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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  November 3, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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goes back to training
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>> he is facing up to 26 years in prison if convicted. the coach spoke this afternoon. >> we love henry ruggs. we want him to know that. his terrible lapse in judgment of the most horrific kind. it is something that he will have to live with for the rest of his life. the gravity of the situation is not lost on anyone here and we understand respect the loss of life. >> so many families affected by this incident. the reaction spread all the way down here to santa clara throughout the 49ers headquarters and the practice field. more coming up coming up
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5:00 ck studio. >> we will see you later on today. the family of a mentally ill man shot and killed by dan field police officers honoring him three years after the incident. a live look in danville this afternoon where people are gathering in front of the library. a plan to share some words and then go walk along the sidewalk to the intersection where the 33-year-old was shot. it happened during a slow speed pursuit in 2018. last week a jury convicted the former police officer andrew hall of assault with a firearm but hung on a manslaughter charge. the district attorney has not said whether she will retry that case. contra costa county will pay $4.9 million to the family. he is under investigation for a second deadly shooting in danville this march. he killed 32-year-old transient tyro wilson as wilson allegedly approached him with a knife. justin from santa clara
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county, the district attorney's office is not filing charges in a deadly shooting at home of a gilroy city councilmember. the shooting happened on saturday at the home of the city councilmember during a halloween party. one person was killed and three others wounded. the san jose mercury news reported that the suspect is the councilmember's relative. the d.a.'s office is they are going to charge pending investigation. healthcare providers and vaccination sites getting ready to give the covid vaccine to younger kids. kpix 5's jocelyn moran is there. >> reporter: we spoke with one parent who did not want to wait any ergikids another layer of protection. >> today is a huge sigh of
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relief for me. >> reporter: she took her two kids to get their covid-19 vaccine, day after the cdc recommended the pfizer shot for 5 to 11-year-olds. the shot in the arm the first step to getting the maximum protection against covid-19. >> it's been very stressful just kind of trying to balance the safety and trying to not expose them to the virus if i could possibly help it. while also trying to balance the mental and physical health. >> reporter: it is authors for those 12 and older. it is two doses at least three weeks apart. santa clara county started administering them today. the estimate more than 167,000 kids are in this age group. felix row is one of the first children in that group to get the vaccine in the county. >> didn't hurt very much? >> reporter: there is a high
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demand and the asked parents to be patient as they make an appointment. they stressed the importance of getting the shot. >> were learning a lot about the long-term effects of covid and we worry about some of the potential long-term effects on this age group. in addition, this age group can carry the infection and affect other high risk individuals including elderly grandparents. >> reporter: for felix, the shot is giving him things to look forward to. >> going to my grandma and pop- up house. >> reporter: for more information where you can sign up for vaccine appointment county by county, you can head over to our website, this comes as covid cases are on the rise again according to the cdc, the entire bay area is under the substantial and high transmission tiers. taking a live look outside from the exclusive sales force
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tower county. it is dry this afternoon but more rain is on the way. darren peck has a closer look at all of this. this is one of the days where you would never know looking at the view that there is rain coming. there it is on hi-def doppler. not so concerned about the lightning. it is the leading edge of the southern part of the shower. it takes a little time. this is 8:00 tonight. let's put some high resolution on it and play that forward. by the time we get to 10:00 tonight, the showers are moving into the day. will try to hold together as it marches across the rest of the bay area the time we get to 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning, it is down in the heart of the bay. when we check in the complete forecast, we will track the line into the south bay talk about the morning commute in the we will talk with the next chance for rain as well. new at 3:00, san francisco
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police announcing arrests in a series of armed home invasion robberies that happened in august and september. officers obtained search warrants and worked with other police agencies over the past two weeks, they rested the five suspects in richmond, elk grove, antioch, and stockton. have all been booked into various jails. in san jose, these two men under arrest, suspected in a deadly shooting on halloween. police say a man was found with a gunshot wound on great oaks drive, he was taken to the hospital but did not survive her. the motive for the shooting is now under investigation. this is the 29th homicide of the year. new at 3:00, vta has two dozen new bus operators that just graduated the ninemonth to toe-coviad levels.
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kiet do is following the story and will have much more for us tonight at 6:00 . the new jersey governor's race remains too close to call. the new jersey race. and in virginia, what it might mean for the midterm election. >> the governor's race has yet to be decided. >> we are going to wait for every vote to be counted. >> reporter: phil murphy is locked in a dead heat with republican jack ciattarelli. jack ciattarelli focused on the economy and education. >> i'm convinced that together we can fix the state. >> reporter: new jersey is normally a solid blue state so the fact that the races this tight is a disappointment for democrats a special and top of the defeat they suffered in virginia. >> my fellow virginians, this is our moment. >> reporter: republican glenn
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youngkin beat terry mcauliffe. jobs and the economy were the top issues facing the state. they thought that tying youngkin to former president shot but it didn't work. could spell trouble to president biden and the democrats for the midterm elections. >> we talk about education and the economy and what's going on with biden and the economy, the suburban voters are approachable and gettable if you are a republican not named donald trump. and in boston, democrat michelle wu will be the first woman and asian american woman to be the city's mayor. and new york city will have
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their second black mayor. take a look at the white house. president biden is back from his trip overseas but has made very little progress in his domestic agenda. $1.75rinsocial and the $1 trillion bipartisan bill to fix the country's infrastructure. there's one bright spot for the present. the democrats have reached a deal to lower the price of prescription drug as part of the reducing the price of insulin. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. heads up if you're planning on ringing in 2022 out of town. the new rules from airbnb. children now eligible for
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the new covid vaccine. some parents are hesitant. we have pediatrician answers to the top concerns
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covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at airbnb is out with new rules for the new year. it is manning one night new year's eve bookings based on user history. guess who do not have a history of good reviews will not be able to make the reservations.
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checking in on wall street, it is green across the board. the dow gaining 105 points. the nasdaq is up 162 and the s&p up nearly 30 points. back to the covid story of the day. the vaccine for kids, finding that 27% of parents say they will vaccinate their children right away. 33% saying that they will wait and see how it is working before taking a decision and 5% saying that only if it is required. 30% say that they will definitely not vaccinate the kids at all. from the long-term effects to fertility and health concerns, we got answers to top worries about the shot. >> reporter: she is mom to two boys. her younger one is not eligible but her eight-year-old cannot get the covid-19 vaccine.
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>> they don't waiting for months and months. >> reporter: some parents are feeling uneasy about the children getting the shot. >> it's our kid and you want to make sure everything is okay. >> reporter: the main concern is an uncommon side effect of the vaccine called current -itis, or heart inflammation. >> it is a pretty rare occurrence when rare adults and adolescents who have had myocarditis, it is usually pretty mild. last only a couple of days and is pretty easily treated with medications. mac this pediatrician led a trial at duke looking at the effects on children. >> there were some muscle aches and fever and chills and fatigue and a little bit of redness and swelling. i think we can extrapolate that information down to children as well that we do not have the
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long-term side effects. >> reporter: some parents are asking whether the vaccine could impact fertility. >> to date there is no evidence whatsoever that the vaccine affects future fertility when it is given to children or adolescents. >> i'm willing to trust the experts. covid for most children is not severe there is always a risk of the vaccines for most. >> reporter: he already has his first vaccine appointment. with recent snow and snow making going on. skiers and snowboarders may be itching to go to the slopes. here is one way to get one free lift ticket. the place for powder cafc campaign is back. if you get a new lake tahoe license plate can ski for free at the resort. this is for california nevada
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plates purchase from november 1st through august 1st. watershed restoration protecting tahoe's beaches and otlook at the forecast with darren peck. it is a gorgeous day outside . looking at the cameras, looking at treasure island looking back in the pit city. there is not a cloud in the sky. there is rain later tonight. 9:00 in the north bay. here by early tomorrow. we have several hours before it gets here. enjoy this. this is a gorgeous view. let's go to the tri-valley. a bit of fog in the last few mornings. keep that in mind for tomorrow but it is doubtful that you have that tomorrow. the system will probably scour things out so that the concern tomorrow will likely be about very light to rain. if we get me rain tomorrow morning, in pleasantville,
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livermore, or dublin, it will be a sprinkle. it is a pretty nice day. that is the system we are looking at. let's go back for the wide view. it is going to drag its way across the bay area. starting tonight but by the to time we go to 9:00 into the evening hours, it is still in sonoma and marin. it is now starting to rain by the golden gate. it is going into the east bay and peninsula that it does not last long. by the time we get to 5:00 a.m., for the most time, it is done. you might still have a stray leftover shower for the commute tomorrow. it is doubtful. a view may show up again in the north bay, but primarily, this is rain from 9:00 or 10:00 tonight in the north bay. it is not a lot. we will only get about 0.15 inches of rain.
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so, that covers the first opportunity for rain. the morning lows tomorrow under cloudy skies, mid to upper 50s for most locations of the daytime highs, we will warm up to where we were anyway. tomorrow, we will look a lot like today because the system will be long gone by the time we get to 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. let's look at the next couple of systems. here's whether we are looking at for tomorrow morning. the next one will miss to the north. then another series will try to get in here. the first one is light rain on saturday. mainly for the north bay. not a big deal. back here, a better system gets well organized and by the time we get into monday of next week, we could be looking at a much better story for rainfall. we will have much more on that as we get closer to it. it is too early to go to the bank on any of this. the possibility for light rain on saturday and then monday and tuesday, we are only looking forward to those days there.
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the seven day forecast, let's get the numbers up and look at san francisco. san jose, and oakland first. you guys will be up first, and we will see those numbers. it is not so much the temperatures that make the story, it is the chance for rain. on again onanthe breaking news. reports that the giants fan favorite buster posey will announce retirement tomorrow. fans are reacting right now social media. you can weigh in as well using the hashtag #kpix. is still ahead, snack lovers should start saving up. how much more you have to pay to fulfill certain snack cravings. streaming today on cbsn bay area, a deeper look at last month's an atmospheric river and the other two heading our way. that is at 4:15. you can find cbsn bay area on or on the kpix 5 app.
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you can
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get ready to pay more for cookies, crackers, and candy. the maker of oreo cookies, ritz crackers, and sour patch kids, my favorite, says it will be raising prices in 2022. they blamed inflammation, rather, inflation, for the
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looming price hike. the company ceo says it is looking at a 7% increase. still ahead, the new world series champions getting some out of this world love. the shout out from space. understaffed and under resourced, many hospitals overrun by covid patients during the pandemic. nurses at the front lines of the hospital's. it was an uncertain and often scary time. many nursing schools across the country feared people would be discouraged from applying to schools and becoming nurses. but something different happened. find out what, tonight on the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell.
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coming up at 5:00, the latest testimony in the fraud trial as a millionaire attorney takes the witness stand once again. and before we go here at 3:00, sports fans know this when you are a diehard fan, you take that with you everywhere, even to space. the nasa atmosphere astron took a picture of this braves jersey floating around in the space station. this will do it for kpix 5 news at 3:00.
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we will be back with more local news at 5:00 and streaming 24 seven on cbsn bay area. there is more rain on the way. tomorrow mornin early. . >> o'donnell: tonight, america enters a new phase in the battle against covid as elementary school children get their first doses. kids ages 5-11 roll up their sleeves as ever school-aged child nationwide is now eligible for the vaccine. >> that hurt a lot. >> o'donnell: the special mini-dose for kids, and why some parents tell us they're not in a rush. political earthquake: the upset in virginia's gubernatorial race. why suburban moms and independents who once voted for biden voted republican this time around. is it a warning sign for the democratic party? the skyrocketing price of prescription drugs. democratic leaders unveil a new plan to cut costs.
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but where do the lawmakers who


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