay area after a
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hundreds of people looking for jobs in san francisco today got a chants to interview face- to-face with prospective employees. the hiring fair was along the embarcadero. some even hired employees on the spot. >> i got a job today.
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>> i really liked his energy. the way he was eager to work. we have events in three different venues in san francisco, so we always are looking for good people like him. >> and he got a job! that's awesome! well, today's job fair was pit on by the of fuss of economic and workforce development and the self-help for the elderly. >> it's that time of year again and the ice sink back. san francisco's union square. the rink welcomed back guests today after skating was put on hold last year due to the pandemic. the cost of dear san francisco, a high-flying love story, performing on the ice. there is also an acrobatic performance outside of the ring. >> offers one of the most uplifting settings for everyone to enjoy! a new tradition for families and friends to come here and enjoy the rink all season. >> the rink will open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. tickets costs $19, and that
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includes your rental skates. the rink will be opened through january 17th. and airbnb said banning one- night new year's eve bookings bested on users history. airbnb plans to implement restrictions for last-minute bookings of two-night stays. still ahead, new testimony in the theranos fraud trial. we're going to hear from the attorney to some of the most powerful families. plus a new incentive to get inmates vaccinated. why some say it's just not enough. and a new twist in the
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pailing inmates to get vaccinated? the controversial incentive to hetop the spread of covid behind bars. but first our top story at 5:30, new testimony by a lawyer who steered several billionaire families to invest in theranos. why he did it despite some big risks. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm allen martin. court watchers say elizabeth
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holmes lawyers managed to score some points today. >> at the time of these investments in 2014, media articles about elizabeth holmes and theranos were still glowing and these investors were excited to buy into the company, even though they saw the warning signs and knew it was risky. prominent estate lawyer daniel moseley testified in 2014 he reviewed theranos documents projecting revenues of $990 million for 2015, put said he knew investors could lose their money. still, he recommended several of his billionaire clients, including the walton, devos, and cobs families, former secretary of state henry kissinger and others buy in, and they put $384 million into theranos. moseley himself invested $6 million of his own money. >> the defense trying to portray these investor as
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sophisticated investors.


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